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4 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Started

    • Process Hair Colouring

    • Basic Techniques Change Color


About This Class

Hello my friends, here we will learn how to change hair color using Photoshop CC, pretty cool and easy, just see and practice the good result we will get here. Hopefully this guide can help and can add wawacan us in a technique using Photoshop CC.

Best regards,
Bagus Wahyudi

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cool, simple but powerful





Bagus Wahyudi, S. Kom.

Animator 3D, Web Development & Online Teacher

Author is an entrepreneur and owner especially online and offline stores, he has had 3 online store specializing in various fields ranging services programming, scripting websites, Schools Online, Online Tutorial. The author also has 2 offline stores engaged in the accessories, computer hardware and counter PPOB. Besides author also hosting service providers, websites and government applications.