Celtic Knots Made Super Simple #2: Draw Heart & Pretzel Knots | Sadelle Wiltshire | Skillshare

Celtic Knots Made Super Simple #2: Draw Heart & Pretzel Knots

Sadelle Wiltshire, Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art

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7 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies & Tips

    • Extending the Heart: Dips, Simple Pretzel Knots & Borders

    • Pretzel Knots in the Round

    • Extending the Points

    • Review: Bands, Interlacing & Inking

    • Your Project


About This Class


This class is another great stepping stone in learning Celtic Knotwork and the second of a series.   In this class you’ll learn one of the secrets to visualizing how shapes begin to become magical knots. You'll learn two key concepts in “growing” knots into continuous lines using the heart shape and pretzel knot.

This class is for those who:

  • Are ready to move beyond simple interlocking shape knots **
  • Want to get a peek at the beginning process of designing knot forms
  • Are looking to continue to learn Celtic knotwork step by step with ease.
  • Love to draw, paint and make marks.
  • Are looking for new design skills to bring to your illustration, calligraphy, art journaling, lettering, painting, tattoo art and carving.

**Need a review of interlacing shapes?  Great! See my first class HERE: http://skl.sh/2pR82xd

In this class you'll learn:

  • Key concepts of how to take a simple heart shape and extending it into a continuous knot band.
  • Reminders of tools to have on hand and my favorites for drawing knotwork.
  • A simple heart to pretzel knot
  • How to create your first pretzel knot border
  • How to create your first heart/pretzel knot in the round
  • A few ways these knots can be transformed.
  • One of my “secret weapons… er tools” for continuing to learn weaving of bands

In upcoming classes, you'll be ready to tackle even more unique knot forms







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Sadelle Wiltshire

Meditative Art, Celtic Art, Line Art

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This class is an introduction to designing and drawing Celtic Crosses  - ancient and captivating symbols and motifs and how to incorporate pattern and knotwork into them. Celtic Crosses can also be a great base for mandalas and a beautiful addition to all kinds of art, craft and illustration projects


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