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Chair Massage Course-No Massage Chair Required

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

Chair Massage Course-No Massage Chair Required

Mark Perren-Jones, Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students

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42 Lessons (3h 6m)
    • 1. Welcome to my course!

    • 2. How this massage course came about.

    • 3. Why Your Chair Massage Falls Down Before The First Hurdle

    • 4. Let's Get Practicing !

    • 5. It's Time To Practice Those Techniques

    • 6. It's Time To Practice Those Techniques

    • 7. The Various Ways You Can Have Someone Seated For A Massage

    • 8. Using Your Body Correctly

    • 9. Contraindications To Chair Massage

    • 10. Lets Start Learning The Techniques!

    • 11. The Start Sequence

    • 12. Palm Walking And Double Fist

    • 13. The Cat Trap

    • 14. The Butterfly

    • 15. Using the side of your hand for the upper back

    • 16. The Forearm Press

    • 17. The Typewriter

    • 18. The Double Thumb 3 Meridian Delight

    • 19. The Erector Spinae Myofascial stretch

    • 20. The cat paws technique from the front

    • 21. Forearm presses from the front

    • 22. The neck and head sequence

    • 23. The arms and hands

    • 24. And now to finish, we do the percussion technique!

    • 25. The 15 Minute Massage Sequence.

    • 26. It is time to do the fabulous 15 minute chair massage sequence!

    • 27. The 40 minute Sequence.

    • 28. It's time to go through the entire 40 minute sequence.

    • 29. Here are some things that you should consider to take it to another level

    • 30. It's All In The Eyes

    • 31. A heads up! Certain areas are more sensitive than others

    • 32. How To Do A Calming Massage And A Stimulating Massage

    • 33. The Importance Of Getting Feedback

    • 34. Oh, Please, Please Do Not Do This!

    • 35. I Can Tell You From Direct Experience, This Is Unacceptable

    • 36. Male Left, Female Right

    • 37. The Disappearing Massage Therapist

    • 38. A Massage Chair That I highly Recommend

    • 39. An Alternative To Buying A Massage Chair

    • 40. If you are a massage therapist, why you should be doing chair massage.

    • 41. Why Chair Massage Could Just Be The Perfect Form Of Massage.

    • 42. Congratulations! You have completed my course!

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About This Class

Learn the exact chair massage sequence that best selling instructor, Mark Perren-Jones from the award winning Isla Verde Massage Spa used on thousands of people all over the World!
If you are a massage therapist or someone that has never before done massage then this course is the perfect starting point to learn this unique and incredible form of massage.

As a massage therapist, you will learn why chair massage is a MUST and is your best promotional tool for your massage business!
For those of you that are not massage therapists, but would just like to know how to give someone a great massage without buying massage creams, massage tables and you will not even need to use a massage chair- this course is definitely for you too!

As Mark explains in this chair massage course, this is how he built his massage business from nothing to having secure regular income every single week.
In this chair massage course, you do not have to buy a massage chair. You have everything you need in your house.

If you have ever wanted to be able to give a great back, neck and shoulder massage to your partner, your family or your friends but did not know how-this course is for you!
If you are a massage therapist and want to generate a LOT more income then this course is for you!
On completion of this chair massage course you will:

  • ●  Know how to give a chair massage that feels incredible using the same sequence that Mark used for in his massage business for 25 years!

  • ●  Know the specific techniques on how to perform chair massage that feels great for you and the recipient

  • ●  Have the skills to earn money by doing chair massage just like he did

  • ●  If you want to buy a massage chair, then Mark gives you his recommendations on what

    to look for in a great massage chair

    This chair massage course has been designed to give both the professional massage therapist and the lay person the skills to give amazing chair massages that will have people saying to you"Nooo... it can't be over already!" and" OMG, that was amazing!"
    Sign up today.

    All of Mark's courses are fully accredited with the C.T.A.A(Complementary Therapists Accredited Association) which means that on completion of any course you can join the C.T.A.A and receive:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Perren-Jones

Best-Selling Instructor, 100K Students


Hello, I'm Mark.

Mark Perren-Jones is a bestselling massage course and pain relief, instructor.

He is also the owner of the award-winning Isla Verde Spa, a highly regarded massage therapist, acupuncturist and Pain Specialist and his youtube channel has well over 2 million views. He has more than 25 years experience in the massage and acupuncture field and has worked in spas and clinics throughout the world. He has massaged Presidents and their families, Olympic athletes, professional sports people and celebrities around the world.

Mark's spa earned an incredible 100 out of 100 5 Star Reviews on Tripadvisor! ( 100% 5 STARS). In just 6 months after the Isla Verde Spa opened, it became the No.1 Ranked spa in his highly competitive. It was also ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my course!: Wouldn't you love to be able to give an amazing back and neck massage in nothing bought than a kitchen chair? Well, this is exactly what I'm gonna teach you. I'm Mark Jones. I have done tens of thousands of hours of chair massage, and I'm going to show you the exact techniques the exact sequence that I used on thousands of thousands of people. Now I'm gonna show you It doesn't matter if you have a massage chair or not. In fact, do the whole course on simply a dining room chair so you don't need any special equipment. If you do have a massage chair, then fine. Everything works perfectly in this cause for you to use your massage chair. Now, if you are a massage therapist and you do not already have an incredible match chair massage sequence, you are missing out on your number one promotional tool for your business, which I'm going to show you. Exactly why I say this. Now. If you just want to mess, I'd your partner or your family or friends or just want to know. How did you? An amazing chair massage for the back, neck, head and shoulders and arms. I'm going to show you my techniques that I've used over 25 years and you will have these people begging for more. I guarantee you, in under two hours, you are gonna be out of there. That the steps, the techniques and I'm gonna show you help. Effortless. It is to do a chair message that feels amazing. No more thumb circling or right. We're going to use body white weight transfers. I'll show you how to use your elbows, your forearms, all of these sorts of things without burning out your poor little thumbs. All right, this get started. 2. How this massage course came about.: so a chair massage, cause that is, right now, I have done so many different message courses. In fact, I feel a bit stupid to tell you the truth because, well, this really wasn't my idea at all to do a chair massage course it should have been because it was exactly what I did to get my business going in the first place. And I'll go into that. If you are a massage therapist, you must have a great chair massage sequence because it is your number one promotional tool , which I'll get into later on. If you're not a massage therapist, then you should be able to do a fantastic head and neck and shoulder massage in a chair, Whether it's for your partner, for your family, your friends, whatever. I promise you that by the end of this court in a couple of hours, you learn my techniques. You practice them, you be giving an incredible chair massage. That's not only fantastic that the person receiving, but it is a piece of cake for you to do as well. So let's give you this sequence that will make you give time out of time. Amazing chair messages in nothing bought that. A kitchen chair. Now, if you do happen to have a massage chair, all of these could be used on a massage chair or as simply as you see in this cause with simply a normal chair. All right, so first of all, we gotta go to appointment. Say, what's going wrong with your chair massage at the moment. 3. Why Your Chair Massage Falls Down Before The First Hurdle: So what is going on? Why can't you give a great cheer message? Well, I'm gonna show you. This is what 95 may b'more percent of the people do, whether you're a message, their post or not. This is what happens. Let me show you if this seems familiar to you. So someone asked for a message. Maybe it's just saved you by. Okay, so you wipe us for a mass? Are you all right? So you get up behind us. He sits on a chair like like I am. And you get a Honda on what you got and you have watched guy. Oh, that feels amazing. Oh, yeah, It's a year ago. I'm demand. All right, I got this going nicely. Thank you very much. Asking. Well, Grant be up around the neck, then your thumb to stop the burn a little bit. Presses Well, just dot He's a burden on my shoulders Are heard then. Oh, there you go. Sweet up. Was that it? Yeah. Oh, thanks. Look, you haven't lasted more than 30 seconds of thumbs of burning your next hurting yourself, right, King, And put it this way. If you were in a hurdle race. You didn't fall at the first hurdle. You never made it to it. All right, So what is happening? What is going wrong here? Your thumbs. A burning. Well, here's the problem. In this cause, you won't be doing some circling, Which everyone does this on top of the shoulders. Because these poor little joints, these guys are small. So you don't want to be wrecking these. And this is what a lot of massage therapists in their massage therapy in the when they're doing normal message on a chair or a table, fall into this trap and before you know, they're doing thumbs and there are workers and injured. So, first and foremost, no circling. All right, we got that. Here's the other thing. We're going to align at thumbs when we do, use them along the length of the bone. Now let's go back to your thumb. Certainly. I want to try this. So we got the thumbs like this. Now, if you push against your hand with your thumbs in this position, there's no strict in that, is there? No, it's just Oh, you don't want that. Now put your thumb like this. All right, Now, the thumb boat is a live here. Should never strength and feel that now. Now we have strength, right? Same with the fingers, you know, hope someone like this that's not good along the lines of the bone. So if it was massage, now you have strength. So there's the second thing. So no thumb circling on a line with the bones, Okay. With a large boat which will go or into throughout the course. The other thing is with this there's no body weight, no weight transparent. You just It's all muscular effort. All right? What? We're gonna do it. I'm going to show you where we're gonna start working Drew with muscular effort, So Okay, we're not doing this, all right? We are using our body, so your body weight is is doing all the work. Okay, The strength is coming from your body, but the pressure is coming from white transferred, so it's not muscular effort. All right, so that's what we're not gonna do, and that's what we're gonna do. All right, let's move on. It's time to start practicing 4. Let's Get Practicing !: Okay. So, normally, innit? Massage course. What I would be doing for you is I would start about the set up of the room or the set up of the chair of the table of the whatever that sort of thing. We're gonna dual that later because I want you to get started practicing, cause I figure we can get this going and you could start practicing while you watch the rest of the course. See? So All right. So now here's what we know. We're going to be using their heels off hand. So you see, the four are going up like this, And this part here is what you're going to be using. So let's let's do another little experiment here, okay? I want to press against your hand with along here. All right? Press like this. She There's no strength in that. You can feel that that she hurt my wrist to do that. So that is not where we're gonna put the pressure. When we start using our hills, you're going tol hands. You're gonna use the heel of the palm always. All right, So now you do that. Feel that No pain. Is that all right. Come back to here. I don't jams up in the wrist. Or so that's the first thing. Now we are going to Jews. Just a few simple techniques were getting exported and techniques were used needing. We're going to use compression. We're going to use squeezing, and we're gonna use percussion. Are so he's gonna do it when you use the heels of the hands now needing. Is this simple? So put your heel onto your forearm like that. Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna just rep your fingers around. Not time. Just basically caressing. And then you got another needing one is not much Mama's pressure. I just You're not sliding over the skin on this, but we're just going toe press three apart, okay? And why you got all right? It was pretty good. Now, here's what I'm not doing. I'm not standing or sitting here on Just doing this would look at my arm. All right, what we're doing. Look at this. We're gonna stop using that money, but see me rocking. See that? And look, the elbow does not straighten or bend. All right, so it doesn't have a little hint. So rock yourself to decide pressure into the hell I'm keeping your fingers just not wrapped around. All right, there's needing pressure through the hell, OK, no, I say now, by the way, what I suggest you do. I don't think you got to see if I have put your hand, like on your somewhere. Probably on your desk or something. Wherever you are, you gonna hold up like I'm doing. I'm holding it up for the camera. Now, the next one we're going to be doing is compression. So needing like that compression Now off my biceps artist. If you see now, compression, you wanted always to perpendicular to the to the muscle. So it was 90 degrees. So you don't want to be sliding up. So we pressed down through the hell again. Always through the hell here. So I'll show you what fingers were wrapped around before. We just didn't needing like this. Now we gonna go straight into the muscle. So again you have it down your your leg and do your forearm or something like that. Or you could just do your leg if you want to. So you see rep the fingers around loosely and press in again body weight. It's not this We're not moving ashore, so press into the hell, and there you go. So whether we're doing at thumbs okay or a hails, that's compression. Just pushing in. Okay, using here, or I'm gonna show you later on whether we're using out your forearms. But it's perpendicular. It's all we need to remember perpendicular and body weight. And you go. All right. 3rd 1 is squeezing basically the same thing. But we're going to bring the fingers in now. We're not gonna curl. Their fingers were not going into a claw grip. All right, You don't want to be doing this and then do this to the person, because that's going to be very uncomfortable. I think you'd imagine. So you use the flat sea of fingers, so we're squeeze to push her the hell as squeeze. So it's a combination compression. We were just going like that right now. We're gonna come around and we're gonna do a squeezing motion. I'll use my bicep once again. My apologies to you, by the way, that you know there's not much of a bicep to see, but, you know, back in the day Whoa, now. Kidney. Never really been much of a anyway. Hand on wraparound press and squeeze. It's the same movement, right? So you gonna do a compression. But this time you're going to be pulling back. You're squeezing. So make sure when you do this that you you really got your wrapped around nicely. So if you're doing the forearm so I'm gonna show you this side, Okay? Yeah. Body went same thing, but this time you combining compression with your fingers squeezing. So let's do that. How about that? Not a thumb circle insight, and it builds amazing. And it will to your client now. So let's a little quick little recap here needing the other hand there needing Okay. Now it's pretty much an introductory stroke. This as it's a lighter stroke and you can't do it heavier, But you just lightly okay? Compression. Okay. Needing compression. Now, remember when you need it. I didn't know my body. Remember? We do. Okay. Was that so? We're needing compression squeezing. Okay, Maybe you want to keep your shoulders down at all times. By the way, we're gonna be hooking up here. That's that's you doing the thumb circle to hook up. Otherwise you'll need a message more than the person you're messaging. So always keep your shoulders down. So don't hit your shoulder. All right. So whatever your heart was squeezing another last one is percussion. Now there are various ways to do percussion. But there's one way to do the different hand positions. But what do you want to do? We're not. Pummeling is basically what I'm trying to say when it comes to percussion. This is stimulated that you do at the end of the message. And no, you could do the old favorites all karate chop. The trick is to have your wrists nice and loose. We're not doing this way. Don't do that. That's probably not very PC Evening doing that. Terrible watching Roger. Roger Sound. That is my karate chop sound. My apologies. Most reasons now we could do the sides like that. We can do loose fists like this or on their sides like that. And we can also do the little him pick. You do like this. So remember, it's not your not chopping wood. We're not going like this. All right? That will not be comfortable to the person you messaging. What we're doing is basically flicking off. So when you do it, that put bum bum And you feel that Now, if you have a firm wrist chopping wood, not jumping with nice and loose, it was good. Do you fish down like this? Really springs back. That's the thing that springs back him. Pick something so we can use variations of these or, um, if you want. Okay, So what you do two hands like that on the back zone, as I will show you through the course. So therefore, things needing compression, right? Let me get the needing. Compression, squeezing and percussion less is more. 5. It's Time To Practice Those Techniques: now. When I last spoke, I finished the last lecture saying less is more. What on earth did he mean by that? Well, let me share this with you. You know, here's one trap that you don't want to fall into. You can see where cheer message or any message on I fell into this trap when I started messaging. I'd be wanting to learn all these different techniques and then I was gonna add them to my message. Do you know what happens? You end up doing stacks and stacks of techniques. Most of them. That's a 60% you do on your pretty ordinary because you're just not that good or they just don't feel good. So I thought the more techniques I can put in are gonna blow these people are way. They're gonna love my message. What actually really had most 30 to 40% of my techniques were good techniques. The rest was just a hodgepodge. So keeping it simple is not only great for the for the practitioner, it's easy to remember the sequence, but it's also fantastic. The client, because you're doing a few things really, really well on this is no different to this course now, a couple of things we need to go through here. So remember when we were talking about the techniques? When you want to do whips the back, what have you Let's say we're doing the arms saying I haven't arm in front of us When you do let you say we're doing, for argument's sake, the compressions we're going to under here. You don't go from here and then come down here. You want overlap? So let's say you go, Harper hand length down. So up with this here. So your press go down like half a length 1/2 a hand with the big pardon as you go along. So you're really covering all of the limb, so you're not missing out places like that? All right, so that's just a little tip as you go down with us. The back What have you always overlap? It'll be a much more complete message. Now, speaking of message, I'm gonna talk about pressure now. So many massages again, whether it's chair massage or whether it's a table massage. I had a student Tell me one gave me a bad of you not so long ago because I was talking about in the course that the vast majority of people want a massage that you can feel, you know, that you rest. I feel that it feels good. You're getting into the muscles, you know that That is not what I call a skin polisher. These to light mess, sergeant, you're used to trying to go to get into, You know, I want to feel your working my muscles now. She then wrote to me and Brody Review and said, You know, I don't agree with that. My guess is this that the people, that's the light light massage. Had Bean had experience of getting a massage with way too deep. So that's why they asked for a lot of message because it was just waited some cowboy within their gung ho, you know, here these people say, Oh, you know, I had a message. Oh, really? Been built, really beat me up. But two days later, I felt so much better. Of course you did. The bruising was starting to subside, so no era. So let's not too heard not to light the Goldilocks Zone. I call it just right. How do we do that? How do we get to the Goldilocks Zone? So let me give you a little tip here. Get your four on there. Now, as you person president, before our it's soft, soft up and then you get a resistance, right? Okay, clench a fist and you could feel that there is the feeling you want to get. See? How do you feel that you go? Oh, yeah, I can feel that. That's you know, that's hard. That's what you want when the muscles relax, so unclench your fist come down. Do you feel that hard to sit? All right, You feel the thumb stop. That's where you want to be. That's what I call happy pain, where it's never more than a happy pain. So heavy pains where person goes, I really when you're working there is really good, Yet I had a little bit. It's fine when it's too much. Is when there tensing up? Oh yeah, he's good. You're trying to relax the muscles. The last thing you want to do is the person's because you're too deep there tensing up your fighting each other, and that will lead the person sore. So let's just say here tense. Get the feeling of that type muscle there. So now relax it and go down to the pressure. What you feel it stopped and so used that. Just put that into the back. You mind? That's what you're trying to feel for. So as you practice as you watch the other lectures, you can do this. I just practice body way. Align the thumb. Uh, when do I feel that start to start to stop? Okay, so practice that and not by the way, you want to practice both arms? Yeah, both arms, both hands. You want to be because you're gonna be using both And you don't want one nice, relaxed muscle when the other one's all tense. So I get that feeling. Is your starting Teoh start to go through the course here, feel what it feels like? So then we get into someone's back, that sort of thing and their arm that something. You get to understand the certain pressures on what it feels like to get to that point. Now there will be little very in seven people. Margo, what's too strong or something? But it will give you a ballpark, too, so that, you know, just So you want to feel that starting to tense up when you're at that level, that's where you want. When you start to feel that resistance, then you're about right. 6. It's Time To Practice Those Techniques: All right, So we're gonna start doing some practicing of the techniques that I just showed you before now. So let's start with the needing. Remember, we're going to use this part of the heel, the heel of the palm there. So hands the fingers or not tired. So we're just gonna practice on our own forearms to get a good feeling of what it feels like. Just, basically, just grab hold. You're not squeezing. Just wrapping them around more than anything we're gonna do. Three lives were going to go down here, end up here. They would have a second line from basically a biceps tendon here, the middle of the elbow straight down there, and then we're going to come down on the inside of the elbow. The media was side. Okay. Now, when you go into this side because we want to do 90 degrees perpendicular, you have to just change your angle slightly. So you're not gonna come straight down? You're gonna come in more cause we're going in towards there. All right, now. So let's start here now. When you do your your pop, your palm work, what you wanna do, You don't want to start here and then go way down here. You wanna overlap each time so my hand finishes about here and come back here. So you're always overlapping. So remember, you got to just use your body weight as you press your heel in with your hands, just gently your fingers just gently rapping around. So what? Here we go. Shall we do some now? I suggest you do two or three circles. When you do you needing time. You can work that out in your time. How much time you've got? You could doom or if you want it, so it's not too deep. It's just really nice. No good, this in a lot. And it feels really fantastic. We're not slipping over the skin. Their fingers are tired and we just It's just a really beautiful introductory stroke, if you like technique, so you could see that there. I never come down the Inter Milan and you see the hands and nice and loose. Just gently class me around the forearm, right? So there's one technique. Now let's do the same with said Stay part of the heel always and now going to compression. So we just gently leader Now make sure that you have your shoulders down on old times. You don't be lifting your shoulders. You need a message more than the person massage down the center line. So you're just leaning down so you can see my my body. Even Justin shot as I leaned down each time. I'm not steadied on just doing this. She has no body movement there. So what? I'm doing it just leaning over like that on So oppressing. So needing was like this pressing aesthetic press. Now, make sure when you're pressing urine compression, you would go in and out down onto the tissue and at the same pace come back up. So you don't really this job, Jeb? All right. You're the same pace down. So if you need to count it one and two, one and two to get this lovely rhythm going, Okay. Now let's do some compressions with thumbs. So now the thumb we're not going to use for sure it's not like this. You're not gonna present. It's too hard on your joints, which you have nice strength. Um, if I was to do it like I was going to imply, I just gently grabbing here and once again, always using the body like you could see that there as we take it down. So I'm just gonna show you to give your understanding how these techniques and help feels so you can get a feeling of have this feels now forearms. So we're gonna use their forearms. Now you can use your forearm with your hand sideways like this. Now again, if your hand is not gonna be like that, I'm just showing you have a nice and loose no extra energy attention where you don't need it now said this. We're working on the bones of your forearm there, OK, your own a bone. So where you down and lean and you slow these down. It feels absolutely fantastic as you just lean down. So I don't know compressions with the side of the forearm, The owner side. Now, if you want to do if you say you had a bony Clyde or someone it was weaker only or job. You don't have so much pressure on them, you can then put the head face down and now you're on. You're on the fleshy part of the forearm here, so I'll be a strong once again. Just doing compression like that. Now you are Newsome. Um uh needing. Do the circles. Now again, I am not sitting aesthetic And my shoulder is doing all the work. Not at all. You see, my everybody here, it's that where the movement is coming from, my upper body is rotating on. That's where we're gonna just do this. We're gonna really record shoulders. So you see that it's just how to use your forearm in needing. Now go boats. You want a stronger pressure? You flexi over more and more as you get more of a more pointy over and you just go gently. Make sure your shoulder is down, your hands relaxed. I know what you go. And there's another technique. So you practice on your forearm and bio maid's practice. You know both sides, you want to become ambidextrous, and so you want to practice both sides. So, by all means, plus you'll have one tight for on the one most one. If you don't do this, that makes no sense at all. So you could see that now squeezing technique. Remember, we're not just not pinching a good squeeze and lean down as your squeeze. You see my everybody again there as we leaned down as we squeeze, we're also gonna practice all of these methods. Okay, So practice both hands, and now we're gonna dio percussion. Now we can use the and picking type one. Now that the trick to percussion is, it sort of flicks off. So you have to have a loose wrist. So I'm just gonna take this off the table. Otherwise it's gonna make the camera. Yes. Yeah, that's how you do it naked. Do this side of the fish like I showed you. There's a loose fist. You do karate chops, but everything's loose in the wrist. OK, that's where you want Tobe. A nice and loose You could use back your hand. Okay, so that's what you want to do. So that's why you have to do. And I want you to practice. Those feels fabulous. Anyway, why wouldn't you want to practice? And so now we take a skills to practice on a person, a family member or someone 7. The Various Ways You Can Have Someone Seated For A Massage: all right now. So now let's talk about the set up. What chair? Okay, so let's go for three things. If you're a say, a massage therapist, you've got a massage chair, then obviously, you're going to use that. And if you're gonna do this, say the fears, trade shows, markets. That's something you'd want to get a massage chair. If that's what, you're going to actually do it as a for a business to earn money. Or if there's a message therapist to use it to promote your business, to bring people into the clinic, doing chair mess, sergeant and money sort of thing like that. Okay, But I would just probably 95% of the massage therapist don't even have a massage chair. And certainly if you're not a message therapist, But you wanted you got this course because you want to give your partner a massage or whoever. Then I'm sure you probably don't have a massage chair either. So what we need is just a normal kitchen chair. I'm gonna show you some different options. All right. So you can see here. Just a dining room chair. I'm sitting on here. No. Now what? I told you before that maybe I didn't know. I don't think I did. I don't know what I told you when I was massaging people. Companies going around company now, I didn't tell you. So when I was messaging people at companies, then I didn't have a massage chair, and I wasn't. They didn't want me to bring in Massachusetts. There wasn't room. So they want a bit of massage people at their desks. Okay, so that you know, they're employing me to do that. So But they wanted them just seated there in their chairs like this. This is your least desirable option. Okay, this is the least desirable because you can't get to the middle and lower back. So imagine here. So this is that person, you know, having to come up and Massad from behind here sort of thing so you can do the neck, the upper back, the arms, and that's something. But you can't do any work on the middle and lower back. All right? So if you have the option, you want to spin them around. You can't do it with a chair that has arms generally, unless they flip up because you want them to straddle the chair. Right. So let me show you. This is how I'm going. Teoh, do the sequence on a chair with a person with my son. Straddled as you'll see as we come into that. Now, let's have a look here, so All right, so now we're starting the chip. What? I okay now? You don't want the person. You don't want this. All right? You don't want the person. Say what you're going to do. You're going to get below and put it there. Now you want the person like you're up and about, and then you just relax over here. What you don't want them to do is that their neck is getting choked off here. You don't want that, obviously. So you've got to get that, then just relaxed and they were beautiful. Ready for meself. Just waiting for a massage therapist. Really? Now, if the person like my son, as you'll see later on, he's just too small or the back your chair just to hide the person. Then you go get yourself double a pillar getting now, but sitting higher, another pillow, and then you go. They are rather so if it's you get camping. Two persons of the neck, they get them to sit higher on. Then just like that. Beautiful. And where you go? All right. So as you'll see throughout, of course, as we go through, all of these things will teach you on this cheer you can do apart from when you start the neck. And I explained through that if someone has a massage chair, just a little slight variation. But everything else you could do perfectly on a chair like this Or if you've got you don't have a chair, you're happening to sit on a log or bench his thing. You do there. No. So let's say I do not have a chair. But I do have a log. A stump. Mellie stumped, as we say in Australia now. So what do you do here? Well, you could do a couple of things. One. You just just like you're reading a book. You just put your hands on this. No, that's all you do. And then they could message your whole bag and why you go. And they could do your arms. And you got that or another way you do it. Did you come here late on your desk put you there. We'll get anything that you put in front. You could put your arms like that. Away you go. All right, so there's your options. So essay straddling the chair, you'll see that throughout the course. If there's not a chair back, I say it's a stool. Then you put your arms, your forearms onto your legs, and away you go. 8. Using Your Body Correctly: So let's just have a look. Okay, so we know that this is not the way we should be doing it. There's no body weight transference. There's no energy coming from the legs. It's not the way to do it. And you can see the shoulders air up. That's not good. Shoulders down all the time. So don't wonder, is majority. I'm a nice big lunch stance. So you could say they lined up the front foot points forward, and you worked through going from your front foot. But you see, we're not coming back under the back foot. Now, here's what you don't know. You don't, aren't you? Lower back like that. You see that? That's hyperextending it. Lumber back and likewise, you don't want to be flexing like thistle, the shoulders compressed in the lower back. You're just gonna get sore. So what you would do? You were pretty much live stuff up your spot along the angle with parallel line with not parallel but a straight line with your back leg. You see, there were just using her body right through that this neutral spine. Now you see, my left foot is forward and I'm working with my right hand. So I want to do this in the majority of cases. So just like if you're throwing a stone, you have your left foot forward if you throw with your right hand. So you see that now as we go further down, you drop your back foot further back. Okay? So then you can access that lower back. So you get lower center of gravity, and that's what you do. Now here's the opposite side of my right foot forward. We'll work down and you drop that back foot back through with further when you need to to get lower down, to have a good body mechanics all the time. So we were just doing some needing there, as you can see once again using the heel of the hand so you can see that you want to practice this at home as you go down Now change legs again and you could see my We just don't have needing through there. And I says to go further back down. We take that back leg further back. Now you're not going. It's just showing you're not going to go right back onto your back foot like that that's way too far. It's Do you really is staying on your front leg now? I just want to show you. Here's your front leg position here right now. You wanna have You don't have the need for right out like that over the top of your toes. That'll damaging me. So you want to have it pretty much vertical all the time or very close to it. All right, so there you have it. 9. Contraindications To Chair Massage: now we wouldn't know snow when you should not give someone a chair massage on days nos contra indications when you should not massage them to put it in a nutshell. If used the old saying, if in doubt, don't all right, So if you're not quite sure, get them to ask the doctor Patoka to massage them. And there really were not comforting things. If you know other things, you're not sure off. It's really infections. You don't sound like a skinny. You generally want to this, but someone's got some sort of contagious skin infection or or even a bio, a flu, that sort of thing. You don't get that so these sorts of things. You know what messaging over bruisers, caps, wounds, that sort of thing. Obviously, that's, you know, and also inflammation. So quite often you find people will think they've got inflamed muscle. When it's not information, you have cardinal signs with inflammation. So like Oh, God, I'm playing muscles. They think they're playing, but they're actually not on information. General. Come. You see there would be redness. They'll be paying to be loss of function. You won't get moving properly. Hate and that sort of thing. So you're only just stood up if it's inflamed but again, So you want to kind of stick to that thing of do no harm. So no one's gonna thank you for trying to do something out of your area of expertise. So because you might actually make them worse, Or so you always want there on the side of caution and as a side you just remember if in doubt, don't. 10. Lets Start Learning The Techniques!: All right. So it's time to start working on someone's body. So time to get out of the chair and start to learn the sequence. So what I'm gonna do through this section of the course is I'm going to teach you how to correctly do It's a step. All right, so then you present, then we're gonna put them all together. OK, But first of all, we're gonna learn individually which ones? What? You're gonna be in the sequence, which ones for you to do, and then you learn them. And then we're gonna put them all together so you can practice and do the whole thing together. So now let's get started and let's learn the steps. 11. The Start Sequence: Okay, lets get this show on the road. So the very first thing that you need to do is you just center what's called centering. So it's a few moments for both you and the person you're massaging. Just rest your hands on their shoulders so they get they get used to your touch and just do that to removal of stresses out of your mind. And then what I feel about, if I stroke, so then you just going to lunch position. And if you're very light, sort of feather strokes, you see that and then we go into a sequence. So once again, these are just introductory stroke, this one. So you're really just going over the top of the skin and just doing circles all the way down the right hand side. So you see my body still rocking, even though there's no real pressure involved. Okay, so there's the base of the neck there. We're on the camera side, off the spine, the right hand side. I'm standing the left used to heel of the hand and off the spine between the spine. So there's a basic the day, and we're gonna go into that under the red despondent where the muscles are not between your shoulder blades and you spied so it might just end up a little tour as you get up to the top there and we're doing some hill circles as we practiced. Come down a little bit pressure into the hill right there. You see that to hear you had and just doing Nice Hills, whose interest, despite they seem my left head goes with that. That's what they call the mother hand in shots. It's just comforting. It's stabilising. So I always do that. Now you see my thumb you can have up there, or you gonna be by your side, whatever you like, the thumbs not do any work. So it's not like you're gonna damage it. We're really just using the hell, so wherever you like, so he'll circles. So now you contacting the muscle. This feels absolutely live. Don't you see my body? No. Taking that back foot back, keeping the center gravity low there, and now when you get to the bottom that the bottom is exactly where you are into the barracks and the hips, you go out laterally. We'll show you that again. So stay off the spine. Now you're using the hill right there. We're going to hell. Compressions now. So impressed. Don't make sure you get your shoulders down. Relaxed. Have a pressing in. Using your body weight. Transferring. You see my legs working. That's where it's coming from. Just not seed after the hell there. I move my foot back again as we come down, Lowers it back apart. Always find now one thing you don't want to have your elbow locked out. You don't have any joints locked out, so you would have just a slight bend. When you're doing these, it's just good health. Fear joints. So you see that always not just a slight bend, but the Ben stays in the same position. I'm not changing the bend, if you know what I mean. So we come down here is we get to the sacred and then just work your way. So it's just second you come out laterally across the hip, so you're pressing it through the hill day and you might have come around a little bit to you right there and you're pressing and you might need a little bit of your chest muscles. Perhaps but just use your body weight and then some water, but the waterfall strokes. So we're changing up the pressures with these little feathery strokes and now to the other side. So you get this contrast all the time. It's really lovely. So once again, we're going to do the same on this side to have changed because you know I'm right for this forward or treating the left hand side with their left hand. And now, once again, you work with your hill circles and you can really slow this down once again, pressing into your heel, I said we practiced this. So you should be well aware of this mother hand up there again. You could say that. I've got that on the right hand side there. Now, as I just work your heels down down along that erector spine and myself once again, doesn't matter where your thumb is here because we're not putting pressure on that. That is really all through the hell, Of course. So wherever you like, what do you want to do? I just find it comfortable like that. We're going down. So you see my body words always rocking forward, always on my mind right there on the front foot, and I just dropped that other foot back, you see have dropped back there. So we come down around the hip area, you see that they're beautiful hips evals It's so easy to do and now he'll compressions. So you wonder why you're doing all these thumb circles in this sort of thing when you've got all this strength to be out of, put onto the person at minimal effort, just using your body weight, weight, transference and the right parts of your your forearms in your hands. So you just see that hill compressions leaning your way in Just sinking in. Nothing jagged is beautiful. Deep compressions here, there's your sacred. Okay, so you got to the base of the spine and there you work your way out literally about to change. It can come around little bit to the left hand side with the back foot to come around, and there you have it, and then just follow that up with some nice little waterfall strokes. Beautiful 12. Palm Walking And Double Fist: So what we're gonna do now is we're going to do alternative palm walking. So once again, you start at the top of the shoulders, get your position, your lunch position. They might have to stand up a little bit higher at the top there. And, um but make sure your shoulders are still down and we just walking down on the side of the spot once again using the heel of your hand. Now, when I'm up at the very top, it just Let's just show you this as you go through just alternating, and then you're going through the hit there now where we got the top DeSousa. I'm actually using my thumb between. There's not much space between limbs, spine and shoulder blade there. So what I'll do is our press in like that. You see that? So up at the top there, I really used to use the thumb as you just lean into the thunder, and then you could flatten out and use more of your heel. You see that there as you go down. It is just more space otherwise used to be going on top of the shoulder blade there to come down take your back foot back, keep that posture and then go out laterally across the buttocks. Hip area. It feels fantastic. Now we're going to use fists. You can see the knuckles are going to use here, and we're gonna use the fists now and just stand out toe and press down there. I just moving away down the spine. Obviously, no. On the spy on the side of the spine. Can you make sure you keep your shoulders down? Got your back in a good position and you're dropping that. Let that back leg back in the lunge position each time you go down there so you're lowering your center of gravity. So to really nice things, that alternative power morning. And then double fish usually chest muscles a little bit to push in when you're going through there. All right, so I'm going to repeat that so you can practice that. So once again, just walking it down, using your thumbs there, Maurin towards the pressure on the thumbs. Now, if you're finding out you've got pain in your wrists, you want to move yourself away a little further so you might be too close to the person's body. If that still doesn't help you, then you might want to leave this. What out? Because you have got a bad risk, that sort of thing. So what's the others? Just show you said there were just pushing there, and it really gets into those Ron Boyd matters. There's not between the shoulder blades there. It's a really, really nice just right in there. You see that between the shoulder blades aspired to put that pressure to there, and then we just turned. Those has ever so slightly around. It still is through the here, where I'm still going to pressure through the thumb. But there's not much has got the thumbs up like that. It's more than hell that we're pushing through, and they're once again. So just practicing these movements, they're sort of groove them in. So they become. There's something you get used to it again. You see that I'm using the flats there, and then we go gently pushing down through there. So once again, as a emphasized throughout the course, we're using her heels. Me, Jeff Fisher. We're gonna use their elbows, forearms their thumbs have saved and these big, broad areas that we're using toe press with feel much better as well, and then just work away at luxury. So when we get to that basic space, don't feel the sacred, the bony area, the pelvis there you got. 13. The Cat Trap: now we're gonna work the trapezius muscle. They see how I've got my hands like that. My fingers along. They're not indep laws. So not my fingers out cold on what you gonna do? You gonna work these trips to see her alternate fists like a cat does when it's, you know, getting into its better. What have you pushing through the heels? So this is why your fingers wanna be flat. Do you see that like that? If you if you kill him in your you're gonna grab the person and be really a couple of front there. So the pushing is upward through there through the hill. They're pushing, pushing, pushing. People have this for a long, long time. Now I'm doing both at same time with a little jiggle. See that at the top there, squeeze and jiggle so you can do both. Or do you want a time? So what you do, you grab the muscle you're squeezing, pulling it up, and a little jiggle which is really stretching out the fibers they could do, or today that you just do one at a time and you can do by at the same time. 14. The Butterfly: Now what we're gonna do now is the butterfly stroke. So you see here, look up my hands. They're very much like a butterfly. Hence the name. So the thumbs oppressed in towards the thumb area there, and we're going to go other side of this body you see, just along that area there. And that's where your pressures, especially between the shoulder blades off the spine on either side of the spine, is always and we had a press down. So you your body weight as you lean forward and make your way down the spine. Now, if it hurts your wrist a little bit, move your body back further. You got all the way down to the lower back and you're pushing through those heels again and then use your chest muscle little bit as you go laterally across the hips. I've got a better angle coming up there for you as you work across the hips and then a butterfly stroke and why we go again so you could see that. So I just worked my way down the spine and just again the things that just, um, caressing the ribs. If you like no tension that has repressed. And then we say, usually chest mothers and laying forward as you pressing perpendicular, as always in the compressions in across the hips just shows another angle here as well. So you have to stand up a little bit higher as you started the start and then just drop your foot back as you work your way back there and as safe, hurt your wrist and you move your way back further further. Wife in the body that should help the compression of the wrists. If it still hurts, then you you might want just instead of doing this one, do the double fist compression instead. So you see that it's a lovely stroke. Nice compressions. It really covers the back beautifully. As we work our way down, it just feels absolutely fantastic. You could see there as a pressing through the hips across the buttocks here, out towards the hip bones. The greatest cantor. There you are 15. Using the side of your hand for the upper back: Okay, so now we're gonna use the sides of her hands. So it's that laetrile age that side of you longer finger of your little finger there and we're gonna work on top of the shoulder here between despite on the shoulder blades. And it's just so easy. You just leaning down. You can see my body. Why? It's still working. You see, we go across the top. So obviously staff the bone. Okay? And so this is where you'd normally be using. But the average guy would be using. Or gal, for that matter, would have using their thumbs and wearing their thumbs out wigger do it effortlessly, effortlessly. I wish it was effortless to say, effort, listless. Still going. Forget it. Anyway, that's the message. So you can see which is working around those between the shoulder blades and talk across the top there, which is going super spin Atis area. And we just work along there and it serves as I say, just you can feel the budget. Stay off the bones now, Right now, between the top of the shoulder there and going between the shoulder blades there and the spy just see and you feel it through a few nature. There's a short right stay off that bone and in between. So this is absolutely most perfect part of your hand to work down through here. And you could save me. Still rocking. I'm rocking my body weight each time I do it. So you say this is we're putting people using their thumbs were doing this smart little people at me. So there you have it. Look at that. Just going down through there. You can work all through there and it feels amazing and it's so easy to do. So you see that we're just working through there. You will get no complaints from your client, your customer, your partner, whoever or your 10 year old son. So he's gone completely. Jello. So now we've done all through that area there. So you just see it's all those knots there, And so we're going to be using air, forearms and so on and so forth to get into even deeper levels. But this is just such a perfect way just to work around now and you see him going to work this whole quarter. So from the spine basically to the edge of the shoulders, and now we're on top of the shoulder blade. And for those you know, anatomy, were you working the interest? Bananas and Terry's major and minor. They're coming right out to the shoulder. So again you could just see my body is doing the work. I'm not standing statically and moving your working my shoulder and you just say we just in the lunch position and it's just heavily and we're not burning out our thumbs. All right, so they've got that. You see, You see how I'm just power painting, So this is a good idea for you to if you're not quite sure what used to feel. Certainly when you're starting out, where's the shoulder blade? So you just use your other hand for your fingers with your fingers and find out where the bones are and that sort of thing. So I say you don't want to be messing a messaging on top of the sitting on top of the spine . But on any bony prominence is because it just does not feel good as you can imagine. So you're just working through the know if you find that you're flicking a little bit the muscle there on the erector spinal muscles. That is when we're back there. You just want to make take it more virtually vertically. Your hand should go sort of up more in an oval shaped as opposed to a circle shape. You know what I mean? Sem or superior to inferior make that longer. Such more oval shape. If you find you're flicking on the Erector spine a muscle there. Okay, Now let's do the other side here. So same thing we're recreate everything there. So on the alleged practice, the other side you've heard enough of May. Let's cue the music, maestro. 16. The Forearm Press: Now we're going to start working with elbows and forearms. Now we're going to go right for this. Run board, air through the tree and do the whole wreck despondent right down to the lower back. Now, if you want to use your word and you want a cup, it you can to give you more security, especially when you're starting off. So you could just cup around the elbow and work like that, especially a bigger person. You want to use your help. But now, Liam, obviously small I'm gonna use. Use your forearm and you see, I've got my palm down. So it's just there's no bone because that would be way too strong for him. So yeah, it's so you'd use forums like this for some of those elderly. Something can't take much pressure a young child just to make it easier on them. But if you want to make it stronger like I showed you earlier on, you turn your hand like a karate chop position, which brings in your own a bone, which makes it stronger. And it's gonna go stronger again. You just flex deal by more and work in with the elbow and I say Cupich to make it easier for you, especially as you're getting used to it. Staying off the burns is always and we're working from the top of the shoulder around those wrong boards. So where, you know, the month punter would be using their thumbs and destroying him? Where now? Using her for us. Now, what's this? What's this closing? As we get further certain flick off. Look what I do. I grabbed my left wrist and turned horizontal, so I'm using those inches of my forearm at a heart horizontal position There. You see that? So that gives you really good control. If you went down vertically, her to flick off the muscle and not be nice at all for the person you massaging. Yeah, of course. We go to the other side. So your moon, if you're new to this, this will take a bit of practice, but it's absolutely worthwhile doing it And just keep practicing because the more you get better, you get using your forearms, your elbows, the easier it is on your body and it feels better. These large surfaces with elbows, forearms, fuel absolutely fantastic. And it's an absolute doddle. Try translating that you to meet translated captions Guy. It's an absolute doddle, very, very easy to perform as a practitioner and say the client feels fantastic. So you see, I'm just working nice and slow. Really slow it down. As you work these deeper levels, you always wonder. Really slow it down. Just see that and then much again, I grab the wrist, go horizontally so you won't flick off the muscle. They don't. You could go even higher up to go horizontal, depending on how you're feeling or you could cup it as well. But I find this is a really nice way. Make sure you postures good. Keep that back foot going back to the loss Ever attended a gravity and there you have it practice that it's wonderful. 17. The Typewriter: So here we have the type of what I call the typewriter. Now you're just working through again. The same area trapezius muscles, the upper back area between the shoulder blades. Do it slowly and firmly. If you do it, listen quickly and it will tickle generally on people cause a tense. So you just want to go to your nice and slow and deep, and it's just like to say like like pressing a typewriter. But those of you, unlike myself that can actually usual their fingers when they type. I'm a two finger type, but anyway, that's for another discussion. So just working them through there, you can see that it feels really nice at a completely different technique to all of the others, which makes again really interesting. 18. The Double Thumb 3 Meridian Delight: All right, Now what we're gonna do do double thumbs. So one thumb on top of the others reinforce tons. Now we're going to do three lines. Now, here's the base of the neck. Go down. So here's the spy. So we're obviously gonna stay off the spinal Times. Now there's a little gutter right next to the spy. That's the first line down. They're gonna be so going along Bladder Meridian points in Chinese medicine. Okay, so I'm gonna get out. I would go around about 3/4 of an inch, centimeter and 1/2 or so each press. OK, remember keeping your thumbs your larger, your thumbs, their best you can. And in the second line, we cut. So we'll go down and they will come literally across the hit on these acupressure points. Acupuncture points. We just go out across the around the hip area. The 2nd 1 comes on top of the muscle. So you've got this direct despite. And that's also the second my comes right on top of it, and we'll go out again on the third line now. So here's your shoulder blade right here. There's opponent, the shoulder play. We're gonna come just made it to that. Just obviously, stay off the shoulder about shoulder blade picking bones. No fun. And we'll just go down the third line there. They were gonna repeat it on this side. Okay, so one thing on top of the ever, you got to stand up a little bit, Tola, as you have such a wide lunch dance, you beautiful. You have to come down perpendicular, so these first ones might not see is very well trying around just taking see better. So your heads have to be almost like little tripods. Because if you don't, then you fall into this. This pump, you go flat. They before going into into this we don't want that don't have these straight lines. So I just took this around a bit, so if you see a little bit All right, so here we so nice, gently down. You need short time Now. I should think it house for this. Okay? Rather a little bit safer, you know? So we didn't get it right next to the spine. Yeah, I'm dropping my foot. Backers come lower down, and they usually Narcisse, literally. This feels absolutely wonderful. Maybe keep your shoulders down at all times. It's working. Every drop that back, foot back, Come back, Come down for that. And then we come down. So they get sacred here. And now we're gonna work across, come around the back for a little bit. So you still go perpendicular. Okay, Next line. So here we go again. Up at the base of the neck. Bring it around. So you would normally do it like this. You might, if it pushes high, have to come around this a little bit. So we're now there's a top of the muscle there. So here we go. So you do this second. Do you remember when the press is that rhythm? I talked about slow in slow at the same amount of time down and keep your shoulders down, especially when you look at the top of the back and then just keep working your way down. Keeping those hands that tripod with your thinking to the tripod will keep your thumbs aligned. They come to the base of despite their and once again you just work out across the muscles in the body kit region. Good. And now the third line the shoulder blade Until you get used to it on so you to stand 100 October. Keep those shoulders down. You just made your body right onto the person. So just on the edge of that muscle that you are on the second line. Now come down the hill with you, feel a pelvic bone. And then when you feel that work your way now, naturally, there you go. There's a $3 now waterfall strikes. It's a lovely thing to do. Is a combination of the waterfall strokes on the pressures to get this sort of soft flowing motion. Teoh in opposition to the presses? No. Would you decide on this side? So I never paid executive side on this side. So while you two decide how put on some relaxing, Chinese influenced music for your listening pleasure 19. The Erector Spinae Myofascial stretch: Now what we do do a my special stretch. Now you see hit you erector spinal muscles. There's your spine and this might take a bit of practice to get this so you sort of hook under that muscle. So when he used the hell and you're good down onto there and you'll see how my knuckles come up a little bit, have you considered hook onto that muscle and push it sideways towards Liam's right shoulder? So see you using your heel here, dig down onto that from this side of the must. This side of the spine, you say, are dropping my wife a little bit. What this does it gives an amazing stretch to the director spider, etc. That just drop it down, drop it down and pushed sideways gently. And you can hold this for three or four seconds. No problems at all. So serious dropped my white down. Lift those numbers upper limit to know what that does is hooks your heel of your hand underneath, under the side of that muscle. That's where I'm using it right there. So if hawking in a little bit of a shot there, But if that my finger was the Masters under hooking and pushing it sideways laterally so down and push it across. So I guess you see this shirt. It's kind of Boeing. The show. That's basically what we're doing to the muscle and you go away to the lower back. There is much mechanic. Time's up. A little of the law back. There's less to work with. Depending on your client, you see how just hooking down and pushing it across and again, it's completely different movement from anything else we've done. So let's try that again. It's just it's lovely, says say, this lateral stretch that really, really loosens up the back so you can see that here you can just drop your weight down a little bit and then just push across again. As always, we're pushing across using add body weight. You seem there's no moving in my elbow there, like I talked about earlier. On the elbow bend is always the same. So it's just the weights is coming through from my chest and going through him with my front leg there. All right, so that's one side. So now let's get to the other side. So maybe on this side your left first hook down onto that muscle. Obvious tough with my big hands and limbs. Little body. But you can still do it. I did it. No problems at all. So just just sinking down there, so just make sure it's so We're on this side of the spine camera side of the spine, push it gently across. So I guess it's a It feels really nice, completely different because we worked everything else perpendicular. And now what we're doing We are going laterally across the muscle. That is very, very relaxing. Just remember to keep your body weight forward there and you work your way through. I do a couple of a couple of repetitions of this depending on the time of your master. Tell on you get the message for but definitely work practicing this to get it right to just hook in that hell and away you go. Trickett is totally hooked that down in the lift knuckles which hooks your heel down deeper into that muscle, that side of it all the way to the lower back 20. The cat paws technique from the front: So now you come to the front of the body and you can see that it's your just using the heels again onto the trapezius from the opposite charges. They're pulling up with your fingers there as well, and it's not flooring, but you could see you're just pulling up through there. And this is really beautiful to get this done as well. And the pressure is going towards the spine. I'm 45 degree angle towards the spine, really nice. 21. Forearm presses from the front: Now, here's a really nice technique just using your forearms again. But you're coming from the opposite side now, So you're gonna work on the upper trapezius. They be careful. I suggest you keep your palm down until you know where all the bony structures are. Because then you're not hitting your bone onto their, you know, scapula or something like that Romeo political joint, that sort of thing. So you just work through their gently and this is going really work. Their trapezius muscles come down about a scapula muscle there and do both sides so you could just see there and they don't go to too close to the point of the shoulder with a bony junctions are, but really isn't work that air again, where you normally be doing their thumb works that I talked about, that we're not doing. It's all that down through beside the spine in the shoulder blade again. But coming from the opposite side feels amazing. Slow it down and just sink your body weight in. It's absolutely delightful and once again, easy on the practitioner 22. The neck and head sequence: Now what we do and it just gently bring the person up. You ask them to come up and you help them up with, like I did with the hands on the shoulders. And now we're going to start working the neck. Now, if you've got a actual massage chair, you don't need to do this. You need to bring them up, right, because they've already got the head in the face. Crist. But the moves, you do the same, except for the fact that without the the head was like we're in a normal chair. What do you bring it up. And then you just put your head on there for it to support the front of the head and make sure you have the head just gently and deflection like I have so spent forward slightly. You don't have them straight up, so it's an extension. So that way you can really access all of the neck muscles so you could see that there were just too eating a secret and just working through those muscles there. And when you put your head on there for it, make sure that you go underneath there. Here doesn't feel nice So I'm gonna work the base of the skull here. You see that? I'm working the base of the skull and just coming up called the sub occipital muscles below The Aqsa put. So you're just gonna work those little tiny masters to get so tired and sore? So we're saying is make sure you have your take. Any forgetting the fringe there, any hair, they've gotten their fart. Get your head underneath that. So you're directly on this skin. It doesn't feel nice when you got your hands on their hair which is now squashed against it for it so you could see that we're just gonna work. Now, you make sure that you're on the little muscles and you're going to just gently lift the fingers up, going sort of upwards. And now just using the side of the hand to get on the trapezius. Just doing some work through there, a little bit of pressing, and now we're gonna work back on the tracks with them sitting upright. I just say, if you're in the mess last year, got something that message to you all the same moves all apply, except that you don't lift them up to an upright position like we have so really nice a cat pouring feeling and then we're gonna work the scalp their head. Now, when you do this, I do not like sort of sliding over the skin with, with sort of like a brushing of the hair such what you would do is have your fingers on the skin and the skin moves underneath your fingers. You're not sort of scrubbing the head. This feels so much better. So now when you're doing this, the skin is moving with your fingers. It is not you going over the top of the skin, so just work all as much as you can. They're continuing with the support of their head, and then we're gonna go back to the opposite. So back to the sub occipital muscles, the ones underneath the skull again make sure you're after you see my fingers. They were going underneath their little circles. There, actually, these way started with the secret at the neck. Then we cannot under the base of the skull. Here we go back to the Syria, up to the head them back to the sub occipital, and now we're back to here so we're just reversing the motion again. This was really beautiful after you've done all this. So I could see were just working through there. The person is absolute jelly in your hands. You see that? There? All right, now we're going to exact the same on the opposite side. You see, we're putting a hand on eighth there. Okay? So do exactly the same secret than underneath the vest the skull than the head. Then back down again. All right, so it's time to buy the music and just you just during into your massage without my voice. 23. The arms and hands: Now it's time to do the arms in the hands. So little butterfly stroke there as we go down couple. But if I stretched in a shake of the arm, I'm just doing that from the risk there. And they're going to use double hand and squeezes there, right from the top of the shoulder. I was squishing both rightward through there. It's in nice, rhythmical actions there again. Just make sure you're careful with you, but your posture as you go down through here and now we're turning around and going double thumbs down with the lateral aspect on the side of the out There. Now my fingers were wrapped on the inside. They're just make sure you're not digging in to being around. And now I work with one hand going down the triceps circles, squeezing the circle, work the trust, really loosening up that tricep there. And then there's really lovely squeezes. DeMott tries it as I just make sure you got posture, not bending, bending your lower back there, bending at the hips on day under the opposite side, down the biceps Scientists working your way down. Now I'm just using the heel of my palm and again working down the front of the arm there, down through the biceps. Here and now we go to the forearms, remember? The forearms could take plenty off pressure. So don't go to live. And he can Really? I've got the strength in your hands. They just really work. You wait out here with good pressure. Feels amazing. So you just working down through this really loosening up these forums Course before I do so much work. So it's really they absolutely love getting massaged. Imagine all the type we do our computers and using your hands all day that four hours are always working. So she just would never little circles of Palm Hill. I hear a pop and just squeezing down through their So doing both sides would go down and see that really good firm pressures. We go down here, I just work your way down. H talk. Now we're going to use that phone when he's my family. Here, you see, just working down first on the center and then a little bit down the side. They're staying off the bone and once again, just walking away down double hand squeezes brought the way out and then you can see here the angle I would do it for you see that this just feels divine. You could work just forums for 20 minutes. It just feels so good. That's right. Give them lots of focus on the forearms. It just feels so good to get it done. For the reasons I've stated before, You know, we use their hands all day and just the forearms really get beaten up. Just go down the thumb. Make sure you got to thumb the fracture of the thumb work. You don't bending hyperextending thumb joints or anything like that as you use your thumb. See that there's turning. I'm over. I'm pressing with the healing, you know, doing the 100 start of the hue of the forearm. See that really, really hard? Absolutely lovely. So you just work right down on your thumb work. So again, as we say, we're using the heels of their hands and then we start to use their thumbs. You see good straight times along along the line of the ball, Ambos. So you just keep working it down there, right the way to the wrist. There just I just swap over there you see, I swap hands because easy to dio when you get to that side there and you finish up double hand squeeze. And I said about a flush strike, All right, that bridges to the wrist and hand. You see this now, just squeeze, squeeze, squeeze from the center. And then what? You see that squeeze and then alternate hands and again that the hands could really do with lots of pressure. So, you see, here is we go down between the fingers. I mean, between with budget hand there, see the There we go, then down through the fingers and squeezing the finger, working right down. And then double palm, squeeze again. Turn the hand over. We're gonna work at thumbs right on the outer aspect of the hand and come a little more centrally And then down the center so nice and strong in these hands here, they'll absolutely love it. Just be aware of your back if you need to. You I got down on one knee, Put a pillow under your name if you wanted to. To do this work should be a lunch position. If you want to, it would be easier for you. it was really working through the palms there. Note over the back of their hands, give a little shape and a butterfly stroke down, and then you work way to the other side. All right, so you know what to do. I'll let you get to it. Just say, squeezing down nice, rhythmical askew worked out there a long time. Nice, rhythmic beat to it. There's no jabbing slowly in slowly out. You know what you're doing or leave the musical for you on Let's just practices, you work down the other. 24. And now to finish, we do the percussion technique!: and now we finish off the massage by doing some percussion, maybe to keep your wrist loose. Like we talked about the start of the course. It is light tapping all over the back. You do whatever's percussion, whatever you want with your hands, whatever shape you want to make. And then from the head all the way down, a little feather stroke has gently wrist. And then, as if they float off into the air, you lift them up. 25. The 15 Minute Massage Sequence.: All right. So you've got your techniques down now it's time to put them all together. All right, So what I'm going to show you now is a 15 minute massage sequence. This is exactly the same segment that I used for all of my clients that I used in companies and corporate areas and that sort of thing. It's a fantastic sequence you're gonna find out. So what you do, you see, it's paste up a little bit a little faster pace because it's a bit stimulating so that we're not gonna zongker people out of the workplace and that, you know, they can't go back to work. So you'll see the pace that I use this as opposed to want to show you the 40 minute one, which is your next, What you gonna do, which is all of the techniques put together that you've already learned. So this is something would be absolutely perfect to say This is the exact sequence that I did when I was working corporate places doing chair massages for them. It's stimulating. And of course, you can use this exact sequence if you want. Just give anyone a 15 minute chair massage Andi, if you want to relax them or by all means, slow it down even further. So Okay. So are you ready? Let's do this thing. 26. It is time to do the fabulous 15 minute chair massage sequence!: 27. The 40 minute Sequence.: Okay, So how did you get on? Now it is time to put everything you've learned together in one incredibly relaxing 40 minutes, 45 minutes sequence. So follow along with the music on again. And all we need to do is you take your time, You'll see it slowed down. So this is the 40 minute chair massage that will have whoever your messaging completely blissed out. 28. It's time to go through the entire 40 minute sequence.: Okay, so I'm going to stop talking now. You know what to do. Follow the steps. I put the music on and away you go. No, thanks. And I kid you not. This is what happened. If you've done your job correctly, this is what happens to your client. I tell you, I didn't stage this. I don't doubt for half an hour. So there you go. Have you enjoyed it? I have the person you messaged enjoyed it. 29. Here are some things that you should consider to take it to another level: So in this section, I want to give you tips on on things that you should be doing that matter, not doing When it comes to your message. There are all these little things that might seem minuscule, but they really mean a lot between a good massage and an amazing experience. All right, so you don't want to make these little mistakes, which, in fact, big mistakes because you want that person completely. Bristol. So here's some tips that I wanted to incorporate because they say you've done all the hard work with your your message of practice. You got your techniques, Dan. You got everything done, all right. And then you don't want the person not enjoying a massage because of some little things that you've done that just lost their focus. And they don't come back to again. They're paying clients or not. So have a look at these and just incorporate them into the massage that you've got 30. It's All In The Eyes: eyes closed. Not you, the therapist. I mean you can. But I never, ever let my clients, whether it's on the table or in a cheer, have their eyes opened. You don't want the person getting visually distracted because what happens is this all right? So you're doing a great mess, eyes, But there, you know, they're looking around. You can't be completely relaxed when you're looking around the place. So now if you got a mess, I just here now I would just tell yourself, Just keep your eyes closed on and close your eyes. No problems at all. But whether I closed, there's no visual distractions. So all your best efforts, your work. While I just you know someone's getting the message, especially if you like a trade show, a market or somewhere you have dip. You you're working hard to give them an amazing experience, and that'll detract from that if they're looking around the room. I used to say that, you know, now it's a charges job. Relax. Close your eyes on and then I go to work on. You know there's a message there. Experience will be so much better of your massage when their eyes are closed because that's all there focuses now. All right, The mind must have been, but they're focused more on your message as opposed to wonder if there is looking at May you know me, So get them to project massive Close your eyes And as you say, your efforts will be so much more better within massage experience. 31. A heads up! Certain areas are more sensitive than others: No, What I want just again, if you're new to massage, is you notice they're actually some more sensitive spots on people just to give you a little bit of a heads up on areas that can take more pressure than you might normally think . Area said Germany more sensitive now, the sensitive areas certainly on some people, especially their stress are these muscles are just show you underneath the, um the skull here, the sub occipital muscles that's called the Oxford. And these below that sub occipital muscles. These are the ones here, so those ones there could be very sensitive. So you might want to go a little easy, especially to study starting up just there as well. So just you might want to back off the pressure a little bit the backs of the shoulders here, right where the tender you can feel this on yourself right here. They tend to be more sensitive working for their Just be aware that this that those areas can be sensitive and also on top of the muscle here, the trapezius muscle that could be quite sensitive as well. Ok, so just to be aware of those and getting your feedback as, like I say, areas that generally can take more pressure than you might think. Uh, the lower back general. Go strongly on the lower back and say, I'm not saying, you know, gotta control or anything too strong getting your feedback and you'll find that the lower back to take the good, strong ropey buses so they could take quite a lot of pressure. The other places are your hands and your forearms. Nationally forearms. Here you can feel it. You can press quite strong, especially on the inside of your forearm here and the hands as well. So you can really go nice. A strong stay off the bones, of course, but those areas really can deal with a lot more president most people will think. 32. How To Do A Calming Massage And A Stimulating Massage: All right, so I want to talk about your pace of your massage. Now, if you're doing, say, massage for people in the corporate area So you're working at companies, that sort of thing, then you want to give a fairly brisk speed up, okay? You don't rush it, but you won't, because the slower you go, the more relaxing any massages. So if you want t o flipper on a day other side if you want to really relax on, bliss them out completely. This dressed, go slow and be repetitive with your motion. So doom or of the same. So let's say your doing needing here, then slow it right down and do three or four repetitions. Okay, keep doing so there's not much stimulus going, but if you're doing for court, you don't want people completely zoning out. Yes, you want to relax, but you want them. The boss is gonna want them to be able to go back to work. So s so they're not complete zombie mode. So you don't. So you want to get more of a, uh, say a more of a brisk, energetic pace to your massage, OK, so just keep that in the back in mind. What am I trying to do? This person, you know, I have to get back to work, that sort of thing and say, you know, Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush or anything like that. But you could just change that speed. You want toe bliss him out, like, safe for your partner at the end of a day or someone's you're working at a market in someone's comes to your that stressed that sort of thing. You want to just slow right down and likewise work environment. But I gotta get back to work, making little more stimulating, which means speed it up. Just that little bit and less repetitions, okay? 33. The Importance Of Getting Feedback: now. Another thing that's really, really important is to get feedback, especially when you're learning. Now, when I say feedback, I mean brutally honest feedback. So the thing is, you don't want someone to struggle code for you, you know, especially if you say you're practicing and you want toe money from a Perhaps you want to get that feedback from whoever you are you're practicing with and you make sure you ask them, You know, you might wanna ask them something along the lines of your not just did you like that? And they say, Yes, but, like, you know, personal goes in for a meal, and they didn't really enjoy the always great. Yeah, thanks. Because this is a problem. Uh, like most of time, we don't want to hurt feelings. Person's feelings. We don't really want to say too much, so but we just won't go back to that restaurant or something, because we'll go out. Was it very good? Wasn't all right. So you want someone that will say Yeah, this'd is not, You know, this wasn't so good, or this could be improved. And so you ask him, you know, how could I improve it that's what they need. More pressure, less pressure, more rhythm, that sort of thing. So that's that's the person you need to find someone that you consider them. I really need you to help me, to be honest about the food back on. Then that will be great for your for your practice. Then you get so much better by doing that. So I know you have. Everyone knows that person that will not sugarcoat it. That's the person you want to practice on, that they will give you really honest feedback. 34. Oh, Please, Please Do Not Do This!: now. Another thing that's really important. Whether you're just treating your partner on especially if you're treating a paying client , is its bonds. Turn your phone off and, for goodness sake, don't answer it and continue bone up. It's best to have have a watch. So if you're checking time, you in 15 minutes rather than having it on vibrate, that sort of thing. They're old distractions to the person to say, If there if they paying you or they're not, this is the time for you to be there for them. So it's really important that you don't have any distractions for yourself so that you could really give your energy to them. I say with their paying or not, it's irregardless now. The other thing is, if you are, let's just say you're doing some message out of the market at a trade show or something. I saw this the other day. In fact, my son knows this is a bad thing to do. Good, he pointed out to me, said we were down at the beach on day. We're doing massage on the beach, on tables, that sort of thing, and they had a bank of about by massage tables, a couple kind to get a message age and they would by the side of each other on a massage table each and my sample that look proper that they shouldn't do that. Well, when I looked at and he knew the message therapists working a long time there chatting away , they're talking to each other. These people propane paying $100 or something an hour, you're on a beach message and this message there chatting away to each other, that sort of thing. So please, please, please give your undivided attention to your client. Do not check to any therapist if they're around, or anyone, for that matter, anyone else. All right, you're there for decline. This is the moment for you to be giving to them so they could just totally bliss out your focus, your concentrated concentrating and just be there for them again. These might seem like little things, but to someone getting a massage, and these distractions are really not little things 35. I Can Tell You From Direct Experience, This Is Unacceptable: now a couple of other little things here. But you're not little again Personal hygiene. It should be a no brainer. But I've had experience with a message here first that I had that his body odor was just horrendous. And so I had to say something gently and he honestly had no idea. So police? Yes, Be clean. Please don't smell body odor. You can give the most amazing massage. But if you smell, who's gonna want that, Okay. Especially so close to him. So let's say it shouldn't have to be said. But he was not aware that they had no idea. It was like I told him he had three legs. I mean, he was so shocking. And then, of course, he was embarrassed and he didn't, you know, so, so clean colliding. You'll be clean, personal hygiene, fingernails cut short, that sort of thing. And the other thing wouldn't. Oh, and just to go back with smells is big, especially if you're going to be treating people you have paying. Clients try to keep the purpose to a minimum if it all because certain people have like myself there, sitting perfumes and I just can't stand and if someone has an overpowering perfume, it really makes me nauseous and headache e. So these things that you need to consider, because again, you could give the most amazing massage. But if I hate your perfume, that's the things overpowering me. That's the thing that wants me to get out of there. So these considerations that that really Mike, you might think that nothing but someone else you know, it's it makes getting a massage or no, okay, but this is for the next time. Clothing again. If you're going to a corporate environment, talk about people who are earning money, wanting to earn money, that sort of thing. You wanna have something? If it's going to an architectural firm, something like that. You don't want to go in your tie dyed shirts and stuff it something that you might wear on a beach in Bali for doing massage and a chair on barley. Completely different to what you know, something you should be wearing in a corporate environment where you go to officers or law firms and that sort of thing. So just consider those sort of things there, because again you might lose the job if It's not because you massage, but you know, the person just want to pay for someone comes in with, you know where there's always whatever you know to me, like something that's dressed inappropriately for their business environment. Okay, to just keep this in mind as we suddenly especially if you say, is starting to do it to want to earn money. 36. Male Left, Female Right: now just a little thing. If you want to get into the traditional Chinese medical theory, we have yin and yang, and so if you don't know already, Yang is the mess. Masculine side again is the female side, and so it's the balance of the two. This is your so Yang is more active hating these sorts of things. And again, the feminine side is more nourishing, cooling and so on. It's important, so there's always opposites of yin and yang, and you're always trying to find the balance anyway. So if you want oh, Chinese medicine, they will start by doing the massage on if it's a female on the fit left on the right side of the iPod to the right side, on the right side of the body is the feminine side. The left side is the masculine side, so if you're doing a female, you would start the massage strokes on the right side of the back each time. And so you do that right? I mean, this is we want to get into the sort of the you know that say that the interjects of yin and Yang, um, if you don't good to start on whatever side you want. But if you wanted to Chinese medicine, you would start on the left side of the left side of the back first. And then you do the right side. If it was a man on, biodiversity would start on the right side. So your first strokes going down the back on the compressions and someone support would always go down the right side. And then you always did the left side. So they got You want to get into a bit of TCM? Traditional Chinese medicine theory. There you go. So male left female, right? 37. The Disappearing Massage Therapist: now we talked about starting the message correctly, you know, getting focused, centering person. So your centering yourself so totally focused in you've done a fantastic massage. The person is completely blissed out. You have done your work. Excuse me. Do not fall over at the last hurdle. Alright? Meaning this Just imagine this. So here's the client. You just finish the butterfly stroke. That person is eyes closed completely zonked out. And you got all right my year old on. We don't want to shock the person back into real life again so quickly. We don't want that to happen, you know, Make it you're off. Now that's a few Australian, of course. And likewise, you don't want to do this. So about a flesh truck. You don't want to be the disappearing message. The therapist I've seen this time time again, the person sitting there and then they're like, um I done Did this guy just fight? And so suddenly they get this uncomfortable us. We don't want anything uncomfortable. You just spend your your energy relaxing, chilling blessing and in the should I get up? What? Is he gone? What? It You know what I mean. So finish it just the way you started. Be spot on. You sent it. And what I generally say, whether it's a message in the table or a chair massage, whatever you said. But I will just gently put my hand That shows a Okay, your sessions finished. Now, just getting up when you're ready to give him a couple of seconds. Okay. Thanks. To compose himself or sit up again, and then it why they go. So you know what? Drop over the first turtle. You don't fall over the last little give that from. Go to Whoa. This amazing experience because all of these little things really matter. Let's finish it perfectly as well. 38. A Massage Chair That I highly Recommend: So let's say you wanted to go out and buy a massage chair. Now I'll show you. This is this is just one. There are many on the market. Of course, there's lots of not good. You want to spend pretty good money on getting something, especially if you're gonna be going into a say, trade shows and that sort of thing or working environments where you wanna have a few things. I want to point out a few things that you should be looking for. Now, let's everyone This one's called ergo pro by strong light flight. I think the company is, But anyway, so you want to have fun with the bag. Okay. You see, it's got a bag here because when you start carrying it around in your car and so on and so forth, you need to have a bag one, because it makes it easier to bring toe, bring to wherever you're taking it, too. But also it protects it because you don't want to tear the vinyl on your chair, of course. So make sure you've got a bag. Okay, Now you can see here it will hold something up to £600 which is incredible, but it's also very, very light. So light but strong. Okay, so really, really great. Okay, so So this is there's a thing. So now let's have a look here. Okay? This is one of the things I really like about this is what removal nearest because on all other, pretty much all other message. Let me show you how if you're not sure of how people sit So you see this here, That's generally the way. But that's the way people sit normally in a mess that you now if you don't have one with these removable Kneepads, if someone's got, say, a knee, that's osteo Redecard ahead of me. You can see how compressed the knees out in this position here. So if someone's got a bad knee and they can bend it, they can't have a chair message on your message to So that's the beautiful thing about this . You can remove this, and then they could put their feet flat on the floor. So I love that thing about this all so they could see here. It's got a really nice padding. Now I'll show you the face. Crist here, where we here now the face. Chris. Really nice padding, as I say, and it tilts both ways. It tilts a sort of up and down, and also you see it vertically so you could bring it closer or further away, depending on the size of the person. That also is good for people from four foot 626 foot six tall. So you've got a huge right of adjustments on this as well. Now, one of things when you set the person up, you wanna have this at an angle so that the neck is slightly flexed. Okay, you don't have a person with their head is back and extended. That's just one of things in the in the set up here. So you can see here the bag as a nice strep. So when you carrying it to places, you you would have a nice strap. It also got wheels on. Yeah, it's got wheels here. Yeah, so you could well, along as well. So this is really good. I think about 404 100 change for this U S. Dollars. But that's one I really like. The oaks works ones as well, but please try and Bible with these sorts of features and don't go pretty cheap because just like a message table, if the face wrist is not comfortable if they're getting squeezed or parts of the timber or the framework of pressing it again, it doesn't matter how good your message. Where there was a table, whether it's a message chair, if your face is uncomfortable, anyone that's had experience uncomfortable the face, the whole games up because if you're uncomfortable, there's no way known you're gonna enjoy the message. 39. An Alternative To Buying A Massage Chair: Now, I want to just show you something that I've just become aware off that I was previously not aware off. And I want to make you aware of it, because this is a kind of cool little thing that I had no idea that was available. Now, this just on Amazon. Now, this really good bread, Earthlike. Now, you see this? This is a portable so based crest chest pet that you put onto a desk here. So, you know, if you want to do my investing a massage chair, this might be an option to you on. So you see here, see how this works here. So the person who got there now I'll show you that you should have based Christian on the on here. You wouldn't just have this for the photo. But of course, if you're gonna massage people company or what have you? You always want to put disposable face covers on each time, but that's just for the photo there. So you could see this here. So this is a neat little things. Got a bag and really good quality. So this is I think it's about $80 all up. So you could see here. And here is your face. Christs Here. Here we go. Look, 91 52 for the lot. That's for 100 face covers here. Um and this is from the same company. So these what you what you want to put on your face covered their new vinyl So you don't want people's faces all going onto vinyl. That's, you know, you want to put this on each time, so that's a really good so this upstream to show you because that's a you know, something I said I didn't know anything about the things were on the market on day, but a good little thing that you could do that it does have some limitations. Of course, if you couple of the moves where you stand in front of the person's body, you can't do those because of the limitation with the desk. But by by, you know, a neat little alternative for, you know, for $90 with the disposable face covers that could get you going to say, even if you want to use at home and it's better than you know, just without anything for you fight. So a good little thing that I just discovered. So there you go. That's an alternative to you as well 40. If you are a massage therapist, why you should be doing chair massage.: Now, if you're a massage therapist or a reflex ologists on you, if you put it this way now, they don't. Of course, my question to you. If you're a massage therapist that say, and you do not have or did not have a fantastic chair massage routine, it's fantastic sequence that gives an incredible chair matters. My only question. Do you would have been Why? No and that it's so important to be out of Do fantastic chair message. It's actually how I started my business when I very first started massaging. Let me tell you this story. When I first started massaging well, I'd come out of school, you added, University of Message University came out of there and had had a little room upstairs. I was renting from our food store in Bridge Road, Richmond, Australia, in Melbourne, Australia, now, so I had no clients at all, so I made flyers up. I walked up and gave them to each business along the road to say Hi, I'm so and so I do massage. Please come in for a massage, etcetera, etcetera. All right, so I walk into a restaurant. I give much of the restauranteur there are two guys sitting there having lunch. One of the guy says, What do you passing out? And I tell him, You know, I'm doing massage, etcetera, etcetera, he says. I got an architectural firm up the road, said, I've been wanting to get a massage therapist in there to massage my stuff, you know, in their chairs is you Would you? Would you? Would you do that? I said, Sure. So it was a Wednesday. He said, When do you want me to come in? He said Friday. Three o'clock. It's the end of the week. That would be a good thing. You come in for a couple of hours messaging more for about 15 minutes in their chairs. I didn't have a massage chair. He just wanted me to go around to the staff at their computers and messaging. Manouchehr wasn't sure. Three o'clock Friday, let me just check. Of course, I've got a diary now for you, young ones in the audience diaries with the things we used before, we had a calendar in a thing called a smartphone. It's a thing made of paper, very much like a book, and you write in it so of course I have my diary because there was nothing in it was dead clinkers. I had zero clients, but of course I had to look a little more professional. Said let me see if I've got an opening and went through, uh, Friday three. You say? Yeah. Yeah, that that's okay. Yeah. And so there, from then on, he wanted me to come back every week. Then word spread that he was getting massaged. The travel agency down the road said, Hey, I want this guy to come in and message what? Within a few months, I was suddenly doing weekly chair massages it all these businesses around Melbourne. So which meant its huge is a massage therapist to have regular weekly bookings because you don't know if you got you might have a good week this week, but next week it books empty or this solved this Promet mint. I didn't have to worry about paying the red because I knew every single week come rain or shine, I would have these bookings, so it meant I got regular income. I was surviving is a massage service. Now that's one thing. So having that financial security is one thing now. Secondly, they work feeling my message each week I was giving them massages. So then that start to book. Like for an hourlong Mass I saw This year was great. Do you do our long message? You have got a room just down the road in Richmond. Great. Our book in the N word spread and away went OK, So that thing is not only do you have financial security by doing workplace chair massagers , but it is also your number one promotional tool. You can give up fries. You can do Facebook promotions. You can do etcetera, etcetera. But people don't know if you're any good. All right, that's just effect. And the message is a very personal thing. So if you go, if you have a message jet, you go to farmer's markets, even if you don't charge. But even if you do giving 15 minute massagers, people will feel your massage. You give out your card and suddenly they're calling you because they love your chair massage. So not only is it not costing you money to advertise, but you are making money doing chair massage. And then there are top of that. They're gonna book you for your one hour massage sessions, and word was spread from there. So cheer message really is such an incredibly important And I'm surprised they don't. In massage schools, they don't actually teach this as the number one promotional tour. It should be that your number one promotional tool to get your business started. 41. Why Chair Massage Could Just Be The Perfect Form Of Massage.: so, apart from all the reasons I've already stated, why is Jim aside, just so perfect in so many ways? Because one of the things with chain message say, if you're doing it businesses like I did is you get to massage people that would never, ever go and get a massage. And this is what? So it's great that you can give someone a message that would not normally, ever going get a message on your 70 people that, Ah, this is great. But they would never fork out money to go get a one hour massage. So here's somebody other advantages of chair massage, first of all, and it's it with your massage therapist or not. But here are some of the raisins. Chair message is just so brilliant. Appear. Deliver a great message experience. First of all, it's not an hour or 10 maybe 15 minutes, 30 minutes, max, really? But the majority of 15 minutes, so people aren't enough time to go. Get now. Massage. Go to the massage clinic, Aspire what have you but they're more likely to go and get a 15 minute massage. So for that reason alone, people will get a massage experience where they normally wouldn't cost. Now, if it's not paid for you by the company or maybe a your affair or trade show, you see someone they're giving massage, that chair massage, then you're more likely to do it because it's convenient, all right, or they come to your office. So again, so there's there's no problem with that is really easy to get a massage. The other thing. There's no problems with nudity. You're not taking clothes off. So I know people that would not ever get a massage because they want. They don't feel comfortable taking that close up. The other thing is that there are no oil, so you don't have to feel oil or slimy that I know a lot of people that just don't like, you know, the feeling of getting oils rubbed on their bodies. So there's no nudity. It's not cost prohibitive. For the majority of people, it's convenient, it's easy. And the other thing is it hits the key tension areas. So it's on the arms, his shoulders, the neck, the back. Now I always cold. When I talked, my message service in Aspire, what I called the tip zone did you get the back, make people love the back and next will restore of attention. So if you deliver on Amazing Now, let's say you didn't do the greatest leg massage. But if you deliver an incredible back and neck massage, that's why I called. It was the tipping zone. Do that, and the clients will come back for more now. Obviously, you want to give a great message throughout. But if to flip it on its head, if you did great mass eyes on the legs but very average on the back, people will remember that. OK, they want the back and neck to be outstanding, and that's why I call it the tips on So cheer Message focuses on the areas that we love. Everyone wants to get them neck massager, that back massager and, of course, down through the arms of the hands and fingers. And that's which in that focuses on. So for these reasons as well, share massage could just be the perfect form of message 42. Congratulations! You have completed my course!: And there we have it. That is the course. I sincerely hope you enjoyed my course. A little bit of fireworks going on there. So you have completed the course Now again, I sincerely thank you for watching my course to completion, If you haven't already, I would love it if you would write a review for my course. It's important. As an instructor, we get reviews again. Thank you so much. And I hope that you enjoyed my course.