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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Chalk pastels #1 Introduction

    • 2. -Chalk pastels The paper

    • 3. -Chalk pastels The pastels

    • 4. -Chalk pastels Fixing your pastels

    • 5. Chalk pastels 1 The drawing

    • 6. Chalk pastels 1 The chalk pastel project

    • 7. Chalk pastels #1 Conclusion


Project Description

Chalk pastels for beginners 1 - A seascape with a boat  The project is to use chalk pastels to create this simple sailboat.  Upload it so everyone can see and enjoy this easy project. 


Learn the basic techniques of chalk pastels.  Also known as soft pastels, chalk pastels are perfect for the novice wanting to create something quickly and easily.  The easy step-by-step format leads you through the project from beginning to end.  Tips and advice follow along the way.  

This no-fail project is for anyone who loves colour and mark making.  This project is to give you a taste of what you can do with chalk pastel.  For this first project, we will be creating a scene of a boat on the water.  Come see how fast and easy chalk pastels are.  Once you have completed a version of the project, upload it to the projects gallery.  Let everyone see your version of the project.  

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