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Chatbot Building and Marketing with Chatfuel, Without Coding

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (2h 51m)
    • 1. Introduction Chatbot creation and marketing

    • 2. Learning method

    • 3. Basic Terms

    • 4. Facebook Page Creation

    • 5. Create a structure

    • 6. Create a skeleton of Bot

    • 7. Welcome Message

    • 8. Default Answer

    • 9. Lead Magnet Optin

    • 10. Lead Magnet delivery

    • 11. Navigation

    • 12. Courses

    • 13. Live Chat

    • 14. Enabling NLP for your bot

    • 15. User Segmentation and Broadcasting

    • 16. Sequences

    • 17. Customer chat plugin on a website

    • 18. Acquire users via comments

    • 19. Messenger Discovery

    • 20. Send to messenger plugin

    • 21. Data transfer and automation

    • 22. Video and Audio delivery within a chatbot

    • 23. Send user inputs to email

    • 24. Getting visitors via Facebook Advertising

    • 25. Unsubscribe

    • 26. Using Google Search API in chatfuel

    • 27. Improving the Bot’s AI or Artificial Intelligence

    • 28. Using Dialogflow to send blocks as replies

    • 29. How to disable user input

    • 30. How to duplicate or copy a group or block to another bot

    • 31. Subscribe to an RSS feed

    • 32. Sending collected emails to an email service provider

    • 33. Conclusion

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

This is a comprehensive step by step chatbot course that teaches how to build a chatfuel chatbot and do marketing with it.

Chatbots are still an emerging technology. But they have a huge potential in this era of artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing because many marketing, sales, and customer service related activities can be automated.

It's already grown to the extent that people have started talking about chatbots replacing emails.

It is expected that this technology will be a several billion dollar industry in the years to come.

If you would like to build your career in this emerging technology, this course is your starting point.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Introduction Chatbot creation and marketing: Hey, welcome to the scores on building and marketing with Chad Barge from chat Fuel. Denard coating, I'm sure. Come on, come on. I have many faces like digital marketing trainer, draw, attacker, online teacher, Chatbots, Moctar and so on, and you may have seen and heard. Now within marking circles, chatbots will dominate the social media and the Web in kudos and 18 and beyond. Also, that is a hot topic going on in the marketing circles that is Chad, but marketing will replace email marketing. Yes, chatbots have much better open rates and linked to reach almost 80% average open rates against 30% for email marketing. They are user friendly because off a guided Sarah users simply love it. But only time will tell if this replacement will happen at home. But it's definitely worth your time to invest in Chad. But mighty Now take a look at this shark, a comparison off chatbots. The emails. You can see how chatbots are dominating. Hey, don't get me wrong. I love emails and email marketing, but people love messaging maps because they get wonderful experience. Eventually, that's what matters, right? User experience. On the other hand, you males have become too spanning all the years. And because of that and a lot of emails over hundreds of times, sadly, it's unlikely didn't cover. This is why many marketers feel that in the next few years e mails will be phased out and everyone will be using Chad Bosch Charb. Our technology is still emerging. As we see more developments in this area, it will become the main tool to communicate with your leads and customers. Chatbots are very popular that youngsters? No. As we move ahead with this technology, others would also come into the fold and start using it in full force. Shabazz, our mobile friendly as mobile users, have already exceeded laptop users and this trend will only continue. Chatbots will rule the force of media in the years to come. And when you use chatbots, you and every details are the visitor without asking them anything. How you get their name Instantly you see very work, study live and so on within their profile. And you can reach them instantly. Young a singer. And that's cool, right? So you know that this technology is relatively new. Since you joined this course, you're an earlier doctor. So if you understand this on, that's a hugely in your career group, you're via head off almost 99% of people out there because a lot of people still don't know what Chad bodies and how it functions, let alone how to build one. So if you decide to pick it up at this stage and start your career here would smart and understanding this technology, you can dominate the chatbots world, maybe as early as three months from now. This course is your starting point. Or if you want to just create a professional chatbots for your personal, our business use, you can do it just with this course. Chatbots are frequently used to sell product generate leads from, or webinars, build brand awareness and many such marketing activities. In shot, they help to draw your business and engage with your audience. Now, why do you need this course over any other course? If I take up a marketing topic, I go deep into the subject matter on deal with all the nitty gritty ease off that particular topic. I've done the same thing here with discourse as well. If someone says you can create a chatbots in 10 minutes. That's only partially true. What they have not told you is that the body create is pretty basic. One without any major features added don't interface on chance. You'il is user friendly and easy to build that are many intricacies in a chat bar that cannot be integrated in just a few minutes. Being a beginner, you need to spare at least 3 to 4 hours to build a decent quality chad bar and work on it further to make it a professional one. In the scores, I covered all the basic features and some intermediate advanced features that you don't find in other courses. Also, since Chap you it is a popular and joined platform, they may keep adding new features as they do it. You can count on me to update this course also, and here's my bonus. At the end of the scores, you seen a small e book that shows some creative ideas to make and market awesome chatbots . Who knows? With these ideas, you impress your celebrity, our business line that may help you bring it. More orders from them are their French. I don't people charging $1000 to find $1000 for every custom Chad bar. You know why. First of all, chatbots can provide much better. Ottawa second of all finds, are usually big shots like actors, actresses, business tycoon whose musicians and the like. Now you can tell me about how promising this could get. Chatbots will be a month $5 billion industry in 10 years from now. Early signs are adoption of this technology that made a big brands like Dick Crunch Uber, CNN, New York Times, National Geographic, Starbucks, NBC, NB a Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino's eBay and the list goes on and on. For example, 10 Crunch is using a bar to send deck articles to people using Facebook. CNN is using bots to send used to people via Facebook Messenger. 800 flavors is using boster self lovers. The Facebook Messenger? Yep, e commerce. And people don't have to leave Miss. Injured of by flavors, Fandango is letting people toe watch video trailers and buy movie tickets right inside the messenger. Well, I hope that convinces you how powerful this technologies now, on a lighter moment, take a look at this fun fact about Chad Bunch and for your information through the scores at the end of every video. I'm gonna show you a fun fact about Chad much. So don't worry. I won't let you sleep in the middle. So, friends, what are you waiting for? Don't wait another second and drawn into this course now I can't wait to see you in mind. Next lesson. See that soon? 2. Learning method: Hey, first of all, thanks for enjoying into this course. Here's a quick dip on how to learn from this course. Our brains absorb things pretty fast when it happens to see things for the second time or third time. I mean, repetition is the mother of skill. It's an old saying, but it's very true. There are lessons in this court that requires you to absorb the fundamental concepts, and there are other lessons that requires you to work hands on, get your hands dirty and implement what you learn. So I strongly suggest you do this. You watch first, and you study next. Step one. Just watch all the lessons for once and understand everything from a bird's eye view. This will give you a holistic picture off what the subject matter is all about, how things work and what are all the tools you need and so on. So this is your watching time. Finish watching all the lessons in one sitting step to start from the beginning again and go through those lessons this time with full attention. You'll be in a study more. You'll see your absorption capacity is that it's speak because you know what to expect. You know what you'll see next you also implement by watching the step by step victorious. Believe me, it's were there. This is how I learned, and my absorption capacity multiplies when I learned the second time. Try this and you'll be amazed by the results and to increase their attention, go through the lessons as many times as possible. And that's how you nail those fundamentals into your brain. Okay, with that, let's get to the business now. 3. Basic Terms: Hey, welcome back in this video, I'm gonna cover some of the basic dumbs Houston chat fuel in particular are Chatbots World in general. Mr. Fall, don't get intimidated by these dumps. These are pretty easy to grasp. Once you start using Chatfield platform, I would take a little over 10 minutes to give you a brief introduction off most of these terms before we actually move on to start building our But if you're a complete beginner, this video is a must for you. If you are very familiar with the platform skipping now, what is a chair, Bart? A chat bar is a computer program sometimes powered by artificial intelligence, that you can interact via chat interface. The interface could be any messaging platform like Facebook Messenger, slack telegram and so on. Facebook Messenger being the most popular Chad Bart building Flower farms preferred this. The service could be anything ranging from doing business to having fun. Not why. Chance Fuel Chance Jewel is one of those bar platforms that offers the tools for free for creating a are artificial intelligence powered chad bar on Facebook. On this platform, you can create a FB messenger bar quickly and easily without any knowledge off courting. This is how the chat fewer dashboard looks like On the left side, you have various stabs you can use on top. You have Chatfield logo. Your logo appears here from the connected Facebook page. This is where you connect your bought with Facebook messenger and distant to see if it works as you want. Once you start using this automate tab, you'll add something called groups blocks in cards at this place. For the sake of simplicity, they are like pages and sections off a website. First of all, you add a group. Under each group, you have one arm or blocks again. Under each block, you have one art more. Koch Barrett me for a few more seconds. I'll tell you about them. Ah, better in detail. As you keep adding these blocks and cars, you can visually see them here as you build your body. So any addition or deletion off elements here can be visually seen here. Now what are groups? Groups are mainly used for categorization, for easy understanding and visualization purpose. They are just like a website are a blawg. Where you keep all the posts are pages related to one particular topic under one category. You keep all the blocks related, the one topic under one group. So groups are like categories. No, what are blog's again? For easy understanding? Blocks are like an individual webpage our a block post. You move users from one block to the next one, just like you move them from one webpage to the other. You set up buttons are artificial intelligence rules to trigger blocks. No water. Kaj car jar like sections off a webpage are blocked Coast. Each block may contain one art more Koch that are several types of cards provided here, like Ticks, Scott's Images, Gallery, Quick Supply, Goto, Block and so on. I'll explain all of them as we move forward. What our luggage blackens. I love you to integrate third party applications and services into your butt. Using these plug ins, you can integrate Chad fuel with third party platforms supported like, for example, savior. Not only that, you can't send videos audios, send the data via email and so much more. Let's cover all of that as we move on. Know what a buttons? These are the buttons that helped guide users to move from one block to the next Facebook messenger actually support two types of buttons. A defunct button and a quick trip like button. You can end up the three D four buttons and up to 11 quick supply buttons each car, quick replies, are special in the sense that you can let your body remember the users selection and store it in a youth of attributes for further use later on. This is pretty useful for retargeting are re marketing purposes, so youth quick should like buttons in the Koch, where customer inputs are considered youthful, are valuable. For example, if a user opted into your free E book, that action is an important one for retargeting. So youth quick reply buttons their instrument default once. Now the next one is user input. That user input plug in helps you collect input from your users for further use in the BART flow. You can then say the inputs to use their attributes and utilize them in various ways. We'll cover them all when we actually use these plants. The next one is a cool feature. The artificial intelligence. Our AI is a feature that matches some of the pre defined words done by you with the words used by the users. If they match, Ah, pre defined answer will be given to the users. It helps to automate the freestyle riding by the users to some extent. Entering complete phrases in the AI set up section is the way to go. The AI engine attempts to understand the meaning off a sentence. Ah, use their sense and then sees if it matches the meaning of the phrase set up in one of the root. The engine uses different techniques in combination with machine learning, but this functionality is not very sophisticated as hot. Now many of the random questions from the users may not be answered. So I suggest you guy the users to use buttons except when a specific user input is acquired , like while asking for their evil 84 number and so on. As you get more user questions, you can include answers to those questions in the AI set up. Improved. They use that experience. Artificial intelligence technology is still in its early stage and will take time to be fully functional and helpful to answer all users questions and provide proper solutions by Here's the good news. There are ways to significantly improve the user experience with the presently available artificial intelligence functionality. I'm gonna cover there as being moved on in the course the next one is broadcasting. This is a functionality that I love you to send. Messages to specific audience are toe off your bots users at once. Once you start a conversation with a user on Facebook Messenger, he er she becomes your contact automatically. Then you use this broadcasting option to communicate with all of them at once are with specific segment of users based on the user inputs already collected the use of filter and broadcasting. Ah love you to select an audience for your broadcast. It can be configured. They use the gender local time zone of the user. Are any other variable available in your buck? Next one is this conflict tab. This is where you'll find upgrade options to pro plan changing bought admin access setting time zones, Chan extensions, payments set up if you decide to collect payments within the bar domain, white listing and so on. For example, this is where you set up your persistent minimum. This means a menu that's available to you in the FB Messenger platform. Once you set up your persistent menu, just click on this little hamburger symbol. Ah, window will pop up and show you the menu items. The admin panel, a large you invite collaborators to your bar using in white Edmund. You can also transfer bought toe. Other account by deleting yourself after adding a new admin. This is very useful. When your business model is to build, operate and transfer chatbots to your clients. The next one is drilled guide. This staff contained some great tips and tricks for join your audience. We'll cover them in the later part of the scores. Now, what does analyze you can analyze your box performance by going to this analyze step that you'll find the information you need to measure how your bark is doing. You'll know about new and unsubscribed users daily user activity, retention numbers, most visited blocks, most type in phrases and the like. And in case you need deeper analytical data, chant fuel has enabled integrations with 3/3 party analytics platforms. Yandex metric a dash bark and bought analytics. Think one of them and start doing data crunchy 4. Facebook Page Creation: It's a basic requirement toe have your bought is that you must have a Facebook page. So let me create a dummy page for the purpose off this demo. Go type and create a page may choose this. I'll give it a name. Digital marketing Academy category is cool. How do you go? Hey, just created Now go to settings and edit. Our include details you want. Once you have a Facebook page, visit Chatfield dot com and hit Log in button. You have the option to choose from pre made templates. The other option is to choose a blank template and start from the scratch. When you're in this platform, you can connect to one of your Facebook page. You manage. Let's connect it to the piece that we just created. You can go to confidence section here and disconnect the page. If you want to do that 5. Create a structure: Hey, you will come back first things first. Understand the bought structure. You need an idea off. How? Botch work. If you want expediency, I recommend you to go to this page here and check how this works. I've given the link in the description section off this video because we are gonna create a similar bark now, so you'll get an idea of what you'll get from this course beforehand. To create a meaningful bark, you need to create a structure beforehand. This is nothing but a big picture workflow that shows the customer journey from the start to the finish. It's a picture that visually show how your barter looked like after finished building it. Why do you need this? Because when you create bots for large organizations, you may need to guide users through various steps are offers. You can't just pull the ideas out off your head on the go and create them. Even if you manage to do it, there will be scope for improvement in that kind of work. So to make it in a systematic way, I recommend you to create a structure beforehand and keep in mind, you can always change the structure are big picture as you evolve and improve the but so it's not a fix a thing. I'm just giving an idea to start things in a systematic way and move in the right direction from the word go. To create the structure, you may use a free mind mapping to, like mine mob dot com Ah, completely free and yet pretty useful and simple tool that has some useful features to visualize and create this big picture are you may use sticky notes to do this on a flat surface, like on a wall, are on a big white board or a least polar I blank paper and plan the structure by drawing on it, not let me show you how I did this. First of all, I decide what I wanted from the bark, then started planning it on a piece of paper. On the welcome message. I'll ask visitors if they like a free gift. If they said yes, I'll offer of free course the visitors, which is basically a lead magnet if they choose toe often, I'll get their email before delivering the gift. After delivering the lead magnet, I lead them to the navigation where they get to see my products and raise the contractors. When I say products, I mean a general overview off different types of courses I offer and all the contractors page they can get my email i D and phone number so that they can contact me if they want to chat with me life. I provide an option to do that. From there. I lead them to the course of space There. I showed them my courses with an option to buy. I'll also ask them if they need any course updates, they choose to get them. I'll confirm them that they are subscribed. That's it. This is the picture I came up with. This might change in future. This is dynamic, and I'll keep improving it. But now this big picture will guide me to create the. But now there are some features have not used in the process of building this, but because not everybody will have every feature offered. But don't worry. I'll show how to use those features after we create the spot and always used buttons to guide people. True, the technology is not completely automated without any letters. People can comment in a gazillion ways on your body, and you have no option to provide appropriate answer to every common. So bots are not without limitations, but if you know how to use them, the results can be mind blowing. The best way to deal with this is to provide Ah few choices to users via buttons as long as they choose one of them. You can provide a solution to them. Even if the user stray away from the guided path, you have the option called default message to bring them back to the guidance set up. You have an option to disable user comments, but if you do that, you won't be able to get user inputs. So let's see all this and more in the upcoming listens. Nah, let's go to the chat fuel dashboard and start creating the but to learn better jazz, follow along with me and do what I do later on. You may change it to your own needs. You can type in appropriate sample text for the time being and change the decks later on. You already have next ready. That's awesome. With this, let's get started 6. Create a skeleton of Bot: Hey, welcome back. So we have a blank template now with welcome and default messages. Now let's quickly create all the other groups and blocks based on the structure we created . So let's add a droop and call it lead magnet. Then another group called Navigation and our final group called Courses. Let's believe this Default one. So we have three groups. As far are structure not within each group. Let's create blocks Uses plus button to create blocks. Let's create three blocks under lead magnet. You can name them here. The 1st 1 is lead magnet. Often the 2nd 1 is get email, and the 3rd 1 is lead magnet delivery. So from the welcome message, I'll bring the leads to this lead magnet. Often. If they choose to go with that, I'll grab the email. Then I'll deliver the lead magnet here. Good. Now let's create two more blocks under navigation. The 1st 1 is our products, and the 2nd 1 is contractors. So once my lead magnet is deliver, I'll bring the users to this product block. They can also visit. My contact has blocked to personally contact me. They also provide a live chat option to the users. Let's create do more blocks. At, of course, is that's name. The 1st 1 has courses. The 2nd 1 is update confirmation. This is to give a confirmation to our users that they are subscribed. There we go. You created a skillet into our Batna. How simple is that? It's simple because off our structure the big picture has made it a cakewalk. Let's continue building are bought in on next video. 7. Welcome Message: Hey, you will come back in this video. Let's see how to make a welcome message. Let me create a gallery cart, Drag it on top. Use this whole letter dragon. Let me insert an image card here. Dragon in the middle. That's from my image. It is to personalize the message. Now let me insert my logo here. For the sake of simplicity, have seemed all the texture images I'm gonna use in this bark. So choose the image here. Click next. Just the image here and click done than a headline and a subhead. Have you insert my image here? Now hover over the image and click on Trump Just the image of them and click done than a text message welcoming the user. Let's give some space between the sentences. This text within brackets are attributes in this place. The first name of the user will be automatically pleased. The call to action buttons below the welcoming message guiding the user either toe lead magnet after navigation page, take on had button here you name the button asked. Show me that gift and Lincoln to lead magnet often block. You can choose the block from the drop down. You have the option to direct the user to another. Ural are a phone number. Then add a button called Goto Products and link it to our products. Now, as you can see, I added some emojis are icons here. That is a website called Emoji. Pia, you can just go there and grab the emojis you like and place it here. Let me show you how to do that right away. Type in the keyword are you can choose from here. You can just cover the emerges and copy. Come back to chat fuel, right click and paste. Now let me add this typing feature for users Thistle given experience off communicating with the real human When you have visited my Bach, you might have seen this typing message this feature and he was it. Now let's reduce the time to just two seconds approximately. That's it. Now we're done with the welcoming message. Now, before we move on to Destin, I want to show you one cool feature are a benefit of much. Your body is like a huge building with several doors to end their in all directions. Can you imagine how that looks like and What do I mean by that? Well, take a look at this link button at the top. All you have to do is to create a link for that block by clicking here, copy the Ural in white people, but that you're indirectly by sending it to them. So if you want to give your lead magnet to someone, just create a link and send it. If you want someone to buy your courses, grab the length from the course block here and send it to them. So every dime your users don't have to start from the welcome message they can enter anywhere. Let's test it to see how it works. Awesome. It works fine so far. 8. Default Answer: Hey, welcome back. This default answer is the one that users get if they type in something that the bar doesn't understand. The wind the situation. Try to guide users with buttons. Sometimes some users may still stray away from the guided path and type in a message that the bark may not understand. Under those situations, the default answer will try to bring them back to the regular guided path. Are direct them to talk to a real human being. So my defunct answer is the Chatham Space here. A big later, you learn to set a I artificial intelligence rules. This is to help use us to do freestyle typing and get answers. You're about to add a lot off the IRS rules to make the use of experience better. But still, since you can't really predict everything, a user types and hey, I is not foolproof. That's why we make use of button system to guide users now for buttons. Name the 1st 1 asked Goto Products and Lincoln toe our products. Named the second button asked Dr Human and link it to contractors. And finally, let me add this typing feature 9. Lead Magnet Optin: he will come back in this step as promised in the welcome message, we are going to show a lead magnet to the visitors. Lead magnet you choose should be very relevant. The products are service you sell. For example, I'm selling online video courses, so my lead magnet will be a mini course. By doing it this way, you attract only relevant and very targeted audience to your funnel. Under this group, I have a lead magnet. Opt in block. This is where I'll ask visitors if they are interested in opting in. If yes, I'll take them to the get email block within this block, I'll ask their email, i d. Once they enter it, I'll take them to the lead magnet delivery block where I deliver the gift. Let's do this now. Let me Adam Image card, then a Knicks guard. I also want to add a user attributes Plug in here because I want to die it all. Those who said yes to might lead magnet. I'm collecting their emails, though, but you know how email system works low Delery and low open rates, so this might be another good option to contact the interested parties late run. This is in addition to the email crab, So let's do it. Let me add an attractive image to my lead magnet. Opt in card than a digs message with a question it goes like, Would you like a free video course on keyword research strategy to optimize your webpages than two buttons? The 1st 1 say, is cool. Give me I link. It could get email. Block the next button, Say's no goto products. I link into our products block, not let me copy. Pays the button text Cool. Gimme within this user attributes and let me put the value as gift. Now I can target those who clicked on this button. Now let me add this typing feature. Make it just do seconds approx. Cool. Let's just a partner Good. Everything works fine so far. 10. Lead Magnet delivery: Hey, welcome back. Now let's work on this. Get email block. First of all, let's add a user input plug in. Now let's end this message. Let's juice email as validation attributes is email how this is to validate the email and capture. Use it input, which is again the email i d. Now let's add a go to block. Let's redirect the block lead magnet delivery. So once a user inputs the email rightie here be redirected to lead magnet delivery. So that takes us to our next block lead magnet delivery. Let's build that. So let me insert a simple text car and give it a simple message. Here is your free course. Enjoy. Let me add a button that say's Goto free course. I include the course. You are just for your information. I have saved my free course videos on YouTube and made it private. Probably I'll movie Do Excite called viste our dot com because it's a professional video hosting platform and this is a premium option, but they have free quarter as well. So this keyword research course is basically a portion of my C O. Course. I'm just giving it away in exchange for immunity off Mike Leach, then another CD, a button. The name is Goto Products. Link it to our products. So after the use of get my lead magnet, they'll probably think on this link the Goat of products Page, let me add this typing feature. That's it. I've delivered my lead magnet. Let's test it to see if it works. Fine. That's working fine. 11. Navigation: he will come back. Next step is to lead the visitors to our navigation. Under this, I'll show them what I offer under one buck and how to contact me under another block. I have a group called Navigation Here than a block called our Products. Within this, I'll add an image gallery card now include a picture. Now I include my heading now and go to my subheading. That's a Z. We are pleased to offer comprehensive courses on S, E O and content writing. I drew a CD, a button that's a Z show courses I linked to my courses. Block how another button and I call it. Contact us. Link it to my contact us block. Now let's move on to contact this block under this let's and an image gallery card. Now let's add an image at a heading that say's Contact us. I'll put the email I D and full number under subheading, not let me include a cdn button that say's show courses. Link it to my courses block and ago new product button and link it to our products block. So that's it. Let me add this typing feature. The other needed test. Now, as you can see, it works fine 12. Courses: Hey, you will come back now. I have a group called Courses, then another block below that called courses. Let me add an image gallery. Cardinal for each course is I decide to sell. So let me add my first gallery card at, of course, image that heading that say's complete as Theo doesn't 18 course for what friends? Plus as you already checklist been a subheading that stays as your training cure. Research Contra writing blah, blah, blah and a CD a button. Now I want to tell you this. There is an option to sell directly at the messenger. You got to choose this option. Enter the price here. Hat tax details here with amount. I go to advanced settings and fill in the details you want. Like if you have your item listed any e commerce door, you can enter that you are here. It's a fallback option under a relevant user attributes here so that it can retired buyers late, wrong and finally enter a block here to redirect them after poaches. Now, if you click on this payment set of bizarre, you'll see two options. Oneness stripe worldwide payments. The other one is miss injured option. You can't read this. And shoes contributors A property to you if you're selling worldwide stripe is suitable for you. If you're selling within us, he can go for Miss engine option. But given in mind, that requires Facebook approval. Now, I'm not gonna use this option because what I sell is digital products and Facebook. Clearly, states don't sell digital products within messenger. So my work around is to link it to an outside website and sell from there. If I sell physical products, our services, I would happily do it. But I just wanted to show you this cool option to sell within messenger when you connect with them and set up this exclamation mark will disappear. Now let me include my city in Button. I'll put the course link here. Let me have another image Gallery card. Of course, Image then a hurting are so hurting. And my CD A button. I mean include course link that should no let me add another image Gallery card A manning an image. Now that shows update Ah, heading that say's want update. How suffering then a CD. A button that say's he has send up beach Now. I link into a big confirmation. Let me add another button that stays no Goto products. I link it our products. Now, within this object confirmation block, I'll add a text card and say Awesome! Now yourself, Scribe. We'll let you know on the messenger whenever I release a new course. Now let me at buttons like Go to courses Lincoln. Two courses block another button called Golden Navigation Lincoln to our products block. Finally I'll go back. The courses block at an image gallery, including Go Back Picture. Let me have a heading. Go back a button that say's Goto products I linked to our products. Another button called Dr Human Let me until my mobile number here. Living air typing feature. Now one more thing before we finished. As for us, my updates are concerned. How will I know? Who said yes and who said no to my bitch? That's where you saw attributes coming to blame. So click this plus button click set up user attribute. Plug in now copy. Unfazed. A button that's a Z Yes, send updates now send the value. Let's call it update. That's it. You created a user attributes. Now the body look after all the users who said yes to this question. How you let people know about your new releases? I mean only those who said yes to it. We'll cover that in the later part of the scores. When you get there, I'll remind your bodies, not let me see if I can add some more emojis for the text on buttons. Let me use emoji pretty dot com. Grab a fuel more emoji ease and based in here. Let me check if I've created everything right, including button wings. That's it. We're done with the basic bark, but some cool features. Now let's does the baht. Once cool , things are working fine. Now let's see how to integrate some advanced features into it. 13. Live Chat: Hey, you will come back. You can enable life Jack with a plug in. You may do that within contact us Block are under a separate block. Let me include that on a contractor. For the purpose of this demo, I go to contact us Block. I think this plus button to go to the plug and Shadia add life shot Blufgan. Now where a user visits contact is block. He are She will be shown my contact details along with a live chat option. The user are the bar manager. Haven't option to stop the life share by clicking a button with the text. Stop check. You can customize the next year. Was the light shatter? Stop there. We showed this message. Then the users can continue the chat with the body again. As an Edmund, you can should the chat by mo que The default is 12 hours. This means that a sponsor time is set as 12 hours for any equity and beyond this life chat is automatically disabled. Erin, this check boxes ticked. I received notification whenever a new chat session is started. So we've enabled the life chat. Let me show you on screen how this works. There you go. A life shatters on no so the user can type in any message, and admin can respond to that. Now, let's say, as a user, if I stop the chair, I get a notification. Then I can continue chatting with the charred bark. 14. Enabling NLP for your bot: Hey, welcome back. If you just out the bots in the real world, you'll find many of them are dumb botch. What do I mean by that? They would not be able to answer you those questions For almost every question raised by the users, the box would trigger the default answer to reply. But is that a way to improve the power of these botch? That's where artificial intelligence are. AI and NLB are natural language. Processing comes into the picture. You may set a I rose. When the stab are even better, use dialogue flow to send a I rules for your body. Let's see how to tow the step by step in this video. Just follow along with me and do what I do. First of all, go to Google and type and run Kit opened the Rankin website and click signing. If you're a new user, click on sign up. I do have an account with them, so let me just sign it. After registering with run kid, visit the link shown on the screen. I've given this link in the description section off this video trick on this clone this notebook cab. Keep this window open. We'll come back here a little later. Now go to google dot com and type and dialogue flow. Click on Sign Up. You can use existing Google account to sign up one shot in. Create an agent. This agent contains NLB framework and will communicate with the are bought users now given name to the agent and save it. I think the gear I can't hear now copy this client access Stoking key Go to run kit account. Open this environment settings in a new window. I had a new variable type in the word A B I on the score. Ai underscore key in place off this F o and based in that client access token key in the place off bar. Now go back to Rankin Window open. Click on Endpoint. As you can see, a new page opens up. Copy the You are Actually This is the Jason court we need for integrating with sharp fuel, not Gore default. Answer. Block within chat fuel. Delete the existing text message here. Let's insert a user input. Blufgan. Now keep this message to user feel blank and said the same answer. To attribute as Equity String. Just see what I'm typing in and do exactly the same. How allergies on a P I plug in now based in the Ural, you copy from the ranking background and under user attributes, choose. Ready String. That's it. Now let's test the bar. Let's type in a message that triggers the default answer block. Now you go. This answer is from dialogue flow. Now let's go back to dialogue low and set up small, dark agent Within that goto intense and delete default Fallback Intent decks responses instead, just include Onley one default fallback response that tells users that it's a row bark the answers questions, and it may not understand all the questions, so it wise them to use buttons to browse through the bark. Now go toe pre build agents. Let's find small dark agent In this list. Small talk is an optional feature, and it is used to provide responses to casual conversation. This feature can greatly improve our users experience when talking to your agent click import. Once done, you'll see the important content within this intense click on that and see the important agent. Now you can verify how this works by typing in some small talk words in this box. Let's type enough. You watch. Now let's integrate the small talk agent with chat fuel. Click on this Get icon. Grab this client access token, I d go to run, kid window that's open. Add another and wind mint radial type in a p. I underscore AI on a score key in place off F O based in the client access token. I d off small talk agent here. That's it. Now it's time for us to a desert bar to see if it's responding well for the natural language processing we just enabled. - Awesome . Now you are seeing that the BART is responding well for our small doc. 15. User Segmentation and Broadcasting: he will come back. First of all, let me show you how to broadcast messages. This means sending messages in bulk to your contacts are a specific group of people who opted in the yard newsletter, our subscription service. Remember the ask people if they want an update now it's time to send up these. That's first. Does this link within the messenger the user will need to click? Yes, sent updates so that he'll be subscribed, so I'll act as a user to create that Ricard, remember this? My profile page is different from business page, so my profile page will subscribe to my business patient. So let's grab the link here now. I got the message on my business page. Let me choose. Yes, that should I'm subscribe now Let's go toe broadcast. Here you can send a message to all of your contacts. Are just a segment of the hit this Deliver your message now, plus Martin here, not create a text message. Choose a tribute from this drop down at the youth er attribute name as yes, send updates said this condition is said the value as updates. Now see the regional users one user which is my profile Beach. I clicked on it a few seconds back. Now send it. Bam! Can you see that? I've received the update on my business page. This way you can't re target customers who fulfilled certain conditions. All you have to do is capture those user input with the help of user attribute, Plug in, then broadcast messages using that user attributes the dog. It only is set up people. Now let me show you another cool way to create segmentation. Let's say I ask users their age based on their age. I want to send a gift of them. So I create a group and call it test segmentation. Under that, I create five blocks. Basically, I want to send different E books for different age groups, So I named the first block as user age. I create a text card under that. My question to the user is I have an awesome e book as a gift for you. How old are you? I add a quick reply card. By the way, you can use quick reply buttons instead of regular buttons. Wherever you feel you can read target are re market people. If you use that you have an option to create use of absolute within that car, so it's very helpful to retarget a segment of people. Moreover, within quick reply, you can add up to 11 buttons, whereas within regular cart you can only add up the three buttons. So for the purpose of this example, I'm gonna add five buttons. Let me name them. I include a user attributes card age and had piping feature. Now let me go to other blocks and name them and include decks message How ? Let me go back to the user age block and link each button. Do the blocks we created. - Now let me trigger it. I gotta create the link here and click on it. Let me say below 20. There you go. I got a message. Now let me go to broadcast and one at a later point in time. If I want to read Dr the Audience, I'll use the attributes Age and value is below 20 that you go one user which is my profile beige. I figured it a few seconds back. If I choose any other value hanging. Only zero users has no one picked on it so far Now I may add a text guard and send it apart from deliver the message. Now, options like adding a trigger and concealing a message later can be used to broadcast messages. Data trigger has an option to send a message after the users first, our last interaction with the BART our user has click a button we just set as a use of a tribute. I ensure you an example on screen. Now schedule it later is similar to add a trigger. It has options like sending a message at a particular date, and time are repeat. The message daily Weekly monthly are on a particular we day and so on. Let me hit this Adam Trigger Under this you'll said the trigger. First, let's say I want to send a second free gift that those who don't load it my lead magnet. So my attributes is cool. Give me and value as gift. I can already see it's one reachable user because I've already triggered this button before . But for the purpose of this particular second gift, I'm gonna trigger it in a few seconds. The trigger is after the user. Actually, beauty is set. Let's send this ass one minute so that we can test this immediately. Let me add a text message. Now, here's a cool as your trick that will blow you away. I had a link below this and switch on the trigger. So it's time to test the bark now that you go to get us working. 16. Sequences: hey will come back. Sequences are like drip campaigns and email marketing. You send a sequence off emails one after the other at certain indoors, say every week. Let's see how to create sequences within a chat. Bark on the dashboard at a new sequence. Not name it the way you want it. Let me call it up. Cells. I already have a user attributes that captures all those who said yes to my lead magnet. Now I can target them when I release a new course for the sake of showing how this works. Really quick, let me set up a sequence now that triggers to up cells that delivers the message in 10 seconds each. Let me go. Toe lead magnet, delivery block. Let me add a sequence card here. I had a filter. Attributes is cool. Give me is gift. How sequence Name is Upsell. Now, within this obsolete sequence, I'll set up, say, after 10 seconds up. So one after dense against again Absolute, too unusual cases. I'll do this. Say after a week are so for the sake of showing you how this works quickly. I set it up as 10 seconds. No wonder Obsolete one block, I added dicks guard on include a message. I can add a button here and link it to the course block, but I have the first Upsell. The second absolute is after 10 seconds from the delivery of the first Upsell and block to let me add the text card. Include a message. Now again, I'll add a button here and lead the users to the course block where second Upsell is Lister . That's it. Now let's just it. I'll go to the lead magnet. Opt in block. Click on it. I click. Cool. Give me. I am a lady God the lead magnet. Now see the magic after 10 seconds how to get the first Upsell that you go. After 10 more seconds, I'll get the second Upsell. So this is how the sequences work. 17. Customer chat plugin on a website: Hey, welcome back. If you want to make your website visitors your Miss Singer contacts, this is the way to go. All you have to do is to just grab a piece of court and insert that in the yard website History of a beach. Let's see how to do that. Now this plug in is in the drawer tab. But before we go there, let's go Toe conficker tap Go Domain white listing section pad domain. Enter your domain name here. Now you go toe grow tab, Click on enable Enter your domain name here. Now you can choose a parameter. This is to take your website visitors directly to a specific block. You can see the reference parameter the end of the block. Your see here but for now, I leave it blank. You can get a court here toe insert on your website. Now go to the back enough yard website Goto hedged email section and insert the score that you have a chatting option Open job when you reload the website. If any of your website visitors that click on that sharp now will immediately become your messenger, contact 18. Acquire users via comments: Hey, welcome back. Acquiring users via comments is a popular way to get Mawr Chad box of drivers. Let's see how this works. Go to Drew Tab and click on Add Drool. Choose any post are specific. Post. Let me choose any post again. Choose all comments. Are Commons matching his rule? The Mitchells Conditional one I want us to trigger whenever people comment. The word course courses s your course content writing course. And so one. When this happens, I'll send a auto message like this. Hey, thanks for commenting. Are you interested in my courses? If yes, just reply Marketing courses in the common. We'll send you all the details. That's it done. Now let me activate Ai. Go to set up A. I had a rule. When a youth or say's marketing courses, I'll send the course details to him or her, so I'll link the relevant block. Here, let me check this out to see if it works. Let me go to one of my posts from business page and common. I'll do the commenting from my personal profile page. Let me common courses. I already got a message on the messenger. Now as director by this message, I'll type in marketing courses that you go. I got a link to the marketing courses Lock. This is our you gain subscribers based on the comments. 19. Messenger Discovery: Hey, you will come back. This is a way to give some visibility toe your Chadbourne. So if you want to know more about this, I've given a link in the description section off this lecture. Go through the documentation within Facebook. Knowledge e how to apply for this and get approved. Go to grow dab. Click on this. Submit the form button. Choose your page. Choose a response type here, Go down a little bit. If you are from us, check this box. Otherwise, just leave it unchecked. Enter your white lister domain. Here filling these roles, write a brief overview off what your bod us in primary and secondary category type. Enter some key watch that your docket customers may use to find you are your mark in language and somebody that's a press submit. Now Facebook team will review and approve it. They may take one or two days. Sometimes it's earlier than that, but make sure that your body is fully functional before you submit for approval. If approved, it appears as approved over here. If not approve, they let you know the reasons you corrected and re submit 20. Send to messenger plugin: Hey, welcome back Center. A singer Plug In is another cool feature to attract your website visitors To become yard messenger contacts before you installed us, make sure that you white list yard domain go to con figure. Dab the white listing, then come here and click on the Sentiments Singer but a juice and optional reference parameter. Just like customer Chad, plug in, but I leave it blank for now. Choose a button size choose button color and grab the court. Now go to the back end off yard website and paste in the chord with the hasty Emel section off any page. Let me do it on my home page. That's it. Let's test it Now that you go, I have a button Now that visitors can click toe instantly become my contacts in messenger. Now, that is another option here called Shit box Blufgan to get customer messages from the Contact US page off yard website. But this doesn't work properly. I have raised this issue with Chad fuel, Facebook community and you to get a response from them. All included tutorial to this. Once I start seeing this working properly, 21. Data transfer and automation: Hey, welcome back. You might have collected data from users like email phone number ends one. Not only that, once users start chatting with your barred, they become your contacts. And so you have access to many of their details, like Gender, Location and Swan from Facebook. Let's see how to transfer that data from Chad Fuel platform to us stretchy. It's a great way to automate the system, so let's get started. First of all, let's go to Google and open our fresh stretchy. You may have several user attributes within chance fuel, and we want to transfer all that data. So Goto plug in section and add Jesus, a p A. Do this within get email block because that's where you collect user inputs. By the way, keep it in mind. You must keep this plug in just below the user input. I had an experience off keeping and below this goto block, and because of that, I was not able to do my data transfer properly after several others are struggle. Finally, the solution is reached. Let us to keep it just below the user input client, not let me manually enter the name of those user attributes in the spreadsheet. I have my required details in this Richie. Now let's go toe plug in section and add Zap here. This is a software that act doesn't interface To transfer the data off from char feel to spreadsheet hard to any other platform like milk chimp Active campaign are other supported platforms. Zap ear has ah free forever plan also. So check it out. OK, now click on, create as ap. If you don't have an account with happier created first, then you need to connect sappier the chart fuel to collect the data. The next step is you can exactly it a Google spreadsheet where it will deliver the data. So zap ear is an intermediate. Our interface by our farm it was sees that that off from Chechnya, then sends it to Google sheets. Once your end created a web hook, click on catchall and hit. Continue. Now this step is optional. So skip it. I go back to Chatfield, our farm and Vin Jason a p I select the post type Now pick up the web hook your all created by zap here and based in this same here Now select all the attributes you want now I'm center. Trigger the user action. Let me click on this link. Triggering this user Action is important because that is how you capture the data and Onley after chat. Fewer captures another. It can transfer it to the spreadsheet via sappier. I type in the email. I d. Okay, user action is complete. Now this email ideas captured by chat fuel Let me check. Average being sent does appear now at the happier, and I have one more thing to do. Click on OK, I did that. Let's wait that you go just successful. You can click here to see the details pulled in. Also see the green tick mark over here Now Our next step is to transfer the data from sappier to the spreadsheet. Let me search Google sheets. Create a stretchy dro. Let me just success here. Let me select my spreadsheet here. From the drop down, I'll select the user attributes. - That's it. That's what I have in my spreadsheet so I can transfer on Lee what I have in my spreadsheet . Let's say I decide to include Asia now so I'll go to spreadsheet and at age and come back. Does appear hit. Refresh that you go. I drove for ages. Come down, head Continue. Send. That's it. Let's check the Google sheet now. Now we go. That's how you transferred that are automatically from chat fuel to the spreadsheet. Now another important step. You're Zappa's Off! Turn it on now it's triggered chart, fuel link and input. Another email i d. Now let's check this Richie. Now we go that I capture. This is called automation. French Zap Ear is really powerful initially maybe a bit daunting to work on sappier. But as you get used to it, you know many such magical things. It support 1000 plus player farms to do such automation. So check it out. I wish you good luck. 22. Video and Audio delivery within a chatbot: Hey, you will come back if you decide to insert audio. Are videophile directly within your bar? It's free. Simple. First of all, go to your Dropbox account. Open one if you don't have it. Once you're inside the dropbox, click on this upload file button and choose the video or audio file you want. Choose where you want to keep it and upload. Once the finest uploaded, go to the fort of it, you uploaded it and hover over the symbol and flick on share. I simply can't create a link copy link. Now go back to chat fuel, create a block and create a decks box. And ask the user if they want a video, Insert a show me the video button with a video block. Now, within this video block, insert a deck box and say, Here's your video. Also enjoyed text. It might take a few seconds toe load the video, then insert a video Blufgan paste in the link here. How you can see Chap Fuel advice is to change the Dub dub dub. So let's make it deal. That's it. Let's destino that you go. It works audio black and also works in a similar way. So that's your assignment. So download an MP three song are something within the size limitation given by chance. You're here uploaded on audio hosting service and grab the link and insert here, try it out and let me know your comments. 23. Send user inputs to email: Hey, welcome back in this video, I'm gonna show you how to get user inputs directly sent to your email. First of all, you may want to collect some user input from yard leads. We just want some use Information like age four number Inch one aren't. You may want to conduct a survey to get some insights, and for that you'll use user input. Plug in just for this example. Let's insert a button car, take a survey on a welcome message, then create a block with the same name just for this example. Now, within this block, insert a user input. Plug it how it's type in a few questions. You may ask your leads. I feel sheer and insert the questions. What is your age? The attribute. His age. What is your profession? The activities Profession. What is your email? I d validated with email and save it to the attributes. Email. What is your phone number validated with full number. And let's say we do for our interview and sort of typing. Feature that index card. Thank the user. Then insert certain email. Blufgan. That's college Soviet zone. Now you can enter. One are more email addresses here. You'll receive the data in these addresses. Now let's enter how the body should look like, Let's say, first name and last name. We need a judge. Profession, email. Handphone. These are the attributes, so let's give them name. Also, let's give a heading. We'll call it survey result and separate the heading from the body. That's it. Let's just it now. - Now let me just if it's deliver in my email. There you go. I got the message. So that's how you directly capture the user input in your email. 24. Getting visitors via Facebook Advertising: Hey, welcome back. So you have a bought. Now you are selling your products. The other Bach, you have a lead magnet also set up. How can you attract more visitors and buyers to your buck? One way is the organic method, like visiting Facebook groups, blocks Cuny sides and forums on the Internet and answer questions in a helpful way that include a bought landing page link with the answers so that when people find your answers have full their visit. Your bought page. You can find the landing page, Ural, off your bought in the grow tab on the chart Fuel dashboard. Now the other way is via paid edge on Facebook. In this video, I'll show you how to place a messenger add to attract visitors to your butt. Hey, by the way, I'm gonna show you an advanced targeting technique called flex targeting in this video. So get ready to place an ad that is employing a laser focused targeting off your audience. Now let's go to Google and type in Facebook and manager. Now click on Create an air. Let me choose traffic as the campaign object. Oh, click. Continue. Provide a name to the ad. Let me call it S E o course hand number one in the place of this number one. I usually put the date on which the Addis created, and this is gonna be really helpful for me to track the edge in future. But this is just a devil, so I'm not gonna include the date here. Choose them. A singer here because you want traffic in the messenger? No, it's dog in the audience. Before these start, I want to tell you something. In my case, I want to target you enemy students who decide in countries like U S u K Canada in Australia, you need to decide who yard target audiences. Be very specific when you choose us. Once you're ready, Who you want a target do come to the audience section here, let me remove at the default location and choose locations. I want ages between 18 to 65 plus gender Is all languages English All now in the 80 off detailed targeting. Let's do something called flex targeting. Let me explain you that concept before I show this on the F B Adds manager. Let's say your audience meets the criteria X and because of that, they are in this circle now. In Facebook, you can add a filter by adding another condition. They must also meet criteria. White. Let's say people who meet on Lee criteria. Why sit in this up? Since you need only those who meet criteria X and criteria Why your audience is in this area now? It's a relatively small group, but a very targeted one. Now you can add 1/3 level filtering. Let's say people who meet on Lee Criteria Z sit in the circle Now, since you need people who meet criteria X criteria why and cried Idiot Z, they are in this area in Facebook. You haven't option to choose this audience. This is called flicks Targeting. Now let's see how to get to this level off laser focused targeting within the Facebook Ach , Manager, In my case, I want a dog. You know me students. So let me add that key work. You know me here If they want a dog, it students from other learning management systems and marketplaces like skin share. I can always add those names here, but I don't want to do that. I want a dog it on Lee, You're a me students as off now, just for the purpose of this demo. As I choose my audience here, you can see the potential reach and estimated daily results. Here, let me narrow the audience further. I don't want all your amis, George. I eat only those who are interested in S, e o and related subjects. So let me add a few key words here. Now let me are other related work off zero here. I can also add some well known people in the industry. I mean influencers in the S your world can you see the potential reach is lesser now But keep it in mind. This is a very targeted audience So the chances of conversion is much higher at the least amount of cost. I think I'll stop targeting at this level. If your industry is a large one, you may go even beyond the third level off narrowing down the audience by clicking here. So now I have an audience that show interest not only in your army but also in s your later topics. Now in the placement section our exclude Instagram I want on Lee. If the audience I would include Messenger audience, then in the budget section, you may choose your daily budget for the purpose of this demo. Let me choose ₹500 per day, which is approximately $8 per day. Now you can schedule the ad for immediate placement are for some future date. Organization for and delivery is link clicks. Bit strategy is lowest cost. Here, let me Jews link clicks. First timers may need to spend some minimum amount. I believe it's $10 or so before you can choose this option, but otherwise I would always go for CPC. Our link clicks. That's it. I had continue. Now I would choose my FB page here. It's a single in major. You can search for an image from Pixar dot com, which is completely free. If you are willing to spend a few bucks, you go to shatter start dot com and choose an image that's relevant to your product. Make sure you follow FB image guidelines here. Next is add headline for me. I have already me text, so let me just copy and paste in here. That's my course tidy and let me copy and pays my act next. Make sure your right your ad copy in such a way that attracts people that click on your end some great offers, like 95% off and offer closer suit to create some urgency for people to click on your air. I also included what I'm covering on the course and some great benefits if people choose to buy this product. So it's a benefit rich air copy my CD. Eight are called Reaction Button is Shop No, not your audience. Need to click the button in the message set up before they are connected on the messenger. So under message set up, let me insert a text. Imagine Title is the same. Let me insert quick reply button next. So this is how it works. Your audience will click on the at first and you get charged immediately and they are shown this message. Set up text with a button in the messenger. They'll need to click here before they are connected with. You are the messenger that should you may confirm this. You'll be asked to enter your credit card details. Once entered, your ad will go to Facebook Approval. Once approved, it'll be placed immediately are at the time you schedule people who choose to click on your air and connect with you on the messenger will become your contacts, and this is how you gain audience via Facebook advertising. 25. Unsubscribe: Hey will come back to give. Users are way toe unsubscribe from broadcasts. You lied to create a separate block. Okay, I will send them this block if they type in specific phrases like Stop our unsubscribe If you remember we had subscribed. Those who said yes, send updates. If I go to broadcast, I can show you that. Here it is one subscriber that is my personal profile page at any point in time. If you want to stop sending updates, you need to get a confirmation from the receivers. So let's take that input from the users. We'll go to update confirmation block and include a message there. There you go, at any point in time. If you want to stop receiving updates, please type and stop now. Subscribers will also see this message and know what to do to stop receiving a beach knowledge. Create the new unsubscribe block here. Let's add a set up user attributes plug in select, use their attributes as yes, send updates. Users originally subscribed only with this attributes, so we select this value is not set. This is important because this is how the subscription will get cancer. Now let's make sure. The bar. Let's the user. No, They have been unsubscribed from the broadcast by adding a text card with a message. So this is the message you successfully unsubscribe. Sorry to see you go after this. Let's go toe set up a. I tap. Create a new AI room. Let's type in a few variations of the word. Stop. Now we'll select the unsubscribe block here. That's it. Let's test this. No, I got an unsubscribe message. Now let's confirm that within broadcast zero users so the subscription is canceled. 26. Using Google Search API in chatfuel: Hey, welcome back. If you want to conduct a search within a website and want to subscribe the articles, you can do it right within the But let me show you how to do that. Using Google Search, FBI. Let's create a group first. We'll call it Google Search, which add a block. We'll call it such Forbes. In this case, I'll show you an example off searching the Fuld's dot com website. Now you can't replace it that yard Web side Name our any other site Name in your industry together. Search Done. You need a search tub from the user, so let's add a user input. Blufgan. Below that, we'll add Google site search plug in. Now, within this user input plug in, we'll ask the user toe. Enter a search toe. Now we'll save it. User attributes User such now under Google site Search. Let's get the A P I key from the Google. So click on this link. You need to be signing the Google for this click on enable now create credentials. That's it. It may take up to five minutes for this to take effect. Let's copy the key and paste in the same with inch actual. The next step is to get the search engine i d. The search is going to be conducted in a Google's custom search engine you're gonna create . So click on this link. Click on Custom Search Engine. Let's enter the site name. I'll type in Forbes dot com. I would rather open a browser type and fox dot com. Now I copy this euro. I got a new search engine and paste in the same here. That's a head creed. A new custom search engine is created now. Now go to edit search engine. Click on set up Click on Search Engine 90. Let's copy. Decide e and paste in the same with inch actual now in the search request, type in side colon Forbes dot com. Now, at the end of this yoro, give a space an open curly brackets. Not choose that user attributes you said about it is youth of such on a subscription title . Let's given name. I give it us Forbes articles. I give the same name here for the images. Let's choose the number of stories you want to show. The maximum is nine. So let's choose it and I'll keep these two boxes checked one for subscription, the other one far share button for each story. That's it. It's time the disease to see if it works. Let's create a link for this block. Let me type in a search term. There you go. The bar has done the search within Forbes dot com. I can see the stories here. 27. Improving the Bot’s AI or Artificial Intelligence: Hey will come back for some reasons. If you don't want to integrate dialogue flow than other option is to use a I set up within chat fuel. This will help your Barto understand that chap messages your users send. Some users might send greetings like hi hello and similar, which, if you did not set up your bots AI, it would send the default menu because your body doesn't understand the user's input. Sending the D fog menu might make sense if the user sent a greeting, but now imagine the user send the word by then they would get the same default message. So just make the bark understand common small talk messages. I have them messages from small, dark Asian important ways. Spreadsheet. I have included this sheet as a resource within this video. Just use of phrases to air Drew's in the A. I set up. In addition, you include phrases related to your business. You lied to enter phrases which should trigger a specific response from the bar, and these don't need to mask the users message exactly, for example of phrase. Show me courses will also trigger. Can you show me the courses in my case, I would include show courses. Show me your courses, show digital marketing courses and redirect all of them to my courses. Block, show me free course. Free course. Keyword research course. These phrases will redirect the visitor. Still my lead magnet often block. Please know this. The more the variety off phrases you enter here, the better your body will be able to figure out similar meanings In other phrases, It is generally a good practice to enter about 5 to 10 phrases for rule to get the best matching possible. So let's just the barn owl. Let me type in courses that you go. I'm in the courses block, not let me die. Been free course I'm in the lead magnet option block now that you can improve the eyes capability even further by tracking user input that your botch a I waas unable to recognize this information will allow you to then And new rules are creek existing jewels. Go to the analyze stab on the chat fuel dashboard Here you'll find a section card User input not recognized. Why I This shows the user input Over the last seven days Here you can see the phrase and shelf and the number of times users typed in within your buck. It makes it easy for you to decide which and push might be useful for your AI to learn. Now. The best move would be the set up new ai rose so that your body can become even more responses. 28. Using Dialogflow to send blocks as replies: Hey, welcome back. You've seen how to send blocks as replies, using AI function within chat fuel. You can do that using dial awful as well. Let's see how to do that in this video in my guy lost so I'll create a new in Dent. I would call it contact. Whenever a user wants to contact me, he can just type in one of these words that shows the intent to contact me. So on the user say's I'm typing a few words that users might use to contact me. Now under responses, I'll believe the default option and add a custom payload. Now I need to insert a cold within this box. I have given the court in the description section off this video. Just copy and pays that coating here. If your block name is different from contact us, you can change it here. That's it. Now saving. Let's does the bart. No, that you go. I'm getting the block. As a reply 29. How to disable user input: hey will come back. Some of you might be wondering how to disable the option off freestyle writing within the bark. I mean, how to disable this option off typing or here and simple goto conficker dab in disabled user input. Now it's does this that you go composers disabled for district. So take note that this is useful as long as you don't want any user input. Once you're disable our enable that it's applied across the whole conversation within the bar. A lot of times you thers get curious and type in a lot of comments here. But if the body doesn't answer them properly, they get frustrated in leaf, and they are never to return again to have better user experience. Sometimes it's better to disable this user input feature. Instead, it's better to use the buttons to guide the users 30. How to duplicate or copy a group or block to another bot: Hey, will come back in this video. I'm gonna show you harder. Duplicate yard groups, block and even the whole body. I mean, how did clone them now? Just how? Over the group and click on this flown symbol. Now select the Bart where you want this group. You can sell it the same bark if you wanted within the same, but not flick on flown. That's it. Now let's does this. That is so. I have that group here. Likewise, you can duplicate your blocks within that group. Click on this duplicate symbol to do it. Now you can't drag and drop the blocks that ever you want. Of course, except for this welcome and default blocks. But why would you do that? Not too quiet. Now, this cloning on groups and blocks will help. When you want to create similar blocks, it don't need to create everything from the scratch, just duplicate and change the text and images. Now there is an option toe clone the entire, but also go to the chat fewer dashboard click on this gear icon next to the bar that we have the option to clone the bar in case you're a bodybuilder. and want to provide admin access to the client. You may want to clone the bar and provide the access to the original one, keeping the duplicate in your custody. This is useful because the client may not be an expert in anything bought, so he, er she made change. Some of the settings and the bark may stop working, so under those situations, cloned Bart will be useful. 31. Subscribe to an RSS feed: Hey, you will come back. Many of your subscribers may want to subscribe the RSS. Feed off major websites in your industry. You can enable it within the charred mark. Let's see how to do that. Now let's create a new group. I'll call it subscriptions. I create a block under that, I'll call it S E J subscription. I'm gonna provide an option off subscribing to articles published and search engine journal website. Now I'll create another block. I'll call it S E J Feed 100 s E J feed. I'll insert an odd ICIS import plug in now. I need the feed. You are from S E J. So let me open a browser. Type in search engine journal dot com Now together feed. I'll type in slash feed at the end Off this your Now you go. This is a feed your I copied and pasted the same within chart fuel. Now I'll give the title as a siege. A subscription, same name under image title. I'll show Let's say five stories. I'll keep these boxes checked. That's it. Now, under the bloc s C J subscription, I'll create a text card. The message is that question do you want to subscribe to the artists? Is feed off Se jin jin general dot com No other way to do this is to provide the visitors off you more options. And for each option, you can create a button. You may use quick reply buttons for this. You can use up to 11 buttons here. If you are an S e O, for example, you can provide subscription options for S E J Search engine watch mas dot com, new Patel dot com, Brandon's back, liko dot com and Swan a button for each feed so that users can subscribe to the Web site they like the most, however, for demo purposes, let's see. S e. J. As an example here. Now I'll create two buttons. One say's yes, I link the S E J feed block. The other say's No go back. I linked the working block. That's it. Let's test it. Now that you go, I gotta feed. Here you go with an option to subscribe. I think on it to subscribe that it is I am subscribe now 32. Sending collected emails to an email service provider: he will come back. In a previous video, we saw how to automate data transfer to a stretchy using zap here. If it's the user's email, you may probably want to send it directly doing even service provider. Let's see how to do that in this video. First of all, let's go toe get email block. Add a Jason ap I plug in. We want a new one because the old one over here is a Web hoc that connects the spreadsheet so far. Milk Jim Webb Book. We need a new one. Let's change the post now. We need a Web hook Europe again. We are gonna use zap you to get it. No, I'm on my zap your account. Click on make a zap Let me search for a Web hook. Catch, hook, Say when. Continue. Continue again. Now Copy this, Ural to clipboard paste in the Ural Here, let's choose the user attributes now e mail, First name and last name. Okay, it's time to trigger this Now to get an email. I d Now let's go tos Appier. Okay, I did this. That you go the distance Successful head convenient. We choose May Jim here in your case, you can search for man chimp using the such and our update Subscriber saving continue. I have my main ship account already connected to zap here. In case of yours, you'll be asked to connect. Do it by entering mentioned user name and password here the same and continue. Now let me choose a list. I would rather create a new list for this demo purpose. His name is marketing academy. Default from email Azaz and default from name is Marketing Academy. Signed up via marketing academy Chad Bark. I leave other same enabling double opt in is an option you may want to consider for this demo. I leave it unchecked. Save That's it. Now we have a list. I'll go back to zap here, refresh the page. Choose a list marketing academy. Choose subscriber email. I don't find the first on last name Here, let me fresh let you go. I choose them. I had continual Now send Destin 1,000,000. Just successful. Let's hit finish now given name to zap. I limit as marketing academy list via Char bar, said the zap on That's it. Let me go to male champ to see if the email is captured. Now that you go, it is captured. Let me enter another email. Now that it is, the automation is working fine. 33. Conclusion: So finally, we have come to the end of the course and you have your own body that's loaded that many power features. Moreover, you'll learn a lot about using various important features in Chatfield, and you have the freedom to revisit these lessons. Whenever you want to refresh your knowledge, just like any other platform, you need to spend time on Chatfield. Understand it better. And as I said earlier, you'll be getting new updates. Whenever Chad fuel updates, they've glassful. I'll intimate you via educational announcements. So what next? If you already built a bar, go ahead and ask your friends to test it. Keep iterating Play with the bark. I'm waiting to see your bought rocking, so don't forget me. Shad Yard bought here in the comments section. Maybe I can offer my help to get proof. And if there is one thing you can do for me, that is to rate and review this course that helped me to reach more storage. I'll see you in another exciting course visually, like