Cat Photography 101 | Monique Rodriguez | Skillshare
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3 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Cat Photography 101 Part 1 Tips, Backgrounds & Lighting

    • Cat Photography 101 Part 2 Camera Settings

    • Cat Photography 101 Part 3 Post Processing 1


About This Class

Cat Photography 101 is purrfect for the beginner photographer.

Created for Bloggers, animal rescue and shelter photographers and cat lovers. Approx. 1 hour of video instruction and 15 page ebook. Topics include: Animal Photography Tips, Backgrounds, Lighting, Camera Settings and Post Processing. 

Download the .pdf file to follow along with the videos under the "Your Projects" tab.

Taught by Monique Renee of

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Fun video blog (vlog) of a week in the life of a pet photograher on YouTube





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Monique Rodriguez


Hello, I'm Monique. Pet & People Furtographer at Silver Paw Studio based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. 

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