Character design for model animation - build cool creatures out of any material! | Cecile Noldus | Skillshare

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Character design for model animation - build cool creatures out of any material!

teacher avatar Cecile Noldus, Animation Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. 1. introduction and class outline 2:45 min.

    • 2. 2. basic materials 4:45 min.

    • 3. 3. from doodle to character 2:00 min.

    • 4. 4. shape language 2 min.

    • 5. 5. cut out shapes combined with objects 1 min.

    • 6. 6. how to animate potatoes 1:31 min.

    • 7. 7. build a creature step by step 4:24 m.

    • 8. 8. now it´s your turn! 1 min.

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About This Class



Hi, I am Cecile Noldus, I am a visual artist and an stop motion animator from the Netherlands. I make animated art films and children films. I use all kind of materials, any object I find, a spoon, a tin can, can inspire to make a character. This is a fun thing to do, and I want to share it with you.

In this course, we start from the base with free doodling and out of this intuitive information we can create a whole world of creatures! And it is your very own, unique world! I will show you how to create this kind of doodles and how to create characters step by step. I will give you insight in good materials to use for model building on a small budget. We will build a small model step by step. And since I like animation, I will put in little pieces of animation wherever I can! 

The end product can be a small puppet, or a cool doodle . Let´s dive into our secret doodle world! Join me!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cecile Noldus

Animation Artist


Hi, I am Cecile Noldus, I am a visual artist and an stop motion animator from the Netherlands, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. I make animated art films and children films, for example for Sesame Street Germany and other programs. Recently I am working on my own project "Freddy?s Crazy Kitchen", an animated world in a kitchen. Since my childhood, I see creatures everywhere, in any form, any object. That is so much fun, giving an extra dimension to every day life. I hope to share it with you in upcoming workshops!

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1. 1. introduction and class outline 2:45 min.: Hi, everybody. My name is Cecil Nola's I'm model animator, character designer and visual artists and this one of my film sets, and I would love to present it to my family. It's only partly, I mean, I lost more, but, I mean, they would like Phil this whole table. So I just took a few spiking. This is Spike his girlfriend full. I actually did not find a name yet. If I mean, if you have a name for peace, give me this is Mama and was actually starring in an American short film off about autism. She has an autistic child and baby on this is actually a creature just make out of a doodle . So I do it, put it together and just came up a bit. And this is a little placidly book. Um, who just leaves to the pan. So it's like paying creature. This is not a pen. This is kitchen late. You see the kitchen help? I mean, lots of short animated films, partly for Children. Part art fields, the Children's party for sissies Germany. The art films are, I don't know. I have to start their pretty well, right? So that's about me. And now about course. This course is for anybody. You don't need special skills. If you want to get some creative impulses or you want ideas for workshop with Children or if you want to make a very personal character, it's very important part off developing creatures actually doing have well, we will little. Yes, we will do this curse. Andre will make a very personal character of one doodle there. Several techniques for this, So we'll go through fuel them. Andi. No creative bills will create extract therapists part of it, which you never thought that would be in this doodle. It's the hidden characters which we will find. We will learn about some basic tools and materials for model building, and we will build a simple three D character, step by step, hope to see my course. And I'm totally curious to see what kind of character you go to help your personal character for your avatar. Let's get started 2. 2. basic materials 4:45 min.: Yeah, that's so cool. You're in a really happy I want to start pragmatic. I want to start with a list of materials which are good for basic animators. Like Started any majors to build a pulpit, which stands with feet that holds a bill but so it doesn't fall right away. You'll need these materials one piece off template to create stable feet for your character on the minimum wire. Medical at Asif Tape to cover the wire bell wire with copper insight, latex milk and acrylic panes makes half half. Creates a flexible skin and off course, some pliers and some grinding paper thes arms, for example. They're made out of a meaning wire covered with local plus and then painted over with acrylic paint mixed with latics milk. And that's great because they say in position, If you move them on, I look good. The glues you made need are around glue epoxy resin, glowing stick fixed so gum and magnetic glue you can use to glue something on and take it off again. My favorite over big plays are female Super Scope E and Super School P Ultra light Female air light is air drying and very light This end Mama is made out of different materials. The body on the hat is made out of super Skopje. The arms the legs on these pieces are made out of aluminium wire, covered with medical aggressive tape. Luca plus I use and then acrylic paint as well as the body and had expended with acrylic paint. The glasses are made of tiny pieces off tin played and buttons on it and wax. Blessed Elin and wax stay flexible and never dry out. The most common a spectral based, less still in, which is an artificial product. Backspace Bless Lin is based on beeswax modeling bees. Works is also natural and often used to decorate candles, and this is a monster is made out of the normal glass Elin, which is patrol base. I like the mod color off the blessed early, but it's more smelly. The eyes, grief, hives are made out of female, this little piece of female what I like about it. First of all, you bake it so it gets hard and I make little holes in it so you can move it and doesn't go weak. If you would have blessed and figure with blessed Elin eyes. You can't move the eyes. They're stuck. They will get out of form easily. So I made a little. There's a little object in it where it's planted inside so you can move it without disturbing the plaster Lynn And in the blasts Lynn, I put little piece off wire, pushed it in some blue car to make it to give it a sort of a party. Now what I like about his works, blessed Lynn, is that you conform totally fine, little forms with it, and they stay. You stay informed, they say heart longer than normal Preston. So it's nice material. The modeling bees wax is harder, and it's more difficult to form it. So it stays and form, and I use it for small parts like the mouth. So, as you see in this, take it off and put on another smallmouth. Here is where the fun starts go loop in the kitchen or any workshop or in a garage or just outside in nature for inspiring forms. For this, I I used apart from female pieces off a clock and a thimble, and now let's doodle 3. 3. from doodle to character 2:00 min. : 4. 4. shape language 2 min.: now let us explore the meaning of shapes, generally said. We have three basic shapes. A circle is a soft, friendly, feminine shape. It's associates with a hat, the sun, a belly, A girl square is heart and soul. It it associates with a house. A book. Robots this more masculine. A triangle is a sharp and dangerous form. It associates with an arrow spikes, or a, which had most shapes are combined. Shapes a beam or a figure eight are two circles. This picture off three triangles in one rectangle looks like move. It's scary in this picture. Off the eye with an eyebrow, we see a rectangle, a semi circle in a circle. But in this picture, do you see the triangle? There it is. That's why it's an angry picture. Here we see an arrow turned around, less dangerous, but said this picture off a house with a triangle roof associates with protection. The arrow protects the house. Square stands for stability to triangles, can associate with the magician four triangles. Scary. But here we look at a round face. First round, legs, round eyes, same around mouth. It becomes funny. Magic year. The triangle sing in the arms and legs. A dominant. This guy is scared, but with round arms, he's having fun, a lot off rectangles and a mouth full of triangles. A weird boy. Make that round and it's just a sweet, silly boy. Make the arms and the mouth round. And now he's a sweet boy. Make everything wrong and it's a baby. Okay, baby, but we're not scared. 5. 5. cut out shapes combined with objects 1 min.: Now it's your turn. All you need is one thick black marker, one pair of scissors, strong paper. Fill the whole paper with big and small shapes. Good, good Out all the shapes. Be precise with combined the shapes freestyle and build Funny characters now combine the paper forms with everyday objects or materials, anything no. 6. 6. how to animate potatoes 1:31 min.: Sometimes I find creatures who are just perfect as they are. Okay? They may look interesting with legs, but it will be hard work. Toe any, meet them. No problem. They can stay how they are. You just have to find some brothers and sisters of the same color. Put one in position. Make two frames. Change the potato. Whatever it is, make two frames again. And so on. Depending on the auto forms, it can look as if the potato is dancing, singing, crying, coughing whatever to make it stand. Take a piece of Breslin in the same color and put it behind. Now the party can start off course. You can do this with any legless Spacey's have fun. 7. 7. build a creature step by step 4:24 m.: Okay, let's make a small creature step by step. I found some creatures in this studio on. This is my favorite. So I extracted it and drew it again. Okay, It seems like it has lax and ahead, but nobody a bit like a frog. I want a big mouth, so let's have a look. Let's just look at some things. How about this box? Super Way? Need legs. I take pieces of 10 for the feet. If you don't have tinned, you could make the feet out of Skull P and bacon painting way Aluminium wire for the lax. Now we need to connect the legs to the body. I take local pressed, and it will just a bit make a small girl so the wire does not rotate to glue the plate on the box. It is best to take a proxy racing blue open a window. It's not so healthy now . It should dry 10 minutes. Great. It's standing for eyes. I would like to take Green Klestil in to make him look froggy black nails for the pupils and a red blessed Elin tongue. Now we can cover the fate with Blessed Aulin as well. Yeah, books. Froggy is ready 8. 8. now it´s your turn! 1 min.: always there. Wow. You make until the end. Well, that was quite a weight. Um common 1st 1st eating and sleeping. No, no. First leaping night cleaning. So now it's your turn. I would like to see your doodles. I would love to see your creatures. Maybe your ideas. And if you have questions, please ask me. I'm so happy to help you Because I love do they love making me thinks Let's Here it goes. We could make it more funny world like this.