Character Design Basics for Animators and Illustrators | Alycia Pace | Skillshare

Character Design Basics for Animators and Illustrators

Alycia Pace, Fortune cookie lover and art fanatic

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5 Videos (22m)
    • Class Trailer

    • Introduction

    • Lesson1 - shape language

    • Lesson2 - straights n’ curves and silhouette

    • Lesson3 - reference and review

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About This Class

Welcome to Character Design Basics! This class will help you as you are designing characters for comics, animation, children’s books, magazine illustrations or anything else you are designing. 

In this class we cover these concepts:

-Shape language 

-Big Medium Small 

-Straights against curves 



PLEASE ask questions. I LOVE questions and it will help me know where you all are at and what I should include in future lessons. 

There is an optional exercise you can upload if you wish. Draw a bunch of fun silhouettes using a dark marker. Scribble and explore the magic of fun shapes! Then create a character off of those fun shapes. Upload a copy of your silhoette and the character you designed from it for all to see and comment. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to view this class! 





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Alycia Pace

Fortune cookie lover and art fanatic

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