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Character Animation In Opentoonz ( A FREE Program)

teacher avatar Munkaa, 2D Animator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What's Your Project

    • 3. Import The Character

    • 4. Connecting The Character's Parts

    • 5. Building A Skeleton

    • 6. Adding Eyes

    • 7. Frame By Frame Animation

    • 8. Puppet Animation

    • 9. Let's Export The Character

    • 10. How To Export Into Image Sequence

    • 11. BONUS - Krita Character

    • 12. BONUS - Krita Character

    • 13. Opentoonz Character & Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, we are going to make some puppet animation with the help of a free program such as OPENTOONZ!

If you don't want to waste your time with character design, well no worries I got you covered with a couple of ready bubble characters in the attachment folder.

  • -I will walk you thru how to rig the character
  • -How you can Animate that Character
  • -And how you can export it at the end

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2D Animator


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my nearest class about animation inside all winters. If you don't know, it's very program. So all you need to do is get open tools and just Google that. And how can I make some more weird characters that I made for you? Who is this class for? Well, as I said, x, i x is more for beginners. But even if you're a beginner with this program, and as NPR's 0.06 nine, easy problem to handle. Well, user interface wise, so I guess for everyone, but if you're completely new, then hop on and I will walk you through your VIA you need to follow, I guess is to open 2s. As I said, it's open-source programmers on the team. That's indiegogo that and know that the installation process very easy. So I'm not even showing you this video by when they show you what it can deal with open twos. And it's, it's crazy that this program is tricked me as E because you can do so much with it. We like to show you one subject which helped you make a character, move her character around. So technically you don't need any drawing skill, say yes. But along with that, I will show you if you want to design your own character, how you can digitalize that character, and how you can bring that counter in open 2's. So, yeah, if you have a graphic tablet or screens, Tara, That's the pause by your knee to your engineer. You need to have the copy of open tubes. Your class project, as you saw, is this weird character here. There are a couple of them. I kind of went overboard HER them and I designed a couple for you. The eukaryotes hold them and you can stop animating them. Now, I will show you if you want to design your own character, how you can do to help design them for how you can import that and swell and how you can admit your character when we want to be in sludge is currently animate anything in open tools. If you want to animate, technically, your class project for this is to try open tools. Try out baby steps. It's not necessary to do a character, but whatever animation you want to New York and please share it with us so we can see and you can bring out the love for your animation. If not, if you're shy, please don't be and nobody's going to change you. So thank you again for stopping by. Hopefully I will see you in the class if you have any questions or so, please contact me. I'm available on all platforms and the platform that I have listed on our profile. So I will be waiting for your questions is if you have any, until then, I'm going to say I'm going to say goodbye and hopefully, hopefully I can admire your work in the future. Thank you. 2. What's Your Project: Okay, and let's go in the first person ever hear unstress. Actually allowed me this little character here. Yeah, we're going to just jump straight out and maintenance character. So I'm really sure how you create that later on in the classroom is important. This is, this is just, you know, I wanted to get things growing and actually start straight away because only show you basically how I use, I almost, I'm going to show you how I usually use open truths because i usually don't quiet in there as much as I want to do. In all countries. Mainly I knew puppet animations, those kind of animations that you see on these explainer videos and so on. They can be done here in open tools for free. So why not? Alright, so if we want to create a character, I created a variety of different characters for you. That you can literally have them there and you can import them in open to seeking. Scott animating because most of the tribes, not mostly touch, but sometimes the clients come to you and they just given the graphics and they want someone to animate these habits. And if you're the person for the job, you know how to do that, right? So sometimes clients just pray separately for designers to design the characters and then they take that file and they give it to you, a person who will animate these graphics. So I'm gonna show you how we can animate this normally character here, who has a munch bank, I assume. It's kind of very simple character. I came across this video on YouTube that says, dumb ways to die. And they're very keratin, that's very similar. And I guess it kind of looks a little bit like that came focus. But the idea here is to create something simple, but to animate it. Alright? So you can find that character and printing more characters that are ready to be animated in the folder, in the project folder. Now blow underneath this class there. You don't know that there's a comport charities, they are already picked out. Their body parts. Separate, separate layers that you can literally important operators and start animating for. I'm going to show you how we can do this in this video. Just to, yeah. Okay. So I'm gonna open, open open, open tools. That's perfect. Sand cliffs and say today, we're going to use open tours 1.4. Now, there's chance that you're watching this and maybe they have come up with a newer version, whatever version the key they have came up. Now remember, open tools is completely free. It's open source program, which means everyone who lost a little bit of code or is it a little bit? I don't know, but you can relatively rewrite the program who work in your benefit. And there's a guy on YouTube production did that because I see open tears. Some of your communication. And you have a lot of stuff when you start changing around the workspaces here, it's all stuff either gone or what's happening here. Now this is very familiar because this is very familiar or set up, I guess for some of you are going to stick to the basics at first and we'll go from there. But I will say that there was guarantee to watch me. You know, open source is a free open source and hidden side to make the UI interface or open a little bit simpler to you can still do all diversion. Go to YouTube and you search the hallmark open to something like that. You will find the video and you will find a late dawn that or you can just Google that. I will be using the original or the full version of the code for chatter version. Because there's some stuff that our trial, because if you're not happy with us, obviously you can always try to use the eversion, but we're going to use this one. So it will follow the class. Maybe she is the full version. And once you get comfortable how to use it, you can use the simple version. Anyway. 3. Import The Character: So let me just show you what you see. Pictures is opening. Have to close it to show you the window that pops up. It's usually this little window that says open-close scarf up. This is basically there's Oscar happening. Always is my previous approaches have worked on because it saves them and has an easy access to them. Now, name is seeing can also Claire offices work save you seen? I don't like to deal with this window in the beginning because what I do, I usually just automate a specific character. And I don't need to worry about the signs with the standard size isn't the frame rate that we can later holiday change. So I don't usually try to save my scene from the beginning. And if you want, you can do so. So we have something that is very scary. I remember first time opening, I think Maya or blender and I I I just I start looking for the exit button because I was I was very confused. But you have me on in open truths and you have plenty of Fleurus on authentic smile. Here's mine version of this. So what we want to go back to my character as they have make some changes, some exports of my, I call my tablets and Bobby Donald, why if your name but if your names boy, but if your name is Bobby ups. So I call my character bubble character. So what we need to know about the animation usually is you animate the body parts of the character. If you don't have a cavity, you have something else telling me we animate parts of that, something that makes sense. So I have the body here. But first I'm going to import the feed because the feed, my carrots are there behind him in a way. I mean, so I just drag and drop into the canvas here. And it also controls is asking you how to import this. I usually go with load and where are my legs when Zoom out of my mouth, I'm into scientists than we can deal with the mouse. You can zoom out and can hold the middle button of the most move around. I mean, you are on the hand too, so you can just press the left button above, so don't worry about that. So yeah, my fitness over there. I don't want to move anything at this point. I just want to import the body parts. So let's just go to my folder over here. So let's thing I have to give the body again load. As you can see here, the parser appearing over here. Now I'm gonna go around this axis right? At first, it's very complicated. If I go to saturation, no. Timeline, the same columns. Now they're called layers access layer name. So now there are layers and what I don't want it did this. I'm not gonna try to explain to you, adorn the span here, here, there call columns. So we really work around the columns. So every part of the body is in the column in open tunes. So we're gonna continue to import the other stuff. So we have body you have for L, So we have, we have eyes. We, I also call this, I played this this part of the eyes. I'm not going to import the eyes because I want the eyes, I want the force to animate the ice on the show, how you can do that. And the other thing, I want to import the lunch bag, empty is important because the lunch back behind the arms, okay, so the other thing that we imposed here is the lunch bank branch rat is little bit behind the arms. So let me just bring back my folders on the very left arm, right arm, import or input for rolled. And we have basically everything. It set the eyes because we animate the eyes in open tools on a frame by frame animation for the eyes because we want to make him blank or low-level his eyes. So that's my character here. As you notice that he's not quite in the same as the imprints on the increase in no point to say corners table. So it's not quite fitting in my, in my camera if you think about them. So I have all the volley parts or he'll have delays. We have the Pali the NIJ is called the back and we don't know what's inside the box on the left and the right arm. So how to make, make this MOOC? Because less than a point on this, right, we need to make him move. And we put some eyes on him because he looks weird now. 4. Connecting The Character's Parts: So wherever the important, just remember that we're working on this basic setup here. And no, it doesn't look like that because we have all stuff. But we're gonna figure out this together. So we have our character originally. First thing you want to do is to scale, position your character in place. But before we even do that, we shouldn't actually, you know, we have all the parts we need to tell open tools which work on buying goals were. I mean, we do see it fits perfectly here, but open, quite know what one can do that just to open source, okay? And we have the body into the body. The feet are connected to the body and the hands and collect. The bad is not connected to the bottom or read that before we start moving around the galaxy and so on. So how can you then obviously you need to go to animation and scope are disappearing. There are a lot of stuff happening in column E can get lost very easy. So what you notice here, we have some early stage. If I move around, I can't buy. If I click the middle buckle on the mouse here, I can actually move atoms new, album that mouse again to see what else I am having here. Only this, these two is nice and the columns or my body parts that are important here. So excess body says feet. I paid back, the left arm and the right are soil. It is here. As you notice, everything is connected to the table. Now, before I move anything, just made sure that it says Patient thematic. Because if we click this button over here, it will change this. So this is not the same monster from the first one. This now is effects. Fn is the effects stage effects panel that we can actually add special effects to our animation. But I'm gonna show you how we can do that from here. Usually we add the masks and so on. So I'm just going to click this button here again. And to move back to my initial node. I might call this a node. We have a couple different stuff happening here. It's not like any other program that is where you have layers, but we have more simple way to work here. Maybe it's not simple for you. I apologize. Maybe is not very simple first cuz you have never worked with knots before. But it's very optimized workflow when you're working with knots, if you believe it a lot. So what we need to know is basically sell topology. It's open-source, open 2t cheese crest. So we've cell open through where and what goes where. That makes sense. I'm gonna show you in a minute. So every table at a table, and you notice the white rectangular behind me. So that's my table, that the moon is on the side. If I disconnect something from the table, cannot. Select this one here, for example, it still appears friends might think, hm. So what we need to do is obviously feet, everything. If you knock this blue goals in, red and red goes into blue. So these two are the two main circles that we need to connect to each other to make the connection. And that makes us. So obviously the feed goes into the body. Alright, what else goes into boy? Well, I plague also goes to the body. And as you notice, we can connect a couple of body parts into one body. That makes sense. I'll fix up. And let's just call these columns as they call them in open to. So one poem can take a lot of connections. I peanuts, explanation. So bad. I'm not yet. I want to move the arm close to the body. The other arm to the body. If I move this around here, now I clicked something he'd been noticed. Sometimes you can put stuff. You wouldn't notice them and it won't work in, you get first grade in, don't do that. So only the bad nodes can be connected to. Yes, I want the bat to be collected in this arm over here. So I wanted to I believe is the farm. If you're not sure, you can literally 20 to zoom in. And you can press here and show you the object. Now it's very small. Can, I guess, is this RO here? So I need to connect my bag, the village back to this RO here. Go around here. And remember, I'm just using the mouse now I'm using the amino Muslim, the mouth in the zoom as well, mostly the same button, mailbox. And so now I have this index is still, let's discuss thing. If you have no real sometime before but empty list to the body. And the body obviously is connected to the table that you see this stuff. So now maybe you can actually move. The idea is just to move the body to every other part of the ball to move with the body. That wasn't me and yet we succeeded. And let's just go here on this to which they call the animate to. Basically whatever you do with this tool, it will automatically put a keyframe here, whatever you're trying to move. So if I move the body, as you see, we were successful, successful with our crazy not connecting here. But also the keyframe that this animate to. And that it doesn't say it as keyframes, the more years it is only on the body, unlike the other parts of the body. So, so far so good. Now I'm going to hit Control is x. I don't want to move the body just yet because I want to. And some other stuff in the body that in the future we're going to use. But we need to do them now. So just from the get-go, need to know which part of the character will be moving. I want the body to move. So I want to add more flexibility to the body. What I mean by that, I'm want to go here on this. Classical too, is a very handy tool. If you're a beginner, you love this, even if you now b here. So what is still does it here are the options of the truce by-the-way. Everytime, select some of these tools. You will have a option here. Maybe I can move my screen like an idiot. So it has a couple of options here. Now we're gonna focus on this one. Make sure you're on the body on the follicle here. Ma Sure. You create a mesh. Will pop this window here. If I zoom in when the mouse move around here with the same button of the mouse. What is this? It's like a wireframe is a mesh. We allow dogs in. Thinking of this as if you have ever working after a friend's there. This, I believe is a puppet to the pole it where you can also create this mesh. This frame of dots where frame of notes. Group of dogs that created this, this, this mesh. You can move, this mesh and everything that this mesh covers will move with the mesh. So basically we can move the body now. More about yet we will be able. So left-wing dots here again wore them down. Alright, so and now our boat has a mesh. Great thing that I want to create is a mesh for, I believe, right, right, right, right click this one here. It shows it's not. A lot of other softwares. If you create the High on the specific layer where you're working on, usually the eye heights the objects or reveals an M. But here this doesn't quite work. So you have to present this icon over here. This is the cameras stem is to choose the word, but if you press this is going to hide objects in front of the camera, right? So I want this arm also to have a mesh. So basically makes sure, right, graphic for mesh two and just come here, create a mesh IP that I was okay. Click Apply. And now, you know, arm also has a mesh. 5. Building A Skeleton: Now we can go back. I mean, as you can see here, the more we added the meshes, they are all a separate columns. They are connected to the overseen, the part that we made for the kind of makes an empty skeleton to the table, it is visible. Now if I click this button over here, you will see that everything that is in front of the camera, because this course I had tenure, shape is our camera entity is visible, okay, except that they are not. Then we can see the mesh. Obviously once we want to render this, wants me want to finish on relation. Obviously the mesh womb visible. So we can uncheck this because if you working in that mode, it will make 0.2 suite floor despite them, because you're competing explorer because opposites wants to render everything high-quality and so on. So just make sure of this for now. So what else we need to do is go back to the body mesh and we need to create a skeleton. In order to move this mesh. In all of quantum mesh, you need to create a mesh, right? So now the more that you want to go here is Bill skeleton, right? So your books character mode, which means the first don't put on your mesh will be the, I guess you can think about as a, as an anchor point, dot, dot won't be statically, we cannot be moved. So I guess my my route and even if I zoom in to CSS are hooked, this cost will be the center of my body. Doesn't look. Is this the center of the regular hope to move around the center. So let's bar will be here. Want to go back. It will not put another one over here. Essentially is clicking here works. No, it doesn't work. Why? Because the last time I click was, was here and not there. Centers offer hit Control-C, Control-V. And again, because I moved it, I wanna put another dog from the centre dot that makes us, I need to make sure I wonder the center adopt. And from you click it right, and then from there you make an U dot. What we are doing here basically building a skeleton. So now if I move this by itself, it will move this one, which is nice. Now let us say you can do is from this more of a Hebrew to animate to see if your mesh in your skeleton will work. So I remove this. Oh, it's working for him. Move this, making this we're shaped more once you, we cannot move this one, as you remember, this one isn't going to be our center. So hit Control-C can show an x0. I mean, you know, certainly is moving properly Jacobian. We need to do the same basic skeleton in order to animate our mesh is for the hand. We need to change the mole ratio you only to animate. We need first the skeleton. And yes, the center point, if you will, before you name them, that way will be in the center. That won't be moving. This one over here, 0 here, and here. Ok, lets look animate again. If I move this K around the arm and, and whatever, it's more smoothly match. So hit Control and z, as you see, they patrol and z as you see already. It had made some keyframes on these frames. Basically, they had, they had keys, but we're not going to animate this just yet because we need to position the character. So we need to position the character in the right position on our camera. I keep calling his canvas with its camera is a table. Everything is connected to the table. Table, table. This is a table here, but I cannot move a table, so therefore, I need to move the character. Now. I want to move the whole character, as you saw before, when I move the body, everything was moving with the body that connected here. Now if I animate to, if I come here and say position, because I want this to move there. Now there's this dot here, which is the center o, since not centrally, which we always move from this drop-down menus a center and move this over here. This is the center and not come back here. Yeah, changing its position. And I want to move. Now, what's happening here or something's not quite right? The character is moving. Yes. The other parts, the body parts and the clouds are moving. We, our body thus pervert our mesh of the body is not moving. So in order to now move the carrots and we don't have to move the body of the accounts, but we need to move the mesh of the volume. I know it's complicated, but once you get used to it anymore, so I want to hit Control Z, which is I don't want to do this, right? So I'm gonna make sure I'm on the body mesh that we created. And now find movement or my magic happens once in a while. What happens, right? So I'm gonna move this around the center of my camera and little come back here. And I want to scale this. And it's killing around this, but the center. So I'm gonna change the center soil from the drop-down menu and go to the center. So go back to the scale. That's a position. I think. 6. Adding Eyes: The clip. So now, now we will actually start animating the character. But before we do that, I guess we need to ask them IS because they said we're going to add some blinking. In order to do that, we need to create many here on this corner here, Kirchner, middle, click the right button saying you level. This no box, which will ask you, it will tell you what kind of level will be created. Well, I know that these new worst columns instead of layers, and this is a level, is this layer or this figure. This, as, I want to think of this as a layer where you can work on and open to a couple of layers. We have tunes, customer and I'm gonna go, we know, let's just keep it simple or Estonia and just click, Okay. We have a new empty column here and a layer that would control there. Now, let's come in here. Again, I'm just using my mouse to work around the dipolar, your canvas, work around the table, the canvas. And I want to change or ethnic geometric to over here. Now, as I mentioned, all the options on the tools that the more insulin to from here, the options will be here on top. So if something's not working, come here on top bar and check if something is not working properly. Because the problem where it is. For example, I want to zoom in and I want to create your eyes, cuz it needs two eyes. Yes, it does. So odd shape here. The C is already circles, sometimes in movies or sometimes we'll hit tenure and why you start drawing. I want circle and you won't see any white. If we click the right button here on this clue, it doesn't do it because that's not how it works. It usually in the options are over here. And I'm going to hit Control Z because I don't need a rectangular shape because my allies or circle eyes, four eyes, I don't know why it's a circle. So now I'm going to use the Ellipse, nevermind, long ellipse to draw one i one. And the other thing is, obviously you can choose the thickness of the of the line. I use. This one's okay. What else we need to do with? Can we copy that? Here's the free hand T2. And this is the selection through open source. And I want to move this number quite what happens if I hit control and C, it will delete my object. But this will stay genius, genius open tools. I hate opens by using from time to time. So I have no choice to use open things anyway. So why I disappear, because I hit Control and see if I can bring in fact, we do know more video, no undue weight, one under no sorry. Including trauma and okay, great. So rho here, clean geometric tool. And again, I'm using just the mouse. This point here. I take from here to this too. I want to change that. And one cabinets I, so let's use our keys on the keyboard. Control-c, Control-V. And we have to US, hallelujah. Here, click enter to this. Doesn't happen. Nevermind, brilliant old bucket role here or often two snaps also feel to go to the field to fill up the ice. It is fabulous. And now we can actually create a long process. I know. I'm sorry, but you have to go for that. 7. Frame By Frame Animation: Hello and welcome back. Now I have a new shirt. Kind of fits with the nail potatoes color. So in this one and so we are actually IMA character finally, after all these rigging, all, after all these operations that we did, finally and the work, we've already done that, but now we're going to animate what we have. So good tip. I yes, I didn't mention that my senior tip, once you employ your character and go on a file, file and save all basically. And once the open, close, open 2's and then go back cloth enthusiasm. And you will have your character over here and says we're saved 17, literally, personally your character and carrots and so do tip to save your files even though you don't have to necessary. Scene. I skip and beginning because as he said, I, II, III, and it makes separately the characters. For him. I use other, other problems, you incorporate them into another C and so on. So what we did last time, Judy eyes. Now, as you see, the eyes now have there. If I move this around here, they have a column for has fantastic, but that's a separate column, is not connected to any part of the body. So if I wanted to move the body dimensions window, the eyes will not move with the bodies and we need to control Z because I'll move it just yet. Just remember whatever if you move your animate to, they call this edit to preserve isn't easily create keyframe. And in the world knew that just yet. First thing is make sure that you set up everything that you have. So we have everything where we don't have the eyes and we need to take this. Remember, glucose, Internet, head Gaussians, blue, asthma, in what order you do it, they will have to connect to each other, right? So I want this new comeback. Let me just zoom out. Again. I'm just using my mouth and the middle button of the mouse to navigate around here. Blue goes into red. Now, I did create this. I call it the ice played some reasons and I don't know why, but I connect the eyes to this plate which here, boom, collected. Now they kind of MOOC global. They move a little bit. So I want them to be center. I am or my move to overhear on animate to move him here in the middle. It I guess I will change to scale them up a little bit. Back here. Yes. And yeah, now we have a keyframe here. But that's okay in the beginning, you have no more frames. So here, because sometimes we don't pay attention, and here are the frames that we pay our animation on. And don't want to move us and say I, we're going to use the information tab and debasing tab. But now we only mention because we needed to fix our somatic stage and just make sure you are all a stage hermetic and not on the BFS. To color here, frequency effects. Just come with us back in. Yeah, yes, this is important, say its nose we already have, keep him here, but that's not the end of the world, iOS, which is nothing else here. Sometimes, let us say we have more frames here as we leave our marker muscles, some random frame. And we scarf moving around this, the Whitney animate. And then Razer. We're trained here position, then we start wondering what is happening. So everyone has said that wasn't the goal. We did it. Now we will animate it. So as you can see me, I can use my other hand as well. I have all the body, body posture here. And now, as you see, there are numbers here for our frames, we need to know how long, how long we want our animation to go. The standard is 24 frames per second. I want to, let's say 4424 because it will be faster to show you. So in order to do that, we don't have any frames here as if I move to the second frame. There's nothing because we didn't create a new frame. Now we don't want to create a new frame because I know in opening Susie, you can do Framingham animation, but in our case, we're doing a puppet animation. We don't need to create a new frame. What's the point? If you create a new frame? You want to tell them we're gonna create a new frame is for the ice. Already I have created a new frame or go back tomorrow. It's very hard sometimes to go back to the camera on the table. But yeah, only term that we're going to use, frame-by-frame animation will be on the ice and we're gonna make these eyes. But lately. So how to wipe basically copy the old phrase that we have here and to make them 34. Well, we could go on the first core here, which is our heat. We can select that and we can move to the last column, which is called 09. We can hope shift on the keyboard and you select those. So basically if I move this here, as you see, all of them are selected. So far so good. Now I want to bring them down, copy them. So our automation to be nonlinear. Let me just move this. As you see there is a blast frame and click and drag to repeat or select cells or frames if you want. That's what we want to do. Drag them and this is the button I will call this, I guess. So I want this now to around 24 frame. We already selected everything, every frame, every single frame here. We can just track. And as you see, they are copying the frames. We're extending the frames will be four. And as you see there, x's here, so that means there is no frames there. Click on them. I can say I can start drawing any bucrania frame, but we don't want knew that hit Control Z. And now we have our mission, which if I play this and it's happening because, well, nothing's happening. Now, we can start moving. The body pore, basically animate them. 8. Puppet Animation: First before you, before you even write a character. To be honest with, you know, what do you, what exactly your character is. Going to be hurting? Me, jumping. Haven't cell movement. Wherever your character, a warrior elements, you need to know what exactly you want new. So in-order if, let's say if I want just discounted to sit there and blink, I'm not going to waste my time here to set the skeletons here that mesh to connect everything to the body because there is no point if I'm not careful, if I'm gonna make the Kelvin just blink, then I'm just going to quickly mention on the ice and I can move on. But in this case, we wanted to explore all the possibilities or the ha, all but most of them are beginner character. You have these varieties that skeleton, hooks a creek, everything that we just did. So now, as I said, we need to animate the character, however animated character first essence. And what I'll do, I don't know. I hope you come up with amazing ideas in your bullshit files in your projects with yellow characters and I'm providing you with, I have no idea what I wanted to do with this character. Maybe he will be standing and he will hold very tied his launch pad. I can pull this macro Islamic windows. In order to do that. You just made sure that I make the body, which means I want I made the mesh created. So it has a frame there because we moved it, we positioned the ball, that's why he hasn't. Keep em here. So how to animate the mesh? Make sure your first frame. So you won't have this where you will see later on the video i plus two. And as you can see already, my, my skeletons there. So we did that in the previous class. So the skill here is on books skeleton. We don't want to do that. We already have the skeleton, right? So we want to animate this. So from the drop-down menu and animate. Now funeral happens because you have to move the first spring on the body. And we came to this vertex and this way, this way, this block to go there, you see the bodies are in there. Now. Again, if I play this phallic, it's not quite there yet. Within, technically animate this. We already have keeper and we need to decide where is our Netscape it, I'm gonna do this at the end. So I'm going to change again. Maybe here. As skipper, technically movie even though that was our main goal when we move the mesh empty to move wind mesh. But when you try to animate the mesh, went through the plastic to match basically only affects what beneath the mesh briskly. Body. Obviously, because it's on the volume. By if I move the measurement, it will move with the mesh. So anything else that you see here maybe should be moving minds not so help you do that. Well, you can come here again on the ice. And if you go here to animate to final position, and I won't change the center of this around the center and zoom in. Yes. And we can actually hopefully this position, ever remoteness and the sign and it will invoke the next frame when the Polish change. This here. Now we can rotate it again. Now, five books, the first frame. Pay this person. This mosaic will look kind of helps for shorter animations. Now, this is having blank pieces play until 2050. Okay, let's change this. Let's come here. And the way I showed you here, control. You should not have the scrotum area. It's not quite there yet. But there's no caps. And helping it till we can move. This can move though keyframes. Hold, Select and whole animal him. So parser the characters more. Now, if you asked me about the mesh by Scott Lewis, I couldn't move for the time being the mesh, No, I can see better what is happening in accurate remove that from this camera standards photo on the other arm as well. And he's moving. Now, obviously we need to meet somebody else move, those are the hands among scholars and bring everything back. So I want to move the hands. Go up to the first frame, make keyframe their left arm. We can go here and don't work quite to. They will care wholesalers are. And working on the last frame when animation's happening on all her patient here. And I can bring this back. And so we need to do almost. Except that yes. Okay. I made my searches changed from here to here. P frame in the rest frame, and this arm had no horizontal track or mesh. I didn't know what we want to deal with the character. If I wanted to show you how you create a mesh. Let's see how that goes. You want one lunch bag? But as you can see, is her fast always because near mission that would create it. It's only 24 frames and goes normally for frame. And then repeat itself. If that's what you wanted, you obviously weren't pay more. And you can stop this for now. You can come again here, whoops, select everything down. Maybe on this frame. And if I play this now the dimension of longer OC, I select the feet column saw him as he left, but allocations select the column Anakin with this button isn't what's known as a handle. Can bring them now. And he stops. And maybe we can make his classes. And now in order to do that, in order to do that. And the ice cold, not what I don't know why this is here. Maybe I was playing around this area. So the i's we created them open. Sues me over here says only one frame the way that we have, let's say one frame on the hand and warfarin or on everything that we see here. The ice cream FMR animation framework. And basically it says frames. To make animation. We want this character blink. We don't have a position for that. Blinks. We don't have the position for the eyes were closed. So we need to create that and all to do that. In this section over here, in this level, we enter level. And if I come here and yeah, you can use the 32 or one. And he, they joke. If you met a CIO metric to activate the onion skin happens because we only have one free. If we move to the next empty frame, in order to create a new frame, we will see the previous frame and these are all, i's now remember, I will geometric too, and I'm on the ellipse. All I wanna to do is very simple like that kind of shape. Control and see if you are happy. Yeah, I guess we can go back here on any other point on the body. And if I play this again, boom. It doesn't blink. Yes. That second frame with closed eyes. Open, close when you use that. So as you can see, we have plenty of frames or here we are. Let's use this frame. Humans benefit. If I could, if I double-click on a frame, it will open the visit and deliver. This specific frame. 25th REM is using is using drawing number one, which is this one. I want double-click on it. And the more I removed my mouse, these summits, double-click on it and I want to use the swim over here and I will click, hit Enter and the less RAM, it's also asking, Do you want to use the same frame number one, I want to use the blinking for two frames. Let's just see what free frames. And unless strain will be one, go back and see if I can pay it. Blinks. Yeah. Now a blinks. Okay. 9. Let's Export The Character: So we have our character animator. So suppose now we want to explore that amazing animation order. First of all, I want to mention. But if I got this is corrupt shore, but this class will work. How I usually export in open tools is I hate the way I usually X4 because as I said, I animate the characters and the characters, but you can try to wholesale and it will, hopefully it will work. Now, I want you to be able to share your work with the rest of us. You know, if you want, if you have hold class in sharing your amazing character, we asked you would like to export your character into a good format so you can show it in, you can share it on Facebook, here, on, on Twitter and whatever. But the problem that I have been facing with this is that it's not exporting proper for some reason, maybe because there's no background. Yes, we do see a white the camera white table. You are always in the back. But that's not the program because when we explore this, Give, it has some problems. Maybe, maybe it would be fine for you, but I personally have a lot of problems. I see where they are. I turned to us for solving before. I'm going to show you this one. Yeah. You see how his hand is hanging there? For some reason. I couldn't figure out how it fixes what I get for my so I have trouble there, but I usually what I do, I create a new folder in my character in separate images. And if I move now, ignore the background is usually white, but it takes time for my topic Units process that is white. And if I move, this is my previous animation. I tried and I tried to export its working. It's working properly. The images and quality is fine. But what I want to do it in gif format, a Gawande to you. But I will show you how you can do and give you may not have any trouble there hopefully. But if you do, I will show you how you can explore into a separate images and then how those images you can export as it's called, Bring it. But there is more to showcase your work. If dog show. Do you work? What I do in order to use an animation I just did is literally exporting this PNG files, the images, and then moving the whole composition into her editing program and then making a composition there with the rest of us. If I have more animations like this one is complicated. I know but just bear in mind. Yeah, didn't work for me. I will show you how to do that. So if you're having innovation in your export this into a GIF format, obviously go to hinder. But don't click done just yet. Go to Output Settings and open your note from here is, where do you want this to be saved, your gift or your, where you're trying to explore this into. I want to explore this in to knock their skill share, class, open ed bubble character. It's good to export. Export into separate, separate folders. So far so good. Obviously, you don't want this to be a gift. Tiff gif file. As far as I know, you may not have this option. Because as we know, open, free, open source software. And sometimes it needs some extra help to work. In this case, it needs a suffering, except Bill to work. Just like prison if you fall. My other classes on critter go to file. And this is important because maybe even want to give for us for your animation in video format straight away because maybe you have animated the whole scene. Just export this video, which is fine. But usually you like to explore this into MP4. Or if you know one as well as give. Again, you have trouble with that because you don't have this buildup that I'm gonna show you go to Preferences and you import, export. And this is the mpg pad. Heaven heal my computer. Here is this one. And you choose and open in all this to work. You have close to pour her program. Have 6LoWPAN view. Again. Make sure before you close your hips, save all for all your work is saved and once you open it, nothing will be lost, hopefully. But this buildup you can fight, I believe I will leave you actually the buildup in the project file as well. I don't want you to look for it. It has to usually for Windows that I will upload. But if you look, you will find it for Mac as well, I believe anyway I have the buildup know now looks render output settings. And we said this competing here who said, work to save it. We have a name. A, B, no allows most. Lunch. Boy. Amazing names. So I, since, as I said, some people touch much here. Let's just hit Render and see what are we going to get. There are 40 frames in total. 40 frames. It will take a little time. Let me, in the meantime, I see here, right here, see how yeah. Kinesis miRNAs are. If you have Hayward this, we don't have much movement around. Here. You can, I will show you why He should actually it's a sequence of images. Hey buddy, I'm gonna process. Now I'm gonna create a new file as a credit here. Actually I can make a new folder, sorry. We'll call this s1 into images. Images. Of course it is good to save your image sequences into one folder. Knew that basically just change your format into PNG. All is fine. And also save this in that folder that we just created. Yeah, I just click on it. So here's my holder. Choose render. And again it will render. 14 ensures that folder. And I see there will be times when an open students will crash for some reason, all equal clause for another reason. But again, this is open source program and I don't know what to say. I'm sorry if that happens, but you cannot undo this. Okay, so here's Bobby. If I move around, the quality of leverage is way, way better, right? 10. How To Export Into Image Sequence: And that's nothing Dafna, it, we want to make this into a heap so you can open critter, not necessary or use other program where you can make your gifts. It's up to you, but Twitter is free. So we will open this on my other screen. I believe. I'm going to bring this to worry. Have Crito in my previous work over here, I want to open a file. I want to open the first image of our bobby lunch. Boy. Let me just find it in. We put Bobby new folder explorer here. So I'm going to open the first frame, which is this one, the first image that open. And as you see, there's no background because we told open to save with no background. Now in don't touch anything. Just yet you can go to File though is okay if your critter is set up in a different way, we are going to go to new file and we're going to say import animation frames. And we gotta add images over here. And we select the first one because we already have the first one. So we click on the second one, books and the last one down there, hit shift to select all. And we're just going to hit Open. You. Just click OK. And it will create new. Oh, well, we could create a new layer here. And here are the frames now, because your pizza won't be setup automation is a chance for that. So you can all see Timeline, window, workspace, and then animation. And also this is the default setup formulation. Here are all the frames that we have here. I'm going to move them up and move. And again, selecting by hitting Shift. And I'm going to hold this. I'm going to have two layers here. Again, hold Control, Shift and control and e or i button on your mouse. And then I believe was yeah, merged with the layer below. You can do the islets in the press command. So if I click the playbooks now, here, money. Now this will happen because our most smartly if I hit control and Z now to uncheck them. Now on the first layer, if I hide the second layer from here. And if I had a second layer behind it from here as well, my first layer has only one frame, but pizza doesn't know that. I don't want to show my, my, my image from the whole timeline. So I'm gonna come here on the second frame. Technically. Say one, hit this button here. So our little guys on the second frame, and he's already gone. So now if I heard you on the other one, and even now if I play, it should be fine. He blinks. And once we're happy with it again, and shops and then merge with the layer below. Now we have the sole and Michelle here. And this is the fourth year frame because in pizza, concretes are they count the layer, the frame story from 0 to whatever number. So our I mentioned ends on frame just dynein. So here we can just enter and we get our head and our animation we'll loop. Now there's some, I don't want this to happen. I want this to loop anyway. Seemingly s. So what we can do, It's got all these frames, hips shift, right button, copy, and then this right over here, I'm going to hit the iBooks and again, I'm going to say paste. Now, click away to lose her calm things. So from this layer, holding Shift and selecting the last frame, it's not layers and frame. I spent all of these frames and then I click the right button on them. I want to merge these frames. So now the frame, the last frame is 79. And I can sell pizza and my animation or 79 frame. And now if I play it, okay, so it doesn't play Pokemon or because I, I, I have selected these waves scope and just click away, doesn't matter where. So, so he does this thing. It's like a loop now properly. So we fix our animation here in pizza. Now know s1 is a good format. How could do that? Now he hears worry much easier. You still do the build-up and showed you. But once you have that Bill and we can go through a 100 animation and you got video from a 100 as select the gif image. And so this folder, you can call this movie body. For me. Maybe Bob be given me save in IntelliJ. It says wish from where it will go and it will loop because right, so I'm going to hit OK. And we cross our fingers. And now we have a proper give where we can actually show it to the people. You can do this in open source again. But for some reason the TFs did, did, did work properly and I tried to play with the options there just didn't work. So it's almost done. Here's our future and give over here. Yes, Bobby. Bobby for you. So has this problem there, which again, I have no idea what's happening. But maybe you can ask for your gifts with some background. Maybe. But overall, we did a animation inside, inside open tools. And if you play around with your options over here, maybe hit me. But overall, hey, here, I hope you are happy and yeah, I hope you learned something from this. And you want me to continue this class because I had to rig a face and another character. That's more complicated than this one. But I don't know if you guys would be interested in if you're interested, let me know. Down in start with the spreadsheet view if you want about this class and tell me what more he wants in here, and I will make sure to do it. In the meantime, I would love to see your amazing projects with the amazing other characters there I have created for you. And also in the next couple of videos, I will show you how you can create all those. So you can create your own character in UK element that carrots and all the false witness here. But overall, I hope you like this. I really appreciate your support. And until the next class or yes, stay safe and buy for me for now. 11. BONUS - Krita Character: Okay, welcome back. Once again. Now turn to actually make these amazing characters that you see now, you may want to design your own character, and that's why I'm making this a bonus video, if you will. And before we go, I just want to touch on a couple stuff about our previous character and open tools that you saw that we had some trouble there when we were trying to make a gif or that counter. First we're working with raster graphics or actually hilarious and authors. And I guess it's better. And those problems that we have more of that to hers. But I didn't more cultural assumptions because it's kind of a long assumptions and didn't want to make this class to be that long. And I'm not sure if you want to be interested in this class there, so let me know he won't meet ME, connects through video for this class about using restaurant layers in open truth and better. Mentors. So far we have used basically raster layers and signatures that we exported character. But importantly, it's important the characters separately, each of their body parts and I have here will characters, I am in Twitter. Here, streets force. Now if you use critter, I mean, go ahead, don't use Crystal. I'm going to use Crystal funders. You can use Photoshop, oil you want use princes just like Photoshop. I guess we can do one character who can build a character inside, opened through says, well, I'm going to show you how to do that, but first I want to show you this is quickly last time we set up the window here to animation. And that's what I did. These pictures inside, inside of IE. If don't want if you don't have to have a tablet because that's why I'm using I'm using scripts tablet. But if you don't have to, you can sketch your character or a piece of paper. You can bring that to your computer and dragging drop. You can import it in either critical or obstacles in the way I showed you and critically you just before I hide this. Yes. If I hide this, this is the thing that you're going to see. I'm trying to make this faster rule. This is the default settings, default working space. You see I have my previous projects here, but you can, if want to improve your sketch that you did on a piece of paper, you just click New File. And usually this is the HD for radio dimensions. I usually use that in just click, Create, and cap your image that you took from your sketching you important, their pizza does work with layers. So I'm gonna open my sketches here. Only the integration set up for this, I believed, as you say, treated us more quick layers, unlike operators that we first saw columns and then we saw layers. And then a much simpler way to work in pizza, because it does look a lot like Photoshop, right? So we work with layers. I have a couple of layers. This is the layer that I did all my, all my sketches here. And with the help of the bush. And from here I could pick my, my, my color. I'm using experience tablet, as I said. So if you don't want to use those kind of tools, you can do it on paper and you can import them here. And now, I can show you how we can digitalize the core, our sketches. I want to try to work on this guy over here because I believe I did this one, this one moves. If I do this, maybe we can do one of them in open to so I can show how you can do there as well. So I wanted to grab the sketch. So imagine that maybe you important in your picture. And your picture will be here as a separate layer. And you want to adjust your pictures to fit on the canvas. Nuking the Transform Tool and automatically pops knows and the transformed lines and free will. You can zoom out and zoom in and weak Jamil about seven miles because sometimes you picture many wave be a new canvas and you can hold shift and you can scale down your picture. And now I don't have to do that by assuming if you do work like that. If you have no tablet and you import your sketch and you want to initialize it, that's the way you do it. Now I want to grab this character over here. So I'm going to use the selection to uncover who around this null character, how we're going to call this on. How about names? Dell was Bobby this one early for me in the morning. So I want to take this warrior cats here. Copy to another selection. Now if you notice this way, if I deselect this selection because I want to work with why I selected, go select. Goodness, let's open remoteness selection. Have the character here. Now, the question now is much better because on this layer, I have lower the 50 and once I copy, it doubles. 5050 is a hundreds or business. That's why it's different color. I'm gonna hide my other characters from here. And I have this here. You can hold space to move around your canvas. And I can go back. He'll transform to pin Harish my clouds. And now I will make my keratin bigger and I hold shift and pull this angle over here. By the way, all the cows that you see there will be attach into your Attach folder project for me. And then the other neatness class on you can use all these characters to try to animate them. Inside open-sourced. I have my code here. First thing I'm going to do is to make the body. So I want to lower the opacity of my character. This one's okay. And all, I want to make a new layer. And now I'm going to have other lives because I have work on the other characters. If I had this one show, I have this character here. I have this character. And we'll have probably hear Bobby, Bobby. Now I don't have here. But that's why I have committed AS miscreants. There isn't. 12. BONUS - Krita Character: I want to bring my I cannot figure out a name for you. So I first, I wanted to do the volley. You make a new layer on top. And again, you can do this with your mouse. You will have to control anything because your drawing is already done. Ideally, so get this little election or was I changed? I changed an area, helium list2 over here. I want you, if you ever, if you have Photoshop or Illustrator, whatever, they have the pencil. So this is the equivalent of what you have here, but it's not quite the different source to append two and creates a where you can, you can make dogs and he could connect these nodes. And when I cut them, it makes them we're shape. Now I don't want this effect to happen. So I'm gonna hit Control and z. And I want to draw Options. Make sure you're on this tool. And it will bubble our options here. It says fill to mock filled. I want this to get the power. The first co-authors here, we're going to change that in a second. And I don't want this to have any outlined more alkaline. So now if I make a random shape will be something like that. I kind of like this car. I don't know why in routine use this color. And we can go back here. So we did create a veteran layer because we used, why is it this one? We don't need to use this layer because really use it a raster layer. So I'm going to basically what, I'm going to trace the body. I can put this layer beneath my sketch layer. I can call this layer novel, double-click on it to rename it and call this body and the body. Now why we are using this specific cubic? This is very, oops. Yeah, it's very flexible. So I mean, I worked only because, let's say if you're going to mention with this character, you may walk me, him walk or whatever you want to make him a, you can use the hat to lift the hack or maybe someone will push him and that will fall fall down. So I hat helmets. I know. It's a Vikings helmet. Yeah. Absolutely. It's in the morning. I'm all school my coffee, ignore me. Let's just create a counter. Now. We're using this tool. You can, the more you press on kerosene make adult form that though there's alive as coming out. And I can make a little note here that, but I think he is a bit cursory. So we want to make a curve helps make Kerr who this to basically more impress in the moment you pull. You are able to create a curve. And now I have a curve. Yea, so I'm gonna do here as well. Make it a little bit curvy boy, we need to go on top of the bad and the late. Maybe something like this. Not going to be perfect. You better. It's not the best. But yeah, we can fix that. So I mean, we can fix that either year. How would give us that enter to activate our laser? I was going to show you how you can use the birch bark, assuming that all we have to have a tablet, war digital Tablet, additional comments or whatever. So I won't show you be flexible as much as you can. So we have the same tool, but once our erasers selected over here, the more we create a shape, I'm not very good. It will actually act as an deletes include leak the area that you make, the shape of. I'm going to use I'm sorry. I'm really isn't the person is way more flexible for me. And you can rotate your canvas by pressing for on your keyboard. You can hook thing on the left. Control Z is my best friend. He had no friends. We found one joke. Okay. So maybe we can zoom in. We can see on Kaufman sketch, I guess that's a good thing. Another, you chopped VR three years. So I'm gonna go back to my curve here and I'll try to make a proper per section over here. Again, this is not going to be worksheet visible. No. No. I'll hours on the areas. Okay. Check that. I'm going to try to actually maybe this way is better. Replicate. It takes time, by the way, to use this to even in Photoshop or Illustrator. Let's just Minho. So if you don't manage during the first time, don't be hovering itself. And how I yes, that's fine because we're going to have the hack on top. And I just call helmets. We may try to say, well that father, and so I'm using the V2 here and I'm using the eraser. And if I hide my sketch, get in his book theme. But we're going to get there, right? So I'm going to reveal my kitchen here, this volley. I'm gonna make the, I'm gonna click away and a new layer and this layer feet press Enter. There are creative in their title PCP now. And want them to be different colors. Come here or I can change it here. Maybe likeness. So very blonde color, To be honest, he bought the sub-goal and see what we can use the same, same two. Or again, I'm using shortcuts to zoom in and out. Box from mouse and hold your space to her. I can either use this or I can use the Ellipse tool. And if I go to options, it will tell me that I wanted to refill that snore said, I don't want any alkaline and create a film that 13. Opentoonz Character & Final Thoughts: Okay, we have open tools here. As you remember, it opens some basics, but we need to go, I mean, you can go spaces. I have my sketch. Schnell embryo has sketches. I'm just gonna track and drop. And I say, yes, we don't need this folder. And when I was a bit bigger, as you notice, we get from here on animate too. We can go here from the drop-down menu and we can scale our character. Now we're not gonna animate, there's no worry. You mess up here. Your P frames are important because right now the only thing that we need to focus on is to basically build up this character. So first, we're gonna do the legs. Before do the lights, we need to have a layer or a column with a level. Right-click on here and say new level. And as I said, Whoops, we really do actually a vector. I will show we can name this and say feet and say okay, out k. And it will create a vector level for us. Okay, so what we need to invest, go chase the sketch again the way we did increase, except that we will use the tools that we have over here. And there are plenty of them. Again, I don't use them that much. Lbj will show you that you can't do that in here. So I'm gonna go to the geometric tool. We have here, the shape as ellipse and the legs. We're supply that. I want to call them. And I want them to have no outlines. So I filled two or bucket to become here. Let's color them. Now that Black and I say, you don't want them to be, but that's very interesting about our pancreas. Actually. You can't have freedom here. If you say Pacific core of a new path of your animation, you can do that if you create as many columns you have here, and you can change him anytime. Now we own this color here is by default. And I keep them for over here. Make sure your basics because automation, you cannot see the color. Palette, colour, picker. Though, Holocaust level politics. Okay, so pick any color here. I have no idea. I mean, yeah, I guess is the calorie or four feet, which is crayon fitness fantastic. Well we need to create a new level here for high spot on the body, a new level. And your body. And I want this to be a vector. Okay? Pay we have empty Claire slash level C. So now decree the body. How to cool how the body, we're all geometric two. And now we can go to our o here. And if, if we press release, we're going to hit a, a line. If i term here yeah, and press and do this a bit tricky. So I also do outlet, we hit it Rosie. So you first, you make a point in Chrome. Hey, make a second. And now if I'm not holding anything, I just release I made a fairly stupid line. But when you release your second, you can move this arc as an essence shapes as arc. And once you're happy, person again and release and yet a lot. So next thing we need to make sure, you know, around here. Of course they have brachial after six years, I usually use a swanky press here. Zoom-out, you're mousing and hold the middle box on the multitude. More fertile as well. And I guess this one is OK. There's some space here, but we'll fix that in a minute. Ten will come here. Here, or maybe here. Notice fine. Southwest. Okay. So maybe he'll go as fine as yet to try. I'm sorry. It takes time. And that's why I enjoy using this tool here and there plenty. Yeah. So now if I go to my pocket to try call. Yeah. Okay. So we need to pick four of them? I don't know, honestly. Ok. Maybe maybe something like this? Yes. Now if I want some drink, my sketch should be on top law clinics in the modal columns around. And I can see my sketch and from this I0 here, come on now, only plastic. So it will be in the way or I can move this year so while hormonal. So what's next? So we need to do the hands. When you clean the hours and do this weird hair coming out. So you can use geometric to kinda usually are. Yeah, we can use the ark. Yes, it's easier to use. Is he find this hard? Look around. There are plenty of tools here in authoring tools or forgetting the Dario. And that something different as we mentioned. But again, you can do this without your public. If you don't have a tablet. I think that's a perfect way. Showing you the head Israeli bills that now if you notice, I started making, here's the layer of the hand without actually creating new level or new layers you want. And automatically, I believe this layer now is, as he is a raster layer because it's already in, you cannot expand this if you want to. Unlike the yellow layers, as you can see, there's no pixel, a pixel ating. Here you can see, and that's the big difference. Now is I want to expand this. The quality on the hand will be heard. It is fine now, but it's a lot to make it bigger is not going to be. So you can either Scott again and make a new hand on a proper level which will be a better level or would it continue? Honestly, I don't really care for now. It's up to you how I'm going to continue with my hand. And so I've been there for me. And the other hand. The other hand we can do it in vector. But boy, that I believed, because now my hands, one who has Ruby restaurant, the other vector. So I'm just my hands would be Raster hands. We can live with that. We can fix it, but I don't have the patient's right out to face. Now, if you look this, nothing is going on. How can it because I don't know why. So I guess I I drew on top of my scheduler hit controls either. Let's just create a new level here, and we're gonna make this level or aster, Okay? And we just have to deal with this in a minute. Okay, so now I have something. Happy. Scruffy can use the eraser and careful. To me, can we have the filter? We can create? For some reason? I don't know why. But that's the idea. Let me just skip to the next version of this and I will leave you with that and second. Okay, so let's say we're happy with what we have here. We're just going to hide my sketch there over here. And that's what we, so casually clarify more here than this one here. We again have our volume partner over here now with only our scheduler. So we get from here right button and say Delete Sayonara, her there. And still we may all counter here in open OpenSource. So I'm going to leave you with this year's I'm sorry, I don't have a camera on. My camera died. That there is now the camera man. Yeah. Well, that's what I'm going to finish up. Hoping like this class, leave a review if you want to, or you can always share your projects down below with us. I love seeing those. If you feel shy, you can always tag me on social media. That's my basic No. I'm on this dram recently. So and also I did make a euclid channel where IT preferred choice for you. Mainly we free programs. Hopefully, you will appreciate that. And I will see you in the next class. I may. I have a bunch, so if you check them, if not, See you next time, bye bye.