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29 Lessons (2h 13m)
    • 1. Lesson 1: Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 2: Topics Included

    • 3. Lesson 3: Free Bonus Gift Pack Information

    • 4. Lesson 4: Rainbows Inside Us

    • 5. Lesson 5: Introduce Yourself

    • 6. Lesson 6: Some History Of Chakras

    • 7. Lesson 7: What Is Sanskrit

    • 8. Lesson 8: Sanskrit and Yantra Chakra Meanings

    • 9. Lesson 9: Your Wheels Of Light

    • 10. Lesson 10: Early Western Philosophy

    • 11. Lesson 11: Yoga and Chakras

    • 12. Lesson 12: Meditation and Chakras

    • 13. Lesson 13: Energy Healing and Chakras

    • 14. Lesson 14: What Is Energy

    • 15. Lesson 15: How To Work With Energy

    • 16. Lesson 16: Working With Chakra Energy

    • 17. Lesson 17: Energy Healing Basics

    • 18. Lesson 18: Original 7 Chakra Orientation

    • 19. Lesson 19: The 411 On Your Original 7 Chakras

    • 20. Lesson 20: More On Your Original 7 Chakras

    • 21. Lesson 21: The Energy Of Colors

    • 22. Lesson 22: Color Theory Basics

    • 23. Lesson 23: Working With Chakra Colors

    • 24. Lesson 24: What Is Scanning

    • 25. Lesson 25: Interpreting Your Scan

    • 26. Lesson 26: What We Learned

    • 27. Thank You and Congratulations

    • 28. Introduction to Meditation - Please Listen First

    • 29. Original 7 Chakra Meditation

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About This Class

Have you heard about these things called Chakras and want to know more?

Curious about your Energy Body and how it works with your Physical Being?

Wonder what Sanskrit, Mudras, and Yantras are?

Would you like to work on a Spiritual level to create a more balanced and transformative life?

In this course we will delve into these subjects and SO much more

Tracy will lead you on a gentle nurturing journey to discover, maybe for the first time, your very own 'wheels of light' called Chakras. And in this course we will focus our attention on Your Original 7 Chakras that are within your Subtle Energy Body.

Your Original 7 Chakras correlate to your different aspects of your physical well being while you are here on the Physical Plane. And when you know what they are and how to work with them you can have major shifts that help you understand yourself on a whole new level!

With a light-hearted and fun approach we'll cover such topics as:

The History of Chakras, The 411 & Orientation of Each Chakra, Color Theory, Energy Healing, Modalities, Tools, and other fascinating information

You'll learn to create an Energy Detection Device, and How to Perform an Energy Scan among other things.

You will also receive a Gift Pack full of goodies to further your journey of learning about and working with Your Original 7 Chakras

Welcome! I look forward to greeting you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tracy Una Wagner

Transpersonal Life Coach


Hello, I'm Tracy - Transpersonal Energy System Guide | Ancient Mystical Civilizations Theorist | Paranormal Researcher | Angel Guide | Mystical Shaman | Author | Animal Advocate

 Tracy was born and raised in a Metaphysical home where stories of paranormal phenomena, clairvoyant experiences, and superhuman feats were the talk at the dinner table.

 Having come through a Near Death Experience following a terrible car accident in her teens she knew, for a fact, that we are all truly Spiritual BE-ings having a physical experience. So, she set out to try and understand what that meant to its fullest extent.

 During a successful career of over 20 years in the Beauty Industry, which included owning several businesses such as a Salon & Day Spa, Tracy push... See full profile

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1. Lesson 1: Introduction: Hello and welcome to Shock Ra's 101 Your original seven, Section one. This will be the course overview and in this lesson will be the introduction. Shock Rose. Our wheels of light in are subtle or energetic bodies of everyone, everything and every place. Each chakra has its own vibration and allows us to stay balanced and grounded physically, emotionally and spiritually. They also help our spirit stay clear and connected. Often times shockers are regarded as part of Archie or our life force. Energy. Welcome. My name is Tracy. You know Wagner with versatile inspirations. And this course is all about your shock rez shockers wanna one which delves into the original seven chakras. Those seven chakras that our inner, energetic or subtle energy body who is this course for? Well, if you are new to shock Ra's, you're going to learn a lot about them. In this course, not only shock Ra's but energy and how that pertains to each of the chakras. You'll also learn how toe work with the chakras and a bit of history of where they came from. Maybe you want to know more about chakras on a starter level. This course is great for that. We're going to start out and go step by step from the history to modern day to how to work with them. So you'll get a lot from this course. Also, if you're just curious about chakras, this is the place to be, will delve into what they are, how they function and all the 411 on each of the chakras. Maybe you already know me and my work. That's wonderful. It's fun. Toe have you here with me as well. So stay tuned, and we're gonna go through a lot of different ideas and topics with this starter course of shock. Ra's 101 Who was this course not for Well, if you're not open to new ideas, maybe you already know about shockers and you don't want to know anymore. That's just fine. This, of course, probably isn't going to be for you. And if you're not open to the idea of having a subtle energy body, this course is probably not for you either. But that's all right. Maybe you're veteran shocker, practitioner, and you've got your ways set. That's great. This course is probably not for you because we're only dealing with the original seven chakras in this one. And it's a course specifically for those wanting a 101 experience very new to shock Rose or wanting maybe some different ideas on chakras, just the original seven. And if you're not okay with animals, this probably isn't gonna be the course for you while I try so hard to keep my fur babies out of the picture. There's theater, occasional photo bomb, video bomb going to be discussing through and audio bomb. So I apologize for any interruptions this may cause, and I do try and edit out as much as possible. But there may be the occasional time when folly, mu role or even mouse will enter the picture. Are you in the right place? Yes, I believe you are. I do believe in chance. I do believe in chance circumstances. I do believe in serendipity, and I believe the universe brought you here for a reason. Maybe you should stay and find out what that reason is. Maybe you're here toe. Learn about chakras to help other people. Maybe you're here to learn about chakras, to help yourself. It's all good, and I believe you're here for a reason. And I'm so grateful. You are next up will be discussing the topics that are included in this course, so I'll see you there. 2. Lesson 2: Topics Included: in this lesson will discuss the topics that are included in this course. This is a course overview, and we'll discuss the topics that are included in the course and what comes afterwards. The topics include the history. It's a shortened version, but we'll be discussing the history of where it came from and at how we got to. Modern day Shaqra Knowledge will be discussing the modalities and activities that include chakras such as meditation and yoga placement and info on chakras. So we'll be discussing the orientation of the original seven chakras and info on each. You'll receive the 411 on each of those seven. Balancing and working with chakras will discuss ways in which you can work with the energy around the chakras, and each of the shockers individually will also be discussing scanning and much, much more will be discussing so many different things that I believe this course will be a good starting point for each and every one of you. Do you have questions? Use your student dashboard. There are so many ways that you can connect with me and your peers in this course. Just go to your student dashboard and find the different areas in which you can ask questions, or you can contact me directly. Post your questions. Feel free to post any questions that you have about this course or comment on someone else's questions. If you think you have the answer, or you may just have an idea that helps someone feel free to post any time, you can also send me a direct message in your student dashboard. You'll find an area where you can send me a direct message. Maybe you don't want to post the question or the idea. That's just fine. Just send me a direct message and I'll answer. You check back regularly for updates as we grow. Then our knowledge grows. And so I want to share that knowledge with you. So I'll be updating this course and all my other courses regularly, and I don't want you to miss anything. I will be sending emails to everyone who has joined this course, so keep up to date on those emails and I will see you soon 3. Lesson 3: Free Bonus Gift Pack Information: in this lesson will be discussing the bonus gift information. I know it can be difficult to complete a course, let alone some other things in our life. There's always family, work, friends and thats much more right. But I've included a special gift at the end that I want to talk about. So let's take a few minutes out for yourself. Think of it as a self care plan. You'll be ableto learn some things for yourself. Apply it. You'll be playing with your shock prism with your energy. And how much fun is that? And when you have fun, you're more apt to actually stay with something. And you get the added benefit of learning something new each and every day, especially if you complete not just this course but other courses. It's going to include a shark room meditation and also some coloring pages, some journal pages and doodle pages all for you. So next up we're going to be discussing those colorful rain bows inside of us. I'll see you there 4. Lesson 4: Rainbows Inside Us: in this lesson will be discussing the rainbows inside us. Have you ever thought of the spiritual significance of rain? Bows? Not on Lee. Are there many to choose from? But we can also see where we've gotten the ideas from different places. Different miss and different legends. Some of them include the pot of gold. You've probably heard that there's a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. God's promise. You may have heard about the story of Noah and the Ark, and in that story, God used a rainbow to signify his promise that the floods would recede and there would be no more rain, fertility, birth potential and abundance. All of the's things can be represented by a rainbow. I also hope divinity, spirituality, transformation and enlightenment. Your subtle, energetic body. This is referred to as your aura. Your aura is the atmosphere generated around a person, a thing or a place and can also be referred to as the human energy field. It's your subtle body. Your shock rose are within your subtle body. Your aura can be sensed, smelled, heard or even seen. We are energy, and our frequency creates or generates our aura. It usually goes anywhere between three and 20 inches away from our physical body. So a lot of people believe that the aura creates the same colors as our shock CRA's, and that's OK. But I've seen auras and or has changed color. They grow and they shrink, depending on our moods, our locations, what we're doing at the moment, what we're thinking at the moment. So it's not so cut and dry as to our our auras being the same colors as our shock Ra's. It's more like the second picture where you can see the aura, but it doesn't necessarily correspond to our shock. CRA's so yes, you can have a very bright and color for aura, but you could also have a very dem colored aura or is kind of look more like these to this man and this woman there, or is you can see them slightly. They're different colors. And when you begin to learn how to see auras, or maybe you already see auras, a lot of times you're going to be able to see just a faint outline of an aura, and that's okay. That's what a lot of people see. So it doesn't necessarily have to be. The bright, beautiful rainbow is that we have inside of us, but they might be colorful anyway. So you're spinning energy centers or your original seven shock Raz, which include your root chakra, your sacred chakra, your solar plexus, your heart chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye or brow and your crown. These energy centers are colorful. They include red, orange, yellow, green, Ah, light turquoise or a robin's egg blue, a dark indigo blue or royal blue and purple. Why are shockers significant? There's many different reasons, but within the rainbow with N s, there is connection, creation, balance, grounding, harmony and beauty within each one of those frequencies that original seven chakras send out. Next up, Let's get to know each other a little bit better by introducing yourself. I'll see you there 5. Lesson 5: Introduce Yourself: this lesson is introduced yourself. Remember, you're in the right place, whether by chance or circumstance or serendipity or the universe just brought you here. You're here for a reason, and that is why I'm inviting you to introduce yourself. And also remember, you're not alone. Welcome back. I hope you're enjoying this course and you're getting some golden nuggets that are beneficial to you where you are right now in this amazing thing called life. If we haven't met yet Hi, I'm Tracy. In a Wagner with personal inspirations. I lead a mentor, individuals seeking help with their spiritual transformation by offering tools and inspiration for their unique evolutionary process. Let's face it, personal transformation can be kind of lonely, but it doesn't always have to be that way. But by connecting with others, though on their own path allows us to sometimes learn from them doing their own work also. So I've designed this course with you in mind, and with that, I love to offer you the ability to connect with me and your fellow classmates fazer people that if they're taking the courses well, our like minded and so you already have something in common with um So for this exercise, I'm inviting you to head over to the Q and a section in your student dashboard. That's within this course. So head on over and introduce yourself to the group. I appreciate your presence and your energy here. In the course, you're adding a special piece to the whole just by participating. I want you to know that you are not alone on this journey. You have a whole tribe off cheerleaders and well wishers behind you, and we're waiting to meet you. I'll see you there. Wonderful. Next up, we're headed into Section two a bit of history and And, miss, listen, we're gonna be discussing the history of Shock CRA's, I'll see you there. 6. Lesson 6: Some History Of Chakras: Welcome back to your course chakras 101 your original seven. In section two, we will learn a bit of the history behind the chakras, and in this lesson, the history of shock Rose history indicates that the origination of shock rose began with Hinduism, Buddhism, Jane ISM and other Indian philosophies and religions. The you punish ads or those who sit near were around 600 BC. The Vidas, or knowledge, around 3500 BC who punish had Vidas were written in Sanskrit will discuss that later. The Yogi Tantric sutras were around 200 BC shock deism 400 to 500 a. D and modern day. Sir John Woodruff, a k a. Arthur Avalon, wrote the book The Serpent Power in the Year 1919 Places that shockers can be found just a few, among many yoga, meditation, rake e acupuncture, massage, energy healing, spirituality, hypnosis, color therapy and everyday talk. There are lots of additional locations that shockers can be found. Aromatherapy crystals and stones, holistic healing Arts Tero and Oracle readings, dousing sessions, psychic and medium readings, and many, many, many more places you confined shockers mentioned. Next up will be discussing the interesting language called Sanskrit. I'll see there 7. Lesson 7: What Is Sanskrit: in this lesson will be discussing What is Sanskrit? So what? ISS Sand script? Well, it is an ancient Indian language. It's the language of Hinduism. It's also the ancient text of the coupon. A chads. The's texts made their way to Asia, and it's similar to Greek and Latin. Each word has meaning not like the definitions that we usually get from a dictionary, but it has specific, very involved meanings. So what's within a Sanskrit word? You'll be surprised, not Onley meanings, but intentions, feelings, emotions, characterizations, orientations and also sound up. Next, we're going to be discussing the Sanskrit and Yantra chakra meanings. Stay tuned. 8. Lesson 8: Sanskrit and Yantra Chakra Meanings: in this lesson will be learning the Sanskrit and Yantra Shaqra meanings. What's the young dra? Well, it's a geo metric design. It's considered a machine, and there again and Sanskrit, it could mean a contraption. It's support. It's actually a tool for focusing. It's also used for tantric worship and in meditation. The three Entre, which you may have heard of before, means cosmos and physical so spiritually and physical. The Sanskrit and Yantra Shaqra meanings are the root chakra bullet hora or roots support. It's the root base chakra. It's a four petaled lotus, and the earth is represented as a square. The next is the sacred chakra, or this fad Istana, which means one's own base. It is a six petaled lotus, and water is represented as a crescent moon. The Manny Parra, or city of jewels, is the solar plexus. It is 10 pointed lotus, and fire represents the downward pointing triangle. Anna Hatta, or unstructured note, is the heart chakra. It is a 12 petaled lotus, and air is represented by two triangles superimposed the fish. Oudeh, which means especially pure, is the throat chakra. It's a 16 petaled lotus and ether is represented by a crescent and downwards triangle. The nationa, or command, is the brow or third eye chakra. It is 96 petaled lotus, depicted as two pedals on either side. Spirit is represented by a downward pointing triangle. Saha's ra, or 1000 peddled, is the crown chakra. It is 1000 petaled lotus and normally is bell or crown shaped. Consciousness is represented by a triangle and an OEM sign. Next up will be discussing those wheels of light. I'll see you there. 9. Lesson 9: Your Wheels Of Light: in this lesson will be discussing the wheels of light. What are the wheels of light? They're your original seven chakras. They spin and look sort of like a wheel or fan fact spends round and round. The movement of energy is sai click, so it moves just like a wheel, just like a fan that's on. And thes movements of energy and the colors associated with each of them are your wheels of light. Your original seven shock red What the Shaqra Energy do. Well, it draws and subtle energy. It processes spiritual energy for your physical body, so it's connected with your subtle body, and it is the spiritually body that you have when you're in spirit. So what it does is it processes that spiritual energy so that you can use it while you're here on Earth. It also balances your physical and your spiritual self. Next up is Section three coming to the Americas, and in our next lesson we're gonna be discussing the Western philosophy. I'll see you there 10. Lesson 10: Early Western Philosophy: Welcome back to your course. Shaq rose 101 Your original seven in section three will be discussing coming to the Americas and in this lesson, Western philosophy. So how did the shockers advance? Well, in 1919 Sir John Woodroffe, a k a. Arthur Avalon, which was his pen name or writing name, was interested in Sanskrit and Hindu. He did a lot of research and was very interested in this idea off kundalini or the power that lies dormant and your base chakra and how to release that. So in his research, he decided to write a book on the kundalini energy that he found out about. And that book is entitled The Serpent Power. Next. Karl Yune was interested in Eastern philosophies as well, and kundalini. He was also interested in tantric yoga mandalas and yon Trez, which allowed for expansion of thought since he was working with philosophy in 1927 c. W. Ledbetter wrote the book The Chakras. He also studied past lives, spiritual energy and awareness. So why're shocker is gaining in popularity now? Well, a big reason is yoga. There's a lot of people that take yoga or are interested in yoga and yoga works at times with the shocker system the ability to receive information quickly, as in It's a small world, after all, because the world is smaller and we can get our information quicker and we can learn new information at a press of a button were able to learn about shock. Rez and Shah Cra's are the worldwide now, the advancement of spirituality and it being okay to just be spiritual has increased the popularity of Shock Ra's because in spirituality, a lot of the different modalities and techniques refer to the chakras collective consciousness. So with collective consciousness, what happens is because there are so many people that know about it, and it keeps expanding and stretching and moving all over the globe. That collection of consciousness makes it so. It makes it so that more and more people know about it, and it becomes more of a mainstream. It manifests itself because there are so many people that believe in it and that think about it conscious evolution. As we become more and more aware or evolved or transformed, we become more in the new age of things, and because our consciousness evolves, we are able to see here and know things that may have been obscured or us before we can see here and no more of what is the truth. And now that everyone is looking at who we are not as an individual on Lee, but as this spirit being that we truly are, Then that evolutionary process just happens to be part and parcel with our subtle body or spirit body, our spiritual manifestation, which in that settle energy has our shock. CRA's there again. The New Age or the age of Aquarius is upon us, and with it we have the knowledge at our fingertips. Just think of knowledge coming to you just like an open fount. And all of that knowledge is available to you right now. As we become more aware, as we become more in tune, two are subtle body. Then we are going to get messages. We're going to get clear instructions and clear ideas on what we can expect as an individual and as a whole. The spirit communication between us and the cosmos, or the universe or the spirit Rome is that much sweeter were able to sense so much more because of the new age that were in and because of the New Age were actually able to believe maybe those things that we can't even see yet up next, we'll be discussing the significance between Shaq Ra's and yoga. Still see you there. 11. Lesson 11: Yoga and Chakras: in this lesson will be discussing yoga and chakras. So what is yoga? It's an Indian Hindu philosophy. It balances mind and body uses, poses and breath work its freedom from physical or the limited world. It connects you to higher self. It connects you to the collective consciousness, and it connects you to the supreme being. Whatever that is for you. It's a physical exercise as well as a well being. How to work with Shaq Ra's During yoga setting intentions, set an intention to work with one or more of your chakras during your yoga session. Visualize. You can visualize one or more of your shock rose while you are doing yoga. Listening to different sounds or music can help balance your shock. Raz visualizing or looking at colors will help to balance your shock. Ra's, hence symbols known as mu dress will help to signify different shock. CRA's This one is known as a nana or chin or yeah, Ryan Madre. It helps you to connect to higher self for great learning. This one can be synonymous with your crown chakra that is connected to your higher self. Yantra is if you have a yantra that symbolizes one or more of your chakras. Use those as the machine or the tool for visualization. Palm energy focus. When we use our palms to conduct energy or to radiate energy, what happens is because we have shock Ra's in our palms, and we visualize a chakra that, sitting like on top of our palms, just visualization. Then what happens is we're focusing on that chakra and were intending for energy to go to that so you can use your palms as generators for your shock CRA's So there are many different ways that you can work with the chakras during yoga, and one in particular is just by poses. A quick Google search for poses synonymous with chakras will bring up a treasure trove of different poses that you can dio that co relate to different shock press. And so, by conducting even just the poses for yoga will actually help you disc, stay in tune with each of your shock Ra's and get you in better shape as well. Next up, we're going to be discussing how meditation and shock rose co relate. I'll see you there 12. Lesson 12: Meditation and Chakras: in this lesson will be discussing meditation and Shah CRA's. What is meditation? It is thought, concentration, focus, contemplation, reflection, spiritual introspection, heightened spiritually awareness. How do you perform meditation? There's actually many different ways. You can sit and do meditation. You could be lying down and doing meditation walking, believe it or not, in a group with other like minded individuals and Transcendental, which maharaja she Mahesh Yogi is actually the first person that they know of that coined the phrase transcendental meditation. It is with Ma Trez, which are just small phrases that you can say over and over again. Kind of like affirmations that take about 15 minutes and two times a day, sometimes with your eyes closed. So it's just using a mantra or a small phrase such as an affirmation, and you're using that over and over again to say either in your mind or out loud to keep your monkey mind. That's what they call it is monkey. Mind your mind from going all over the place from going to your shopping list tear to do list What you forgot to do before you started meditating. All of those things will come up for you. And so having this mantra will actually help you just stay focused on completing your meditation. If you ever listen to Deepak Chopra's, I think they're 21 day meditations. Ah, lot of hiss have mantra as that you can say over and over again. Toe help you to help bring your mind back to the thought for the day or the meditation that you're doing. So how can you work with your shock rose? During meditation, you can use guided visualizations. You can visualize. You can set an intention. Focus on a chakra or shock. Raz. Use your palm energy as a focus. Using sound will help to focus on a Shaqra and help that same frequency just come into balance. Using yon trios and mandalas will actually help create a focus point for you to work with. Next up will be discussing energy healing and how it relates to shock prez. I'll see you there 13. Lesson 13: Energy Healing and Chakras: in this lesson will be learning about energy healing and Shah Cra's. What is energy healing? Well, it works with the subtle, energetic body. It optimizes the subtle body for the physical body. It focuses energy on the intent for healing. It uses energy to generate healing and healing means to find the true wholeness for oneself . Remember your aura, your or is your outer, subtle energy field. So when we're doing energy healing, were using that subtle energy the weather? That's a subtle energy field for receiving healing or giving healing. How are we healing with Shaqra energy? Well, there are many different ways, one in which is called color therapy. This is by using colors, especially those that are associated with each of the chakras, to promote health and each of the different colors, and will discuss what the definitions and what the colors mean later on. Balancing when our shock Roeser balanced our physical bodies air balanced, grounding, spirit made manifest or here in physical form, grounding into Mother Gaia helps to bring our awareness back down into our physical bodies . So by grounding or shock, CRA's and balancing them were really able to promote that spirit to physical balance and grounding that needs to happen on a physical level. Crystals, crystals, gyms and stones, especially those that are colored similar to our shock rez, will actually help to promote health and well being inner shock press chords. Some people believe that different situations, different people past lives, create cords to are subtle, energetic body, and because of that, it could make our energetic batteries lower. So when we cut those cords or ties from different locations and transmute them back into, ah white light than what we're able to do is get some of our power back. And with that chakras benefit from that because the subtle, energetic body has gotten more energy and thereby each and every one of those vibrations or frequencies can actually work better. Ray Key Ray G Life Force Energy. We can use this in order to promote healing through the shock rose or for the shock GREss Orrick. We can use our subtle energy body to help in healing others and healing ourselves, whether we're giving or were receiving the benefits of that healing energy. Next up is Section four will be learning how to work with energy and in this lesson, what is energy? I'll see you there 14. Lesson 14: What Is Energy: Welcome back to your course. Shockers 101 Your original seven in Section four will be discussing working with energy, and in this lesson, what is energy? So what is energy? The dictionary says that energy is a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system and the production of physical change with in NUS system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work. It also says it is the capacity of acting or being active. Also a positive spiritually force and energy is also usable power. Here are some ways that you can see energy. You can see the energy as it produces the waves. You can also see the energy and the thunder and lightning storm. You can also see the energy from the exuberance of a child. The's son also produces energy that we can see, such as with solar panels that the solar sun produces energy through. You can also see energy through a giving heart when we're kind and compassionate to others and we have a service minded heart forgiving. We can see the energy coming from that heart space. We can also see energy through energy healing such as Ray Key. The benefits that one receives through Ray Key and other energy healing can be clearly seen and felt. You can also see energy when it spends the propeller heads of one mills, so we're going to make you tool that will help us see energy. The items you'll need are 10 to 12 gauge wire, approximately 60 inches of it. A plastic straw, wire cutters, pliers, needle nose pliers, scissors and a bit of sandpaper, or a old file to smooth out those ends. What will be making is a dousing or divine ing rod. This is a water witch, and he's holding divine ing rods. What he does is he searches for water with the's defining rods. Now ours won't look similar to this. It will actually look more like this, but the idea is the same. The instructions on making your dousing rods are one used wire cutters to cut to pieces of wire, both of them approximately 26 inches long. To use sandpaper or nail file to carefully smoothed out the sharp ends of cut wire and or use a piece of tape on the end with the handle. Three. Use pliers or If it's soft enough, you can just use your fingers to bend each wire at approximately the six inch mark. This will form the handle number four. Cut the plastic straw in half if you need Teoh. If you have a shorter straws, you may need to straws. Five. Place 1/2 of the plastic straw on one short end of the wire. Six. Use your needle nose pliers to bend the end of the short cut wire that has a strong on it in a circle to keep the straw on the wire. This is that handle for your dousing rod, so you want to make sure that the wire moves freely on the straw handle and number seven. Just repeat steps five and six on the second cut wire. Here's a video to show you how to make your dowsing rods stripped. Copper Rome X wire, 12 gauge. Take two pieces of about 26 inches long of copper wire. Measure about 6 to 7 inches and bend. This will produce that handles. Straighten out the wire little on the handle part so that the straw can go easier over the end. Take her to strong pieces. Place one on one short end of your copper wire. This will produce the handles. Take a second to make sure the wire is a straight as possible. That way, your straw will move freely. You may put a piece of tape on the end of your copper wire so that it isn't as sharp, but this isn't necessary. Cut the excess piece of tape off folded in on itself, so it's out of the way. Take your needle nose players and make a circle with them, told the straw on the short end. Just straighten out that piece of wire so that straw moves freely. There's one now for the second. Take the straw after you've made sure that the copper wire handle end is a little bit straight, so it goes smoothly on there again. You may place a piece of tape over that end, so it's not a sharp, but it's not necessary. Cut the excess tape off, fold it in on itself and take her needle nose players and create a circle holding the straw on the end. Bend out that wire a little so that the wire moves freely on the straw. There you are silver craft wire. 12 gauge. Take two plastic straws and if they're a bit long, cut them in half so that there long enough to be handles but not too long, So probably about 4 to 5 inches long. Take your silver craft wire measure about 26 inches long. Take your wire cutters and cut that wire. Do this one more time. Measure about 26 inches. Use your wire cutters and cut that wire. Now you have two dozen rods. Take some sandpaper or an old file and just knock off the ends of the wire that you just cut. This will just keep it from being too sharp. Do it on the other side as well. With the 12 gauge wire, it's easy to bend so you can measure about 5 to 7 inches and create a bend. Also, if you would like, you can use a bit of tape on the end of the wire that will be holding your straw handles so that will be the small end or the 5 to 7 inch end. This will just keep it from being too sharp as well, but it is not necessary. Place the straw over the tape or on the end of the wire that has 35 to 7 inches for handles . Make sure that the wire is straight enough so that they move freely within the straw. Take your little nose pliers and make a loop. This will allow the straw to stay on the handle part of your dousing rods. Always make sure that the wires air straight. This will allow the wire to move freely over the straw. One. Done next one. Straighten out the dousing rod. Make sure whether you use just your fingers or IRS and measure 5 to 7 inches and create a bend. This will be your handle for your second dousing rod. Place the straw on that handle. End the 5 to 7 inches and make sure it's straight so that the wire moves freely. Within that straw. You may place a piece of tape on the end of the wire if you'd like to keep it from being too sharp. Next, take the needle nose pliers and create a loop. Keeping that straw on the handle end. Take a moment to just bend the wire back into shape, and I'll make sure that the straw allows a wire to move freely, and there you are. How to use your dousing rods. Hold your dowsing rods one in each hand by the plastic straw handles. Now allow the dousing rods to move freely within the straw handle. Don't hold him too tight. You want them to be able to move freely while holding the handles of her dousing rods. Move around your house or go outside and move around another space. What you'll notice is that as you move, you'll be measuring the energy by the amount of cross you're dousing rods produce. Here's a video that shows you how to use your dousing rods. How to use your dousing rods. Hold one dousing rod in each hand lightly so that they move freely. Begin toe walk towards anything. You'll notice that when I'm walking that you can see them stays still. But when I come close to an object with energy, a cross and that energy is coming from Raul, next up will be learning how to work with energy. I'll see you there 15. Lesson 15: How To Work With Energy: in this lesson will be discussing how to work with energy. So how can you work with energy? You can create your own energy running, jumping, dancing. All create energy dousing. We can work with a dowsing rod like we made or with a pendulum, and we can work with energy in that way. Ray Key Ray Key uses life force energy to generate healing, energy healing. Other forms of healing or energy healing include tapping or E f T shocker work or a work and lots of other techniques and modalities. We're going to be discussing shockers scanning and balancing later on. Breaky Ray Key actually means universal life Force energy, or T. It's spiritually guided life force energy. It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relax ation that also promotes healing . Though most practitioners use the laying on of hands, it is equally beneficial with the hover technique and also distance healing, energy healing, healing means to make sound or whole. It is focused intention to clear and balance one's own or someone else's subtle energy field using ones own energy. Some modalities include rake E E f T or emotional freedom technique or tapping shocker work , acupuncture, massage, reflexology, crystal therapy, psychic surgery and much more. Shaqra scanning and balancing scanning can be done by using a tool such as pendulums, rods, cards or other things. Psychically or by using one subtle body to receive information. Balancing creates the space of allowing one subtle energy to regain wholeness and optimization. Next up will be learning how to work with our Shaqra energy. I'll see you there. 16. Lesson 16: Working With Chakra Energy: in this lesson will be learning how to work with our Shaqra energy. Color therapy is called chroma therapy Light therapy, or colora Ladji colors. Illicit feelings and emotions opposite colors can equal balance. More of a color could equal more intensity. Uses include using single colors, multiple colors and using it in instances of using light by painting coloring, drawing with color, using your intention, Working with crystals and many more. Working with crystals, gems and stones is called crystal therapy. With crystal therapy, you plays stones on different body parts or at shocker points, which promotes healing of the subtle body. The stones clear energy blocks and dispel negative energy through the energy of their own color gems and few shockers with corresponding energy crystals balance energy visualization . Visualisation occurs in the mind's eye. It is used to set intention you can envision or imagine. Next up will be learning the basics of energy healing. I'll see you over there 17. Lesson 17: Energy Healing Basics: this lesson is on energy healing basics. What is energy healing? It's an alternative medicine. It's holistic, wellness and holistic therapy. People believe it's pseudoscience. It can't be proven by science. What does holistic mean? The dictionary says it's relating to or concerned with holes or with a complete systems rather than with the analysis of treatment of or dissection and departs. Holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body. It's alternative medicine, any of a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as Orthodox by the medical profession, such as herbal ism, home myopathy and acupuncture. It is not a medically viable diagnosis, so you can't say that because you've done an energy reading that what you've come up with is a viable diagnosis because it's alternative medicine. Fringe medicine, pseudo medicine or simply questionable medicine is the use and promotion of practices which are unproven, disproven, impossible to prove or excessively harmful in relation to their effect and the attempt to achieve the healing effects of medicine such as ray key, acupuncture, crystal therapy and sound therapy. Even though these air not medically viable diagnosis, they still help. They help your spirit, they help your soul. They hope you in ways that no one can actually verify. Feeling is what helps us heal if we feel better than we will be better. Intention, intention, intention, intention is everything, especially with energy healing, you need to be crystal clear, not only on what you're doing, but on the outcome in which you're expecting. Focus on that outcome and be crystal clear and seeing it be service minded. Work on being service minded, using that service for good and listen to your intuition. Your intuition can be a benefit toe everyone. When you listen and believe your intuition, then you'll be able to tap into that subtle body and receive messages and symbols and ideas You're moving right along. Congratulations. The next section is Section five, your original seven shock rez, and in this lesson, we're going to be learning the orientation off your original seven chakras. I'll see you there 18. Lesson 18: Original 7 Chakra Orientation: Welcome back to your course on chakras. 101 Your original seven. This is Section five, your original seven chakras, and in math lesson, we'll learn the original seven orientation, so the location of your chakras are the route or base chakra is at the base of your spine. The say krill chakra is 1 to 2 inches below the navel and right above the route or base chakra. The solar plexus is 1 to 2 inches above the navel and right above the sacred chakra. The heart chakra is in the center of the chest. The throat chakra is right in the center of the throat. The third eye or brow chakra, is in the middle of your brows or up in the middle of your forehead. The crown is at the top of her head, right around the place where the baby's soft spot is located. Here is the map of the shock rose. The route is at the base of the spine. The say krill is 1 to 2 inches below the navel and right above the route, the solar plexus is 1 to 2 inches above the navel. The heart chakra is in the center of the chest. The throat is at the center of the throat. The third eye or brow chakra is from the brow to the mid forehead, and the crown is at the top of the head around the baby soft spot. Are there more shock? Ra's? Yes, there are dozens and dozens and hundreds of other Shock Ra's. But the original seven are the ones that people most identify with. They're the ones that co relate from our subtle body into our physical body. Next step, we're gonna be discussing the 411 on our original seven Shock prez. I'll see you there. 19. Lesson 19: The 411 On Your Original 7 Chakras: in this lesson will be learning the 411 on your original seven chakras, the 411 on your route or base chakra. The color is read. The element is earth. The physical location is at the base of your spine. The aspects include security, sensuality, stability and money. Issues include weight, sigh, Attica leg and monetary issues. The sacred chakra. The color is orange. The element is water. The physical location is the upper part of the sacrum, right below the navel. The aspects can include enthusiasm, feeling and reproduction issues, maybe impotence, lower abdomen issues and lower back problems. The solar plexus chakra. The color is yellow. The element is fire. The physical location is between the naval and the bottom of the sacrum. Aspects include growth, opinion and personal power. Issues could include ulcers, diabetes and digestive issues. The heart chakra. The color is green. The element is air. The physical location is the center of your chest, or sternum. The aspects include devotion, love and compassion issues, maybe high blood pressure. Heart and lung issues the throat chakra. The color is turquoise to a robin's egg blue. The element is ether. The physical location is between your collarbone and your layer nix. The aspects include speaking truth, expression and communication issues. Maybe throat, colds and thyroid issues, your brow or third eye chakra. The color is deep blue to indigo with sparkles. The element is soul light. The physical location is between your brows to the center of your forehead. The aspects are meditation, intuition and clarity issues, maybe headache, nightmares and eye problems. Your crown chakra. The color is violet, gold and white with sparkles. The element is spirit and love. The physical location is the top of your head around where your soft spot WAAS. The aspects include transcendental unity, karma and universal consciousness issues. Maybe confusion, depression and apathy. Coming up next is more about your chakras. That's not all. We've got much more to come, so I'll see you there. 20. Lesson 20: More On Your Original 7 Chakras: in this lesson will be discussing more on your original seven chakras. So before we move on, one thing that we need to discuss is some more Sanskrit. So the Sanskrit that we're gonna learn is Basia mantra. As so remember, mantra is our reap, repetitions like affirmations that we say over and over again to bring our awareness back to what we're doing, whether that's yoga or meditation. But what a Basia mantra is, it's like a seed. It plants a seed in your subtle body energy, and it allows for growth. But this seed is by sounds and tones, and the reason that I'm talking about sounds and tones is because each of our shockers have a Basia mantra that's associated with it, also a certain tone that will be applied to each chakra. Now we can apply these sounds or tones many different ways. One is by chanting two or three or four different ways of musical would be, whether with a singing bull, whether that's metal or crystal, we can use chimes. We can use instruments to create that tome. We can listen to music, and just by listening to music, we activate those tones that go with each of the chakras. One Basia mantra that you may have heard goes like this home money, Padre whom? And there's a lot of different versions out there that you can look up on Amazon or other, Um, probably just YouTube. And just listen, Teoh. The chance they're associated with them, this be Jha mantra. It has its roots in the Buddhist tradition, and it said that all of Buddhist teachings are within just this small Basia mantra. It is a universal, loving and compassionate Basia mantra. So next time that you dio meditation or yoga or are just sitting, try saying Home Mani Padme, a whom to feel love and compassion and to plant that seed and to your subtle energy body. And now we're gonna learn more about the chakras, including a Basia Matra so more on the root chakra. The yantra is four pedals a square and of reverse triangle stones include Garnett and Ruby . Divine support comes from Megatron. Planets include earth, Saturn and mercury. Essential oils and other sense would include cedarwood, mur and patchouli. The verb is I have, and the sound or tone is lum in a deep sea for your sake. RL Shaqra. The yantra is six pedals and a crescent moon. The stones include coral and fire Opal divide Support comes from Ark Angel, Gabrielle. The planets, our moon and Venus, Essential oils and other sense includes sandalwood, lang, lang and jasmine. The verb is I feel the sound and tone is vom in a d. The solar plexus chakra. The yantra is 10 pedals and a reverse triangle. The stones include citrine, amber and yellow Jasper. Divine support comes from Arcangel Michael and the planets are Mars and the sun essential oils and other sense include Clary, sage, juniper and uranium. The verb is I can and the sound and tone is rahm and then e more on your heart chakra. The yantra is a 12 pedal and interlocking triangles. The stones include enrolled jade and crystal praise. Divine support comes from Ark Angel Raphael. The planets are Venus and Jupiter. Essential oils and other sense include Rose, Melissa, Narrow Lee and Camel Mill. The verb is I love and the sound tone is yum. In an F, the road chakra, the yantra is 16 pedals with a reverse triangle and circle. The stones include Lappas, lazuli, aqua Marine and Topaz. The divine support comes from Arc Angels at Keio, and the planets are mercury and Saturn. Essential oils and cents include lavender, rosemary and thyme. The verb is I speak and the sound tone is hum and a G your brow or third eye Shaqra. The yantra is 96 pedals but has to as its representatives on either side of a reversed triangle. The stones are sapphire, Opel and term Allene. Divine support comes from Ark Angel, Rosie O and planets are Jupiter Neptune, and you're honest. Essential oils and other scents include frankincense and basil. The verb is I C, and the sound tone is home and in a your crown chakra. The yantra is 1000 petal lotus with an OEM. The stones include diamond, crystal and amethyst. Divine support comes from shek Anna. The planet is your honest and Neptune. Essential oils and other sense include Lingling, Lotus and mold of ICT. The verb is I know the sound tone is home in a B. Next up is Section six. What's in a color? And in this lesson we'll learn the energy of colors. I'll see you there 21. Lesson 21: The Energy Of Colors: Welcome back to your course chakras. 101 Your original seven in Section six will be looking at what's in a color and in this lesson, the energy of colors. Colors have energy. Actually, Everything radiates energy. Colors haven't energetic feeling about them. Color therapy and crystal healing actually work with the color theory. Colors can be used to enhance balance or negate energies. So here is a color wheel. You'll see warm and cool colors, lifting and grounding colors. Happy and sedate colors. Opposites attract as well. Colors opposite each other can cancel out other colors. Colors opposite each other can mediate each other. Colors opposite each other can add to a feeling. Next up will be delving into a little bit of the basics of color theory. Stick around, I'll see you there. 22. Lesson 22: Color Theory Basics: in this lesson will be learning the basics of color theory. Colors have attributes. They are read strength, passion, fire, orange movement, enthusiasm, warmth, yellow joy, power, light green nature, prosperity, health, blue peace, calmness, water and purple spirituality. Royalty a mystery going opposite. We can see that red is opposite green. Orange is opposite blue. Yellow is opposite off purple and we can use thes intermixed with the colors of the chakra . Next up, we're gonna be learning about chakras and their colors, so stick with me and I'll see there. 23. Lesson 23: Working With Chakra Colors: in this lesson will be learning toe work with Shaqra colors by working with the shocker colors. Believe it or not, you can uncover a wealth of information such as blocks and career identity and life purpose . Trouble with decision making problems associated with forgiveness. Issues surrounding intimacy and connection. Also anxiety and stress concerns. And much, much more. Sometimes the shockers will look vibrant If you see colors, or even if you see black and white, the sparks will be just radiant. But when there's blockages, it can look a little muddy, kind of toned it down or not spinning as easily. When you work with Shah Cra's, the vibrancy and the energetic pulse is that they're going to just radiate from the center . But if there's blockages, it's gonna look muddy. What happens is it's kind of like when you try toe walk through a muddy field, your shoes gets stuck, it's hard to maneuver. It's just not a lot of fun. And for shock Ra's. If it's causing them to work harder, then you're not glowing at your maximum radiance see. So when we work with the colors and we work with the chakra colors, what happens is, it allows them to get unstuck. It helps them. Teoh, Go back to their natural radiance, See? And because it's in your subtle energy, your physical well being will see a dramatic increase in its energy. And it's spunk. You'll be amazed. So how do we work with the shock? Ra's with dousing. We can work intuitively. We can use guided meditations, and we can do what's called Scanning. Next up is Section seven scanning. And in this next lesson, we're gonna learn what scanning is. I'll see you there. 24. Lesson 24: What Is Scanning: Welcome back to your course. Shaq grows one No. One. Your original seven, this is Section seven scanning. And in this lesson, what is scanning? So what is it? Think of it as close examination, such as an Emory machine or an X ray machine. But we're gonna be doing intuitive scanning or intuitive examination. We use her hands, a pendulum, our third eye or intuition. So what can you learn from a scan? Well, we can learn about imbalances within our system. Remember, our energetic body co relates to our physical body. Muddiness are Shah CRA's not as vibrant as they should be. Do we have blocks or that sticky looking muddiness that's just kind of gumming up our system blocks blocks of any kind. This can be mental, emotional, physical, any kind of blocks we can actually look at and see where they pertain to our physical being . What is essential for our system are energetic system to run at optimal balance. When that happens and we know what it is, we can apply those things, and we can actually live a more optimal physical existence. What's beneficial for our bodies? What is it we can find out vitamins and foods that are benefit for us. We can find out situations that are benefit for us, what wonderful ways in which to live an extraordinary life. And we can find out within our own beings. Now, how do you perform a scam? First, take a few deep breaths. Focus on a Shaqra. Relax your mind. Ask for information. Allow words, images, colors, numbers and anything else that come into your mind. Just let them come. Don't be over critical. That is one thing that really blocks us from receiving information as that were overly critical. We believe we should be receiving something else, but we block out the information that's coming. Tow us freely, so don't judge yourself. Don't be critical. Let everything just come. I believe the information you're receiving and you'll receive more next up will be scanning our shock Ra's So stay tuned 25. Lesson 25: Interpreting Your Scan: in this lesson will be interpreting the skin. So now what? Now we do the fun part. Now we're interpreting the scan results. Now comes the fun part. Now we get to interpret the scan results. You may have gotten some images, John. All the images down. You don't need to draw them out. Necessarily. Just train. Remember specifically what it looked like. If you got words, write those words down. Maybe try and write the words with what they mean for you. Sounds. What kind of sounds did you hear? And what do they mean for you messages? Keep a notebook or journal handy. That way, you don't have to go searching for something and then may forget what it was that you wanted to write down in the first place. Keep one handy before you do a shocker scan. That way you can write things down. Use all of the messages as symbols. First, we can't always get exactly the right message. Sometimes it's given to us in symbols what things mean for us. Words, phrases, songs. All of the's things could have a specific meaning for you, and it's going to come to you in that way. symbols come to you as intuitive explanations. Not always will the beach be a beach, but it may be the beach from where you were on your honeymoon. It may mean honeymoon for you or vacation. It may mean something completely different for you, but it's coming to you for a reason. Do you remember the rainbow? What do rain bows mean for you? Specifically? It could have been one of the words or phrases or myth that we talked about in the beginning, but it could mean come something completely different for you. What about a hooting owl? What does that mean to you or the word ocean? You may need to do some research. Ah, word or phrase or a song that may puppet there or smell or a sound you may not know exactly . At the moment it may not mean anything to you. Do some research research. Find out what it means, and then it may apply. But remember, always use your intuition. It will guide you in the right direction. Images? What does a tree mean to you? How about a star? Ah, heart food. How about words such as thoughts, dreams, love? How about thes sounds. What do those sounds mean to you? Wow. Congratulations were in section eight. The course summary you've made it were almost there. Keep going. Don't stop. Now, remember, 100% complete and you'll get your gift along with the email of completion. So keep going. And the next lesson were going to go over what we've learned in this course, So I'll see you there. 26. Lesson 26: What We Learned: Welcome back to your course. Shaq rose 101 Your original seven Thistle's section eight course summary. And in this lesson, what we learned. You're almost done. You've done it. You've learned something new today. Wonderful. Or at least I hope you did. So let's discuss what it is that we learned in this course. We learned what energy is. So we learned what energy does for us. Our body are energetic. Body is subtle body. We have an aura which is part of our subtle energy body. And our original seven cha crows are within our subtle body, the history of Shock Ra's. We've learned where the shock Cruz originated and how they made it their way over to the Americas. Shocker, orientation, emplacement. We learned where our shock rose are oriented in her energetic body, and we learned the 411 On each of our original seven chakras Shaqra colors. We learned the colors of the chakra and what they mean for each of them. We also learned a little bit about color theory and how to apply it Energy healing and Shah Cra's. We learned what energy healing is and how it correlates with the chakras. We learned about different modalities, different techniques and different tools that we can use to learn about bringing a wholeness to our own bodies. Next up, I'm offering you a heartfelt thank you for participating. I'll see you there. 27. Thank You and Congratulations: In this lesson, I offer you a heartfelt thank you for participating. Thank you for participating in this course and for putting your energy and to completing it. I so appreciate it. And thank you also for allowing me to share the information I know and believe to be true about our chakras, our original seven chakras. 28. Introduction to Meditation - Please Listen First: Hello and welcome. I'm so glad you've decided to embark on this journey for yourself. Before we begin, there are a few things you should be aware of prior to hypnosis, meditation, or guided visualizations. Please make sure you're in a safe place. You will be going into a peaceful, relaxed state. So please, no operating motor vehicles are working on or around machinery. There is the possibility of falling asleep. If you're driving, it could be hazardous to your health. And possibly others as well. Turn out to be in the middle of crunch time at work or school, unless the program is specifically allowing you a quick recharge before getting back to your task at hand. Unless of course, you're operating a motor vehicle or some other kind of machinery and that case, refer back to the beginning. No, no. Wear loose fitting clothing. C, you can be comfortable throughout your experience. Turn off your cell phones, landlines, email programs, and anything else that could possibly go off during your relaxation time. It's time for you. And last but not least, please use the restroom. It is best to make sure you have empty your bladder so that in case you're anything like me, you'd have a panic moment trying to stumble, bumble your way. From total relaxation, the gotta go mode. You can choose to sit or lie down. Lying down is best because subconsciously, the act of lying down tells your body it's time to relax. But you can sit up. If that's okay with you. You can choose to sit. Please pick a place where you can be nice and relaxed, supported with pumps facing upwards, resting gently on your lap. Feet flat on the floor, knees, slightly apart for best comfort. Bring your tailbone slightly forward, which eases the strain on the nerves in your bum and hip area, producing a more relaxed state for your spine and does more comfortable for your whole body. Or if you're able to lie down on a couch or a bed anywhere, can be comfortable for few minutes. Stretch your body out. Kit comfortable. Turn your palms a little bit away from your sides. Feet and legs slightly apart. And in a relaxed position. Tucker pelvis under a bit to release those nerves in the area of your body, which helps the overall experience to be the most beneficial throughout your body. Wonderful. Let's begin. 29. Original 7 Chakra Meditation: Hello and welcome. I'm Tracy, You know Wagner with personal inspirations. And this is the original seven chakra meditation. I hope you'll listen to the intro for this and all other hypnosis sessions, guided meditations and soul journeys. And if you haven't listened to it, please do so. It will give you helpful tips for making this a wonderful and successful experience. Now, if you're ready to experience your original seven chakras and begin to feel their powerful intergenic radiants. Let's begin. First and foremost, make sure that you are not driving or operating any motorized vehicles. As this recording may leave you a little drowsy. That's okay. But it's not OK. If you're driving, that might be dangerous. So sure to use this recording when you're in a safe space. Thank you. First, put the intention out to the universe that during this session, you will remember the important thoughts and ideas that are for your highest and best good. Know that your subconscious and conscious mind, your guides and angels and your soul self have your back. They'll remember and be able to access this important information. So there's no need to worry about forgetting anything. That way. You can just relax and breathe. Now. Take a deep breath and let it out with now take a bit longer of a breath. All that for a quick b. And let it out within this time. Take any longer, deeper breath, and hold it. Now. Let that breath out and continue breathing normally. And exhaling naturally with the rhythm your body chooses. Now, I'd like you to be aware of your head. You see here are just no, there is a ball of white light right above the top of your head. The light is warm and comforting. See or feel the fall of radiant white light. Touch the top of your head. And as it does, you begin to feel your head relax. The relaxation moves down to your forehead, to your eyebrows, your eyes and your cheeks. And your nose beacon to feel warm and relaxed. Then down to your mouth, your jaw, your Chen. So relaxed. You feel your tongue rest gently at the roof of your mouth. The white warm ball of late. Start and relaxing your neck, your shoulders, your arms, all the way down to your fingertips. Warm and relaxed. You are chest. You are back. All the way down your spine. Each and every vertebrae. Warm and relaxed. Your stomach, your hips, and pelvic area field, warm and relaxed. Moving down to your thighs. Surrounding your knees. Warm and relaxed. And your calves, then your ankles. And encompassing your feet all the way down to your toes with the warming, relaxing blanket of pure white light. Wonderful. Now I want you to see, hear, feel, or just know the space within your heart center. That's right. That's clear. Spark. Is your source, self. Reconnect to center with your soul, self. You may be guided to police your hands gently over your chest. This as just wonderful. If you aren't, just stay here in this space, reconnecting and listening to any. Just from your soul self. Good. Now, please begin to send a chord, link, hook or other line from your soul, self, down, down, down into the Earth, about 12 inches below your feet. Here, you will feel or sense a shift in the energy. This mass is your earth star chakra. Connect and feel it to begin to ground your physical being to wise mother, Gaia. As it continues here, a link down into the center of the earth. Good. Now, please go back to your heart space and begin to send another chord, link, hook, or other line from that spark of your soul self through the top of your head and up a bit higher, about 12 inches above your head. Here, you will feel the high vibration of your stellar gateway. Connect and feel that defined cosmos. Raising your lying or hook your full awareness up into the cosmos. This rises and rises. Raising your awareness and grounding your spiritual body in pure love. Wonderful. As you are connected to the earth and the cosmos, the universe, you are grounding and revitalizing your physical and spiritual body. You are being filled up full of peace, joy, love, wisdom, and being nurtured and comforted throughout your entire being. Not a spot is unknown to the divine. Each and every organ, bone, muscle cell all the way through to the space. Within this space is filled up completely and totally. Your original chakras are absorbing, aligning, opening, activating your aura as healing, strengthening, illuminating P here for a few moments. And just accept this beautiful transference. Wonderful. Bring your awareness to the base of your spine. At the center of your body. In front of the base of your spine, you will see, hear, feel, or just envision there being a bright ruby red fear. Glowing and spinning. See this massive energy lowing and spinning, full of health and wealth. This is your root or base chakra. This whirling eliminated center is connected to your emotions attributed true prosperity and security. In fission, a bright white divine light shining into the center of your root or base chakra. Wonderful. This slight dissolves and transmits any blocks, worries, or fears associated with your feelings towards safety. Security or monetary means? Say to yourself, I am safe and protected. At all times. All of my needs are met now and always. And so it is. Now. Bring your awareness four inches above your route or base chakra. And you will see, hear, feel, or envision a beautiful orange rotating mass. This glowing circular center is your sacral chakra. This area works were thier feelings around your desires, fertility and reproduction. And vision that define a white light shining into its center. Dissolving and transmitting any blocks, worries or fears your secret chakra may be harboring, trying to protect you. Say to yourself, I am 80 vine conduit for balancing my desires and reproduction, which aligns with my highest and best good. And so it is. Allow your awareness to focus on the spot below your naval. Sitting in the center of this rotating sphere. You're stealing sip out. Personal power and growth are associated with this area. See the braid define white, light, illuminate the radiance of the yellow or dissolving and transmuting any blocks, worries or fears within it. Wonderful. Say to yourself, I am a powerful beam of light. I graciously and lovingly ask that all of my power with which I surrendered or feel is taken from me, come back to me now so that I may bless F31 and every thing with my full gradients in ways that won't deplete me. This is the growth I need and I'm willing to accept and focus your awareness now on the gorgeous green pulsing mass and the center for your chest. This shimmering emerald energy. It's your heart chakra. The Center For your emotions towards love and compassion. Without any judgment, shine the define white light to dissolve and transmute any blocks, worries or fears related to love, compassion, relationships, forgiveness, and receiving. All without judgment. Very good. Say to yourself, I am love. I am loved. I receive love. I welcome love. I am safe in love. I experienced healthy laugh. I radiate love. I am love. Now, bring your awareness and focus to the center of your throat. Somewhere around your Adam's apple, you'll see cheer field or envisioned a beautiful Robin's Egg, Blue or turquoise. Fear. Spending with a hum. You can send. This is your throat chakra. This is your communication and expression. Center. Witness. A pure white divine light shining. It's gorgeous. Raise to dissolve and transmute any blocks, worries or fears concerning expressing your personal truth. Say to yourself, I am my truth. Therefore, I allow myself to communicate in the way which honors my highest and best good. Always. Without fear, I stand in my own power and allow my higher spirits self to guide my expressions. For IOM defined and express as much. And so it is. Allow your thoughts to focus on the amazing royal blue energy center that is stationed somewhere between your eyebrows and the middle of your forehead. This metered rhythmic spinning mass is your brow or a third eye shock route. Along with the glowing deep blue of the night sky. You may see of white or purple. Almost as if you are watching a meteor shower with this cycling universe and Europe beautiful being. If every once in a while you glance and see and I looking back at you, this is your third eye being opened. This isn't normal and natural. This is this center of clarity and intuition. The define pure white light shines within this space. Solve and transmute. Any blocks, fears or worries related to clear seeing. Say to yourself, I am willing to see the truth and myself. I am willing to see the truth and others. I am willing to see the truth and situations. I am willing to see the truth and all things. I am safe to believe and trust and my intuitive gifts because they are my div fine barometer that gently guides me along my way. I trust and believe my gut instincts, they are protection from my highest and best good always. And so it is. At this time, focus the spot directly on top of your head. You may see, hear, feel, or just envision a gorgeous purple halo, cap or flattened circle on top of your head. This is your crown chakra and looks a bit different than your other chakras. While observing your crown chakra, you will notice it looks like a ceiling fan spinning above your head. Spinning energy sphere, since vibrating pulses, purple, gold peak, and white sparks as it travels and around and around. As it spins, it dries down the universal connection. Your higher mind thought here, trans personal unity with all that is and all there ever will be for ever unto eternity. Hole and blast. Envision the define pure white light, gently shining down from the cosmos, coming down into the top of your crown chakra gently to solving, transmitting any blocks, fears, or worries as associated with hearing and knowing your divine truth. Say to yourself, I am hole, I am blessed. I am spirit made manifest. I acknowledge my spirits. And soul, self. I am my divine self. I share the guidance I need to live my purpose or my soul's journey. My best and highest good, always and forever. And so it is. Now, feel, see. And now the Divine glow of the stellar gateway. Take your awareness along with your chord, link, hook or other line down, down, down, back into the top of your head, down. And to feel the safety and security of the reconnection of your soul, a self. Wonderful. Now, dry your chord link or other line back up into the soles of your feet. Or your first chakra. Backup into your soul, self reconnecting completely with your define. Once again, from the earth. Stay in this space for a moment and allow the purity of your soul. Self. Wondrous adventure. You are back from St. n. The parts you are supposed to remember flooding your every sound. The space within the space. Reverberating the healing, enlightening messages for time unto eternity. The knowingness that you are spirit, incarnate. You are define, made. And what, and then made cannot be undone. You are perfect and whole and complete. Always have been, and always will be unto forever. Fabulous. Now, begin to wiggle your fingers and toes. They may feel a little bit heavy, but that's okay. Feel your form securely supported. Wonderful. Becoming more aware of your physical surroundings. Sounds, smells, feeling fantastic. Now, when you're ready, open your eyes. Senior world in all its splendor. Blink and stretch. Eon. Taken a deep breath and let it out with him. Asa. Taken another deep breath and let it out with a fabulous taken another deep breath. Hold it for a second and let that out when you choose and continue breathing normally and naturally. Really seeing the glory of just welcome back. Wow, you did Craig. Now, while it's fresh in your mind, jot down any and all of the messages, symbols, and feelings that come to you while you are on your journey. That way you can recall it easier later on. If you feel you have forgotten something, just straight member, you can never truly forget that which you are supposed to know. Take a deep breath, reconnect with your soul self, and ask it to be revealed to you head. So it is. Amen. I'd love to hear all about your adventures if you'd like to share. I'm always here to support your trans personal journey. Feel free to reach out to me at any time I'd love to. And as always, I'm sending you and yours love light and eternal blessings. Take care.