Change the World: Make a Social Issue Documentary

Jill Jones, Story Producer

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Why Social Issue Docs?

    • 3. Choosing an Issue

    • 4. Finding a Character

    • 5. Writing a Logline

    • 6. Extra Credit!

    • 7. Closing Thoughts


Project Description

Create a log-line pitch for your documentary

Let's take the first step to making a social issue documentary. 

1. First, we will determine a social issue that matters to you. 

2. Then, we will research a real-life character to follow who is relevant to your cause. 

3. Finally, you will write a one-sentence log-line pitching the concept of your film. We'll use the project gallery to get feedback on your idea.


Extra Credit: Choose a photograph that helps depict your story and upload to the project gallery!

Please, feel free to upload multiple versions of your logline. The basis of this class is feedback, discussion, and brainstorming. Let's get the conversation started! 

P.S. Check out the attached free resources list with example loglines and more!


Student Projects