Cheese & Herbs Pie : a perfect Summer Meal | Tamara Zatica | Skillshare

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Cheese & Herbs Pie : a perfect Summer Meal

teacher avatar Tamara Zatica, Simply, cooking tutorials

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Hello & Welcome

    • 2. Ingredients and supplies

    • 3. The Dough

    • 4. Filling

    • 5. Forming the Pie

    • 6. Baking and Bon Appetite

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About This Class

Welcome to the class, today we will be baking a delicious cheese and herbs pie, a perfect t dish for summer meals and picnics. This is a traditional dish prepared in Eastern Europe called Placinta, I am sharing with you my mother's recipe, my family likes it and hope yours will like it too. Happy cooking and bon appetite!

~ Tamara


1,5 cups flour

2 tablespoons of oil (any vegetable oil, I used sunflower oil)

120 ml water


For filling:

1 egg + 1 egg white 

300g of fresh farmers cheese

Herbs (I used scallions and dill) 


For glazing before baking you will need 1 egg yolk.

Meet Your Teacher

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Tamara Zatica

Simply, cooking tutorials


Hello my name is Tamara, welcome to my Skillshare channel. After 20+ year of teaching career I decided to take a new journey and share the joy of cooking. I hope you will enjoy my classes and will cook something delicious with me.

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1. Hello & Welcome: fellow. My name is Tamara. Welcome to my kitchen today over a baking traditional Moldavia Potente. It's an herb and chase by a perfect summer food, and it also days delicious. 2. Ingredients and supplies: but our pyro flower. What that oil I'll be using sunflower oil. Celled took eggs. Farmers choose. This is fresh farmer's cheese picked from the garden of your favorite Arabs. I'll be using Skelos until which are traditional herbs for these kind off. By also to make some dough, we'll be needing, um, bigger dish like a bowl with this month. Also, we'll need a small dish or yolk when will separate it from that. Why it? We'll need. They're all in pain. I'm Braasch. Something to mix. The dog could be a wooden spoon or something like this. I also need a fork and knife, and if you want, you can cover the area of your table will be working on with something like I did, and that's it. 3. The Dough: for making one by will need one cop and 1/2 off flower were boring it in our bold. So I measured drunk up and 1/2 here, putting it in a ball and then, with the spoon will make a little crater in the middle off the flower power just like this in our little crater will add a pinch off salt, then a little bit off sunflower oil or any well you're using. It's up to your taste, and next we need to add water little by little. Usually the door will take about 1/2 off flower, a quantity off water so it means for a cop and 1/2 off flower will use three Ford 34 off a cop off water will be eating little by little, mixing with the school and job. If you see that it's something but just soft, then we may need no to use the entire water. The door has to be a soft after. While we're mixing with this point on, it has to combine all the flower after we mixed enough of a spoon and they can see that weaken, um, start forming with hands without silverdome, one mistaking while we do that. Let's put our paws next, George. Just in case we need some more phone waka start forming for dollars. Our hands We'll have to form in there if they well, to make sure all the ingredients combined nicely. I think we need a little bit more power because of the door is still sticking. So, um, for widow, Very, very well, but make sure it's still a soft because that's important for the taste off rpai. So here is our soft dog, right? 4. Filling: I forgot to mention the cutting board to cut the herbs for begins ing. So let's put our chase in a boat. Let's take this one. No, let's God, this Kallias will be cutting it into pieces about 1/4 of an inch. You can call it smaller or bigger if you want any kind you like. No, let's as goes to our farmers, chihs. Next, they'll be cutting. Quit deal. I'm fighting it. Three later dealing small. You can add any other herbs if you like to, such as parsley or basil. We'll be using on their I deal that Scalia. It's like in traditional Moldavia inquisitor. So next let's get it closer and home will add one eggs. And for the second Uglow carefully separate the yolk from the white and we'll add only the white. So our feeling the yolk will be using later for glazing. Report all of the white I'm putting away for York. Now let's add some salt, which is is Unsalted, so I'm adding more salt because it tester when it's saltier. A next will just makes it nicely until all ingredients combined in the uniform, feeling you had a nice time to prepare all the herbs. Jeez, you don't have to have prepared them in advance, but there has to rest about 10 minutes. So have enough time for everything in the next result Will before Ming's of pie. 5. Forming the Pie: before we start for men with by, Let's prepare a baking dish. It has to be around. It could be a pie pan or any roundish you like working with, so we'll add a little bit off Boyle. Oh, this is a little too much. It needs to be just a little bit, and it won't be enough to Greece with him. Well, we're brushing it with brush on every side, very carefully, But each everywhere this is good. Well, said it the side foot now, and we'll start working with our doll. You can see our door is rested and it grew a little bit We'll need at kitchen tall right here so well, a small piece to rest afterward. All it. So we'll start working first with a small piece of dough. Just draw it on the table if you see that the rolling pin is sticking to the door. Are the little middle flower, too? They just as well as you can. It doesn't have to be very big. No, we'll put it here on a kitchen. Tallet arrest. Well, we'll be working with a bigger piece. Let's brush it with the same brush with graced our pan. I'm not agent more oil. I'm just using the oil, which is already on a brush. Next we'll start working with main piece backdoor forming the ship. So let's at the little bit of flowers to the table and start rolling our dull. The dog is very soft and pleasant to work with. Stitches us Well as you can, it can be fickle in the middle. On a thinner are your edges off. Shit. The Olympian s well, a soup can on after a vet will be stretching it with our hands. You can stretch it right on the table, or you can do it in air, stretching it in the area. You'll need more experience. So if it's a first time you are making such by just do it on the table, it's safer. After the stretch of Put it back on the table like this, you can see what you have a pretty big piece off dull that stretch it a little bit more. So we're getting a little bit off Welsh of the middle on drone brush it. We don't need a lot of for just a little bit, and it couldn't be more in the middle and not too much on the edges. Next, we'll take our feeling. We'll be using about 2/3 off our feeling and one for Newell Earful for later. We're putting it exactly in the middle off our ship. Let it a passport processing uniformly the circle close to be as big as your baking pan, but they just have to be about two inches are without being covered with the feeling. What you'll do next will prepare our ship for robbing so crowded here on opposite sides in the middle of those two and on the other side. And we'll find the middle between these two carts, this once here and there, so eight separate pieces all the same size. Next, we'll take our little base of dog, and we'll put it on a feeling with a greased bar down. We're covering all the feeling with our door like with a blanket talked 18 model and a little bit of oil on the top. This part wasn't greased sewing into at it, so the dough will be a flat here and Russia have. Gosh, I will put on a top. The rest of feeling it shouldn't be as much feeling as various times. This is supposed to be only 1/3 off the entire feeling. If it's too much varying Guettel just dumb. Next level previously. Er banded one b as delicious. So Ripper ties it on the entire circle. This is good. Next will start to happen. Our fight So we'll take one side will stretch It may very well and very keen on a late like this and the opposite side of the same thing covering of the meeting in the middle, we'll do the same own before sides like these on the opposite side. Next we'll stretch leg really this part and we'll talk on the one side and another one would leave loose and again one side here on this one. We're living loose. We're talking one side and one on leaving clues on this one. We're talking under previous one and next. Well, just following love, start dropping them on this side. Thank this, as the result will have a beautifully arrived five. Well, David traditional chantome. It's ready for baking 6. Baking and Bon Appetite: now, when the lower by is that I think for Bacon, let's move it to the pants. Did you look carefully? I'm pretty experienced bakers, so my part is exactly us of a pan. But yours could be a little bigger or smaller, and it's okay. Just put it in there and it's going to lift the heat over to 350 degrees. Now we'll take our Jochen will be it a little bit doing fork? What it for this born on didn't get to this point. Some people would add salted, but we're not. So it's doting Aunt your taste after the old physical consistency, weaken brush away from a fight when the thank you, so it'll turn golden brown while it's baking. We're using the same brush er we were using when we were greasing the pan, and I didn't watch it down, so our fight is ready to be put in. The often open was preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. We need to make it about 30 minutes or so. It's a look golden brown. When it's ready. After 30 minutes, we can take it out big. Careful to use and meetings. Now we have to cover it. A paper towel on the kitchen towel were put in paper. Tell us so far too gentle. Stay clean. This will make our by Salter just for 10 minutes ourselves. And then we can cut off by the conservative with nice read watch or something. Crude jewels like Jerry Joe's are common. Choose. It'll taste delicious. That's a summer meal. Enjoy. Thank you for watching, then seeing the next plus.