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Character Modeling & Texturing For Game - Sculpting

teacher avatar Nexttut Education, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

64 Lessons (8h 56m)
    • 1. Stylized character promo Updated

    • 2. Customizing Zbrush For Speed

    • 3. Setting Reference Image in Zbrush

    • 4. Different Ways to Block the Body

    • 5. Block the Body Using Zsphere

    • 6. Blocking the Basic Shapes with Dynamesh

    • 7. Blocking the Hand Using Dynamesh

    • 8. Blocking the Head and Wrap up

    • 9. Pant Blocking

    • 10. Shoe Blocking

    • 11. Jacket Blocking

    • 12. Tshirt Blocking

    • 13. Scraf Blocking

    • 14. Gloves Blocking and Wrap Up

    • 15. Introduction to Sculptris Pro

    • 16. Correcting Face Proportion

    • 17. Making the Eyes

    • 18. Detailing the Nose

    • 19. Detailing the Lip

    • 20. Creating the Eyebrow

    • 21. Detailing the Hand and Wrap Up

    • 22. Downloading and Installing Useful Brushes for Hair

    • 23. Creating and Saving your Own Hair Blocking Brush

    • 24. Using Gizmo to Bend and Manipulate Hair Clump

    • 25. Blocking the Hair Style

    • 26. Creating Sharp Edges for Stylized Look

    • 27. Creating Hair Strand lines

    • 28. Polishing Hair and Wrap up

    • 29. Creating the Pant Belt

    • 30. Adjusting Proportion at this Stage

    • 31. Creating Belt Straps

    • 32. Sculpting Pant Torn Part

    • 33. Sculpting Pockets and Seams

    • 34. Sculpting Stylized Folds

    • 35. Refining Shoe Shapes

    • 36. Adding Leather Folds

    • 37. Modeling Strap and Buckle

    • 38. Detailing the Tshirt

    • 39. Jacket Basic Shapes Adjustment

    • 40. Fur Collar Sculpting

    • 41. Adding Folds to the Jacket

    • 42. Blocking the Scarf Folds

    • 43. Polishing the Scarf Folds

    • 44. Gloves Detailing Wrap Up

    • 45. Blocking the Bomb Holster

    • 46. Detailing the Bomb Holster

    • 47. Modeling the Scifi Bomb Clamp

    • 48. Detailing the Scifi Bomb Using Panel Loop

    • 49. Blocking the Head Phone

    • 50. Detailing the Head Phone Ear Part

    • 51. Defining the Back Part

    • 52. Blocking the Back Fly Machine Strap and Body

    • 53. Detailing the Fly Machine Body

    • 54. Connecting the Strap to the Fly Machine

    • 55. Blocking the Hand Machine Part01

    • 56. Blocking the Hand Machine Part02

    • 57. Detailing the Hand Machine Part01

    • 58. Creating the Circle

    • 59. Detailing the Hand Machine Part02

    • 60. Detailing the Hand Machine Part03

    • 61. Creating the Pipe and Strap

    • 62. Final Touch and Wrap up of High poly Sculpting in Zbrush Chapter

    • 63. Decimating Highpoly Model for Retopo

    • 64. Exporting Decimated Model for Maya and Wrap up

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About This Class

Hi, Welcome to Character Modeling & Texturing For Game - Complete Pipeline course. In this course you will learn how to model and sculpt a stylized character from scratch using Zbrush.

Do you manage to model characters but they don’t look like production level quality ? If so, then this is the perfect course for you.


Welcome and Instructor Intro 

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist and Educator.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.



At the end of the course, you will be able to model and sculpt beautiful looking stylized characters and Hard surface props for game using the powerful Zbrush 2018.


List of Major Components

  • Sculpting Stylized Hair
  • Sculpting Stylized Clothing
  • Sculpting Stylized Beautiful Looking Face
  • Hard Surface modeling & Sculpting
  • Poly painting

Let’s see how the course is designed and what’s there for you. There would be 7 modules.

In the first module, you will learn Zbrush from scratch,  Sculpting and poly painting basics by working on a small stylized head project.

And then In the second module I am going to start the main character project and you will learn how to start and block in the character from scratch using dynamesh and zsphere.

Then in the third module you will learn how to block in the clothing of the character using different method I use in production.

In the 4th module you will learn how to define the face features and  making it look beautiful.

In the 5th module you will learn how to sculpt stylized hair using zmodeler and some specific brush

Then in the 6th module, I will show you how to sculpt stylized clothing wrinkles.

Then in the final module, you will learn all about modelling and sculpting hard surface object zmodeler, dynamesh and some other technics.


Ideal Students 

I have designed this course for beginners to Intermediate level 3d modelling students and artist who wants to model Stylized characters but struggles with  making the character look beautiful and production ready.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nexttut Education

A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

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1. Stylized character promo Updated: Hi, welcome to character modeling and texturing for game, the complete pipeline course. In this course, you will learn to scald, read topo and tested on animals and ready character for game using diverse Maya TOPO gone and substance pent up. Do you want to learn the full process to make a character for game? If so, then this is the course for you. My name is newline. I'm in 3D modeling and texturing artist and educator. I haven't teaching since 2008 at various institutions as a Zika lens education, Our Lady now animism. I've also worked as a character modeling and texturing artist are cluttered digital and through Wine tractive. At the end of the course, you will be able to create beautiful looking characters for game using GPS, Maya, tofu gone, l substance painter. Let's see how the course is designed and what's there for you. The course is 23 hours long, but there will be 13 modules covering sculpting, the 3D topo, UV, unwrapping, baking maps and texturing. In the first module, you lunge EBUS from scratch, sculpting and Polly painting basics by working on a small stylized hair project. And then in the second module, I'm going to start the main character project. And you will learn how to start and blocking the character from scratch using the enemies and G spear thin. In the third module, you will learn how to blocking the clothing of the character using different method I use in production. In the fourth module, you will learn how to define the face features, making it look beautiful. And the fifth module, you'll learn how to call stylized hair using gmodel and some specific process. Then in the SWISS-MODEL, I'll show you how to sculpt stylish clothing and wrinkles. Then in the final module, you will learn all about modeling. I'm sculpting Hart's office objects by using gmodel or dynamism, some other techniques. In the eighth module, you will learn Maya basics, and this module is for absolute Maya beginners. In the Ninth Module, I'll do the character read topology in Maya, TOPO gone and zebras. We're going to start with my early Topo. And here you will learn how to use quadro tool for the topology. And then I'm going to switch to Topo Gun is specialized rate of a software. And you are going to learn It's magical tools to read topo your character with state. Then we're going to see how we can also use zebras to create globally. In the tenth module, you are going to learn character UV unwrapping using Maya 2018, new UV tools. Here I'm going to show you various waste, one wrap and some new powerful tools. And finally, we are going to create the main UV layout. In the 11th module, I'm going to start baking various maps such as normal math, ambient occlusion, Corvettes are Posey soil and thickness maps are caller ID map using Substance Painter. I'm also going to show you how to eliminate any errors in those maps. In this module, we are going to texture the character inside Substance Painter. First I'm going to start with the very basics of the software and then I'm going to take up the clothing. You are going to learn how to create leather jackets letter I'm going to make the character looks a little dirty by adding a dark layer. Then I'm going to walk on the scheme and the makeup of the face. And we're going to pin the eyes next. Then I'll put some metal materials from the heart, simplest parts. Then you learn how to create growing a misfit parts. And finally, we are going to render out our character with Ira. Then in the final module, I'm going to conclude and wrap up the course. I've designed this course keeping beginners in mind. But it can be very useful for intermediate to our one's character artists and students who wants to hear their own characters from start to finish, but struggles with it because they lack step-by-step guidance. And I'll see you in the first lecture. 2. Customizing Zbrush For Speed: Hi. Welcome to this first lecture of this model on in this lecture. I'm going to so you how to set some sort card kids for process on how to bring some mental absence into this interface so that it can easily use those things without going inside. So first, I'm going to open any no beautiful project. Anything as this want here, so open anything doesn't matter. Now I'm going to say it some sort court case for frequently used process. So let's set clay build off. So I'm going to use to for this so whole control Ault Andi. Then click on it, left. Click on it, then place two without moving your long most cards or anywhere just place to. And now you can see the it says the costume Hard cases sign. So now Clay we love is to now I'm going to say it, move the whole control old and click on it, and then pressed three. Okay, three move. Then let's use the damn standard for four whole controlled, then four. So first hole controlled click. Then press the shortcut key which you want to ascend on. Now I'm going to set the standard process will. So let's move to any other breast and control. Click on Press five forced under Samara GNC to risk level of trees. Move for danced under on five Standard. So 2345 on I lived the one key because one case therefore to use the last command. So that is very handy sort card. So don't use that for once, you said all this broth shortcut keys. I need to store them so that when I opened divas next time it's there. So in order to do that, go to preference and goto heart keys here on store them. This is very important that you are storing those Once you said so now whenever I will open judo's the sort code keys are there. Now let's see how to bring some absence to this interface so that we can use those no quickly without going anywhere. So I'm going to first bring some process to this area the process which I used less frequently But I use those in order to bring this process here. I need to first go to preference and let's go toe config and turn on this Annable customize Upson, This will allow me to customize the interface. Now I'm going to bring this move Top political So whole control halt on, then dragged this verse. If you try to do this, you can see I cannot drag from here. So let's first select it so that it comes to this. No, a quick piggery. Ansel Dillard's goto here Don't think this this is active. Best thing it will change. So let's bring this one well controlled on draft so moved. A political is there. Then I'm going to bring this dream dynamic. Plus, I used that large solids selected so that it comes there. So let's go to fear and bring this controlled and drag. Then I'm going to bring this clear plus again play. So let's bring the clave. Thus here and now I'm going to use the peace process. Alers pressed B to fill the rice and select the paints for us. They didn't go to breasts on being that means breast from here. Then I want to bring some inside absence to this interface. Let's say the deal here in Upson go to Gemma Tree Goto more effective. Pelosi, get over here on Bring this del hidden so These are the absence we're going to use most of the time. So let's whole controlled and bring this. You can do this as well. You can. Being any of this mineral Upson's to this interface. So Dele heroin is there now. I'm going to bring some other obscenities. The dynamics. Let's go to Jim a tree. I'm going to dynamics bring this dynamic substance, which is the tone on or off button off Dina Mus toe. Bring that on. Let's bring this original isn't of sin agile well controlled on. I don't have space here right now. If you don't want anything, let's say I don't want delegate any congest well controlled and drag it to this no blank and bus. It will go away. Threat to bring this result. Listen, I think this is more important. Yeah, so said the region. Listen, Dad, animus here, then then let's try to use this little space. Could've artifact a Pelosi tell hidden. Okay, that's fine. So once you said all these things, now let's go to preference on Donald Discernible. Customize off, son. Okay, now you can see my interfaces said. Now I need to save this, so let's go toe config and tore conflict so that when I opened divas in future, it said already. So let's set on in the next lecture. We're going to see how to import some reference. Um, is it into this canvas? 3. Setting Reference Image in Zbrush: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to bring some reference images into this Jibril's background so you can model without bringing any difference images. Ondra senior on experience Guys do like that, but I believe for the beginners, it's useful when you have the difference images behind and you're just looking at the difference images and matching the proportion of the character. Otherwise, you have to guess the proportion, and you can do that. You can practice that, but let's see how toe you the reference humans is behind. So in order to say that I need something here. So let's bring any of this project on. Let's bring this on any of this so that I can bring the reference images. So I'm going toe are draw here on Let's goto this front and back here. So I'm going toe. Bring the front him. It's so let's go to turn back and click on this map one. And now I need to import all their friends amazes. So let's go toe. No, let's browse and importance image. So I'm going to bring this image. You can see this is not a mess we're going to use on our agency. The reference is not aligned properly. Let's say this is the character. The dog is character. In this case, we're doing a human and I brought the talk. But the first thing I want to start off this prospectively t which is bad for reference. No adjustment. You can see when I moved it to the side. It's not the far end of the dog anymore, so let's make sure the prospective it ease off. You can see we know are done off. This is always the front against. It's always the front. It doesn't matter. What is that like Camera. So now I want to move this reference email, so let's go To draw on. You can offset the remains from there. So there is horizontal upset. So that's being that Make sure the references at the right locus and just roughly on Yeah, So we're going to delete this dog. We don't want this dog anymore, so let's go to stop Tool on. That dog is so letting here. So let's deleted from here on press. OK, so we got the start because we cannot deal it Now The whole thing here, we have to have something. So we're going to start blocking the body in the next lecture. Now I'm going to save this scene. Are saved this project. So let's goto file here and it can save it from here. So you have different save up, son. You have one safe? Absolutely. Is here on this is to save the model. Just a model on If you say from here, This will save in j t l former Dart J T L, which is the tool for Mark. And if you save it, you do not get this reference back when you open it will not there. So make sure you are saving from file on Dhere on it. Saving Dat's Apia, which is gibberish. Project file on diverse project file keeps a reference him is the model everything. It's kind of saving this whole season on. And if you say from here, it will only save the model and it will not save any reference images on those things. So that's a bit from here. And I'm going to save it inside my courts here and ah, inside this exchange the name we were doing, the character excellence character. You can given a specific name for the get go on deck selector. We're going to start blocking the body 4. Different Ways to Block the Body: in this, Lex, I'm going to saw you different ways to start your model. So different artists use different ways on. Obviously, there isn't a single way. So there are different ways to do the same thing, and we're going toe just briefly. Look, are those one of the way to blocking? Your model is using dynamics, and this is, I think, the most popular who is. Most of the artists are using this on. Let's see how to do that. So in order to started enemies, you go to this light books and started the dynamics Spear here, or you can take any spirit can convert. Axl. It's Let's double click on this dynamic spear. No, let's that this is the body on mosque. This area. Okay, invert this mosque by control. Click outside. Then I'm using this move Tool on Let's move. That's click on this little icon to bring, dismantle through and say Aun said, This is the hand unknown. When you stretch it, you can see the polygons has stressed. You can turn on this polyp frame off so you can see the polygons straits with Astana. Miss Beard, we can read animated by holding control and click outside. We don't have any mosque here, so it's going to regenerate that animus. So this is one way to do it that just move. So let's bring the move, Russ. So I'm using my sort car tow. Bring the process. It can go toe here and to this process, Just look at the process with amusing. So then you can distress. Let's say this is the torsos you can stretch it on. Then again, you can read an imitate toe. Get the region. Listen up a little isn't again again here the neck. So this is most of the experience. Artists do use this technique so you can use this and again pulley straits and no clear the blocking of the character. At this time, you don't have to do all those details, just a blocking the best except on this is one of the way to use dynamics and straights and discreet the full character out of here. Spear on the second ways, huge ing some kind of primitives as a brush on, then convert those two dynamics. So let's see that. So now I'm going to clear this thing by going three prints. Image. Ibra's when you do this it, like, clear the whole cess in. Now I'm going toe first this again dynamics beer. So let's But this time I'm going to first create a bras out of his trades. Piers, I'm going to stretch it. So go to scale. Andi, choose this. Know why? Green color box when it highlighted Just straights it like this something like this. A noun going to rotate it toe this be a whole sitch toe like against snapped this butto this angle toe the second set of front our top down angle Let's say this one. Make sure the prospective it is turned up because I'm going to create a brought us out of this and this angle is very important records. When I'm going to drag it on the surface, it's going to be created with this angle, so make sure you send this angle to, like, top down and with prospective ity off. Now let's created brought us out of this. So good job, Ross on Goto create and click on insert Miss creating sadness. We nuclear gun it. It will ask you toe created bras. So let's click on new. Now we have a new brought us Principalists Pierre. So now I'm going toe come back toe this dynamic spear basically new fressin on with this insert bras Select the insert broth. No again drug on top of the subject. So let's said, this is my It thought so on and I just dragged the leg to the knee. So now it masks and the Zadan masking so I can now rotate it like this. Use the road. It'll I'm using the sort card, which is W E. R. So W's will move. He for skill are for Rotech. So once you do this, then let's move this on. Penetrate this. So this is the technique with that loan. Very recently. Ah, now I can see again. Go back to insert mess. You can press Q two. We're back to process. Yeah, and then let's again drive the Lord lick so you can see here. I'm going to rotate here, and when you drag it marks other things and this party's on mark on. Then let's intersect with this leg again against scale it if you want. Oh, so this is one way on. Let's say this, the whole character you have to do like the Thai leg, the food in the torso than the like neck head and in the hands you can do this on then once you're done because there's a dynamics object on. If you look at the subtitle, it's a single subtitle. You can read an immense it toe. Blend it or mars it. You can say in now and these are just intersected on. This is dynamite subject, whole control and drive. You can see when you drag it. It's going toe. Wield those things because those are intersected on denim. This is good for this. Then you can take the smooth brothers and again just, um, next moving it. Obviously, we're going to do this. This is no read animus thing After you do the whole character dragging things. This is one way to block as well on. I'm going to sell you 1/3 way, Clear the sin again and now I'm going to. So you how do you disappear to block it on? I think I'm going to use this in the score, so let's go to light box. Andi, bring this this peer so double click it on. Just here is a little bit old up son. But still, I think this is a very good option Toe creator around it are cylindrical saves Andi. I find this is better than the dynamics stretching thing for beginners. I think this will be better that I'm going to. So you this technique in the next lecture. But let's see just briefly. So this is his SPF on. When you place a, you can see the actual model because the G spirit is normal model. It's a technique. So now a conceive my symmetry zone. Let's say this is the torso and let's create the just drag under. Dispirit will get here. You can see the exit, the joint of the leg. Then let's drag again on this would be my knee. So I'm going to move it by using moved No move. Tool can see. I moved that thing s o well, you press you can see the model, actually, So this is very good to create cylindrical saves because this no disappeared by the fall. This cylinder girl here. So you get a good cylindrical Sape. Let's go back to draw again and drag again. You can go to move Andi, Do this once you don't need the whole character like this. Then you can just go toe adaptive skin here and you can click on this this mega additive skin to actually create the model. Once you click here, it will give you the model you can see so little Give me with a different tool here. So we go the more than when you peer the adaptive skin. It's also dine Imus object on we can again change the safe And Regina miss those sort of things. So we're going to see this thought up, son, in the next lecture toe block our whole character body on. It's up to you. If you are free to use any any of this three absence so there to do the blocking the next lecture. 5. Block the Body Using Zsphere: in this lecture. Specifically, we're going to just block the frame of the body, just the very basics blocking. So first I'm going to open my project. So let's go to file open on, open it. So who's as our friends images? So because we have already out of friends images, if I go to lightbox and open this despair, it's a project which has the J Spear. If you do, this is going to replace the whole project and we don't have the reference images, so you can do but two things. Either you import the reference images again into this project, this thing off again, which you already know. You can do that. We're going here. So let me soil how to bring the disappeared into an existing Crozet. So let me go back to my project again. So let's open it. So now we have the start to go to sub tool on Goto happened here so you can see that this pier here as well so you can happen. There's disappeared into an existing seen by this way, so I don't want to start anymore. So let's goto ability to make sure it is selected on Let's delete from here. So now we have, like, we're left with this. GIs Pierre on. Let's start with the star. So the most important thing is prospective off on. Let's go to scale here on scaled down This disappear on. I'm going to start with this pelvis area. Let's go to move. If I move now, I might move toward somewhere out of the center so which I don't want. I want to be in the center, exact center. So for that Chris Extra get the symmetry. So once you have the symmetry on your moving, you cannot to move to one side. It's like if you drag the mouse to this side on that side, Bras is pulling the side, so it's kind of staying at the center. So this is a good trick to stay at the center, to start on the symmetry and move, then use the move toward so now, little scale down. You don't have to be perfect at the stairs. That's just to move on. Creators disappears on. Now I'm going to turn off this image for a while. I just want to turn off this reference limits for a while. For that they just do two ton of this floor. Now I'm going to again draw more so that I can draw some more disappear, like for the leg. So let's draw it like this on. Now. I'm going to draw it again for the actual new, then go to move. Let's move it. So I'm going toe roughly. You can see it. I made it a little smaller, so let's good skill on a scale up. You just need to go to the tool and dragon this in spear. Okay, so let's start on the floor. Let's go to move. So I'm using move. But the shortcut for moved on that scale, then it's move again against even the broth sides earlier. Bigger. It can affect bigger radia. So if you just want to move, this pier makes you the broadside is smaller. Make sure this is right. Lucas on the knees at the right. Lucas in, in here. I just need to scale down the size. You don't have to be 100% perfect. Just the basics on. I just want to move this pier latest. So this is the lower torso lower body. Let's go to draw here and Let's do the torso when I do that, or so make sure I toss at the center. You can see if I drive here like this to darts. I'll get to spirit, which I don't want at this center idea. At the center Today, we just want one spear. So let's go. And at the center, it turns to green colors that time Just drag. No, this is my torso. Let's move it on. This angle is very important. The pelvis and this, like west area angle on. Let's get the just You can see Andi. Let's move it on again. This angle is very important. The body has this kind of posture to the torso. It's kind off this angle. Andi, from the west to the like pelvis. It's kind of this angle, the opposite angle of this. So sure this thing. And do this anytime. You cannot just anything spear Buddhism. So now I'm going to drag the hand. So let's go to draw again and create the drag. The hand soldered area, basically his muscle lady A. And now I'm going to drag this period. So I hear okay like this, unless drug it again, who should be my my elbow area, So let's go to move again. Unmoved. This something like this on. Let's I don't on the floor again can see a little off. So let's move somewhere a little backward on. Let's go back to draw on. Draw one dispute again, and it's a bit of rest till the rest area some here on. I'm not going to do the hand, although you can do the hand agile by dragging one more. Here, let's say you can drag it until this joint of the finger down, aka Lydia on. Then you can drag poor finger here and one finger here. What? I'm going to do this hand, part lateral Don Imus. I don't want this part here. If you want to delete some Spiric Ahold Ault with this drama all and click on it to get rid off it. Okay, so now I'm going to do the head or neck. So let's go toe do that, and here I am going to do the neck first. So let's move it again. I think I need to their salutes scale it first of it, and then let's draw one more to actually create the neck again. Nick is not straight this kind of this angle. Then we're going to do the head. And this would be the final here. Unless that this is the head and the head is again coming this angle and again. See, a petition is not right there to let's move somewhere here and no, no do. We can always add just this letter. So let's say this is done. I'm now I'm going to refine this tire and this aerial a bit little of this. I want a spear here on Dhere in between this idea in this born Erdogan said. So in order to do that, it can just being this, draw more and click anywhere because this you can see these lines can be converted into this pier by just clicking. So once you click, you can go to scale and it can make the Thai elaborate why they're here. Andi from the side angle can see and the position of the legs not right. So let's move this, the Thai said, should look something like this. This is the knee on. Let's click. Let's go to draw more again and click one here. Let's move it like this. So this poster of the leg is very important. It's kind off like the knees here. It's kind of a little arc, and this is the opposite. Put your dark like this. Something like this again. You can do the same thing with hands. Let's go to draw that stone of this dis Plourde. Let's click here. Go to scale more than can scale it together. For once you do this, let's create the food as well. So let's go toe draw on, create the foot. Let's drag it again and this would be my food. Go to move on Max Euridice straight if you want to wrote it like the food should be angled outward so you can go to rotate and you can drag from any of the center area to rotate the whole chain there. Okay, that's fine. So this is the spear blocking, and now I'm going toe. Convert this to the actual mates. Now it's adjusted. The spear. You press a tow checked actual model I couldn't see, but this is not the actual messy it, so we have to convert it. So let's goto adaptive skin. Let's use this. Make adaptive skin on before you click on this, make sure their density is right. You can say mind incidents said to to You might have a different settings here, so let's see what it does if it's poor on you're like pressing A is the preview of some of this adaptive skin. This is not actually creating it. Just to preview what it will look like once you created now against you have a little bit more rigid isn't than before. I think this is fine. Then let's click on this. Make adaptive skin. Once you click on that, you'll get a adaptive skin here, which is this skin disappear now. So go to that tool on Dhere. This is not a dispute animal. Regard this mess on again. See that with this. No skin thing here. If you go to Dispirit, says this pier. If you go to year, it's a skin disappear on. Let's save this project, so save us. Let's save on top of that on of what I did. So in the next lecture we're going toe. Define this blocking with this dynamics now it's a dynamic subject, so we're going to say that in the next lecture 6. Blocking the Basic Shapes with Dynamesh: hi in this. Like I'm going to define the proper son and the best accepts of the body. Let's turn on this floor. First on, I'm going to use the move. Russ and Clay build off smooth. Here. I'm going to No, this, understand? As with their friends here, the leg can see. Just trying to imagine the friends emits on here. You can see we don't have any volume of the car furious. So just or that are now going toe mask this area whole control. And let's change this to rectangle here so that I can drugs like this. I'm going toe increase this size the length of the leg. You can see the mosque, then control. Click outside to inverts, then take the move tool from here. Um, Leslie, gone. This together gives more than click on this little Aiken didn't move some I hear, and I'm coming back to move berths under smooth the ties me to be a little bit thicker, Selous on the carpet as well. Soldiers moved this 100 Gonna get whole control drag to read a Nimitz. That's creative use up here and smooth again to get that said there on. Let's start on the floor again and let's move these parts off again. Coming back to move toe moved. Rossi s sorry. And then let's at this on. You can see the head. It's not at the right locus, and so I'm going to basically, was the head down there. It's never going to mass 100% but let's try to Mass roughly on. I think this is fine stun of this that's creates on breast here. So let's go to clay build open. Just know, make some circular safe here and then I'm going toe connected because that dress custom is there on again. Go back to move its looking for me right now, we're going to actually are just a lot here. Hastert are doing the very basic no blocking here, so basic proportion and looking the more time you give up the stairs, the better. So the base accepts every good and you should look at it from different angles. The smooth again You can go to danced underbrush and just you can create the jaw line roughly. But still I'm working very Rothley here. Okay, Something like this, slowly looking better. I think the rich will be little peanut. So let's go to in flood brush years press I There is a broad school in flat. You can use that breast basically in floods on taken day area. In this case, I want O in flirt inward. So I'm going toe hold old. But I'm doing it against in arts making Tina. So the character is Lillibridge Tyler's you consider near Yes, dinner the ankle idiots Tyner on the car from those areas that little bit wider on the negative and 30. Not so Let's smoothed this neck here on. Let's clear the board idea. So I'm going toe. I'm going to exactly a bill Enough and it's again create to spiritual safe here. Let's then smooth. Does something like this on? Look at the volume over volume. It's obviously not too much. There go to damn standard hungry Taking a kind of surf line here it was style eight. So Okay, then I'm going to work on the food area, So let's go toe goto clay build up under its You have some volume your organ even in strange these things to get dead. No, Why did here something like this on then? I'm going to mask the Syria on, reverse this mosque and take the move tool and then stretch it. So then read animus so that we get same concentrates in here, then smooth these things. And then I can flat on this area by using control, sipped, then change this to clip wrecked on with this Brust. Let's say once you said that when you control to drag with that clip direct, it's going toe. Keep this inside of that box area and it will flatten everything to the boundary there. So in this case, if I select this Syria, it's going toe. Keep that white area on. Everything else would be flattened to that idea. So I'm going to use that one. So let's drag it till the idea. A little bit of living for flattened there they ended the faith, you can say And then again again did animus. Andi, the foot flatness is there now on Let's most trees for the bomb media. So that's strays. This Syria control click toe no blurred the mosque against another mask. Borders, blood. Reverse it. Let's take the rotate tool under start up. This on drug it like this on from the center from the center. White just rotate NCM rotating the palm there. So then, like this, and then I can for the tom against raised this idea. Then let's fill this blank or Danta. So I'm stopping this letter here on in the next Lecter. I'm going to work on this finger idea. 7. Blocking the Hand Using Dynamesh: Hi. Welcome back. So let's do the fingers in this lecture. So first I'm going toe, do the finger from stretching some polygons from here, and then I'll duplicate that fingers and I'll do them other fingers. So let's see how to do that. So first I need some more polygon. So I'm going to increase this Diana mystery Jellison. So if you have not these things here, you can I can find those things inside geometry and dynamic staff here. So let's boot. Let's of five twelves. I'm increasing some polygons here on Let's drug again so that now I have some base here. So let's go toe clear Builder, Let's put some techniques here. Collect is so I'm going to then mosque here. So that's Control Mosque. The group Is this a free hand with control and then it's mosque on. I'm going to it. No straight. Some hooligans here so illustrated you can again use the gizmo on whenever the gizmo comes anywhere else except this area, you can click on this little I can tow. Bring the gizmo to this unmasked area to the center of this unmask area. So now I'm going to no stress this year, so I'm going to create the full finger than I'm going toe bandit. So let's say this is the whole finger. So let's see the length of the finger, anything. This is a little bit too much solar. Okay, things is fine. So now let's unmask it. Toho control drug outside. Then let's again control drug outside toe read animists that I get somebody Listen, then, of course, it's not 100% cylindrical safe right now. So let's move this area on our lives. Hold old and pushed the serious try to make deliver cylinder girl better cylindrical Say on now I'm going to use the move, Russ stressed. Three. Let's clear. Don't know. Nail effect. The point of the male? Yeah, decide. So this is the index finger there. Just move this point like this I can see. See how some very pointed nail for once one fingers don't so stay like feel the roundness. The volume is not Dancel. It's I think this is flying. So now I'm going to clear the first bent. Let's call control and let's choose This'll s awesome. Now let's drag from outside like this and you can see and know dragging like this, trying to get the straight line like that. So let's drive from outside and it's be in the other side there and you can see the connector is always straight. So let's say this. There's between 88 Xarelto straight. So let's in voted. Now I'm going to rotate it. So I think voted Tuller if easy without the gizmo. So let's use that dropped from here like this and then rotate like that. I'm but carefully check the tortoise in no axis angle. So this is my first artisan. Then let's again mosque the Syria in voted on. Then again, Take that and drug it. Get the second band there. Okay, so this is my one finger one index finger. Now I'm going to That's a very dangerous Now you can define it a little bit and then we can duplicate it. So I think we should I think we should increase this no originalists and a little bit more . So let's say seven something now I can see I have a little bit more polygons can better define things. So now I'm going to mask it, and then we're going to split it and then duplicate slots Mosque by using your mosque with less so on its mosque. This idea, something like this Just a finger. Then I'm going to stop Tulsa Pellet inside that let's go to split on, click on displayed on masked area So it's going toe is going to spit on mask area because we had in solo more it hidden that they're fine. So now this finger is no, I can move it after this is a different subtitle right now on now I'm going to duplicate it . So let's take our gives. Monje alleged duplicate from this subtitle on its duplicate on Then you can move from here are using this, arrows its move. I know I'm going to move on. Put this on because this is going to dynamic is a dynamic subject and we're going to Mars and its it's going to be well, they're automatically. So now I'm going to rotate on this finger. Should be little Biggers. I'm going to scale it a little bit, but make sure it intersecting with the palm there. And now I'm going toe the mosque, this idea, the mosque, this part and I'm going to rotate a little bit this finger cento band a little bit more, so I'm going to use the wrote it undoubted. Which more like that. So let's duplicate it again again. Click on this duplicate on move. So now you can see I don't have the words there, so that's fine. That's now Let's use the gizmo and you can see the gizmo is here. So click on it to get the center. Gives MMA on skillet when you conducted like this, so I'm going to speed off on. Okay, Once you do, this one's the fingers are the right area. Now I'm going to I'm going to combine them. So let's go toe. Go to the tops of told there and let's go to Mars on Click on this march down and it's going to remorse with the down subtitle. So we're going to keep keep doing it till the no till it merges with this No lo part there . Close up tour. This is the body begins this control drug outside toe. Will these things now again, see this fingers that will let because those are very close to each other and we don't have the high vigilance in tow. Keep those details on. Actually, I don't want to increase the full body reason. Listen, because the lamb in blocking more I'm going to do the bigger steps and just his. For that reason, I'm going to actually split the hand from here for temporarily again. You can. Well, those things are. Let's control and mask. Busy area still here. Then I'm going to split it. Split on much on now. This subtitle is the difference. I can increase the results in without affecting the other areas. So I think I didn't. Yeah, still, I'm getting those no, well, the thing because very close to each other. So now I'm going toe turn on this poorly frame on click on this finger alone on click outside control Click outside to mask it Then hold control sipped and click toe So everything now this finger is most so control Click outside to invite it Then we can again a district. So once you combine out, know more's those up tool It's a little harder toe our sister piece But still you can use this technique toe So that And now let's well does still I'm getting the details. No. So I think I should. I should take the in flood breast there. So let's take the in flat. Let's make them a liberty. Not so whole Ault on. Let's make them liberty nuts Like I get a little bit. Most space in there lateral are sisters. Okay, that's fine on by though it is a girl's fingers or its Trento Latina. So now let's dry. Yeah, Now you can see this is good. This is better than before, But still you're going to add just these things. So for the time Michael, I'm going toe stressed that from there. So let's go toe this area and let's give some volume there so that I have something two straight some. Then let's straight ID. So click here, stretch it on again. I'm going to use the in flood toe, get the thickness there. It's very keen. So let's get the tick nous volume there first. And then I'm going to add just a vase except something like this of roughly of his loony to help someplace here. So Okay, so yeah, So I'm stopping this Lecter here. Go ahead and do this hand 8. Blocking the Head and Wrap up: I welcome to this lecture in this lecture. I'm going to block the hair, so I'm going to block the basic and I knows a leaf on the basic step of the face. So let's first go to the side view here on Let's first, I'm going to get a different level. You can see this forehead and this chicken is different level, so this is a high level, and this is a low level. So let's get that label past. So I'm going to the side view on for that. I'm going toe basically clip. So let's go to Cliff Card. Here you can hold control sipped. Andi, just click on this rectangle on. You'll find this clip called Here, Take that With this, you can actually draw line like this on. You can see this darker side. It's going toe. If you do that, it's liked it first. If you do this now, you can see that clipped to this no line and fatten that like that. So I'm going to use that, but in a little bit different way. So let's click and drag like this angle. Let's say this is the eye bro angle on. Once I'm here, Tab all two times. Andi will get this angle of cardinal agency. Then let's drag like this. And it's unlike flatten that area. And now I'm going to quickly smoothing the Syria's Let's move this Syria basically rob bliss. Let's smooth okay like that on Let's take the clay build off and now I'm going to I got the label there, level of the forehead and this fizz. Now I'm going to get the best. Except so let's take the move. Let's Dinklage downward somewhere this thing like it's die brought something. Then let's take the clay build up and I'm going toe put. The news said this very roughly. It looks smooth all these areas on. Then I want the basic civic unti visit Visa above the face there, so let's get that frame first like this. Let's take the dance standard, and you can give a court line together jaw. Enjoy your going to that's roughly block like this. Then I'm going to get the leap India. So let's again using the dance gender. Let's draw the leaf and I'm going to draw it with old search pools. Now it's pulling outside those vortices, Then I'm going to give it a deep lying without holding old. And then again, whole old toe Get that that lay plane. Think of it roughly. Then let's move this area a little bit outside of the nose. Obviously at I need to push through Syria like this, pull this very out fierce orbital bone, the zygomatic of cheekbone. I'm from the side that leads should go instead of it trying to get the basics. SEPTA, with bigger Brasi cannot just the basic properties on the basic bigger steps. Okay, now I'm going toe in clay, build upto give a little bit no triple X structure to the Lords. Very small nose there who do know style, escape. Just try to get those villages and of the character. Sometimes it's a small no. Sometimes it's a big cattle ninos and here the eyes are bigger. The nose is small still doesn't know good, but I'll make it look good. Now you're in a block in ST slowly we're going toe block it, refine it on here The ice No, I would be So I'm going to Rob Lee blogged. I bawl effect there. Then we're going toe detail letter on this video in this video. We're just blocking the basic structure of the face. We don't have to do the year because they're no here. Phone is there. So we're going to do the headphone directly. So take the dream dynamic and flatten the serial a bit like this to get the temporal list there. I wish I last way. That line is there, but I can see that in the concept, but with stylist character. Most of the time we turned toe. No, sir. Pon serpent. The things bitch on with this we completed this dude on this model alone. How toe block the basic body from scratch. Using the enemies disappear in the next model, we're going to block the clubbing. We're going to block all this clothing jacket and parent those things. So I'll see you there. 9. Pant Blocking: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe blocking this plant and we're going to see how to do that. So I'm going to use the body for that. So let first mask the pant area on then we're going toe split That So I'm going to mask this panted. Yes, a whole control on. I'm going to change this to lasso so that I can draw it. And I'm going to draw something like somewhere like here on because I'm using the symmetry . I'm going to also get that side as well. Something like this on Maybe I need toe no manually close. This said, elevate so whole control and tends to freehand that I can no mask it manually like the band here on may be Okay, so let's see. So let's say this is the parent. So now I'm going to split it, so let's go. Toes up, Tool. Andi, go to split here on here. I'm going to use displayed on must. So let's click on this. Ah, now I can see that parent is now It's up to different subtitle on If you see like the body , let's make it solo on I think I So now if you select a pant, I think I miss a single polio to pull it there. Well, that's fine. So now you can see the band is a single subtitle, and now I'm going to close these things. So it's very G with denim is just controlled drug to read. A animus on it will automatically close any holes so now, like clothes, and that whole is also close there. So, no, let's let the body as well. I'll just do the same thing here. Controlled rack, toe. Close these area on this stop Syria. So now I'm going to read et Miss it. So if you click on this politician, you can see it's at the animus object, and it has a lot of polygons on little Goto. Samar Pratap here. Unless click on this Jeezy Messer. So now I'm going to decrease this target. Polygon count. It's not five It mints Pipe K. I don't want that much, so let's decrypt it to somewhere. 0.3 on. Let's click on GED, Miss. And next year while you were doing it to make sure your symmetry zone so that it automatically did the same top eligible said Okay. And now you can see we have a very good looking, bigger looking plant with as good, nor is flow. And it's easy toe handle this bigger steps with this. So now let me see. Yeah, it's if you don't get a good topology, you can again. No again, deary. Miss that. This remiss object you can click again on top of this on it will give you a better a better result. So keep doing this until you get a very good topple of your smooth an object. So this is the band here, Andi. In the next lecture, we're going to do the same thing with the Sioux, so let's see you there. 10. Shoe Blocking: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to work on the Sioux. So let's first separate that from this body. So let's so Lloyd. And now you can say the body and the Sioux is in single sector. So I'm going to mask the suit on Let's do the same thing. Split mosque. So let's go to sub Toland split cut out here on juice laid on masked points. So now this sue is in no, its own sub delicacy from here once we do this So let's first block this sewer area. You can see we don't have that No save there. So I'm going to this roughly block it. So first, I'm going toe mask this area so that we can pull and then let's first, once your mask will control and click on it to make it a bloody mask, Then let's bring this on its moved. This basically, um, like doing the whole soul thing here. So then we're going to define that soul something like this. Then again, read einem is it on? Let's make the soul. You can see the safe is not right. I'm going to get the same trust the best accepts. So I'm looking at the looking from down you. So let's make a basic sue sip and this is fine. So let's do the tops of what you can see the safe here. So I'm going to use Clip Plus for that. So let's hold control, sipped and tend this toe Cleef course. Let's do this from this side. Make sure this black side is outside like this. Go to drunk. So something like this, I think this would be perfect. The physics of their explained in that small it now concedes a little hard to smooth because we have lot of polygons there. Let's perceptive and a lot of polygons Sleds decrease because this for temporarily can stick with it and then they're smart when you smoke this kind off. No dynamic subject who's doesn't have a good top Alozie. You can use the alternative smooth there, so that is like starts moving it with Sich and then release the safety. But still no put down your mouse and smoke it so again starts moving. Release a seat while you're smoothing it, so show different smooth algorithm, So I think this is fine, then I'm going to do this soul area. Let's musket and its interest, er link the height of it. Okay, now I'm going toe Smooth it. So let's again use the no plea bras there on this time. I'm going to create this bottom part there. So I'm going toe start from here. Something conceived. No one rugged straight something like this to get the no bottom flat piece on. Then I'm going to again clip it for this kind off. No Seoul effect. So let's doubled all step together. Corner, Okay, can get this kind of effect. And now you can see I don't have Dad most of detail. Polygon. That's I'm not getting no club or detail. So let's increase this honest try again. And one old click to get around corner double tap to get a corner, something like this. So then I'm going to separate the soul from the su, so I'm going to mask for that. So let's take the lesson. Mosque. Um, let's something like this on Once you do this, then X pleated to a different subtitle by using spray. Don't must. Now we have the sole details there. Announce this control drag. Do not feel it and see on. Let's do the same thing with this part again. Let's see. Control, drag toe. No, close it. Yeah, So we can then refine it by you. Missing it. So now we have a dense polygon solids. Jeezy message. Let's go to Jim. A tree on the remiss it with low number there. So let's say 0.23 I think this is to muscle its increasingly rich donors point for Okay, I think this is great. Looks legitimate again to get a good group. Yeah. So let's do the same thing with this soul. It's on a stick created toe somewhere. Point for five again. Let's click. Remiss. Okay, so I think this is good. Yeah, This is fine. So we blogged that sue there. So letter, We're going to do the details in the next model. Some stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going toe block the jacket 11. Jacket Blocking: So I'm going to do the jacket blocking in this lecture. So let's start that. So I'm going to again use this no masking technique and split techniques. Let's go toe the mosque, Russ Control. And with the lasso, basically, I'm going toe No, Take the full hand there on its go straight here and it's mixed. Mega straight line here. I just feel this something like this on a manually. I'm going to close this area with mask Solar's changes to freehand mosque on. I'm going toe freely. Close this back. Say so. It control all the guinea. Does your mosque okay? Something like this. Roughly. If you want you mask this area, then I'm going to extract this. This time I'm not using this plate mask Upson because I want the body. I don't want this to like Agnos Pleat on the body. This idea would be empty if I do that. So in this case I want the body and I want a jacket on top of it back. That's what I'm going to use extract offs on this time. So that is under this sub tool on If you go toe extract here on, he'll get the extract. In this case, I am not going to use any thickness. I'll do that manually. So let's put Jiro Yah. I don't want any thickness while I'm extracting. So let's click on this extract on. Let's accept it. Once you accept, you will get a new self tool. So here, let's solo it on. If you see live the body like so low, you can see the body has all those saves there. So okay, so now I'm going to no gear this hanging effect. You can see it's not like exactly fitting with the body here. So I'm going to see, like the does a ticket here on Let's let's first give it a little bit thickness. So I'm going to use the move without the gizmo. I'm Let's click on anywhere here in the corner on Let's hold right most or right. No stylist Burton on drug. You can inflate your mortal like this, so I'm going to do a little bit in flight. Very, very low amount there. Then I'm going toe remiss it, and then we're going toe. Make those hanging effect here. So let's remiss it first, because now I can say I have lot of polygons. So let's go to Jim a tree on the re message. We didn't know a low number. Maybe a 0.3 point for something or gas against. And now we have a very pretty mess. So let's re mess it again because I see some kind of no of this kind of safe years, though. Let's try. So now you can see you have a new providence there. I think this is fine. So now I'm going to use this move Top political brust This one With this one, I can move this area without affecting this *** Meridia. If you move with the normal moved us, it can affect the area can see on with the move to political. It's gonna only affect the way to the top policy. So it's not going to affect it. This tons. So let's just make it delivered. Kind of lose here. He can make sure the processes are prepared. If you have a very big bust, then it can affect the other areas. Okay, then I'm going to clear this. No, this color effect that the four color So I'm going toe mosque. That idea. So let's I don't have most publicans now, so I'm going toe. We're divided toe. Get some polygons there. So let's go to Jim a tree and click on this divide Burton. So I get some polygons now I'm going to I got a mosque manually, Like roughly this safe. I can use this Move with this without gives mobs, and the move gives me Move a two year and you can hold control and drag move to get this kind of topless girl masking visit. Very nit option. You can drag to get the masking with top political order, so it's covering like one a loop. One. Love the other loop like that. So once you get this now the mask it's too bloody. So you can hold control altar and click toe syrup in the mosque. And also you can do that inside. This may know the masking mineral. If you go here, you can click on this happened mosque here, toe sap in it. You can grow it here if you want to cover more area. Big idea can grow it against happen it like this two. Once you do this, then let's extracted against Let's go to sub Tool on this time, I'm going to use thickness. So let's use the thickness point to extract so I can see and then asset with nuclear extract. It's just a kind of three view. It's not actually there. If you move took view, you can see that gone is just review. Then you accept it. Okay, so we got that. Then let's quickly give it the proper volume. You can see it's kind of probably around it something. So first thing I'm going toe No converted to dynamite subject. So let's go to the cemetery and enemies. I have kept that here, so that's used Autonomous on. With this, you can take the in flood Russ Express in flat here so you can inflated include this area on here. You can say I don't want this big, so let's go to move. I moved this something like this hopefully on here, concedes, going Teoh. So let's move. Just roughly were blocking it. So let's go back to inflate and let's give some volume here. Just kind off there. I volume here. Just try to get over the feel of the character, the strain of the police frame. You can see you can have been smooth in there. Let's take this up again. Even use any brush to scald live it. It is something like this. So I think I like this. So let's then then I'm going to give it the techniques. Now you can see the jacket is like a single plane. It doesn't have any thickness. So I'm going to give some thickness. So first I'm going toe. So let's go back to the dishonorable one here. So deal it The highland. So now I'm going to gives an thickness by using g model obra. So let's go toe g modeler breasts Here on hold your mouse on top of the polygons So now we can extrude it frequency This idiot looks blank It just the maze is there, but you cannot see from the inside. So if you want to see that, go to display here Descriptor partisan Quicken double. So that's always there. Just a display ting. So now I'm going to use G Model it and hold your mouse cursor on top of polygon like this on then hold space by and you'll get this men on choose extrude from here goes to the extreme and choose all polygons. So I want to issue a whole polygons to list again. Hold the most coaster and drug inside. Now I can see I'm extruding like this on I don't want the inside polygon because it's gonna be there unnecessarily on our scene. Will be heavy and unnecessarily will get a lot of polygons. When we were going to do the details, we have to let divided few times so that I'm going to delete this inside on. The good thing is, when you use this Z modeler, you're getting like different separate poly groups. So now I can easily see like the inside back. So whole control sipped and click on one poly group to select with controls it you can click to select the whole Poly group. No, I want to reverse it will control sit and drug outside. So let me change this up some to track well controlled. Sit on drug outside to reverse it. You can see we just like soon the reverse sting And that is Lynn. Now I can use the Delhagen ops, um inside cemetery. If you go to modify, topology will get this tale hidden. So it's going toe deal it all those hidden things off this upto. So let's deal it all those hidden polygons. So now let's go back. So now we go This no jacket thing. So obviously there two things to do. So we're going to do all those things in the detailing sex. And so now, for the blocking is fine. So I'm struggling this lecture here in the next lecture. I'm going to work on this day sack. 12. Tshirt Blocking: hi. In this lecture, I'm going to do that, he said. So I'm going to use the same technique masking and complete on masking thing. So let's first mask the body here. So I'm going to do some kind of no happy is that kind of thing. So it's whole control and with this last option. So I'm going toe Mosque, the whole body here. Um, let's do something some kind of this kind of safe on. I believe we should make a delivery sexy. So let's centistoke freehand and well controlled. I'm taking this so up here because no, see has this graph here. So So let's make it something like this. Obviously, it's not going to visual, so I'm not that contento. Let's played this area. So let's goto sub tool on spread on must area. So split split on Mark's point. So it's played that that means body doesn't have this area. So it's Britain. So now I'm going toe remiss it. So let's go and GT message to get a good look. So let's go toe Jamil tree and re mess. Did you miss er Onda? Should Dick visit 2.3 point two somewhere so we can see I good get a very even bad Saved their threats in Christa inclusive to live it, then, etc. Yeah, so this is better. So now I'm going to decrease it now? Yeah. So now I can see. Still, I'm getting some kind of weird top policy here, so let's again remiss it. So this is a very good technique toe. Keep re messing it until you get a very good topless. Now I can say I get a very good top policy on here. I don't know what is this? I think that is fine. We have some different paces there, So let's controls it to select only this thing. You can see those air hidden now. Now I can Bill hidden so inside this geometry on modified Topple Ozick and Del Hidden. So So now I can give it that live with thickness here. So this is only the visible part. I think it's not going to visual after this crab, but let's let's give it a little bit thickness. So I'm going to again use G modeler on. Let's extrude the whole thing. The sitting is already there. So now you can see we have toe goto display properties on a stone and double so that we can see what say Now I'm going to do the inside again So whole control sipped Click on the inside part first. Now again hold controls it and drag outside to reverse the display You can see now that is hidden So now I'm going to Del Hidden So deluded in is a very nice Upson. Yeah. So this is it for this research lecture on in the next lecture. I'm going to work on this craft, so let's see that. 13. Scraf Blocking: Hi. Welcome to this scrap lecture in this lecture. I'm going to block this graph here. So let's first imported totals here. So let's go to stop tool on this click on this upend and take this No stories kind of safe , which has a no inside hole. So let's select it on Tegal, Move! Move! With this gizmo on its scare, Lee basically do the basics. A basic skill. And then I'm going toe do the manually sculpting thing here. You're gonna get take anything on just so here. I'm going to use my move for us. Andi. It's basically a symmetrical details. I'm going toe do it roughly here on here I'm going to in Flood it. Let's take the in flood breath, understand? Flood something like this and let's day the move on. Get the proper publicized there. I might need to change the taste of deliberate. That's fine. Then I'm going to I'm going to give the best, except for this. So let's first make it a dynamic subject. So that's Don on dynamics here. I'm increasing the politicians a little bit. This is confined. So now I'm going to use the stream dynamic on Let's let's create some flat sib there. But the dream then I think all we can use the s police as well. So I'm trying to get a very basic you know, this except chances this basic no falls. Then obviously we're going toe define. Redefine it. It's the most first on. Then we can take the damn strand of Russell. Let's say Go danced under and we can Rothley no, pulled some lying here and there. It's kind of interlocking lines, so one lane is going there Now I'm using the all to a dance turn. It's to get a Cleese Lane on gun see, So it's basically style eyes effect on. No, it's a very basic blocking students. So let's go to trim dynamic on. So makes your we have corners and this kind of effect. So let's take the move tool. A move bras with the quick our phone. So let's goto carved here inside this Bressman under stone. On this, a cook off, which makes a very good ordinary figure again if you move like this so you can see how it's moving and see it held its pointy. If you're like don't use that will not get that kind of effect. If you move, you can see now it's not that pointy looking. It's a very good, no nice up sense of its good, some kind off corner here and there. So it's but again, this is no in a blocking states. I'm not going to define it. So yeah, we're going to define it properly For now, I think this is fine. Just to no get the feel overall feel of the character on the proportion destroyed to get all those thing first, the proper scale and proportion agency. I need to change the tea set of it. So it's kind off who doesn't have a no empty area here, so and it was fine. And I'm going to delete the hand if you remember in the last lecture we have this hand here are talk to exploiting this desert, regard these things, so I'm going to delete it. So let's now when we can see we have lot off poly groups here and there. So I'm going to use our Teguh for this, or let's go to Poly Groove here on here. Leslie going Auto group. Now you can see it like give different police groups to different island here. So I'm going to hide out in these two hands. So let's control sit on this so those things are hidden. Now let's click on Delhagen Upson. So now those hands are gone. Okay, so, no, I think this is flying. We don't have anything and say there. So I'm stopping this Lecter here. So in the next lecture, we're going to do this globes. 14. Gloves Blocking and Wrap Up: Hi. In this letter, I'm going to work on the Globe's So there's two that so first I'm going to mask it. So let's hold control and take the last time asking here on Let's mask it. Makes sure the symmetries on. Yeah, So I'm going to start from here summer on its ask it like this. So by drawing this kind of safe, you're getting this straight line here. Once we mask you, then I'm going to extract it so I don't want to spread with. I want a hand inside on because you can see on her right hands. He has a full globes on under left, says They're kind of hop globes. The fingers are visible, so I'm going to do that. So let's first make the full no gloves, both sides, and I'm goingto do some media in the side. So I'm going toe. We'll extract for that because I want the fingers there. So let's go. Does no subtitle palette here and extract here on. Make sure the thickness zero and let extract on it. Accepted to noggin, see, we have the know Maiziere extractor miss its own musket. Now I'm going to re message to get a very good top political known loops. Now we don't have that. So let's go to Gemma Tree on. Let's ridiculous toe 0.3 something 36 something. We miss it. Ah, now we have a very good not a political safe here. So let's try again. I think 1st 1 is okay. This is fine. So now I'm going to turn off the symmetry. It's press X to turn off. Or you can go to Transform and Donna from here because I want to deal it some faces from here. I want to keep this here like that, so I'm going to deal it. Let's say from from this topology downward, So I'm going to use the model for that. So let's go to use to Z model here on Let's hold the mouse course on top of people. Egan on. Let's press pays, but intellectuals deal it and choose poorly. Loop this one. So now I'm going to delivery. Goto very close looked, so I'm going to delete this look. So now you can see when it when I put my mouse cursor on top of any polygon, you can see that Oren's line is kind of clock, three o'clock, six oclock kind of rotating. Let's say I want to delete this Look, make sure the loop is on that direction. This Oren sloops. Let's say this. The exit is this. It's going to do it. This look under direction is this. It's going to kill this well, so I'm going toe. Make sure the loop direction is swing bullets deleted. Basically deleting all these loops, something like that. Then I'm going to or delete these things. So again, hold the mouse Costa on top of a polygon whole space bar. This time I'm going to tell this from Polly Loop Toe Island. So I want to delete the whole island So it's island. When it's not connected with anything, Let's look it like that. So I'm gonna fogger toe do let These things were escorted. Polly Loop again, us. Then again, poorly, I learned here. Here we go. So then Liston on solo now it's exactly sits on top of their hands. I'm going to use the move without this new gizmo Click. So my here on right. Most drug toe know in flooded from this outside you can in flood it just a little just a little bit. I don't want to make it blue volte. So now I'm going toe. I'm going to give some think Nestle. It's so low it on. Let's again Yuji, Marla for that This time I'm going to set exterior salutes. Could extrude this time all polygon on. Make sure the symmetry is on so they're starting the symmetry on I'm no like extruding inward because I don't want to make it more ticker. So now I'm going toe display for partisan Click on this display. And again, if you don't want toe have this new inside face, you can delete it called Control Sipped. I can see you can again hold control, sit on drug to reverse the display, then tell hidden we don't want this inside versus I think this is good to go for the for the Globe's. So we're completing this module here in this model will on how toe mask and extracting how toe use street masking, how to use eerie missing to get a very political steps. So in the next model and go to work in the detailing on, we're going to start detailing the face and body. So let's see that in the next more deal 15. Introduction to Sculptris Pro: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to talk about the new sculptures. Pro inside just restored housing. 18. So this is a very good new lunch of new features, so let's see how it works. You'll find the sculptors pro here. This icon on this is now off. Can click on it toe. Make that on. Now it's on. When you turn that on, you can see the broths changes its color. Now it's valid color on When it's off, it's red. This is the normal. No bras we used to use. This is the normal sculpting more on when it's turned on. You can see now in the Brussels ballot. So how it different than the previous sculpting more. The first thing. It's kind of a very sensitive to the breast size, and it's going to give you real time. The reasons you don't need to go and divided to get details. Let's say you can see it has few polygons. Let's stone on the political. Um, you can see we have very few polygons, but if I want to do small details, I can do it. If I legs said my birth size low here, Andi, I go I can do small details as well. No, the limit is and has gone. And now if we don't on the politician, we can see the magic. When you know, use a small brust. It's doing the sculpting thing at the same time. It's adding divisions at that area, and it's kind off. No decimating. It's decimating at the same in the same time. Off sculpting on renewed Increase the broth size you can see no did. Their divisions are different on you can even smooth it easily. It's kind of really clear modeling now in clay modeling in real while you don't go somewhere and no, divide the cemetery. India. While there isn't an example two divisions, you don't go on divide. You just have the clay and you do the thing you do the small little or big details. It's kind of battle. Now you go even you can take a big size bras and you can snow smooth the whole thing. And you can even smooth the whole head like that. No, it's without sculptress more. That's very hard toe. No, here is the whole safe. It's very hard. You cannot. It is the whole step, but it's sculptress more. You can do that like this. So in the next lecture, I'm going to use this sculptress more toes called our body of character body. So we're going to see how to use this practically so let's see that in the next lecture. 16. Correcting Face Proportion: in this lecture, I'm going toe work on the basic proportion of the face on some no artist minto. Get Get it right. So let's start from this jaw. I think the joy is a little bit bigger than their concept here. If you notice on the left corner to this Georgie stance, I think this is no bigger than this. So let's take the move tour on with this move. Brust. Now you can see the sculptures. Morris D Active cannot Don't own off. It moved for us, so it doesn't matter whether it's on or off. So let's exist this Jolin first, So I'm like, decreasing this distance. The Georgia stands there, something like this on. Then I'm going to are just this leaf and see. I think the upper lip is deliberate, no tener than the character. So I'm going to know Here I am adjusting basic proportion of things. So so that's the jaw on the leave. It's a look labour concept it or get like that. Then let's say I want to change this snow this back part of the whole school. I can see the skull is very small, so I'm going toe make it smaller here from the top pleasure to make it smaller. Let's look from a little bit distance. Andi shake with It's perfect. And then let's get this arc of the nose. I don't have that now. I want a little forward. No forehead here. So let's Nope. It up for basic proper son of the face. I think this is looking good. You can see the eyes are bigger than noticed. Very small. The lips lips is about the right sides. I'm going to pulls this next. No backward a bit. This this city is too long. There salutes do that. Okay, so I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. I'm going toe. Start working on the eyes. 17. Making the Eyes: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going toe work on the eyes. So now you can see we just have the block here on. We're going to do this. It's sculptress Pro more so I'm going to take my no danced underbrush. So let's press four here so danced under on this brushes on you can. You can always look at your brush color considered solid color being violet color. So now I'm going to work on this area Now. It's looking very rough. No locally so I can do wanting. Let's make a small brush and whole seat so you can just smooth these areas. I can see because because of this broth size, it's adding no divisions. Our polygons toe No, make that level detail. So this is the beauty of this more. You don't have to increase divisions or decrease the reasons you don't have to work on different label. It can always work on any level. We just the bra size, so just smooth everything you can even know. Divide it once you can do that as well as the best. Okay, it might take a little time. Toe No, smooth these things. I think this is fine. Now I have, though no safe. So I'm going to use down standard with a small brush with this cultures pro more on. I'm going to draw the ice hip silage draw from here. So now you can see it's a little hard to know dry, proper line so I can do one thing. Go to stroke. Tonal lazy mouse. It's already on just in case this lady radius here to summer 10 to 15 so that you get a no tail here against the red line behind my brushstrokes. It's travel. Is is that cough that brushstroke on it because very smooth, it delivers the stroke and it's stabilized the stroke. So now I'm going to draw the ice. Ip, you can even Inc is the radius a little bit more? If you have a very you know, I'm controlled hands into that as well. So, you know, I'm just drawing it, drawing bicep. She has a kind of catalytic effect. So, sadly, this colonel is John is coming up. I'm not going to add jester bit. So this is the or no sable die. Then I'm going to take a brust. Any bells like the clay build up, Let's say and I'm going to Who is this? A deliberate In what? You can even do this by masking as well. You can just mosque. Let's say a mask, this inside idea and I'm going to push that inside so that I can pull the eyeball there. You can score, although I hear like this, but having a different pieces, always helpful, toe like textured or materialize. If you want toe, do that entire Juve's. So once they know, mask it and import it. I'm going to use my move tool with the gizmo sorts. That's just the moovit gizmo I know he's the get smaller say, Here's a click on this icon. Now you can see the gizmo comes a little angled here, down, angled. Suggest whole Ault and click on this icon. No, when you hold, all done, click on it. It are injustice, no man in greater straight. So now I'm moving this inside there just to make a room to know being are being eyeball. So now I'm going to bring that I've also let's go to sub Tool and up in this no spear. So let's go to a pen here, and I'm going to up in this pier. So here's this pure big one selected on. I'm going to again, you scale tool with this gizmo skilled on. And basically I'm going to put this on it there with the proper Skilling. Now it's hard to see when I move it. So just tone on this transparent ups in here you can see Dybul inside the head there. Position it and let's I think I scared it wrongly. It's carefully scale. She has a big guy. So this is the style Edison be guy to look beautiful. So let's skill. So get the proper no scale of die. The let's trance don't up that on your eye socket might not match with table because it's more it's a ruff sip. So the evil is correct. Doing that just that. But I'm going to add just this eye socket according to type. So I'm going to use my move on. I'm going toe are just this thing. So let's you can see the upper eyelids would come forward. Sir, Come inside. This sort of this car Oh, tour Andi, This gunner should go again and say it's kind of if you look at from down. It's kind of hop spear. It's not flat. That's what this too can narrowed. Eyes would go backward there in the center to come out like that between into are just that I'm going to know. Look at the concept. I can see how style is it. So I'm going to post this area. Let's take a small brush and smooth these things. And when you are walking on sculptress more be carefully the broth sides. Then I'm going to again use mine Damn standard to get this safe here. Die. Let's it so I'm going to I'm going to put the line there so you can see how style is it is . It has no higher depth here. Then it's kind of no narrowing down here, So I'm going to do that. So let's good something like this. You might get this. No, Lord, you listen effect again. Just make her bra size small. Then you can smooth it like this. Then here again I'm holding all to the dance tender to get a crease line the opposite off the normal danced under to here to get a very creased line. So let's get so I know I lied Line here. A gun should have flying it. Hey, Logan Pains. Dizzy s to the financial Now you can see the lady stroke is very small So let's go to increase it now it's more stab list on more No controlled I think this is looking cool. Now I'm going to meet her this eyeball to decide So Cilic diable two meter goto Let me move this image. Goji plug in and go to Subtitle Master. So they said by different programs sips with zebras. So go to hear Sumpter, master on click on this meter on The beautiful setting is good. The X axis is turned on and the march into one's up to lasagne. That's fine. Just click on. OK, so now that sort tool is mirrored to this side and mulled with the No this I So now it's a single septal. So we have the eyes there. Andi, I think you need to still defined those kind of policing those so to define, I can take No, it's police brush and go to browse. Here. Place H on. We will find the H police one here. So take that bus now. I'm going to define this base, get it? No clean angle. So that selected on Let's define this. You can see how it's polishing that, then longer to get that sip. But be careful when you do this. No, carefully move your stroke there to get even flatness there like this. Then again, again take a breath size on again. Smooth it a little bit. Just try toe. No, have less wobbliness. That's it. I think this is fine. We need a little bit cardinal here, so I'm going to move tool again on this time. If I move this like this, it's never going to give me the corner. So I'm going to use a cooker. So go toe dress on, Go to carve on. Click on this a cook off So we move. Don't on that cue card And now if you move, it's going to give you that Cardinal. If eight you can see how the follow up is very self and smooth here. So I'm going to I'm going to move it to backward there. To get a corner like this, you might need to smooth it here. I think that side is fine. So again, let's turn that off. Okay, so the eyes don't. In the next lecture, I'm going to walk on the north, so I'll see you there. 18. Detailing the Nose: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to work under nodes. So first, I'm going to get the basic separate here. The Moses in perfect. Safe. So I'm going to take the move, Russ on from no front. It should have the balls of the nose here, so let's no down. Pull the Seder, bitch! So that looks like this. Called here a little bit, at least on you can see this girl. Fear. Try to get that. You can see the cough there. Try to find out. Find these cars. Right. Beautiful cars. So once from the front view, we get this. So now I'm going toe? No, do those nostrils. So I'm going to take the clay build up here on Let's do the nostrils here. Small nostrils. Okay. I think this is fine. So once we do that, then I'm going to define the known astral line year the wings line, and then we're going to give it no hard safe here. Can see. So let me smooth all this so that I get rid of this. No, this first sitter polygons there, this small brust. Then I'm going to take them standard to get this line. Correct This defined line year. So let's take that. And it is small notes so sheer. I want to find this like this. Something like this. You can press one if you want toe repealed. Jackson Different. Deborah Stroke. You can see you can press one key pressing one to get no to repeat that same brush stroke is a very good, useful Upson. And from the side again. See, this is not the right position, so I'm going toe put that yet behind there. I think this is perfect sooner so you can see fight Even if I moved my camera, the one is actually repeating that camera movement. So makes you you don't move your camera if you want toe, repeat that brass accent, this one Then move your camera. So then I'm going to move this piece. It's not that I think this is now looking good. So let's move here inside. I need to adjust this area. Small, small breasts Smooth, smooth The Syria Yeah, again with the small but smoke So I think that is define No. Now I'm going to define this no hard safe here. So I'm going to again hold. Also island putting the dance turned a stroke. Here you can see the lane going on to the last year the ball of the notes. So I hear it's kind of stylized effect off knows most of the character has this kind of Australia's effect. Beware that, you know, if you have a bigger besides, you'll get this no again low polygon thing because the way it works so you can turn this off If you want a big Russ for any reason, you can turn that off so that it doesn't affect the size or no, it doesn't affect our polygons. Come. So I think this is fine. So the next lecture, I'm going to work on the lips, so I'll see you there. 19. Detailing the Lip: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to do the leap on going to use down standard to refine it. So let's first smooth all these lines to know Get rid of this jagged faces with small breasts. Again, we're working on this sculptress more que so They're smooth on this lane, and I'm going to use danced under first. I'm going toe notifying the center line. Celeste, Right again, you can press one without moving your camera to know, Repeat that accent and see are now I'm going to use that same thing, but with all to hear, to get a very sorry Clifton. So in riel realistic models, we tend to give no a very rounded sapir or the standard with stroke. But here it's stylized and I want to be released. No sop looking features. So sad looking features are going to look good on. I think the upper lip is narrower here. I don't see that too much. So I'm going to move. Move the leaf here, dope. Elif, what's no. Down a bit So that we we'll be cruelly you could take a leaf here so small to side of it. I think this is looking cool. So I'm going to use Dan Stander again to define this center area with a bigger brush on. Make sure to turn this off because if it's on, I might again get larger. Is in there because of the broadsides. So they're stunned that off on with the big both sides, I'm going toe. This is basically to get that now. Oh, get that dead there. Let's with these idiots, okay? Always tried to change the light Dixon to see if it's working from different direction. Or if you see some wobbliness you can see from these drinks and I can see some some loveliness here. I smoked it some here, so let's change your light direction to see from a different perspective again. See some no kind of dant effect here. So I'm going toe are just that style Escape. The morning tried a word. No unnecessary wobbliness off secondary forms. I tried looking very simple sets. You can see the door lane. It's good for realistic, but for no stylized try to make simplify things. So let's change the light directs on the default on here you can see if I turned the light . That's it all If you turn the material as your let's change this material toe here, you can see this highlight to the world's in this area. So this is no good. I'm going towards the start. So let's take the its police and polish this area. We don't want any. No peak there. So smooth. Yeah. No, it's looking good. Who started defining like this? So, Howard, any unnecessary second reforms? We don't want you. If it's a realistic actor, those things are fine. But not here. The liver is looking good. So let's work on this joy. The Elbit, the joys Looking good. But I want to simplified a bit, so it should be smooth. So I'm going toe. Take this. No, it's police. Plus, unless police this Syria on We don't want any. No Any second reform CR make it simplify things to make it no look stylized. Okay, so I'm going to defend his job from the bottom agile. So let's use this police here on no drag a stroke like this to make this no flat year on, Let's make it my good floor from this side as well. So so again here you can also use no being to best. So let me let me go to being here. So let's place be on to the pains press on pins here. Snow. No, I'm working on Don't know. You can turn on this off. So nausea. So now that is defying can also be in this city a on here We have a very stark on on small dizzy areas the circular flat lanes. So I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. I'm going toe create the I bro's so I'll see there. 20. Creating the Eyebrow: Hi. In this lecture I'm going to create the eyebrows. So let's first mosque this area the mosque die broad area now have gone this off. So let's mask this area Whole control and musk one early vascular. So here I'm making this know a little bit fat. A little bit. No ticker. Tow us Descend on hold. Controls toe. No, you get somewhere if you want to. And I think this is flying. This will roughly mosque like this. Now I'm going to extract this. So let's go to sub tool on extract you on this. Put point Joe to hear 0.0.2 I'll click on extract another agency 0.2 is too much for this. So I'm going to change this. So point I just told you know told etc. I think this is fine. So let's accept it. So now when you accept, you gotta suck to here needs must against the the edges on must on the inside partner must automatically now it's because if you want does happen this no worldliness year you can see to the border is so let's go toe deformities in here on Let's look for police by features no increase this value on. You have to do it to no more than once, my poor, five times. So once you do that, come here and repeat too active to repeat that awesome. So you don't have to know drag five times. Just gun it until you can see. It's like getting its smoothness. So if you drag this on duba, you can see the difference when it was like extractor. No, after this, now our policing thing. So once we do that So let's unmask it sole control and drag it on Mosque on off course we need toe means this area. No, I'm going to foster. Remiss it. So let's gold and remains to get a very no good top political step. So let's goto Jim a tree and theory. Messer. Take this to force a My 0.34 on he don't Jerry Messer. I think this is to Mosul. Let's decrease it. Even lets 2.1 appoint toe. I think this is fine. So now I'm going to use beans. Breast opens this side, so let's go toe. Find a pains prospects press p People being here on being in this area, I want to get it to get a pinching effect, then looking always used on the move. Russ, if I feel it two take, I can use the move. Russ, on here. I want a cardinal recon. See this gun? I broken? And now we have a very smooth scarf on to get that Connor I can use move with a quick are so now against with their Takako, it's hard to get that. So let's go to brush. Here on Click on this A quick off on that On on with that Now I can easily get away color. Look again. See to us this end this gun that is there I think it's liver too long. So I'm going toe move it to us here. Let's smooth it if you want. So once we do this, we can then no subdivided by pressing control, De Or you can click on this under Gemma tree to subdivide it. Few tends to get a smooth mess and see a good looking guy, bro. Still, I'm going to smooth it in orderto get the bevel is so we're going toe begged the normals to the low pally. We need to get that detail so I'm going to use a Ferrigno angle accepts. So let's use its police on its policy. STIs is let's go to low level so that we can easily do that. Give a little bit timeto get that angle something like this smelted when it didn't find it carefully on from this angle, let's say let's change this angle from here something like this. Soldiers. So this kind of bevel look is good for normal map baking to never try to get a very straight 90 degrees. Those things that no, not going to calm inside. No normal maps. So now it's looking good. Just need some more adjustment or more defining things here. I think I need to move. This is someone like this. In the next lesson, we're going toe walk on this hand on. We're going to wrap up the class, so I'll see you there 21. Detailing the Hand and Wrap Up: Hi. Welcome to this final lecture of this model on in this lecture. I'm going to work on the hand and then we're going to wrap up this model, so let's start doing the hand. So let's selected. So, like this hand here, I'll express FTO. Frame it on here, you can see we're liking. The divisions are known polygons here, So let me no increase this. So let's go toe goto originalism here inside this known Don Imus. So let's increase this ridge Ellison from 1000 to 1500 on, Let's whole controlled drugs or just let's don't on off that to read animus it. Then I'm going to smooth it by holding sipped K. So let's smoke this. So now we're not working on the sculptress more. It's no model sculpting more sort of smooth this ideas. So let me quickly smoked all these things. We were smooth dynamics object. You can used alternative smoked by holding sit, then starts moving it. Then release the no city but keeps moving. Keep from keep your mouth down on smoothing. It's so it's kind off a very like magical smooth. Let me smoke everything here. So now Let's go and not It's give the style is is, um so here I'm going to like give it a flat side to the finger. Unusually weak, make it square or no all rectangle kind of fingers. So let's give that so I'm using cream Dynamic bus you can use is police as well. So let's give it it. No square thing here. So I'm going toe de case this intensity libit for this dream dynamic dress on with the proper size you can flat in these areas like this. Well, you were going to do this side, Celeste Ray. It can affect this finger as it you can see. So let's mosque this thing. So let's mask this finger whole control and less chance toe less. So here that's mask. This finger is You want to work then in about it? No, I'm going to flooding the Syrians from this insight. When you've trim it, it's going to, like lose the volume. So let's mask here. I just invited that mosque by controlled clicking outside. So now I'm going to mask these things. They're gonna get mask this finger, So go ahead and do this with every finger. There So once you do this, then I'm going toe to make this this a deliberate flag to this joint to listen a local area . So we get a stylized effect here as well. Like this on this thing said like this try listen, depend on the project, you're working some positions toe have some specific style is ism on. They put those styluses onto every character. Um, so you need to launder. When we were working on a project in a proxy miles, just look for the new characters off that project and this follow the style exists in there . Make sure your nose called is very smooth, neat, A neat and clean. So let's stone on everything else on DSI. How it's working. You can see looking good. Now I'm going to know. Give this as well, Solis get the same thing here, but food were flat. Once you're done with district went against no small tender. Then I'm going toe. Make this fingers deliberate pointed, So I'm going to use move. Let's take the move, Russ on goto car fear and turn on a cook off. So I'm going to make this fingers deliberate. New appointee can of very no self mills effect. Make sure the carve is there. The finger cough. It's kind off this outside. Make sure the broth sizes right. Other Something like this. A very pointed fingers on here. We need to are just the globe's. So that's our just it. So, yeah, this We have completed this module here in this model eel on how to use the new sculptures pro in 2018. On we learn how toe refined the praise of use different ruses. But that Andi, in the next morning, we're going to walk on the hair. We're going to see how to create stylized here, so I'll see you there in the next model. 22. Downloading and Installing Useful Brushes for Hair: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to So you how to find some good process for creating here on those verses of free . So let me soil was this process in Taiji bus and then I'll show you how to find that. So here I'm going toe use or Brussels. If you go to my light box here on, if you go to this basket already, you'll find this or brushed back. Andi, this doesn't seeps with Jesus by default, so you have to download it on. This is a free bus on the other brushes. If you go to hear my brush, you can find some process here like this. Bless. I'm in three d c. W on this process. It is a very helpful not just for hair making, but for don't stylus sculpting and those things on If you go to disburse, this is an I remember us on with this. It doesn't have any hair brush But you can use this primitive Let me down off this light box With this primitive we can we can go on draw primitive like this on then we can modify This toe basically blocked the hair to block the hair. You can use this so I'm going to So you how to find this process is on how to find that old business. I just need to come here and Google are brush here. So this place off brush here. So let's go to this link or brushed download. Yeah, unfollowed this ling this gun road ling. So let's click here. So here it is. Just go. And you know, you can donate something or you can just It's a free bus so you can put Jiro on. Once you put that you can click on this. I want this. Click on it and you just need to give your email. I d and let's click on. Get on, you'll download it then Okay, then for the for the other verses. We need to go and type here. Three D character walks up so expressed Pretty character walks off this one. Then we'll find this link. San Wilson predict actor walks up. He's a very good at least on teacher, so let's follow his link on. You can say some stuff here. Let's go down here on click on the sign up and grab all the priest off when you sign off here, just give your name and my lady. I will get a link in your mail. I d And you follow that link to download it. Okay, on. Want to download? Let me show you how the files are going to look. I want you download. The files are going to look like this. This will constant no, gee file per mark. So once you extract those files So this is ST Alton's bras and is the old Russ. Now, once you downloaded this unit to poor these things, they said this or brush. I have put it this inside my c. So let me open another window. Go to see and go to program files on your distance and pixel Ozick depressed 2018. So if you want to get that both inside the light works as I have here. If you go to light box, you get this. Know all these folders and I have the full our best folder here. I will go inside That my double clicking. You'll get this process here. If you want this set up and then you need to come here inside the d restaurant has innate in the Jeep Process folder on here. You can see all those pullers on my nor brush back for lazy people. Don't folder here. We'll get that inside the light box, armless it. If you want to get those process here, then you need to put somewhere else. Let me so that then you need to goto this stacked up so that we go back here. So you need to go d startup. Not in G bus here. So do you start up on here inside brush presets? Just copy here. Okay. If you want toe, get those process at this idiot. This velocity. So I have put that all bro's here on. I have pulled this process here. Okay, So once you do this, you are ready to go. But you don't need this process. By no means you need this process to do the hair. If you have this process is this can make your life a little bit easier. Okay, so go ahead, download this process on in the next lecture. I'm going to so you how to create this brust. So let's say that in the next lecture 23. Creating and Saving your Own Hair Blocking Brush: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lecture, I'm going to. So you how to create that? I'm in brass for creating that hair block. Okay, so let's see how to do that. How to create your own Russ. So, Tauqir that own brush. I need that, Jim 02 1st I need to do that demo tree. Then we're going to do that. Brought us out of that jam a tree. So first I'm going toe this I can hear clicking on it on Let's create a cube Cube treaty on drag it on the campus here. So I'm working on a no clean, new seen new diverse in So now let me go toe edit more So this is my cube But if you click on this polly frame now you can see I have a lot of polygons here on Dhere. I have some pull kind off noise lips. I don't want this kind of thing. I just want to Clean Cube. I don't want any divisions so I can do that. I can get that by going to gizmo here on this gizmo, isn't there just to move, rotate and scale. It has more than that So if you click on this customize icon on, you'll get all this menu here on. Now let's click on this Polic you. Now it's going to change this to it. So change this. But it didn't because I have proper toe make it the Parliament's. So let's click on this make polymers treaty before I do that. So again, let's come back. Once you do that, then click on, customize and click on Polic you. Now it's going to give you a clean cube. It might be a smaller than that, but that's OK. That's not important. So here we have the queue on. You can see we don't have any poll kind of loops on here. I have this little beautiful I can't is there to handle are no increase or decrease the slopes. I don't want any loop, so let's no Oh, if you hold on drag this blue icon, you can see I can increase their decades on that direction. I don't want that, so I decrees it. I just want one thing you love on this height, so let's give one single then I want that man of elected that gives more to scale this Cube . So let's let me go back toe gizmo here. So now I'm going to scale it like this. I want the tops Would be tapper from this bottom. So from the bottom, it should like tapper towards the top. So I can do that by again. Going to this gizmo this customize off, son on. Do you can see I have a lot off nom de former's. So if you go to the stepper, it will get this new icon. At first. These things are very confusing. You can see a lot of cone like icons here on what I want here. I just want toe tapper the top so you can use this. Stop. I can tap on it. So if you hold your left mouse and drag, you can see em again. Chapel it like like this. So I need to tap it down here on you can see the full look. I don't want that. I want a straight tenure so I can use this icon for that together. Follow up so I can use this like this. Now it's a straight ing. Okay. By using this gun, So yeah, Now I'm ready to go so Let's press W to go back to this gizmo. And now I just wanted to smooth it by dividing. So let's press control de all. You can go to geometry and click on Divide few times, so I'm going to divide it till I get it for division levels here. Now I can see this, and I don't want this lure Divisions level so delicate. Once you raise this four division level, deal it clear. So I don't have any division levels now. I just have the polygons, so we get the maze here, then I'm going to create a broth out of this so that I can just drag on the surface and I'll get this object. So once I did this. So let's first no islands the site of the BUE. So let's go to the star Bill. Hold sipped. Make sure you don't have perspective on make sure that's off. So once you do this, then I'm going to make the process. So let's go to brush on. Let's go toe create here. Click on discrete in sadness. I'm clear on new. So we created the May the bus here. You can see now if you want to use this known for future. And you want to save this broth, you need to go to Brussels on because that bras is selected. We can save it from your say. That's and you can save anywhere on your system on legacy of it. No, save it inside my C on my in distance and years. So let's go to pick Saluzzi here. And I'm saving the broads inside this. Just start up. So let me go toe to start up on inside this brush presets. I'm going to give my name here, so let's say nothing. Yeah, Okay, so now I'm going to save it. And this is going to save in dark GBP, which is the Jeep. Just brush pile for Mark. So let's save it. You can save it anywhere. Okay, Now we're ready to go. We can use that anytime in future. So in the next lecture, I'm going to. So you how to use this burst to create a basic block off? No hair plump. So I'll see you in that lecture. 24. Using Gizmo to Bend and Manipulate Hair Clump: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to So you how to create one hair clump by using our own hair blocking dress. And I'll show you how to use the gizmo to manipulate that. So let's start that. If you go and look for my bus, it can go here and you can find the plus inside. Here. Let's press in because I save that on my name. Now, in here, you can see the bus, so let's select it. If you have not kept that inside the proper distance and you can goto broths and even lured from anywhere from your computer, you can just browse on, Lord, that from here we will get that for this system only. Once you have selected the bras, you can just drag on the object. So let me turn off the symmetry because I don't want the exact hair. So let's go on drag it here like this. Okay, so, in order to drag toe, I'll get this bus. This model, your object shouldn't have any division levels. So make cereal object. Don't have any division levels in this guest mind. Doesn't happy. So just drag toe, get it like this. Once you get it, it's automatically mosque. Everything else Except this. Still, it's a single object now. But it marks. You can easily split it by going to stop till here on. Let's go toe split. We can click on this split Marched points. Now let me turn on the solo. Now I can manage. Lead it and I can get it. The property? No safe in order to get that. So let me go! Toe Move! I'm Let's click on this. Customize Upson, I'm here. I want to bend this here. I want Oh, I want to burn this. No, this primitive. So I'm going to use this band car fear. So once you see like that, it'll get this kind off. No, look on from here. You can see no four count here and one here. The first thing I'm going to correct is this. Read this red line. Now the act. This is the access off, Ben agency on my point or like this. So I want to change this. Just drag this little left most or most Know your Silas You can see now the point is like top down here like this These are the control points. I can move like this, but I cannot ban with these two points. So I need one more point at least. So let's go to this orange and drag it to get another point. You can like, bring multiple points like this. So first thing I justice. No, this rating now it's becomes blue and be good access chanced underside. Just this one. Now I'm going to select this points and quickly are just this orb in this It's so easy to block. You can just move this points to move those areas or you can even tap out these things. Let's select it once you select this points with every point you get this kind of known new manipulator here on from this against looked apurate. So this is very, very useful. So you can topple it from here. You can squeeze it on. Deacon twisted from here like this. If you want what? We're going to use this step of a lot here. If you want a more controls, you can again includes this points by going here on, let's increase it on to get a little bit No, to tell like this So in the next lecture, we're going to use this thing to block. Ah, whole hair style. So I'll see you in the lecture on. We're going to do the hair style in the next lecture. 25. Blocking the Hair Style: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to create our blogged or hair style. So we're going to use their blocking brush to do that on with the Communists and off the gizmo. So let's start. Okay? So again, I can use my breasts. Are we can use that download press. So let me. So you how to use that download for us here. So this is the bus I would like select this one. I know. I'm going to drag it on those office here. I like this. Then I'm going to use use the gizmos or express w. Or you can click on here with this stoned on. Make sure that is on so that you will get this gizmo here. So go to customize on here. Going toe bend car on. The first thing I'm going to change is the no access. So by dragging this red corn, it concerns the access. So once I gave this to Orleans points like this, like one is at the bottom and one is at the top on this direction that I'm ready to go. Then I'm going toe ard. One more point here at the center so I can do that by dragging this or in school I can drug on DNO. I cannot as many as I want. So here, as a starting point I'm taking like this three I might chance or increase this points letter. So once I put that than ever ready to more Defender said So let's drag this points to modify the sick. So I'm creating this known mein Herr Clump here at the front area. So this is going back right here on Just try toe, understand the floor of the hair on its kind off A kind of spy Castell. So we just now in trend? I think so. Let's goto front. This is the front center. Yeah, on you can see the hair floor is like kind of is so we need something here. So now again, the first thing I can change points But before that I want toe tapper this to get this point. No, the narrowness. So I can do that by dragging this this corn So let's drag it to get that No point, it's a like this. Now I'm going to our some more porridge to our district because I want the No, I want to change this area. But I don't have anything there right now, So I can again go here and I can increase any time. And it will come like this. Now I have this. So now I can change this like this. Some trying to get the same on the same look, at least overall same angle. It doesn't have to be 100% perfect, but try to get that. So I'm looking at from distance as well, to get over proportion. According to the whole body can see the hair. So just get the proper Sunday does Well, I think this is fine. Maybe a little bit no longer here. Nervous trial is okay. Once we get that, then I'm going toe. Get out of this move to like and again click here on its customize off, son and go to Gizmo. Or I can just hit w toe Goto Move! Tool. Okay, Now, once I could that it's still like marched with this body Subtitle Now it's timeto no make it a different a separate subbed or so Let's go to stop till here and go to split and quickens Plate must points by doing that, you know, split that mass porn's. And now it's a separate thing. Okay, now let's do that. No other clumps. So let me again take the brush and again selecting the body and then litigate this small clumps again, like repeating the same thing over and over here. So again, I'm Dick using 2.3 as a starting one. I'm not taking those No, those many points because it's hard to are just overall set as a starting point. I'm keeping it very simple. Just three points. Once I get the basic sip, then I can know are more points. Then lives narrow ridge at this. You can even know white in the body in its dragon. Try together, Flu. I'm trying to get this salutary concede to see Lord how from this angle, Let me and I want some points here, so I'm going to include it may be to get this barn on. Let's just make a deliberate more narrower some very. It's hard to find the corns because its greatest look at it from different angles. Ah, Littman, Nadal, this stone and you can see like any point and you'll get that are just so basically go ahead and create this clubs like this. So let me so we want more. So let's go toe against split mast points. Now it's separated. Then let's again select the body. Go back to the brothers there I members on Let's clue on create this small one here so dreidel nor create different steps you're gonna let's go to customize their own cause. Ah, because it toe three points here on I could not all just try to get this see lowers right thinking summer, the front pocket. So like this. Okay, then let's click on on Must or must parents whatever. Then I'm going to create this backside one. So let's create one there. I think the hostel is still here and she has a bowel bar lady a year the all around there, and it's like at the center center around set there. So let me get a big one and our move it Onda. Select one. Narrow it. Make sure you get the floor of the hair. That's very important. The overall floor. How the clams are going now it each other's. Sometimes it's breaking with different pieces. We're overall hairs going like up I'm somewhat backward. Let me in credit just to make those liver ticker. So basically, it's kind of repeating the same thing again and again and create a basic no heads child on this area on. Just look at the floors of the hair on. Look at them like not just look at them individually. Just look at those overall, how they're like working with each other. So go ahead and do the Heston like this. So I'm not going to do it because it's basically that repeating thing on. I don't want to bore you. So in the next lecture, I'm going to soil. How toe get this kind off more hard is looked. You can see how the stylish look it has now. We have a kind of no cylinder concept, so let's see that in the next lecture 26. Creating Sharp Edges for Stylized Look: Hey, welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe give the cilice into the hairs in the last luxury. So how to use the bras? How to use the hair blocking roads to clear the rural hair blocking style. Andi, let's do the stylus is, um, their flatness hardest kind of looks. So let's see how to do that. So first, I'm starting from this man chunk here, um, in her Clough on. Now I'm going to divide it few times by present control, De or you can go to Gemma Tree and divided. Now it's a basic Gemma tree. It's not know dynamics object if you want to, you can also know converted to dynamics and incredulous, and you can do that as well. So in this case, I'm going to use this no divisions label more so that I can come back to a lower division level. Andi still exist the base, except on the higher level. I can work on the details, so let's divide it once more to get a little more divisions there like this on to get this kind of starkness. I have 23 ways to do that. No first ways of course you can. You stream dynamic brust. So again, let's go and find the trim dynamic. You can use this brush whose I have here on my Inter fest. You can take that bus on. Let's sit. Just ignore these small nor lines there is ignored those on and just think about this big flat steps so I can easily create those things by flattening on creating some images. So let's I flat like this on then I can flatten from this side. So let's flight time from this set on, I'll get it is hard is at the center then obviously, I need to refine those things like this so you can use this technique toe kind off now, chopping from different angles to get some angle cept Basically, we're like no, chuffing. That round cylinder girl saved toe some anglers it so, like me on this ended yet try to decrease the brush size unpoliced this area you can even smooth a little bit on this area. Don't worry about this. Lines were going to do that letter in the scores. So again. So this is one where toe get this kind of hard. Is this on the other ways. Using the danced under Brussel. It's divided few times. Let's say this one. Now I'm going to use down standard for this or express D The danced underbrush on with danced under, you know, get this kind of car, Vincent. But if you hold all on drug, we get a like, pinching kind of safeya. So let's care that on if you want to, you can go ahead and down on the lazy. Most it's on, just in case the radius to get a very stab list. No stroke, Smooth stroke. Okay, like this on again. Let's go. Are you on line here? Something like this on with danced under. The problem is, we have a kind off. No, the profile is can off here. It's painting and there's a Corvair. So if you don't want that, then you can go ahead and use the H police dress. Let's bring the it's police one on. You can use this brush with old on If you know drag here, it's kind off, like leveling that level of dark. No Carvin sip and then again, again without all destroyed, kind of cleaning off those safe here. Right now, I'm not like worrying about the cleaning. SEPs Just to get this kind of no hearted sloped on here, this idea can again No serpent is hard. Is this a bit? So this is to wear by using cream dynamic breath on by using the dance standard technique on Let me so you another way. So let's divide it. We can also use the download brush here on we have a painter bus so you can see pinched three d c w this burst we can use its appearance brush with on Alfa on we distrust it's again hold old on its kind off Same like Dan standard Except that Carvin sip We don't have that safe here so it's ah kind off man bit cleaner Still, it's because of the oil fire here can see So if you have this blood you can use this one I would be where that it might know them is this Connery areas can see because off because it's an Alfa, you can drag a small bus on, then change this place here. Of course, you have to go ahead and clean up these areas letter. So again, use any of this process to get these things. Let's I'm trying to get a line at the center of the central area like this. Let's say this is a clump. Try to get a line of the center you can see here on like here. So I'm going Toe are one line here like this on, of course, one lane to the side. Like this on one leg to this side, Let's say no, our full line at least to a cylindrical safe. So with every 90 degree increments, it cannot one lane, sometimes unit toe No. So, Lloyd, because it's an Alfa and generous process always works like projecting on. If something is underway, it's got kind hard time to get that. So yeah, so use this trip techniques. Ustream, dynamic toe. Get it, Andi, I think this damn standard on this bus is better than the dream dynamic way for a beginner . Because for a beginner using cream dynamic and getting this proper angled is literate harder than Debra Tadic strokes, I believe so. Go ahead. Use whatever you feel like No easy for you on get this kind off faceted. Our hardest looks on in the next lecture. We're going to see How toe are this kind off strands or no detail save by using the obras, and so let's see that in the next lecture. 27. Creating Hair Strand lines: in this lecture. I'm going to. So you how to use the r word loss toe, Get those line details on the hair visited the headlines. So let's say that how to use that on Let's select this man here, clump here the big clump I can see I have no gun on noon. Are those those line details? Those kind of angle angular details all over the hair. So let's see how to use the obras. So here, Now you can see I have all that is no select door bus. But if you have put your bras inside the light books then you can go here and you'll find all burst polar here on from here. Let's use this off Crack bras. You have blood of different process. So in this case, I'm using this or crabgrass. So on this, on this hair, you can again go ahead and create layers and do these things on different layers slow. See that nag unsee? I'm getting like Lord Harrison effect here because I don't have some piss and polygons to get this level detail, right? So in this case, I'm not going to divide it anymore because it's now 40,000 for this clump alone. Andi, if I divided once more, it will become one likes 52,000. Andi, So on. So I don't want still against a little bit no jacket nous but in this guest, I'm not going to divide it. So I'm going to use sculptures pro more so that when I clear this detail, it's going toe Just our divisions on this area. Okay? Not not the whole model. When you divide, it's it's going to art originalists on everywhere. So in this case, I'm going to sculpt this more. If I now go toe here and click on that Andi use try to use that. You can see I got a pop up here who's just saying no, you have to delete their division levels. You cannot use this division levels. So in this case, I'm deleting all those lower division levels here. So now my mess doesn't have any division level here. So now I'm going to use it. No, GNC with that same most I didn't divide it. Shall I'm getting very ignites detail here on if I have the division levels without this, you can see I'm getting no lower tourism. So there's deal it with on. I'm going to add a few lines here and there. Let's start from here. Some. You don't have to be exactly like this. It's basically just creating some. You're gonna be days. I'm going to do the same thing to declare on. You have to do it with every piece there. Solar it's on. Beware that if your bra sizes bigger, you can see how it's changing the reason. Listen, we were small. We tried to get this kind of Flynt details on Let's put some here this case. I'm going to put one like this. Try toe, try to create kind off, no floor, beautiful hair floor on. Don't just a lot of us just gonna look bad. So I just wanted to Andi would be fine. I think this is fine. So next this 1 may be you have to experiment a little bit to get it right. Something like this. Let's to live their lives and levels and you can see Children's bedrooms and level is like Lord, you listen song going to divide it once more untended. That isn't level. Then I'm going to create it, so go ahead and give this treatment to know every clubs there. So in the next lecture, we're going to finally look at the hair. If some here need some policing, we're going to do that in the next lecture on. We're going to wrap up this model in the next lecture. 28. Polishing Hair and Wrap up: So in this lecture, I'm going to check my hair. If it needs some policing, I'll do that on we're going to wrap of it. So let's first start. Start from this end. These a Internet purely police, you can see No, those are very sorry for just so let's take the H police brass. The name suggest it is the best. No brush for policing. And you can also use beans here and there salutes Pulis designs or something like this. So go ahead and police. And then I'm going to I'm going to look at all those no or tap arrays or tap Guendogan to here. Brian. It's not perfectly no try, Robert. This kind off small sips for this kind of self's. Let's take the move tool sa removed breasts and then let's move on. Not just these areas on Ben. I'm going toe no uses police on top of this. So again I go back to its police. You can see against see some polygons here. So again I can go ahead and no divide it once more. It is like it has three divisions. 10,000. So let's go ahead and divided once more. Makes your the no polygons are not busy like that. Let's Pulis this things sometimes you can smooth, agile are don't police to get a very blade like serpents. Just avoid those surprises because those are not going to know beg properly into normal map . So having a little bit kind of beveled is better than very Sarpei is. Let me know blend this properly. It's not blending with this bottom. It's and in That's fine on he. It should be really a narrow here. It's very take can see. So I'm going to use being to burst for the Excellence day. The pains. Plus I have the bus here, So let's take that and let's make it a little bit no narrow from you means I mean no tapping it properly. Look at those basic steps as well. Have this stays? Make sure the basic save is right on with me. Okay, then let's go back to its police again. I think I need to divide it once more. You can see the polygons on it has, like 14,000 fragments. And to divide it, Andi, from different angle, you can see the wobbliness you conceive from this angle door ugliness here, so make sure you're checking those hairs from different angle basically from different or angles so that again see on sometimes light helps. You can go to light, and it can change this light direction from here. Sometimes it helps to know to know those loveliness plan. Sometimes when chance materials it helps, you can change materials as well. To see the worldliness basically pulled the materials, which has some kind of speculator t like bleeding materials, are no sign of materials, and you can see the worldliness better. We don't know basic basic material. It's a little harder toe. Know the wobbliness in stylist character modeling tried toe a word. These worldliness try toe. Make the character no perfectly clean and clean and simplified and dried rubber disip sis. Now you can see it's better than before. Okay, so finally, go ahead and do this. Do no check every clumps there on do this so it is. The hair model is completed. In this model, we learn how to block out the hairs by using block out Deborah's on how to create that broad's how toe then refined hairs, how to use or for us to get this stance Look. So in the next morning, we're going to do clothing detail, so we're going to do the pan jacket and no. So those kind of details, So I'll see you in that modern 29. Creating the Pant Belt: Hi. Welcome to this first lecture of this model on. We're going to start it this parent and found built. So I'm going to do the build. First year can see Si has built on bell straps, So I'm going to do the build in this lecture. So let's select this parent here against the parent has good topology. We have done this in the blocking, no clothing blocking model. And let's go ahead and do the pant belt again. There are different ways to do this. I'm going to use extracting thing. So for that I need to mask the belt from here again. Again. Go ahead and Mannelly Mosque it master built. But I'm going to use polygraph to help me. So let's first public group this two loops. Now this plant has a single polyglot. We can see that from the color. If you turn on this policy from, you can see the poly go. So I'm going to create a poly groups like a belt. So let's go to G modeler brushed first. So let's select a Z modeler bus by pressing Z, presby, Z and M to get the G model Brust. Look, miss this then I'm going to make the Poly group by. Let's go toe no any polygons. Hold the space bar down onto spa Legal from this accent poly Group on for the target. I'm going to choose poorly loop. Okay, so make sure mouse cursors will be on a polygon when you do this. So now I'm going to look for this. No angles. You can see the aliens lines. I hope you can see those lines. So let's click this when it's sourced this angles. Click it on duplicate. So we got a poly group. The whole loop makes a poly group now. So now let's cold control sit. Let's just go back to any other alike process like standard rust, the whole control sipped and click on it to, like display only this bullet group controlled, sipped and click to display only that Now let's hold control and click outside to mask it. Mask the whole thing Control. Click outside. Now it mosque. Then I'm going toe again. Hold control. Saved. Click to display everything. Control sipped. Click to display everything. Now you can see it's also much this outside. No loves that finds a list first extracted so Let's go to soft tool on extract. Make sure we don't have any. No thickness here. So let's press judo on the techniques area on Let's extract on. Except okay, Now, if you click on so look and see. I got this to on wanted loose so I can again hold control tipped Click on this green or despotic of the Belt pulley group on those things about hidden at this time. I can go to gym a tree on modified apology. Saxon. Then I can deal here and who's I have on my interface? So let's just delete that. Okay, Now let's on mask the belt. No going to a Garda Bill saved there, but it's kind off like, not properly. No, the who it is not proper. So let me are just that. Okay? So before I do that, let me smooth this pants. So let's go and selected. Now it has the must. Make sure you unmasked it before you smooth. So I'm asked it. And let's go to no geometry and divided few times. Click, divide, divide. Actually, we don't have this polygons looking, so let's divide it once again. So, yeah, now looks like this built on here, here and there. It's like intercepting with the pant. So I'm going to use the move without this gizmo so clear here to this side area on the belt eso that No, the gizmo comes like this. Then hold right. Motioned right. Two in flooded offset From this No, you can see from the body. You can just write most drug toe upset like this. Like this. So a little bit upset. Andi, Now I'm going to ask this dis safe. So here, you can see becomes very no tiny. So I'm going to take my moved for us. And let's move with the symmetry. Make sure the symmetries on basically trying to get the same with across the belt there. This I've willing it toe Get that on from distance. I look at the proportion as well. Look at the no off the bed weight to the overall character on Make sure the proportion is right. I think this is looking OK. I need to make it a little wider. I still make it the band size the back. Say build. Say it's there. I'm from the bag. I'm going toe. Move this Live off. I'm trying to get this. No top top area of the pants a measure so it doesn't have to be 100% perfect. But look, ways it should be no should look. OK, Andi. Here and there it can hold Auld Andi. Then you can drag to again. Move your notices in the normal direction. Okay, Now the wit is fine. Now you can see these vortices are going inside this new center vortices let them flatten some of those. Okay, I think this will fine. Then I'm going to give it a little bit thickness. Now it doesn't have a thickness, so let's go toe G model Brussel. Let's bring the G modeler. Now I have that brought us inside in this quick pick because I have already used at in this system. Let's take that Russ, Hold the mouse cursor on any polygon hold space but on choose extra Raksin on all publican . So then let me extrude it So let's goto polly friend by sipped f that extra this inside here because I'm not going to extradite outside. I'll get it. No empty area there because leered in this electoral rises to no use This move transports toe kind off. No in flooded. So let's extra inward so that it touches the band inside. So when you actually inside, it's always flips the normal. So you need to go display here on display properties and click and flip to flip the normals . Okay, so now we got the bill there. Next, I'm going to create a bevel effect. Now you can see it has a 90 degree look. Now, this face and this is has 90 degree here. So over those kind of steps in stylish character as much as possible so that you get a kind off the rounder River local, new big. So I'm going to bevel that I'm going to. So how? Toe privilege. So let me solo this belt here, Okay? So I'm going to reveal this Outside is I need to make everything else No simple league roof . So I need a single public of this front. Should be a polygraph on everything else. Would be one poly group. Now we have kind off one pally group to a Spolli group and three inside politics, so I don't want tobe able. This is this A If you want to, you can go ahead and privilege because it's touching the plant and don't want to bevel that . So let me go ahead and no make a single polyglot. So let's press control WR Goto Poly Group here and you can click on group visible. You can click on that to make it a single pull group. Now I'm going toe again. Use G modeler initially saw that and put the mouse cursor on a polygon and then choose Poly Group from this accent and poorly loop Onda. Let's click on click when you have this. No, this audience lying to this angle, then click. Now I have a single stripe, a polyglot fear from front, and everything else is a single pole, a group. So now the perfect timeto go ahead and use a tool toe privilege. So let's let me so you how toe bevel it. So for that I need to go to stroke on Goto car functions. Andi, I just need to pull a group. So go ahead and turn off these two absence except the poly groups on Quicken frame. Miss, Once you do that, it will give you two cards here. It will give you a curve to the Poly Group border because we have the stupidly group who are green one and blue one. It's going to give me one car to this border. So once we get this car, then we need to put the mouse car surrender is on. That is which has this car we can see from this points Put a mouse cursor on the is whole space. But this time we're going to get this small men choose bevel Andi let me village. So let's again hold the mouse cursor on top of days and drive. So this is a very cool technique toe bevel. So let's go ahead and bevel like this so that from the distance you can see that billing effect. Okay, Once you do that, we're readyto smooth it. So let's go ahead and smooth control de. We can So this on going to do this against see, it's gave me kind of rounded hard. It's I do want that I want some kind off travelling facts so I can give to is loof. So let's go hold a Moscow surround the eggs on hold space back This time choose Insert on single is locates. I have I don't have to change anything. So let's drag and put One is here supporting his loof. Okay, so that it don't make this whole rounder thing. When I smoke, it's going to give me a little bit. No, a little bit That bevel kind off. No effect. You can see that hard is going there like this on. It's like intersecting here so I can go ahead and choose the move. Russ on from here. I can hold auld because I want to move along the normal direction. So hold Ault with the move, Russ. Then you can move it slowly outside like this. I can see it's only move in the normal direction. So the bill is ready on the next lecture. I'm going to sort of a very important thing. And that is how to artist a proportion at this states at the stairs when we have large off sub tools on DNA. Now let's say you saw something like I saw. The torso is longer than the concept. The concept torso is very small from this neck to this west. It's very small. We have a little bit longer torso here, so I need to adjust the whole plant up and they're not or so up The belt is there, so it's very hard to artist now because there are different subtitles. I have toe go ahead and are just everything. Andi again pick together those things. I'm again. I need to make this no loaning leg here that know this part of the leg a little bit longer on the Swiss small right now. So we were going to know at this few things at this trace on this very hard to do right now if you don't know how to do it. So let me show you how toe are just a proportion when you have large off. Subtitles on. We're going to see that in the next lecture. 30. Adjusting Proportion at this Stage: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on this is a very important lecture on. We're going to see how to ours is the basic proportion at this stays off sculpting when we have a lot of subtitles on where we want to are just everything as a single myth. For that we need to use this under this g plugging their Jobson called transpose master. So you can use this transpose Master Upson for putting the character agile So basically what it does when you click on the steeples mess it makes a new tool here, armed with combining everything temporarily. So then once you don't with the adjustment then we can again come here and click the steeples to sub tool. So let's see that. So now it doesn't matter Whatever is select, you can select anything. So go ahead on and click on this steeples mess. I only click on that again. See something like this on it's going to give this mass is actual Teeples Mrs Completed. Okay, that's fine. So we can click outside to get rid of that Or you can just work few second. It will go away automatically. Then you can see here we had now in a new tool here on this to Lydia. You weird in this tool First, before you click on that Absent. So now we're in this tool. Then again, a notice. One thing If you go to this subtitle now, we don't have different subtitles. It's a single combined mess right now. Temporarily. Andi, you can see the other thing is like flip things. Now this disease that is lived on for this I'm going to display properties and let's click on double so that I can see everything. Okay, that's fine. So now I'm going to adjust salutes. Let's certain this store so height, so I can do that by again masking. So at the same time, I want to increase this leg height here this noon. New to this area a link so I can do one thing. I can mosque this serial like this. So let could the mosque from here to that are so here somewhere here makes you do damask anything else. So let's hold controlled and unmask these things on the symmetries in there. So let's turn on the symmetry, agile. So I must that person. Then, let's know, invert this mosque so control. Click outside too involved on. Now I want to blend this mask border so I can hold control and click on the mess anywhere. Toe No, Blend it. You can click few times. You can see if you click ones. It's blood. The mask. If you forget the no shortcuts you can go to masking and then you can blur the mask from here as your okay, So then I'm going to use move on. This gives mobs and on Let's move it. So basically, when I moved this, I'm certainly in this length of the torso and I'm increasing this length of the leg again. See here. So it's so you don't have to do this if your character best no person is right. But mine was not so that I'm doing this. But there's a very good thing to know because most of the times you see some proportion changes. No very late in the person. So I think this is fine. The torso is good. No. So now I'm going to are just few more things. Let's go and scale this foot now. Always a Let's look at the proportion of the character. Now the Sioux is if you compared to the whole character body. Sorry, if you compare the Sioux to the whole character, height are no size. And here the sue, the whole character. You can see the proportion that Soo is no kind of off bigger here than we have here. Let's mosque here like this. Still this ankle or maybe a little bit down there. Let me a mask this idea. Maybe then whole control click to blur the mosque on. You can do this here. No, let me mask a little bit. Control. Click, then invited. Then I'm going to scale it. So let's again take the gizmo there on. Let's click on this little like unwto. Bring the gizmo to this on mast center that I'm going to scale it. So Lewis always look at the proportion. Can I think this is fine Now? If you look at the front view, you can see it's like scale and moved towards the single. So let's move. It makes you do you have the symmetry on. If you don't have the symmetry, it's not going to know who are properly FIA. Make sure your symmetries on now. The next thing the food always tends to go outside. Then this. No straight front angle. So let's rotated agile like this. Let's again move on. Properly lined up with the leg. A little angle is better. Okay, Onda, let's move online and off, agile from this angle. Okay, then I'm going to check the proportion of save of the Sioux here. You can see if I use this little Winterfest line to alignment. It can see the Sioux is in perfectly aligned here to concede. It's like floating. So I'm going to use move for that on. Let's make it grounded here. So let me make it grounded by using a big move for us. So again, from this side, agile. So let's move. Make sure it's flat from front as well. They like this something like this on. Then let's make the Sewall risk ready. Now we can see from here. The su is not rounded ing. It has a square safe scrapped. If so, lives now is the best time because we have, like most everything are no and sub tool transpose more? No, let's make it a little cartoon. Ian's credit. Not scary, Scary. Okay, I think this is fine the suis good. Now let's give some car Ferry of Mars here. So the coffee is very tiny here on here concedes he has a very good car fear. So let's go ahead and move this calf. So basically, the men concept of the selector is don't overlook the basic per person because you are in a different states. Always look at the basic proportion agile whenever it needs. You have this tipos absent go ahead temporarily No, to tip us more on our just everything No combined. So then get the proper proportion. That is very important at any states because, uh, it's measurable to see some proportion mystics letter in the stairs like I noticed because your eyes riff rest because you took time to do different things on Your eyes are refreshed now, so that is very important. Okay, I think this is fine. So go ahead. And I just this we are just the torso. This thing then I think. What else? What else? So I think we're ready to go now. We're done with this proposal. I just rent. Then once you're done, then you need to go to JI, plug in again and click on people's stool. Subtitle here This absence. So click on that. So once you do this, it's going to take you to the orginal tool of it as the subtitles. So now we can see we're in the Argenteuil. Stockton were not in this new Teeples mess anymore. So we're in this orginal on. We have all those changes here. You can see the Sue is right sized and everything is here. So this is the way to know our jester overall, combined proportion at any time in the person. So in the next lecture, we're going to see how toe create this belt straps using an insert bus. 31. Creating Belt Straps: in this lecture I'm going to. So you how to create an insert, Miss Brust toe create this kind of no belt straps easily. So again, you can do this in other ways as well. You can do one straps, then you can manually duplicate and against those. But I find the inside miss technique is easy to like place. Okay, so for that I took create one insert mistrust first. I mean, I need took it one bell, straw, fous Then we're going to make that an insert mess. They were going to drug toe created. So for that, let me first save this file you can save. I'm saving in Jeep project by placing control s you can save it and you can see I'm saving an implement Agile. So this is very important to have, like, 10 files on with increments. It numbers so that if you lose one file, you go back to a different person, loyal person, and you can start from there at least, so don't save on a single file over and over. If somehow that file is corrupted, our like anything goes wrong. We're going to miss the whole character, and that's why I always saving different increments. Andi, If the latticed one is damaged or character, you can go back to the lowest in the cell. Lowest. Then you can start from there. Okay, once I have already saved it. So once you saved it, go to preference Energy Bra's. Yes, toe. Make the divers to the static system. You can say we don't have anything here. Now I'm going toe create a plane. So from here, let's click on this plane on Drag it like this. Goto it more on. If I turn on this policy from you can see we have a lot of polygons here. I don't want this month so let's go toe the gizmo. Click on this customizer person So here we have some polygons which returned have assessed . Oh, here. So let's go to customize here. And these are newer polygons. Primitive. So let's click on this polyp lane, so it's going to replace this with the new one on Now It didn't because it's not a problem . Mystery Diesel. Let's click on this Make Parliaments treaty Before we do that on, let me go back toe the customize on taken Polly mystery regard that on. Now we have a lot of polygons. I think I don't need this multiple again. So let's drag. This took beautiful combs to decrease the polygons. When you drag this red, you can decrease or increase this side publicans on. I think I need to keep 31 of the center. Then let's do the same thing here. Maybe maybe three like this on. Then again, I want to are just the basic proportion. It's kind of a rectangle more height than weird threats. Goto dis customize again gizmo treaty so that I can access the gives Morgan scale. It like this, basically gave the proportion of that bill strap. Then again, I cannot see this from this side. So let's go here to display properties and click on double here so that I can see from both side. It's a single plane, so now I'm going toe. Create kind of the belt strapped look so it should come like this year onto the back of the belt and the belts would look go into. It s So now I'm going to do that. So let's give it a thickness past. So let's go to G model Herb Russ So let's go to G model breasts on. You might not have this here, so just starts for Jim Orla bus. Uh, extra this. Now if I assure its extruding single police or let's hold the mouse Carcerano polygons can choose extrude on all polygons. That's fine, Extruded I'm giving it a little bit sickness there. That said this much are now I'm going to delete this side. So let's hold the mouse cursor on top of this polygons Any of dis polygons, whole space. But now you want to delete polygon. So let's select delinked from the Saxon Andi, I want to deal it. Flat Island. I just want to do it this side, that's it. So I'm choosing this flat island of sun. So now I can click any of this polygons, it's going to see it. That whole flat sip their This whole side is a flat Sepp. So you can It's going to did the whole side again with one single click on now for the backside. I want this idea on this idea because I want the straps or go like this. Been like this on? I want to delete this Syria now, if actually It has the Flood Island Upson, and it's going to do it the whole say because it's a flat Sepp. So now I can do one thing I can again hold the mouse. Scots are in a polygon and choose the Poly Lupin straight. Okay, so by doing this you can see these organs lines like coming with 90 degree interval. So once I get this direction again, click, I can click to deal it. Okay, like this. So I got this up. Now it's time to go and no, give it a thickness. So I'm going to use again the extra absence. So let's change this from Delhi to extrude again. All politicians on extra extra inside, Basically here. Okay, now I'm ready to go here. Then we're going to give the bevel effect like we did with this built on again. We're going to are just a polygraph According to that, because I just need this is should be beveled still here. So I need a polygraph like that. So let's press control w toe make a single polygraph off this visible part. Control W is the same thing as this group. Visible Absent. Okay, so now we have a single bullet groups. Now I want to make a nuclear polic groups here for this on dis this side So I can do that by again, using all when you had in this G model. Herb Russ, you can use all to create poly groups. Let me undo. Make shoot. I'm not doing the inside. Yeah, uh, son do. Yeah, that's fine. That's again. I did the mistake here. Let's Oh, you can see one thing here. I'm like walking on this poly groups. I'm trying to create this poly groups and it's giving me that inside politics. Somehow it didn't give me. Now it happens. Try to no clear the politics from different angles. Make sure we don't have anything. There does. Just this outside strap. No, I'm going to again use the same technique. Go to stroke Gorkov function here on make sure the only politics often is on and click on premise and we get that no cough alongside this poly group border. Now I want to hold the mouse. Carcerano on is and then changed toe bevel whole space. But to get this man a bevel on let's drag on the is so next year we have some pissant bevel . Look, look there, Then I want to again put some inside loops there so me and I can pull a few lines here Toe , hold this aids as well. Okay, now let's press d or you can subdivided as well. We can subdivide this thing. So let's press d two tone on the dynamic subject. You can go ahead geometry here and we can go toe dynamic subject. This is a different way to smooth the model Andi without adding division. So let's go to dynamic here and this there d is the soccer for this. So once you do this, it's done off this poll, Efrem Okay, so this is the belt here, so I can again go ahead on in case this smooth, captive level to make it more smooth. Now I can see it has still visited looks. So let's go, Andi, No increase this Another met really is like the material is a default material. So let's goto basic Montreal. So this is the built on. I'm going to create a single polyglot first solar. It's now you can see we have different poly groups. So let's press control w to make it a single poly group. So now this brush is ready Now I just want toe make it in segments brought us out of this, so make sure the most view is right. Before you go and click on the insert myself. Son, make sure the view is perfectly from the front. So move the camera like this and saved toe. Snap on. Make sure you don't have any perspective. So let's go Tobe Russ on Goto, create and click on Create inside mess clicker New to create it. Okay, now we have the bus again. You can go ahead and save this. Brought us Onigen Lord Latter, Any time you can use any time you do it like built stroppy can go and use this but I'm not going to do that. So this is my brush on now. I'm going to open mind files, so let's go to open. Let's a no on. Let's open my file here. Okay, so we had in the file, then I can go and select the belt here, so select the bell. Make sure the building selected. Yes. Andi, it has division levels right now, so I don't want to do the Liberals because if it's there, I cannot drag and create on top off this. So let me deleted Lord, with the level of this belt on with this insert, miss both still selector. So let's go ahead and clear the belt straps so you can drag like this on. The main problem is when you create like this because you are totally dependent on your like, eyeballing thing. But still you might get different size. So we shouldn't do that because the bell straps would be like perfectly same. I can tell you a very good technique with this, the broth size technique. So if let's say drag and if you hold control now, you can see the snap. How it's not to a particular size on it doesn't scale anymore. This is like using the broth size to create it, and now we can see. Definitely. It's a little bit bigger than what I want here, so I need to change the process for this. So now the draw sizes. 17. Let me changes to maybe somewhere 13 14 and let's check if it's working well, control. Now it's snapped. Ah, knowledge and see, I think this size is working or maybe a little bit bigger. Selects a 15 or 14. Maybe. I think 14 is right. So it's true the broth size here on with this technique. Now we're never going to create different sides. It's going toe same. Make sure the broth size is not changing. Okay, now, once you do this again, we can use the gizmo toe, place it properly because everything else is masked right now on. This is a perfect time to do this. So let's move it like this on its moved like this. So now again, this is a perfect time to go ahead and no split it for Father Easy you. So let's Goto Subtitle here and split on Mastered. So let's split on must now already so I can go back to the bus on. Let's do the same thing. So I'm going to create it whole control again on like this. Just go ahead and I think this is This comes at the right place here. You can see it's kind of floating. What I want year is it stood little bit like penetrator. The belt here on now it's kind of floating on top of it so I can do one thing. I can go ahead to the bras, Andi, to this new death area. But I can use this embed absence would make this embed law. You can see if the geo maybe on now it if you see it should intersect with the I'm body. You can see it's a little closer. You can even go ahead and put that minus to know. Make it more inter sector. So that's again. Hold control on they can use this move gives more to help you properly, Lee. I should have go ahead and do this save a little bit wider here so that it intersect. But I think this is fine. Let me go ahead and create this belt straps. Now we can see how I created the belt straps. Now we can notice one thing I forgot to, like, split these things. And now this is just know this belts, Travis split. We just didn't right now. So now everything else is a single sub tool because we didn't split those things. Now you can see we have lot off for non different polygraph's going on here so I can do one thing I can go ahead and too poorly. Groopman Here I let Creegan auto Group toe give them different poly groups. Now you can see those at different Polygraphs right now. Now I can do one thing. I can mask this step, so let's go ahead and hold control. Safe to select art. Make this piece visible. Only then whole control. Click outside to mask it. Now let's control cyclic outside again to so everything now, because it is the only thing which is mast. I can go here to the subtitle on Spread the Mastering So let's click on Street Marched Points. Now, if you're done of the solar can see everything else is still in a single sub tool This bill straps But this bill is a difference after now I just want toe Combine this to thing into this subtitle So let's goto sub tool here on the two things are here So on the known This straps are here so I need to I need to put this travel on top of this one. So let's go toe So my here and click on this new moving ups And so let's you got this which no move step to this to this layer. Kind off. No leading thing. No, it is selected. And underneath that. Here, this is select. Select that. The top one on go to Mars offs in here and click on Mars down. So it's going to this. Straps are going to Mars down with the straps. So let's Kagel. Okay, so now we have a single straps. Subtitle on We have a built A single subject. So now let me press dynamic subject by pressing d on less press. Yes, or you can go ahead and divided by this normal divide. Upson Okay, so here we got a belt straps on in the next lecture. We're going to work on the parent and we're going to create this toward healing effect here . 32. Sculpting Pant Torn Part: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going to do the pant details and we're going to do this. Don't bad here in this city on you can see I have some divisions here. I have divided this band toe some divisions here and see have five dudes and levels on. Let's see how to do this, this kind of tone effect on It'll be stylized. We're not going toe. Make it realistic. It's a bit like stylist. So let's first mask this area. So there's just off the symmetry. We're pressing X key on. Now I'm going to a mask. That idea Make sure you are putting that in proper locus on. So, yeah, somehow here I'm going to roughly mosque whole control. And let's roughly mosque this of that. I'm going to hold all stool. He does few areas to make that an appointee here toe the site colored miss speed of the video. When I'm ask it. Okay. Once they completed the Maskell Express control Ault and click here. Or you can go toe this masking men here and you will find all the masking off sense on here is the supper math. So let's click on sample mosque for few times to make it no very sarb. So once this happened, this mosque, let's know, make its sub tool out of this area. So let's extract this area. So let's go to stop tool here on Let's go to extract on, make sure the thicknesses Jiro click on extract and I have no got a new piece or accepted so you can see the new piece. It would be like the inside body body part. So let's on musk. That party can see we have some masking going on there. So on Mosque on now I'm going to use this move. Tool. Who? They're the gizmo. Andi, let's click here on Let's Don on this transparent Dobson to see that. And now I'm going to put that little inside. So hold right most. Well, you're right, Stylist Burton. Then just draw. I'm just in flooding in large a little bit like this. So that there for the body part, Andi. Now let's select the selector suit again. The pent. So still it has the mosque. You know, I'm going to enforce this mosque, so let's go to masking on involves it. And now I'm going to move this part Insect. So thanks again Go back to move with Esma. Let's click on this icon to bring the minor. No, the move manipulator There on now I'm going to move inside Salutes Let's move those in war on now Agencia again I can do the same thing as well. I can again click here. From what? All right, Most drug to move this inside. I didn't This is the bed, Robson A now against see the entire body there. So the look simple extractor pieces there on now We just pushed this body part inside like this. We could have done like this without, like extracting the war depart. But it's a little easier when you have this new separates piece for body on Latter it's useful for giving it a different material. A different color. So that's why I did that. Then let's no simplify this A Just now you can see deserve it If no surprises select Use ex police a dream dynamic. Let's stream these things toe No simplify. So this Ah Now you can see I don't have too much. No good amount of polygons to clear these things. ID I need to divide it once more. Now it has 3 74 are three like 74,000. So I can divide it once more. Please. Is anything unnecessary? Because I just want details here. I don't want no details all over the place so I can do one thing. Let's go to geometry and delete the lawyer divisions level. I mean, delete everything every division levels. They let stone under sculptress proof so that we can just are where we actually do the details. We don't have to our divisions everywhere. So let's Stalin Scott this pro so we can just make the brush size small, and we can Now you can see when I use the stream dynamic to flatten. I'm doing the thing here. I'm just riding the no divisions there. So this is the new 2018 beauty Hobson. Just our detail on our divisions where you actually are, you know, And the details Let me speed of the video. Okay, so you can see here toe. Go ahead, simplify diseases and stylish more linger. Don't want to put so much. No, this kind of details there. I think this is fine. I just want to make this canela bits are Purcell. It's used the move all. You can even use the being chargeable soldiers again with a bigger bras. When you do something, you might lose the original. Listen, because again, it's the process off this sculptress pro, so you can know differently. Don't off that If you don't want to change the polygons on, still want to work their service? Let's bring the H. Wallace bus. His policies good for policing things for listening wobbliness. Specifically, he was the one part. So I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going to work on putting some same lines to the parent and say these same lines and the back pocket. So I say that in the next lecture. 33. Sculpting Pockets and Seams: in this lecture. I'm going to do the scenes on the back pocket. Let's see how to do the back pocket first. In this concept, I can't see the back pocket, but let's seize. She has some kind off no simple jeans staple back pocket. So let's a mask that mask the basic steps of the pocket and then I'm going to extract it. So whole control toe. Go to the mast brothers and change this to correct so that I can drag here. Ah, now I need to go on under symmetry. So let's go to transport mint on on the symmetry. You can press extra, do that and now I'm going to pull a kid. Kind of basic square gonna pockets. Then I'm going toe, make it then let's see. You can see the mask years or wrestle controlled toe on. Must that idea on? Then I'm going to use use the last orbs and selectable control again and changes to less so and I'm going to do a V kind of safe to this bottom. So let's hold control old on Let's drug. Let's see disobeyed alot. This would be the lane bullets drug from here to the center. It's got like this. Then let's see. Struck from here toe here. Don't worry about no perfects on. You might. You can just always this. Andi, we need toe. I think this is fine, so let's go on extracted. So let's go to stop tool on extract here again. I can give some thickness. Let's do it without thickness. First select sleek extract except on once you get it. Then you can go ahead and a GED message toe. Get a very small plane here. Can see we have some wobbliness going on so I can go ahead. Toe geometry. Saxon on G D Mr The Let's set a very low number here. Maybe point to three electrically Ganji, Miss electrically Compal Eflin So that we can see. So let's click on GED. Miss it, then I think that it jealous, Um, what is The lesson is a little bit los. I'm going toe in credit liberal point for Okay, then let's click again because you can see here and here I have a little bad Trouble is going on, so let's click again toe again Jerry Mesic and say it's getting better and better so you can lose ZZ Miss more than wants to get a better, better output. Let's use the move toe. Finally get rid of this kind of wobbliness on again we can use. We can always use the cooker of off Cento Get corners. Let's goto cookers We're gonna list used this to make corners Okay, that's fine. Then I'm going to give it a little bit thickness So now it's a plane, So I'm going toe Huge G model off attacks alerts You can goto brust And then let's press Z on g Marttila on hold You most Carter only polygon face and then hold space by changed to extraordinary all polygons on again. Hold your mouse cursor on a polygon, then extrude outside something like this. Make sure that no thicknesses right. It's a stylish modern, so make sure it's and visible from a little distance on Borland Stylist. I think this is a little too much soldiers. Let's do this on. Then we can smooth it by control day or dividing it cardigan. Even just press dynamic subject so you can go here on its insides. Imo to tap on. You can turn on this dynamic Upson Then I can go ahead and are some kind of no street sing lines by using our or Brussel. It's Goto lightbox on brush here on Let's choose or off crack. 1st 1 will cracks Russ, and then we can use that brust to know get those lines. But here you can see a problem. When I tried to get that because it's a dynamics operative object, we actually don't have the enough polygons. It's just sewing the smoothness. So in order to do small details here, I need toe apply to division so that no, against call those small little. So let's click on this. Apply. So now I applied this dynamic subject smoothness toe, subdivision levels American. See? It gave me three division levels to achieve that dynamic subject. Look. So now it has smoothness with dosing levels. No, I can work like this and still you can see I'm not getting a clear no kind of detail here. It's okay. What? Still I concede the polygons. Either you need toe, divide it once more to get more polygons toe, get no surf, clean look or again. I can use the sculptures from work, so I can't use that with division levels. If I tried to call on track, it's going toe gone off automatically because of gives the level. So you need to deal it whenever you want to use this. Upson. So now I can go ahead and create small strokes. Sorry. Let me down on that Are the one line again. You can go ahead on Tom on this lazy ridge. So the lady radius of some So they're just probe is smooth and no controlled. Okay, Something like that's very simple. So then I'm going to do the same snow stating lines on the banned by using the same brush here. So let's are the same lines here. Make sure the no thicknesses property. Then I'm going toe Artis lines like this. So again you can press one. Once you put that dress stroke, you can press one to repeat that accent. Repeat that brushstroke exactly on top of that. And then let's put the lines to the inside and outside as well. To this, I'm going to pull the same lunch to this side as well. So let's so Lloyd and export here, Chris one. Let's put the same lane, Toe this inside as well. Press one to repeat the breaststroke. And then I'm going to know our Cem center Lines here salutes when I do the center lines, makes your tone of the symmetry. Otherwise I'll get this kind off effect. So that's makes sure when I does the centre than press extra tall attacked on. Let's make sure I'm going the center that's tried rivaling it. Okay, this one you don't have to know. Doubling the effect, but no again Express X to know the center dental. It's just eyeballing from that look. It's something like this large town on the symmetry when I'm doing the parent pocket here. Okay, I think this is good. There's good to go. So then in the next lecture, we're going to start doing the falls on this false or be stylized. So they say that in the next lecture 34. Sculpting Stylized Folds: to create the falls. I'm going to use the over us again. So let's see that. How to do the falls here I have selected the or bus on. It's not just for doing this kind of crack lines are seems. You can also do the fools by using this blessed. So let's see. Let's start from this bottom here. Learn from this concept vacancy How the parent is like bulldozing out. Always know, Look at the silhouette. When you when you do this falls, you can see the silhouette and that means we have some force going on here and I can see this silhouette here. Let me close in so you can see this silhouette, which is like popping out this plant here because DeLillo, the Sioux is there. And if state on the parent is living like losing here, so let's get those silhouettes look beautiful. It's like pushing in on here. I'm going to turn off this snow sculptures pro more as well, because it a big bus. When I try to do the skulls, you can see I'm losing the polling. It's decimating, So let's start off that now. I'm going to do the falls and beautiful. It's carving in on Dhere. I want to use both, so sometimes I'll do this and the times I'll do this carving thing. So let's here. I'm going to use all to, like, pull out this points. So I'm going to I'm going to create this kind of thing. So let's make a big plus. So I gave the no silhouetted agile, so that's very important getting the silhouette there with the big junkie bus. Something like this on. Let me your mouth little bit. Okay, something like this. Make sure you're getting the silhouette changes there. I think this is fine. Maybe decide to belittle intense so that we get something on silhouette. Always look at the slow it on. If you want to just see the celebrity, you can go ahead and change this material toe flat. So here there's a flat kilometer on. Now you can just see the silhouette without seeing the setting, and it's very easy toe. See the justice ILO. You can see we're getting the Sylar there on again. We might come back to the no basic material, something like this. Okay, then let's go and let's put the new falls from this backside. We're going to put some kind of zero false. Let me show you here. So I'm going to clear something like this. Some kind of zeer falls with this exact falls in this area Because of the name band, It's usually like visual that area salute, Create some kind of big jack fools Year selects. You can see this is the Z top, the G and this is G Later off. No English. Let's again. Here I am using this. No, all Dobson and sometimes without doll toe carvin toe. Get the silhouette. Here you can see and bigger brushes better here. Some kind of this kind of saves. Then again, again Go ahead and been like this on Sometimes you don't have to make it symmetrical so you can just don off the symmetry toe break the details. No break the symmetry details here and there. So something like this make sure you're getting something on the silhouette. You can see very high Solu. It's up there on from this angle makes you doesn't have to be exactly same, But some things will be there on the solu it. I'm doing this side. I'm going to continue that. And but let's bring that off. Some looks carving this area. I'm going to connect somewhere here like this. You can. You can take that. They're like this. I forgot to turn on the symmetry. Okay, so let's bring this and bring this back. Even if it's a stylist like character and we're doing the stylist falls still again, Look for the low riel really measures for Falls on. When I do a realistic actor, I put a lot off loss, subtle falls and bigger falls and lot off. Secondly, falls when you do it's stylus characters. We just to make the Perry very primary force so that it's not too busy on at the same times . It's very stylised and clean looking thing I had asked the only different, but the full structure should be same, like realistic. So here is the knee fools on here. You can see there's a like, saluted changes there on. I don't get that here, so let's see how we can pull back. You can take this police presence happen. Are Pulisic letter This place want to dip it it here you can see some kind off second, everything's going on So it's alleged better to go, and it's police those things. So to serpent no flattened or clean those lines on these things takes time. So go ahead and do this on. Do the political thing where we'll see illnesses city forms going on. I think it's fine. No. So then let's put some force here at this at this area. And so let's go. And again to this or bus on here. I'm going to put some kind of straights falls because of this criteria on. We have some new lose things going on here. So let's again hold old to get this kind of thing on again. I'm going to very subtle word this year. Servants, something like this, very stylized. And obviously it's They're simple. They simplify something like this. Andi, I think we need to put something behind here, Rachel. So again do the same thing. Bigger breasts. Something like this. Very simplified falls who go ahead and do this in the next lecture. I'm going to walk on the so here on we're going toe, give some basic structure to the Sioux. So let's say that in the next lecture 35. Refining Shoe Shapes: in this lecture, I'm going toe Give some refinement to the basic step of the so on. Let's selected first toehold altar and click on this. So here, on first thing, I'm going to divide it to get some smoothness. Celeste llegan divide here a few times, maybe three times here to get for division levels. Okay, so then let's give this starkness to the So here you can see we have we have a plane tense going on here against a here. Here from this concept, it might be the brush strokes, but I assume it's a very stop. It's on. We can pull that because it's, ah, stylized, and I think it would look good. So now I'm going to do that. We dough the paint bus off send. So let's go to pains. Three d c w. Or you can also use your dance and that rose it old. So here, with this brush, I'm going to the whole old when I'm doing this. So it's kind Africans. A painting effect on You can also use your basic damn standard brush to do this Solar Express D, and to give the damn standard with ALD without all it's doing something like this with all the can. We can also get this danced under, so I'm going to use this plus beans treaty CW on Let's do that here. So holding old denim, creating this stylist surface leukemia underst kind of Venice in here somewhere. So I'm smoothing that they desolate smooth this area here. I'm not using any sculptures promote. It's just a basic cutting note on you can see. I got that sadness, but I need toe police. This sites, you can see some loveliness, so again you can use your light to help you toe find out this worldliness. So let's go to light. Can change the light direction to find out off wobbliness Like my soil, you can see a little bit better. So let's go toe each police, plus on it used to go to blows when it comes to policing things, so it's it's polished those things. I'm gonna make it vidi. Very smooth on clean. Whenever I do models in products and I always emphasize on the cleanup things. So a list of stress on those things the models would be very clean looking. Look at something like that. So once we do that, then? Then I'm going to work on this sword. So let's divide it as well. So press controlled the for divide Press controlled a few times to divide. Then I'm going to policy it. So here let's again used a spotless on you can see with a big Russ. So I'm publishing it on. I'm getting this stop is to the soul Make sure the symmetries on you can see before It was like, very wobbly piece. And now I'm getting the flatness. I think this is fine. Then let's police the bottom module so you can see very wobbly safe here. So let's Pulis it with the bigger brush You can see I'm getting and I go toe the corner. I'm getting this star players, Look here. I have some carving idiot, as you can see here so I can hold all Do it. This is police is going toe Try toe feel a label of those things on. Then again, with normal, it's police begin policies things Okay, let's go ahead and give some time to do that on. I think I'm done here. So in the next later I'm going to put some later false Yeargan. See again? We have some silhouetted just going on here that seem to have some falls. So let's say that in the next lecture. 36. Adding Leather Folds: So let's do the falls on the Sioux exactly the way we did in the band. So let's see that. So I'm going to again use the or dress here. Yeah, I'm just going to put on this ankle area because this is the deformed area on some here on this on this ball area of the foot so I can go ahead on and with a bigger bras, let me know. Jacket. If I get good divisions and say I'm getting a little bit jagged polygons here so I might divide it once more. So let's divided one more times. So it's May 5 and just look at this. No, Merced, don't go to Mars over there. Now. The total points is 2.56 for this whole character on just for the Sioux five like 60,000. So now I'm going to create some falls on this area again. You can always look, go ahead and create Lee s. When you are using division levels, you can use layers, toe, create or put some more details on the layers. Let's click on this Larryk and rename it from here. Let's say falls. So by using this matter it's very easy to rework again. Let's say Klein didn't work the false here and he wants something else or some other types of fort. You can come here and you can don off the layer on those details are gone and then again, again do things. So the lettering is a very nondestructive way off working. So I would recommend to work with Layer whenever you know, working on division levels on. Unfortunately, when you work on sculptress pro more No, you cannot put details on layers. But we knew it on all that. And yes, you can put details on there with that being said, Let's start here and I'm going toe again. Pulled some jail orgy exact falls here. So let's press. You start from back sight and here I'm like, trying toe get it bold. Not no small lines are fine. Lines here can see again again. Use the one cato, lovey, you know, re bus again. You can say they picked up brush stroke again like this and press one without moving the nerve. You poor That's very important, like this. Then again, t and then I can again just put the carving up some without holding altered something. Just a Carvin. Ah, we got the celebrity urgency on this. This is very bad years, Lord, because it stops here. So let me and let me come here. Let's start from somewhere here movie, Uh, something like this unknown going toe toward this lane. So kind of jade here on day. Make sure this you're getting this safe here and it's connecting with here a little bit, I think. Confusing. But I just pulled theirselves and some connecting sites here. Look at real world images on just copy. Those saves tryto make those logical lighting I look at from distance as well. I think I don't like your Yeah, I think this is fine. So let's for some inside line so that I get from Salou. It always slower is very important. I think this is fine. This is fine. We don't new muster, so I think this is fine. Then let's put some force here. Very few falls Ever sit scarfing Upson a little bit smaller, we'll get something like this. I think this is too much. Just one or two stroke would be fine. I think this is fine on then let's Polish this. You can see we have very know lot off forms going on here. I don't like those things. Let's police or you can live in pinch to get very sad looks. So let's polish this lines. I can't even smoothed. This lands is inside. Lines on the side A my getting the silhouette here. I might need a little bit better salute. So let's go toe go to Sarid or cracks breasts on its live space and deplane here. Maybe this land to be I think this is good. I think this is This is better than before. Okay, using old. Okay, so we're don't let that fool here on the suit on in the next lecture. We're going to do this draft here, and we're going to this. No strap belts a budget. So let's do that in the next lecture. 37. Modeling Strap and Buckle: Hi. In this later, I'm going to so you how to do this? So strap. We have already has seen a technique to do that by doing this. No belt we can mask and we can extract to do that, obviously, But I'm going to sell you a new thing here. So let's use a brush called Khar Strap Snap here. This is a bite before breasts off gibbous. So let's use this bus toe. Create straps. You can use their to create any kind of bail straps anything. And I could have done this bailed with this thing. So let's see how to do this. When a drug on top of this, it says the men's has less. That means if May's has layers, we cannot do this. So let me undo it on I. Let's say you want to have this layer on. You don't want to lose it so you can do one thing. You can duplicate this subtitle. So now this suits of tool Let's duplicate it on. Now I have this to which is the duplicated one on. Now I can go ahead on DNO, go to layers on big all layers here, so click on bagel. Who knew? Click on it. It's going to, like, get rid of the layer on If you lets it d little air from here, it's going to delete the details as well, so I'm not going to do that. So let's just begged the layers on with this duplicated one, I can go ahead and create department on. Now it says, I have no multiple subdivision levels, and again, you cannot use this process or inside process on division levels. Mess. So again, I'm going to use this day lawyer Robson to delete all those lower divisions. That means I don't want any division levels or any layers on the mess on which I'm going to create this on again. I'm walking on the duplicated one. Okay, Once I do the bill, I'll delete this thing and I'll keep the belt okay on my orginal maze is still there. Who? It has all those things, their division levels and layers. So let's select it. Make sure the bra sizes are prepared because it's depends on the breath size. You can see it with the bigger bus. I'm getting a bigger set up here with a smaller one. I'm getting smaller straps. So make sure the broth sizes a profit according to you once or you need here makes you the proportion is right. So let me and C on Don't go outside of the so you can see if I drag like this. I'm going like this. So in this case, I want a very snow loop kind of straps. Here's to let's stop here on. Then I'm going to rotate the view and then start from here. When I put my Corsaro very close to that point, I get this red connected line. That's the time to drag again. Okay, If you don't do that, if you do like this when it's drawn green, if you drag, it's going toe like pull acting. So make sure don't do that resistant to extend it, so make sure the red line is there. So then stuff here. Then again, it's a little tricky to get that. So again, go up here. You might get some kind of notice. Say that Fine. We can. I insist that letter their legs again, and now I want to connect it here. So just go close on. Let's release the mouse. You can see now it's a loop strap. It's a continue looking strap. So now let's create it. So now you can see the curve is still there. So let's click on this mess. Somewhere on the card is gone. Now it's a it's on the single subtitle. No, I just need to split it. So let's go toe split here on Let's let's go to Spirit on Max Points or Max points Whatever . No gun. See, I have slept in that. Now I'm going to do it. This base, which doesn't have the subject on levels that duplicated one now have selected the original one. So let's select the duplicate er one which doesnt hard this up like division levels. Now we can go ahead, go to subtitle and you can deal it from here on. Make sure you were deleting the right one. Okay, Now I have the layered and subregion miss and I got this thing. So now I'm going to use the move, Russ toe are just the same. So let me make it on. You can see here and there. It's like penetrating so you can hold. Although it moved us on when you hold old, you can move it along the normals. That's a very, very nice off some. So makes you ditz upsetting properly. Okay, that's I think. Fine. Then we're going to do this in the second strap, which is coming outside. You can see from this monogram or this belt belt piece here. So again we can go and use the straps up some on Let's again make sure the precise is proper on this time. I'm going to create this on top of this step. So So let's said that both sides are prepared. Maybe 22 or something. You can again click here on Pulled the value. Let's say I'm here. Um, going outside somewhere like this so that I can see from this angle a silicon. See, I'm getting that on the silhouette. The two this is and you can changes to flack. You can see the solutions there. Okay, that's good on. Then I'm going to again click outside. Let's create this No peace here, so I'm going to bring something. Let's up in here. Let's up in something Some tourists ring pretty. Let's move it. I'm selecting that salutes to like this one. Prove it on. I want to make it a square piece. So I'm going toe change this customize Upson, let me go here somewhere. That's genders to customize here unless changes to ring three d here on with this ring pretty I can easily as just the divisions. So they're stone on the police for him to see the polygons. I'm going to drag this green the small green here to make this four sided on. You can see the number here. I need to make it four sided. Let's Sorry, I'm increasing their just four side four side here on again changed this side toe four side as well This rare toe foresight on again. See, It's not properly no aligned this process. So I'm going to rotor those from this green. Let's rotate it again. 45 dignity can look They're just 45 degree toe perfectly lined up. So now I want to rotate it. So let's go back to the customize and go back to Gizmo treaty Here on Dhere I'm holding sipped. When I wrote it on, I can wrote it 45 degrees on with the man. A Betta is also rotated like this and now I want to wrote it in this way so I can hold all . Then click on this on this icon to know angle the manipulators to the proper audience and salutes. Wrote it 90 degree here as well. I don't have to report for 90 degree. Let's no, I can pull that very simplify sieve on here. I'm going to rotate this like this on its poor. This here on the second, well suited to know so much stops here. So here you don't see the actual toe layer bells here, so that's kind off a little cheating on that's fair in mourning because the audience are never going to see that. I think I can do one thing. Let's go and use dynamic and dynamic. Subdivided it, please. So let's go to Jim a tree on first thing I'm going toe. Use Cleese here. So, in new Robson Andi, you can just click on the screech to get these lines. You can see now we're getting something on This is this on its set of 45 tolerance. That means it's going toe crease. The is, which is like having more than 45 degrees. Because this is this a 90 degree is this? You can see this face and this waste is 90 degree there. So this is a niche weeklies because 45 years, the tolerance lesser than 45 degree angle days would not be like Get this Krish. So this makes you that said toe somewhere here 45 on Now that pleases tumor. So let me on Krisel on because the crease level is 15. It's going to be very sorry. So let's make it a summer two or three on Let's Greece again. Now, these days, this will be a little bit smoother. Now I have creates level three and now I need toe goto dynamics up. Dave Anton on Dynamic on here you can see when a tone and dynamic I get this safe because this is was not creased. So that's why I got this up. That's fine. I'll do that on now. I'm going to use this increase the smooth sub the absent to get a smoother ideas here. Maybe every three or four areas you can see now I'm getting a little bit smooth. Side a stone. Upali from here. You can see this. Is this a little bit smoother? Okay, Now I can do one thing to get the keys. Is this here? Let's dawn of the dynamic for the second. I got that because I didn't get This is Crist. So that's why so let's Goto, who agrees office And here again on Let's crease. All okay, stays off some good Please, all now I'm accusing every it. So let's see now. Now you can see it's better because now this is also create So it didn't smoothed out, so you can also use this technique. Then, whenever we want to get the division level, you can just hit on apply to get the division levels here you can see. So now we get the divisional levels as well. Okay, so then do the same thing with this strap satchel. So I'm going to I might add this. This straps here, but let's see, I'm going to use crease for this, or you can even go ahead and use no is loops for that as well. So collects decreasing, so let's decrease it toe. Ella's tryto keep it like two or three too many on Let's Craze that was done on Sub Dave again on again. I'm going to increase it toe. Make that deliberate smoother. We want you, You're done. I need to duplicate it. Toe that side. So let's select this place. Let's go to Ji plugging on septal master, you have obstacle meter. So let's click on that. We have already seen this substance. Let me do predict. So let's set it to Mars into one sort tool and X axis, which has already said so. That's fine Legal. Okay, a Now you're getting the same. Okay, so in the next lecture, we're going to work on this days. Act on. I'll see you in the next later. 38. Detailing the Tshirt: Hi. Welcome to this class in this class. I'm going to work on the tea set on. I'm going to give some basic color to the character Moken Sea. The hair looks black here on. You might get something like this sometimes. So it's because of polyp painting. Sometimes accidentally you choose some color here and sometimes you no got painted here. So now you can see if you goto this sub tool on, you can notice this brush like iconic stoned on That is the polyp painting thing So you can turn on or off every subtitles by just holding sipped and not click on it Click on any bus Now it got no off every subtitle again. You can also turn on by doing that whole sit and again click on that bra cycle on any of this up on it will turn on on every sector. Okay, so let's put some color so that it looks a little bit interesting. Now you can see it's like a kind off modeling look. My single basic gray color. Sometimes you might have seen some artists doing the character with basic color, so we can do that. So let's puts on color on the jacket. And so this is not something you must do. This is like personal preference, our personal like I let me select Kiss and it's goto color here and choose feel object. Now you can see the selector sub tool is like has been filled with that color. That's electric color. I yeah, I think that is. That's a deliberate red. Okay, so you cannot speak from this image because it's a floating Men's on top off it. So let's go to color and fill object and I don't think so. Dark spirits. So you can go ahead and put some color. Let's see, this is kind off. You're low right now. I'm kind off no eyeballing it. You can see that No selector color here, let me make it deliver darker. Here, Phil. Object Our Mexico. The color is a little bit lighter side so that you can see when you're doing the sculpting thing because still were in sculpting and states. So you can go here like this and put some colors that it doesn't look boring. So now I'm going to skip the video and I'll come back once I put all these colors. Okay, here I have given every sub tone secular. Now it's looking a little bit interesting, and it can also help you to visualize the new safe and the over look and feel of the character. And it can also help you in baking stairs always. I don't want to go into it right now, but you can not big color maps out of this letter. Okay, so it's liberty useful. So let's go ahead and do the noticed something years. So let's selected t's idea on now. I'm going to change the basic sape of it. So let's go toe move brush Here, let me increase the blast site. He I noticed the overall proportion of the overall poster of that are so is deliberate enough forward pain kind of thing, something the city has had come forward, which and, uh, yeah, something like this. Okay, then I'm going to know smoother. It's so that's divided. So let's go to geometry on divide. Few times I'm going to divide it 4 to 5 times. Let's say five on. I'm ready to go here. Can see a little bit no hard save going on there. So I'm going toe go down there. Suppress city D to know Go down the division levels on only D to go up the division levels . So let me go down on. I'm going to smooth this. My holding sipped on its smooth this thing. Okay, I think this is fine. Now let's go off again by pressing Dickie on here. I want to. Now you can see the tea set on. The parent is in different label here. The parent is like coming out the desert is like going inside the plant. But here, I don't say that I'm going toe use the move. We'll move us to know making this same level. So let's hold old withholding all they can move on the normal direction, move those vortices along their normal direction. So let window that on here can see I'm going toe pull. Seen a little bit. Um, let's move up so that I can see that. No, Carville. Blinder? No, just a little bit clean off thing. I know. Again, I'm going up a now it's timeto go ahead and give some details. I can see some fabric lines there. I'm going to do those details on Leah. So again, You can use the OBRAS to give those lines or you can use the dance standard. Russ again. Let's go toe all brushed back here on Let's used off Crab Russ and make the brush Size are prepared and it's check. Now. I have five years and levels and the maze has for luck 20 years or 12,000 polygons. I think that is enough. And now I'm going to put all these details on different layers on it specifically. So let's go to layer here on Let's create earlier again. This is very important to put details on layer so that you have the ability to turn off. The details are even. You can delete the details, and you can do it again. So if let's say you got a feedback from client off from your lead to change the details or change the opacity off it, let's say the intensity off it. So it's very easy when you have a layer and you can just go ahead and decrease the opacity or the intensity of this detail all even again intelligently the details later. That's why you can even pulled this falls on different layers. But unfortunately, when you use this sculptures promote. It doesn't allow you to put the details on this more, so that's a limited sin. But if you want to know how blessed, then don't use that. Use the normal Gemma Tree Metal or Don Imus. Okay, so let's go ahead. Use credit earlier, and now I'm going to create those lines. Let first create this horizontal line here. So I'm going to start from this side on. Make sure the Lady Moses a prepared here, can see ever small legend radius. So let's go to stroke on Lady Mo's on increased this lazy radius. If it's often don't on this first, then increase this to somewhere 50 on when you increase that, do you get in long? No stablized to line you can see. So by doing this, you you can create a very if it is tabulate stroke. So Manu No, you might not get it to write for than under first go, so you have toe try more than once and tried to get it perfect on. Make sure the broth sides is also prepared because I'm getting the known details from the brush size, and it should be well visible from this trance as well. So let's make a daily the broader on strike. I think this is looking good. Now with this 12 bra size on, Let's do it from here on, make sure it looks seamless as this new connected areas. It's a little bit tricky. We tried to get it right there so that it looks seamless on you can see. Yeah, now it's looking good. Now I'm going to put this vertical lines on a different layer. You can even give it a name. It's it's lines, which is my original line. Can give any name it just for you on Let's create another earlier. Now I'm going to put these vertical lines. So let's put some here again again. Start from the center lines. When you have a center line, I'm center topples line. It helps you to give that line. So I have taught here. So I'm going to use that. When I pulled us into line, I turn off this no symmetry. There's go to transform and Donald. This activates emit traps and now I'm going to follow this center line. So let's do this inter lane here. No, I have dawned on this Polly frames that. I can see that no line of it. If it's a little bit off, that's fine. And again, don off our solo this single desert that I can see it. And when you do this, try toe look control your hand and tried to put the same pressure throughout this car line . Okay, Now I'm going to turn off this. Let's click on this policy from brutal. Okay, I think this is fine. Here. You can see I did a mistake. I cross that line. I shouldn't eso here. I can do one thing. Either I can again delete this layer, or I can undo it on we do it. I can do that. But I'm going to soy a very cool technique toe. Get it? Cell. It's gone off this layer by clicking just right to this recording More. And now it looks good on this. I okay, I don't know about that. Let's goto this morph target of sun here and I'm going to click on this door empty. Sometimes you get this kind of saving project filing progress. This is a like auto saving of divas, so let it save the file and this is very useful. Sometimes you cross the file and you got that from From the slight box. Quick, safe you get. Get all your auto savings here. And if you couldn't save your original file, you can go ahead and start from quicksight. That is very good. So don't don't off back. So here, I'm going to store empty. So this is something like you were going to store this states A Let's click on it. So I store this trace this days off detail. I store that now I'm going toe the layer and turn on this detail. Now I can use they're stone on the recording more so you need to have this occurring. Moon turned on to use this stone on that. And now I'm going to use a special bras called more from across this one. By using this, you can morph to that store states. So you know to store first in order to use this on, get back to that store states. So this is more it's going to move to that store states. Now I'm going to use this brush look and say to get back that most is in that state they didn't have this land. So you can see am not getting back to that don't land states. So this is a very good technique toe. Eat it Some detail. A concern to eat is some layer details. If you want to, it is the whole lead. It'll then it doesn't make any sense to more fun. It is like this way. You just need to go ahead and don't die. But if you want to eat it some part of the layer detail and this is the way just on off the layer. Take the more stored OMT and then use the most target eso. Now I'm going toe again. Go back to my old dragged Russ on with the same draw size I remember it was 12. So now I'm going to put some line. So again, let's put some line here. So now I'm going to turn on the symmetry by pressing X key. Can I'm going toe? I'm tryingto pulled the line. No, same overall. Now I can see it. I didn't guard it right, So I can I can go ahead on increase this radius toe, get the most civilized and delayed stock so that I can control my hand before I actually cleared this, Lane concedes, better controlled. So I'm going to create these lines. I'm going to speed up the video. So here I went ahead and put those lines on. You can see on this idea. It's not clean. Some lines are like crossing that mainline. So again, we can use our more from Russ to get back to that. No story in distance. So this is the benefit off doing that thing. So let's no go back to that story into strays on. Yeah, here you can see how useful that technique is unheroic, unsee they other no benefits off having this detailing layer. So you can you can go ahead and increase or decrease the intensity by increasing from here . I can see have the layer here, and I have this nobody here. So whatever layer have selected here, this is the intensity about of that selected layer. Now, again, I can put more than one here on. It's going to increase the intensity. As you can see here. I just went ahead and put two on. You can see the intensity and even I get low the intensity to like let's appoint five you can see now the details are subtle, so this is kind off, no opacity inside Fort itself. Here, it's the intensity. So let's put one here. So there are some benefits. Noto have the details in layers. So in the next lecture, I'm going to work on the best accepts adjustment of the jacket, and there's no color here, so let's see that in the next lecture. 39. Jacket Basic Shapes Adjustment: in this lecture. I'm going to work on the jacket adjustment. The base accepts adjustment, so let's see that you can see the bodies penetrating with the jacket. So I'm going to use the move. Russ on. Let's select the SEC it first on because now you can see the polyp in is there? So it's hard to see how toe say, whether it's selected or north sick and And lastly, Consoler toe No, take that Republicans place. If Dave toe say that every selector. Okay, now I'm going to use this move with all key. Hold down the Elke so that I can move. This points along the normal direction. So let's move them. A Libbets that dependent. No, they don't penetrate with the body a little bit wider than the body solutions to that. So it's just making it a little bit brighter than the body. I don't want to make it too wide or ticker. I think this is okay, Nam. So now I'm going to No, I just This Gallup is here. You can see from the side view how it's like going on top of the breast there, so I'm going to move that toe looks like that first holding old and Cleveland that So I'm going to move that like this. Now you can see here it's can straight on. It's moved back where? So let's move left as well, so you can see how the test is coming out. And this jacket is like like back there. So I'm trying to get that stress later jacket and get rid of that penetrates and they're here. You can see there's a liberal gap, so our this kind of gaps. So if you have these gaps, it's gonna be like they're the problem, going to do the low pool and breaking things. So make sure it's very simplified that let's move this thing so that it no feel their like this. Let me know it. Still, I might go ahead and no narrow this chest there. Liver liberate off are just men there on. I forget to give it no surf line to this desert, so let's go ahead and do that. So let's take the danced under one again, again pulled that on its own layer on Let's take the dance tender breasts on. Let's pour that line there with a bigger brush with the low intensity can go ahead and do that. Andi can again press one to repeat and that line on again. We can put this noose are blind to this to this West area. They can see itself. Plane is going on there. Okay, something like this on then let's go back toe the jacket. Here you can see how it's wider here and narrow and then wider Here a little bit. No, the form is they're liberating. District salutes say that sometimes this color can make it hard toe invisible. So that time let's go to subtitle and hold seat on, turn off everything. So let's click on a polyp friendlier and make sure it's less said the white here. So I have just not done off the polyp ending temporarily. So now I'm going toe. Move this. I'm trying to get that new fighter. Why the deltoid idea? Then it's becoming narrow here. And then why does here So again, with all we can create that white thing, I think this is fine on. Then. I think everything is looking cooled and I can go ahead and do this calf here you can see is going toe up there. I sort see most of the neck park. So to go down there express symmetry here on express so I can see the whole neck are Of course, it's a billable. Be good. So let's fill. This chest is coming toe, so let's pull start down there. So always look for no basic singers. Basic guards restaurant Don't ever take them like granted. So make sure you are jesting whenever you guys got phrased so that it can see See the mystics. Okay, lets start off the symmetry. I think for the basics of corrects on this is anything fine. So I'm going to stop this Lecter here in the next lecture. I'm going to work on this piece here, this color peace and we're going toe give some basic basic details to this Gola. 40. Fur Collar Sculpting: hi. In this lecture on going toe work on this color pissed on, we're going to do some basic details on the space on here. Can see it's kind off No. Four color and again, again, look that the dream is this more limit on. You can see there's a Republican off sips, so I'm going to use down standard for this. Let's put the dance tender. Andi. I'm going to increase the region. Listen, because I want a little bit more polygons here. So let's included to let says 7 50 something on the stone off on on again so that it refreshed. I'm going to smoke on. I think I got a little bit on two months, so let's see some, like smoothing it right now. It's smooth it for us. Then I'm going toe roughly block now again. See, it has already, though no best extract forms going on there. And now I'm going toe. Take this town stander unless declares it a little bit. I think seven fifties, two months soldiers put 600 this don off down on this again next Syria. Now I'm going to use it, so let's let's create some kind of circular sips of real quick. And those are class steps would be interlocking like Let's a two circles And in between that two circles, There's one so kind of this, this pattern here, Andi. It's very subtle. It's not, like, purely drawn like that. It was subtle to get that kind off on that kind of wobbly effect. So I'm moving my most off my stylist on a circular Muslim to get this thing. So let's do this real quick, something like this. And the bigger ones are on this area. So let's does something like that at this Centenary year. Tryto know the stone off the symmetry so that they don't look Noto obvious There something like this on this idea of like trying to avoid this kind of clear sips. Let's no again see, we have those kind of circular sips or Spiric away sips. Okay, I think this is fine on the next list, sir. I'm going to do that now. Falls on the jacket. So let's say that in the next lecture 41. Adding Folds to the Jacket: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to put some full details on the second unless start from this. No handful here. You can see this. This piece we don't have that. So I'm going toe. Oh, no. Make it as a separate peace again. You can scored on top of this, but I think having a septic separate peace will be helpful to get the distinction between this to idea. This is so I'm going to mask it. So let's hold. I think Let's first to divide this desert a few times. So let's go to Gemma Tree divided a few times. Let's therefore again, never, ever put unnecessary divisions That means always have minimum divisions on and try to get the details. Okay, so here I have no divided four times on, Let's mask it. So I'm going to hold control and less chances to lasso on Let's mosque it. I'm going toe start from here so that I can take this benefit of the straight lines and not I don't think that is a good idea. I have to like, rotate a bit. No, I think this is fine. So now I'm going to solve tool here and Let's duplicate this extract this. So with 0.2 let's try to extract. I think this is tumors in this case, so I'm going to decrease this value. So let's point. Jiro Jiro five. Let's click on extract again. I think this is fine, too. Let's accept it. So here I got my know of this place here a little. Unmask it on. Let's smooth these things on here. You can see if I smooth these things because of this. No ourselves here so I can go ahead and greet. Applies it so that I will get a very clean top policy. So let's first do that. So let's go to Jim Otri. ZD Mr On Its Nor Decrees this poorly count here. Then let's click on this Jeezy Messa on This is a very good work for whenever you extract something out of your mosque, Andi, then you do this rematch to get it. No clean. At least a single top of Losey here again See on this are very good. Two way to do this. Let's click it again. Okay, now you can see it's bitter. So then again subdivided it few times on, then let's smooth it. Okay, Noggin, see, the safe is kind of no flowery are kind off heavy soil. It's you can again drug like this to get that self. The best sick I might need to know make it a little bit thicker than no right now are very tiny. So let's take the in flood plus so strict the in flight here. So this one, By using this, we can in flight this area making Libre ticker We'll get something like this. So I think this is fine. Then let's put some falls again. I'm going to use the same technique. So let's see. Let's use the orb Russ Again, again. You don't have to use your breast for fools. You can use down stander. Andi tried to get a very self kind off safe like this. If you use damn standard, it needs a little bit, knows policing thing, But you can do that. So now you can see when I pulled something. I don't have the sufficient Polident. So let's divide it again. I think for the last time, So let's have five dozen levels. I think this is fine. So let's start putting like falls on here. I'm going toe? No. Start from here. You can see a list. Look for the sea. Lower changes so that you get it. Get an idea where you need to put no falls in style s character models we avoid falls everywhere, Just falls on the elbow area. The nearly a this. So let's start putting those things. So here are always on these area. I try to put jig Jack false, which is can absurd. They're kind of full. So let's see on again with old so here and putting you can see Try to put the jail here. Okay, then let's put pull post this area basically pushed the city up. Was this area I'm trying to get this This appear sickly. I need to know to get liberty. Then let's mega date kind of diamond save Let's connect here and against either Diamond saved there. Uh, tried to experiment a bit in these idiots. You can't African see the fall off on the this kind of hanging kind of effect. Is there kind of hanging and it's kind of the point of Dentyne is somewhere here. Um, we'll get something like this. You can see one thing I have the hand inside there. I think I don't want that. So this is a necessary thing inside there on which isn't visible outside from all say so. Let's deal it die part. As you can see now it's at odds with the head on. If you don't on this polyp frame stone on that, you can see there are no different poly groups going on. So let's make no this headaches single Polly Groupon dish to wear different police groups. I can goto this no Polly Groopman here on from here. I can just take on this group or two groups on. When you click on this, it's going toe put a group or to medically by looking at the island. If it's a single area on, it's going to put the different Polygraphs. As you can see this, these two things are not connected, so it's going to put different poly groups towboat. So this is the fun that's let's whole control sit and click on it, and now the other groups are hidden. Now is the best time to del Hidden, So Go and Del hidden from this geometry, Andi mortified, topple Ozick at W on 1,000,000,000 whose I have here on my interface. Okay, so now I don't have a, like, turns toe exceed that hand there and say it. So Okay, I think that's fine. So now I'm going to pulled some false here, this area again, trying toe over too much falls. I wanted to young there. That's fine. Let's pulled some false here. I think this is too much. So let's so I'm going to put some falls on this idea. So let's pulled here. Let's again give some kind of gear. Well, you might need to smoke here and there. That's fine. I think this is fine. Still, it looks like being cheek kind of effect. It's still okay, but I think I need toe declares this a little bit. It should be with sorta Leah. I think this is fine. Visit flying. So go ahead and put some kind of falls like this. Andi again. Here, you can put something. Oh, it's just not visible here, but it can put something like this. Let's say something like this to get a little bit no interesting. See, lowers changes there. Um So Okay, I'm stopping this lecture here. Go ahead and pulled all those falls on the jacket on in the next lecture, I'm going toe No block. This graph against it is a very best accepts on. We're going to block this fall's 42. Blocking the Scarf Folds: hi. In this lecture, I'm going to start blocking the falls off this craft. So let's start from this basic steps. You can see the basic here is like it rounded safe here. So I have a flat sip there. So let's take the clay buildup on. I'm trying toe get that basic first Solar may let me make it a little bit rounded here on because it says stylist PC consists are pieces and corners. So we're going to do that. Things let me first. So this some basic basic form ligament don off. This. Sometimes, when I wrote it of, you can see everything else disappear except this electric subtitle. It's because I accidentally turned on this dynamic on this solo, so there's a very little I can you can't see called Dynamic. If you turn on that, that's automatically no solo the selected object when you rotate it. So turn off that if you don't want that, that's too irritating. So okay, I think this is the basic basics. A basic rounded block on here. You can see the fools are going like this in order, and here there is a kind of and over 11 thing So let's start blocking those things on debts . Take my no danced under Bruce again. You can use any Brust there, so I'm going toe and blogged. That said there kind of days, It's kind off the whole no buns off cloth. We're going inside here on its create this thing some. I'm following this concept out here again. You can look at some real world images and you can follow those as well. So yeah, I'm using the damn standard toe Carvin on also with all toe like get that painting kind off effect. So again now I can go ahead and increase the originalism toe. Go ahead and put 600 Let's say on its stone on off that No, I can go ahead and smooth few things and then find a bit. And then off course, I'm going to use its police to refine it even better. Now it's to know wobbly. It's kind of very initial blocking states and I'm going toe give this corner look as well by using my move to loot a cook off letter. So little first created this This star players Look, I guess something like this Then I can go ahead and flatten or its police few things. So let's take the H policia press h police on again. I'm going to do it. We're awfully In the next lecture, I'm going to refine it properly very quickly. Let's refined fuel things on. I'm going to use my move for us to get those no corners. You can see here. Here. It's kind of stylist cannot. So let's goto breasts on because a cook off on here I'm going to post this idea to get that cardinal effect in here on Try to get that effect here. I think I need toe make it a bit angular here as well. So I think this is for this. Listen, in the next lecture, I'm going to refine and polish STIs scruff. 43. Polishing the Scarf Folds: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to police the scruff. If you were comfortable with poor listening and using its police and different Brussels to police, the Americans keep ahead this lecture. So let's stocks policing. So you're again. I'm going to use its police on this is very busy looking thing. So on this character Oh, I want a very simplify that the challenge here. So let's try to get that. So that's so Lloyd here. It's kind of wobbly. So first I'm going to increase the city's You listen of this dynamic subject. So let's put maybe 801,000. So let's say 1000 Andi control drug again to the dynamics it. So I'm going toe solo it when two police these things. So basically no simplifying this known be disip on. Still, it should look like a cotton cloth, so that's the challenge. Years elects except quits with polls are like very general, a big falls. We're going to hold those. Keep those on. We're going to simplify some loveliness here and there. The first thing I'm going to smoothies area this things are very nobody, no pixelated here can see only it's happened this area. Jer who? When you use this No, it's police breast rightto predator drag from that angle. Let's say you want to flat in this area. So let's try toe tried to find a face on that angle than it. Start knowing it. Sometimes you need to adjust your breath size. Others can affect the surrounding area. Let's see the city is there. Fichter Select Spotless. These things make it very smooth looking and very sorry looking well. Still having those cars on, Let's say the city Assad smoke. We were smooth, this dynamic subject. Hold sip, then smoothed and religious eat while you us keep smoothing it. Continue smoothing those things here. One that flatness. Um, Then let's define these lines. Even you could have done. You could have used that or brust to create this Fall's on. Sometimes you can use beans Breast. Oh, no. Make this. Is this self sub looking here? I think I have no Gordo salvages. So also don't know how. I don't give two solid phases there. I think it's looking cool right now, but still need some kind of no Oh, I need some kind of heart is here solar. It's some something like this is sorry. Patients going there, Their smell, this things. I think this is looking cool now. Um, let's see what I can do. I can simplify these things. Let's hold old and let's feel the Syria next Felicitous They're smoke Desiderio Great on again. Go back to dance, Tendered on it I'm going to refine this line Let's go back to move fragile so that I can again get rid of this worldliness A lot off second er sips unless we find this other. So go ahead, refine this piece. I think I'm still going to refine it like behind the Listen, I think I need to give some more time toe make it look good thing said this one trying to get get rid of this kind of now lovely second accepts It should be very smooth and good looking. There 44. Gloves Detailing Wrap Up: hi. In this lecture, I'm going to do the Globe's detailing on. Then we're going to wrap up this model first. I'm going to do the same lines of the Globe's on day. We're going to put some folds. So here I have, like, turned on the police, panting and let's select the Globes and I'm going to turn off the polyp ending for this. Let's click on this brush icon. Okay, now I'm going to divide it few times. Soul Express Control Day on It can see its like penetrating here and there, so I'm going to use my move on. Then let's down off this gizmo. Make sure I'm working on symmetry. That's fine, then, right? Most drag here from this outside circle toe in. Flood it outside a little bit carefully, faster, a bit to give this tick nous at this no weirdo. And yeah, here it's not properly lined off against, so let's use the move on. Move back down there. Okay, I think. Ready. Then let's divide it once more. Now have 33,000 and now I'm going to use our breasts. So let's go. Bruise on. Let's find Orb Russ of crack so when I do stylized sculpting or modeling. I used this boss almost so let's use on. Tried to our did seem line like this. Let me increase this No radius. Certain ardent line all the way through on here. You can see I have a full gloves on. Decide. It's have. So, actually, I'm going toe drag on this se. I think I need to put it somewhere here. And I'm going toe going. Decide with, like, this solar. It's press w Andi, bring the move tool without this gizmo. So let's cool control and dragged from this finger to mosque like this. So this is topology masking here. Now let's mask it like this so we can do this. And then we can let me mask this man early. Yeah. Then again, put a poly group to this mosque. So press control W we can do this on then We can high control sit like this and we can add the details here. So a little bit tricky unit toe do this. So let's I need to put it somewhere here. Yeah, so go ahead and do this with every finger. There is something like this. Sometimes you can go to this masking apps on here and again. That's a grow mosque to know. Cover more idiots so you can grow the mosque and then set up in the mosque, then grow again to cover more than serpent. You can do this as your to reach more areas here. Then let's press control. W to do this on. Go and do this. Okay, so the same line is there now. I'm going to are some fools. Makes your those lines are on this side properly. And I was going to see I didn't get a proper line here, selected to find it more. So let's do the falls on. Let's do the falls on a different layers. So let's click on now. I'm going to put some falls on these rest areas, so let's start some fall so that I can see some see lower changes from this angle. So let's do this. This side here it's miss so light. Okay, so now I'm going to again are Sum's exact fools real quick salutes our some falls like this ? It's bigger bus. Some dig check falls here. I think Libre bigger falls would be better, So that's then. That's our so I'm trying to get it. No, let us see lowered changes. So you're going to see how it crossed like this. And then you have the full again, the side. So here I'm just using Poland puce technic with old. I'm trying to get this these wrinkles to the sea lowered their or something like this. Let's Libyan, Lance those things so that they can be read to know from a little distance on, I think this is fine. Okay, this is fine. So let's go ahead and put some false here to this area. So let's I wanted to like this. Maybe one. I make sure the fools are like narrowing to a star. It was the center or to us, the tense and area. Yeah, something like this. So with this, I'm wrapping off this module on. In this model, you loan how to use carp, strap snap, arras, toe straps like the bailed on. We learn how to create stylist falls and we learn how to create those same lines. In the next morning, we were going to do the hearts office details. So I'll see you in that model 45. Blocking the Bomb Holster: Hi. Welcome to this first lecture of this model on in this later, I'm going to work on the blocking of this holster which has this bomb. So let's first start from this base for that. I'm going to append a polygon Cube. So Goto happened under this subtitle could happen here and kick on this cube three d upson on now going to change this to, like, different three D Cube. So let's click this first selected and then I'm going to use my move with this guy. Gets most of that. I get this click on this customize Upson on Let's click on Polly Cube So this will give me clean. No top policy Polygon Cube. And now I'm going to scale down it on. We're going toe existed. So first, let's go toe again. Customize and goto gizmo three day so that I get this. Now I'm going to get that proportion of this safe. It's kind off a rectangle which has tin take here and going to scale down from the center on. Let's move to the side so scale down, move up. So here I'm going to just get the basic size or say proportion on in the next letter were going toe. No detail it, but let's get the proportion. First look at this concept from distance and your model to so that you get a sense of the scale of this safe of the scale of this piece are compared to the whole body. So here I'm going toe may be rotated a bit. Let's rotate it. Maybe it's a straight piece, but maybe Little wrote it. Onda know the you consider pant tone parties below There it's were up at. I think that in this needs to be a little bit scale, darling. Maybe I live it up. We could the straps or come here and from this way so that I don't know overlap with that tone piece there. So let's move it. And I don't need these lines here. I think so. Let's delete this lane. So I'm going toe this G model of brush here, So let's go toe the brush and press z de modeler. I'm going to do this loops, So hold your mouse cursor on unease and then hold space by Go to deal It on Goto is look complete so I can delete the whole is Look, let's delete that is love and I'm going to keep these lanes later went on on this prospective ity. I think I got the basic saved their I just need Toe mosque. Few ideas. Now you can see if I close to the concept against Howard's kind of a guard. Phase two this say, so I can give that by this masking. So let's let miss So Lloyd first and then let mosque. So I'm going to mask the Syria like this. And then it's control. Click outside toe involves it and then I'm going to take the scale. Make sure the scale and lines Probably. Then I'm going to scale it like this so that I get a call flying there. Then I'm going toe to select and mosque only this land and diverse it again. Control, click outside reverse. Okay, so I think I think this is fine. Let's do the same thing to this side. Mask the Syria reverse it, and I'm going toe No, scale it. Ignorance mask. The only is to the center reverts it. Okay, so we got a basic save there. I think I need to scare little bit vertically like this to get the proper person. And I'm also looking at this from distance here. Agencia just accidentally pressed Tab Key on my keyboard. Andi, when you press tab key, it's going to hide this. No side bus. Okay, so I got this. Then I'm going to We're going to create this. Perhaps so let's use the browse. So let's basilica pant here. I'm going toe Create that strap on top of this plant. So let's go toe the appropriate brush here. Car straps nab. Russ, this one, and I'm going to add just the broth side first and don off the symmetry. Okay, then I'm going to create the top one, which is a little wider than the bottom one. So let's make sure the breath sizes a prepared dendrites drug test drug to just toe just to know whether the bell sizes right or not, You can see, I think, and it toe increase the brush size a little bit on. I think this is fine. Again, you can look from a little distance toe known the proper self. I think this is OK, so let's start doing it. So I'm going to carefully created like this and It's like going off here. I never crossed the line here. Look located again. Okay, Then rotate your view and then I'm going toe connect from here. When I get a red breasts, a line connecting that's the perfect time to again draw. Otherwise, you you might like. If you don't get that. If you go to the point when it's green, you would like dragging. It's actually pulling that line. It's not like extending it so that men do how anyone do. You won't get the property you can like, stretch it like this. That would draw it again. So it's kind of trial and later to get a perfect sit and here I'm going to going to draw. So they put a Corsa Liberte distance clothes, and then when you get that red connected land, then go ahead and draw, and here I am going to connect it with this again with this base here. Okay, once you're done, then I can click on the maze here, then get rid of that this golf line. Then I'm going to do the same thing to create the bottom based in here. I can go ahead because now it's the best time to split because the plant is masked on this is done, Max part. So let's go toe split on Let's split unmatched Bind again. That's perfect. Then I'm going to create this bottom based again on This will be a little bit narrower than the top. I think I think this is fine. Let's draw from here like this. And but so let's. Sometimes it's a little bit tricky to get that red connected line. I think this is fine, unique an artist. This known these things by using this cars, but I tend to use the move letter. So let's click again on Click Don't next point. Okay, so now a garden of basic straps on the basic basic step of the this piece here. So in the next lecture, I'm going to refine these things, and we're going to put some details and we're going toe basically complete this pace. So I'll see you in the next lecture 46. Detailing the Bomb Holster: in this lecture. I'm going to refine this holster part on. We're going to complete it. Solar. Start from this base here and you can see now it's flat. I feel it's a bit like the body of the leg here, so it's kind of like a little bit wrapping around the legs. So let's do that. So they're selected. Don't under Polly Frame. I'm going to use the band of sun celebs. Let's go to the gizmo known that. Let's go to Band card. Okay, now this pointed like this. I'm going to drag this red corn to get the point perfectly. Not like this from left to right here like this. And then I I'm going to arson points. Maybe one point like this. Okay, from this top angle, I'm going to rotate it like this. I'll move. Move this point together with car from top angle. So I'm not 100% talk. It's kind of feel like aligning from the top kind of a little bit. Golf said, Okay, let's let's bring this plant. It's being the center point Liberte, for I'm not sure about the same, but I think this is the No, this is the same there. Okay, then I'm going to create this kind off. No extra seasonal at the center there going to make it a single poly group for that so that I can extrude it So we g model of breath. I'm going to do that. So let's bring the D model breasts and hold all and then paint it to create a poly group. So I'm holding all twice. I'm doing it now. I got a single poly group So holder space by on then choose in set so inset unless Jews Bali group all So now I can incident like this. Okay, so go ahead, choose inset on bully group all on with this changing toe inside it's fully to inside region If you have this, it's going toe No or do something like this. So let's change this to inside region So this is the sitting amusing in said Polly group all on inside regional then inside it like this I'm tryingto this Get this weird here Then from here I'm going to extrude it inside this poly group So again hold space But on a polygon sends this to extreme on political ball is fine. So Let's X Children side like this. Okay, it's a little bit penetrating. That's fine. I'm going to add district. So this is basic, said there. Okay, now I'm going to move the whole thing so that they don't penetrate with the not like body on Dhere. This belt strap is penetrating, so I'm going to move. Use the move, Russ. Let's move this points. So hold all to, like move on the normal direction like this on again. I'm going to assist the straps here as it's not like editing or deal. Here's let's who extremes it using no breasts. Okay, so let's actually it's properly like upsetter from the parent. And make sure it's like it's not Rollerblades perfectly. Elaine. Here you can see I don't want that sort of just this. I hear it's penetrating the whole old and then moved. The waters is along their normal direction. Make sure it's nice and straight. I think this is fine again. Back to this piece and we're going toe. Put some dynamic creases here, so let's go toe Gemma Trita on. I'm going to use dynamic self deep, so when I do this, it's make it like, very smooth so I'm going to list on of this. First, I'm going to use some craze line sellers goto craze here on Dhere I'm going to use some crisis at the border of a very public groups here can see I have this politics to decide, and then the political changes here I'm going to keep this is this hard. So I'm going to use this Chris PD, which disgracefully group so it's going to crease. All ages border globally. Groups here, let's say it's graze on here. You can see how it creates this one on this one very, very useful stuff here on. I don't want this got notice to be like Crist, because I want a little bit rounded said there. So when you please let me on crease again on Chris PC, we knew. Please make sure the Crees label is law, so this is the starkness off the crease. So let's say it's too, and then create specie. Then I'm going to use the dynamic subject to smooth it. So let's Donald Denim accepted here. You can see how it's like keeping those is this hard, but I want this backside is also creates. Let me turn off this. He did increase this land because it's a single polygraph. Let me go toe Krys again. Here you can do one thing. Either you need to put a political different political to decide so that it creates this line. Although you can go ahead and use your mage immoral obras to do that's alerts Do the gym or libras on you can again hold your space by on goto Crees and makes you hold your space But our mouse cursor on any age so then to squeeze Andi is look complete than click here on you'll get this crease line. Okay, so then either way, do this. Let's go toe dynamic subject and do this you can see on now. Still, it's very self. Now I'm going toe increase This smooth sub devolved this dynamic settings So let's increase it toe three or five. You can see maybe four maybe. Let me Okay, you can see now, So let me make it four to get a better smoke. Look. Okay, so this is the safe here on. I'm going to actually insert this and center part deliberate because you can see from this angle I can't see the date here on for normal map details. It's It's not good. So outward. 100% 90 degree things. So let me gone off this on going on the politician here I'm going to against kill this whole inside pace. So I'm going toe pull the car. Ceron Polygon Done. Let's change it to scale on Let's change it to Polly Group, all on medicine. Dolisie, It's working. Yeah, I think this is fine. So this kind of a little upset is good for normal map. You can see from this distance I can see the death a little bit on this kind of steps are good. So then let's Stone on Dynamic sub Dave nights better. So I'm going toe again. Do the same thing with this piece is I need a little bit like angle is to this Is this so I can do again wanting Let me turn on the Poly Group. I can assign a poly group toe this area. Then I can like, use the Babel tool to do that or even I can go to a gym or Telebras hold like mouse goes on and is then let's change toe bevel on his look complete is fine. Let's see No against I can be evil like this Mentally on Dhere. Let me It's like traveling. This is as well so let's see. But questions this is look completely his loop. Arcelor see seriously doing that stuff. So I think I think I don't I don't want to do this side bevel so I can do one thing I can delete this versus alerts, delivered the faces. Let's deal it all this side vs to disconnect, disconnect from the tough. Then we're going toe. Feel these things again. So let me until it this things like this on. Now let's go and buy a village now because it's not connected anymore. It's not going to do that on now. Let's do the same thing, trying to get the same bevel amount. If you don't like, feel those two lots, things are fine, but if you want to feel, then let's put your Carcerano and A's and goto close here on day, let's click on a particular AIDS to feel it. I can see begin fill it like this, but we don't have to feel it because it's a like a like he didn part. We don't you can see it. So again, I'm going to do this with the strap here as well in between lessons. So let me do the this space here. So again I'm going to like a paint a polygon for that. Let's go to Sub Tool. Let's go toe append here again. Bring a cube three days. Make sure it's selector on Let's go and change it. Customize killed three day basically the same. Same thing I'm doing here again. It's has do it. Then we're going to pull that. They're so let me scale it. Very, very simple Kind of buckle from there on. No, I'm going to latex to this. Enter pace there. So let's let me go toe the model obras Okay, there is selective salutes, but I think I don't have toe make polygraph. I have different absence. So let's go toe extrude here and live with us instead. It in said Okay, this option is on. That's fine on. Let's make choose Plot island for this, Okay? No, let me still a little bit more. I think this is fine. Then I'm going to extra this celestial is extremely or and political. Paul, that's fine. now instituted inside. And then again, we don't want 90 degrees. So let's scale it. So let's goto scale on. I think everything is Sit. Let me scale it something like this. Okay, so then I'm going to I feel I don't want this. A desolate village does till it is love the little it till it. And then I'm going to use dynamic subject for this as well. So let's go to Jim a tree on. Let's crease them for us. So let's goto craze on here. I'm going toe I'm going toe please. Every Cardinal Roger. So let monkey Chris first it was increase PD so let's decrease this toe to increase busy. Okay, so it creates these lines. I think it didn't create this line, so I'm going to do it manually. Select goto creeds. Click here, Click here and click. This is this as well. This gonna resist Honest to the same thing. Here, here basically every cardinal is this Okay? Nam going toe dynamic subject and less stone on this analyst increases to three. So you can see when you put do here on when you go here Toe three. It's going toe like smooth one division level. Basically like let's increase it to four. Like getting a little bit smooth. Hard heads. OK, now I'm going to scale it and put that there on. We're going to wrap up this video here, this class. So let's move It retorted this down. So use the same technique toe. Basically, I'm going to duplicate it and use here on use the same bevel technique here. So I'm going toe rotated. Move it there. I might need to, like, move this bear little bit. I think this is good. There's good. Then let's move. This bailed inside. Soldiers could move on with all I'm goingto moved this belt. Let's again move a little bit our justice. Okay, I think this is good. I might need to move it delivered inside. It's not visible perfectly, I think. I think I saw it. I just this one as well. Live it wider. Go ahead and we can use dynamic subject for this would increase this lanes. Salud. McRae's first Let me go toe g model breast for this, but again we can increase those absence. Let's go toe crease and crisp. Easy here as well. Let me decrease this first toe Crease PG. Okay, then let's go to Dynamic Subbed even tone on this dynamic Increase this to three or four. Maybe poor. Okay, here, I got the smooth belt. So go ahead. Do the same thing with this belt. On the next lecture, we're going toe work on this balm holster clamp Juergen C, which is holding this pace. So they see that in the next lecture. 47. Modeling the Scifi Bomb Clamp: Hi Indus Lecture. I'm going to do this clamp to hold this Sipe a bomb in the previous lechery. So how to like do this bail straps and these details and I forward to, I think means on one thing. If you want to duplicate something, you can just select it and go toe sub tool on. From here, you can duplicate the subtitle. Let's say I want to duplicate it from here that it's duplicated and want to duplicate used a move tool with the gives More are just a transpose thing. And then let's move here on You can duplicate like this, and it will give you a new subtitle and duplicate the subtitle. So let me put this in it. Andi, let's put this in there. So this is the way to duplicate your sub tool and still having it, like in a different subject, like let's say you want to duplicate it, but you want the duplicated one, and this one is in a single subtitle. You can hold control and drug like this. It's going to duplicate and but it's going to steal like the same sub toilet. That's why it's mast, this one so This is another way to do it. Sometimes I use that one. But most of the times I used this duplicate technique from here. So it gives you a new subtitle. Okay, so let's duplicate on move it like this. People just need move inside so that it won't be jewel here on. You need to exist your built as well, so that it won't I don't like no visible through this monogram on. We'll strap there. So do the same thing to duplicate this one. Okay, so here, I'm going to clear this clamp. So I'm going to do this part first on for that again, I'm going to append. And this time it tore us. So let's goto append here. Andi, like, happened. Everything pretty which is toe called Totals in other applications. So I'm used to it. Okay, so selected on let's go to move on, go to customize here on. I'm going to choose this ring three different here. Okay, so then let me sow load so that I can see Okay, here you can see it's a like clearly, Turow's are no ring. I want some kind of law square profile and square. Sepp So I'm going toe dictates the polygon. This is the like. Thickness off this tourist. I'm going to decrease it. So I'm going toe. Have four. You can see even you drag. You can see the numbers. How four. There on I'm going to. I'm going to decrease this rail as well. So let's decrease it so that I get a full from this angle. A gentle let me have four. Therefore, it's a little bit tricky. You can see so go close and okay for for faith. And now you can see it's kind of like this Faces are rotated. Okay, let's twist it from this this green outside green box. So let's do it. I'm going to twist it for 45 degrees. So let's look at the bottom numbers there. Make sure it's 45 degree. Now you can see it's a kind of this Mulligan. Now let's go to Gizmo. I'll go back to Gizmo Treaty. I want to rotate it 45 degrees. So let's row Ted. When you wrote that whole sit so that it wrote it for five degree increments like this on with these, you can see the man a better like God rotated as well. But I want the manufacture straight up, down So you can do that by holding old and clicking on this little rooted icon like this. Make sure you hold all to a new click on that. OK, so I got this sip. I just changed or modified that ring Pretty. Okay, so now let me toe on solo everything. And then let's scale it on. This is this part. I'm going to do it. It said the center. Then we're going to put it here. So basically, we can again wrote it like this as well. Let's whole seat. So I'm trying to get this sip on. Dhere ligament on on prospective ity, hon. Here. I want to our something estan Polly from here. I want o r sum loop so that I can make a deliberate Carvey like this. This part on I have this straight line here. Let's it This is the straight line, So I want to have some loops years first, let's scale it this way so that I got a little bit no length going on the side on a scale like desiccant. See well, extracting this pace as well, so I don't want that. Maybe let me just like mask this thing. Eustis. Is this direct up? Some little mask? This insight I'm going to scale that involved it first. I actually like the proportion is same. OK, now I'm going to are some loop. So let's use the model brush for that. He was immortal. Let's goto an is whole space by and choose in salt entrees multiple. It slopes by doing this again, Dragon is. And then again, I just drag your mouse open down and increase it. So I'm increasing it to like three loops on the same amount here. And then let's go to a default brush and let's mask it. That went all of this mast distinct the mosque s o. They divorce it, Then I'm going to move it on. Then again, let's mask this line and inverts it Control. Click outside to inverse. Then let's move it. Basically a mad jesting, a kind kind off like Polly modeling inside my hours. Mother applicants in the same way. Okay, so this is the clown, this EP. I think this needs to be a little bit more curvy. Kind of this one. Okay. Still needs like a lot of our just one letter. I think this is fine for now. And now I'm going toe know. Put some Descents. OK, now I'm going to divide it. So let's press controlled a few times. You can say we got this clamp safe here. One clump on. Then we're going to create this save, and then we're going to duplicate it to this I Once you have Donald that, then let's append a tourist ring three. Next, Say that, Doris. Okay, so let's select it and let's kill down it. You can scale from here, or you can go toe deformities in and scale from here as well. So you have a skill aside, gypsum here. You can do that from here, Roger. Okay. Lets so low it and that we're going to stop tool Don't on this obscene, agile Let's turn on transparency so that I can see that they don't see like the this place . Then let's scale that that's inside there, So I don't know. Okay, so then let's select it. And basically I'm going toe welcome both so I can let's remove them both solids selected. Move the way that I'm going to do it here, then we're going to move it. Okay, so here I'm going to rotate it. So let's rotate it, rotate and hold seats so that you wrote it incrementally. Clean value. Yes. Then move it. Basically doing the same thing to get. Get this store except And we're going to do this basically basic, primitive, more link and say this. Okay, now I'm going toe Get that inside Like Turow's Our can say it's a cylinder said, Let's happen that solar It's append upend the Celinda Treaty here on selected skill Down Smoke that here the others do. This ls rotate at scale it in the wrong direction. Then let's wrote it. 90 degree. It's something like this. Then move it in what, like this on this partisan it properly here like this, and we can again go ahead and bevel. This is our smooth. This you can say we have a lot of polygons going on there. I think we don't need these things. Let's mask these things like this. All you can do, like this whole control seat endless. Let's make this part visible. Then let's click on Dell hidden to deal it all. This invisible part And now I can go toe. I can go and feel this area as well. So I can go go to the G model of Brussels, Jim or Libras on Goto unaids whole space. But to disclose basically the same thing like this can do this. As you know, it gave me some were looking polygons. But that's financing organ. I'm going to be able to say salutes again. Goto bevel on Pebble This whole age like this I think this is flying then Then I think I can go toe goto the is loop sex unless inserted on again. Let's go to in certain to Cingular's loops of instead off the multiple is Look, then I can put one to his lips here to keep this not give the hardest. Then I can I can divide it lets us control d a few times can see a few tens control d That's fine. I might need to scale of it. Move it back. Okay, so this piece is done and now we're ready to actually duplicate it. Okay, so let's select it. And now I can, like, combine everything so that I can like scale everything in politics and they're so now it's selected and everything is under NATO of that subtitle So I can go to Mars here on we can like march down. So it's asking to confirm your So let's say okay and most down again. So Okay, so it marched. No, I can, like, move it. Unfroze is in it. Okay, so something like this and that pro Jason, it's not perfect. Still need some kind of like to eat here. Maybe maybe rotator like this on after the like bomb. We need toe. We might need to are just this as well Toe freed that bomb? Probably. But for now I think this is OK. We can duplicate it like, let's say duplicate from here. Then we can rotate it or I forgot to actual. Before I duplicate, I said, Let's deal it IQ. Before duplicate, I should like pulled this thing to the side as your so I can again. It's march against plated. So because it's a different poly groups now urgency, we can like separate these things easily. So now I need to against the credit so that I can duplicate it. So now I can go to split here on here you can see because these things that likes truly separated they're not well there anyhow, there, dick, different pieces combined. Together we can split them easily by using this explained to similar parts or split two parts. I'm going to use this split two parts So it's going to split two different parts because they are not well. They're They're not, like marched or combined the vortices, so it's going to do it. That's OK on again. It's going to, like, split those things to different place on Dhere. I need to like Mars. This with the solids selected. Bring down from here so you can click here toe like Bring that subtitle down on the list on Dhere. I'm going to Margate with this stores on this rink. Ready? So let's go to Mars and most down. Okay, so now I must this, too. No, I can duplicate it. So let's click on this little icon to bring the stool and let's duplicate move. I think I didn't duplicate, so let's duplicate move. You can hear you can meet a Russia or let him. So you waiting that take any guzzle so you can duplicate. Of course, Let me delete it. Okay? I think I duplicated twice to let till it Okay, so I can use other son. Let's go toe geometry and more effective Pelosi. Here you have a mirror and well of some. You can click on it, make sure the access is set perfectly. I think I suit change this 20 on middle world on You can see now it like meter to decide on the D direction on. Of course, it's not at the center, so it's not going to like perfect limited here. So it's perfect. I can go ahead and, like, mask it salutes, mask this thing on. Let's move this back by doing this. It's actually creating. Actually, it's the same subtitle in the same to subtitle. It's like duplicating okay, you know, you need some kind of I just men like this. Sure, the police and this correct like this, and I think now it's timeto Moore's. It on duplicate that side. So let's more Stallem Okay? And now I can again do the same thing with this piece as well. We can like mirror. It's by using our using that tool, but I think I need toe duplicate it through here. Click here a non. I can rotate it like this. Okay, drop. He pulled that there. Okay. The clown bees here. Basically, it's dawn. Still, I need toe do this piece, but go ahead. Do that. I think that's easy for you to do it by using again. Simple. Like Cube or something. Then duplicate that side in the next lecture. We're going to do this. Scifi bomb on. We're going to see how to do this kind of panel. Looks in that lecture. So lets you in that lecture. 48. Detailing the Scifi Bomb Using Panel Loop: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going to do the SciFi bomb on. We're going to see how to create this kind of panel lines and consider this kind of separatism. So let's start from a spear first. The best. Except so let's upend. I'm going to happen this Pier three D. So let's upend it on. We're going to do it. Then we're going to push this and there on the body on that, nor clamp. So let me. So loaded. First, another agency. There is a line going on here, and this luminous and area. I'm going to define that and this line and is a vertical line on again. There will be a same kind of flying like this. What I guess there. And there's some kind of no small, small, like details. So let's use spanning loops Tauqir this lines. So if you go to Gemma Tree on Goto is loof here, you'll find an obstacle panel loops on. If you click on this, it's going to look at your colleague group. It's going to give you a panel kind of sir prison wherever you have a poly groups, a prison. So for that I need to pull some police groups first. So let me turn on the poly frame on. Let's do the poly grew first. Now I have a single poly group Must the whole thing on then whole control Ault on on Mosque , the city at the center Idea. As you can see, I'm like lifting the upper sip on this loose. If I try to make it like same, I think it's not Sim. I think I need toe. This is fine. So make this and then press control. W to give it us different poly groups. Let's make it again. You can see this. A prison. It's hard toes notice. Because of this poly group you can undo. Undo. Redo it again. Pregnancy is separated that so let's put some polyglot fear. Now I'm going toe except rate this particle Polygraphs for Solis whole control on. Let's find the center line of this beer like this and let's press controlled of you. I think that that was not the center landed. Discovered that line. Just cover the center line and let's place controlled of you. Make sure it's like clean here. Okay, that's fine. Then I'm going to like mosque, the whole thing on its whole, controlled and unmask this area. So now I'm trying to create different two Polygraphs bottom, interfere like this. So let's again press control. W so controlled a blue Makes Apollo group out off your masking area. Okay, like this when you do this makes you you don't have the prospective ity on or galas do again. This idiot, the luminous and area. So let's mosque the full thing on mosque little bit area. You can see anything. Maybe this much area, I think I said, make it a little smaller into the same thing. Then let's press controlled of you like this. So I got the poly groups going on. Okay, now, if you are done with this poly group, then we can, like, create the panel loops out of this polyps. So let's click on this panel loops. You don't have to change any of the settings that default to work properly, so let's click on Planet Loops on Dhue can see. I got the panel separates on here, and these are very tiny because because of the scale of this peer, So let's let me undo and then scale down it so they're scaled down to the appropriate size . Obviously, you can go ahead and increase the level size as well. So can I. Just that. So let me bring this forward. So Lloyd are now because of the scale the same their little B might give me, like, deal bigger again. See the panel loops. Now, let me turn on this policy from now. You can see it went ahead on its separated from this like border. Avery Poly Group is this panel right now. So we got this panel details on. Then I'm going toe going to divide it or smooth it. So let's control D when a smooth it will find its like, making those very rounded looking like this. I looked lost those services. So if it's okay for you to get this kind around looks, that's fine. But in discuss, I want to keep this kind of hard ages so I can again use creasing off some. So let's go toe on geometry and let collapse it. Let's go toe crease on here again. I can use Chris PC, which is Chris Paul, a group. So I can now because I have the public groups I can click on this kid creates PD now you can see a I got creased. Have you had the polygraph senses? Okay, this is unwanted here. I don't want that. I can go ahead and like, increase it letter. So let me divide it. First it went on off it on. Now let's because I have the like Crist. I can go ahead and divided a Na Agencia forgot to decrease this value Chris label. So it's very self right now. So I'm going toe. I'm going toe. Undo it. Let's increase. Sorry, Decrease this value toe to on Let's grease again. So crease busy. You can only do what we can again Click on on crisp Easy as well Toe increase every AGIs crisp Easy A. Now let's divided a few times. You can divide it all. You can go ahead and don't under dynamic subdivision. So let me use this one to get a better smooth lines against say, Okay, I have the hardest, but it's not like Sark like 13. Stop it. Okay, let's find you can see I have a known wanted is Chris days so I can go ahead and on Chris that by using the G model of glucose. So let's, like, gone off this dynamic subdivide and let's go to G model Herb Russ. So we have that right now. So let me let me be on on AIDS and then Goto on Crease off, son. Let's go toe So we don't have an increase office and Bird go to Chris Upson on. Then we can use all to on kids. So now I think we have different subdivision levels of make sure you don't have individual levels. Dill it higher. Okay, All toe all clicked. Owen craze with the kids off some, as do the same thing. Decide on your the bottom muzzle. Okay, Okay, that's fine. I think this is it. So let's Donald dynamic subbed ive again on I think it should give me a good look. Yeah, Then I can go ahead and I can, like, apply these division levels to here on. Who can see until I don't need this much off polygons for this bomb. Now I have the 5.6 million, so let's decrease it one level, I think still, this is fine. It would decrease one more level. I think the four level is fine. So let's deliver the higher. I don't want the five level. Okay, so this is the bomb here. And then we can put this kind of details through Alfonso. Let's go Toe Alfa Genesis Brush to standard. First on here I'm going to choose are driving into driver drag picked Celeste whose drug dot on by using this you can you can drag and put a draught like this on with this, you can use Alfa. Of course you can go ahead and use. All followed. Say I want some kind off sorrowful father. So let's choose SAR bids something like this. And this is fine with this Al power which is Alfa 12. This is a beautiful Alfa with the drug door. It allows you to put on on drug inputted like Alfa there. So let me pull this lines again. We can clear these things on a layer likes created layer on. Let's increase the intensity so that the like Alfa is in public intense on then I want to change this to Ji saw off course you can use all day as well. Okay, so here I'm going toe create some kind off like loose on details like this I'm going to do this Makes your gone off this legend radius lazy mouse so that they don't slow down the like stroke. So let's put some awful details here when you put this, make sure you're like putting that with same distance. Something like this on. I think this is looking cool. Let's do the same thing. This side as well. Maybe here we hear, I think Aboud four there. So let Mondo 123 and three and four. Credible to precise there. I think this good. Okay, so here we're done with this. No bomb again. You can turn off this layer on. Let's increase this intensity of this layer and go ahead and put two on. You can see I can increase. The details are intended up that player. So this is one of the benefit off. Like having details in a layer. OK, now I'm going to move it and pushes on it there. So let's smooth days and scale down. I wrote it it. I'll get something like this. So we're done with this bomb part. So in the next lecture, we're going to start doing this. No headphone. So I'll see you in the next lecture 49. Blocking the Head Phone: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this later, I'm going to start doing the headphone on in this particular Lecter. I'm going to do just a blocking of this low, different pieces here. You can see I have the back part here on. This is the hurtful part. On day, they, like, kind of black part with this kind of a letter or some stopped subcommittee real thing. So let's do the three steps. The basic steps. I'm going to start from this No cylindrical safe here, So I'm going toe happened. It does for this black part, which has kind of roundness here, So I'm going toe append it. Three detours are being bring three D. Okay, so let's hold old and click to select it on. Let's move. Placed WR stools from here. Move! I'm going to put this on and scale it now. I want to rotate it 90 deg c So wrote it. Hold seeped on. Rotated 90 degree can take the numbers below their here. Okay, then I'm going to scale from the center. Basically, no getting the best. Except there's a scale. Something like this. Then I'm going to bring its cylinder for this part. So let's upend the Celinda. Bring the cylinder treaty unless do the same thing selected and position it. So let's move on. Draw, Ted. 90 degree whole sipped. I'm going to scale down, scaled on it Move Trying to position it that Doris are ring three day. Okay on. I don't want this known this hide there. So let's scale from this angle this green box skillet And now I'm going to do this part. I'm not going to do this. All hide here. So we're going to extrude and get this EP so that's a little bit inside their very like this. Fill it bigger. I was trying to get the overall field. I think I need to scale the black bottler bigger. So let's selected on a scale. It it's well, but, uh, yeah, so this is it. Moved this inside. Okay, so now I'm going to do this back part on for this. I'm going to use a polygon cube on. You can see it has a car bitter. And here there is a kind off design, whole or design. So we're going to see how to do that. But as a starting point, I'm going to use a cube. So let's upend this polygonal cube, which is the cube three D on Going to change this cube three D to a public. You you can see if I told them this Polly frame, the loops are going in the kind off the center manner leg spear. It's going to this ball here. I don't want this solid stands this. Let's bring the move tool on. Go to customize toe change this kill to a poly cube. So let's click on it. When you click on that, you can see this knows this. Icons on it might scale down the queue. Here. There's the Q, but it's very tiny. They're solids. So, Lloyd, on place f to frame it. You can see the Cube is there. Okay, so I'm going to drag this green party. You are on the same number of politicians. I say this settings before that, right? No, it remembers that setting. But you, You, Jake, if you know if you are getting this much of polygons, then it's fine. So let's scale it. So let's bring the scale tool. Bring the scale, tool and scale up. Okay, now we can see that pull kind off room. His loops are gone. It's a straight for our cube. Okay, I know my a cube. So let's move it to the Lucas. And I'm skilled. Our basically existing the proportion there and see the height and Howard artists with this part here, Some going to scale down the height in this from this green box. It's killed down Andi. I'm tryingto center it to this center. So where this little scaling exact sis agile from this rare box so that it rest here. You can see it. How it no artists at this base of this helpful? Yeah. Learn to scale from this angle. Agile Solis moved this and partisan it like this. Okay, for now, it's perfect. We have some no objects there. In the next lecture, we're going toe work on this place this year. Peace here. We're going to detail that. So see you there 50. Detailing the Head Phone Ear Part: hi in this later, I'm going toe detail this hair phone year. But so let's start from this base here on here. You can see it. The sip. It's kind off overall, narrowing to us this best from here Until here. It's kind of nattering on there, just in between. Step there. So I'm going to use the modeler toe, extrude and toe. Get this step. So let's select it untold Empoli friends that we can see the loops and you can see there are also many loops going on here on this access, which I don't want. So let's first delete those things. So let's so light on. Take the Z modeler bus for that Presby Z Z and am for that, or you can select it from here. Roger. So once you have selected, that's immortal Brust on Now you need to hope over an age. In this case I'm like, hovering on this is then hold space, but on choose deal it out of this axle window on Tuesday is look complete. Okay, so I'm deleting the country. There's loops. So now I'm going toe klik toe the leader in the eggs loop so any toe do it. We need to deal with all this loose. Okay, so now I'm going to get this first angle here. You can see I can get this angle by just scaling this this flat area. Hope your mouth over any polygons this time on a polygon, then whole space, but And now you'll get a different menu. And now choose scale from this accent on the target. Idealists choose flat. I learned, okay, because it's a flat area. Okay, now I need to scale it on. Let's get Logan. See, I'm getting that angle there so kind of this. Then I'm going to get this flat Sepp again. I can do that by in setting. Okay, So let's again hope the no mouse cursor on a polygon than hold space back to get the men one. This time I'm going to choose in set. I'm going to who choose a different absolute lie to use Flat Island. Now you can see this problem. It's in setting every polygons individually. Okay, I don't want that. I want the whole polygons in said as one select whole spaceport on goto This more affairs and choose inside region in ST off insert each Polly because of this Upson. It's doing that. So let's attend this doing. Said region you can choose either or okay, So instead region in stood off instead is polyp. So now I'm going to scale it. Skill the whole plot island on as a whole region like this. So by doing this, I'm getting that flat flat area. Okay, I think I don't know on Let's let's make it a little smaller, Okay? Like this. Then this time I'm going toe going to get this extrusion by extruding. So let's choose Extrude again. Hoped off Mama's Cuts on Nepal Eagle On this time I'm going to choose extreme. And this time I cannot use Flat Island because if I used Flat Island, it's going to extrude till this aids because the whole thing is in that flat angle. I want to exchange just this green Poly Group India. So if I choose Flat Island on extra Regan C, it's extruding from here because there's the whole flat thing. So this time I'm going to not to use this plant island Instead of this, I'm going to use Poly Group all Okay, so, Polly Group, all extra or so it's going to extrude Only this selector Poly group like this on again. I need to scale this thing. So let's scale again to scale Flood Island. My center. That's fine. I think I should choose poor legal center. Let me show you. If it said toe May center on your Skilling, it might know and you can see this. It's okay now, but you can see it's actually Skilling to us. The center Phi scale it. Sorry. You can see the height is like we're losing the height. So let's again Let's said two polygons center on skin. Something like this. I think this is good. Okay, alleged all of this Polly frame. So we get the basic know best accepts off that piece. Now I'm going to smooth it because you can see the face iter that places there. So if I smoothed it, let's goto geometry and let's choose dynamic subject or you can divide it as well. Let's to buy against me. I'm losing hole known. Those exist those surprises. So before I smoothed or divide this polygons, I need to crease or I need to put some supporting is this? So let's grease that use the crease up some. So I'm going to creeds and let's turn on the poly frame for so that we can see the changes . So I'm going to kiss all these is s which I want to keep the no hard looks. So I'm going to no decrease this Chris label first toe two or three, it said to If it's on the higher side, it's going toe toe. Keep this like it's start blade or very, very sad, which I don't want. I want some kind of beveling effect, but at the same time, it should look hard hearted. This not like the dis starkness. Now you can see this sadness. We don't want this sadness. So that's why I'm decreasing this Chris level on. Now I'm going toe klik increase. Let's see by default how it's working now against it by default. This is said to 45 c. Tolerance. Make sure you have 45 here. This tolerance means wheat is is has more than this degree. It's kind of known degree. Let's said this is has more than 45 dignity, and it's going toe be Crist on day, just like, for example, this is is not pleased because who the look angle the both side faces creates. The angle is less than 45. That means, that is, is not going to crease are not going to keep the heart looks okay, so now I'm going to want it creates now I'm going toe Use the dynamic sub Dave, and let's click on this dynamic to smooth it on. It's gonna respect the crease things and you can see everything else is smooth on those. Is this a hard and from here again increased the smoothness of the subject. Let's start on. This politician can say steel against See some visited here and this is is a to stop. I don't want that. I don't want this starkness. So let's increase this no dynamic subject smoothness. Okay, here you can see I'm getting little bit smoothness. Let's include it more You can see now getting even more smoothness there. I think this is looking good. I think this is too sad or too smooth. So let me and do then when do and what I can do. I can put on a slew fee, a toe, hold the set, so let's do that. Let's hope over UNAIDS and blow hit the space bar. Hold the space bar. Choose insert this time on single Islam And here I'm going toe Arden is look which will help. This is to keep the hardest Looks OK, so I think this is good there. Let's increase this to food And now you can see with that four same smoothness level. Now this it is quite a bit hard you might know want Dad. So you can you can the start of this dynamic again move. This is to somewhere here So let's hold the space. But on days on this time I'm going to slide it. So let's slide it or you can delete it and what you can delete and put another is here. So the point is that is so good. That is sort of a symbol here, So that is going to keep the heart is, but not that much. So let's condom, Daniel. Sub day. I can see I'm getting It's better look. Okay, so once I get this now I want to convert these things too known divisions because now it's a Daniel subject on in orderto do some sculpting and do some detailing. I need to have this on lives and levels. So now I can convert it to division levels by just looking on apply. But on here. So not this dynamic smoothness converted toe subdivision labels here. It gave me this five years and levels by the law automatically just to get that same look. No, I have the dues and level. Okay, so this is, I think, and then I'm going to art this No, I consider is a kind, off known damage thing that I can do that just by using the or crack Brust sellers goto broths on choose or crack. Explain this. Pulled that detail on this kind of detail you can put in layers, so let's go to layer. Let me make sure the division detail is fine. Yeah, that's fine. So let's go to layer and clear the let put that detail in its own layer so that if flatter , you don't want this or you want a different look. You can just come here and deal it. This layer. Okay, that's for the d. D. Okay. Something like this on, then. I'm going to change this thing on here. You can see again. It's it looks very thick against it from the distance it looks will take so I can change it to If I so, Lloyd, you can see the thickness here. It's too much. So I'm going to change it to a poly Si Notorious. So let's again bring the move to go to customize, just drink D From here on with this ring, we cannot just the thickness easily. So let's wrote it first. So let's bring the move Tool on, Let's hold, saved and rotate it 90 degree. Make sure you're looking at here the number and then scale it like this on on it should look good. So now I can again go toe bring three D here I contains the thickness of that pipe there So you can do this on then bring the move to and scare late like this. Let's move this agile toe fit there and now I'm going to divide it. So let's control depress controlled the okay, So yeah, I have done with this part right in the next lecture. I'm going to work on this backpack. We're going to see how toe get this garbage or how to do this area. So let's see you there 51. Defining the Back Part: Hi. In this lecture, I'm going toe work on this back part of this hurtful on. We're going to complete this hair falling this lecture. So let's start doing the basic save of this and you can see there's a call fear I'm going to pay a bill that is, to get that so before I very well, I want to delete this faces on one this process. Then I'll extra toe get this thickness. So I'm going to choose the model of the US again from my list on. Let's told on this polyp rims that we can see the polygons easily on. I want to delete this whole top part, this part on this bottom part on. We're going to keep this back, this both sides so I can deal it by just no hope over the polygon and then hold space by choose, Deal it. So I'm going to delete the polygons, and I'm going to use Platt Island, So I'm going to delete this flat island. Let's click on a polygon to deliver the whole island. It seems like it also deleted that side, but it's just the double sided effect. You can see the double sided displays off now. So that's why it owns? No. So you that inside? But we can easily go to display properties here. I'm clicking double to check on both sides. You can see it had just deleted that top part again. I'm going to use the same thing to delete that on this side. So I'm just keeping this piece, DNC this idea. Okay, then I'm going to Babel. This is to get a car of instant offic very self corner. Okay, so So I'm going Tobe able it. But before that, I I want to manually get over No carb saved there. So let's so, Lloyd, Andi, let's mosque periods under start carving it. So let's mosque this area all you can just mask this site And now I'm going to move or rotate it, using the scale to our justice loss. Uh, yeah, you can see and just again hold mosque. So then these mosque, This idea that this so you can see a masculine one row, then kind off adjusting it again. Also move paintings. Let's control and click outside to reverse on and see The save isn't right there. So you can see how dark it looks you can sense the lighting to shake from the proper angle . You can check the gens the material as well, so let's move on. If I move against it, that side is also coming this side because we're not using meter. So let's press X to Tallinn Mirror Goto transport Montagne on this active symmetry on. Now if I move against its moving like that were so let's stone on this local symmetry agile . So still, it's moving that Mala is a strange So this scare lead and I'm going to again mosque this India's to give that roundness as well. So let's in what the masked by holding control and click and you're outside on again a move . Make sure that moving in proper access using proper access. Finally, I just want to move this. This centre is by just masking it in what it on. It's kind of my modeling, no selecting vortices and moving to get a basic separate. So I'm doing the same thing. Um, then I can reveal it, but I think I don't want toe bevel it anymore. It's already there, but you can again be able to get some roundness if you want that toe hope over the AIDS and then goto bevel here bevel, and I'm going tobe able the whole loop on single row bevel. I think this is fine. So now you can Babel this age the Connery's to get a little bit better curvature. You can do this. Okay, now I just want to delete this faces to get this whole apart here So you can't see another thing. I got a new poly group. I don't want that. So holds a certain place Control W to get a single poly group. Okay, now I just want to delete this polygons this Polident. So let's choose. Deal it, Onda. Let's let's not use Plant Island. We can first hold old on Give it a poly group and then let's go to deal it. And this time I'm going to use police group on just click on the white part toe Did the whole poly group okay on? I think this is far behind there, so let's move it to our star head there close to the head on. I think it's looking good on the other thing. I just want I want to rotate it. I just want to put this in this angle. Okay, little. Let's okay. Here. You can see the thickness here is too much. So let's mosque this area in what it And then let's go to scale, tool and scale it and like this, make them a little Bettina. We'll get something like this. I too. Yeah. There are going toe extrude to get this best thickness. Now it's a plan. So let's extrude the whole police polygon solids goto extra or here on all polygons this time. And that's fine until it's extremely to get this tick nous there. I mean, this is good. And he, uh I need to scale the whole thing so that it won't intersect here. So let's scare it a little bit. Little 1,000,000,000 to 6. It will be okay, but let's see. Okay, that is good. And models. Okay, Now, if I take the back, say, I cannot see the back side here, but if I take this mortal damage, we can take the idea here. How? It's kind off, uh, saved here. So this kind of angle here and flat on angle here flat. So again we can get that by this moving few things. Let's That's mosque. This idea. Move it. Something like this again. Do this. Okay. And we can are few. Is this here? Because I don't want to move the same thing here. You can see how the upset is there. This angle is not as the same as this. So it's a kind of the up top one was in the top one. Is this small? Small until we're gonna add a few. Is this here to give that soul? It's are fuge ists Go to insert. So insert is loop. Make sure the media is on so that we're working on both sides at the same time. Um, I think this is good. Then when you watch somebody, just make sure you are just overall set because you can see it can affect oval safe now a mask and move it literally. I just really needed there. Okay, that's fine. Now I can mosque this idea on Embodied, and then move it to get that angle sip against. It's looking good. Okay, then I'm going toe. No, smooth it on. I'm going to use Crees toe. Keep the hard. Is this OK? So let's go toe crease first Let's first don't own dynamic subject to see how it looks. Donald Enemy sub d and you can see everything is kind of smooth and one that so let's stone off the dynamic subject and go toe, please on going toe grease again using the body Fall apps on 45. Here, make sure you have 45. I remember 45 is not by default. I think I have said this to 45. That's why it has remembered that. Okay, So again, I'm going to decrease this toe two or three. Let's say toe Okay, let's click on creeds and let's see by the fall Howard. If it's working, I think almost it's working. Let's don't understand having subject to check. Okay? When your dollar dynamic subbed Eve, it's always know very hard here. So let's increase the smooth subject to bring the smoothness into these exists. Okay, so let's four is good on here. You can see everything looks OK, except this just we were not getting any corner here. It's smooth because this is this a lot located. So again, let's stall of dynamic for a moment, and in this case, this is should be creased and they said Servic Crist. So let's do those mentally So let's hope over on age and goto grease. Andi is fine. Please just click toe crease on its going toe in head it. That's no settings. To make sure the setting is you're using the same sitting. Okay, click, click, toe crease. And it's too the same thing here again. So I want to color sit there on. Then let's again torrent the dynamic on this time and conceal Better corner. Except there. I'll get fine. Okay, now I'm going to rotate the no rotor to get the angle overall angles. It's rotated. Let's try to get the angle there. Let's scale it so that it you don't intersect too much liberty intersect is fine. I think I still let's let's see the immense concept in minutes. I think it's too much. The height is almost it's too much. So I'm going to scale it and I'm going toe. Oh, no, make a deliberate intersected. Okay, that's financing. That's not the biggest. So okay, then I'm going to use inside, managed to get some kind of bolt. So again, let's let's go toe. Let's apply this to get the division. And this time I'm going to delete the divisions because I just want to create a not bolt on top of this piece. If you have divisions, you Canady was incitements brothers on top of that. So let's go toe incitements breast press I to isolate those process on. In this case, you can say there are so many processes. So let's huge some make any girl. And if I get some not balls kind of thing Andi, I want a very basic wall. You can see there so many options on its A single rose. It has a lot off models which you can just drag and create on top off a different model. I think I'm a I don't like any of days. So let's go toe. Let's see if I can get a different base, something like this. Very simple. Something like this. Maybe on if you choose, feel free to choose Noah do like and here I'm going toe just dr