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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Getting Started

    • 2. Seting Up Your Smart Effect

    • 3. Building The Chalk Effect

    • 4. Finishing Touches

    • 5. Using Multiple Colors


Project Description

For the class project you can use lettering you've already created or letter something unique for this class. Then add the texture to your work. Click here to download 5 free high-resolution chalkboard textures.

Complete your class project with these easy steps:

  1. Pick lettering you have already created or letter something new.
  2. Share your lettering with the class
  3. Apply the chalk texture to your lettering
  4. Post your final lettering to your class project

Student Projects

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Jamie Bartlett
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Carolina Gomez
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John Suder
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Sergey Bykov
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Denise Sam
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Lananh Duong
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Kim White
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Ana Zilio
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Sheel Damani