Ceramic Design: Cutting and sculpting | Arturo Juárez Muñoz | Skillshare

Ceramic Design: Cutting and sculpting

Arturo Juárez Muñoz, Sharing experiences

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16 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Class Presentation

    • 2. Promo

    • 3. 6 Steps

    • 4. Ceramic Project FP (New)

    • 5. Modeling and mold

    • 6. Unmolding

    • 7. My first cutting

    • 8. Class in progress

    • 9. Dry polishing

    • 10. Sculpting

    • 11. Class in progress

    • 12. Producing a Photo Frame (New)

    • 13. The Kiln

    • 14. Glazing

    • 15. Class un progress

    • 16. Gratitude


About This Class



Incursion in one of the most exciting millennial activities: Ceramics or Pottery.
Develop your creativity awakened your manual and artistic skills, which will provide hours of entertainment and magical moments.
Although Pottering is the name given to the use of clayey materials and their corresponding burning in cooking ovens, we will focus on those clays that burn at average temperatures of 1050 degrees Celsius.
This quality will allow us to develop projects of great aesthetic value that you will surely want to show to your friends and family.


The great variety of techniques used for its production allows us to choose and combine the different inputs, which fortunately exist in the commercial market.
In addition, its use both ornamental, domestic, interior design, architecture among others, make this skill a valuable business opportunity, since the pieces made by hand still enjoy recognition and good marketing price.


Something you should consider is that you become a designer and not a decorator. There are pieces in the commercial market that are oriented to their decoration and not in their construction or modification of form.
That is why you should reflect on this and decide the type of artist you want to be.



1. Class Presentation : one off the must important objectives in this class. It took about a flexible production We have Why mold and to pieces. Have you left? We have alarm. Suck it right. We have a base or a better story. How can we produced both pieces with the same mole can you find to do for us of the right just face explain had to laugh. We have a whole for do them on both pieces are producing but the same mold Dan we have for external production when we produced both pieces with the same mold on the difference This this part off the movie. If you understand this principle, you will find and oh so possibilities for produce No do three or more pieces with the same old Doug is the challenge. 2. Promo: 3. 6 Steps: 4. Ceramic Project FP (New) : - at the beginning of this class. We talk about flexible production as a strategy to use ghost and creates several new products for the same mold. On this occasion, I will show you a sculpture that was a child with this technique and that combines two materials away and good off served how a simple design in the mall will allow your toe chain pieces off different leg. Well, we have a project. We are trying to construct a vertical tree. We will put this kind of plant on it, but we need the result how I can replace it in case a problem. So a system to maintain sure watch the whole you have to The hidden tried the plant. Flexible production, as I told you, is obtained different pieces in this time. Different lengths. Watch he five moved this piece in the mall. I will obtain a different linked ceramic design needs. Do be creative on. This is a very good moment to think about it. Reduce coast forex ability in production and produced different STAIs and beautiful final pieces 5. Modeling and mold: when we have a project. Ladies, this piece is says, Well, I'm suck it. It's used in in terrorism, architecture and its place it at the top of the city. Well, the first step is God's truck. I moved on this mode ill coming, made of different materials. This is good. It's a It's a fine motor when we have a plane. So faces dander. Good is, uh, verifying material. Well, watch This mold isn't made with Blaster Blaster. I've served or dehydrate based surround to business because when we feeling weak past place ceramic ceramic plays we will have changed a piece Someone like. Well, the mold is ready. Okay. No. What is the pastor or surrounding based the ceramic based? It's made by different components like Colleen Feldspar. Clay on what watch? Based is and live with state. We're ready. We will fully to move. What's gonna happen slowly The ceramic base dehydrate. I'm conform a thing. Goat into your optimal little gonna wait some minutes. 30 minutes. It's a good time. 30 minutes later. - Okay ? No watch a little goat a thing. Goat three or four millimeters interior. Often recapitulating for us. We have. But he's sign The first is make de modo. The mold is made with plaster. We're Fellini with ceramic based 30 minutes later would a term excess. And you can watch, I think, goat off ceramic faster. So Romney based it walls off the movie. Will it dry? Three or four hours later? We separate the two parts. We have pain a piece. This is a pissed 6. Unmolding: it's time for taking the piece out of the mold. Carefully were removed about you can use in life slowly watching a basis with a simple movement. Very good, very good watching that piece. Beautiful the state. It's a weight state. It's pretty well receives the name off green, where green, where this is the moment way can picked up the rest of material. Using my blade, I'm guarding very carefully. Using this ball it I removed the excess of material. This is very good because the polishing of the peace needs allow your calm because is the beginning of a great beast a beautiful piece O K. 7. My first cutting: Now we're going to proceed to the cleaning of the peace. Remember, this is a wet state. A win is removed. Excess of material you can use. You play the knives, the ball, it a spatula. Okay. Slowly, carefully. Now, in my in something like this. Oh, my beasts have How cool. A little hole. Where with some believe. Mm. Patchy. I patch it with his moral code. Okay. This is Katulis. Very useful. This to gives me a blaze of freaks. Depending on my design, I decide the kind of tool I'm going to use. Okay. It's so simple. At the beginning is good experiment. Different shapes. Different God's later. The best is half I define. It is signed watching a piece. Imagine different ways for guarding and take a decision. What kind of God and I'm gonna do? You can begin with straight carvings. So simple. Maybe not so beautiful, but is so easy. Remember, the goal is to change the way on that shape. George off the orgy origin of peace, slowly failing the play. How is changing with our hands? Isn't it back the first time? But it's not beautiful. The second weight is using arcs the ERC give us a different sensation. Political. This is a pre karting. Oh, always. It's bad to the second weight is using arcs. The ERC give us a different sensation. Smith Political. This is a freak karting. Oh, it's bad to No, we can make a whole. We're training the first cuts. Or be careful with the structure because you can break peace. The most important is what I'm gonna try. Do this. But the dramatic changes now is noted kind of precipitation. It's not a first. This notice saying was different. They used is different, too. They can put a blind Cannady's and cells. Now I'm It's a no sensation. All the pains, your point of view, your sensibility. Jim must be created for good. A convention off, trying to make something get rent. The semantic guts are beautiful. This is no time for polishing. Polishing comes later 8. Class in progress: with. 9. Dry polishing: Yes. I told you the second way for Polish. The beers is in dry state. If you have in mind, that is signed. Something like these. The first kiss joining I would design with the best position. Watch, please. Using my fingers to make and arc. This is my buying of support I perceived for cutting. You see, the Blade Little businesses jumping unit made it very careful because of this is week is fragile, okay? 10. Sculpting: it is something like these. I drove my design. He know the basis map receive with my way a bullish and the pieces ready particular. 11. Class in progress: 12. Producing a Photo Frame (New): as we have studied to first. Is it this sign off the modo inflexible production? The most minimal details are very important. As you watch DeCoud is I feel it as you can watch. I applied a mixture off Greece and oil to the memorial before I m Tink the blaster. Now I'm gonna make a mixture off bluster on water after emptying the mixture off platinum Goto, this is the result Now we're finished the second part of the mold. Watch the three pipes. It confirms three holes for emptying the ceramic. Based after emptying the ceramic Based, we separated two parts of the mold. Well, Jane, a bar. This is this site off our for the frame. When we got several pieces The ideas We're ready for cutting I would photo free my tools square a simple rule. Good rule. Watch. I place the piece here at position the square and use and is alive. I make it gut. The result is something like this. 45 degrees. This is an example. A simple example. I have some show me based. I would this part of the piers Can I apply Cem Ceramic based I'm doing foster because It's a simple example. This is big for me. Yes, I did, too, actually, but I'm already. As you can see, it's very simple. 13. The Kiln: 14. Glazing: at the Fort step. We need to make a decision. The color off our peace This state is cold ringworm. Note corner. It's a natural, Carl. The physical level is be squeak. Be squeak, ease When the peace have the first kosher this queen be squeak grace When might be scab because a color goat with some brilliance This is glaze glace of peace lace of peace I'm when you half galore over the boys, this is name it. This is cold it over place Well, you can paint with different colors. I prefer the white example this business three or four goats before the first collection Remember, the temperature of corruption is 1000 degrees Senate Greats degrees. This is the appearance before the first collection. When you so cheap decor is perfect. Burn it. Do this face. I prefer the quiet coral by example. If my design this is a lot need support station delays, it's a goat off protection that gives to the peace a very good a serious as you watch This glaze is method, not brilliance. But it looks very well on who ended delays. Uh, Pascolo no glaze Louise in this kind of sculpture work. You can pant the flowers well, really, with quiet on the same painting, The rest of the base in the market do it A lot of products. This is a non drug lace under glaze under glaze glazes with different car. As you're near, there are a lot off Cole's in a market. Finally, I can tell you in this technique, oh, overlays. You can pain some different strokes for make this kind of project. It is very beautiful. This is ruled ceramic gold. 15. Class un progress: 16. Gratitude: our class is over. I really think that is impossible to pretend to show you so many facets off ceramic design in just 30 minutes. Reality is much more complex, difficult, unpredictable. The materials work under very strict lost on any deviation affect us because he terribly what we're going. Even a mistake can become an exceptional finish. We will get a sensation of bees. I really hope I have awakening in you a sensitivity, creativity to see, assume, to get started in the art off ceramics and that this is the beginning of a highly productive unfold off charge experience. As I said at the beginning, this glass is one among odors. Enquist. We will topple the topics of preparation of based manufacture of place to small's animals and various other glaze techniques. I appreciate your patience on into Theo. Thank you very much.