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Casual British English: Speak like a native!

teacher avatar Rhyes Douglas, English Teacher - Content Creator

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Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Greetings

    • 2. Goodbyes

    • 3. Thanks

    • 4. Praises

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About This Class

Welcome to Slanguagelearn! Casual British English made simple with phrases, idioms and unique vocabulary you will not find anywhere else.

This course will teach you the most common phrases, slang words and idioms that British English speakers use every day in basic conversation. That’s why we call it Slanguage!

Every phrase or idiom includes an in depth description with quality real life examples.

Meet Your Teacher

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Rhyes Douglas

English Teacher - Content Creator


Professional English Teacher - YouTube Content Creator  

My Experience

Language teacher: TEFL qualified professional English teacher with over 5000 hours of experience teaching English online. My main areas of expertise include casual conversation, confidence building and presenting skills. I use a non-typical approach to get my students out there and meeting people as soon as possible. 

Youtuber: Culture/Travel Vlogger - English Language Youtuber - 30,000+ Subscribers.


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1. Greetings: Hello, everyone. I'm reef amax woken to slanguage your platform for casual British English now by casual British English. What do you mean? Well, we're talking about the best ways for you guys to learn really English on what we just me by real English is not necessarily the things you're gonna learn textbook, but the real way to speak. And I'm talking about what people like reefs on I British citizens, young British, younger assistants, how we like to speak Fisher a student. If you couldn't get to work on holiday, the thought of doing that would be very helpful for not you communicating with people, making friends, also just being generally that we go so three star trees. Let's go the first word. Hello. Like I said, if he hasn't called Hello. Hi. How degree people in a basic manner, but more casual. So you know what this means? Let's go down to what's up now what? So is many. It's so why did you just say hello? How you doing? Very, very casual. Sure, you give the example you like. What you see is just someone that question, don't you? Hello First just saying what? So you intend to use these. We've very close friends. You? Very true. Very true. Award out to that one. If you're going to go and talk to your boss or maybe respected person than I tend to avoid that one stick. Hello. But between young people between young people is a great light stock said, Yeah, to be fair value, any waas? Not really suitable to you with your friends. With your phony people just in the street, you might bump into that social standing. Excellent. Well explained the next four. Very interesting. One is sound. Now, what does this end you next to sound? Well, we'll talk about this. We've added some keys is you can see we got Emily. You hear Dr. Over the rest of our words and expressions. We've also added keys. The end here reaches Gonna tell you stands for masculine. There we go on the U stands for bright Bruce. What we mean by this is we've added these keys to help you distinguish when best to use these words and phrases. Because obviously we've included masculine, for example, because we think it's best to use the word sound between men. So from one man to another from females. Females go for it If you'd like to. Of course you may, but we think it sounds best between men and men and then you stumping for urban. So it tends to be used when breeze young trained people, primarily people who do 1 24 that we go accent. So some just one word bomb and usually grief. Just a sound. We found some say in passing You could be like, sound good And then you follow up with you know the question of how on a little extra tip for you guys. It can also be used as an adjective. So that was a greeting as an adjective, for example, a synonym from good. So if Reese is described me something which is, let's say, appealing to May, I can say that sound. So it's an adjective. You go a little tip very well. Be doing more. Finally, three days you got to watch you start to find out that British English It's a lot different . Teoh English might be told. He was very turn found right. I have primarily me what you have told me. Absolutely casual. Robert we got last night. You're right one of you. Although one of my favorites is one of the most scholarly greeting in English. Anywhere you go reverence union, whether you're going around just a street where you say hello to your name where you butchers using over That's just how you agree. 70% of people with your casual day today accident We break it down from his well, quickly we saw basically got two words. All right, many of you familiar with this. It's just asking if everything is OK and then made is just a synonym for friend used primarily in the U. K. However, another countries as well. For example, Australia and South Africa are pretty. It's called the use. Just stress. This world made just mean friend very friendly wife acknowledging someone Should we also add Oh yes, import everything. It's masculine. Sorry. In English, we tend to have a lot of masculine treating. That doesn't mean there are family ones. I'll be talking about those late. You know, there are quite a few masculine greeting. Brilliant Rees, thank you very much. Right, guys. Now I'm gonna explain to you my four chosen casual British greetings. So the 1st 1 which is actually my favourite of all of the eight we've got written up here is to what You good. I'm gonna give you guys example now agrees to just show you how I would use this. So I'm seeing reach for the first time already. Good. Practice again, With way. Go. Simple. Really simple. Two words, basically. Are you okay? Are you good? Is that simple to us? Next? Moving on. We've got a very similar won t you Good. However, it's your right now. This was all right. We've come across over here. Reese, explain it to you here under, you know, similar meeting again. Is everything okay? Are you good? Are you right? But you could just join you on your right together. What? Yeah, you're right. You're always pretty number. Perfect. Looking. Moving on. Now, as I was saying, one for the ladies. Now we have way higher, babe. And as you can see, we've included the f to say well, feminine in this sense. So higher. Very simple. Maybe you guys have heard this one before. It's just say a different way to say hi. Which is obviously an extremely common greeting similar to hello. So higher Just implies it's a bit more sweet. Sweet. It's very cute. Exactly the o g o you you hold? Yeah, they really And then the word babe is actually what I would plus as the feminine version of the word made true that is actually recently so obviously from females females, baby, is That's the number one wave really greeting one another between females. Yeah, just fantastic. Used from young people, older generations. It's been used for a while now. Incredible. So if your girl and you want to greet one of your female friends in a different way rather than I look and I would really recommend this one Brilliant. Now moving onto my last, the wood safe recently backed out from this one. Very, very. So included two key tax masculine because two realist. I only hear this set between two males on in a very urban setting, but nonetheless very hip. Very cool. Very lightweight. Very similar sound in a way. No, Just one word. Yeah, Found slight. Okay. Oh, safe. Very. You know, usually when you greet people you like are safe farm there you you could and it's bravery. Masculine. Very 2. Goodbyes: Today we learn in different ways in which you can say goodbye in casual English, you know, afraid things that you can use your friends with your family. No, even someone your work hunting. You should kick off. Let's start. So, guys, the 1st 1 very common to you. I think a lot of you have heard this in popular culture, for example, in films, maybe in songs, etcetera. So see you later. That's what it is. See you later broken down. You can just see it. See, You're obviously referring to you. Letter. Extremely common guys in his Reese mentioned is definitely one you can use with your friends, your family on even your colleagues, any kind of formal or informal situation. So, as we do in Slanguage, I'm gonna give you guys an example right now breath, just like the CIA offices are British accents were using. So I might tend to vary based on accidents, but that's pretty much it. Right. Next we've got into the one bless. I don't think this is such a common one that you guys are familiar with this. What do you think about this one? You know, very urban, maybe even urban situation and followed, usually with a fixed like our blends. You know what you mentioned earlier? Some of these words could be used for hellos and good boy for imagined in the Hello video. Less could be used to say hello or goodbye. So it's quite a very casual. You'd only use it in urban farming with your closest friends go, restaurants occurred. Sure, the next one is in a bit now, in a bit of a very universal one. Def end. You know, I think the general rule may be used in the middle in the north of England. They can hear it down south, though it's a very middle on northern work. Basically, it's just saying similar to this. See you later in date bodies admitting the See you later. And it's just saying in a bit, which was like in a small amount of time, we will meet again exactly that, Exactly. That right. Moving onto this side again. We've got one safe now. If you guys checked out our first video on greetings, you're already gonna be familiar with that word. But you might be sitting here watching, thinking safe. Okay, Well, what's the meaning of that will not be covered in the first video. It's just one word, right? British slang word, which has a huge impact. We really like this word, because for us, me and Reese, it's actually an urban word as well as being a masculine words. And what we mean by that is it's predominantly used in an urban setting and also between men. Between blocks. Exactly so example. Again, check out the video. Wait, you think? Deserve which are the same. They got just one word. It's just a really nice way to finish off a conversation with your friend and wish them well saying goodbye. Simple is that raise next. What we got? Okay, next one, you catch you later. Now the Yet I try nasty quite strongly, because that's how written. But in reality, we just say cash Katula, the yeah, almost hurting today. Just sound kind of get rid of the water. Exactly. That excited. This basically means to sign this. See you later. Apart from we swapped fear for catch Simple. A simple Okay. Moving on to another one, guys. Very, very similar to the one I've just done previously. It's safe. We've got sound extremely, extremely similar to the word safe. So basically what I've described again used in a predominantly urban settings you can see here and then also masculine setting. So between men, one of my favorites as well, like said CompUSA's greeting on also as a good bye. So when you come back easy, as easy as just one word Really British native impact really recommend and falling on we have. Take care now take care that you you know, I assume a lot of you guys consort of guess what take can meet It just means look after yourself. I hope you do well, you know hope things go okay? Just basically asking the person to take cat off themselves. There is no off themselves. Interesting sentence. You could say good boy, take care or just wave and say take exactly exactly, really well explained these things now moving on to the last one. This is one I would say has come around in popular culture within the last maybe 5 to 10 years on the well, it z one word. Obviously this is a common words. Most of you guys watching this video now peace. And of course you can understand what that word might mean. Peace, in its sense, to say goodbye to someone is just a way of wishing, wishing well into your friend or your college. Say, I would, you know, jumping quickly here. But I would say peace is quite similar to take Cam. Doesn't he equivalent of can? That's such a good example. Roots thanks so that it's really what reaches just epitomize that urban example. Take. It's just wishing well into the person wishing them peace essentially, but like we say, used in an urban setting member with from these easy guys. So there you go. These were our eight special ways to say goodbye in casual British, in which we really hope you enjoyed, I'd be Max Wreath and this was language. 3. Thanks: no Maxwell be covering today. Right, guys, Today it's our third lesson and we're gonna be talking to you about different ways to say thank you in casual British English. So race shall we begin? We shall foot the 1st 1 We've got a really common in youth word for a variety of different things. But it's cheers now that you might be thinking her Cheers. I thought you fit that when you put a dream together with a friend. But cheers is also used to say thank you and you know, pretty right to say it's one of the more commonly used wave to say thank you. I would say it's the most common way to say thank you The most common synonyms. No thanks. And it could be used in any situation. For example, you hold the door for someone they made more past you insane. Cheers. So someone hold your coffees, you a drink? Cheers. Even your teacher cheers, miss. Definitely guys, I would love to. That race is explained perfectly. I would also add that could be used in both formal and informal situations. So although it's slang is originally slang, but now because it's so common use. It's just like I say, using both formal and informal situation. So really good. Great way to say thank you. I would honestly, I would honestly recommend to you guys just which using this word, not cheers it's literally that into change board so called tree. If you come into England, you can say thank you course if you want a shop tray tears to help you found a lot more and help you assimilate better. That's what that's what we love about that word. It's just so efficient, you know, just one learning one word could make you just seem so much more native speaking. So I really recommend that guys, look what we've gotta get right guys, if you are a fan of slang bridge and you've seen our 1st 2 video, you'll already be familiar with, it is to stay. It's safe. So guys, obviously just to clarify for those of you who are watching this video watching language for the first time, they're two different words, but with pretty much the exact same meaning when used in slang context. So safe is just a great way of expressing gratitude to a friend. Andi, we've included these keys appear for you guys and to specify in a masculine context on urban, obviously in an urban context. So yeah, safe. Well, sound just too great ways to just really sort of show graduate. I mean your given example, cause that might be quite difficult. Few bus from the sun that's given example. So if Reese has just given me, let's say, recent just giving me this pan is against off route. Thank you. So I wish my safe on the phone you go. Not just just a wicked way of sort of changing things up. So So just, you know, just to repeat as well. It's not faith and sounded just to save or invest. Exactly. Remember these words about Urban and enough the most formal. If someone did hold the door open for you, he wouldn't say safe. And you would not say sound, say, cheese or frank's or tar, which you're going to teach and explain for you thieves used between close friends. Yeah, definitely released next one. We've got car now. This is a pretty different one is the one that I used to much Boy is spoken. I loved doing break it down a bit for me. Guys. Well, to talk about that word. In my opinion, it's commonly used in the middle on the north of England, so it's just literally one. What one syllable, which mixed with a northern British accent? It might be quite difficult to pick up in a situation. Is that is that true? So, for example, you might have someone who in situations researchers described with the door holding a door open for you. That might be someone who walks past them to show gratitude. Literally one syllable topped up. Anything you might when you're paying the cashier, they want family from Greggs. You know what your other videos? Noble Greg talk. He's a very, very, very true, very true. Okay, right, Moving on now. So this size sorry for that wicked. No 1,000,000. Reese. When we create this video, we had a little discussion with each other on. It was the first time that when we've been making this language videos for you guys that reads disagreed with me on one of the words. More rather, I disagreed with it on what it was is I wrote this word and I chose this work because for me myself. I've used it since I was a teenager, and I still use it to this day. I guess that's because we come from maybe different areas of the United Kingdom. What we've grown up in different areas of England. So yeah, I mean, for me, guys, this is a really sort of Well, I will add. It's an urban way, Andi. It's just an urban way to show gratitude to someone you might be mixed with. Cinema friend, you might want to say, Make me what I want to say, bro, where you want to say Brother will give you guys lessons on these kind of friends Indians. But for me, it's just it's just a a wicked way or really good way to say thank you again. I ask God to give you an example. A new present today has given me this female. I'd love to see it. Oh, thank you so much. Wicked working. Thank you. You got mixed up with Thank you. Wicked and in the context, just a great way to anyone watching, you know, interesting are acting skills are also looking for a couple, so I appreciate it. But it's an interesting thing with this is that there is no A p is just the prophet free and what it means is. But you see the way saying God, I appreciate this or I appreciate what you give me exactly and we just say, I appreciate it. You might need a bit cracked if a and that just preachy eight. Yet Reese totally rock was explained. That's what you really need to say to give the emphasis, but to break it down the gun. Once you guys, it's, I appreciate it. Simply stop adjusted. No one would really say in a slang context. Oh, I appreciate it. You know, B'more. Appreciate it. Just like that thrown together. It's a bit more universal on four compared Teoh Faith Reference you appreciated with anyone is very warm. It's very friendly, Don't appreciate. It's like in a really, really showing how fun you are. You're actually addressing them, and this is really, really like, I think I think that's a real It's more of a sincere way. Yeah, I know about the others aren't sincere. It's just this one has got, like that added warmth. His races described. That's a really good one. Okay, guys don't know if it's here Now I want to read favorites, which I believe is in the last video was saying goodbye. Well, maybe even in the first time was, well, possibly. Anyway, guys important thing is today we're talking about gratitude and thanks so less, uh, really, really urban way. I would describe what bless is again to show gratitude in receiving something just just in a gift or in a gesture that you're very pleased with that. You want to show thanks to do the person you just use that one word. Bless and maybe complete office if you are hearing this. So if you want, uses good right? Last one Reese took care of. Now, in my opinion knife. It's similar to appreciate it slightly more casual you. It's a bit more sincere than safe or less or wicked, but it's not as full as appreciated. Troops like saying this is good, Frankie. Yeah, just for example. You know, once again, I'm giving him. He knew about two about giving to get Yeah, I bet you could have. Seriously, thank you so much. Appreciate. Nice one. Easy, guys. Easy, easy looking. Okay. So, guys, a little bonus round. I want to add some information for you guys. Just cause me and raise here at Slanguage Project we really, really want to help you achieve in English which is obviously as we used casual British on its more authentic is another word I wanna use. So, guys, a bonus thing for you is I just want to mention that when you use these words, you use these expressions to show gratitude. I think it's really important to add authenticity and the way for you guys add authenticity is to maybe add one word at the end, which is synonym friend. So you can use friends if you'd like to. But memories will cover in or more lessons different ways to say, friend. So an example between men that say would be made between women would be babe. So I think just added either made talk babe onto the end of one of these words of these expressions is just a really authentic bonus you guys example, our family inversion. Cheers, babe. Masculine our faith. May I just add so much more authenticity rather than saying just one word because it end the day. We're not trying to be your your traditional, stereotypical teachers, where you learn from things you write down and you just use it in a different context of educational content. True, we want you to make friends in England. Cuts the best way. You know, studying it's always excellent, but amazing way to learn languages is also to make friends enough. Perfect country learning these You're gonna mixing back some of the English student language work of English. Anyone in England anyway? You know, you get to practice it, boy, for hanging around people more. Well, read something that brings us to an end of all video today on things already enjoyed it. So cheap is nice. One way to go, guys. We hope you've enjoyed it as well. See you in our next 4. Praises: now Today I'm going to be covering praises on Compliment. Now this is different waving, which you can basically faithful give good. Different. Now we've all heard off. That's awesome. That's amazing. Oh, that's a great jump or oh wow, don't on your exam, but we're gonna dove into more casual ways. We can say it in British English. Do you want to start? My brilliant? I'll start with the 1st 1 which is nice. Want No, no, look, that doesn't make too much sense constructed, but it's actually a really, really great wages to affirm something in a positive way. So, for example, by reaches mentioned within exam, let's say I've just completed exam myself. Received the great let's say I do quite good on the exam so we'll play little role enough. Hey, I just got my exam results or what have you go? I got 90% knife. Woman I need Do you need a nice thing? It's just a great way to say no going. Good example. You know, if your house may have filled the freedom with food decided if I faint. You are Dude, I bought some more. Chicken eggs are nice one. Thanks for a great great down next one. You know, very, very basic you've heard this one before and the reason we kept this one just because even though it's not in a casual urban, it could be used in any sort. Situation on it literally just means, you know, good job. Just another way for ankle job. Yeah, I really that could be formal, informal. Anything you really want to do that so doesn't agree about and will pop down to Decent. Do you want a company form? Definitely decent. Decent is an adjective to why, synonymous with the word good, Great. Let's say that's simples is so any time you would be using the word good. Just, you know, if you're feeling a bit exotic, let's say Just swap that for the adjective decent on. You've already boosted your language capabilities just just like that. Just one word that we're decent adds a really kind of native flair to the way of speaking. What I would add is that decent shouldn't be used when making very good. I think it's good death, basically decent doesn't sound like that's amazing. Are that Muslim? It just sounds like, Oh, it's good for example, you know, jacket pretty for this, so it's not really good now. Training. That's really good. It's just an example. That's how good the next one. Enough. This is quite a youthful friend. Doesn't use the young people in a very informal situation, primarily among men. Relate to get. You know, we made it, you could believe, because we're blanks ourselves. I'm sick, similar to decent and good books. It's a lot more casual, very fair. Can you say something like that sick or how did you do on your test? Gets sick needs And that's how would be used. So very, very casual, Never is. Never uses at work and try to use a family only very close friends and more male Stephanie . Very useful play. Okay, when you look at it now, there's not really much to if at play. But I think that's a really term, which is used when you want to again affirms something positively to someone in a way, which is almost, say, How would you describe that? I think it's quite tricky. One. What if someone said that I said to you, Have you already done this and then you win Yes. Okay. A good fat. Oh, his one. Max. I'm gonna go faction the stairs. You've all e se already do it, and I go play. It's not like 17. Compliment, but it's more acknowledgement in a positive light. Definitely acknowledgement Positive. Let me give you an example. Not some. Let's say we've got a friend is in school. He sees a girl is very attractive and he really likes this girl. Wants to get to know So it gets very brave. Eventually he asks for the girl's telephone number and she gives it to him. And then friend comes to me and Reese, Reese and I and he says to us and guess what? That girl I really like. I got a phone number today. I think this is a great way to, you know, be from human plates. Yeah, it's just I guess it's synonymous with a lot of them. Especially this one here. Well done. Nice one is right. Very, very short video. Just covering basic praises and compliments. Just waiting, which, using pepper in more casual British English to make you sound