Changing your voice free for Skype and other Apps | Mohd Ez | Skillshare

Changing your voice free for Skype and other Apps

Mohd Ez, Online School for Filming and marketing

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9 Videos (54m)
    • Changing your voice free for Skype and other apps

    • installing the application for free

    • How to save your work ?

    • Changing your voice tutorial one

    • Changing your voice manually tutorial two

    • Changing your voice with different options settings

    • Changing your voice and choosing different options

    • Choosing the setup to start changing your voice

    • Final setup to change your voice for skype or other applications


About This Class

There are a number of ways to change your voice, and the only equipment you will need for this course is Mac and GarageBand application. Of course, I'm using the most updated version of GarageBand application. I will go with you step by step to master all features and help you to change your voice and apply it in the work field.





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Mohd Ez

Online School for Filming and marketing

Experienced and professional creative director who specializes in commercial editing, graphic design and Xcode programming.

My area of expertise is in visual media, whether it be video, print or photography. In addition, using Xcode to program iPhone and iPad apps.

I have over 7 years of experience in video designing, marketing and iOS programming.

Finally, I am Professional in video design also with expertise in Xcode porgramming. I can design all elements in the vari...

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