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Chakras and Aura - Notions and healing techniques

Morgane Olivia, Magic happens when awareness starts

Chakras and Aura - Notions and healing techniques

Morgane Olivia, Magic happens when awareness starts

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17 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction video

    • 2. 2 Definition of the chakras

    • 3. 3 Root Chakra

    • 4. 4 Sacral Chakra

    • 5. 5 Solar Chakra

    • 6. 6 Heart Chakra

    • 7. 7 Throat Chakra

    • 8. 8 3rd eye Chakra

    • 9. 9 Crown chakra + 3 other chakras

    • 10. 10 How to cleanse your chakras

    • 11. 11 Subtle bodies

    • 12. 12 Definition of the Aura

    • 13. 13 Aura damages

    • 14. 14 Healing the Aura

    • 15. 15 How to cleanse your Aura

    • 16. 16 How to see your aura

    • 17. 17 Conclusion

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About This Class

The terms "chakras", "subtle bodies" and "aura" are familiar to people who have been into spirituality, reiki, yoga or any other types of practices for a while.

But these notions are not only reserved to people who are into spirituality. I thought it was important to break these notions down so that everyone can have access to information and understand how important it is to maintain healthy chakras and aura in every day life (even without being into spirituality). 

I have a holistic approach of human beings (and every being in general), in other words, I believe that everything is connected: physical body and health, mental and emotional aspects and also soul aspects. I also believe that the "invisible" (in term of energy) impacts what is visible and dense - and vice versa. If we want to take care of ourselves, we can't only take care of our physical body and neglect the mental aspects of our being or our emotional needs - for example. Each of these aspects are interconnected, we are whole beings, everything needs to be taken into consideration.

In this course, I am explaining how these notions are linked to one other and how the chakras, subtle bodies and aura impact our physical, mental and emotional health. 

I am also teaching techniques that will enable you to cleanse your chakras and your aura by yourself at home, which contributes to self-care, wellness and raising your vibrational frequency. I am giving you tips and a method to learn how to see your aura.

At the end of each part, you can take the quizz and check your answers once you are done.

I wish you a pleasant experience!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Morgane Olivia

Magic happens when awareness starts


Hello, I'm Morgane, shaman, psychic medium, Reiki Master & Teacher, certified personal development coach and author of e-books and guided meditations.

I love to share my experiences and help people on their personal development and spiritual path, whether it is through 1:1 sessions or contents like these courses. 

Feel free to send me a mail for any info :-)

Take care of yourself,

Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related)


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1. 1 Introduction video: Well, thank you very much for taking the course with me. Um, Morgan and I'm shaman media, personal development Coach and I also write e books and create guided meditations. So this course is about the chakras in the aura. And my goal is to make it very simple for everybody to take care of their energy system because it's very important in life as you're going to see in the course. So what you're not seeing on your screen is the contents of the course. So in the first part, we're going to see the chalk rose referring to define them. Then we will see them one by one. The boot se Kral son are hard throw third eye and crown chakra. I will also mention three other important chakras you will see later. And then I'm gonna teach you a method to cleanse your chakras yourself. In the second part of the course, you will see the subtle buddies in the aura, so we will stuck bar defining the subtle body. Then the aura. We will see the damages of the aura, how to heal the aura, how to cleanse it, Richard. Two different things. Although when you cleanse it. You are contributing to healing it. But sometimes some damages can be deeper and you might need help from a professional. And at the end you will see how to see your aura to learn how to see it. So I hope you enjoy. I don't forget to. You have a pleasant time. Get yourself a cup of tea, your favorite pen and paper on its get started. 2. 2 Definition of the chakras: welcome to this first part of the course of all the chakras. Let's talk about what the truckers are. Chakras are any dissenters. We have multiple Chuck Rose created in different areas of our buddy. But here in discourse, we're going to focus on the seven main wounds. The seven major chakras are located in different areas going from the base of the spine, the duct or the ground off the head. Each chakra is linked to specific body parts, organs, glands and has specific rules to summarize. We can say that there were Chuck Rose are feeding our bodies in energy a year, using buddy in plural form because I'm talking about the physical body and also that energy bunnies, which are the subtle buddies which are which make up the are. But we will talk about it later in the course. Don't worry. The term chalk rock comes from Sanskrit and means wheel. Whenever chuck rest functional or turn correctly, our body and our organs are fed energetically. Everything is flowing. Whenever checkers are dirty, they can cannot turn properly. They can even happen to be clogged or blocked. In these cases, there is an imbalance because the energy cannot flow probably in our system. And this can be caused by trauma patterns inherited from our family, physical or mental diseases or illnesses and healthy food diets or habits that cause imbalances. There can be many causes, and all of this can also provoke even further dysfunctions and imbalances in our physical body as what does he know where so little buddies and therefore provoke all kinds of troubles physically, mentally, emotionally and or spiritually? It's like a vicious circle because everything within our body is connected. We are alone with ourselves. So in the coming sheikhs, I'm going to introduce the seven major chakras, one by one from the root chakra, which is the first to the grown chakra, which is the seventh for each of this chakras. I will give you basic information, correct heuristic of a chakra out of batons and solutions to restore and balance your chakras. I just want to make a quick side note saying that the information and providing are just for information. Thies is not a medical diagnosis. If you have any doubt or any question related to the medical field, just check with the competent and relevant authority. I am not a certified doctor. My my role is to deal with energies. I'm, uh, Sherman and Energy Heater. So everything that has to do with the medical field, uh, isn't of my responsibility. Thank you for understanding. Now that everything is said, let's go through all the chakras. Won't buy one, shall we? 3. 3 Root Chakra: first, There are junk, some basic information. So the location is at the base of the spine. And, um, and Earth function connects us to the material or physical world linked to survival, instinct and everything related to actual life on Earth. So, for example, someone who's route Jack rise kind of dirty and not ready. Finishing property well, every feel a total earth and, uh, a few years, No trusting life. So what? There were chakra rules physically rectum, anise into Stein's adrenals, Kocsis back, legs, feet, bones, nails, hair, muscles and blood. Which kind of makes sense. Actually, it's everything that is, uh, connecting us to the earth. So the lower part of our body, and also as the earth is something physical and material, uh, in the same way, like our bones are very structure and teeth, nails. Hair is everything that is hard and makes that were skeleton. And there were bones making were Skelton and the harder parts over. But it is linked to the sense of smell and emotionally and mentally, um, it symbolizes, like having both feet on the ground, a feeling of safety, ability to let go a good relationship with food self esteem, self confidence setting boundary out of self respect and self love. Now, some characteristics of a chakra out of balance. Physically, we can have, Ah, lower back pain, cyanotic, obesity or anorexia, which is, uh, both cling to a desire off, feeding yourself or not. So over eating is more away, too. Try to keeping grounded to earth and, like fighting to gain weight towards the weight of life on directions. More will like not really wanting to take space on Earth, wanting to disappear, not feeling good on Earth. Um, also constipation. He married varicose veins. Me and more generally, leg problems. Poor blood circulation in legs and extremities. Everything is connected like I was saying before. So when you think of the Earth, think of the vital function and the lower lower body parts you that can help you memorize emotionally and mentally. It's all about the fears related to everything material, fear of the future, worrying too much anxiety, feeling insecure, grief and sadness. Depression, egocentricity, feeling disconnected from the world and not feeling were on Earth. Lack of self confidence, lack of trust in life and also being accident prone. Like some people call it clumsiness, but it's a kind of self punishment subconsciously. So in that case, it's good to ground more. No regarding addictions, food. So bulimia, anorexia, alcohol, impulsive buying or retail therapy needing to possess things considered asses reassuring or comforting. And all this has to do with the material needs, like wanting to be part of the world through material material is only an illusion anyway, because what really matters is who we are. And it's a way to feel the void person people, which is, I mean, everyone is string to do their best, so there is nothing right or wrong. It's just a matter off being aware off what is not serving your house. Good. So it can be good to surround yourself or tour where the color red, you know, dissociated with this Jack rice sing the men tries land. You're gonna so where crystals as, uh, jewelry dependent, for example, or ring. Or just have a stone in your pocket or in your handbag, or whatever applies to you and whatever you like. So these crystals can be basically every crystal that is either black, brown or red in the Earth er three tone and red like the root chakra. So here I'm naming the red Jesper Black tormenting. But you can also use a Apache two year, um, bull's eye, obsidian. Anything that you really resonate with As far a sense, an essential orders are concerned. You can use sitar love, Bergama, but sandalwood vetiver the food that are good for your route. Check rise. Everything that has the car red, like food and drinks. Um, vegetables, mainly root, vegetable like potato. Uh, beet roots Also peanuts and everything that has pertained. Uh, like soy too is good and all kinds of notes. Things that will feed your system and bring strength to reinforce your bones in your blood stream. The information that you can tell yourself or write down when you want to work on your root chakra is I am grounded to Earth. I am safe and protected. I am leaving an abundant life. Abundance is really a theme. Is the root chakra because we're talking about fears above on, Like the fear of flak is also linked to the root chakra imbalance. It's already I'm grounded to earth. I am safe and protected. Am leaving an abundant life is really an important affirmation when you want to work on your root chakra us for the activities that you can do to reinforce this track. Ra this yoga, taking a walk, hiking, running, riding a bike, gardening basically spending time in nature or with animals, because you will be really in contact with Earth and following the flu off nature. So this is some basic information for the root chakra. 4. 4 Sacral Chakra: now the sacred chakra, which is the second chakra out of the seven main ones. So basic information. It is located in the lower abdomen between the naval on the pubis. The demand is water, and the functions linked to this chakra is the center of her prediction. Creativity, sexuality, well being an emotions and if you wanna away to remember, is that emotions flow like water and you're due to the location. It's also easy to remember that is the center of reproduction and sexuality and creativity , because the sexual functions can also serve to create, create life and also ordered other project. It's an energy that can be used. So it secret chakra rules in the physical body, the hips, sexual organs like arteries, testicles and reproduction organs in general bladder, prostate gland, kidneys, buddy Lee and vital fluids. And, of course, the some glands to link to the kidneys. I deciding to the sense of taste emotionally and mentally, like I was saying this thing to the creativity being creative and lady ones. Creativity flow and also creating a life when having a baby, sexuality, emotions, a sense of personality, pleasure, it's sensuality, intimacy, emotional trust and self realization. Don't forget that emotional interest. If you trust yourself, it is easier to trust someone else because if you trust yourself, you know that no matter what, you will be OK, even if someone else lets you down and a side note now some characteristics of sacral chakra out of batons. Physically, you can have problems related to sexuality and get ecology. Prostate gland, kidneys, letter like urinary problems for three days. Pains in the lower back to because it's, uh, Chuck Rise, even if it's located in this area. Karadi eights. So, of course, if it's more, it's not only in the front of the body. I mean, it's all the way through the button, emotionally and mentally that in bands can be noticed when you lose touch with your feelings when you become insensitive or on the contrary, when you are being excessively emotional, some people can also have episode of hysteria or have difficulties to set boundaries and relationship with other people. As faras emotions are concerned. Like emotional co dependency and brittle sexuality, getting is really frustrated are also being manipulated. A low self esteem and low sense of self are also, um, characteristics oven imbalance. ASUs Faras The addiction is concerned. Well, you will have understood that US the sacred check rising to their sexual organs. Well, sex affairs, a sex addiction, busy cutting. Also work addiction, which is also called workaholism and also sugar because sugar is a good compensation. I mean, what we think as human is a good compensation. Because, for example, when we come back from school, I wore mums. Our general. Giving us a treat are kind of a reward, something sweet as a desert. If we eat well and things like that, this is the old fashion in society. Like when I say old fashioned, it's no majority is just proclamation of the society. That's what I mean now some solutions to restoring. But it's your sacral chakra you can wear or surround yourself was the color orange. The note is Dean. You can use dementia of van and aspires. Grew, stole their cancer, and you can wear our carry on orange courtside orange carnelian. Smoked quartz can also be good sense and essential orders. You have ylang ylang sandalwood, jasmine rose food. You have liquids, juice, soups, orange food and drinks. The information you can use is I am a beautiful being. I breathed life energy fully, and I express my creativity. These are only suggestions. You can make your own warms and be like I am essential being and I you know myself to feel pleasure. For example, the activities that are very good for the sequel chakras are massage, yoga, taking a warm bath. Remember the water swimming, listening or playing music? Because music really plays with emotions, listening to the sound of the oceans. The ways you know everything that has to do is water, creativity and emotions. That's it for the sacred chakra. 5. 5 Solar Chakra: the third check where now we're going to see is the sonar checker. Basic information. It is located in the solar plexus area above the belly button. The element linked to the center. Our chakra is fire. You can memorize it with the solar son fire. When are you know the function of this chakra is basically it is the center of the ego and emotion and associated with power, not also self confidence. And so, by ego, was we mean is, uh, database off our experiences, which are generally painful and a human being. We have, um, this manager off a re psyche that we call the Eagle that is basically collecting all this data on acting like, um wants to protect us from pain. Okay, so that is what we really mean when we talk about the eagle and when we talk about emotion , I know we just said that emotion welling to the secret chakra, but these were more emotion about what we feel Asuman like sensuality, emotion related to caring and nurturing. And now this center of emotion that the sick soul our chakra is is more emotion, like everything related to the ego and fears like anxiety. Um, as it is associated with power. It can be a lack of self confidence and things like that if it's imbalanced, so that what we mean by emotions right here. So the solar check rebels as a fungus stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen gold Later into Stein's Vegeta TV Nervous system breathing. I can remember that when we had anxiety. We have a hard time breathing heartbeat as an answer to our nervous system. They used to see when you have a stress like you're hurt, beat increases. This chakra plays a role in the regulation of the excess of sugar and cholesterol, which makes sense because it's going to the liver and the pancreas. It is linked, linked to the sense of sight to emotionally and mentally, um, you will. It is linked to the need, our desire to be in control of one's life and destiny, but not from a place of in balance, like wanting to to be in controlling a in the negative sense of the term, More like realizing that we are the master of our destiny. That's what I mean. Um, also wisdom. So ego sell this team fatality. Bigger perception. Perspicacity willpower and discipline whenever solar check rise Imbalanced, we can have physical problems like this. Digestive problems, food allergies, diabetes, hyperglycemia, ulcers, spleen or liver problems like hepatitis Joan dies. Can also have Goldstone's an erection bulimia. Just like for the route jackrabbit. Everything is connected. So obviously what you're gonna have on one side, you can have it also on the other side. And yeah, emotionally and mentally can have, uh, anger, love, anger, excess of fear, like fear of being rejected thing of fear of being unworthy. Uh, aggressiveness, which is generally your defense mechanism, which is also ruled by the Eagle, distorted a negative self image being indecisive, like being afraid of making decision, even feeling helpless. Compulsive behaviors, a breathy resentment, sleep problems on psychosomatic problems, the addictions that we often find in a balance. So our chakra case is mainly substances all kind of substances like feign sugar, food addictions, obsessive compulsive behaviors like O. C. D. Obsessive cleaning, like counting the stairs when you walk up the stairs. Um, you know, all this kind of, uh, can't even call the many superstitions. We're starting to fear fear of losing control. So, counting the stairs you are in control. It's always being in control. Subconsciously. Now it's solutions to restore of balance your solar checkroom. You can use the color yellow. The note. A Formentera ram crystals like so treen or tigers I sense and essential, always like La vender rosemary. Arguments. Black pepper, Ginger Ginger is accident for your health, so I really re come and ginger peppermint, which is good for digestion and lemon, which is very good for detox. And as we were just seeing, it's linked to liver, pancreas and digestive system. So really recommend ginger and lemon ginger element E best as far as food is concerned again. Use carbohydrates like whole cereals beans yet of food and drinks like bananas. Um, just one thing about cereals and as the justice I note, be careful. If you are gluten intolerant in general, it's good to try and limit no to see avoid, uh, the intake of gluten because gluten comes from Latin and it means glue like stick. So when you eat gluten, it creates like a mud in your bowels, and it's very difficult to process for your system. So if you are healthy, and if you don't really have an instant die addition. Problem. You will look notice it, but after a while it can make you bloat. And if you are tired on problem to entire Ince's, then you can really be a problem. So and if signed, note the information you can use for your solar chuck rise. I am aware of my potential, and I know that I have the power to leave a successful life and alleging your power as a human being and you have the power to leave the life that you won't some activities. Yoga Well, you goes good for many things. So Arab ICS walking, hiking, swimming that's it for this part about so larger. 6. 6 Heart Chakra: Now let's talk about the heart chakra. It is located in the middle of the chest. So approximately above the sternum, the element is air. And it is the sender off loves and not only romantic love, but also universal and unconditional love. Love for the planet, love for every human being and compassion, forgiveness. And as it is, the fourth chakra. It connects the three lower and the three upper chakras. So the heart chakra rules heart, lungs, dire frag chest, blood circulation, shoulders, arms heads Uh, you know the expression having the world on your shoulders. It's when your heart is heavy. So all these expression always have a deeper meaning. Listening to the sense of touch emotionally you mentally it is linked to understanding, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness, self acceptance. Therefore, acceptance of others hope, empathy of non judgment. The characteristics often imbalanced heart chakra can be physically cardiovascular problems . High blood pressure heard attack, respiratory ailment problems and or pain in the upper back shoulders and also baby illnesses. Emotionally and mentally, you can feel resentment can be suspicious being possessive or emotionally insensitive, which are two opens it basically, uh, prone to addiction. Passiveness grief, been angry depression, self harming behaviors and problems with relationships to self, which leads to problems with relationships with others. And you can also happen to feel alienated and lonely. The main addictions are nicotine and marijuana. And here, uh, not getting into the debate. But marijuana. I know it's a secret, herb. I'm just talking about over consuming, which is basically the principle of self in addiction. So if you will restore imbalance, your heart shall cry. You can use the color green or pink. So green is generally more link to the unconditional love in your so love and pink More to real romantic love. But you know, either colors are good and beneficial. As long as you said the correct intention. The musical note is f men tries. Yeah, you can carry a green of entering or roast quarts. You can also carry Esmeralda Ah, malachite una guide. Just to name a few, you can smell rose murderer Narrowly food wise, you can eat green vegetables so everything that is green of the color of the heart check right. Basically your old good The information you can pronounce and write down is I love who I am . I love others. I leave a nonjudgmental life and I have compassion for every living being. The activities that can help are volunteering and getting involved in charities in a balanced way. It's always a matter of balance reading, writing, poetry, Romans, movies, love stories, spending time with animals or taking care of plans to They are green, So these were few information about the heart chakra. 7. 7 Throat Chakra: the throat chakra. It is located at the base of the neck, in the pit of the throat. The element is Essar, and it is the center of communication expression to express yourself, your emotion, speech and truth on inspiration. It rules the throat, neck, ears, jaws, mouth, teeth, gums, Tom, thyroid, larynx, bronchi, cervical vertebrae, neck muscles, emphatic system, immune system and nervous system. It is linked to the sense of hearing, and emotionally and mentally it rules. Trust our ability to trust. Should I say creativity, communication, expression, humility on also our way to manifest our ideas. Characteristics of her throat chakra up out of balance, you got a sore throat on. Be prone to Larry entities of your respiratory system Diseases Problem was Bronk a teeth years, including deafness, grinding teeth, pains in the temples and jaws, hyperthyroidism, stiffness in the neck, pain in the shoulder blades, attention, deficit and difficulty to focus emotionally and mentally. You can have excessive cheddar or on ability to express yourself difficulty to find words. Stuttering memory disorders, self doubt, lack of self confidence, hyperactivity committee, shyness, frustration, dishonesty in the same self, not daring or wanting to speak your truth self criticism and criticizing other people having an opinion on everything, fear of being ridiculed or fear of having harming others. Undersea Beijing Other people's reactions. The addictions are everything that has to do with the math and throat smoking inhalation of substances. Let me come back on a few words like, um, difficulty to find where stuttering when you were going through what we call spiritually awakening or consciousness expansion when you're clearing your chakras and where they are upgrading, Sometimes you can have difficulty to find words to, because your system is being rebooted. So it's not always an imbalance. It can also this kind of let's call it spiritual symptoms can also show you that their activity going on in your chakras and that you are being upgraded. Now let's talk about solutions to restore and balance your throat chakra. The color associated was the throat chakra is sky blue. The note is G men tries. Ham crystals are blue place. I get blue girl side and light basically very pale blue stones, for example. You can use sense and always like cama me orange, rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, eat blue food like blueberries. Also, smoothies are good too And fruits in general. The information you can use is I speak my truth. I express myself clearly you is compassion and integrity and we will see later White It is very important when we receive a subtle Bucky because it is linked to karma as faras the activities are concerned is a singing, chanting, reciting poetry, keeping a diary, painting, dancing, drumming. So basically expressing what is inside of you expressing your creativity, expressing your ideas. So that's it for the introduction to the throat chakra. 8. 8 3rd eye Chakra: That's no talk about the third Ari chakra. It is located between the eyebrows and the element that corresponds to it is light. It is the center of consciousness, intuition, intellect, and it also rules our capacity to analyse and synthesise. Physically, it rules the face, eyes, nose, Sinus on brain, pineal gland and endocrine system. It rules the extrasensory perceptions, especially clairvoyance, which is the ability to see with your mind's eye, if I may say so. Like, uh, seeing having visions and seeing energies, auras emotionally and mentally, it rules the capacity to analyse and synthesise our imagination. Intuition, telepathy, wisdom, connection to our higher self that is. Deceive a part of our soul that is constantly connected to source dreams, ideas, reasoning, mental clarity, interest for spiritually and metaphysical topics. Characteristics of 1/3 eye chakra out of batons. So physically her sight problems, including blindness, headaches, sinusitis, brain to more nervous system diseases Stroh's emotionally and mentally have difficulty and focusing have, like brain fog, confusion, stagnant or declining intellectual capacities lack off objectives, anxiety, nightmares, paranoia, not being able to face reality or schizophrenia. And once again, here, when your third eye cha cries really being upgraded and really expanding. You can have some symptoms like brain fog, uh, confusion and, uh, yeah, difficulty and focusing, too. So really, pay attention and observe. And after a while, you will be able to tell what is what in the symptoms that you are feeling as faras. The addiction is conserved. Uh, you can be possessive, You can be superstitious, and you can have a tendency to overthink to restore the balance on your third eye chakra. You can use the car indigo. The note A the mantra, um, which is the most famous You always see him. Even some jewelry was disassemble the home symbol. Asparagus crystals are concerned you can use lapis leisurely free, all right, and you can also use so the light and sewage elect to, even if its kind of very deep purple. It's also good for the third eye. As faras, the sense and essential oils are concerned. You can use mint, jasmine, sage, lavender, lemon, just a small turn thesis about sage. A few smudge that is to say, burning white sage, dry leaves off white sage. It is a very, very beneficial for 1/3 eye truck run all your chakras and your or I in general. So I really recommended food that is beneficial for the buttons up your third day. I fruits all kinds of fruits, including dry fruits, vegetables, mainly alkaline ones, and I clean ones are good for everything for the whole body in the whole system. Altogether, fasting is also good or intermittent fasting and, ah, make sure to avoid and even exclude flew right like, for example, induced based because few right, really calcify eyes the pineal gland. And that's exactly what we want to avoid. That's what has been happening to humanity for thousands of years. They've been trying to classify the pineal gland to separate the human being from their core. That's another topic. Affirmation here is an example. I acknowledged my inner guidance and open myself to it. I can see the situations for what they are, and I follow my path in full consciousness. That is to say, uh, even if your inner guidance is based on abstract things, they're not tangible. You need to open yourself to it on trust yourself, and you can see the situation for what they are instead off like and you can see the situations for what they are, observing your reaction and choosing not to react or to react, but in in a mindful way. That's the difference between leaving from the eagle on, living from the heart and during spiritually awakening. That's what you are learning to do. The activities that are beneficial for 1/3 I chalk rice keeping a Dream journal noticing and none alleging co incidence. And I put quote marks because there is no coincidence for me. I call them Synchronicity, ease or signs. But to me, coincidences don't pretty exists because everything is calculated. Meditation is also excellent. For the third I chuckle that is it for this third eye chakra. 9. 9 Crown chakra + 3 other chakras: now tackle the last all the seven chakra, which is the crown chakra. Located at the top of the head, the Adam and his energy. It is the center off Universal Consciousness Knowledge Connection to the divine. It is the point off elimination. The crown chakra rules the center of the head, brain fontanel, Petri terry gland and the cortex. There is no physical sense linked to it, but it's more all the extrasensory perceptions, which are clairvoyance the witches. So in third eye, but also clear cognizance, clarion is clear. Santillan's Carol faction and clear Gustines is imbalanced. You can have cranial brain diseases, chronic fatigue, hypersensitivity to light noise and orders. A running environment can have migraines and epilepsy. Emotionally and mentally, you can be more crew. Jewell. You can have nightmares. Worry too much. Be depressed. I psychosis multiple personalities, fanaticism, lack of spirituality. The addictions are more Everything that has to do with psychotropic drugs to restore. In Ben's your crown chakra. You can surround yourself with the color purple, white and gold notice be in. The mantras are oh so ham on money. But make room that you can pronounce or during a meditation for example. Crystals. You can have amethyst and course crystal, either the two main ones. Very important. The sense that are going to the grown chakra are frank instance that is also called already banned. That is January the instance that you can find in the in the shops, but try to take a natural walnut chemical, one geraniums and the wood lotus lavender food. You can fast or practice intermittent fasting and drink a lot of water. The information that she can uses. I am whole. I am aware of my rule Earth. I am as important as any other beings. We are all related. We are a related. Reminds me off the Lakota, saying Mitt acquiesce in activities. You can practice our silent meditation singing, chanting and conscious breathing. That's it for this grown chakra. I'm going. Teoh, use this video about the ground check right to mention three other important chakras when we're taking the path of soul growth and consciousness expansion. Three other chalk rather going to get activated. It's more than three, but let's talk about three because we have multiple chakras like I was see, So you're gonna talk about the soul star chakra located about 15 centimeters or eight inches above the head. It's colors turquoise. It links us to our high yourself in our life mission. The higher heart chakra, also called famous chakra, is located between the hard checker and the throat chakra. It is the center of universal love off our connection with humanity. And they were in a giant. When the Earth starts chakra located about 10 centimeters or 12 inches below our feet, it connects to an UN courses to Earth and links us to humanity. No, this is it. For all the chakras in detail, we will never see how to cleanse your chakra. 10. 10 How to cleanse your chakras: So in this part, we're going to see how to cleanse your chakras. If you want to win 10 healthy chakras at home, the visualization techniques that I'm gonna teach you will help you becoming that you do it at least once a day, for example, before you go to bed in order to eliminate tensions from the day. You can also do this six its size in the morning. When you wake up with anyone during the day, it will be go easier with practice. Always keep in mind that the power of intention is very important. It all starts with intention. Start by relaxing and getting yourself in a comfortable position. Then visualize your crown chakra seed as a purple, white and golden wheel. Horrible, whichever you briefer. Imagine that every time you inspire the air cleanse of it. Every time you expire, you are removing toxins stuck in and energies etcetera, and you are expending these out of your system. You can visualize the stock sins ice graced a store dark mud, for example, and your check rocketing brighter and turning faster and faster. Repeat this exercise for at least 10 breeding cycles at the beginning, when you will get used to this exercise, you will be able to feel by yourself the amount of time that you need to spend to cleanse each chakra. Once you are done with the crown chakra, repeat the same process for each of the other six chakras. Third eye, throat, heart, solar, sacral and root. After having cleansed all of your seven major chakras worn by Roman, breathe in and visualize that your whole body is filling with air and is being lit up older . Brace for one or two seconds, setting the intention that a global cleanings taken place As you breathe out, visualize all the toxins, leaving your body from the sole of your feet and to your lungs fully without forcing off course. Repeat this about 10 times to start with, and you wanna just with experience. This is how you can work on your chakras and cleansed in on your old to maintain them healthy 11. 11 Subtle bodies: in this part of the course, we're going to talk about the subtle bodies and the aura. First, let's talk about the sort of bodies. What is a subtle body? It is a buddy made of energy. It is a layer off energy that surrounds our physical body, and I used the term layer between quotation marks because that's a simple way to put it. Each little buddy is linked to one of the seven major chakras, and each settle Buddy has its own radiation. In other words, it's own aura, and the global radiation of all our subtle bodies makes our aura. That is to say, our whole energy buddy that surrounds our physical, But but we will see this more in depth later. So other was mentioning. Our civil bodies are layered around the physical body and interconnected at the same time. They actually interlock and interact with one another and are constantly exchanging information. But I am here going to be using the term off layer to simplify and give a clearer picture. We are whole everything where made off is linked and connected. So let's start with the physical body. The physical body is linked to the root chakra. It is made of skin, bones, muscles, water. We can see it with our eyes and use our five senses. It is a dense body that is necessary to leave on Earth and to take action in this material world we can consider our physical body is the earthy vehicle of our soul. Second, the everybody also called energy body which is linked to the sacral chakra. It is the first layer off subtle buddies that surrounds our physical body. This body has to do with the different flows of energy. It provides our physical body with vitality and energy. When there is a block, energy cannot flow free, which can provoke certain types of symptoms or physical pains culture. And um, you Beth Thick medicines, for example, have a direct action on his body. Third body, which is the second layer around our physical body is the astral body, also called emotional body, which is linked to the solar check rock. It is the seed of emotions. As all these bodies are interlocked and are constantly exchanging information or flows off data, it is easy to understand why our emotions impact our level of energy and our physical wellness. All the traumas that we have experienced are stored as data in the memory of this astral body. It is therefore important to do emotional healing when we experience trauma in order to avoid low, vibrational and painful energies to be stored and stuck in our astral daddy. Repressed emotions can generate further imbalances as time goes by the mental by using to the heart chakra. This is the third subtle body and it deals with the field off faults, resigning and ideas. It enables us to visualize what we desire so that we can manifest it. This body is the layer cordon quote a Both our astral body meditation impacts our mental buddy charity. Our thoughts have a direct influence and our emotions and the other way around. If we have a project that is dear to our heart and makes us happy, we first imagine it then gets rooted in our mental buddy. This project brings us joy and other positive emotions. Our astral body is therefore going to vibrate an impact. There were very body positively. All of these acts like a chain reaction and is going to boost our energy level and favor our creativity so that we can take actions to make this project come true on the physical plane through our physical body. So to summarize, hold these forced little bodies work our thoughts and mental states impact our emotions. Our emotions affect our energy. And I were Energy affects our physical body and it is the same scheme the other way around . When we feel good physically, we feel energized. Our emotions and our thoughts are therefore positive. Now the causal body linked to the throat chakra. It is where the memories of our past be the past of this current incarnation or the past lives that we've had before this incarnation. These memories are stored as they do in this body. That is what we called karma, the kind of database off lessons that we have mastered and have yet to learn and master through our sold path. Lifetime after lifetime. From these body, we can therefore access the akashic records, which are a kind of giant database of humanity. That is why it is important to be authentic, as it was mentioning in the part with the throat chakra throat jack rising to expression communication. It is therefore kirsch a wall to speak our truth and leave our life in a state of full consciousness and also in a righteous way. It's a matter of karma, the booty but linked to the third eye chakra. It represents our connection to the higher realms, to wisdom to anything that goes beyond the mental aspect. It enables us to communicate with our guys, angel and sisters, etcetera. This body is more developed amongst people who have irregular, spiritually practice. And the last one that we're gonna see in this course is the atomic body, not atomic at me. It is linked to the crown chakra, and it connects us to the cosmos and other divine or higher realms. It is the unknown, allege mint of the divine spark in each and every one of us on it, each leaving, being every human being is born with the seven several bodies but according to each individual's life path and sold choices, some of these bodies will be more developed than others. When we do energy work and are choosing to heal ourselves, we can purify, cleanse, developed and strengthened the subtle bodies, and therefore our global or this is very important, as we are going to see in the following part 12. 12 Definition of the Aura: definition of the aura, each subtle bodies linked to a specifics, chakra and headed own aura, its own radiation. Here, I'm going to be talking about the aura as the global radiation off all the subtle bodies that's around our physical body. The aura is everything that emanates from us. Everything that we radiate or emit on different planes the our eyes and energy field that can be seen with naked eyes because it's not dense. Although some people have the natural ability to see auras, it's also possible to learn how to see the aura even without seeing auras. Some people and we all do to a certain extent, but it's subconscious for most people. Ah, we can feel and perceive the auras vibration of the people were coming in contact with, and it has nothing to do with judgment but with feeling. It is a kind of intuitive reading of the energy field, which is totally different from using the Eagle. To judge, it is more like a personal indicator of compatibility. Our aura is the reflection of who we are. It evolves throughout life. If we can adjust our behavior when we are facing different situations, we can't adjust our or on purpose to make it match the mood of the bullet. For example, if someone is being manipulative, he or she is going to try and how their tour nature by changing their behavior, but they will not be able to change their aura. Someone who is hypersensitive will be able to tell for feel that this person has a hidden agenda. This can also explain why we can happen to feel good or awkward in someone's presence, even if we don't know that person very well. And if there is no quote unquote logical explanation for these feelings, it is the person's vibration that gives us that's good or awkward feeling Once again. It's not about judging someone but feeling that person's energy. So I encourage you to pay attention to that. If you want to develop your sensor high Macy's it the healthy or a generally has an avoid shape that surrounds our dance and physical human body, a strong radiation and vibration. The army happened to be damaged or distorted throw life, but we will come back to that a bit later. The RS radiation is more or less wide, according to our degree of awakening and awareness. In other words, the more we work on ourselves and on healing our wounds and trauma, the stronger our aura will become and the more positively it will radiate. Our vibrational frequency will then become higher and higher, each human being as their own frequency, their own energy, signature and vibration rate concrete. Lee. We can compare it to a fingerprint. We all have fingers, but each of us has unique print. Well is the same for our aura. We can happen to perceive the energy of a person we know whether he or she is dead or alive . And we can tell it's Seymour her. Even if this person is not right there next to us. That is because we No one recognized there's energy. Sick nature. That was my definition of the or on the way. I see things 13. 13 Aura damages: notice little damages on disruptions of our our are Our IQ field can happen to be disrupted and affected by life, said Constance. Is our lifestyle, our diet, etcetera? Each of our somebody reacts differently to our surroundings. Depending on our past experiences, some of these bodies can be tilted out of alignment or shape, or even have different types of blocks. For example, our settle buddies can get damaged if we are exposed to a strong magnetic field. They can also be affected negatively by some Earth radiation phenomena like folds during your current underground water streams, and also by some physical or mental diseases when a physical accident happens or even during surgery. The ORAC and happened to be tor nor pierced. And this can probe diseases, Ortiz eases, that can't always be explained or detected by doctors. Our or I can also be affected by what we call energy parasites or also entities. These can be these embodied beings, but also people that are alive. Entities are spirits. Not all of them are Doric or want to harm, but they all need energy to survive on the plane where they believe in order to feed themselves, they are going to attach to a human's aura and create is the recourse from which they can suck the energy out of the person they are attached to and feed themselves from their host . It's a form of energy vampirism. We can also meet energy vampires who are human beings. But that's a whole other cup are a rockin, therefore become distorted, pierce torn, imbalanced and have some puffiness event. It can also be implanted with devices that can cause all kinds of trouble. And I'm here talking about if Eric devices, which is actually very common, more common that most people know. The more damage the aura is, the more the person rewrite E eight low vibration. And according to the lower resonance, the more this person is going to attract situations, people and or entities of the same vibration. Cleansing, purifying and strengthening our settle buddies is therefore very important so that they can have a positive vibration and the energy can feel free. The more we work on ourselves, the more hours little bodies are cleansed, the more our or I strengthened and therefore the more radiates strong vibrations. Let me give you a few words of warning year. It is very, very important to never manipulate energies without having a minimum of knowledge. Doing so ended requires protections against entities, especially dark warms. One shouldn't be afraid of them, but one should always be cautious. Just like there are rules or routines off Haijun to respect our physical bodies. There are rules off spiritually hygiene to and in case off doubt, don't hesitate to get in touch with a professional as, uh, professional myself and I've been for a few years now. I've seen things in my career happening to people because they didn't pay attention or the lacked information. So it is my duty to pass this information on so people can be mindful about it. Like, for example, CNN's is or we, Jacques are very, very, very dangerous not trying to scare anyone here. Just please be cautious piece. That's its full. This part about the are of the images 14. 14 Healing the Aura: Now let's see how to heal your or already healing sessions can be very good to heal the aura, because the energy healing impacts all of those subtle bodies during session. The energy that is being jungled into your body from source is going to launch yourself healing process by clearing traumas that are deeply rooted or that have been repressed or suppressed with time but still stored as data in your subtle bodies. Raising blocked energies, cleansing and balancing your chakras on by feeling and energizing your organs. All of this is done smoothly at your own pace. You have also services of extraction and or a clearing that also impact your aura by removing any intrusive energies that may be attached to you. Carmi Cores Soul Contract I don't serve your highest good anymore like a vows oath pacts that were made in past lives, for example, or even in the past in its current incarnation and D's implants that are, if Eric Device is very common. Unfortunately, this is more like a shamanic healing on. To perform this generally, we need to get into a trends and be able to see the aura of the person for example, gonna duck for myself When I go into a trance, I'm able to see or feel or sense if there is something blocking the person's development and like in truly of energy and is healing this type of healing fully restructures and clears your or I in depth, and it also includes ancestral healing. Sometimes we have patterns are trans generational curses because curses are real thing and you're not responsible for them. But you are still carrying them in your energy field, so that is very important to to clear these. The soul retrieval can also help clear your aura and your chakras, because when we go through trauma bars off, our soul goes to hide. Some talk about so lost, but I don't like this term because nothing is ever lost is just frozen in time. So the suspect is kind of detached from you, but still linked to you very quickly and energetically. So it's a matter of reintegrating the suspect that was traumatized during the even that happened in your life. So retrieving part of your soul can help you clear your chakras and blocks, and you're or a two. This course is going to teach you a method to clear your aura. Just like your your learned how to clear your chakras. They're gonna learn how to clear your aura and clearing. Your aura can also heal it. But the services that I was just mentioning above are only a few examples to give you an idea of what it's possible to do. And it's also a deeper kind of healing that is available to you. So if you wouldn't any information, you can always feel free to message me, and I will be happy to reply to your question. Thank you very much. 15. 15 How to cleanse your Aura: Now let's see how to cleanse your or you can do this daily, preferably after having cleansed your chakras. So this is done by visualizing and with the power off intention. Start by relaxing on. Once you're in a comfortable position, close your eyes, breathes deeply, and when you are ready, start visualizing a shower of golden light that is falling down on you from source. Why golden? Because gold has the highest frequency in the purest frequents. The slight runs down on you on your physical body and all around you on your aura. You don't enters your body through your grown chakra bills. Ewan lights you up. This golden healing and purifying light runs and flows on you and through you visualize all the toxins that come out of your system as dust or mud, as if you would wash a car in the car wash, for example, visualized a dirty water running down and being absorbed by earth so that the toxin can be transmuted so that the toxins can be transmuted. Braving this light take all the time you need and wants that you feel that all the toxins that were in you have been cleansed you can open your eyes. Try to do this at least once a day with the more the bear that it can help you cleanse the stress and tensions accumulated throughout the day. And if you feel stressed at some point and you don't necessarily have time to take a break to close your eyes and visualize, just ask for the shower of golden night to be poured on you. You know, just use the power of intention like I was saying is very, very powerful. 16. 16 How to see your aura: how to see your aura Before you start this exercise, make sure you have cleanse your chakras in your aura was the myth is that I taught you This is gonna ease the process. Won't you have done that? Close your eyes and breathe deeply asked to be connected to your higher self and use your power of intention. Then follow these steps first step ground to earth So you can said the intention and also visualize roots coming down from the sole of your feet Down, down, down on earth like the roots of the truth. Second stuff visualized the energy off earth that enters your body from the sole of your feet and goes up through your legs. Your root chakra, Sacral chakra Sarge Akra You know the energy flowing you and then this energy Enter your heart chakra Lights it up Visualize an intense green light coming out of your our chakra and feeling is relaxing, soothing and full of love. The energy keeps on flowing up through your throat chakra. Then through your third eye see your third eye Chuck Robb being switched on and shining brightly. Take some time to feel it. You might even feel some tingling sensation on your forehead. The energy no goes up to your crone chakra and comes out too corny to source out of your system ST to source Buick and feel the connection. The energy from source above now comes back down into your body via the same weight. 1st 3 crown Chakra. Your third eye, which gets even brighter and shiny er your throat chakra. Your heart also gets brighter and brighter. The energy no lights up. Your torso flows through your shoulders, arms and hands coming up from the palms of your hands. The Czech runs off your Pums more precisely because we also have track. Resident comes off our hand. Source. Energy continues flowing down through you through your solar chakra, sacral chakra or chakra down through your legs and out through the soles of your feet. Take a short break and feel the flu of these pure and powerful energy in your butt. You are connected the source and to earth breathing and breathe out. Now that the energy flows free in and through, you rub your palms against each other for about one minute, then parts your hands and keep them about 10 city mentors, or four inches away from each other. Look through the empty space between your hands. Do not look at your hands. Look between your hands and that your vision become blurry without forcing anything. I suggest that you do this in front of the water screen that his uniform, and even in order to avoid visual distraction, move your hands closer to each other and further away from each other slowly, without touching them back and forth. Motion. You should start feeling energy inside. Off your hands may feel like a bull of energy, like rather warm feel this sensation. Now you should be able to perceive a kind of energy envelope wrapping your hands, and this is exactly what your aura is. Do not get discouraged if you cannot see it the first time you try. Keep on practicing and you conclude this in your daily routine of free connection with yourself. It has to be something fun and nice that you are doing for yourself like a date with yourself. If you will show. Keep trying. Um, observe. You can also take note off your experiences. I hope you enjoy 17. 17 Conclusion: thank you very much for taking this course with me. I really hope you enjoy the lessons and that these techniques are gonna help you improve your life on that. You can see the benefits for yourself if you have any questions or if you want to book a session with me, I'm available by email. I will leave my email address in the course, but its energy by morgan at gmail dot com I'm wishing you are very successful Journey full of love and peace And please take care of yourself and we will see each other soon. Ah.