Character Design with Personality: 4 Core Concepts for Creating Better Characters | Tom Bancroft | Skillshare

Character Design with Personality: 4 Core Concepts for Creating Better Characters

Tom Bancroft, Author/ Character Designer/ Animator/ Director

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5 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction and Discussion of Tools

    • 2. Shape Variety

    • 3. Creating Depth With Your Final Line

    • 4. Taking One Last Look

    • 5. Using Photoshop to Finalize Your Artwork

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Project Description

Create Your Own Character Design

Now its your turn!  Create a finished color character based on the original character description below- in an animation/cartoon/comic book style you like. Make sure you utilize the tips you just learned. No extensive background is needed, just the character in a pose.  Make sure your pose/ expressions/ design of the character and clothing all contribute to telling a story about your character.  Let's see your sketches and progression, so be sure to post your 3-6 sketches of different variations of Sandra (and Tiffany) along with a tight drawing of them in a pose, and the final color image.  Good luck!  

Character Description:

Sandra Carrington- Sandra is a rich, slightly snobby, mid-40s mom who thinks too much about herself. She can hardly remember her two kid’s names but ask her about the cocktail she had with lunch yesterday and she will talk for an hour. She has a little dog that she loves too much to put on a leash so she holds it or has it sit on her lap. Sandra used to be a talented tennis player but the more money her husband made the more it just sounded like work. She makes up for the figure she once had by wearing lots of oversized jewelry and big hats.


-Images of your 3 to 6 sketches showing the variety of designs of Sandra (and Tiffany).  

-Image of your final line drawing sketch of Sandra (and Tiffany).

-Image of your final COLOR of the line drawing of Sandra (and Tiffany).

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