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Cat portraits with Procreate 5X

teacher avatar Cécile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Practicing fur

    • 4. Drawing and background

    • 5. Painting the eyes

    • 6. Painting the first layer

    • 7. Second layer - part 1

    • 8. Second layer - part 2

    • 9. Timelapse

    • 10. Final details

    • 11. Drawing and eyes

    • 12. Painting the fur

    • 13. Final details

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About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to paint cat portraits with Procreate 5X. I'm a cat girl, so I used cats in class, but this works the same for dogs or other furry pets. 

First, we will practice painting fur with the brushes provided in the resource section These are native brushes that I tweaked a bit so it's easier to paint fur with them. 

I enclose a practice sheet as well.


Then we will select a photo to work from. You can use you own cat or dog, of course, and if you need more inspiration, you have a ton of photos available in my Pinterest board. Some are copyright free, and some are not, so adjust accordingly to what you plan to do with your art.

Then I'll explain a first method on this portrait 


And a second method on this one 


At the end of the class you'll be able to paint any furry pet portrait you fancy, and this is as well a good introduction to human portraits!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist


 New class available!


Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.

You may want to subscribe to my newsletter about gouache. 

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

- Gouache classes

- Sketchbook classes 

I would love to see you in class!

&... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello, welcome to my new class. I'm Cecile, the French artists, both digital and traditional. In this class, I want to show you how to make portraits with procreate 5X. I will detail everything from selecting a reference photo. And I have gathered for you a ton of Frodo in Pinterest. How to select your brushes. I provide you a folder with a dozen of brushes you can use. And how to render the firm, which is obviously the most difficult part of it. I will detail two different methods, so you can make different styles. And at the end of the class you will be able to make your own cat portraits. This class is for all levels. As I'm quite sure, you can learn something even if you are a seasoned artists. So I hope you'll join me in class and nor talking. Let's jump in. 2. Your project: Your project would be to paint cat portrait, either one of your favorite animal or one from Pinterest where I have gathered for you a lot of reference photos. And this is a can of things we will do in class. The 2 first cats will be detailed so you can't follow step-by-step. And at the end of the class you'll be able to make a difference ties like this one. This one is made with 6B pencil or this other one which is made with 6B pencil and some for brushes that I provide in class. You can also be more detailed. B, I would say something more illustrative and less pictorial. This is just as you wish, and I'll let you decide what you want to select as a reference photo in the next video. 3. Practicing fur: So I have prepared for you I don't know, practice sheet. Maybe we could say it this way. And these are all cuts from photos of cats. I want you to practice a bit tougher before diving into a portrait. So if you want to skip this part, you can, but maybe it's better if you get your hand on the fur. And I also made for you brush folder was, I don't know, doesn't love brushes. And these are original brochures from procreate, but had I have tweaked 2-bit, meaning I have I don't know, maybe gave a tip on each side or on only one side. And they all have different effects. So for example, the first one is called pencil for RFR. So you want to work on a layer above the photos. I have added a badge background just because if you want to work white, it's easier. So we're going to select a color and make some tries and see what do we like. So you have to find your own way to work because some have a pointy edge on both sides. You see as this one is just on the beginning. But if I go this way, doesn't work the same. And I'm not sure this will fit. But maybe it's a matter of taste. I think this is a good way to find your illustration style as well. Too small, too small. And this one is pencil for four, so I will write it here. So I know what I'm using. And this one is SASA friends and I have left. And number one, just after, so you don't mix up with your own brushes after. This one is quite heavy and is very pressure sensitive, so you really have to press hard to get something. And maybe the scale is a bit too large. So this would be better for this one. But not sure. The pressure is correct on this one. Oh, no. No. What's this one? It's not ready, correct. Don't like this one. This one is really until brush. Now this one is much better. It's a bit wet so you can mix with color below. And all those brushes give different effects. So maybe this one is cool to make known brush long hair. And this is Oriental. Would be tricky tool to write. Was this one. This one I sank a could go maybe, was this water pan? Spy is quite cool. So it's always better if you begin analyse what's in the most faraway formula and you cover it. This. No bad. So this is whiter. And this one, let's try copper head. So copper head is quite cool. Now I think this one would be really great for long hair, right? This will get this one too, right? So it's copper head. And I can still make individual hair was a technical pencil. So it's a bit more defined. Okay. And this, I took this picture because dark background is really interesting. And I want to make a dark background. This one is guage, So I'll have tweaked a lot. And maybe pencils 6B on top of it. This one is not bad. So has very long hair. I knew that copper head would go very well, but let me try something else like hemp. And I'm beginning by the darkest parts of it. You can place your brush just like the hair in the same direction. It's lacking a little bit of contrast. This one is cool, so it's hand. Well, let's get a technical paint, right? Another long hair. Let's try this one. Yeah. It's it's meant to be for a new way fits the Dublin Core little animal. This fan is very cool. For long, long hair was a bit of color variations. And this one is short hair. So maybe I will get a background with squash again, and I will go on top of it was maybe different colors like this one. Tick. Tick is a very cool. Always go from what is closest to the skin to what is closest to you. So you can really have layers of fur. This one is very cool. I like hits. So it says tick. And I'm gonna go back here because I don't like this one. And I want to just erase this one. This is a 2 first to a maid, makes a sufferer. And snuck rarely convenience. Let us call this one, it's Carmel. Yeah. That's very cool. Perfect for short hair because you can have layers. Ok, so we are not making realistic style. So I'm not trying to be accurate to the photo. I just want to render the ID of for from there, you will have something you like and something you really don't like. Cass? Yeah. I guess I suffer if you like it. I'm keeping it inside the folder that I won't be using it. I don't think so. So for me, this one is really nice because you have the big shapes with squash and the details with a 6B pencil. It's very cool. Hand is very interesting also because it giving a fluffy effect. Very cool as well as this one sibling is rarely, rarely nice. Stick can be interesting for a short hair with heart contrasts. Copper ahead may be just on top, but it will require to have a solid background below water. I don't like hits oriental neither and pencil for I don't know, maybe just for details. So once it's done, we can move to the drawing. 4. Drawing and background : So maybe you have a cat and you will be using a photo of your own cats. Or maybe you want to paint something else. I have gathered for you a bunch of Folio on Pinterest. It's 175, to be exact. Some of the photos here are copyright free, and those are the one with an splash or Pixabay in the caption. And some of them are not copyright free. So depending on what you plan to do with your arch, please use one of the suitable for audio for you. If you plan to sell your art, you must use copyright-free images. So I'll use crawl and select the one you like. Maybe you want to follow along with me or use your own reference photo. So this is a photo I have chosen for the first one because the hair is not so long and I loved the eyes really. It's gorgeous. So this is a time where you have to decide either you tap on the three dots here and you can download the image, will have a small size or you tap on it and it will go to and splash. And here you can download your image. Here it is. Hold long and at follows told this is a photo by Sebastian Navarro. And I will go back to procreate. And I have to decide the size of my portraits. I want to make square portraits. But if you want change and have another format that's okay for me. And I will make quite large enough. I will make maybe 6 thousand by 6 thousand pixels. This will give me ten layers at 300 DPI. But really, this is cool because it's 50 centimeters by 50 centimeter. So if I want to have a printed one day, that's possible. Then I will place my reference photo on the left. So swipe up twice old long and place it on the left. And this is one and take it and I place it inside. And this is where I want to frame a bit more on the portraits. Yeah, full size. Other layer on top, on Fertile layer, I will reduce the opacity just until I can see it's I'm tracing. Yup, I'm tracing. I know some people are thinking this is cheating. I'm not. So really just do as you wish. And we've got a 6B pencil in lagged, Nevermind, This is just a sketch that will be hidden after. So I'm tracing the major features very roughly, just to be sure this is accurate. You can hardly see the jaw line. There is a large shadow here. Right? And that's it's donating more than that. So you can remove your photo now, because we have only ten layers. We're going if we don't need much, okay? And I want to place a background. So obviously, there is a sky here. I'm blue, seems to be a good idea. You can't change, do whatever you want. I will get a blue, grey blue. And I will use a solid background to begin with. And from this photo, I'm going to be lighter from this color and I'm using the curl. The curl is one of my favorite brush. I will give some texture. The same color. Go darker. Doesn't really matter unless you want to have something specific. And at this stage you can play with, I don't know, autistic and you can go to totally up, for example, be fun. Or I don't like this one. Leather word. Aurora is really cool because you have a ton of different colors in it. This can't be an IG just depending on the style you want to achieve. And you can also place a layer on top of this and use this one to enlarge its blur it. Well, endless possibilities. Or uses 1. And this one, I will rename it. It's my sketch. To you like this new features in procreate 5X. Where are you camera right here. Don't like it. So still using the keyboard. And I will place a layer below the sketch, place the opacity of the sketch about 40%. And I like to begin by the eyes. 5. Painting the eyes: And I will use a simple brush from the underbrush folder. I have not edited because you have it in your procreate and this is a medium brush. Let's get this greenish yellow B2 to vivid. So I'm using a nice catch which is on top of my painting layer. Just to make V i two, this is my base. And you will have a very dark shadow here. So same color, I'm going to be darker. A kind of a lab arrays or cover after. And you have inside the eyes a lot of little. I don't know what I want to give some texture tomorrow. I, let's go back to my cat's folder. Maybe caramel and a bit darker. I'm using what I have in my folder, but you can use anything else. Of course, this color is mixing very well with the rest. Pencil six B. I is a bit darker and the first one. So maybe you don't want to use exactly the same color and both eyes. A bit too large. And the history is very interesting because I can go back and get a color I used before. This is even crazier matter. Much. S1 has really nice eyes. I'm just trying to mimic what I see. So let's try to blur this a bit. A bit more light. This should be a bit more blue to dark blue. Most, most black. Just fixing that sharp edge. There is a white dot here. There is a lighter part here. Using my 6B because I think it's the most precise it can get. And this is where you can large because you have to unload it high-res image. And this is going a bit more brown around here. This is a slight shift in the color. But this is what makes the difference. And let go. This one is a blue, almost all gray level. If you want to figure out the shiny side of it. You have to hide the sketch because you think you have a problem now carrying a lighter, pure white. And then we'll get the technical pencil. And here there is a bit of wind, floating ice. This should do it. Let's sum maybe subcarinal bit some edges. And for my smudging, I will use in the airbrushing folder, you have new blenders here, soft, medium, medium-low, hard and hard. Riches from procreate 5X. And I always use a medium blend because I think it's really cool planning tool. So you can give a bit of blurriness. Yeah, I think I have to see at the very end, the hole, it's going right. Let's see this. You see this is very red. I don't know. So let's move to the third now. 6. Painting the first layer : So for the, for, I will add a layer to this one. I will rename it iss. I'd lay on top and I will rename it for. And we'll go back to my practice sheet. Decided which one I will use only think can use a bit of wash. And 6B pencil. Yeah, maybe guage for the big shapes. So let's get to crash. Brush and gray. This is a warm gray. So together one gray you go on the warm color of the wheel. And maybe this one. So I'm sure I won't read my eyes because I'm on another layer. And this one as a mix of different colors. It's quite difficult. But what I want to do first is was very polled shapes. Plates are different colors, is not gray enough. I'm working like I would for a human portraits. And then placing the beak shapes and refining after. And here you see you have white hair on top of brown. Brown. Now that I see that. And so you have to make the brown first and place it on top of it after this parts is a dark shadow. And so I'm trying to get the correct color. That's so obvious. You see this is lighter. It's very important that you get the correct value. And I will show you how to be sure that persistent feeling. My pig shapes. There is this read is really, really strange. Pit to read. The hint at patch here. K. So I'm getting to mention details. This will be after. And for the moment, I don't care about the individual hair in the ER because It's too early, Honey. Why? At this stage, all I want to get rid of the white. And if it's a blue here. Okay. A bit darker for the tip of the nose but that dark. Okay. And Sz for the nose Betts very red. That much anyway. Okay. So now let's check out the values. I mean, is it light or dark enough either now? So for this, I will duplicate my photo here. And I will add it me places here. And here you have some ways to challenge your. So i will decrease the Saturation to minus 100 and I will increase the contrast. So I want to be sure that I really see the dark part. And remember I did this on a copying out all my reference photo. And here, this one, I will go to Magic won't hue saturation, brightness and you select layer. And then you will as well decreases saturation to 0. That should do it. And let's see if really I have the correct values. Well, I can tell that this dark part is the same value as this one and you have to blink. So you can really see. You have to blink on before I make some changes. I need to go by to my color saturation because I don't want to be black and white. So I have to increase this darkness. This one, this one, this is very dark, almost black. And this is almost black as well. Almost the same value as the corner of the eye. The eye is exactly here, same value. So I will tap down two times. So again back to my color. And I will get this one very dark. And place it here. Because if your values are correct, you will be able to have a contrasts and middle supposed to be dark as well. This is very dark Alsace where we get this red and white fix everything after and mind. And here there is a bit of a black guitar parts. And I see here it's lighter. And here I'm beginning to refine a bit. And this is almost straight. See that? Right? So now let's move to the second layer. 7. Second layer - part 1: So I'm still on the same layer and I don't in my sketch anymore so I can remove it because it will bother me. And I have placed by the original color for the o. And now I want to make some details, refine my portraits. This is one method I will show you another one after. And let's go to the ER and enlarging. So I have almost the same size and the reference photo. And on my painting, maybe it's a bit too large. I'm rarely this is grungy Ferrier, Angie. And I'm still using the guage brush. And the tip here is to forget what you are painting. Calcium gets a cut here. Just see that as an abstract shape. So you just paint what you see, what you think it is. And this is what makes all the difference. And I'm not trying to make photo realism, okay. So it's perfectly cool if it's not accurate. If i want you to photo, I have one already. And the arrays or I will use Flash as well. So I have something that is not too harsh. And for example, I see that here. It's not harsh line. It's more some individuals trans. So I arrays a bit and I get the smudge tool. Nice smudge. The edge will get the color and I will make mice trends and poorly strands. Literatures that z billion would be cool or stick. Maybe. Let's make some tries. And you can see this is a bit blurry because it's in the background. So that's very interesting. So let's get this t. Two, we see the same color and just making some individual hair. I won't show you everything I do because that would be really too long. But if I show you on one detail. You can make the rest of it and show you after. Ok, and as it's blurry, I will go to the magic bond Gaussian blur. This time I will get a pencil and oh, it changed my pants. I will go to the airbrushing medium brush and I will just blurb it. I said a bit. The hair about you have to look depending on your taste, about 20% and blurriness would be cool. Very cool. So let's, and there is some individual here you are, but I'm not sure I will do that. Will be maybe too much. So maybe I will place this medium brush in my folder. Because it's always a bit tricky to find the moment. Sorry, go back to class. And there is a right part here. And I'm integrating my colors just by tweaking the color next to it and pushing it the color close to it, you see makes a nice accent. So it really depends on the amount of details you want to place. You can go a bit. Maybe if you prefer. Because it will take ages. I think I'm okay where since part let's maybe blurb it the two colors. And I will get light colors. This is not white really. And I will place this on another layer, rename it. I will name it hair because I will do the whiskers as well. And I will use for the individuals trends, maybe stick again or copper head. So stick 1-2, rename it because it's in French. And this is perfect for this part. And I'm doing this on another layer because just in case I didn't like it. And that's interesting because I can do this true layers. So one is with hair and the one below, you see here, it's a bit too harsh, so I will go back to trash and just push it a bit inside so I don't have a edge can make it a bit more here. This is beginning to be cool, but it will be better with a bit of hair. And z billion. Sigma1 is perfect. 8. Second layer - part 2: So I'll make the nose as well. So you see, I'm beginning with a very rough shape. And now I will take 6B pencil because I think it's more precise. And actually I really need to reshape my nose. It seems a bit too low. I'm shaping, yielding negative space. And this is very dark, maybe dark brown. Basically, I'm just just, I don't know if it's the word pad. I am really reproducing what I see. Is it. I don't know what's, what's apart. And painting just said, this is the shape. And in trying to mimic the shape, I see I'm selecting my nose. And we'll tap on smash edge. And I will just blend a bit my colors inside. So this is not touching anything outside of the nodes. Keeping my edge very sharp. And once you have finished you this act. And there is this little white dot that makes a shiny. It's better to do it at the end, but I want to show you the difference it makes. I get the technical pencil. And this is really making the difference. This one is pin last. Okay? So let me show you another part because I will do the edges here like I did here. The second ear, like this one. And I want just to show you part here to the short hair. So you begin by what is the far away, which is here. Too dark. So sibling maybe this way. So I'm taking the color and then pushing inside and switching from one color to another. This is a lot of little brush strokes. From time to time, you can get a slightly different color. Always look on the reference photo which way? Because the hair growing because it has really a change in direction. And as I have a background that is already in the correct kernel range, are not compelled to feel everything. With my little brush strokes. Can go a bit further. And seeing there is a bit dark here. Another line here. So here you are. They finish this. 9. Timelapse: Boom. No. Yes. That, that that that that that that that back back. Back, back, back, back, back. Back, back. Yeah. 10. Final details: So here I am. I have finished almost everything. And I think it looks quite similar to the face here. Now it's time to remove this. I don't need it. I want to work on it and I don't like the background actually. So wanna try maybe a different color for the background. So I'm selecting this layer. I'm going to the magic wand hue saturation brightness. And you select the layer. And I will slightly move the slider here until I get a cholera. Unlike much too bright, some say I exist, maybe is better. And if you think it's too vivid, you can lower the saturation. Maybe it's better. I think I like that. Great because the yellow is really popping out and it's time to fix a bit souls eyes. They are really not my taste. So get a 6B pencil. Quite small. Just to raising the bit of the firm. To get back my pure white. This is not on the photo, but I think it will add more light. Not sure them. White. Yep. Maybe a bit more on the nose. And also I think it's a bit too harsh. So get a bit of a smudge. Townes still don't like this, but around I will remove the excess. I don't know, spots urine there. Don't like this match. So let's get an equal role. This is always good thing. Bit more yellow coming from the eyes. Be interesting. Tends to lower it or play with it. Yeah. Good. All right, so I think we're done. Let's move to another portrait with a different clique. 11. Drawing and eyes : I've chosen a cat, which is a British short hair, gray one. How cute is it? Rarely and amusing. Square. Candace, it's 6,600 pixels. 300 dpi makes ten layers, which is far enough because it will only need four or five main place further inside and fit to screen. And I want to enlarge it just to fit my needs. Lower the opacity. Placed a layer on top. Get pencil 6B, get black. I'm tracing. Yes. I know. I know. I know. If you want to sketch by yourself, please do. I say this glass is more about how to render for them how to grow cats. So I want the general shapes. I don't know if it's here or fit. It's hot. Maybe both eyes are really cool. Now, looks like a lion named this. The background, I think needs to be quite light because I want the grey to pop up. Maybe a pinkish something, even if we can still change it after or a golden. So the eyes will really stand out. This color is not rarely so cool. Okay, so I will just use this one for instance, and I will make my texture on it later. And this one will be the eyes. Okay, so i's, and then we'll get the medium brush. So I will use and here are the two eyes, seems to be symmetrical, so I will only make one. Now teaching as always. Well, my strong belief is that you must choose each media. As its full potential. So this is digital. And digital allows you to duplicate, rotate, give symmetry, etcetera, which you can't do when you are painting with traditional medium. And so I will do this. And the only thing that we'll do is change the size of my brush. So I will too. And maybe the capacity as well. Pit tough smash Black. Well, I think it could be a bit more textured. I know texture and smudging. And he's doing the same rights couch. And before I place the highlights, or sect is S1, three fingers down to replicate and flip horizontal. And here I am. I have my second pi. And all I have to do is place the highlight. So merge Zoe's to place a layer on top. I get pure white because maybe it's even something a bit blue-ish. And I won't make this reflection. And for the other one here, it's a bit lighter so i will decrease the capacity. Remove this catch. It's really bothering me. Yeah, it's supposed to be very, very light. And on the reference for two straight, but I will curve it just to figure out the roundness of the eye. Yes. And this swipe down three fingers to replicate and place it on the other. I Nice catch. Merge Down. Merge down. Okay. And my eyes are their own core who can't shell. I just printed one. Under you. 12. Painting the fur: So this is my airbrushed always, and this is obviously a blue-gray. Okay. So let's go to the first layer. Maybe a bit darker. So this is very rough. You can see that I'm just placing complete layer of gray. Wherever I have her. This is solid gray for the moment. Let's get back the eyes. An hour play just with gray and the size of my round brush. Okay. We'll beginning is finding the correct values to lie to Amy. And as I did for the other portraits, I just want to show you on a small part how I do this. Because it would be really too long. So let's see, this part is alright. And I will get to smudge tool, but now we're gonna change my brush and I will get the 6B pencil. Not too, not too large. And I'm pushing see that I'm pushing the color into the next one, runway or the other. Because here the challenge are quite subtle between the different layers, different colors that the hair. So this is where I see that my gray is a bit too a bit too strong. Okay. So I'm trying to push with waves of hair. His growing there is this little I don't know Dutch it effect. So what I can do is get a lighter, go to the hair layer and I will get stick. My name is just some light axis. Ok, so my cat, I have four hours to do this. I won't be back. 13. Final details : So I've been working. I made some picture of some specific steps. Here. I have filled all the different values because this is just gray, are truly with air brush and just varying the size of it. And then I've been using a smudge tool using the hemp brush just to push the color inside each other. And this is where I am now. So I want to show you the photo, the reference photo. Here. It's very blurry. The focus is on the face as well and on the front leg. This one is blurry too. So when I saw that, I saw that in what it was not really necessary to be so precise with my blurring too. So let's go back here. And I just want to increase the size and give a bit of blurriness here. So it's not a straight line. So this is where the features, the new feature in procreate five X is very interesting. I want to blur this part because it's really already a bit blurry, but I want to increase this. So go here, magic wand, Gaussian Blur, and you select tensile. And I will use a medium brush. My Gaussian blur is about 60%. And just lightly press my brush just to get this softer. So you can still see the for that this is not so harsh. Very cool. Now I see there is a bit of white here. So smudge it roughly around here as well. Some parts can be a bit lighter. And if you see this part, that is to lie to you go the other way, you pushing. Dark inside of it. Working, verifying. Yeah, I think I like it. And maybe this is a bit too harsh as well. So I want to suffer attendees to this isn't backend force all the time. Okay. So let's go to the hair and the stick brush. Why that won't break some lashes. And I'm not sure I need those little little short hair. I think it's okay for me. A bit here and there, which is to give more light. And for the whiskers, I will use a technical pencil. This one is very interesting because it is not fully, fully white. It's a bit maybe to be too IT anyway. I like it this way. Great. And go back to the background. Before I work on the background, as I've placed a solid color, I go to the bad crown layer and hue saturation brightness. And I'm trying to find a color that suites the cat because the cat is gray, but there are such a strange Keller I need something to enhance. It may be a blue would be cool. But this light green is cool as well. So it's really a matter of taste. So you can't go wrong if you're going in the same color range than the eyes. But it could be a pink as well. Really, it's up to you. I'm Kayla blue. We'll get some texture on this one. So for texture, you can go to charcoals, for example. This is a birch tree. As you can see, I have really a ton, a ton of brushes. Certainly too much. Because, you know, for the cathode, just choose toothbrushes. Just choose the airbrushed and the hand as a smudge tool. So you like yellow or blue. So you can see the eye is really popping doubts. So every R, These are two cats and different ways to do it. But of course you're welcome to use any other brush that I have added in the cats folder because I have been using those one, but maybe you like another one. It's basically different ways to draw first. Have been painting cats because I'm a cat girl. But if you prefer dogs, it works exactly the same way to. I hope you enjoyed the class and I'll be really happy to see you again in another class. See you soon.