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Character Modeling & Texturing For Game - Texturing

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (4h 26m)
    • 1. Character Texturing in Substance Painter promo

    • 2. Substance Painter Overview

    • 3. Understanding Maps

    • 4. Baking Test Maps

    • 5. Arranging Maya Files For Baking

    • 6. Baking Normal Map

    • 7. Baking Occlusion Map

    • 8. Baking World space, Position and Curvature Map

    • 9. Prepairing Maya file for ID Map Baking

    • 10. Baking ID Map and Wrap Up

    • 11. Texturing Overview

    • 12. Fixing the Symetry Problem

    • 13. Texturing the Scarf

    • 14. Texturing the Leather Jacket

    • 15. Texturing the Tshirt and Pant

    • 16. Adding Dirt to the Character

    • 17. Texturing the Leather Shoe

    • 18. Texturing the Face Part01

    • 19. Texturing the Face Part02

    • 20. Texturing the Eyes

    • 21. Texturing Metal Parts

    • 22. Texturing Emissive Materials

    • 23. Completing Material Assignments

    • 24. Adding Dirt Patches

    • 25. Adding Some Normal Details

    • 26. Adding Stickering

    • 27. Rendering Using Iray

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About This Class

Hi, Welcome to Character Modeling & Texturing For Game - complete Pipeline.

In this course you will Learn to sculpt, retopo & texture an animation ready character for game in Zbrush, Maya, Topogun and Substance Painter.   

Do you want to learn the full process to make a character for game ? if so then this is the course for you.

Welcome and Instructor Intro 

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist and Educator.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.



At the end of the course, you will be able to create beautiful looking characters for game using Zbrush, Maya, Topogun and Substance Painter.


List of Major Components

  • Modeling and Sculpting Characters Using Zbrush

  • Retopology using Maya, Topogun & Zbrush

  • UV Unwrapping in Maya

  • Texturing Characters and Props Using Substance Painter

  • Baking Maps

  • Rendering in Substance Painter

Let’s see how the course is designed and what’s there for you. There would be 13 modules.

1st module - you will learn Zbrush from scratch,  Sculpting and poly painting basics by working on a small stylized head project.

2nd module - I am going to start the main character project and you will learn how to start and block in the character from scratch using dynamesh and zsphere.

3rd module - you will learn how to block in the clothing of the character using different method I use in production.

4th module - you will learn how to define the face features and  making it look beautiful.

5th module - you will learn how to sculpt stylized hair using zmodeler and some specific brush.

6th module - I will show you how to sculpt stylized clothing wrinkles.

7th module - you will learn all about modelling and sculpting hard surface object zmodeler, dynamesh and some other Technics

8th module - you will learn Maya Basics and this module is for absolute beginners.

9th module - I will do the character retopology in Maya, Topogun and Zbrush. We are going to start with Maya retopo and here you will learn how to use Quad draw tool for retopology. And then I am going to switch to Topogun a specialized retopo software, and you are going to learn it’s magical tools to retopo your character with speed. Then we are going to see how we can also use Zbrush to create low poly   

10th module - you are going to learn character UV unwrapping using Maya 2018 new tool set. Here I am going to show you various ways to unwrap and some new powerful tools. And finally we are going to create the UV layout.

11th module - , I am going to start baking various maps such as Normal, Ambient occlusion, Curvature, position, thickness and Color ID map using Substance painter. I am also going to show you how to eliminates any errors in those maps.

12th module - we are going texture the character inside substance painter. First I am going to start with the very basics of the software and then I am going to texture the clothing, you are going to learn how to create leather jackets. Later I am going to make the character look a little dirty by adding a dirt layer. then I am going to work on the skin and the make up on the face and we are going to paint the eyes next. Then I will put some metal materials on the hard surface parts. Then you will learn how to create glowing emmisive parts. And finaly we are going to render our character with iray.

13th module - then in the final module, I am going to conclude and wrap up the course.  


Ideal Students 

I have designed this course keeping beginners in mind but it can be very useful for intermediate to advance character artist and students who wants to create their own characters from start to finish but struggles with it because they lack step by step guidance.


Thank you

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Character Texturing in Substance Painter promo: Do you want to learn baking and texturing character? By the end of this class, you'll be able to bake and texture stylized characters like a pro. Hi, my name is Dylan. I'm a character artists since 2009. In this class you'll be learning and bacon procedures in Substance Painter, texts learning techniques and Substance Painter. So we're going to use the stylized character. So a normal now to become a pro in baking and texturing in substance painter. 2. Substance Painter Overview: Hi. Welcome to this new sex on onto the first lecture of the sexual In this lecture, I'm going to talk about the substance spent overview in a briefly manner. So let's say that so here, you can see meant extra on. I'm using substance spent 2018 which is the latticed person to debt. So let's double click on Open it on. You can see the no design of this subbed applicants, and okay, here you can see that look boxes. It's often spent A is running on your G falls. Whatever the graphics card, you have onda a lot of things here on. I'm going to click and continue anywhere. So let's click on this country new anywhere. If you don't get that message, that's totally fine. So here you can see my substance spent. 2018 Worsen on This is comes with a new interface, which is very new, and before, to this worsen it had it like missing to face. And although I like that interface as well, but I think this interface is better than the previous one on its kind off looking for yourself. And so start spent a combine here. It's more like Portis up. It has a very big walking area here, So let's see the substance paint a little bit here. So first thing you can see there are very few things on the interface. So let me. So you few things here, So at the center here can see the big walk space here, working area on now it said toe three D view. We have different absence. If you click on this little icon now, it says treaty only. If I click on that, I have drop down list here. So I had three d two d three D only into the only. So now my treaty only view is active. So if I click on this treaty toady, you can see to split view the three D views to the left on this is the E V view. Are the two d view Yes. So I'm going to see my model here, then the texture here. So then again, to the only as well. So basically, we're going to switch between these things. But most of the time I will be in this treaty only view on you can see the sort code as well. F well, F two F three. So let's come back to a three d view here. Andi, you can see to the left. We have the tool bar here on this. The menu bar here. So we're few minnows are there? On to the right. We have the Texas at least layers and textures that settings Don't worry. About what? That those things. Now there's that empty because we don't have anything here. We don't have any model or anything is the blank, empty scene. So we have empty things here. So now this is the properties onto the right. This is the dark pool. But here on day two, the to the bottom, there's the self on here. You can see we have a lot of folders you can selected to see the inside things in the self . Okay, Andi, these things that like module you can drag and drop off. Let's say this if I want this to the left, I can drag from here. Andi, I can put it here. Oregon put this this lot here so I can see in the liberate the norm. Vieux port here. Andi less a click. And I can just dragon separated like this, I can click again to, like, combine that with the existing view here so we can do this. Let's say you missed off the interface and you want to come back to the factory default layout. You can do that by going to this windows, and here you can reset for you. I just click to Reset Day. Why? Okay, so you can do this. So play a little bit under interface and see who thinks you're like I'm going to know you's this by the full interface stuff. Andi. So I'm going to open a sample file so that I can, so you few navigates and techniques, so I'm going toe file here on Dhere. You have an obstacle open sample. So let's click on that on. You have three absence here. They get to change these things. So now I have this tree absence. So let's click on this meat math file. Andi, this this often spent a file dot sbp file. So let's open it on this file Contents immortal and some maps. Okay, so this is the model here on I'm not going to work on this model. We're just going to see if you know, navigates and things. So now, as soon as I import open this file, you can see I have something on the layer layer palette. Here I have something the texture said List on. We have something in the properties panel here on day, so we're going to see some navigates and techniques. So here you can see it's the Lavey is in his same as Meyer. You can hold all time left, most drag to wrote it, and it's going to wrote it from from the point of the Mouse Corsa. So wherever your mouse cursors, it's going toe water from that point. So all to left most who wrote it all to Middle Mouse to Pell like Maya Ultimate Almost two pan on All right, most to zoom in Jamaat again. It's going to Jew me into the mouse Karsa. So let's say you want to zoom into the finger, put the mouse cursor there and hold. All right, most drug. Okay, so again, same as Meyer. So when you wrote it, you can hold the seat with all the left mouse. Now I'm rotating. I can hold saved to slap. It's like Deborah's so you can hold seat to slap to a perfect Orta Graphic. Be against even a snuff. It's not perfect. Orta Graphic It's kind of having the perspective because we have the prospective owner. The prospective, very can say, Is that from here so long you can see it said toe perspective against sense Toe Arte Graphic log unsee strictly or traffic view like my aside view. So again, hold all to let Thomas and then hold sit toe slapped the perfect 90 degree view. Okay, so this navigation also walk in the two d view So let's change it toe treaty to d Let's see if it's working so you can see I can do the same thing with the two Defu agile I can hold Ault left most to rotate units rotating from the mosque. Orser can say like this again returning from the mouse Casa If you wrote it like this and you want to No, keep it against rate. So you can do that by rotating liberate and then hold sipped toe like voted 90 degree, they gonna gonna hold all to middle. Most appel alright, most to zoom in Zoom are the same person here as well on Let's say you have June Dean and may stop view. You can press F two frame everything or to see everything. So these are some navigational here. So let chains restaurants to three D View on here can see it says material. We have different absence to see in the view So if I place Seiki on, you can see I don't have anything now But you can see some names are cycling here so it's changing because we have not created any texture. We can't see anything. So let's go back toe met. Really, I'll if I press Beaky so I can see some big maps. So now this is called Wall Space Loma. If I press big again, I can switch to a different name or I can Swiss from here agile, I can goto i d. So this is a color selection for selects and propose. Then I can praise be to cycle again. This is our occlusion, So pressing B cycles between different begged maps to be per bake eso you can press So we're going to big all this maps for our character and we're going toe talk about this maps in the next lecture. So see you in the next lecture where we're going toe understand these maps 3. Understanding Maps: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe talk about different maps before you actually bake toes so fast you can see we're watching the materials here, So let's change it to different maps. So again you can goto mess maps and you can click here Oregon Press B before ball. So let's click here now it says to thickness and I cannot see anything here. If you see any checker, that means we don't have any map and no assigned to this Take nous stab. So let's Presby again to cycle now it again Come back to the normal here again for this object. We don't have any details on the normal math. So basically, Norma math is kind of flaw to create the illusion of height, details of the saving details. So we're going toe begged the high poly details to the low pally in the normal laugh so we can see the details on the locally here. We cannot see any details on the NAMA because I think they have begged the same match to the same mess. Basically, you can beg the same managed to the same. So you are not going to get any details of difference in the normal maps in that situation , so I'm going to place be again. So here this is the world space normal again. You can use this to look. Create some saving details like let's say you want the overall Grady Int type of picturing The bottom is darker. Top is no lighter. You can use those while space normal have in that situation. Then press be again to cycle. Allow this says toe i. D. So I d. Math. We use this map for no selects on propose. You can put different colors in the high poly model, and you can beg that toe the locally so that it can easily select that area. Because it's a flat color, we can easily select it like photos of color picker. We can select it here, and we can give any texture or any color easily. So that's the main purpose of this I. D. Math. Otherwise, you are not going to see it in the final Dexter. So this map is going to help us in the festering work, but they were not going to see anything in the final next, sir. So let's best be again. Now we are in the ambient occlusion math. This map is again big from the high polyta. Locally on you can see this map will give you this. No contact Sadow information Everywhere there's a contact between two minutes there's a Sadow on this map is very, very important for texting because it will give us the proper law grounded look or the carbon back nous on. Then we can use this Ah, closer laugh at the dart Mosque so we can use this toe No, create some dot in this carbon areas. So express be again on now this is the car venture map. So in this garbage map against C, it kind of know create Creating those big height of the is areas it tends to make those white on everything else is great. So we can use this map to create is we're unti here Let's say scratches on days and those those kind of stuff we can use this math. Let's Presby again on now we are we have poses a map. I don't use this postal map two months. I'm not going to talk about it on the thickness map. It's empty now you can see the checker. That means it's empty. We don't have any thickness math for this character again. You can use thickness math for a soft surface scattering effect or for kind of no blower, those kind of stuff. So then again, to come back to the material so we can come here. Or you can press him on your keyboard to come back to the material view. So these are a few maps were going toe bake for our character in the next lecture, so we're going to see that in the next lecture. 4. Baking Test Maps: Hi. Welcome to this lecture where we're going to see how to bake maps on in this lecture. We're going to beg test maps. We're going to see if the baking is working or not. Onda latter, we're goingto do some final maps, So let's first go to file and new Andi, Let's first import our makes our globally mess our character. So here you can see this new project window and the fasting I'm going to do is no this template here it says B b ed metallic roughness. Andi, this is what I'm going to use. So this is kind of low pbia rock flow, mentally gruffness work. Probably using here. Andi, for this mess, I'm going toe import my character. So the locally it be extract Or so let's select here on a browser polar and then import this law a bx were not importing the high were just importing the low Polly. So let's open it on the next thing I'm going to use the the Open jail here and let's since this too again, again, sense to anything. So let's said toe poor care. Here I let's say okay on, let's say we don't want to save this file. So let's click this care. Okay, So here is our model. Andi. I'm going to bake all those maps here. You can see if you breast be. We don't have anything. Any are carpets of maps of techniques are close on anything we need. Toe begged those maps. So let's go back to material. By placing Ehmke, I'll here again. See, in the texture city area we had the Lambert one toe. This is the Maya loom Atrial. Ah, here it says that they said Andi, let's see how toe big all those maps roughly so first for baking. I'm going to goto this texture said settings on Let's go toe Beck, Beck, Miss maps. So here I have the baking window first thing, I'm going to turn off everything every maps here, so I'm not going to beg everything Now we're going to first big the normal maps again. You can bake everything, but it will take some time. So I'm going toe first. So you the normal math, then we're going to big everything else. So just legal known to turn off everything. Then click on Don Normal math. The normal Hobson on here you can see we have some absence here. If I select the normal, it says no perimeters. That means we don't have anything to say it for the lumber left. So you just need to just don on. That's it. We cannot say it anything for this. In fact, we going this common I have all this common absence. Andi, I'm going toe. You are just a few things here. So fasting is this output size it needs to before came because we're doing the fork. A texture. So for key maps on, then the second thing I'm going toe changes this high, Polly. So here we're going to import the high poly for baking. So the high poly character were not importing that physical to the sin. We are just going toe source that for baking. So here, I'm going to click on this little Eichel on. Let's you open the high polish here, the high poly fbx pile. Okay, so the high police it on the pile sizes said so I'm going to bake it. You don't have to sense anything else. So thus the out precise are important hyperbole on down off everything else. So now I'm going to bake. Click on this Big Lambert. This maps. It's gonna take a little time because it's a four K math. So I'm going to look, come back once it done Okay, you can see the normal maps. Here it is done on. You can see the normal map on top off our hopefully the baking istan. It's automatically good assigned with the character on here. You can see if I praise Beaky on. I can see my normal math. If I choose this studio treaty view, I can see my normal math here as well. Okay, so initially it looks good on. If I press Ehmke, I can see my model with the normal half. So this is a locally model and you can see the good normal map details, details on the sort. Here you can see we have these details all these details that there. But there's a problem and there's a big problem and the problem is kindof overlapping baking. Because of the intersection of the locally, there are overlapping baking you can see on the head. If I go to normal Matic and see better on the head, I can see the hair parts So the hairs are begged on the hair because the, you know, the local of the hair is interested. Pruitt, the global of the head. So this is not good. We don't want other parts. Norma. Math on other parts, necessity like the hair again head is baking itself on different hairpieces. Like you can see this. This hair club is like baking on top of this headlong fear can see. So this is not good. This is not a cleaned normal math, Andi, In production, this is not no acceptable. You need to beg a clean, normal map. And for that we need toe do some. Most of the hard work, more labor. Basically Let me go back. Toby Key Asadi the m key. Okay. The solution is to bake them separate like beg the hairs separate the hair separate on again. I cannot big the all the hairs. Same time because again, the hair problems are no intersecting with each other. So again, we're going to get overlapping toes. Exxon. So we're going to do two things we have to absence. One is either in it too. No Explored the low Polian. Hi, Polly. Let's say explored every hair pieces to like no in the distance. Keep them separate on big those and then use the llama math for this character explored all the spots. As you can see all this Parkside like baking on top of each other. You can see this. This baby's baking on top of this knows. But here, so these are not good. So we're going to see how to correct these things. So we have a absolute here. If I go to back mess maps, we have an obsolete here called Match. Now it says Always, if I change it toe by miss name. So it's gonna look for miss Names and it's going toe begged those letting mess names. Let's say I want to big this hair to the corresponding hyperbole so it's going to bake only toe that no locally from that from that high ball, basically, for going to see that process in the next lecture. So So the baking process is we just need toe go back to Maya and since the EBX file a change the Miocene file, giving them appropriate name so that they can no big on top of each other if you if you see that Upson here If you said it toe Matt Bai Mess name. It's going to look this naming convention against it this high and low underscore. So it's going to see, let's say this hair high. Onda. Hello. It's going to look the hair low, Onda hair high. It's going toe begged those two things separate from everything else, even though those model it there. I don't have to move the models, Travis knew. We have to explore the models, but, uh, with this absolute don't have to explore the models, but you can give them appropriate name so that the baking can no appear, according to the name here. So it's a head low head high, so it's going to beg the head high to the head low on. It's going to ignore everything else so there won't be any overlapping is so. But for that, we have to put some time to do the no proper naming inside Meyer on proper combining as well. So let's say that in the next lecture 5. Arranging Maya Files For Baking: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture we're going toe glove gives him naming proper naming so that it can be big inside substance painter easily, we doubt overlapping on top of each other. So first thing again, let's start from the hair here and here you can see the main problem is this overlapping low police. And even though a few parts are not overlapping, those are very close to each other, so you can see no the overlapping maps projects on normal maps. So we're going to again separate these things and separately begged those things with the name. So we're going to combine few things. Let's say I can combine. I don't have to keep every hair separate so I can do one thing. Let's make 23 part of the hair. So let's select this to on. You can see it's so far away from each other. So there's in the noble lap is so so let's select. This one will be so I'm looking at pieces so that they're known overlapping can see. I can combine these things, or before I do this, let's save this file in a different name, so let's go to file and save Sina's so so that if I want this no without combining part, I have that. So let's go toe this final Opal fear. I have the my file on Let's put the baking So fix here, so make sure you have the no normal file without naming or without. In combining part on here, I'm going to work. So let's select these things. These parts with the head those are not know collected are those are not close to each other. So here I'm going to combine those and making it in single piece. You can see if I isolate it. It's a single piece and know every pieces are out from each other. So then, let's say hair clump, clump judo one underscore high SRE low. This is very important. This suffix is very important because substance painter is going to look at this affects off the law on and off the high. It's going to beg the high to the low, and it's going toe. Ignore everything else, so it's not going to project everything that hey had clumps of the head. So this is the club. If one law again, I'm going to turn on the highly. Let's start off. I'm going to come by in the same pieces there. So let's select the high and let's combined those as well. Make sure you are selecting the right lower right ones. So let's combine on here. I'm going to give the same name. Let's copy the name DoubleClick, toe highlight. Then let's copy. I understand it too high, so make sure you're putting the suffix so it's going to look at the snow suffix the same name with a difference. Ah, fix low and high is going toe Beg this high to the low and it's going to ignore everything else. So this is the thing I'm going to do for the whole character here. So let's hide these things. So let's first assign. We knew Combine. It's like 10 toe Get out of the layers. So you need to again be a sign. That's a D. A sign. Basically, yeah, So then let me hide this piece by placing control edge. And then I'm going to choose a few things here that select this. Maybe this world or maybe maybe this one. Yeah, I think this one. Yeah, this one is fine. So let's combine this three minutes. Combine on Let's say, clump too law. And again, I'm going to do the same thing with the high. So let's like this. This and this miss combine on Let's it got blam high. So this is the clump toe high person on here. You can see I'm not using in capitalism or capital letter. It's like normal small, small letter because their interests often spent. ER, it says underscored normal, high normal law. There isn't any capital letter, so make sure you are exactly putting that suffix again. So here again, I'm going to put that inside highly er on inside the low earlier because any time you like combine, it's it's going to get out of the layer. So let's see like this this okay, I think we need to combine and we need to keep these two separate salutes. Go and combine on down on the high sea level. The high come mine so they're going to give it lets the club three. So I know it's a little bit of work, but it's going to give you a clean result. Andi, that's very important. So let's say let's duplicate it First it. Let's copy the name Al. It's bears the name here. And let's say it high makes your Your spelling is all right. Okay, let's are that to the high? Let's Are that the low? Yeah, that's fine on now. This too. Let me hide these things. So we are going toe. Keep them separate. So we're going to We're going to give them the names here. So again, again. See, I have some, like, artful structure because I separate or combined few things. So I think you need toe again. Regroup against Let's say that. So first I'm going toe. Give it the name Clump, I think Geno four on Underscore Law Country. A clumsy oaf for low. And this would be glum Blongino five under school law. Okay, so I'm going to give the same name to the high Israel Solar. Select the high. So is the high. So I'm going to copy the clumps, Geo. Full name in the digital five. Okay, let's do the 05 Brussels Koppett and go to the high. Best it change it too high. So I'm going to do the same thing here for this object. That's it. Like the name Club Geo four underscored. Hi. Okay, so and this is done. So the hairs are going to fine until the hairs are going toe big separately. So this part is going to be acceptably from everything else. This part is going toe backs up slightly from everything else because of this naming convention. Not because of this. No combined things I just combined because I didn't want toe. Give every piece a single single name if you want to. You can do that. You don't have to combine. You can say, Let's clump one come to grow our hair. Want herto have three. You can put you in name for each hair club. But I think this is a little faster way because I had just our toe. No, give us ing in limb for this poor hair. So that's why I combined. But you don't have to come and you can keep them separate. But you need to put the exact name to the note to the hyperbole. Okay, so that's good. And the body is fine. The let's put the name for the head. So this is head high and then the name is perfect there. Let's display everything. So let's go to source old geometry all for the locally head. It's not the law ahead. So let's that's ahead law so that the head high will back into this head low on and let's combine these eyes. So let's go to mess combine. I need to again clean off these groups. Okay, so this is the ISA. Let's put I low on Let me hard it again on then let's to the scenting Come line, I Hi. Okay, again, I need to are the hyperbole. So now these eyes are going to bake separately from the head and it's we're not going to get any no overlapping number, My fear on the body. This is fine for the body. It's a single object single combined locally, So we don't have to do anything here or you cannot do anything here because it's a single thing. That's good. We can obviously given name to it. So let's say body lo basically, you need to give name to everything, so let me turn off. They isolate you, and we're going to do give this to body. Hi. I think you got the idea. What I'm doing here is just need to give no same name on the properties are fixed so that it can big individually, basically. Okay, so we're going to do the same thing here. So I think you got the point. I'm going to do it. No, in between A lesson at the back end and we're going toe Review the file in the next lecture . 6. Baking Normal Map: Hello. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe begged the normal map. Before I do that, I'm going to soil the previous lecture file on not the naming file here on here against C. I have no go ahead and combined few things on. And I have done that for both the locally and the high poly you can see for this year I have combined these twos things again with the same name here. The hurtful law on deadfall high. If I don't on that, you can see So I have cell No helpful, high and hurtful law. So I separate that from this base because it's intersecting. So I separate this place from this place. So I gave this different, hurtful back high. You can give any name. It doesn't matter. So as long as you you have the same name for the high and the low on Except this Ah, fix. So again we go ahead and I did these things. This small parts you can see I took all the small parts which will not blow intersecting It is the so I took all the small pieces. No, this no inside piece and this piece on this bill piece combined this in locally. Give it the small parts. Underscore High name Andi. I did the same thing with the locally. So you can see it's basically the same combined process on the same name. Except this. No, this is no suffix law. So again, I combined these two because again I could have, like, keep those separate on, give them specific name for this high and this law, I could have done that. But that's a necessity. If no some parts that our from each other, we can combine those and take as a single object. So, Hank, you blow on. Just understand that we're not like keeping this mess at the end. We're just lost saving this file as a baking file on. After that, I'm going to use my previous no locally model where I hard all everything low separated. So this file is only for baking. Propose on this is not going to be the final globally. The final opal is the previous no previous saved file who is hard? The loss separated objects. So I go ahead and I keep this separate. I combined these things You can see the stop parts again. Those that separate again, See? So they're not intersecting. They're like separator. I took all these things you can see I combine everything. Name it like clamps Law. And again, I have the same thing here, here as the high Lu. No clams. Hi. Sorry. So again, I kept this single, Kept this single. I gave this single on. I think I come by this to and make it while object on this body is a single object, so we cannot know separate it. We can separate it, but there's no need because the loop religious single continues mess. So it's a single continuous mess. So we have to keep this a single object. I'm for this. I took this separate. And again this is going with this small parts. This is going with these things so you can see some I can move on. So you so I separated like this Some parts You can see this parts on. This is a single part here. Okay, so let window. So this is the set up business, the file. And now we're going to see how toe baked by using the name technique so that when substance mentor is going toe big. It's going to see the name and it's going toe beg to the corresponding high. Assorted. How high is going toe baked to the law so there wouldn't be any No overlapping is so minimal and again for the I a thing. I have die law combined toe wise. Okay, so this is a file. Now I'm going to export this file again. So let's export this locally here first. So let's select it and go toe exports Lexan on Let's Exported to the mix for baking Actor low. Let's let's brought the baking suffix. You can give any name or you can override that, I think Let's it's over a character, Lou Export on. Then let's export this high exports Alexa low. Hi, Export. Okay, so now I have high suffix on low suffix. Make sure you have this. No small, high, small o small letter. Okay, so now it's exporting. Okay, So now I'm going to switch back to Substance Mentor, and then we're going to beg the normal map. Okay, So first thing less low. Create a new scene here, so let's click on new on it Said to prepare mentally gruffness. That's fine. So I'm going to click on the select to import the Ibex Law object. So that's import it. Andi here. I'm going to change this to open GL Andi. I'm going to change this to four K. So that's it. So let's said OK, so these are low IBX with the proper naming on now, let's big. So let's go to Texas that settings on Glicken. Big mess maps. Andi, I'm going to again click alone to turn off everything every maps and I'm going toe big one by one, I'm going to beg normal and being broke loose and separately. And then we're going toe big few maps together again. You can beg low every map at the same time. But I'm not going to do that because I'm not sure if I get a good, normal laugh. If I see some mistakes are I love a district, so but that'll be way. Stop trying to know again the back. So I'm going to beg only the Roma love first. Then we're going to beg Gumby end, and then we're going to big other things so they know my math. Here. Let's go to come on here and this output size to four K. When you are working in the products in a moment, you have the new details for the asset. You don't take these decisions. So this is four K on. Then I'm going to again import Heiple here. So Clegg on this little icon here, let's click the high Opal. So now it's sourcing the high on. Now the men stuff is here, So let's go down here and go to this match, it says. Always click here on from this drop down, Choose by mess Nim. So this is very important. Make sure you said this upset. So when you said this upset, it's going to look for those naming on. It's going to see the high, and it's going toe big toe. The exact Lou on is going to ignore everything else. So their room, many intersecting map. No big. So then once it don't, you can see everything else is fine. And now again, see, those are fixes said to underscore low underscore high. So we are using this suffix inside Meyer, so that's fine. So we're not going to change anything else now I'm going toe click on this bake. Make sure you turn off all this absence except the normal. Let's go legal big, so it's going to take a little bit time. Okay? The big eyes done on you can see the normal map on the object on the model here on now. It looks very clean on. You can say that from this No hair against. It doesn't any overlapping stuff on. And we can even take that here. Let's go to treat it today, Andi, let's change this to normal view. So let's press b on. You know, we had in this map more so now you can see it said to normal and you can see those overlapping hairs are gone. Basically, we don't have any overlapping now. Okay, so we don't have any overlapping. It's clean, except few things on that is this finger area. The finger area is very, very no difficult toe achy from Lochlan result. So here you can see if I if I go here against it, is this look proves excell here because the fingers are very close to each other on it's a single object. So we cannot do the same thing with this new naming technique. so you cannot do that. But we're going to see some other ways to fix this finger things. You can see how one finger is projecting into another finger, and we can see that here on this finger, you can see this area of this finger. So that's a normally So So we have to fix that, and everything else is fine. So let's press if to frame. Let's go to three. The only view on again you can press am to material or for material, or you can go here. Material on everything else is local clean. Uh, the king you can see. Okay, so everything else is fine except the finger. It s so I'm going to re Beckett again. On we're going toe. No. Use the hand area of this new map, so let's see. So I'm going to bake Miss maps again on this time, I'm going to this common taff here on I'm going toe are just this No, this Max frontal distance and the max rear distance. So we're going to are just these things. So here I just experimented a little bit in between and the pods. So here, you can see have come off with this value. So the 0.1 is the by twofold one Here on this, I just know or decrease this value toe 10.5 So now you can see I have less error here on it can give you some other erodes at the radiator. Basically. So now because that value is very no a very tiny You can see some areas are not reachable by that in pull off. Andi, I think I think that waas one India And here you can see some some areas and not being covered that value. So here I'm going to no taking between value. Let's see if I Jews less a point. Jiro Jiro five. That's a bond villain. 08 Maybe again. A little bit lower value than this. Let's see. No, you can see that radiates covered. Now with that in bull off on, I hope the city is also covered. Yeah, that's also goal. And let's take the fingers. Yeah, the finger is a little bit better Still, we can see a little bit no interview on for this kind of floor. No situation. We can do one thing we can beg to normal maps with two different settings. And then we can look compiler or composite that inside photos off so we can keep the whole body except the hand from a normal map on. Then we don't the normal settings. We can take that hand and composite that and make us make this single texture. So we can do that. I'm going to do that basically. So here I'm going toe save this file. So said this normal basically. So let's goto project. So here you can go to project on here. Let's right click on export Resource is so by this way you are going to save your maps from substance painter. So now let me go toe the appropriate fuller there. Andi, I have a folder. I have created a empty for certain called maps. So this creative fuller called math for anything that you can understand. So here I'm going to save it. So this selective folder and it's going to save their automatically. No, not saving. So just give it us again. Okay, Now it's dull. So now I'm going toe again. Every Beckett with a different setting so that I don't get this know it out here. So let's re big with that value, which was It was perfect, which was 005 Let's bigot. So basically, I'm baking to normal. Maps with different values are different settings, So this is the trick we use in cell production. So let's save this file. So let's right click. Basically, we don't have to lumber left here because it replace that one that before one toe the make sure you save that before you again. Every beck. So now it's a place with the new one. So let's export resource and on that manfully selected, selected. So now if I go toe that Fuller can see, I have to dude exerts on to normal A. Basically one is called Miss Lambert one, and this is called Lambert one under school one. That means this is the 2nd 1 so we can go ahead and we can compose it inside for the soap. So let's selected right leg goto for yourself. Let's select wall Apollo eat. So if I select so, I don't get that absence of its electoral Apollo it for this up on. You can use any meditating software for this on. I hope you learned the ports of basics. Andi, if you don't know this, follow me. So, yeah, I'm using this fortress of person. You can do this with Universal for yourself. So he is one file. Then let's import the other one. So I'm going to drag this from here, holding litmus. So it close a credit, separate this image again. I'm going toe going to the second emails, and you can hold left most and drag and drop on the interface here. Two upon that file. So I have to file from the name. I know which one is the second. The correct hand one, basically. So I'm going to know Copy paste that here. And I'm going to keep the hand from this image, which just this No one under school wanna miss. So for this, I need he snaps are basically so let's go back to Maya on select the locally. So I'm going to snap sort of TV. So let's go toe TV. Anything on? I'm going to snap start this so that I know the hand idea. So I'm going to click on this little icon, so make sure you are in object more and selected everything. Andi you are not in any vortex is or face more Mexico everywhere in object more than selected everything. Before you click on this little icon here on this camera icon to take the snap sort on here , make sure you have the proper size, which is look for general line six. This is just one click here toe update that I'm going to save. This emits. So let's browse it, Andi, choose the locus on here. So let's goto gypped us and let's go to lapse. And here I am going to give it a name. So let's say you ve slap and dot again again. Tick. Hello, I am fable PNG. So let's take it being did not be indie. Save it. I'm from here. You can choose the file for model. So let's be Indy and applied. Okay, now let's close it. So now I'm going to browse that folder so he has the PND, so let's take this to photos off. So here is our TV who cannot see the TV because it's a huge file for four Geralyn six. If you go close, you can unnoticed Davey. So here I'm going to take this move tool Andi, I'm going to drag and drop this e v to this. No, Lambert. One PNG Who's doesn't have the hand? Good health physically. So I'm going toe hold sip. 12 am dragging it so that it exactly feed here. So whole seeped and left most drag and release on top of this on this is the date is different. So let's Ah, are you sure you want to proceed? Yes. Under proceed. So that's close it on here. You can see the V. Okay, so now I'm going to take this. Emits again. Hold sipped with the move. Tool, drag and drop on top of this. So again, I'm dragging this Polo Lambert one underscore. Wanna mess to that? Let's close it. So now you can see from this layer. I have three layers. So this is my overall body. You know, normal f on This is my hand here. So I'm going to know Mask it Salutes. Take this lead on top of this. So this is my villa. So hold left, mouse and move it. Toe the top on. Now I'm going to No, I'm going to keep this hand. If I don't off this, I can see the No, the bottom normal lab doesn't have the clean one. You can see that all after TV, you can see it's the new. The top one is a bit a little bit better. So we're going to keep this, so I'm going to mask it so we can mask it by just select the long tall on TV. And let's goto polygonal lasso. So here I'm using this political last. So let's select this and make sure you have this Upson this known political less of the second ups in here on now I'm going toe klik and rough. Please cover this hand area. You don't have to be perfect. Mix your you're not including any other TV area, just a hand here. So basically, I'm going to mask this area so it's going toe. No. Hide everything else outside. So here I have selected this area. DoubleClick too low. Close this Onda. Let's select the other hand, Lydia. So this is my other hand again because I have selected this absolute. So it's going to keep that long. Veria that tell. That's Alexa basically. So let's select. So again, click and double click to close it and Now you can see you can scroll by using your middle mouse. I have selected this city in this area on now I'm going to mask it so that everything are else outside is going to either mascot. We can also deal it, so if you want to deal it, you can go toe Goto involved. Selects answer. Let's go to select an inverse. So now everything else except this handout selected you can see now I can heat deal it from the cable. I can see this layer and you can see just the hands had there No everything else that dilatory can don of this layer so that you can see So let's deal it Initially I was thinking to mask, but I think for begin ability is straightforward. So I have delivered everything except his hands from this normal math. Andi, I'm keeping this normal mef as a whole. So by this way, and we're going to drill Davey, we don't need this anymore. So now we have a immense here which has everything is perfect here. Basically, so do different settings normal f on. We compose it here on we have a no final normal nephews I'm going to save this, so save it so you can goto file on sib odds. Make sure us saving. Yes, I'm going to save it in. I think it wasn't our guard before again. We can not say with it any former so we can save in j Peg or DIF So let 17 Jeff Beck. So let's say final Normal left and say OK, so now we have the final woman math here Let's close it. So now let me go back to substance Painter here on I'm going toe reimport that emits here goto file here on import resource And here I am going to our resource and this Jeff big wall upon it I'm going to going to open it toe Let's create here toe texture on I'm going to open it to this self Are you can again open it toe project again It's open. So let's go to Project here can see our final Lonmin math here and now I'm going to choose the normal app again here So this is the norm. I maps lots click here and choose the final one on with this Actually we have computed the normal Mafia can see that it has gone from there that ever has gone from here. And the finger is also cleaned. We did the Greek kind of thing. We beg twice the Roma with different settings, and then we can put it off. Perfect parts on. We make the final almond maps inside for herself, and then we import the no normal left here and then re ascending on my mouth. So I think you need to look, if you don't understand this lecture properly, makes sure you review this lecture twice so that you understand it on in the next lecture. We're going toe begged Ambien, doc, prison map. 7. Baking Occlusion Map: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe begged the ambient occlusion map. So let's see that. So, yeah, I'm going to again. Big Miss Maps. Andi again, Let's start off the normal because we have already know begged it. So now I'm going toe ambient occlusion. Don't on that on. Unlike this normal, we have some absence for this ambient occlusion. If you clicking this normal it says no perimeters. But when you click on this ambient occlusion, you can see some absence here to exist. But you don't need to worry about all these up since we're going to use the by default here . So again, amend occlusion on. Make sure on the common time everything is no set for the ACLU's all. We need to do the same thing as we did for the normal. We might need toe bake twice with different no settings because of the hand area again handed, there always will give you pain so you might need toe beg twice so But I'm not sure I'm going toe big it first with the beautiful value. So let's chance to point Jiro one, which is the bite of let's say with that bloom value. First, lis, use that point Giuliano 51 So, with this value, basically, I'm going toe Beck. So again, I'm going to use this match by Miss name on with this and Brenda Kloza. We're going to back. So let's click, and I think everything is fine. Let's click on this big so I'm being occlusion. Might take a little bit more no longer time than normal. So you need Toby percent while it's Birendra. Well, you know it's dawn, but you cannot see it properly. So you need to goto this no map mode, which is be suppressed. Biggie. Now we're in normal plays, the big again toe cycle between different maps. Now you can see the world space normal, so we don't have that. We have not begged yet, So let's press be again and be again. Keep pressing, B, until you get this ambient occlusion on here can see them being occlusion. You might see this kind off. No intersecting, overlapping things. So again, after we're using this no match by a mess name. Still, we're getting this, Andi, I know what's that is in. And just a minute I'm going to so you So again, after big, you need to say all those maps here on here. You can see the fingers, fingers, areas, good with this settings. It's not bad. So we're going to use this sighting. But we these things are not good. So on for the final occlusion, you might need to put some more reds so that you don't get this kind of noisy occlusion. You can see the noisy patterns, so it should be smooth. So in order to get a clean clothes on you, you need toe increase. The rays value. So I think this occlusion is good, except few areas like this hair and this noon neck behind part. Okay, let me saw you while absurd. So let's go click on the back. Messier goto ambient occlusion setting by clicking on Dobson on You can see that absurd called self occlusion, and it says always so. That's the reason it's like overlapping. It's like projecting while not present to Dada. So if you go ahead and use this only same mess name, so it's going to again big to the low to the high exact naming. No, according to the naming. So let's see so I might need toe beg twice with one with this on one. With this? No, always. And then we're going to compose it. That So let's see with this only same s name. With this technique, there's a problem we're not going to get. Know the clothes on where it does this to the with the other object because you had no baking separately. So we're not going to get the contact sero. Okay, now you can see this is the new occlusion on here. You cannot see any no contact saddling the hair and the head contact. So you cannot see that because again we're baking separately with the mats by name. So it's a problem. Sometimes. Sometimes we want the contact Sadow, Andi. But with this technique, we don't see any overlapping those kind off. So I think this is usable. This is not bad on here. You cannot see any saddle. That's one problem. So basically, I'm going to beg to occlusion and then we can again compiler composite, fewer ideas. Let's say I want that look previous occlusion Sadow here so I can compose it that on this seclusion. So this would be hating the men cruisin along. That acquittal will be for to bring those details. Those law rockers on details. I think this is looking cool, not bad. So we're going to keep it on. I'm going to bake it again with a little bit. No more raise to clean this noise. So let's go toe back. Mess on with this clothes on again, click on you can see the secondary raise, and this is responsible for this kind of noise. If it's a low number, then you are going to see more noise on. If you increase this value, it's going to take more time to back on. It's going to give you a clean results, so I'm going to include a little bit, not too much. So I'm going to include it toe maybe 80. Andi, I know this is not going to give me a very clinical, but I'll get a little bit better result than this on. If you have sufficient time, you can even increase it and it will take a lot off time. Even it can take 1 to 2 hours for a single occlusion back, so make sure you're not increasing like this, so it's going to take a long time. So let's say 100 on gets bigot. So you have pausing the video because I know it will take a little bit more time, So once it done, I'll come back. Okay, so the baking is done on, you can see there's a little bit improvement on, so this is usable. You don't have to go get a very smooth result. Park wasn't so This is a little better is good. So here I'm going toe greatly here and export this and save it. So let's select the four low. It'll save automatically with the naming. Okay, Give it the libre. Time to save. Okay, so let's go back to material more. So we have no big, the normal and occlusion. So in the next lecture, we're going to see how to bake the wall space. Norman, Math, the purchase and map on the carpet. A map. So I'll see you there 8. Baking World space, Position and Curvature Map: I welcome to this lecture in this lecture, we're going to see how toe beg the other maps, which are the wall space, normal math, the pro Jason map and the garbage. A map. We're going to beg all those three maps simultaneously at the same time. So let's go toe back, Miss Maps here. I'll So let's start off them being a closer. So Donald Wall space curvature and push and map. But we don't have any upson for this Wall Street Samal. We have few absence for the carpets and we have few off sulfur the Pospisil. But we're not going to change anything going toe. Beg the bite awful. And it's going toward no Well, Andi, we're not going to worry about these maps because they are not going toe visible. Ondo model. We're going to use this maps in order to Natexis Andi. These maps are going to help us in taxing method. So we're not going toe look very closely to the errors and we're not going to see any others with these maps. So let's big all these maps. I'm These maps are going toe. Take Liberte sort time than the clothes on Onda normal. Okay, now you can see you have the maps here. Let's shake by placing Beaky. So now this is the closer. Let's press be again And this is the car. Better math on this map will help us toe look fearsome. Is were an tear in the lecturing process on its a very good match for that kind off effect . Andi, you can see it's ugly looking, but don't worry. It's not goingto be visible like this. So let's press be again on this is the partisan man again. Paterson map for, uh can help us in Like giving some radiant kind of details are, let's say, some dark kind of details. We can use this person map toe, get this, know why ingredient here, Let's presby again. And is the thickness thickness we have not begged yet on thickness map can help was slow with the subsurface scattering effect. So we're going to bake that letter, so express be again and this dilemma on this the world's press normal on some look procedural texture. Use this maps, so it's a good idea toe bake all these maps, even though you don't know how to use those manually because substance painter is a very smart texting application. It's going to automatically use different maps, indifference, lords in the procedural, no smart materials. So these maps are a requirement for those kind off no smart materials. So make sure you big all this maps here on again. I'm going to save all this map. So let's start from the car. Bitter right click. Export Resources on Gets elected Folo It's going to save automatically on Let's do the same thing here. Okay, export resource and see like the Fuller. It's taking a little bit. Time for saving. Okay, let's right. Click here and export it on. Let's Jack, if I Lord export everything there. So let's see. I have the clothes on and the Corvettes are here. My final normal math and is the position here and is the world's press Norman map. So we have begged almost every maps except one very important map, which is Colorado Math on. We're going to see how to beg that in future. Lecture on in the next Lecter. We're going to see how toe Arent the mire file in order to beg the Colorado math. So I'll see you in the next lecture inside Meyer 9. Prepairing Maya file for ID Map Baking: Hi. In this lecture, we're going toe prepare the my file for the I d. Baking on when I say prepared, That means we're going to pull some color to the high poly model so that when you begged the high poly to the low pally parts, it's going to beg the cholera jewel, the material color. So, yeah, I'm going to turn off the locally later on. We're going to welcome hype earlier on. We're going to basically give some colors. Okay. Make sure you save the file before you know, move on to the mitral colorism. So say this file. So I'm like, I have saved this file as though you re baking. So this my baking power baking propose fight on. We can save it as a different name. So I have already saved it. So let me show you that on that is called, I think Let me click here. Goto from low fully file here can see I have a baking I d So let me So the final result and then we're going to do that. So here you can see we're going to do something like this. So this is the high Poly I look give different color to different parts like all the hairs and Gilo here. Onda off steam is a single color on all the metal are blue Here you can give any color. That doesn't matter. You don't have to give blue to metal. You can give any color But the point is you're giving a single color to all same material. Okay, Are same pots basically so the to things you need to know Look the material same material snitch to have same color. Andi Ah Sim Part You can see the pant is a part even though it's a single model combined model I gave this parent is think different color. It doesn't have to be the color of the plant. You can give a nickel. So as you can see, I have given here the a green kind of floors and green color. So this is not going to be my pant color. But the point is you are giving different color so that you get it flat color for the I. D map on those I d. Map is going to help us in selection. When you were going to do the texture ring this color. I d. Map is going to no help you in selecting parts on designing materials to that part. Okay, so we're going to do this, and I'm going to. So you how to do this for a few parts? Well, you're going to do this something like this. So let me show you how to give these no colors so you can go ahead and select parts first. So let's say the hair. Okay, so let's select every object whole. Right. Mouse on. Go to ascend. Favorite material. Choose Lambert here. I'm here. You can give a color, so click on this color box here. Let's give any color, which is different than any other color exist there. So let's say this blue something like this color on. Yeah, So this is the way to put colors. So these are the hair, So I'm going to give a single color toe that you know, when I'm text oring, I can easily select and given material to the whole layer using this plot color. So again, you can see I have given no this single color, which is I think the rubber here. So this part would be a robot would later, something like that against it. That's red. Andi, I think. I think that's fine. So I have selected that way on. So let's see how to do this from scratch. So let's open our pile first. So let's open the previous one file, okay, without picture. So here have said this. So let's save this on top of that file color I d. So I'm going to save on top of that, and we're going to do it from scratch. Okay, This is my no idea. So I have kept my file their my original file. So this file is only for I d baking. So here, I'm going to started the hair. So let's select the hair. Select all those hair parts on Bright Most President Middle Lambert On the first thing. I'm going to give a name here, So let's say the hair you can give the object name or the material types name, So now I'm going to give you the color. So let's select any color from the swatches are from here. So sometimes it takes timeto reflect the color. I don't know why it's happening with my computer here, but the color is there. And if you save it, save the file and re a polit listsview polit, it's going to soil. This is kind of a bug with my system. So so here I'm going to give a skin color toe every skin parts. So if you can see if I selected, I have the eye bro as well. Andi. So I'm going to do one thing. I'm going toe first. More on double click on the face here. Double click on any of this polygon here to select the whole pace here, except this eyebrow, because it's not know marched anyway. It's just combined, so it's not going to select that. So once it selected, you can see from this color Lawrence color the faces selector by double clicking again just to go to any face and double click to select the whole face on. Then again, hold right Mouse Goto favorite material. Lambert on again. I'm going to give it a color on name. So again you can give any color. So let's say red and looks. Name it as skin. This time I'm giving the mitral type name. So everywhere there be skin. I'm going to assign this skin material. So let's again goto object more. You can see so it the color doesn't have to be the actual texture color of the object. You can give any color as long as it's different than any other existing color. So now I'm going to give this hand. You can say this part is also skin and this finger parties also skin. So I'm going toe face more on double click on any polygon and makes your, oh, check if I have selected it. So now you can see I have selected from this light orange color. Let's see here area. It's selector on Let's goto this site and this is also skin here to hold sipped because I want to our toe that existing selection with that side who wanted selected whole right mouse on this terror. I'm not going to go toe the sand favorite material. I'm going to assign existing material. That means I'm going to reuse any material I have already. So I'm going to existing material, and here you can see I have the skin. So let's selected on now it's applied, so the point is we need to give the same color toe the same material. So the skin sort of the same color, so that WHO texture We're going to give him skin material. And it's going to feel this area, this area, the city, every skin idea automatically. So that's the point. So here I am going to again, we can give I brought a different color. So let's go to the face. I think I brew is black, so I'm going to you can again you important emails. I think we should open day, Mitch. So let's open my he makes here so that we know the texture proposed here. So okay, lets give some color to the eye, bro on again. And this time I'm going to create a new material. So favorite mitral Lambert, Whenever you are going to create a new material, you need to goto favorite material. I'm here. I'm going toe against you. The color. So this time let's choose something again different than the rare Maybe maybe green assenting again, very different than the existing collect there on again. It's a good idea to naming, so let's say I bro. So here I gave the object type limb. Okay, so now I'm going to put some material colors for the metal. So here you can see I have metal here, this back parties metal this party's metal Andi these parts of same metal, this part of metals. So I'm going to select those parts. So let's start with this one. So select face more double click because you can see this is not the metal part. So I'm going toe definitely the face to select it. Click on Let's Right click and favorite material. Lambert on. I'm going to choose a color first. I'm Father Metal. You can again give any color as long as it's different color. So let's give yellow something like that. You can give any color. Doesn't matter. So let's give the name so that we understand this is metal again, the material life so metal. I'm going to use this metal here as well so you can see I'm going to select. I think you were going to select this this this except this. But everything else is metal, so I'm going to select everything else. Don't like here. Andi, right click again. This time, existing material and metal on this should be also metals or let's go to existing metal. That's good. And they're going to give the metals to this parts. So let's do that. Okay, here again. See, that's a single object. So I assigned here as well. So let's under. So select the face that will pick Onda. We click existing material to the faces, so I'm not going to give the whole metal toe the other parts here. Okay, I think these are also metal. Yeah, I think these are metal so we can give it. Except this part. Everything else is metal, so let's give it, actually, So let's give the metal there on for this part. We're going to give no the rubber. This part would be robber, and this part would be kind of plastic or something. So let's select the face here and let's create a material for rubber red material. Lambert on. Let's give it a color here, So let's say something like maybe ordinance or something. Let's let's give some audience color, maybe okay for rubber. So let's give it a name. There's no but so I'm going to give that rubber material whatever. I need rubber. Maybe this part would be lover, so let's go to face more select right click existing this time and rubber. It was the rubber material there. Okay, that's good. And let's give the rubber here as well. Existing and rubber. Okay, that's good. So I can easily see late when I'm picturing again just single click to select all those rubber and give the rubber material So OK, now I'm going to give these things the metal. So let's all existing and metal. This will be also metal. Okay, I think this would be also metal. The whole sex and year is metal. Okay, so now, so far, so good. So we're going to give some materials to the clothing here so that we can easily select that like No, it's a single mess. It's hard to select, so we can You can goto face more. Select this craft here. Double click here because it's not well that it's going toe select just a scruff on. We're going to create a new material favorite material here, Lambert on. We're going to give a new color again. You can pick these colors as well. If you want to pick these colors, you can choose this color picker and you can click on there two big dad color. So it's up to you. You don't have to not take the same color because we're not exiting yet. Just creating a color I d math. Okay, so go to face more double flick Andi. Okay, This time I'm going to create the new material. Lambert. Uh, leek. This time, let's give in color here. Maybe green. I don't know if I gave that color. Okay, I think I gave their color, but it doesn't. So there. So let's save this file until less. I knew again. Do you open the file? It's kind of a bog here. No, I had not select the face. Actually, you can see one single face has been colored. So DoubleClick existing on now it's hard to find from this Lambert 178 I know that was last material. So I know the eight lumber date would be the green one, but naming is always good, but here I am not going toe. No. Give every materials and name because it's going to take some time. But make sure you do that. Okay, so now I'm going toe give different materials here. So again makes sure we're selecting so That's terrific. Okay, Existing. Oh, sorry. Go to Fidrych Lamberts. Let's get a new color here again. We can pick discoloration. That's good. I don't know what is this? I think so. Intra sector part. That's fine. So let's select the face here on. But it's I don't know if I have selected Yeah, existing. It's very favorite. Major Lambert. Let's give it a different color mobile. Let's let's take discolor. Okay, Okay. This part should be the metal. So let's write like existing and metal on this part would be metal as well. So let's existing metal on this part would be the rubber. So let's select the face. Andi. She'll decide face on existing material and we have a rubber material. So let's assign that. Okay? No, it's fine. Let's put white color to die. Are you can put any color? Basically, let's put treatment. Really, Lambert, let's say white. So yeah, I'm stopping the lecture. I'm going to do this. No material color things in between. Lesson on, We're going toe begged the color i d map in the last lecture 10. Baking ID Map and Wrap Up: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this letter, I'm going toe begged The color I d mouth on, We're going toe begged the thickness map and we're going to wrap up the sex on here. So, as you can see, I have no assign different materials to different parts here. So we're going to first export this high Polly here. So let's select and goto file exports election, and we're going to export in the bigs. There's browse, and I'm going to basically override the existing high policia. So export selection, Yes, he's gonna take a little bit time because it's the high poly. Okay, the export is done, So I'm going to sweets back to substance painter, and then we're going toe begged the color I d and the thickness map. Okay, so we have already begged everything else. We have begged the llama math whilst personal man and, um in occlusion Corbusier math and pushes in math. So we just need to beg the i d. So I'm going to the material more by pressing Ehmke. So let's go toe texture, sets settings and click on this back mismatch toe begged the maps and again, I'm going to turn off everything by clicking on this lawn button, and then we're going to dawn on the I D. And I'm going to again do one by one. So I'm going to do the Idema first. So here, I'm going to again the common Taff here. Andi, I need to double check. Basically, the sides is okay. It's for Kate. That's fine on we're going to again for makes here. We have only override that hyperbole. But still, to make sure I'm again opening that selecting the Hayal Open streak here and then bring that again. Okay, Andi. Then it said to buy misnamed. That's fine. Okay, I think everything looks OK then. The men thing is go to the I d. By clicking on the name here on this idea on Go to the settings here and it said to vortex color. If I beg now, I'll get black. Basically, I will not get any colors in the i. D map because it said to vortex color on. We have put it matri Alcala. So we need to change this toe mate. Rial color. Okay, then it's fine. We need to go big this map. Okay, The color I d map is done. You cannot see that right now we need to go to the material more or the big maps more by pressing Beaky. Just be Now let's press be again to cycle between different maps and now you should see the color I d math here. Okay, I can see do all those colors now. It's like no flat colors on this. Colors will help us in texting to put to assign different materials to these areas independently. So this is the color I deem f. Okay, now I'm going toe begged the thickness map. So let's go toe back mess maps again on and don't off I d. Dolan thickness. I think I don't have to addition anything here, so let's bake it on the take this map for might take a little bit longer time than other maps. So be percent and wait for the back. Okay, the thickness map is done toe. Let's check that by pressing Beaky. So let's keep pressing B. Okay. Here you can see the thickness map. I think this is OK. So I'm going back to material more here. Okay. So every math are big now, so we have completed the sex. And with this on with this no sex on you learn how to beg different maps starting from Norman, maps, occlusion, maps collide the maps and some other maps. And you learn how toe look. Clean up some maps how toe comported to maps inside photo. So So in the next sex and you're going to learn how to text at this character on we're going toe basically complete the course with that sex and so see you in that section. 11. Texturing Overview: Hi. Welcome to this first lecture of the sex on on in this lecture. I'm going to talk about a basic overview off texting inside substance painter on some uniqueness off soft trance painter. So, basically, I'm not actually going to start working on the text during part yet. I'm going to do that from the next lecture, but in this lecture, we're going to see some concept off soft lance painter. So the first thing here substance mentor is very unique because in other applications, you just paint the color and you paint. Let's say the column here first. Then you paint the roughness math separately on something like that leg in, photos up. But in substance painter, we have the capacity or capability off painting, the color, the roughness, the metallic, everything at the same time, if you want to do that. Okay. So let's see what I'm talking about. So now I'm going to this lead Dhafir on by default, I have a layer which is an empty layer in normal. Okay, I can say that from this checker box. Okay, so basically, we have two layers on Dhere can see one is the layer just a layer and one is feel there. I'm going to talk about that with this. No. Freely out of the normal layer. I can't bend so long again. Just decrease the process. I can do that from here to decrease the process. Or I can do that from control. Right? Most track. If I hold control key on bright, most drug, then I can decrease their include the process. And then if I hold the left mouse, are the pain tablet a pen stylist And then I can start painting on the mortar if I have a normal layer. Okay. So I can do that? No, I'm actually painting color. They're off nous everything at the same time. Let me undo. And so you How so? If you go to this property staff on once you have selected a layer you have access to the property. Stop according to the lair type. Now I have selected a normal layer. It's not a feel there, so I have some absence here and I have the bus absence. The both sides flu, those type of things. And if I go down? I haven't material absence here. Guns. They have some few tabs here So we are in this bra substance on Next to that is this. Nor Al Far Upson's and the stencil Absence Onda Metarie l Absence. If you click on this ad, the material and these are the different channels. Traditionally, we used to paint the color separately. Then the roughness, those type of things. But he had against C. I have different talents at the same time, So let me don't off everything except the color. Now if I pen, it's like traditional Louis. I'm just painting the color. If I don't under roughness, let's say on I want my brush stroke to be very signing so I can add Sister often issue. So here you can see. Now I can assist the roughness. If I decrease this roughness toe black, that means it very signing. And if I change my color, let's click on this white area. Let's change color. A large agency that broad stroke India is very sign. If I'd increase this roughness toe white. Now you can see it makes that brought City of video Matt. No sign at all. That means we're not just painting color were also painting the roughness at the same time , with the color. So this is the uniqueness off soft start spent. Er, although if if you want to paint only 1 10 a lot of time, you can do that by the storming off. And let's say in this layer you just paying color in a different Larry. Just paint roughness. That would be like the traditional way of doing it. But this is the new way off lecturing, so we're not calling anymore. We are actually creating materials. So just keep this in mind that we have the ability to paint color or off less hide metal nous a normal at the same time so you can see if I goto hide. Let's say Don't on that height. So now I'm going to work color and height and roughness. So let's say I want a mat, but a little bit increased in height so I can go toe height. So here you can see. Now I'm assessing the high idea. So now it said toe black or Jiro. That means no height. If I increase this on, if I stroke it, you can see I'm also painting height. So it's not just Mr Flat color. It's now the color the roughness. It's a mat, Andi, I have the height. If I decrease the roughness, you can see now impending a sign area with height. And if I decrease this height to this minus, I was going to push instead of full so you can see substance spent. Er is very powerful. Because of this. No single reason that you can paint different things like Hyatt normal on you can paint simultaneously. So just known this thing. Okay, Andi were not working in its normal left, so let's work in a field there. So I'm going to delete this layer by clicking on this just being a remove selected layer icon. Okay, so whenever you need toe pain, something with the brust, you needed normal there whenever you want. Oh, Felix color. Let's say my hair niche to be filled with a color so I can do that by taking a feel layer. I don't have toe, take a layer normal layer and paint and feel it like, let's say, fill the whole hair like this. That's not the way. So the ways take a philia. So when you take a feel that it doesn't allow you to paint anymore because it's a feel that it can only feel a single color or the texture to the whole object. So now if I goto this absence, I can see if I change my color. Now it feels the whole object. You cannot take a brush and paint anymore with this layer on days like benefits off having feel there so you can again come back any time to change the color easily. But it's normal. Let that's very hard. You cannot just come and change the color. So let's say I have a normal layer on top off a pillar and also understand this stacking order. The bottom layer is down on this leverage up and here you can see if I go and let's take a different color so that it can see the difference. Now if I pay and you can see and because this lad is on top of the red layer, it can be visible. If this layer is underneath, then you can see the height, but you cannot see the color. So let me undo the high it actually. So let's don't at the height, okay? So also know this stacking order of this layers. Okay, So as you can see, if I want to change the color of this body from, let's say, red to yellow, I can easily do that because it's a feel that I can come here on, like containing this color to any color. So I want. But let's I want to change this number a stroke color. And now it's not that easy. Cannot just come and change this color to any other color and expect that to change because it's a brushstroke. Melican. No use this new color, but it's not going to sense the previous brushstroke, so the feeling is very good for many. Blown propose many situation. So we're going to say that. But the main thing is, if you want to paint somewhere, then use a normal there if you want to feel as a base color, and I know you want to feel a single color to the whole object or even a texture or a pattern, so they feel that is the way to go. Okay, so just know this general different channel on the stacking order on the difference between normal lead and they feel they're okay. The next thing substance painter is very unique and very innovative. Is the Ridge Oleson freedom? Okay, that means now if I go to texture sets settings on, you can see here now this texture said. It's said to four general Line six, which is our textured no size. But let's say, with 49 6 your system got Laghi and got very slow on. It's hard to work with this size so you can drop it. You can drop it toe one K on you can see when I drop it. It's kind off display. Ting's So if I Now let's a bent if I bent, so if have pain, you can see it's kind of bloody. But if I change it to four K again, you can see the brushstroke is going to be better and crisp and clear. Okay, you can see it's a little bit better and crisp should let's make this broad's very, very start. Harder it. You can do that by holding control key and hold right mouse and then move the mouse up and down. If you move the mouse when new holding control and right most moved the mouse up upward and it's going toe start the brush on downward to lower blood days. So now you can see if I let's say I'm in one k Andi I pay and you can see the pixelated things as soon as I changed it to four K. Actually, it is going to give me the better result. So that means if our system got Laghi or slow, we can switch to a lawyer number here. Low result isn't and then paint and texture on at the end, when you are going to render the file of the export of final texture, you can change it to for 49 6 so it's vigilance and independent. It's not like other subjects that you have to let sin forties up. You have tow work in the higher digit. Listen, then you have to know start working with the higher originalism. You cannot work on the lurid drizzle and then expand that immense size to higher and expect the better quality. But substance mentor is unique. Andi, let's go on and let's deal it on this last. So these are a few things on, then the texture sets settings. This is kind off layering here. The object layers kind of thing. So now it says Lambert one. That means it's looking at the Met riel off low pull legal character. Inside Maya. We had a single material for the character, which was Lambert one for the low belly character for the High Poly. We have no a lot of different color materials. That's not the point, but under low pally model. If you go to Meyer on, if you check the locally, we have a single material, and that material is the No Lambert one metre Andi. Because of this single material, we have a single Texas set. Okay, so if you put to, let's say the hair a different material and the whole body a different material. So if you put two materials, you will get to Texas sets here inside substance Mentor. So having different texture, said, sometimes very useful to soar. Hide few things. Now I cannot so hiding anything because I have a single texture set. So let's say I want to hide everything. Just accept the I. I cannot do that. I cannot do that because I have a single texture set on if I hide that everything is going to be hidden. But if I have to Texas. It's then can easily hide feuding. So let me show you. So for the I am going to give a different material. So let's again, I'm working on the locally, not the High Poly. Yeah, So let's give it new material called Lambert and give it the name proper name. So let's I Okay on, Let's give the name the Lambert. The let's a body. Look, I think I cannot give the Lambert body. Okay, let's say we contend that there. Okay, so now I'm going to export this. I'm going to export this locally again. So let's export exports. Alexa. Again as the locally export. Yes. So I just override. And then I'm going to replace this locally with the new one, which has the do room, mate. Rials. One for the I want for the rest of the body so we can replace the model now by going to edit and project Confuciuslesson on Dhere, we can replace the slope. Really? So let's select on. Let's replace the local here under stress. Okay, Okay, Good. Now you can see immediately. I got to Texas. It's on now. I can easily hide this Lambert one we can rename it by double triple here. That's a body. Ah, Now I can hide the body and I can just work on the I. So having different multiple Texas. It is good for this purpose. You can hide and work on particular area of particular objects, but you don't have toe Have not excessive for everything. You don't have toe because we're not going to paint for paint. Everything we're going toe. Oh, use different procedural texting. Andi, I need the eye separately like this because I need to the hide everything so that I can spend the whole itis. Okay, so I think this is good. So these are a few things unit toe. Understand? First, before you start lecturing, I think I have covered all those topics on in the next lecture. I'm going toe actually say so. You how toe Correct the symmetry. Because if I turn on the symmetry here, So this is the symmetry about understood legal to Tom. Um you can see my symmetry is not right. Not at the right locus alert should be at the character. Ah, center idea. But it's not there. So I cannot bend symmetrical early on Let's go toe the proper texture set so that I can paint on that. Get the left. Now, if I paint, you can see the symmetry is not working properly on. We're going to see how to fix this in the next lecture. 12. Fixing the Symetry Problem: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe correct symmetry problem on You can see the symmetry plane is not at the right locus on it should be at the center of the character. Andi, Let's take the character symmetry in Meyer. So if I take the model inside my eye, if I go to the front view, you can see my symmetries. Perfect. So check here inside Myers So that didn't know the symmetry is okay again See, the character is that exactly of the center line here on If I goto here and change the object X or wild X, I told him that on If I goto cortex now I can see my symmetry is working properly. If I select decide vortex, it's selecting. Decide That meant symmetries. No, actually fine, But sometimes in substance painter I don't know why it's kind of a border. Maybe some problem so sometime printer symmetry tends to move a little bit sometimes on if it happens that way. So you heart still solution. So this problem is kind of related toe this scene this file if you go to a different file where the symmetry is already at the right Look is in. Then we import this model to that scene, then I think this image will be okay. So let's see that. So here, I'm going to open its sample file. So here, I'm going to open the sample file. So let this card. We're not going to say this this God and I'm going toe open this myth math character file, which is a simple file. You can open it agile, so you can see the symmetry is fine if I paint the symmetries at the right locus. And so now if I know just this model and import my model, I can do that by going to it again. Project computers. And basically, I'm using this project on I'm replacing this character with my character on. So let's go to present. Confusion is and on, we're going to import our character. The law, it bakes. Open it unless changes toe open gl. And okay, so now you suit, See a The symmetry at the right. Look, Asano can see the symmetries exactly at the centre of the Lord's center of the mouth. So now the symmetry is fine, but we need to again reassign all those maps, so we need to reassign because those maps are not in this project again. This is the Minuteman Project. You can see the name eggs here. We just replaced the character. So in this project, we don't have those maps. So we need to bring those maps first. So let's goto file on. Let's import resources and let's import all those maps. So our resources on let me go to maps on Let's select all those maps. I don't want toe import this evil snaps or so I don't want these maps, these two maps. So basically all these maps open it on now they're unidentified. So let's also undefined. So we're going to define those as texture. Let's quickly say is a texture, Andi, that's quickly. So on. Then let's imported toe our project on import. Now. This should be imported toe this project area of the self. You can check that here. The project, a DEA and yeah, let's go to project area here. So we have some texture off that glow project. Anything that fine. So now we have imported all those no back maps, but still, those maps are not assigned to the model so we can assign that by going to Texas, said settings. So again, you need to be at the right. Dexter sets because now we have to. Texas's and D's whereto previous file The MIT Mir pile texture sets, so they're now get out. Those are inactive. So let's go to Lambert one, which is the body. So now we're going toe assigned those. We're going to test the sets, so make sure you said that accepts it first, then these two absence are no working with this texture set. If you are selecting this, then if you clear the layer, that means you are creating a layer on this I Texas set. So let's see like this lumbered one. Go to Texas. It's on Dhere. We have all those slots for the maps, so let's click on select normal math on being the minimum af. So now against immediately, I can see the normal app. So let's start off the symmetry on. Then let's import every map so select I d on. Let's import the I d. Math. I think this one is my i d mef yet. And then, um, and occlusion this one got a picture I think this one so you can read the name here got richer on select Georgeson math. I think this one is going to push us in Math on the thickness. This one is the thickness map on wall space. Noma forgot that. So let's select well spaced normal and raise me wild space. Normal, I think this one Yeah. So I send everything You can double check that by pressing Beaky. No, my math. Then the world space you can You cannot see the maps on die because we have to do that again would die. Okay? Yeah, Everything else is fine. Let's go back to met Real mode and let's do the same thing again. You die. So again No map normal. So I'm going to basically do the same thing. So you're imposing the video. Okay, So I'm Dollard. No, assigning those maps on we have a fixed the symmetry. So if I control drag and make the process small on defy goto the lambert which is the body can blow. Give the name here. Let's it body on. If I go to layer and I have a chili s o, I can paint. You can see the symmetry is working properly. Okay, so in the next lecture, we're going to start accepting our character. We're going to see how to do this graph in the next lecture. 13. Texturing the Scarf: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we're going to texture the scruff, which is the easiest part to start to it. So that's why I have decided to no, start with the scruff and then slowly, we're going to know go towards the complex part. So first thing, before I start doing a texting, I want to change the interface a little bit by pressing the staff key so all you can goto window and you can hide you away. You can see the sauerkraut was the staff, so it will give me a little bit bigger space to work with. You can see when you press to have again it's going to bring back all those obstinance. When you press tab, it's going to hide the self. It's going to hide this text that say it layer old stuff here. So it's just going to keep this long three d view, Okay, But we need to assess those properties and the layers so we can assess that by clicking on here. You can see we new place, tacky and height. You get all these things here to the dock area on Now you can see we have just for apps on When I hide by Pressing Tab, I have more absence Now all those yourself is now here. You can see this. I can. This is the self. Now I can click it toe, get their self here on day, you can see all those self absence and then I can click again on that, absent to hide it. So it's very easy. Andi. This interface comes with substance Spent. 2018. If you are using a low Everson, then you don't give the substance. I think although you can hit, you have to hide everything else. But you will not get all these things here. So now if I wanted Layer, I can click here to bring the layer back on. If I want the properties, I can clear here to get the properties. But let's say I want the layer and properties here on the interface all the time. Then I can just click on the layer click on this little icon, so it's going to bring the layer to the interface again. I'll now I'm going to bring the properties again, so let's click is going to bring the property. Zia and I think this is it. I think we're going to work on this body. Andi again, we can bring the texture said as well. It is. My texture said, can being the texture set. This is my layer. This is my properties. So I want this on. I want this lonely out here. Okay? The next thing I'm going to do before I start exiting is bringing the actual images of the character. So they do know the color skin of the character parts. So I'm going toe open the image. So let's go to my distance and here and my purify ill. Okay, lets start off. So okay, this is my period file here, so it always stays on top of the screen. So sport this here, make it small. Okay, so now I'm going to start with the scruff. Fasting makes your you have selected the body Texas set on. Then we're going to create a layer, so I have already in normal layer, so I don't want a normal lead here because I want to feel this blue color to the Antares scruff. So I'm not going to take a normal layer. And with the blue color, I'm not going to pain to, let's say paint and feel properly in this craft like this and not going to do this. So I'm going to do this layer instead of a normal there. I'm going to create a pill there. So let's click on this bucket. I'm absent, so we have two. Plus I can't with different icons. Disney Normal air. This is the filler. So that's creative filler because I want to feel this whole scruff a blue color. So take the filler, so I'm going to change it. So first thing I'm going to change. This is no different channels. I'm not going to work on different challenge here. I just need the color under our friends. So I'm going toe deactivate this height Metal on Loman. You don't have to do this, but you don't have to keep those because I know I'm not going to use those. I just want the color and the rough roughness, loam, general toe at just the roughness of the cloth. Okay, so now I'm going to change the color here. So click on this color idea on click on this little color picker drug left most drag on you can pick any color here. Here, I can pick this Cullen in the blue color. Okay, on DNC because it's a feel. Let's going to fill the hole or texture set against C But I just want to feel this color toe this craft area Now we're going to work unmasking. So now I'm have created feel that I have changed the color toe blue And now I'm I'm just going to use a mask toe Just keep this color until this last graph area So we can do that by going to this little icon. When the lady selected Click on this icon, the second Upson. And from here we have four different ways to create mask on. In this case, I'm going to use this color selection mosque are mosque with color selection. And now we're going to use our color I d to select this loss. Craft media, If you remember, we had political left toe the scuff. So if you click on that color selection, you'll get this Al from here Now the color selects and selected so that we can select the speak color uniquely gun it It sold you your color. I d bake Now I can click on any color toe. Feel that blue. So that idea let's say I can click on the red color here on a soon as a click it mosque that a conceited creates a mask here on it chose that color. So now it create a white mask on that idea. So you can see the layer there on the verticals is black. That means it's hidden. Okay, so this is a way. So here, I'm going to again undo it on. Let's go to pick color again. On this time, I'm going to click on it. And yeah, so this is the way to take a feel they're on Use your color selection are usually mask with color selection and pick your color from her cholera I d. So this was the men. Didn't obey Qala Raidi to easily select few area and too easily put color materials to that idea. Okay, now I can see it. There is a difference in color, so it seems like in the inside, but it seems like a little blue site, so I'm going to change the color again. This is a feeler, so I can click on this little SWAT scholars. Watch now you can see we have to box. One is for mosque. One is for the actual layer, so click on this actual layer dries selected. It's going to give you different absence. It's not going to give you those colors to change or anything. Now it's swords, the mask color, so make sure you have selected the actual layer. Then I can again go and tend the color so I can again take it toe blue side. So let's take it blue side somewhere. Doesn't have to be exactly perfect. I think this is OK. Allow we consider it very signing on. It's a clot, so it should be a little bit mad, say, so I can go to roughness and I can increase this roughness. Just understand that roughness. One white is fully rough on. If roughness is said to black, it's fully signing without rough. So if you are going towards a rough, then you need to go towards white so you don't have to make it. Pull it rough. We can keep a little bit signing on. Now you can see my roughness is understanding somewhere here, maybe a little bit so So this is my scruff here? Very simple. I think I need to change the color a little bit a little bit from bright side. I think this is OK. Got this is OK, so we're going to stop this lecture here. Beverage stuff. I need to change this names of publicly says Scarf. So it's a good idea to put naming because as soon as you create no more less, it's going to be very difficult to understand which layer is what. That's why it's a better practice to look. Give naming as you go and clear different layers. So I'm shopping this Lecter here in the next lecture. We are going toe work on the jacket on. We're going to see how toe create a later kind of jacket here, and they're going to launch a Liberte new things, and we're going to create a more complex, layered system 14. Texturing the Leather Jacket: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, you are going to learn how to create leather textures. Mannelly. So we're going to see how to create a leather jacket on. We're going to see some steps and tricks for that. So it would be a little bit complex than those Garff. So obviously, scarf was no single pillar, and that's it with a single color. So for this again, I'm going to start with Phil there because I want to fill this no brown color to the sec it . So let's click on this pillar here. Andi, I'm working towards the tough. You can see the Scaife is there underneath Andi. As I create new things, I'm going to work towards the top. So there's the feel they're here on again. Let's change the color and you can see as soon as I cleared the field. There the scarf is goal. It's not the gone, because the feeling is on top of the scarf. I cannot see the scarf and the feeler covers the whole Texas set. So don't worry. We're going to assign the feel there just to this idea. So again we can see the scarf. 10 so I can hide the layer from this No singles circular obsolete. If I hide this layer, you can see the scarf. So let's not on under layer on. Let's first don't off few things which I don't want here. I don't want metal for this later, so because it's a leather, it's sort of metals. I don't want any mental. I don't want any normal. I think if I want letter, I can tone on this soon. Don't worry about these things too much. So I want color height, roughness. Okay, height. I want to keep the hide because I want to give some noise in its to the letter letter. So let's go to color first on saying this color to the appropriate color. So I have the emits. So that's why I'm using the speaker. Otherwise, you can go ahead and choose color mentally like this. But I'm going to use this look because here on, we're going toe pick the color tryingto beak the proper color there. Someone like this, maybe? No, I don't think so. Okay, let's see. We contend that color any time. So let's say this is the color. Okay? The next thing we're going to give it the name. So let's say this is the upper let earlier so there will be two layer so open later. OK, that's fine. Given name, would you understand? So here, up a leather. So this is my upper leather and I will have a inside leader where I can see that later. In the weird are the tone area, although the feeder area. So we're going to create a new layer for that as well. So let's we can duplicate this layer as well, or we can take a new let's A Let's create a new filler on this layer should be unknown it that so let's first create it and give the color. So let's turn off metal normal on. We're going to again pick the color. You can pick that same color and then I'm going toe change this color on. We're going to make it a little bit de saturated and lighter person. Just a decision. Delight Reversal on one is the rich color who is just a top player, so this should be on top so you can drag and drop like this. When you see the white line, you can release the mouse on you to be on tough. This is now at the bottom. Now it's covered the whole thing. Now I'm using to feel there. Andi again, It covers the whole thing on. Now I'm going toe, actually. Mosque on now. I'm not going to mask the layer individually, because if I go on, mask the layer like I did here. If I do that, I have to do this with this layer. I have to do this with this layer. I have to do with other less. Who's I'm going to use on the layer on the jacket. So this is a better I did toe actually not to do this, not to put mask with each layer when you know, using multiple layers for one area. So at this Citrus on, I'm going to create a folder. So let's click on this folder. Andi, Now on this folder, I'm going to drag and drop these obstinance here. So let's drug on drug drove here so you can see this is the folder here on. This is open. Now you can click on this Too close. You can see inside the folder. Now I have this true absence in Opel Layer should be upper and this would be at the bottom . And now I'm going to mask this folder instead of these no individual layers. So I'm going to mask this folder on whatever I'll put inside this folder that are going to be in the leather jacket area. So that's the main Dejan to mask this full. So let's select a polder. Andi, click on this and let's go to our mask with color selection on Let's go toe, pick, color, click on the sec it boom! Okay, you got it on now. We didn't have toe do one by wallet, each layer. Okay, because those layers are inside this folder. Andi. That's why those layers can't distance scene outside. Okay, on the other thing you can notice is this bloody exists. And this is because we are working with the very Laurie Jellison here. So if I goto texture setting against you were working in wonder to four, let's change it toe to show for it. Actually, our final result would be four K, but for no speed sake, I'm like working on the Lord Watson here. So now you can see which to go for it. It's a little bit better. And if I change it to 49 6 is going to even better. Like unsee, this is the actual result. But we're working on individual is and that's where the visible are the displays. A little bit, Lawrence. That's what it looks like this. But in reality we have this quality. So let's change it to at least 20 for it. Okay, that's good. So hide it on now. The letter is a little bit sign, but this Sinuses a little bit too much. So let's go to the letter layer again. Not the mask actual. Let now this is the fuller. So we're not going to see anything here because I have selected the full Riken. So click on this folded toe open and then go to the appropriate layer. Let's say this one selected on again. Now I can go to roughness on increase their off next to decrease the speculator t. So increase the Roughnecks CIA. I want a little bit signing this like a leather, but it's it shouldn't be too much. It should be something like this. I think this is good. Onda Underneath suit, village with rougher. So Don Bennett part should be rough reversal so I can hide it toe. See that? I think this is good. We'll get so why I have kept that inside, but which I cannot see. I cannot see that are tall, but I am having that layer because I'm going to use technique toe. Get some weird at this is area No to get some kind off fading effect because the letter is like old leather on the old leather tends toe favorite under exists. So we're going to see how to do that. How toe? Oh, no, get this no lonelier vigil in this high pick areas so we can do that by again, masking this layer this no up a little air. So let's select it on Goto here on. We're going to create a black mask. So when you create a black mask, it's going to totally tone off toddler that can see I have a totally fully black mask. That means not thing of this lead is going to visible. That means I cannot see any of this layer area because the whole area is black. In the mosque, white means visible. Blackman's No visibility. So now I have this mask. Now, once this mosque is selected, I'm going to use a generator. So again here I'm going a little bit dif to those off Transplanted No strength of the uniqueness. So here, click on this first icon. Was this mass black mask A selector goto our generator. So basically, when you create a janitor so genital area procedural technique to create no dot to create age, years, those sort of things. So here I need some kind of age weird. So let's clear that, Senator and click on this janitor No genital selector. Click on it to choose one from this list on these air by default. These are not any downloaded that than any plug ins. These are by default absence off substance spender. So here you can see you should have a upson called metal aids here this one. So select this one. So as soon as you select that, okay, as soon as you select that you can see some changes here, So here you can see, I can see the bottom layer now on. It's kind of inverted. So let's click on this inboard upson so in, but so Now you can see I can see the inside later on these areas. I need to change the scholar. I don't like this color. So let's change this color to somewhere. Maybe, maybe kind off low. And I think this this is too rough. Maybe a little bit on may be the colored should be a little bit kind off later. Just think about the later on, but at the way we dont Nous is very, very high here, so I'm going to again Mentally it's were Andi. Sherry can see we're level. It's too high. So declares it so if you declared it toe totally Jiro, you don't have any weirdness is weird. So if I increase it, you can see now I'm no getting some days we are here, so let's look this okay like this again. You can decrease the contrast as well. Like like capacity or something like that De credit on when you increase. It's kind of fair when the contractors high, it's kind of very patty, so it can fairly live it and declares this this weird label a little bit contrast something like this against you. Now this letter is kind of hold on. If I go to this back side, you can see the side is dark, so I need to change the light. I can do that by holding safety on right mouse, hold and drug. And you had in this blank area whole sip whole right mouse dragged the most to actually rotate the light. So this is kind of environment light here and you can see the back side so you can see these details under leather On the other thing I forget to do is putting a kind of flaw a noisy nous to the letter. It's very smooth. So let's goto the actual later color here on go to the height area can see I'm working in the Apulia upper letter and not on the mosque, actually, and go to hide here, Andi, Instead of footing this no dragging this value, I'm going to click on the height to use enemies on Let's type here later. L e t H e r. Later on, I have some images here. Let's say if I can select a Nimitz, okay, lets a dis emit on. We dismiss we can, you can see this is too much basically. So let's go and decrease the high capacity. So with every layer, we have the best color and we have all these channels on now. If you you have it like opacity here now, if you drag it, it's going toe. Decrease the base color of this layer. It's going to decrease the opacity of the color if I take this to height when this layer is selected and I'm changing this, so if I go to another layer, you can see it's no. It's going to affect this layer. So let's select this height, and now I'm going to decrease it, so it's going to decrease the height. Now you can see okay, it's good, but the leather details a big so I'm going to decrease in the size. So we're going to do that by Let's go toe, go to the layer on Goto tiling goto every scale, so the fiscal and increase this. So when you increase this TV scale of this layer, so it's going to scale any texture it has, so it's going to scale down. So let's kill Davey on. You can see now if I scaled down it, you can see the bigger tasters and if I increase it against this smaller details like this . Okay. Not looking cool. So the letter is done. We need to give it names. Let's say later. Jacket the full of namely the jacket. Okay, let's school loves this folder. Okay, I have a filler. Which What is this? Try to give a name to everything. So this is my inside layer. So inside leather on collapse it. So this is my leather jacket and Oh, let me let me Oh, don't on the upper layer. Okay, so next we're going to know Give this this idiot this for area. So let's create a new layer on top of the leather jacket here. New feel there and again, it's going to feel the whole thing on. We're going to again change the color so you can click on this little icon toe goto No material goto color. Choose the color here. Okay. Something like this on. We're going to again create a folder and pulled this layer inside the folder. Andi, let's say this is for again. I did this because I'm going to create more less for the for the idea. That's what I'm going to mask the actual folder, not individual layers. So selected for four folder on Let's Take Again the mosque color selection. Big the color. Okay, that's good. So that's looking cool, Okay? And I don't want the Sinus, so let's go toe. Go to the actual filler. No, for color, let's say for color, let's start off all this. No normal metal stuff on debts. Make it a little rough, so we don't. So you in a Sinus. Okay, I think that is good on then. This is looking okay, and we can give some four details to it, so I'm going to do that. So I'm going toe the height on Let's click on this, and I'm going to see if I have some far. So let's go to four. And I have one in measure for one. I'm going to use that. So this is the for once again. The scale of the texture is too big. So I'm going toe the top It you can click on here. You know, this is these are projects and feel area. So here you can see the scale increase this to make the texture small on Gun it small. I'm going to again decrease the normal are the height capacity. So let's go to this layer, it said. To hide, that's good and let's decrease it before you drag this value. Make sure it said toe the proper channel so large and see. I'm getting few for details there. I think this is OK. I can't even know. Make it more smaller by increasing Davis scale. I think this is fine. Okay, so let's go. Loves it on. Finally, it's done. So I'm going to save this file so you can see it's still met. Meet Matt file. No, it hasn't we save yet, so let's go to file. Save it. So let's go to save us because I don't want to save on top of that sample file. I don't want to do that. Let's go and save us it a different name. So here I am, going to my character text during file on Save On top of that, these air, some auto civic and see on this is my test file for my practice. So this let's save on this. So now you can see it's taking time to serve. Still, it's Mitt, Matt. Okay, Now it says, get protecting fire. That means it has been stepped on with this. I'm stopping this lecture in the next lecture. We're going toe work on this tea set on the plant. 15. Texturing the Tshirt and Pant: Hi. Welcome back to this lecture. In this lecture, we're going to work on the Teesside and the plant, So let's start with the desert. So here I'm going to use a smart material. So we have some already existing smart materials. So let's go toe Well, let me first place Steptoe Goto our previous interfaces on I'm going to the self here. I lied itself. You can drug this bar too low, make it more white. Let me hold you and make it wider are sort of like this. So if I go to smart materials, that's click on it. If you go to Smart Mitchell's, we have a lot off smart materials, which is very are detestable, so let's find any fabric. So let's type here fabric and again, see already have got some public smart materials here on for the tea set. I'm going to know you's this fabric for laugh so you can experiment. So I have all that experiment and I like this one. So let's select. You can just drag and drop on the object on the whole character to assign it, or you can even drag and drop to the layer. So here I'm going to drag and drop to the object on Release the mouse. Here, it's going toe. Assign it. Okay, Now you can see the material is saying all over the object so that we hide it on. Let's stone on the layer. Click on it. So really, I'm going to quickly bring everything doing toe face here. Yeah, I think this is fine. Let's bring the properties. Yeah, so here you can see this material. So I'm going toe quickly. No, Send that to the test. That only so I'm going to click on it. Click on this art mosque Goodhart mask with color selection. And again, Pickler, Just huge appropriate color here can see. And now I'm going to change the mitt. Really liberal because, as you can see, I don't like this kind off. Nagy details here. Consider knowledge bomb petals on. I like this kind of pattern. So I'm going toe. No, hide this layer. So let's go to the public. But love layer here and you can see it starts from the basic color. Then batter to get down off all the layer to check the whistler does what So you can check that, But here. You can see I have to surface detail there. And if I turn off those office detail to its there, So you need to don off the eye to see what's inside the layer on Dhere. I'm going to turn off this layer. I don't want that. So this is the thing I want. So let me win. Put our immense open our image. So let me Monday minutes. Okay, so, yeah, you can see the color is almost matching, but we need to change the color a little bit. So I'm going to the base color of this material so you can see the down material here selected on Let's go to the color, pick the color that speak the color from here. You can see now it's matching yet so good. And sometimes this pattern looks different. If you are in a different ritual, isn't let's say you are in two care, one k. This patterns are going to look different low originalism. So make sure you check all those patterns with the highest originalism. At least two more what it's looked like. Okay, I think I like this. So let's do the bent for the pal they're gonna do going to find a material smart materials . So let's goto the self here and it's fine. Amitiel. So here I'm going to use this fabric baseball hat material. So let's drag and drop Andi. Hide it. You can see the material. It has kind of no pattern like this. So I'm going to assign it Salutes, Let's go. Loves the public bull f I'm let me you name it hopin asserted Assad so always know rename everything. So here this would be the plant. Okay on If I go inside the Saudi first, I need toe mask to the area. So let's mosque pick the color on I need to change the color of the planet Looks black. It looks brown here, so I'm going to the best color of this layer. So I think this is the one fabric best selected on. Let's click here and take the color trying to get a proper But look, I think this is ok, okay. So quickly we did the start on the plant. So the next lecture we're going to do something new, and that is adding dot to the character. Now you can see the character looks very clean, although I have low texture. The sword text the band on the jacket, but still it looks very clean and we don't have any dart at these areas. This connected ideas. So we're going to put some dart to the gator and let's see how to do that in the next lecture. 16. Adding Dirt to the Character: hi. In this lecture, I'm going to are the Dart player. Before that, let's put all this leads into a single layer. Ah, single full origins, say so that didn't know organizes. So let's create a folder on its board that for, uh on the top on Select this one and sips leg bottom one. So it's going to select everything in between on Conceive. These things are not selected because, actually, they're selected. This color selection is belongs to this pan, so it's not going to select. So let's drag to this folder here on this should be inside that folder with the same hierarchy style. Okay, so now let's double click and let's say clothing or something. Okay, one folder for clothing here. So it's a rare bird organized on. Now I'm going to do the dot. So here I'm going toe. Do the dog with a few less. Let's creative feel there on I'm going toe first, get the dark color, so go down here and let's don't off this metal normal and height. I don't want that. I just want cholera and roughness, so let's give the color first. So dark colored, no less changed, like brownies are goodness. So let me go down to somewhere. Here, let me go to summer greenness and roundness. Something like this. Maybe it's a little bit too green Be something like this on obviously dot is very match. So let's increase the roughness here. We can make it full it up. I'm like putting it somewhere here. So it's great, Roth. Okay, so this is my daughter. So here I'm going toe do one thing. So the dark need to be at the Carvin areas everywhere. There is a kind off, no inside carvin or jointed. Yes, basically at the occlusion areas. So we're going to get the nor dart there. So the first thing I'm going to create a mosque Black mosque. So let's get a black mosque. Andi. Now you can see because I have a black mask. So it's totally no hired that layer and now I'm going toe are resonator toe this black mosque. Let's go toe. Once this new mascots liquor, let's goto our region. ETA on I have a genital card ought here. So let's creator dot or gas And as a click on that, it can see the dark. Now, everywhere there is the occlusion. So now this no janitor is using our occlusion on bench culture. Different wall space. Normal map, which is a map toe. Decide the dot on you can see the darts every joint or corner areas on. Obviously I don't want dart on the face too much. Now you can see the dart level is too high. It's too dirty. So I'm going to again to this. No doubt was this daughter selected? Now you can see I have some upson towards the dot So here you can see I have a dart level absence. A little dictates this. So this off, son you can see makes the character of fully dirty are it's going Toller have Lester. So I'm going to keep it somewhere like, like years. I'm getting some daughter at this card nurse so it doesn't have to be too dirty. They can gone off on to see the effect. And you can see the darts here as well. So let me know. Enough again. See, I think this is fine. So let me taste the dot level a little bit. Maybe this is on the next thing. We don't want dot at few places like this. No scarf here. I don't want this most of dart on the face so we don't want dot Here and now I need to do one thing you know to are just this dart Are this mosque you can see The mosque is driven by this dot Know so I can do one thing I can goto this year and are the paint layer so that I can are just a mosque so you can see it's controlled drug two Because the process Andi Now I repent layer and and it will help me toe create a like mosque adjustment So you can see I have a grayscale value here on now the white it selectors So I can just paint it toe . So to make the mosque white at the Syria that means it's going to solve the layer. So we're going toe No diversity by placing X key, you can press X to reverse between the white and black Here. Muscular. So now I'm black, so you can totally visit totally is the or dart from the face Oregon Dick visit By putting this color somewhere here, that means, you know, getting dirt. But I think we stood Etess from the fares and I can eat is from the from from the city as well Get something like this. So this is the way to artist the dot If you don't want somewhere so take a pinch effect here. So I'm using this art paint on Make this black and just No, it is the dart, so yeah, I think this is plain So years my dot So now everything is looking liberty better. So next we're going to work on the sewer leather So they see that in the next lecture. 17. Texturing the Leather Shoe: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to work on the Sioux later on. We're not going to do that from scratch. We're going toe use. Some existing already created mitral for that. So you can see we have already created a leather material for the jacket so we can use a reuse that for the Sioux. And then we can modify that for the appropriate result. Look, so we'll go to this clothing for this year and inside that we have all our folder. Let's collapse this one and let's go to the jacket jacket here and I'm going toe duplicate this. So let's select the layer on right click and we can duplicate layer article press control dif to replicate selected duplicate that on, Let's say so, leather or so on Dhere. I'm going to remove the mask because it's like masking this idea still, so we're going to remove it, and they were going toe again. Recreate the mosque for this area, so let's right click on. We can remove the mosque from here. So as soon as I remove that mask, you can see that layer here underneath this in a band and decently. So now that layer is there. So I'm going toe again. Create the mosque with the color Celexa on, pick the color big the soup and then can see that duplicated material is applied here on on the belt. Because the Sioux on the belt, I think at the same material on the differences. It's green, so we're going to change the color. That's it. So let's go to that base color here, the filler of that off that group for folder. So go to that. I think this one on. We're going to change the color. Two green salads duplicate. And let's check the color something like this on. We have Julia, so select it. This is the inside one. Let's select And this would be a little bit lighter person. So something like this, I think I think something like this. But the white it's a little too right salutes. Okay, I think this is fine. So now you can see there is no is Dem. It's here on. You can see we created this easily, my every using the existing Metreon. So let's look for your existing material on. Just try to reuse those to save some time. If it's same. No, there isn't any point toe. Make it again from the scratch. So in the next lecture, we're going to start working on the face of the skin. 18. Texturing the Face Part01: Hi. Welcome back to the courts. On in this lecture. I'm going to work on the skin on. We're going to work in the face. So let's go labs. Everything okay? And I think this was my dart layer, so I'd forget toe. Name it. So let's put dot Okay, that's good. Okay, so let's create a layer for the skin. So again, I'm going to use a smart material. So let's goto self on. Let's find skin. It's our skin on. We have three absence and I'm going to use this skin Face up some, So let's drag and drop on them. Object. Okay, that's good. So now the first thing I'm going toe mask it. So let's goto this no color selection mosque. Pick the color, pick the first color. Okay, that's good. On the first thing I notice you can see I need to are just this minute you a little bit because no, the poor of the skins at too big. So let's go toe that. No, that material fuller on inside Daddy can see we have quite a bit of full OSHA. Kobe skin, skin detail, skin pores, skin. Patty s U. S insists so here. I'm going toe first at just the skin color. So let's go to the best skin on. Let's sample the skin color off. Organic. Tha maybe. Maybe somewhere there's someone like this number. Okay. And then we're going to work on this day Sports. I want to make this poor smaller so I can go to the skin pores on to make this smaller. Let's go to this area here where I can easily add just this every scale. So increase this every skill to make this poor smaller. So it's basically tiling the texture and making it small, small and small. You can see I think this is good. Let me ask a little bit. I think this is fine. Okay, so next I'm going toe look pulled some color. Various into the fest. Basically, face tends to have color. Red ticks area on blue. Kind of subtle, de saturated blue idea. I area so you can look for images. Select missile use all means. Okay. Here you can see I am is here. You can look for the Simaeys online on and this is color Jonah fest. So you can type that on Google on. You'll find this myth can see the color. Joan of the face at this area is rare and the city is here. Lo the Saviour is blue Onda. This is a little bit detail here against the yellow idea blue on this, a rare cheek area. So we're going to do something like this. So again, remember, this is the main big blocking and then can put some details. Solarz do that. So yellow, red, blue so that we hide it. So I'm going to create a new layer for that. So let's go to this top player and let's create in newly on this time I'm going to create a simple layer, not a feel there. So simple there. It's created so that I can paint on that layer. So this is my layer here on. I want to change it to let's say, let's say red on, Let's put some red colored the face. Okay, so I'm not using metal, normal height, anything, just a color tone and roughness. So we're going to let's pick a color, something like and be prepared here on. In this situation, I'm going to use decimated. So let's stolen the symmetry so that it can work both side and here I'm going to put red color to the Lords toe. Let me change the colors. Ribbit every little bit. Religious their color to the north, to the cheek area here. Andi. Yeah, I think that's it again. Just do this. Okay, That said, And if you like, let's I know I don't want here So you can eat. Is that by no using you dessert? So let's eat as few India. Okay, that's it on, Then let's spread. These are blood or this color so we can do that by going to if are the filter. So let's click here, my lady selected. Let's goto our effect on I'm adding a filter. Here's our filter on Dhere Fight League On this filter radio toe are the filter. So I have some absence year and Lord is one of them. So let's click on the blood. So I'm blogging this no color. So here, if I increase this blood intensity, it's going toe blood it. So let's blood it. That's got a little bit more you can see so again, blood like this on then I can easily decrease the opacity to blend it with the skin. So let's do that. So let's go to the layered itself. Andi, make sure it's said toe best color on. Then let's click on here and in D Christer capacity. So yeah, I gotta know. Red blouse kind off effect. Okay, that's good on then we're going to art some blue color. So again create a new layer. I could have, like put the blue and red in a single layer, but I think having two different separately, it is more no easy toe manager. Egypt Toe mena plate Adjust that. I'm keeping them separate, So let's create a new layer on this time. It's called Blue Tone on its again Don off inimitable normal hide General on Let's let's go to the bus I Let's click on Find a color here so something some de saturated blue doesn't have to be very saturated. Blue de saturated blue is fine on Let's paint it had spent No this i e. I can see if you refer that in magic and see this underneath off I areas Blue is our de saturated blue and the city is blue, so let's the sickness select the city are so it's going to blue and this area is going to blow so you can hold sit right toe No change the light direction wrote the light. Basically, I think this blue is too much. Celeste de Saturated. Let's put some blue here. Girls doesn't have known, doesn't have beard. Still, we can put some blue there and let's again do the same thing. Art an effect. So I the filter and blood filter on. Let's increase the intensity of the blood. Good, blood it. Okay, I think that is good. And let's decrease the opacity a little bit when you were working with the symmetry. If you don't want to have this symmetry line in the interface in the screen, you can go here and gone off the symmetry. Hide the symmetry plane on Still, the symmetry is that it just no, Hide that symmetry plant so that you can easily see through No. Okay, I think this is looking OK. This raid is a little bit too much. I think we can easily it is that I think maybe I didn't let's have that or get so let's tone of the symmetry. So I'm going toe It is the really little bit. So let's take the desert and I'm going to Let's are down on that Just having the blast here on at the nose area. I think this is looking cool. Andi. I forgot to are some redness to this leap area. So let's let's find some red color to the league. Vidia. Okay, I think this is fine. So then I'm going to paint the leap. This is having some kind of lipstick or something. So let's create a new layer for that. And this time I'm going toe. I can do that with normal there, but I'm going to use you feel there for that so that I can easily change the color anytime if I want. Oh, so let's take a feel there and let's being that on top of the blue tone. Okay, so this is my feelers or let's say so. Let's say leap God alert or something. Okay, Andi, let's look down off the metal. Normal height. Just the color roughness on here. I'm going to change this color, so to speak. The color, Maybe something like this on Dhere. I'm going toe mask it so I don't want the holistic on the whole body. So here I'm going toe black. Mask it on. Then we're going to bring that back with a white mask color. Okay, so So let's take the bus on with this white color, we can paint on this nor mosque to bring that back in just this area. So the beauty of having this lift color with no feel there is I can see in this lipstick color at any time. So here you can see I painted a little bit far, far more radio here, so I can just press X to go to the black color. But I can do that manual here on I can again put black color to the mosque. Black it is, and white reveals in the mosque. So this is my live here. Beautiful looking. Okay, that's good. I think the face is looking a little bit signing. The liver's okay. The face is looking a little bit Sinus. I'm going toe the face color. Let's increase the roughness a little bit. Okay. I think this is good. Okay, So here's the basic of the face here. So, in the next lecture, we're going to welcome this. I'll Asus painting here and We're going to paint this look bads here. The stylist bears on the face this great bells and see here on we're going to do the ideological So they see that in the next lecture. 19. Texturing the Face Part02: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture. We're going to continue walking on the face on here. I'm going to walk on the eye, bro. And this I laissus kind off love venting here. I going to do this Beds on. You can see the hair pads as well. So let's I didn't start with this. I bro going to clear the new layer on that layer I'm going to create outside the skin. So let's create a filler. Okay? And let's say I brought on Let's again turn off metal. Normal height on. Let's speak color there. So it's kind of dark brown writing. Okay, Doc Brown on here. I don't want this month Sinus solids increased the roughness. So that it Ralph. Okay. Still, I'm not like putting it fully, making it full it off. She'll I want some kind off light highlights. So let's put that here. Andi, Let's again create a mosque. Selects. Unmask. Pickler. Pick the mask. Yeah, that is good. I think I need a little bit signing Nestle. Let's bring that back. Something like this. I think this is school. I remember a little bit back here. I think that is good So let's do the ill Icis then. So we're going toe again. Go back to the skin pace for luck on inside that I'm going to create a new layer again. I think I'm going to create that with the feel there. So let's create a filler. Let's say I less is maybe on with this Let's again don off the metal. Normal height. Just a color roughness on here. I'm going to choose a color. Maybe this same color. Okay, I think I just use the color from here, Okay? And let's increase the roughness. Okay, That's good. Let's create a black mosque. Okay, then I'm going to paint the mosque so the Damascus selected the grass skull is white here. That's good. So we're going to paint and reveal the actual layer. So here I'm painting with my mouth, so it's better to always paint with paint tablets. So I think for this kind of simple thing, we can use mouse so you can see I'm using the law symmetry. Okay, that is good. And let's bring this so again, you're masking here. So using the mosque on again to get a star point here, So I'm going toe. Make it black on again. No kind off unmasking here. Something like this. So something like this. This is good. Okay, so let's do the hair pads here. So for that, I'm going to again create a new layer on this time, I'm going to create a normal there because I need toe paint. This basically so normal layer on. Let's say help patch. Maybe maybe here or something. Okay, so with this, let's let's find a color again. Something like blue is de saturated. Dark buoys color like this. Um, yeah, a soul. Next. And let's bent. Yeah, I'm going to paint you so you can see Hello. My mouth is on the hair. I'm not painting on the hair because the mosque we have No, the mask is here on the main folder. So that's why it's not painting there, because it's, like, unmasked. It's like black mask, basically. So sorry. Let's a new go to the hair. So let's quickly paint here. Okay, so now I'm going to going to decrease the opacity. Something like this. Make sure, uh, I don't left any video. Okay, that's good. So that's done. And then next we're going to put some color to the hair, so let's do that. So here, let me go back assorted. Get outside this snowfall. So let's create a new feel there and it's a here. Okay? And let's start off the metal. Normal height on. Let's sample the color of the hair and we're not not going to have this sign in insults. Increase a little bit towards the roughness on. Then let's create the mosque. Okay, that's done. Little bit signing. This is there. Okay, so next let's create this look past. I be, as you can see, the stylus patch. So again I'm going to organs. Had the skin face clear on. I think my daughter is still here. The dark dealer should be always on top, so make sure that no Fulla is always on the top here. Andi, everything else is underneath the dot So yeah, so let's go to skin fists full of year. And let's create a new layer for this Pats on again. I think I should take a look feel left for that on again. Don off everything except the color and roughness on here. I'm going to choose the blues kind of tent. Let's big the color and then you can choose. I'm going to choose something like we're gonna Blue is valid color maybe something like this on. Let's again take a black mosque. Okay on, Let's bend the mosque. So here I'm going to start its omitted. Then I'm going to Donald the symmetry for a little bit. Asymmetrical details. So let's do it quickly and you can see em painting on top off that I less so this lives would be under the ill esus. So bring this down. So this kind of no highly case, very important. You cannot just create a layer anywhere. So it's kind of know, always going from the bottom to our stop. So makes you, like, give up into into that. So no, let's say I batch on. Let's create that now against If I created under need dialysis, So let's create it and let's see how it looks. Let's evolve really create this. So if you want a very clean pads, let's say now again, see the bus I It is very bloody. If you under clean Reginald, they can go and increase the hardness so you can do that by holding control and right most . And if you move the mouse up, up or down again, see if you move the most. Open down its artist thing that it can create a very stop for us like this on it can create a very soft bus like this. So it's holding control right months, moving the mouse up and down. Make sure you're moving up down because with this same control sod cut, you can also increase the brush size of dictates the process by moving the most led to write, you increase the brush size or decrease the process by moving the mouse up, down. It's going to are just the hardness of the brush us. So I'm going to exist it a little bit on. So let's let's create a very start looking the odds here. So having this law feel that is very good again, again. No sweet it. I've dressing XK And then again, you did easily while just putting that black color you can see again to see does it something like this. And then let's switch back to eggs again. So here, against some kind off trail again switching to X and it just is this idea X key to again come back and fill this area so you can see how useful it is on. Let's again do the same thing here to make it serve again. I'm working on my mouth here. So liberal, hard to do. But if you have a tablet, that's very easy. I have a tablet, but I have not connected for this. Okay, so this is good. And here I'm going to Oh, served this area a little bit. Maybe I think that that is okay, So let's print this area on here. I'm going to turn up the symmetry on Let's see if you began break the symmetry connected line. So let's hope x key. It will be just a brick. Something like this. I think this is fine. So now I'm going to I'm going to maybe Yeah, I think this is Okay. So here I am going to decrease the opacity to blend it. So let's decrease. I think this is OK. Still, I'm not happy with the final result. I might are just a little bit and see. I think this is OK. So take your time and make it no good looking here. So maybe they say they assert. Yeah. Trying to imagine the concept there. So maybe this yes would come here. And then I think that is good. Okay, so I think this is fine. So I'm stuffing this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going to walk on the I. So see you there. 20. Texturing the Eyes: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to talk about how to do the eye on. Before that, I'm going to sell you something. So here we have idea. So if you if you aren't actually and want to see the final result in the render began click on this little icon here, the camera icons to see the final output. So that's click to render it in idea on so that we have a good idea off the final look. So it's tonnage on. You can see now it's rendering for real time rendering and you can see Okay, it's looking cool, but you can see the speculating of this. No face is a little bit too much on this. No, this bats is very signing, so we don't want that. Maybe we need to decrease this. No later. Speculate a little bit, so it's a good idea. Toe check in between so you don't need toe, do the full texture and then render Ridge and see it so you can know activities to check the final. And I'd just according to this output, so here against if if I can close to the face so it's gonna very signing can say it looks almost looking like a plastic arrogance. See, very sign the Patties. Very signing. So the bad should be mad here. So let's down off this. I'm I'm going toe existed in a bit, so I'm going to adjust this pattern off next first. So select the Pats I pats on. Let's go to the roughness and increase their toughness. So let's increase it of that school on. Now let's decrease the face off a speculator ity. So again we have the speculative from this anything gloss, the pink color gloss off the face color. So let's go to the tone on. We have the low roughness years. Let's increase that. Let's increase that, Andi, Let's go to the blue, I think. Yeah, that's fine. Let's go to the best skin and it's increased off next year as well. Okay, I think this is cool. Okay, so let's slow start working in the eye. So its collapse, everything it looks very know, very dense and very confusing. So let's school labs. If you thinks he s o hare, I brought in. That's good. We can put all these things into a fuller so Let's create a folder for this face or something. Let's say the skin and I'm going to put everything into that. The skin fares on this I bro everything. Okay, so now I have clothing group Fuller Skin Fuller and the DOT So I'm going to put the dart in a folder as well. So let's a dirt. Let's try this, doctor that folder so I can see it becomes a little bit slower because I'm working on the no highest, highest level there. So let me go to the body here and let's go to texture sets so I can say I'm working in the forecast. Let's go down to Okay, okay, that's good. So let's go to the I I Texture said to organize Alice Klieg light. Exercise it here now it said toe one case. So that's too low. Let's go to maybe 2 48 to 0 for eight. Okay, so let's start working at this or now the society selector go to layers on. We're going to create some layers, so let's delete this layer first on. I'm going toe create the ideas for that. I'm going to create a no filler. Okay, so feel that one feel there would be the white part. So let's say the weight on one fill it would be would be the actual ideas, the brown itis. So let's create a new film layer on top of the white on Let's say the ideas. Okay, good. So now I'm going to change the color here. So let's go to material down off everything except the color and roughness. Okay, that's good. And the roughness would be little Sinus or load Roughness on gets to choose the color. So let's stay the brown color. Maybe, maybe something like this. And now it covers the whole life, so I'm going to mask it. So let's go toe black musk. Let's take a black mask, black mask, paint white. So I'm going to increase the bus. So make sure the symmetries on Andi can see I'm including the broth size to know to the ideas size. I'll just started the bus. So let's elect and something like this. Just one click stamp. Okay, that's good. I think this size is OK. Go to forge alliances to see if this is harder stopped. So now you're into zero for it, so I can tell that I think this softness is fine. I don't know if no, I need to make it a little bit sopped. So let me undo it. Did Window Let me go toe forger 96 So I'm going to artist the brush hardness by holding control right most and then moving the mouse dollar so it makes it stopped. Let's stamp it something like this. I think this is fine. I might need to increase the broth size a little bit, getting the ideas at the right locus and is very no heart. So that time to get it right, Maybe this is OK. OK, so I'm going toe, then create the inside black cream. So let's go to the layer on Dhere. I'm going toe. I think I did a mistake. So let me under. I don't need tohave this, nor this mask on this actual color earlier. So let's remove the mosque. So let's actually create a folder. Andi pulled all these. Let's put the ideas, at least inside that folder and let's say I this I just folded here. Andi. Now I'm going to mask this for lead instead of this actual color. So let's mask it Black Mosque and let's clear diet is stumping it. So let's look at the face if it looks art or something, I think this is fine. Okay, so now I'm going to create a normal layer. I'm going toe choose a color solids to something kind of Black X. Make sure it's signing matching with diabetes. Oh, sorry. So let's give this dream something like this. So it's not going outside because it can. We have the mosque on top off this holder on the folder on this layer is inside the full. So that's why I put the mosque on the folder north, actually layer so like and see Let me go toe this layers here and painted OK, now I'm going to blur this. So let's go and put this no filter here. Andi, Let's at the blood filter. Let's intense because the intensity a little bit, I think this is too much. I think something like this maybe a little bit a little bit bloody. Yeah, that is school. So then let's clear the people the black part of die. So again I'm going to create a new layer for that. Andi, Let's a black ring something. So always name every layer. Let's get Ah, great A Maybe in normal folder as a normal layer on. Then let's stamp it again. I need a very surface, Russ. So will control light. Most dragged the most up Something like this and it should be very signing solids. Make sure it's tiny. I think the size is appropriate. Maybe. I think this is school. OK, this is good. So now I think this is good. We're going to give a little bit no bright color to the Syria. So again, I'm going toe. Name it. Let's say, Bill. Well, I don't know how I put that. Okay, that's good. And then let's create a new layer. Andi, This time I'm going to goingto get a very bright color of this ilo. Okay, I think this is the maximum small brush aside. This is the lowest broadside. Okay, that's good. Okay, so let's for this like this on, then. We're going to put this underneath the people I'll underneath this black ring. That means it should go down to this black thing on top of diabetes. OK, that's there. That's right. Bright yellow kind of thing. And we're going toe again. Blur this. So let's are the filter blood it. Okay, I think this is school. Let's take a little bit bright color. I think this is good. Okay, so now next, I'm going to work on this I white, but so we're going to create. So let's I did. So we're going toe work outside that folder I just pulled up on We're going to create a pink kind of raid idea. So we're goingto create a folder for that. That the folder on Let's dig the red pink idea here. Okay, let's increase the bra sizes, which let's make it stopped. Lighting this colored needs to be changed a little bit. Maybe dark, just to a little disarticulated dark. So I'm going to put something like this. I'm going to again blood. So I think this is too much, But let's try blowing it. So let's go toe filter blood. Well, this is too much. I think this is good. This is good. We can just decrease the opacity a little bit. Okay, that's good. On next, I'm going to put a layered on top off everything on. We're going to create a Sadow underneath this. No, upper eyelid. So let's create a new layer for that on. Let's say I lied. Sadow. Maybe I lived shadow. So let's put their black gray color on. Let's do it here. Something like this. And then let's decrease the opacity. Okay, that is good on this. No Sinuses too much. So I'm going to undo it. So let's increase this. You can see the white part, Sinuses. Too much solar. It's actually. Let's see. Okay, Okay, that is here, inside this thing. So I'm going to this. We're roughness here on decreased the roughness off this layer. You can do that by using this new layer so you can see it's to no easy here. So let's go to the I lied. Here I'll folder. Let's create the layer Asadi The Shadow, which to deliberate signer and then on Let's decrease. Let's makes your Saito best color on degrades the opacity here. So it's kind of fake, Sarah. Okay. I think the I is fine. Okay, so that's good. Guys finished on in the next lecture. We're going to start working on this metal process. You can see we have metal pieces here and some metal pieces here. So we're going to see how to do that next lecture 21. Texturing Metal Parts: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture. I'm going to work on this off these parts. You can see this hard surface parts, so I'm not sure if these air like metal or plastic. So I'm going to treat it like kind of the in betweens like a light metal type of thing. So let's started his smart material. So I'm going to find the smart material. So let's sorts plastic here inside smart materials. So let's go to smart material on, let's say, a plastic. So I have a material in mind. So that is here. You can see this plastic used signing used up sign material. So let's drag and drop that on the object. Okay, so I'm going to use this material. Definitely. I'm going to modify this material scholar and know that the roots off it. So let's go and open this folder here on. Let's first bring it. No down. That should be always on top. So let's go and open it on Dhere fasting. I'm going to change this color. So let's change this color to somewhere like maybe Oh, you can big the color. Something like this, Andi. Then let's known assign it to this metal. So I'm going toe mask it, using called selection. Let's speak, Let's big it. So you can see assigned to this part and this part along this hell listen part. Okay, so now it looks plastic, but we're going to give it illegible metal illness. So I'm going to again to the actual layer and let's go to the folder. Best plastic on here. I'm going to increase this metallic. So now it's said to black That means no metal. So I'm going to increase it. So something that maybe Liberte metallic something like this on. I'm going to increase the rough less a little bit. So I'm getting a little bit Highlights on. You can see we're also getting some no scratches and we're ness there. So it's inbuilt with this material. So I'm going to again the color on Let's increase the call brightness a little bit, letting custom Metallica leverage. So, uh, I think now this is looking cool. You can see all these scratches on this angle. If I change the light you can see. See all these. No scratches here, maybe 18 metallic. It's 180.7 or something. That's that is good here. OK, so next I'm going toe put this No kind off. Later. Kind off mitral here for this part. So let's create a material for that on that's created Normal pillar. Okay, so let's go to this color and let's choose a dark colored here on here. I don't want this month off Sinus, so let's go on increase. This roughness was so I wanted sopped sign E. So it looks like some kind of letter. Okay, so we don't want any metal here and the normal height here. Just a color and roughness on. Let's ah, assign the mosque. Okay, that is good. I can see this. No loaded jurist's answer. Let's go on. Engaged this to four k. Okay. And now it looks cool. The doctor medically took that material because it had the same law. I d color. So I'm going toe assigned the same material here, so let's speak the color here again. I'm going to assign it so we can take ducal, as you can see here. So I'm using that same material toe to different color. Ready. So again, if you don't want, you can just click on this minus toe. No, deal it from this color selection list. Okay, now I got that build covered. Okay, I think that this good are they going to put that same material here? So let's speak it again. Alice. No, I dismantle to here, okay? And now it's looking cool. So we have completed this Lecter here on in the next lecture. We're going toe. No work on this kind off illuminator. Objects like this, this blue illuminator objects. We have some at the behind peace. So we're going to see that in the next lecture. 22. Texturing Emissive Materials: Hello. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture. I'm going to work on this missive. Parts here can see here we have on this one on the back here. So we're going to see that how to do this kind of a missive. Material inside substance Mentor. So I'm going to again create a normal fill their on. Let's get it first. So let's bring that outside there. So the no layer was selected Report that I created that layer on top of that. So make sure whenever you Greek on this make sure the top layer, this elector and it'll not often neglect feared the layer above that. So here this is my material and mistreatment Re also, let's call it a missive Are some bright whatever just to understand it. So in missive here on for this kind of a missive material, we need a missive channel. If I goto this mitral channel, we have just color metal roughness, normal and height. We don't have any iMessage material or a missive channel. So first thing I'm going toe in level that on I can do that by going toe. This no texture set sittings on here. You can see our channels here. So we have based color metallic graft less normal and height on. I want a iMessage channel here so I can do that by going to this place I can on Dhere. We have some other absence on a missive is one of them. So let's click on it and create a missive challenge on. Now. If I go and check the no material, you can see there is a new obstacle. A miss on that is primitive on its now disabled. So let's enable it on before this kind off a missive. We don't want any mentalists and in normal, any hiding promicin. We just want color roughness, missive. I think we don't even want roughness. Or let's turn off that, Okay, we just want color and a missive. Okay, that's good. Let's start with this with this piece here. So first thing I'm going toe pick the color here, so let's speak the color from here. We can give any color, so let's give it delivered. Lord Dalton to the color on. The main thing is this initiative. It's it just won't know. Just understand it. So let's click here and let's choose the missive color fast. So now I'm going to choose the missive colic and see. Even though the color itself is black, Andi can see it's still very bright because of this missive color, which is also no called uniform color. Here you can see and we're going toe look the at the mosque. So let's create a mosque. Black mosque. So So it's like invisible long on. Then we're going to again love, bring that back at the right area. So let's decrease the process here and here. I'm going to assign that material toe this Syria so on to the city s so we can do one thing . Let's Ah, we could have created like linguine do this black mask. We could have Teoh color selection looks big, Discolor. You can see that stone on. We're going toe paint this mosque here as well. So I'm going to create a paint. So let's go toe here. And let's add a pent to it colored selection. If you want to again are something to the mosque you need toe, have this paint here on with this we can love bring the mosque and you're so here. I'm going to create it. So let's click here and hold seeped toe. Get this lining can see we're getting a straight line. So again, this click on hold, sift and then drug will get this kind off line. Less drug holding, sipped can see on. Then let's feel this area E g. Here on the Let's do the same thing here. So here is going to take a little time. So I'm going toe speed of the video. So off before I speed up the video, I want to talk about one absolved here, and that is this know Ledge. Imo's here, so it's kind of delays. The stroke. If I don't on this, we have obsolete here this non distance. So now if I drag this brush, you can see it delays the brush stroke Andi, which creates a very smooth, a smooth, controlled no stroke. You can try this solids dry. You consider the less the stroke on. It's like lagging behind so that you can you can have control. Let's feel the Syria So here. No, I don't have any color I d, because it's a single object in the high poly. So that's why I couldn't assign in color I d toe that area in the high belief You have a separate mess for this. Then you can put a colored in the high. Polian will get a color. I d for this. So that would be great. Easy. But in this situation, and I don't have anything here, it's a single color I d. So then let's turn this off on this. Feel this basically simple thing. Okay, so I'm going to do the same thing with these two parts. - Okay , We have completed this No color feeling here. This initiative color are material feeling on. OK, so we're going to no see if I tens this no light make this I dog, You can say this know, also illuminating the darkness. So this no Emmis, it is in heaven end off light. That means in the darkness it's going to still no look right, Andi, you can see if I goto this backside. You can see we have some kind of kind of Grady int. Look, the side is labour darker than the center. So now it looks very flat. Let's say if I goto this display here on if I turn on this active it postproduction post effects. You can see we're going to get a little bit low brightness here on day. We have a glare. Upson. So if I go to this glare, I can increase this live alliance toe look. Make it even brighter. But it it's kind of post depict. It's kind of adding an effect on top of this. The screen. It's also if I increase this, it's also going toe. No glare any bright it again. See, the hand is now going so we don't want this too much, so we just want a little bit glow here. Now it looks good, but for this kind off radiant look, we need toe know, do some kind of flaw trick here. So let's go on Dhere. I'm going toe for this kind off effect. They're going to have to layer to a miss it later. One would be a little darker site, and one would be lighter, the center area. Then we're going toe mosque, the center thing. So let's try to do that So this would be my no dark person so we can go and let's go and make it dark a little bit darker side. So let's look a little bit dark side. So just imagine, like this since something like this on, then I'm going to duplicate it. So let me undo. First, let's first duplicate it. So right click. We can duplicate this layer by right clicking and duplicate layers. So now I have to a missive on Let's say the bottom one is the dark one. So let me down off this. Let's make a deliberate, darker side like this. Let's start on this. And now I'm going to work on the mosque. So we're going to Let's say so. Let's go to the mosque and we're going to bring this No bottom part here. So let's mosque this out. Solipsism No, inverts the mask here. So let's a black on experience here. I'm gonna paint on this painted You can see now I can No, I can just eat. Is that thing basically a Now? The bottom invisibly air is visible here, So I kind of masking out this area by no masking black mask here. So it's kind of no, Treeger. We're using here to get that kind off. No, radiant Look, you can see now. That's good. You do that just to the border. I think this is looking cool on. We can make it a little bit brighter. I think so. Let's go on. Let's make a deliberate brighter. I think this is good, will be a little bit saturated. And maybe this lesson you become a little bit dark side. Yeah, I think this is good. So this is my final eliminator parts on. If I render now, let's goto idea and let's click on that undersea in the render organ against in the Render . Still, it looks like labour doll until we can goto this rendering here. Andi, if you go to this Seder setting, we have to have here when you render, it's automatically open here. So we have to dive, display sittings and say the settings. If you go to service settings, there's an up some call in missive intensity on. We can no increase this toe. No, make this no brighter glowing when you render, it's going to appear no against its better look lor on it. It's going to truly emit light from that idea so you can see in the light spilling out of that area. No, you can see the light here. Actual If you increase this in density, Liberty can see the glow lights on. Here. You can see the light too low. Narragansetts Looking cool. Okay, so I'm stopping this Lecter here in the next lecture. We're going toe? No, complete this material things. We have still some parts left here. We're going toe a sense of materials to those parts, and we're going to complete the mitral assignment in the next lecture. 23. Completing Material Assignments: I welcome to this lecture In this electoral we're going toe Report some materials to this left behind parts You can see we have toe put this material See? So let's start with this hand you can see, see has or a kind of globes here. For that I'm going to use a smart material here. So let's being a smart material public. I'm going to use this public best, so let's drag and drop. Okay, so here's the fabric. So we're going toe, so it should be underneath the darts again. That should be more above all. So let's bring the color selection. I left. Biggest. Okay, that is good. Andi, I think this is looking to dark getting Let me check. It's looking toe dive sellers goto this color on exchange this color too little bit lighter person. So now left to some things some kind of dark grey something. Okay, I think this is good on then. Next, let's create this material. You can see we need to put this material here, so I'm going to get a new feel there for that. Okay, that's good. And let's mask it. So let's mask here. Bacolor. Let's big discolor. That's changed the color here. They're going to speak this color from this. Okay, We don't want this. No metal, normal height, a missive, just color and roughness. And let's increase this roughness so that it won't look toe signing. So let's increase the roughness. Okay, I think this is cool. And let's do this part here. So again, I'm creating a feel there on. This is kind of a plastic end of material, so it would be a Liberte signer. So I'm going to first colored so let nor pound off these things so color and let's big this color argue that it's cool. So let's here. I'm going to sell you a new way to mosque. We can again take this no color selection because we have a color. We can do that, but here I'm going to solve some new absence. Or here let's take a black mask, okay? And let's goto this nor polygon feel down on that. With this, we can use for different ways to mosque. So when you have a black mask or white mask, you can then take this and you can choose this object, Hobson, because I know this is in evident locally. That means no, it's not, well, it anywhere. So it's a single piece. I know that so I can take this Upson and just click on it to mask it. You can see so we can mask by object we can mask by polygons. So let me undo. We can just mask any polygons or let's say it says no, continue. Will that object we can mask by politicans selection like this? We can also mask like this by just selecting polygons on the object. So let's say you want to mask a area here. You can just mass like this hot again, masked by triangle so you can see like this. I can mask like this. So some other absence here and we can also mask toe TV again. I know this is a TV cell so I can do that are, let's in this situation. I'm going toe use this, or if you can see it's like also taking this piece. I think that is not included with this area. So in this situation I'm going to remove this mask because it's a single object. That's where selecting So you I'm going to again try the color because I think, Yeah, I have a separate color just for this pipe. Okay? Now it's looking cool here on day. I think you have completed every material law except this one. So I'm going to create a new material on this would be a red material. So let's created feel there on I'm going to against On Off Metal Normal Height Committee. This time I want a missive. Roughness. Okay, so this time, let's go toe the initiative on Let's make it red and let's go to the color and make it dread so you can see that now. So I'm going to again. I know it's a single piece. I can again take a black mosque on this time it's going to work. So object Click. I can see now it's working Unless Kliger Nick Okay, done. So let's come back to the bus. So here we have completed this No material lecturing set up here are no putting materials to every pieces. So in the next lecture, we're going to put some style Asian of patsy darts. You can see some dark Patricia on the belt on this area on under. So here. So we're going to see how to do that in the next lecture 24. Adding Dirt Patches: Highness. Later, I'm going to do all this patty darts. So let's start creating a layer and do that. So here I am going to know this dot folder on. Let's create some Betty. So here, I'm going to take a field there. Okay, So first thing, I'm going to change this color. So the starting off, all these things on let's change the color here. So I get colored knish to be somewhat brown green, so less find that dark colored Here. Okay. Having something like this. Okay, so then let's decrease this No history increase this roughness. So that it? No, it met, kind of. And now I'm going to create a black mask. So let's just black mask here. So that's totally here. And this layer. Now we're going to paint and bring back the dot. Okay, so here, I'm going to know being something like this on this layer niche to be no, some kind of no transparent. So let's select this on when it select the best color. So goto this a positive drug, and let's drag this somewhere here so that when you do this So let's do this here so you can see see the teas that here it's not just a fully dot So that is that is there. We can just know. Do this and you can increase the starkness of the bus control. Right? Most drag. Okay, so that's good. And so let's quickly don't do some bads, Some more sips. Okay, so, yeah, I'm going to do to sound the no belt here, So it's kind of no end of style A's and now get something like this and then we're going to put something on the leg there, plus a real quick And then we can use the symmetry as well if you want toe. But I'm going to make it estimate so we can obviously do this with this normal brush. All we can take a dart bus to get a better looking realistic kind of dot if you want, so we can bring that dart Brussel. Let's go to brush here un find the dark process or express D I something and here you can see some dark vs, so we have dot wondered to three. So we have some tired process years, so you can you can experiment and find the better one. So you can see here. It's kind of more realistic site. It's going to give you really kind of very doctor looking. So here they say, the bottoms would be no very dirty. Let's make this so doctor here again, we can increase their no passage a little bit because it's hard toe hard to notice. There, you can see this kind of no realistic site. All right, if you want distant a badge again again, don't take the normal bus, which is the basic Brussels again. Go back, clear the selection here. Let's take the basic this. Except but hired. Maybe. Let's let's take the soft and let's make it a little bit harder. It goes something like this. Deliberate, stylized and floor combined. Basically, yes. Dictators, though. Positive it or get something like this. So now the sewer Liberte dirty. Let's bring that brought us again. God do. Let's try this one. So I'm trying to blame this new gratis here, so Yep. Make it. I can't even large feel dart here and there. Okay, so I think this is it. This is goods or Lex. See if I can add something here. Maybe. I think that is fine. We don't cannot fuel no darts here and there. So I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going to art some normal details so we can use substance Pinter toward some normal detail. So we're going to see that in the next lecture. 25. Adding Some Normal Details: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to So you some ways to create some details inside substance painter. I mean, creating some model details in normal maps. So let's say you have forgotten to are some details in the high Poly or you want to know make these things a little bit more complex looking can use that technique so you can see I have forgotten some screw here so we can use that technique to bring some screw or details here. So the ways I'm going to take in normal there not appeal yet. Justin, normally on we're going toe don off everything here. Just I just need this new normal and just turn off everything else on here. I'm going toe. No, use this normal. Andi, I'm going to use some normally minutes. Some existing normally measured insights often spent. So if you go to this self on, if you go toe hard surface here, so let's find that hard surface. Okay, inside this, you can see we have some already ready made no normal map details for hearts office detailing. Okay, we can use these things as normal. So let me show you how to use these things. So let's find this crew detail. So let's sit this one. So I'm going to drag and drop to this normal area on as soon as they dragged that. That's in the normally on. I'm going to know use a very hard for us. So I'm going to hold control, right mouse, and then move up and make it fully hard. All right, if you have a sub Russ and if you look like you can see it No, it's stopped, I would say on here, I don't want any colored. So let me turn off the color. Andi, I think that toughness just the normal you can see the Rosner. We cannot This like this now it's in normal. Maybe if you play Seiki on. If you switch between different generally can see that's in the normal now, Okay, I'm let me undo so you can rotate this thing. You don't have to know. Just click, and it's going to look, Sam. You can see it's exactly same, wouldn't it? If you hold control it most on a loan, move forward and no backward your mouth. It's going to rotate on if you hold control. Lip mouse move your mouse left to right. It's going to use the not just the floor of the plus, so you can see its existing the floor by moving the most forward and backward. It's going to have a sister notice in so holding control and left most does two things rotating and know the floor adjustment. So let's hit one on. Let's wrote it it to here. So let's so now I can see, even though we didn't have this actually in hyperbole. But we have that detail in the normal Mafia, so we can again use this kind of no details toe. Find some more unique or good looking. He's let me try something else. Maybe so you need to experiment. Deliberate. So let's see this one Onda again. Let's increase the breast size on the agency. I need a very starved Russell. They're just going to sobbed outside, so I'm going to, you know, hold this right. Morrison, Let's audience this so again. See, I've one detail I didn't have in the high police solids. Note that it something like this we can add some details here, so go ahead and no see some opportunity toward this kind of details on in the next lecture . I'm going to So you somewheres toe? No. Put some sticker kind of details. Let's say you want to write something here you want toe. Put it in a sticker. Kind of texture. So how to do that? Let's see that in the next lecture. 26. Adding Stickering: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this letter. I'm going to So you how do you stand? Still to create some sticker ring effect. Let's say you want to write something on the bottle or texture on debts. They want some symbol or some downloaded textures here on. You want to pin that on this subject? We can do that by using stencil here, So let's see that How to do this? So I have already downloaded some PNG Mrs Onda. Let me first import those into assumption spent er So let's go to file import resources on Let's go to our distorts on. Here is the distance and I have no downloaded. All these images against it is a PNG missus, I think, except this one it says Jay paid, I don't know. So I think you can see there's a PNG for my team. Insists that was The background is transparent, so it's important these images. Okay, open those on. Now let's make them define as Texas. So click here and just make those textures define that's texture. And then we're going toe importing toe project character texture. In here on input on those are going to be here inside this no substance spent our self If you go to project will find those are you can see those here at the center area. Okay, so now let me show you how toe use those testers toe toe planed on objects. So first thing, I'm going toe work with this one. So we're goingto bring it here Can do that anywhere. Let me first created layer for this. So I'm going to create a normal not a feeling just in normal there on this layer I'm going toe no down on this stencil at the projects on Upson. So let's click on this projection. Don't on that. I love this on this layer is selected. I'm going to turn off everything except the color. So the color is the only absolute Just active. Everything else is D active or desirable. Okay, so inside this material I'm going to drag and drop that picture. So that drug and dropped to the best color on now. As soon as I drive, we're in this projection more. You can see the street until here on going to skill This so we can hold s key and right. Most drag to zoom in zoom out on s ky left mouse drag to rotate it like this Let me undo and let's make it Make it stretch most it okay and holiness and middle Mostow Bell. So it's like normal old and left middle, right? Most in this case, it's long, just I've just in the stencil. So we can also are just a model behind there by just holding all than the normal obvious in we use studio. So here, I'm going to again. Whole s right, Most track to scale. I'm pushing this one symbol right at the center. There on now I'm going to adjust the Bross edge as it it is too big. So whole control, Right mouse just starts the bus. It's kind of no soft brust we can say is the blows too hard? Or you can hold control right most and up down your breast to make itself So now I'm going to paint here like this, something like this. Okay on, then, to get rid of this stencil, I can just go here and just turn off that color. Immense! You can see we can just close this on. We're ready to go and still you in this projects and more so let's go Toe bus more on. You can see it here. Andi, I got some. The report isn't part here, so let's go to your razor. Anita's Lo All these on wanted ideas. So this is the way to know. Bring any PNG mrs and print those here on the model. Let me. It is carefully here or something like this. You can see beautiful looking texture here. We can see that decide because we had, like, overlapping You've ease. So whatever I do along one side, it's going tobe visible on the other side. Okay, so again, I'm going toe pull something here at the back. Maybe so again, Let's do that. So I'm going to again turn on the pros, Excell. So let's go to the self and let's see its thing I can use here. Maybe this number. So let's drag and drop that. Okay, now I think this it's kind of frustrating. That takes it a little bit. So let's see if we can use this. I can see it's looking cool on. Let me again close it. Get out of the strength. Still, the projection on the stick the desert and this on my integrity as so again. See, it's quite useful. So go ahead and do this on in the next lecture. I'm going toe. Render the character on. We're going toe. No, complete this course with that lecture, so see you there. 27. Rendering Using Iray: Hi. Welcome to this final lecture of this course on in this lecture. I'm going to show you how to render our character for your portfolio. Are Maybe you too. So somebody are toe? No. In this case now for our no course in minutes and those kind of things. So to render, we're going to render with you. No idea. Here. So touched on this idea. Thompson So large warming over. You can see here. It says I a warm off. So give it a l a minute, and it's going to turn on. Okay, so now I can see the idea is rendering our character so you can see Basically, you don't have to add zest on. You don't have to do a lot of stuff for a good render. You can just click and don't on it. And yeah, you can use it on here. I'm going to solve some obstinance, obviously. So the first thing you can see the lighting Onda, we have no some environment and lights. Now we have two taps, display settings and set of sittings. If you go to the displaced sittings on DNA now we have against three No. Three to have here is basically one single thing, but it solves three deaths. You can click here to goto the exact absence. So when it's no environment settings, it's on against see then Berman Mafia. Now it says Momoko Studio. It's by default here with this. No file so you can click here Olynyk league. You'll get lot off absence here, a lot of available environment lighting so you can just leak. Just look at the lighting here, although I know I like this lighting. So let's see some other absence. So if I go and turn on any lights, let's say this one. The 1st 1 let's click. Okay, now you can see it takes time to update and it also takes a lot of time to render. I can see we have some strong lights here. So that's why we have some strong saddles on the ground. So it takes a little bit no longer time. So I'm going to decrease this max time. You can see here it says toe 800 seconds. Andi. So the more here you are going to get a good quality, but it's going toe. No, take a long time. Andi conceives kind of taking part in minutes something so we're going to decrease this value. So let's decrease it on when you decrease it. It's going to be a lower quality, but it's going toe render fast. Andi can see this time no, went down to someone 19 or something. So let's look quickly, Don let me make sure you don't make it totally Jiro. It's going to again take a long time when it said to Jiro, it's going to take its own time So let's look boots on value here. Maybe maybe 57 is fine in this case. So now if I rotate the camera or the view, it's going to render quick and grand of fast chicken. See the status it says, rendering on. It's going to say Don quickly. No agency just took took eight seconds or something. So now the render is fast, obviously, for the final render, we need to know increase this valuable so that we get a good noise free render on. Once it said, Let's Jake some different environment absence. So in this environment, math against see, we have some other up some. So let's try. It's kind of little doll, so you can go through all these maps andare to see which one you like. In this case, I'm going to use this. This one This is called Z Dance CPR building something. So let's start on this. And with this one, we have a sopped shared on the ground. You can see Onda Model is looking cool so we can use this or let me go to the previous one . Let's see which one Which one is looking good? So previously Waas using this one This is looking cool, but I think I'll go with this one. This this g danced something gets a little soft side again. So go ahead and choose your property in Mormon map. Reach when you like, you can use anything. There's no wrong, Right? So it's just no different lighting condition. Okay, so now you can see that it's rendering fast because we decrease this max time. We change this environment math for different lighting on the next thing I'm going to. So you this no ground off some. Let's say now you can see I have a like a ground plane here. So the character is standing on the ground plant on that because I have. I have this officer here. This dorm type is said to spear with ground. Let's say you have different off sense, like maybe impunity. SPR Spear. So you're not going toe Get that ground plan for that. So in this case, I'm going to sues the spirit ground. Andi, let me So use one or Dobson on That is the bloodiness of the test. Let's say you want to focus some media and you want to blot out the areas, so it's kind of depth off Phil effect. So we're going to see that how to do this. So we're going toe this. No, this ups on this camera, setting up some solar. It's go to that on here against a day's obstacle a pitcher. So if you increase this, let me increase this. So if you increase this, this is the blood amount on DNA. Now you can see totally blowers the minutes Onda. There's nothing in focus, So if you want to focus, let's at the face. Hold control on middle mouse click and it's going to know. Okay, this is the idea to focus on is going to blood the other distance area so Now, if I increase this a picture, you can see that this area are bloody and the face area is quite no self. This the city itself so you can create this kind off, good looking images. Managing this a pitcher on control may the middle most way. They say you want to focus on the leg again. Control Middle mouse on now, the leg out in the focus and the out of focus. So in this case, I'm going to focus their faith. Yes, it's quite good looking on. And the next thing again you want to. If you want to artist the intensity of the a missive area, it can go toe invasiveness. That's year under. I think that's understand of settings. You can go to a midship settings and increase or decrease this intensity. I think this intense. It is fine. You can say it's great good brightness, so I'm not going to increase it. So let's click here and let's see. So now it says rendering and one wanted complete. I'm going to save dismissed and now it says, Don, let's see how to save this image. So before you save on, actually render you need to be aware of the IND render size, so now it's rendering a or size. If you go to this area, you can see the render Size is said to line Tin 20 into 1200 on in this situation, and I'm going to render my screen site, which is No. 1920 by one George Gero, which is the 1920 s Day. One jury jury's decides. So now it's said to a different number so I can change this number here. So let's say one. Giorgio, uh, no concede object here. Land again. It's rendering. Okay, so let's render it okay now it's Dawn wanted. Don't we can save render are we can again Sarah online. So let's save this render on. Let me go toe off full of year and let's create a new fuller That's a final renders. So I Let's say something like, Let's image just a one on save it. So this is the way to save now. If I go outside on d j. Give first there, Logan. See, it's there. It's It has a little bit noisy or low quality. Because of that max time, we need to increase that. But overall it looks very clean and good looking. So let me in. Close this on again. Let's go back to substance here. So this is the way toe great. Bloody. No depth off ill effects. Next, we're going to see how toe render somewhere from. So let's say you want to render somewhere frame on. You want toe so that for your portfolio, let's that you have this and you have a well from Brenda. So for weapon under, we don't have any direct upson forward family. Nothing here yet. But we can no do that. We can associate that with a trick. So I'm going to do that. So I'm going to get out of this idea more for a while. So that stone off this Andi can see we're using that app Asia. So that's why I'm going to actually turn that off. So let me go toe, go to the distress that things on. Let's start this up it or down. Okay, so we're going to see how to do the where, friend for that, I'm going to use our Meyer TV on. We're going toe. Create a missive layer on. We're going to use that you ve black and white TV as a mosque here. So let me show you the process so fast, I'm going to create a invasively on top of everything. So let's select the dark layer on. Let's create a new filler, Andi, that's going to be on top of the dot Basically, on top of everything. So this is my where from. Okay, so I'm going to make this layer in missive, so I'm going to the material idea, turning off everything except the embassy. Michelle in on. Let's give it a color. Which color? You want your weapon, Toby. So put that color. Maybe maybe green or blue. Something like this. Okay, so this is my little where from? Or the a missive layer pillar. We're going to create a mask. Black Mosque. So basically, it's now hidden the ladies hidden on. We're going to bring that layer back with the evil lines. So here, I'm going to switch back to Maya for the U. S. Napster. So let's go to Maya on here is our no locally character selected. Take the every snap, sir. So let's go and click on this little icon here. Andi, I'm going to take the snap sort here. So let me goto the Prophet Fuller. It said that Final render. Let's say V save on here. Make sure the size is correct It 4096 That's fine on here. I'm going to say within the peg. Okay, Depict for months on end appropriate. Destin Issel. Immense size is correct. Okay, so let's a plan on. Make sure this is It's said toe White. It said Toe white by default, but makes your it said quite on a play. Okay, now the snap start is done. So let me go back to substance Mentor on. Let's check the snaps of outside our subject. Let's go toe the foil on. Let's see. So here is a revision. Absolutely can see the background is black Onda UV lines are in white color, so it's the by default off my So we're going to use this e v snap sort as masking for that a missive layer. So let's see that how to do this? Okay. If I go to substance mentor here on Dhere, I'm going toe mosque. No pain that in the mask area, so I'm going to create a paint layer for this. So that I can pain that. So let's create a paint layer. Okay, That's good. So we're going to use the dragon. Drop that on into this stencil area. So let's see how to do that. Let's first important picture here, so let's go to import resource. Our source TV. Open this stick. Sir. Let's imported toe project here and import. Okay, so now you when I goto this project area, it should be there. Davis would be there. Here, you can see. So I'm going to drag and drop on the stand Still. Okay, now, that is good. We have selected the spent on. I just dragged the e v to the stencil area on. Now I'm going toe pain. That on the e v a really s. So let's go to the two d View three d two d view are just a two d view. Okay, so just go toe to D view. Now you can see that is exactly know, aligned to the C V. Yeah. So now I'm going to paint with my bras. So let's increase the broth size on it. Might Might be a little slow, So just a presence. And now I'm going to paint it. You can see now if I've been it's going to, like, deliberate. Now you can see I'm painting basically masking on DNA, revealing the actually missive layer. And I'm asking the V white lines. So this spent basically tried to look cover every area. Try to cover the bras on every idiot. You don't use it from miss anywhere. So that's why I'm kind of law repeating that breastroke on top of everything, I think I have covered everything. So now I'm going to go back to three d view. So let's go. So is back to three D view on Let's close the stencil. Okay, now you should see do a friend A round object on that is that's inside this layer. So we just use our UV as masking as a paint on the block Black mask. Now you can see we're revealing the layer. The missive layer No, you re lines on. Now if I goto render. I didn't know I should see the reliance, and it's it's an immersive layer. That way it's bright even in the darkness. So now I can see how toe Brenda Levy. You know where frame. So this is a very good tree. Go to say the setting and not just the a missive intensity toe. No, Get the intensity. Let's say you want growing lines. You can increase the immersive intensity. So let me to increase it against in our Noglows Even more Now I can see a beautiful looking even lanes. So again, let me decrease this down again. You can use the blood effect by going to this camera settings and increasing a picture and control middle mouse click for no proper focus area. Basically, So let's click here and everything else is kind of bloody. Okay, so let's decrease this picture here, Okay? So let's save this emit physically, it's John for final render. We're going to increase, you know, the smacks time deliberate for a better quality texture. OK, so I think we have governor everything here. So with this, we have completed, of course. Andi know we started the course with very basic head and no sculpting as a starting practice on. Then we went to the actual character, sculpting inside jiggers a lot, lot off sculpting techniques there, Andi. Then we learn how toe redouble the character. Using Maya quadruple on Deborah's on top organ. And then we moved toe my even rapping. After that, we see how toe big different maps is in substance painter. And then we take so our character. So with this whole journey, I hope you have long something from this course on that is useful for your carrier. So this I'm saying thank you for enrolling to the scores on swing belief in me and my courts. Thank you very much for watching this course. So I'm going to see you in a new next on a brand new course. Until then, take care. Bye.