Chalk Hand Lettering on Your iPad in Procreate + 11 Free Brushes & 15 Lettering Templates | Liz Kohler Brown | Skillshare

Chalk Hand Lettering on Your iPad in Procreate + 11 Free Brushes & 15 Lettering Templates

Liz Kohler Brown, artist | designer | teacher

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9 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Chalk Lettering on Your iPad

    • 2. Using the Brushes & Templates

    • 3. Gathering Inspiration

    • 4. Sketching Your Layout

    • 5. Shading & Adding Text

    • 6. Using the Templates and Fonts

    • 7. Designing Your Layout

    • 8. Tracing Your Layout

    • 9. Adding Borders and Flourishes

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About This Class


In this class I'll show you how to create chalkboard hand lettering on your iPad in Procreate.  When you take this class you’ll get 11 free brushes & 15 lettering templates. So even if you’ve never tried hand lettering or if you don't like your handwriting, you can still create a beautiful hand lettered chalk quote.

I’ll show you every step of my process, from gathering inspiration, to designing a layout and choosing a font.

In the class we'll:

  • practice drawing and blending with each of the chalk brushes
  • learn how to use the brushes and templates
  • learn how to create borders, flourishes, and lettering layouts 
  • learn how to create your own chalk background textures.
  • learn how to create a hand lettered quote using a variety of lettering styles and shading techniques.

I’ll show you easy ways to space out your lettering evenly, and show you how to easily make banners and borders  Then we’ll combine multiple fonts to create a unique vintage poster style layout.  I’ll show you how to use my lettering guides to create tapered lettering shapes and I’ll give you the 6 basic font shapes I like to use, I’ll show you how to customize them to make them your own.

All you need to take this class is a quote you love, your iPad, and a stylus.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus, or even your finger.

Here are the brushes and templates.

Here is the Pinterest inspiration board.





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Liz Kohler Brown

artist | designer | teacher


I'm a artist, designer, and teacher who loves sharing new techniques and methods.  I started my art career in sculpture and design, and earned an MFA in art in 2013. Since then, I've been teaching around the world, online and in person. 

I'm obsessed with pushing the limits of painting and illustrating on my iPad, and helping hobbyists, artists, and designers develop their creative style.   I share tons of iPad tips and downloads on my...

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