Celestial Crossbody Bag: Easy Crochet for Beginners | Jen Dwyer | Skillshare

Celestial Crossbody Bag: Easy Crochet for Beginners

Jen Dwyer, Crafter and owner of Teal & Finch

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13 Videos (32m)
    • Welcome!

    • Supplies

    • Rounds 1 - 4

    • Round 5

    • Rounds 6 - 7

    • Round 8

    • Finishing the first circle

    • Beginning the side

    • Continuing the side

    • Joining the two sides

    • Creating the strap

    • Creating the tassel

    • Class Project


About This Class

Learn how to crochet a round bag for yourself or to give as a gift for a friend.  It’s a quick and easy weekend project, not to mention a great accessory update!  I'll walk you through every step so even if you've never crocheted before, you can do this project! Plus, this class comes with the PDF pattern for you to download and follow along or save for later.


This little purse could easily be dressed up or down. Plus, it’s a fast enough project that you could make it in several colors to go with anything in your closet.

I wanted a durable yarn for this crossbody bag, so I chose fabric yarn. This yarn is great because it’s made from recycled fabric scraps. So it acts more like clothing than yarn, and it’s giving new life to what would’ve otherwise been trash.  I like that is won’t fuzz out or get worn out the way regular yarn will, so it’s great for bags of any kind.


I got mine from We Are Knitters.* It’s called The Tape, and the best part is you only need one skein! So it’s easy to make two (or three…) This little purse would make a great gift! 

*If you want, you can use my referral code to save $12 on your first purchase from
We are Knitters: MGM9G37N6 (thank you!).


The Celestial Crossbody Bag comes with a long strap and I love that you could tie a knot in the end to make it shorter, so versatile. And no need to buy anything else for this project–it closes with a braided tassel that goes through a hole in the front, easy!


Okay, so click play and let's get started! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions along the way. Thanks for joining me!





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Jen Dwyer

Crafter and owner of Teal & Finch

Jen Dwyer is a lifelong crafting enthusiast.  She has made a living selling her handmade goods online since 2009. Her current collection of baby gifts for modern mamas can be found at Teal & Finch She loves to teach and share her love of sewing and crochet to everyone who wants to learn. To stay in touch with her latest inspirations, follow her on Instagram and don't forget to say hello.

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