Chatbots: Build Your Online Business with Chatfuel

Dennis Smith, I Teach Success To Help Others With Their Success

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26 Lessons (3h 2m)
    • 1. Chatfuel Chatbot Course Introduction Edit

    • 2. Chatfuel Chatbot Course Introduction

    • 3. What are Chatbots?

    • 4. Benefits of Chatbots

    • 5. 5 Reasons To Have A Chatbot

    • 6. Intro To Chatfuel

    • 7. Chatfuel Dashboard

    • 8. Chatfuel Automate - Part I

    • 9. Chatfuel Automate - Part II

    • 10. Chatfuel Automate - Part III

    • 11. Setting up the Chatfuel AI

    • 12. Chatfuel Groups and Sequences

    • 13. Broadcast Messages with Chatfuel

    • 14. Configure Chatfuel

    • 15. Grow Your Audience with Chatfuel Chatbots

    • 16. Analyze Chatbot Performance

    • 17. Chatfuel Resources

    • 18. Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Be Your Social

    • 19. Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Online Course Coupons

    • 20. Facebook Messenger Chatbot: Free Course Daily

    • 21. Facebook Messenger Chatbot: T-Shirt Bot

    • 22. Bot Directory: Social Media Chatbots

    • 23. Bot Directory: Botfinder

    • 24. Bot Directory: Botlist

    • 25. Bot Directory:

    • 26. Bot Directory: Theres a bot for that


About This Class

Facebook Messenger Chat bots are the latest Facebook Marketing trend for social media marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. In this course I will show you how to build these chatbots with Chatfuel for some amazing results. I recently added over 60 new subscribers to my ConvertKit email list using Facebook Messenger Bots. I'll show you real-world examples of chatbots I built with Chatfuel to help grow my online businesses, so you can do the same with the power of Facebook Messenger.

Why should you enroll?

  • Brand New Chatbot for Business Course!
  • New for 2018!
  • Chatbots Provide Results for Business
  • See Real-World Chatbots in action!

Top Businesses like Uber Build their bots with Chatfuel!

Did you know Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion active users each month worldwide? Facebook Messenger consistently ranks as one of the most popular mobile apps in the United States. Messenger had close to 137 million unique monthly U.S. visitors. This is why you should consider chatbots as part of your social media marketing strategy if you are an entrepreneur, digital marketer, author, online course instructor, local business or small business looking to expand your reach! Right now there are very few businesses on Facebook using chatbots, which means you can get in early with the opportunity to start growing your business with this new and powerful marketing tool. Start creating chatbots for your online business now and stand out from the competition!

Here are several reasons why you should be building Facebook Messenger Chatbots with Chatfuel:

  • Lets you connect with your Facebook Page followers who subscribe to your chatbot.
  • Let potential customers engage with your chatbot right from your website with the Customer Chat Plugin.
  • Chatfuel generated Landing Pages let you share your chatbot via social media, email marketing and more.
  • Gain new chatbot users through the comments on your Facebook Page.
  • Increase your Email Subscribers by connecting Chatfuel Chatbots to your favorite email application using Zapier.
  • High open and click-thru rates, compared to the average 25% with email marketing.
  • Provide 24/7 Customer Service with immediate replies to those who contact your business via the "Sent Message" button.
  • Powerful sales tool to find qualified buyers.
  • Build Powerful Sequences with Chatfuel and avoid spendy funnel software like Clickfunnel.

Analyze chatbot performance with powerful data.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners to up their engagement on Facebook without spending a lot of money. Chatfuel makes it easy and inexpensive to create a chatbot for your Facebook business page. Enroll in this course today and start submitting your Messenger Chatbot listing to free chatbot directories.