Celebrate the Seasons: Create An Animated Card to Share ( Card 3 ) | Johan Claeys | Skillshare

Celebrate the Seasons: Create An Animated Card to Share ( Card 3 )

Johan Claeys, Digital automation specialist

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8 Videos (50m)
    • Introduction

    • Signing up for Google Drive

    • Organising your work in a folder

    • Inserting the image slices

    • Inserting the backdrop image & other image content SKILL

    • Sharing your greeting card

    • Adding text & arranging the elements

    • Applying transitions


About This Class

This course is both creative and practical. The instructor will take you through the simple practical steps to access his shared folder of image resources, and then guide you - step-by-step - through the creation of a wonderful festive greetings card demonstrating transparency, movable text, movable objects and may other exciting features - all using Google Slide transitions available for free to any user. The clear and practical guidance will ensure an effective outcome

The skills acquired will allow you to create many useful card variations and also to incorporate animated transitions into your slide shows.






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Johan Claeys

Digital automation specialist

Hi I am Johan Claeys a fluent multilingual strategist.

Worked previously for 4 years as a cloud consultant on Google-based business applications and services, helping find right Solutions that can help businesses to get connected, become leaner and empower teams to simplify processes, become more responsive to demand, and drive creativity and innovation.

Today focused on listening to needs in terms of digital marketing, building skills in the use of automations to enhance engage...

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