Celtic Knots Made Super Simple #3: A Trinity of Triquetras | Sadelle Wiltshire | Skillshare

Celtic Knots Made Super Simple #3: A Trinity of Triquetras

Sadelle Wiltshire, Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art

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9 Videos (45m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Let's Draw a Triquetra Knot!

    • A Triquetra Trick

    • The Trinity Knot

    • Simple Celtic Cross

    • Triquetra Carolingian Cross

    • Your Project

    • Surprise Bonus! Pen-Only Triquetras


About This Class


This class covers drawing and expanding on a popular knot symbol called the “Triquetra”, which means “tri-cornered”.  You’ll probably recognize this commonly used knot in ancient manuscripts as well as being a common decorative element in plenty of modern Celtic art.  This three-cornered symbol turns up in multiple cultures beyond the Celts as well as in Celtic Christian and Pagan usage.  

In this Celtic Knots Made Super Simple class,  you’ll learn multiple ways to draw the base form of the Triquetra Knot and incorporate it into a few more complex shapes.   

This class is for those who:

  • are looking to learn or continue their Celtic knotwork drawing step by step with ease.
  • like to draw, paint and make marks.
  • are looking for additional  skills to bring to your illustration, calligraphy, art journaling, lettering and decor.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Different ways to draw the original basic Triquetra or Trefoil Knot shape
  • A refresher of drawing materials to use
  • A quick interlacing overview
  • A special quick method to create bands and interlace Triquetra knots
  • Using the Triquetra to draw a Trinity Knot, Decorated Celtic Cross
    and a bonus expanded and linked Celtic Cross
  • Ways to set up your framework for drawing two kinds of Celtic crosses.
  • Using this wonderful knot in your art and illustration decor.

What you’re ready to learn next -

Now that you’re comfortable with drawing triquetras, you’ll be ready for more complex arrangements of knots.





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Sadelle Wiltshire

Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art

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NEW: Design a Celtic Cross: Celtic Knots Made Super Simple #4

This class is an introduction to designing and drawing Celtic Crosses  - ancient and captivating symbols and motifs and how to incorporate pattern and knotwork into them. Celtic Crosses can also be a great base for mandalas and a beautiful addition to all kinds of art, craft and illustration projects


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