Catch This: Shrimp Cakes and Salmon Croquettes to Savor | Julia Baurain | Skillshare

Catch This: Shrimp Cakes and Salmon Croquettes to Savor

Julia Baurain, Content Author at Swirls and Spice

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4 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • How to Make Shrimp Cakes

    • How to Make Sesame Salmon Croquettes

    • Wrap Up and Project Instructions


About This Class

Calling all seafood lovers!

Do you think that getting your seafood fix will cost more than you can afford? I've got two amazing recipes that will shatter that myth.  This class will teach you how to make savory shrimp cakes and flavor-packed salmon croquettes from common ingredients.  Both dishes can serve as appetizers or a main course, and both include gluten free ingredient options as well.  

As you watch the lessons, you'll discover tips and tricks I use to get maximum flavor tucked inside a golden crispy exterior that will satisfy both seafood fanatics and skeptics alike.  And because we are making shrimp cakes and salmon croquettes at home (with full control over the ingredients), I'll discuss and recommend some healthier oils to use when frying these savory delights.

Are you ready to learn how to start making fantastic seafood? Then I'll see you in class!





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Julia Baurain

Content Author at Swirls and Spice

I am the creative force behind Swirls and Spice. I've spent the last seven years developing recipes and creative handmade projects to share online.

Prior to blogging, I lived and worked abroad in China and Vietnam, spending seven memorable years there. I love to bring back the authentic flavors and aromas I miss to my North American kitchen. At my current blog I also share traditional and gluten-free recipes. It's quite a thrill when I serve a gluten-free dish and no one can tell th...

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