Characteristics of Cells and Viruses | Sunita Seemanapalli | Skillshare
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8 Videos (1h 22m)
    • The Characteristics of Life

    • Prokaryotes - Characteristics, Taxon, Examples, and External structures

    • Prokaryotes - Cytoplasmic membrane, Cytoplasm, Internal Structures

    • Eukaryotes - Characteristics, Classification, Examples and Structure

    • Eukaryotes - External Structures, Cytoplasmic membrane and Cytoplasm

    • Eukaryotes - Membranous Internal Structures

    • Eukaryotes - Non-membranous Internal Structures

    • Viruses - What are they and what are they not?


About This Class

This Class is intended to break-down the theory behind the definition of cells and viruses by first explaining what constitutes life in a scientific perspective. Once we notice that all 4 processes of life are found in cells, such as reproduction and growth, then cells are separated into two basic types in nature: namely the Prokaryotes and the Eukaryotes. The next set of video lessons describes in  details the general characteristics, taxonomy (classification), examples and structures of these two cell types. The last video lesson is on Viruses. Viruses are interesting in that they do not display all aspects of life. Viruses have nucleic acids as DNA or RNA, however, they are considered obligatory intracellular parasites, that need at least some components of the reproductive machinery of a cell in order for them to reproduce. Thus, viruses are not cells! 

At the end of this Class, one should be able to identify the main processes that constitute life, explain the differences between a Prokayotic and an Eukaryotic cell and describe the main characteristics of viruses.  





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Sunita Seemanapalli

Biomedical Researcher and Instructor

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