Casual Hand Lettering: From Drawing To Digitizing | Linda & David | Skillshare

Casual Hand Lettering: From Drawing To Digitizing

Linda & David, A couple of creative folks

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5 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Course Presentation

    • 2. What makes lettering so special

    • 3. Essentials: Tools & Paper Types

    • 4. A Casual Lettering Process & Tips

    • 5. Digitizing & Creating Lettered Visuals

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About This Class

Ever wanted to try hand lettering to bring a unique & personal touch to all your visuals & designs, but were too intimidated about where to get started? Then this course is for you! Join Linda as she introduces you to her simple, frill-free lettering process that has allowed her to find her style & express herself throughout her creative work & blog - and that will inspire you to explore this super fun practice yourself.

This visually rich class follows the start-to-finish creative process, from introducing you to a simple lettering practice, to thinking creatively and using your lettering to create unique imagery.

It is open to anyone, whether you're an absolute beginner or already familiar with lettering, whether you have many tools to play with or nothing at all, and whether you own a scanner or just your phone for the digitizing process. Only photoshop will be required for that part!

The idea is to inspire you to begin your own hand lettering journey without getting too technical - so you can have fun and experience how it can be used to transform your creative endeavours.

Key lessons include:

  • How to begin your very own lettering journey in an intuitive, casual way
  • Why lettering is key to bring a unique & unreplicable touch to all your visuals & content, whether you’re a blogger, maker, creative or designer
  • How to visualize & compose your hand lettering experiments without getting too technical
  • Super simple process tips & tricks that can help even the clumsiest of letterers :)
  • What kind of tools to experiment with & how they can each serve to bring unique results
  • How to digitize your handlettering
  • Ideas of how you can apply and transform your lettering to create awesome imagery & designs

This class is perfect for all kinds of creatives and folks who create their own visual content, as lettering will allow you to bring a unique, beautiful touch to all your endeavours & to express yourself. If you’ve ever wondered how to get started with lettering and to actually learn to use it right away, you’ll love this casual, fun and interactive course.