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Character 2D Animation Part 1 - Designing the Character in segments

teacher avatar Aidan R

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to design a 2d human character in Illustrator in a way that can be prepared for a basic walk cycle animation in After Effects.

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Aidan R


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my fierce David class on skill Shia. I will teach you how to design a to D character and have it prepared for animation. Software will uses a Derby Telestrater and in the next class, when we actually animate the character it will be brought into after fix another adobe program. In this class, I will show you how to design a character in a way that can be prepared for animation. Character will be divided into various layers, so it is in different segments. So get when it is brought into after fix, all the parts will be connected together and you can animate specific areas off the character character we will design is a very generic, not overly detailed human, so welcome. 2. 2 Tutorial: first, we're going to start off with a new Adobe Illustrated document, and I am going to sit it too. 1920 by 18. 80 p. Pixels. That will be the document size that we use for, uh, the B animation. The character we're going to drawer is a very basic, standard, human type character. Now, if you don't have one already, I would recommend having graphics tablet because it makes during a lot more easier. I'm going to draw using the pencil tool, which is they're short cut in on the keyboard. And when we draw the character, it's no all gonna be on one layer. Certain parts off the characters body are going to be on different layers, which will make the animation much better. Sir. My outlines sit of black there, sir. Ah, you just draw straight to there canvas like that and just Scallon down after you've drawn it. Um, when you draw using the pencil toe, if you want to close up that get fear, you hold down, bolt and see that little circle by the pencil tip that closes the path so you could draw using the pinto. But I often find that the Pinto takes a lot more time in the paint, so the pencil does Mike Turing's look rather rough, but you can, uh, smooth out the pencil lines by holding down the Olt. You'll see. See that little texture on the pincer icon? It's changed to the smooth tool and you just drag of the pencil line here and it's smooth and it becomes like the pin. So anyway, so this first layer is going to be here. Now, the way we draw this character, it's we're not going to draw any Ah extra I Layers of math lays in preparation for any kind of lip sinking of blinking This character, uh, motto. I guess you could call it is being prepared for a very rude of men tree walk cycle, which we will cover in the next class. This class is focused on how we draw the character in preparation for the animation. Sir, I'm gonna start off for the very, um, basic shape. Um, I think that might make the pizza with a little bit figure, sir, I'm not gonna make this too detailed. I don't really need it to be that detailed. I'm basic. Kids show troublesome eyes And if you want to eat at the anchor points, it's offer the pencil lines that join. It is pretty much a lot like what you have after it reviews the pain so you can still get at these anchor points if you want sitting cares and areas to look. Shopper, I have a bit smaller. Okay, that's already white in there. Rotated a little bit. Um, give him a people down A shift to make make fat balance and scale If you hold down, shift and click on both of those in control Gieve in that groups them together so you can have so you don't have to carry those separate bits together. I'm gonna copy in pace that to make the lift I and you have. If you priest A which is the direct selection toe, then you can select the individual bets within that grouping. Being once that Duric selection is made and you have V, then you can free transform that specific bit that that a little bit you're fit maybe only fit. No, I'm going to draw basic nurse some racing now for some reason, neither of the fill of the out will that strikers got a color, so just quickly here, um, it's bit thin. Change it back up to three. Like they re Sele's. Now, it seems very, uh, flat at their in bits of those pincer strikes. This. So I'm going to change the strike itself. You could, uh, change in here to make it like that. But I don't really like that personally, sir. I'm gonna go to strike and under cap, and if the round can't and it just rounds it up nicely there. Now, I'm going to do a basic mouth. Oops. Okay, um, just move it out of teeny. But And I might even throw in some extra facial details just to make it seem a little bit more. Um, give him a bit more character, Mike. There's lines just a teeny but finish trying to give them a very mutual expression. Very, um basic. Kind of look. Okay, so events are here. I think I might go ahead and make that one big group, and that's the group within that hit the layer. So events to hit itself with the face. And I might as well give him some here. Actually, I should probably have given him in f ist just made that later. Anyway, So we've got out here, I guess. Oops. Graphics tablet that I'm using. ISO Welcome interests Pro five. I think it's very good tablet. I would definitely recommend it Makes digital during so much Agencia double click back into that. I mean, I drop a select that color ends are red in here in here and it's got this flat. That's again. So get around kept. What's more, group, there's two lines to get and I don't mind too much that the years about heading behind the here Maybe, um, just look that hit the liar than I can Slick peas, anchor points in particular. Just kind of play around the shape of death If something doesn't see you, if you just select a student, amount of anger points at a time and move it around, then you get his jacket that just smooth that back at or even delayed specific anchor points. Extreme. Think to be honest, I kind of liked it how it was before, so I'm just gonna back It doesn't need to be too perfect. I mean, um, I think I'll lower the air a bit. Needs to be more in line with that. I this bit of the any speed and Lambda I and the bottom bit kind of within nurses at the bottom. So looks a bitch more anatomically sound, I suppose. But if you're just practicing the doesn't have to be perfect. Now the hit is its earn layer. I'm gonna make a new layer, bring it under the here, and then I am going to creates the nick just a very basic Nick. And it clothes itself. That's up here. Um, just hide the head and just kind of smooth fed out. They could make the same colors, is here, just reshaped that a little. That's Nick. So we have these two layers so that when we bring them into after fix and we have all the layers So when we bring this into after a fix, we have the separate leads and we have the more appearances to each other being weaken, animate the mole separately, whilst so having them connected to each other. If that makes sense now we create a new layer, and this one, I think, will have above the neck, and we're going to make it the body and this will not include the arms. The arms will be its separate last. We're going to give him a maybe a blue shirt. We're helping a green shit and it's very basic Tour suey looking shape. Like that hands we hold down notes to smooth around their shapes. There's lines, I mean, And if smooth out lines look a bit too, are you? Just, uh it is it with the anchor points? I mean, try smooth it out, play around with it a lot, just so you can get a shape that your satisfied with, I think at this points weekend, uh, collectively scale it down a bit, sir. We can fit everything to get when everything's scaled down. You might want to reconsider changing struck with just a teeny bit shorter. Now, this will be the lift. His left arm, which we will have on top off the body and rounds it off here. Yeah, it looks a bit like an amputee at the moment, but there's a reason why we have toe like that. Um, this is just for the upper arm section. There is a lower, which is a separate layer which goes on top now, sir. Well, cool that I'll call it our, um, even though it's his lift, it's on there, right side of him from our points of view. Sort of speaking. It just makes it easier to, uh, when you picking which light. And it might Exeter, sir. Cool. Are her, um and yeah, that looks since I'll give that the round kep treatment there now are lower, um beyond top off that one. Hands. Actually, we could more or less this copy and paste it in there. So I'm gonna bring this pizza strict line more in line with that, smooth it out a bit, and then change that to make it look a bit more flatter. Yeah. Yeah, that looks good. Um excellent. Sort of. So when you have the guy that's animated, just fix it up there. When you have got its animated in his, um, is moves forward like that. If if it's not rounded up like that and there and this is rotated like that, do bid like this gap in the lines around here in same if you're Teoh, animate it this way. So that's why I had to be rounded off like that. There. I'm going to reposition that speck queer. It's out like that, you know, behind the body. Have to blank When's there? Well, lover where, um, and l her, um, And actually weaken copy and paste ease. So I'm gonna copy that into, um, yeah, take that around and and I'm gonna have this kind of sticking out as well. So it's easy to deal with once we bring it into after a fix. So this is L lower. Um, and that's organized just fine. It's very simply and lying. Yeah. Okay. No, we should probably give him some hands. The hands will be different for each arm, sir. The right hand, which will be underneath for those arm lays, but still above the body. Last groups, sir. Our hand just have a very basic looking hand. It's very bad looking hands. Uh, see what convivial eyes life we fixed. There's really jagged lines in the other shop lines by having the ranted join the rounded corner There, Some of fingers look a bit too thick, so my just Yeah, that's ever so slightly. Yeah. I'm not gonna worry too much about making that looking to aesthetically pleasing hands a hand that's relatively decent sized. Maybe it's small, but whatever. Ah, l hand truly place here. And I think I'll have a separate layer within the light speed of thumb. I might have made it a bit too. Let's see how my work this out, drop it in and bring that from in front. Yeah. And obviously likes really, um, poorly drawing. But in the interest of time and experimentation and practice, uh, you're gonna drop holy. So I'm gonna court Thursday, give their nets sound safe and sound was in that layer, and it looks so weird. Okay, Now, make sure to save your document because you wouldn't want to have the resolve, your progress and whatever way it could be lost. So, so far, we have 123459 layers for this one. Basic character ends now. We kind to his legs. Leave this up a bit. Um, just get doing a bit of repositioning here. I might have to race scale him once more. Okay, that doesn't look too bad. Now, um, gonna do a similar thing like his body, um, for the league area. Um, think quote something like this for this kind of growing area. and we're just given that's kind of bluey color for jeans or something. And then just have the league's is appendages coming off of that. So, like, how we have here, So I'm just gonna call that lower body without giving it a too graphic sending name. Uh, sir, our leg upper hands, our leg lower. You could have the feet attached to the lower legal aid, but I think I would recommend having the feet its own layer. Like how their hands are its own layer with the arms. So she called it Are foot, sir. Leg up our lake up a Don't be as you can probably tell, I haven't being during in a while. A bit missy of unusual, you know, faint goodness weekend it at these lines. Uh, so anyone can do this? It doesn't matter what skill life over your at this is lungs. You remember? You know what specific tools and tips is used here. Bring that down a bit. Okay. Um, I think that's fine. Now our league lower, we'll bring that above our league up. - Okay ? Think vits you're looking, uh, but shouldn't that one down a bit? Yeah, that looks find enough. Our foot have a very generic looking shoe without too much detail. Yeah, very del colored. Generic. Cartoony. Shoot for his. Our foot ends, weaken. Copy. There's, um, that station I have this in front, or I think I have this in front of the lower body. But behind the are leg area, sir. L league lower on top of L leg. Upper and l foot, sir, Have they copied? It's a whole scale it down just teeny, but, uh, just a tiny bit. Then currency aligns on this one like that again, I'm going to move. There's into place. Okay? It looks a bit funny there. Think with our league up this line, it's be more dominant above fat one. You gotta do it. Quite a bit of experimenting to see how right suiting connections look. You may even decide you want to do it differently from Helen doing it, and that's fine. We all have a different process of getting there. Yeah, all those replaced on that one last, sir. Ah, I can just strike these, Dan. This one's Don's in the right place. The swoons at league up her drink that into there? No, it's l foot and I drink it into their. So now we have l character in place? I think so, I think. Oh, position and see the classic sort of t pose, which is what Rick is normally ah, prepared with with three D models with these arm pieces. Air bit curved, sir. Just leave it like that. There is kind of like he's waving sort of. That looks pretty funny. All right, so that's your generic human character prepared for a rudimentary animation way. Have 16 layers for engineer. Okay, so stay tuned for the next plus where I will show you how to see this character up in after fix for a basic walk cycle animation. I'll see you then.