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Chatbot blueprints for every business models

Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

Chatbot blueprints for every business models

Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

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7 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Sales Funnel blueprint

    • 2. Chatbot blueprint for coaches

    • 3. Chatbot blueprint for eCommerce

    • 4. Chatbot blueprint for restaurants

    • 5. Chatbot blueprint for gym owners

    • 6. Chatbot blueprint for video courses

    • 7. Chatbot blueprint for webinar registration

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About This Class

People ask me:

“Are chatbots going to fade away soon?”

“Are chatbots the end of email marketing?”

My answer is: chatbots are just one of the many marketing tools that can help with your overall marketing performance. They are not meant to be a stand-alone solution, but part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

What are chatbots?

What if you would have a super loyal employee who works 24/7 12 AM to 12 PM (also on holidays), never complain, and do exactly what you tell them to do? Who hardly ever makes mistakes, never forgets important things, and works 100% effective all the time? Can handle hundreds of customers at the same time? The best thing is he doesn’t ask for salary.

Sounds good?

Chatbots help you make automated conversations with your customers who are on Facebook (about 100 million Americans).

Used correctly, chatbots can work great along with your other marketing strategies.

You probably ask: Does it work in my market? Of course!

In this course I will show you real business blueprints that you can copy and paste and customize with your own information.

Chatbot blueprints are for:

  • Coaches
  • Restaurants
  • eCommerce
  • Webinar registration
  • Gym owners
  • Video courses
  • And everything else

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krisztina Rudnay

Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs


I’m Krisztina Rudnay, and I’m originally from Hungary. I have spent the past 11 years as a marketer for small and medium sized businesses, and as an entrepreneur myself.

I took a job with a medium sized company to come to the United States and lead a new product launch. So I closed my own company in Hungary, came here for a client who now has the top-selling product in their industry, and stayed.

I was thinking about how I can help the most with my marketing experience, when I realized that most entrepreneurs and small business still don’t do a lot of marketing. For many, nobody ever taught them how to do it, and they think it’s something difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. 

In my courses, I cover different marketing tools from con... See full profile

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1. Sales Funnel blueprint: So here is how I'm doing my welcome messages. First, the subscriber subscribed to a message. They got my lead magnet. Let's see this. 52 are sliding box and the opt in action. They got the 52 marketing channel opt in. They can download my lead magnet, and they subscribe to sequence main topics. Let's see what's happening in main topics. So after they subscribe, they already they got Ah, they got a message two days later because I don't want to annoy them in the first time. I don't want to annoy them in the second time either. So this message, the first message, is very important because that's where I segment my users. I send them a message. Hi. First name. I see we're interested in marketing. I have great news for you today. I have a blogger with over 150 posts about marketing questions and then serves. I conserves. I was thinking off sending you a couple are tickers. That might be interesting for you, but first I have to know which topics are you interested in? You can choose more than one and I put um but us here. You can attach three bottles to one message block. So I have six categories, so I send another message block. Or maybe these and then another three buttons. Why do I use bottoms? Because but and stay. If I send you a quick reply and you don't reply and I send you another message, the key week reply gone or if you send you up, you send me a quick reply at the other. Quick replies bottom were gone. But but and stay. So that's why I use the bottom. And I tell them, If you already got this message, just ignore it. Ah, because I send this message to every subscriber. Let's see what's happening if they click on the bottom. So the question is what you are interested in. I'm going to send them based on what they are interested in. So if they click on market research, they subscribe to a secret sequence. Market research experienced the unsubscribed from this main topic sequence what they are already in because this sequence go through. So if you don't, uh, push the buttons, you don't answer this message than this main topics flow goes on with the same strategy. What I'm gonna show you in this lecture. Eso They subscribed a sequence market research experience and I added a tag market research . So I know which people interested in market research. Let's see what happening if they click on. I have ah, aled these to every single button unsubscribe from this think Vance and subscribe to another one. Let's see if they clicked on market research and they subscribe to market research experience. It's here immediately. I send them a message. Good. Let me ask you one more thing. Do you consider yourself a beginner or, um or experienced marketer? It's very important information for me, too, because that's how I select what kind of messages will I send them if they click on beginner, I add a tag beginner market research. I subscribe them to a beginner market research sequence and unsubscribe from the market research experience. Secrets, which is? They are already in, and I remove a tug tag. It's experienced market research, so now they have attacked beginner market research. They subscribe to market research beginner sequence. They unsubscribed from the advent. Advance the sequence and they removed a tag. Let's see what's happening in market research. Begin being in market research beginner because they just subscribe for it. I immediately send them a confirmation, and I tell them what's happening. I'm going to send them block posts and the I tell them that they can unsubscribe the diverse stop. It's very important to tell them at least that the first message and now the strategy start . In my first messages, I send them block costs. Ah, I send them interesting block post. Now you started your market research. You probably position yourself as a brand and you try to find your idea customer, your buyer persona. This is what this article happened, and I talk about a little about the article created, detailed persona that will make your advertising affords you're segmentation and targeting more effective just a few words to a vacant their curiosity and then send them to my blawg to second to, ah to block posts. Then I asked them to like my I talk about what they find in the Facebook page. Follow new block posts, watch online presentations and videos. Please take two seconds and heat like So this is my I send them to block posts, which is educate them. I didn't ask for a sale. I asked them to like my Facebook page that I send them another ah message with another block post. I sent the messages four days later, three days later, four days later, because I don't want to annoy them to send them messages every day. Because I know from myself that it's pretty annoying. And I always put the stop but, um, to unsubscribe from this everyday messages. So I sent them four days later. Five days later, one week later. So after the next block post, I asked them for the email address, and I created this. Ah, um, user input, which this freaky bird input, Which Vitor Male is free keyboard input, which we talk about in the previous lecture. The user input a lecturer where they can type their email address or they can use their Facebook email address. Um, so this is my next Ah, I asked them to like my Facebook page. I asked them their email. Then I send them another block post, so I still send them. Ah, I send them seven messages. I send them 1234 block posts, which they can know me. They can build trust. Ah, with me. They see how expert on my in my topic and they I wake up there curiousity When I asked them for a cell. My first message is just the question. If you want to promote your products or services, you have to have a conversation with the subscriber. Ah, 24 hours to send a promotion message. Otherwise, Ah, Facebook. We'll shut down your But if you send promotional messages to people who don't react Ah, in your messages in the last 24 hours. So you ask the question. Are you ready with your first marketing plan? They have to answer. Yes, they were greater started or I did everything on after, they replied. They are in the 24 hour zone so you can send your next message, which is a promotion. I created a course, the essential beginner marketing. Ah, and I talk a little bit about it, and I say Tommy more. If people click on timing more, I talk more details about the course and I put a bottom video course where they can go to this website and check out the video course, and they have an action I added that the tag bm course beginner market in course and notify add means. I want ah ah manager to notify me when somebody creek on that barren the ah and go to my course because I want to know that somebody is watching my offer. So this is the notification text. That's what a manager send me. Kristina Rodney Ah, the this person full name clicked on beginner marketer course. So this is Ah, notify admin, which is I phoned Very helpful. After I have my offer, I weigh three days and I send them another message as them to join to my Facebook group. So I sent them 1234 for a block posts, three social media requests and one offer eso this way. I created ah, sales fanatics Sales go through the the beginning face to be a trust to show my expertise Ah, and to join my social media channels. And then I asked for the sale. So I have different topics. If you remember from the main topics I have from logging I have for a CEO I have for Facebook marketing, email, marketing, lead generation. So if people click on these bottles. Days subscribe to different sequences, but look, every sequence is on. The same strategy I selected are they are beginner or experts? I send them. Ah ah, book posts, I asked their email address. I asked their Facebook like I sent more block boss. And then I saw my other course, which is the Facebook course, because they're a interested in Facebook. So this is how I create. I welcome message, but I select and sick segment my subscribers. I gained a lot off useful information, and I'm notified when they are ready to my offer. And I think this is a great strategy to know everything about your customers. Now it's your turn to do your own welcome message. 2. Chatbot blueprint for coaches: let me show you a blueprint about online coaching If you have ah, coaching service and you schedule these coaching cause with your clients than its ah, very beneficial for you. So let's create a sequence. New sequence. Here is the blueprint. Let's say hi, first name, Welcome. Whatever they subscribed to, um let me us you what kind off business you have. Let's say in this example that you are a business coach. Um, create a user import. Let's put this here and the text reply types. So they reply, What kind of business do they have? And in this text reply I created, I create a save response to a custom field. I create a new custom field, um, business type and safety, a custom field. After that, you can send another message that it's ah, some. So let me know what is your biggest school in? And I put the custom feared business type, so it should be like, Ah, it's awesome. So let me know what is your biggest goal in and the business type what they typed in the free keyword input because input because this business type custom field gonna bring up what they typed in. So I asked them What is their biggest goals? And I create quick replies. For example, Lee Generation and another conversion. And you can create ah, bottoms or quick replies, Um, wherever your clients facing for red ever goal, they can get. Ah, so let's say they click only generations. Send them a message. Go to flow Builder. I don't like this basic builders. So go to this message. Ah, some that schedule cool to get started When is the best time for you and create another user import. Let's put this. When is the best time for you in the user input question and this reply type will be date and time. Ah, the thugs. But on will be time. No, let's say select time and save the response to a custom field. Ah, let's say date and create a new custom. Feared they and then let's see another response. Another message. See you at they to this kos about your get on the date, what they selected to discuss about your lead generation goals because they clicked on the lead generation bottom. So you create a message different messages for conversion and for any goal types Ah, you created Ah, quick reply. So see you at the day to discuss about your lead generation goes in your and another custom feared the business Styx business. And after that, you can create. Ah, quick reply. Thanks. See you. And they could click on click on the quick reply. They got an action. Ah, it's gonna notify you with the name with the text. Um, full name, uh, just scheduled coal on date to talk about his business time. Well, here is how it looks like I got a message. Hi, Christina. Welcome. Let me ask you, what kind of business do you have? Let's say I say online marketing the next messages. It's awesome. So let me know. What's your biggest golden online marketing click? Only generation some that schedule a call to get started. What is the best time for you? Select or skip? If I click on select, I can select the date and the time. Next. See you at June. 12 tutors and 18 at 12 pm to discuss about your The generation goes in your own land marketing business. Thanks. I see you. And then you got Ah, um add me notification. Christina with nature scheduled the call to talk about his own line marketing eso you know which they you have to do the core, which they do the scheduled What is their business type? And while he is there, go with the business. 3. Chatbot blueprint for eCommerce: I'm sure your blueprint how to say your products if you have a Web store if you have unequal mer store in this example, let's say you have ah, Web store selling shoes, so you create a flow. Um, we already guns through the different growth tools and the different Facebook tools, where you can the conversation and and subscribe your subscribers to a sequence or give them some other action. So let's say you create that, see you create a flow and you created after ah, they subscribe to your message. So entered the flow flow Name. Let's say shoes. The first message should be Hello, first name. Thank you for your interest in and you type your brand name and let me ask you a few questions and you create another text. Start with this. Are you interested in men or women shoes and at the Baron? Or a quick reply if they want man or if a woman now I want to switch to flow bill there, I'm gonna show you more accurate inflow biller. So they have to choice. Are they interested in men or women shoes? Let's say send another message. If they say they are interested in man shoes, so they are interested in man shoes action. You add them a tag. For example, men, shoes create attack man shoes and you add the stag to them and you can subscribe to another sequence. Let's say you have a sequence man shoes. I don't have a sequence the for this, so I'm not gonna subscribe them to any sequence. And you can offer in that sequence a lonely man shoes, and you will use this tag in the future. When you offer them different products, you know, what are they are interested in? Let's go back. And if they say they I want a woman shoes. Send another message. Stand must a and you can say, Ah, user input. Ask what is your size? And they have to type something in the free keyboard input of what is their size, and you can perform an action. You enter a field name, for example, shoe size. Create a new field size. Let's create a field so I can show you exactly what's happening. The name is shoe size type is text and description. I don't want to do any description. I just want to create Ah, Greek custom field. Ah, let's say where is your size? Um, what style do you prefer? Running shoes? Sound does. Hi, here's whatever you just give them a few options. What do you have in your store? And they have another free keyboard input. That's the ah shoe styles. We create a new custom fields shoe style success and let as them another question. Third question. I'm gonna asking that many questions because I want to show you some really cool things, what you can do with the feet free keyword input. And let's as them what colors you briefer and they are. Answer something and let's save it to shoes colors, creating your custom field shoes colors. It's created. So we asked them. We segmented them if they're men or women. If they are depending on what they choose, we send them different sequences. We send them offers for demands, man shoes only if they're selected men or we stand them broadcasts only for women shoes. Let's see what see what to do with the keyboard imports. If you send them another message, let's go back to flows. Let's create a new flow. Call it this shoes and you create a new flow. For example, the you collected those information. Ah, what I what we created? Ah, with the different custom fields. So let's say Ah, you type. Hello. Hello. Full name. Our first name. Still you are interested in Ah, Then you at that. The shoe styles You know you at the shoe colors cooler in ah, at that shoe size sighs. So let's see what the customers see if they get this machine. So you created this test, you flows. Let's go back to our AECOM. Let's go back to our shoes message and let's send the pre that. Send the preview for me. It's here. Hello, Christina. So you interested? Thank you for your interest in my company. Are you interested men or women Shoes? We choose women because that's where our flow in. What's your size? I type seven. What style do you prefer running shoe? Sunday's high. Here's that. Say hi. Here's the next question is what colors you prefer. I say nude color. And then this is where we ended the flow. So let's see what happens in manager when I get this message with the test. Ah, shoes. Hello. First time So are you are interested in a shoe style in a shoe color in the shoe size. We, ah, attach these custom fields. What, um, we created earlier. So let's send the preview and see what's happening. Sage. Hello, Christina. So you're interested in a high heel in a new color in a seven size, so it's really cool that you can confirm the custom fields what your customers tied then and you create the sentences but includes their information what they provided. So this is the flow, how you can sell your products and how you can segment people. What kind of shoes in this example are they interested in? You can take them. You can save them later, and you can send them broadcast messages based on their tags and their interest. 4. Chatbot blueprint for restaurants: if you have a rest around the fast food restaurant or any food service where people can order, this is a blueprint what you can use to order your food and get the orders. Orders. If you have a menu, a few options and maybe a delivery service, you can use this blueprint. This is just half of a blueprint. It's not even half of it, because I just want to show you with one example. How does it work? So after they opt in, they sent a message to your child both. Or they sent the key vert, for example. Order. You will come to your restaurant and you show them your menu with this gallery user input. So here is how I used the gallery user input. I place it to the message, and I upload an image. For example, this one I enter a title I interest subtitle, and here is one picture with one menu item. Then you click in the little arrow and it show you the next one, and you again upload an image. Enter a title, a soup title, and it looks like this in in your manager dashboard, and you can click on the arrows. If you see I uploaded burgers, salads and sandwiches. But I continue all the this ah, flow with the burgers because I want to show you just one example. But you can copy and paste the same flow for any off these menu items. So first you show them your menu items. You can see the three different items the burger salad and sandwiches, the salads and sandwiches. Just go to a test message, and here we see. What if they order burgers? So settles first, select cure for choice of your food, vegetarian or non vegetarian. If you don't have this option, then you can escape it. Let's say they go to number jittery in Choose your burger from our menu and I used again. Ah, these ah gallery user input to show them the different burgers have. I am Burger Avocado Burger. I have to delete this one to continue the flow so they choose burgers, and now you show them your burgers with the bottom. Choose this or with another button at the have. I am Burger. Choose this. If they're in the salad menu, you to upload the different salads or the different sandwiches. It depends which menu they are. Now they're on the burger menu. They clicked on Avocado Burger, and they immediately get an action with the tag Avocado Burger. This is important because that's how you know that your customer ordered an avocado burger . You just look at the tags and you will see the whole ordering process. What your customer talked with your child bought so they get, Ah, tag avocado burger and you ask them in the next message, Would you like extra items like cheese, extra avocado or extra meat? Or No, thank you. If they go to cheese or avocado or meat, they can use a free Kieber keyboard input where you ask them, What's your extra in the extra? And they use a free keyword. Important. You can save it to a custom field if they click. No, thank you. Are they finish their order? The next messages? Do you vision delivery or pick up? If they click on delivery, they get a tag delivery. If they click on, pick up the tag attack pick up. So when you see ah customer profile and you see what kind off tags they have, you exactly know that they ordered an avocado burger and ah, they want ah, toe or deliver with delivery and you can send them the next and last message about the information. What's their name? Address? Full number. And then you can confirm their order and their order. It's on their way. So let's see how it looks in in my Facebook message. So here we are. Welcome to my restaurant. Choose from the list. But do you like to eat today? And here is the gallery and you have buttons. They can choose the bottoms Which do they want to eat? We continue with the burgers. Select your choice off food. Non vegetarian. Choose the burger from the menu. Here is another gallery to this. Would you like to extra items? No, thank you. Delivery or pick up? Let's say delivery. Where can we send your order? Name, address and full number. So here is your blueprint for restaurant 5. Chatbot blueprint for gym owners: in this lecture, I'm gonna show you two different blueprints for gym owners or personal trainers. 1st 1st very popular challenge sequence than your subscriber subscribe for Ah, personal training challenge where they sent very You can send videos every day or every second day. First, we're gonna create this sequence, and the second will be for existing clients. It will be a cool reminder and sending them motivation and keep in touch with them and engage them. Or even if they paid for a membership, um, you want them to pay for the next month and the next month, So creating an engagement and building more trust and having more fun it Ah, it's always beneficial for the second purchase and third purchase. So first we created ah ro stool where they can opt in. You write it subscribed for ah, personalized workout workout challenge. We will send you the challenge in your Facebook inbox. And when they opt in, you gonna send them. I have to save you. Gonna send them a message? What kind of workouts are you interested in? If you have different workouts types, you can gather baron, for example, about hit workouts or about cardy over Kautz. And if they click on hit workouts, you perform in action and you subscribe them to a sequence hate challenge. And after they opt in, they click the button so their subscribers and they subscribe to heat challenge. Let's see, what do they get after they subscribed? So immediately after they subscribed, you send them a welcome message, some additional copy and welcome to the challenge rules and questions and answers how the challenge works. How often will you send them messages? But what should they do with the workhouse? Ah, and ah, how many reps Hominy sets do they have to do? Whatever your rules are you gonna tell them? And after one day or two days, or whenever you want them to start the challenge, you send them that they want video and you attach a video with the actual over Kulti Sunday to the same thing. Here is Day two and the Thatcher video. You send these three, and after they completed the challenge, you send them a message that congratulations that you can't completed the challenge to a stipe here Congressional. And do you want to continue your workouts it in person by visiting my dream and get a free try over cow. Do you on the address? If they click on yes, they're gonna use gonna send them another message with the address, and it should be very beneficial if you would ask them for the email address. So you create a free keyword import with the email reply type. Do you want us to send you the open hours and the gym address with the hit schedule? Type your email address below and push sand. So after they completed a challenge, you can give them an offer to come into your gym and sign up for a membership. Let's see another secret, etc. Another sequence. When you already have a client as a personal trainer and you want to send them a workout homeworks, for example, you want them to be more engaged. You want them to keep continue. They work out. For example, they visited Ah, they visit your gym once a week and you want them to work out three times a week. Then you can send them personalized homework workout videos. Um, for the same method old, um, as in the challenge, you send them a message. Hey, today's homework. It's for arms. Here is the video and the breakdown and you attach your video. Here is homework to after one day or two days, whenever you want them to the workout and when you send them a reminder. See you tomorrow at six AM, for example. And they work out when they come to the work out, work out. You want them to come on Monday? So you wanna send a reminder on Sunday? So you change after one day at Sunday. So you uncheck these days and they're going to get this message only on Sundays. So that's good, because you wanna send the reminder on Sunday that see you tomorrow on Monday at 6 a.m. When your workout starts. Ah, and if you want to send them only reminders you can create a message. Ah, the the reminders. See you tomorrow at 6 a.m. And you create another message. See you tomorrow at six AM and, uh, creates 10 messages and schedule the sequences at, um, after seven days and only on Sundays. So they get a reminder for Monday. So you create like, 10 messages with the reminders and then as them Do you want to continue your workouts If you efs push the button and you but you can unsubscribe anytime by stop. And you send this, uh, bottom reach subscribed them to a sequence and you create another sequence is with only reminders, and you subscribe to that sequence so they start a new sequence and, um, they gonna get new reminders every week on Sundays and when Ah, the sequence finished. You as them that Do you want your continue your workouts when they push the Baron, they subscribe to the reminder sequence and in that way, that you are they gonna get, Ah, the messages. They're going to keep getting the messages over and over again. I hope this will work for you. 6. Chatbot blueprint for video courses: Now I will show you a brute blueprint. If you want to deliver online training, you can. If you have online video training, you can delivery directly to their Facebook inbox or you can deliver it. Ah, in the old fashioned way, by email. But now you have a chance. Now you have an opportunity toe. Ah, deliver your, ah video training online to your subscribers and manage it and you can set. You want to send the day by day or week by week, or wherever you want your subscriber to watch the episodes. So I created a growth tool. Online training. It's a Facebook common gross tool. So if somebody comment this Facebook post What? I asked them to comment I message to the commenters. Hey, full name. Just type the word. Yes, So we know you are not a robot. You know, they have to start a conversation to being ah, subscriber. So it's not enough just to comment the post and get our immediate message. They have to type something s o. They get the subscribe. Let's see what what's happened If they Ah, and so yes, I created a keyword. Yes, eso though if the message is, yes, they have to do an action. Subscribe them to sequence to online training blueprint. Let's see what's happening in online training blueprint sequence. So they immediately after subscription, they got a message. Hello, first name. Let's get started. We can send you the course here or in your messenger inbox or by email. What's your best email address? And it's a free keyword import Bottom V. The email selection. So in this way you can collect the email address. You can, ah, add them to your email service provider, and you can stand them the video course by email with an auto responder. So this is the first message. The next message after one day is basically do you deliver the first part off this? Ah, video training. You can do it with the manager it by selecting the video button here, and you just upload your video here so they can seat right from their inbox after one day. Here is they, too, and you send another video after three days. Here is Day three and after Ah, after the whole sequence. When you send all the videos after one day or several days, you can ask, Are you interested in learning more? And if they say yes, they gonna go to link. Here is the link where they color more. And here is your offer where they can buy more video trainings or whatever you said to them . So here is a blueprint how to deliver an online video training in People's Messenger inbox to inbox. 7. Chatbot blueprint for webinar registration: the future. I'm gonna show you a blueprint How you can create your sequences if you want people to watch your webinar. I created the gross stool. Um, I created the ref you, Errol, because I want to show you how it works. It's basically a, um Well, you have to, uh, type even if you're in your blogger or in your email or wherever you want people to subscribe. If you don't want to target people directly from Facebook with another gross stool with a post to comment growth tool or with other growth tools, I teach you how to set up eso. Basically, you have a euro. You can place it anywhere and people creek UNAIDS. They automatically being your subscriber, you create an optimum message. Here is my opening message. Become first name. Thank you for your interest in this webinar and the, um, at the subscriber to a sequence. I call it Webinar Blueprint and ah, here is your growth will. So let's see if somebody opt in and go to this webinar blueprint sequence. What's happening here is the sequence, and first you want to register your subscribers so you want to get their email address. So the first the messages for registered, Um, let's get you registered. What is the best email where you and I created a free keyboard Input vihd uh, I'm gonna show you right now with the email type, so if they don't type an email address, they get ah, message presenter Correct, Emir Address like me at mail dot com. Um, then it's safe to the email, Uh, custom field and at the tag that they already start for the webinar. So later when you Ah, when you show a webinar which is already recorded, you can send them a broadcast. I'm gonna show you how and you gonna stand only for those people who registered for the webinar. Next, you can add another custom. Feared another user input. Um, when do you want to watch the webinar and the freaky Virdon Put the reply type, date and time. Let's see, choose time the tags bottom and save response to a custom field and you can create a new custom fear the for example appointments. And this is how you create the date and time. Let's go to the next message webinar. So the next message is a reminder the web binary. Starting in five minutes or whatever you want, you can attach a link to the webinar or you can ah, send it as a broadcast. When you are ready with your webinars, send them the release and the video in my singer exactly like I did here. You just ah select instead off a picture. You just select video here and you can believe or your webinar in their messenger inbox. And you can say your products want to see how can you get there and you feel the blank with the desired results. If they click on yes, they got a second message of video offer and you can add the bottom vida linked to your offer after day after you deliver the webinar. Your next message is Did you watch the webinar yesterday? Here is the reply If you couldn't and you attached a link to the webinar so if people didn't see they have another reminder to check out the webinar then then continue the sequences. You can continue the sequence with interesting information and offers. You can add more messages. You can send them block posts or other interesting news and offers. So here is a webinar blueprint. How to register, deliver and remind people to your webinar