Character Animation: Animating Weight in Autodesk Maya | Yone Santana | Skillshare

Character Animation: Animating Weight in Autodesk Maya

Yone Santana, Animator & Coach

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10 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Scene Set Up

    • 4. Clear Sihouette

    • 5. Initial Timing

    • 6. Responsive Anticipation

    • 7. Favouring Strong Keys

    • 8. Add Impact

    • 9. Breaking joints

    • 10. Apex 1 - Sword Constraints


About This Class

The issue with 3D animation is that it just looks too smooth. Everyone is  capable of visually judging weight but students struggle to add weight to their animations. Stop battling against your rig and getting caught up in the graph editor! We are going to cover an actionable and repeatable workflow. That will enhance the sense of weight in your animations. 

During this class students will get a strong understanding of how to design and animate a combat scene. Focusing on creating a heavy attack that demonstrates appealing weight. We will cover the theories behind weight, gravity and momentum. Follow Yone as he takes you step by step through his thought process. The workflow includes creating key poses, timing, overlapping action, moving holds and overshoots.