Character Concept Art: From Grayscale to Full Color Illustration | Magdalena Pagowska | Skillshare

Character Concept Art: From Grayscale to Full Color Illustration

Magdalena Pagowska, Concept Artist & Illustrator

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7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction: Layers

    • 3. Introduction: Blending Modes and Styles

    • 4. Grayscale

    • 5. Color

    • 6. Textures and Final Touches

    • 7. Color Variations


About This Class

am a concept artist majoring in character design and I enjoy exploring various digital painting and coloring techniques.

In this class, you will learn to use Photoshop tools such as layer options, styles and blending modes in order to create a full color painting. We will focus on creating a character concept artwork, but the skills I will introduce can be used in any type of digital illustration.

What You'll Learn

I will teach you my working process and introduce one of the more advanced digital coloring techniques. I will also share some tips to make your work with Photoshop more efficient.

  • Introduction. Introducing tools that we will use in Photoshop.
  • Grayscale. Working with values, depicting depth, lighting, volume and different materials.
  • Color. Creating color passes, expressing depth with color temperature and saturation, using blending modes to build up color.
  • Final Touches. Adding fine details and color variation, enhancing materials with photo textures.

What You'll Do

Students will complete an illustration of any theme, from grayscale to full color. The coloring technique introduced in the class allows the student to make quick color alterations and create multiple color variations for the image - a skill that proves especially helpful for concept artists. The Photoshop tools introduced in this class will improve your efficiency with digital design practices universally.