Chakra Series: The Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra) | Dawn Marie | Skillshare

Chakra Series: The Third Eye Chakra (6th Chakra)

Dawn Marie, Integrated Holistic Wellness

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10 Videos (55m)
    • Third Eye Chakra Introduction

    • Third Eye Chakra Introduction PART 2

    • Third Eye Chakra and the Endocrine System

    • Observing Your Third Eye Chakra

    • Learning to Decipher Your Third Eye Chakra

    • Learning to Decipher Your Third Eye Chakra PART 2

    • Nurturing Your Third Eye Chakra Physical Aspects

    • Nurturing Your Third Eye Chakra Physical Aspects PART 2

    • Nurturing Your Third Eye Chakra Natural Aspects and Closing



About This Class

Prerequisite: Although I suggest watching the series in order from 1st through 7th chakra, it is not necessary.

**Note: The third eye chakra workbook and downloadable MP3's can be found under the "class project" section.

As we delve a bit deeper into the chakras, we come to our third eye chakra.  Our third eye chakra is our center of wisdom and enlightenment. It is here, that we learn to nurture our minds, our connection to intuition and open ourselves up to the "bigger picture".

Welcome to Chakra Series: Exploring the Seven Major Chakras One-by-one. (6th Chakra)

This course will guide beginners, teachers, or health professionals who are interested in delving a bit deeper into the chakra centers through a series of lessons. This course is wonderful for personal development and self awareness for those looking to personally enhance your own well being or for those who are helping others reach their greatest potential.

You will learn how to know if your chakra is out of balance, how to balance the chakra, and how to maintain balance.

Each chakra center lesson will be available separately, I would suggest watching them in order from 1st to 7th.

During this session, we will be going over:

  • How does the third eye chakra correlate with our physical, emotional, and energetic functions?
  • Determining balance: Balanced, Over active, or Under active
  • Ways to nurture the third eye chakra: physically, energetically, and mentally
  • Energy therapy sessions

During this entire series, you will also be able to download and keep forever:

  • A mini booklet that corresponds to our lessons, which includes a chakra worksheet so that you can monitor your chakras and see where your imbalances are. By the end of the series you will have a 70 page ebook full of information!
  • Downloadable MP3's for each: Observing Your Chakra and Chakra Energy Therapy Session
  • Chakra worksheets to help you determine the state of your chakra.
  • One free personal consultation with Dawn for any questions you may need answered. This consultation will be held via closed personal online classroom through text or video.

**Dont forget to watch the Third Eye Chakra Mudra Video

I am always available to answer any questions you may have, or if you are needing help during this course.

During this course, I do offer a free one on one consultation via personal virtual classroom which can be in video form or chat. Please contact me to schedule a date.






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