Cashew Cream Magic: 5 Easy Sauce Recipes + 15 Meal Ideas | Mackenzie Schieck | Skillshare

Cashew Cream Magic: 5 Easy Sauce Recipes + 15 Meal Ideas

Mackenzie Schieck, Writer & Food Blogger

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. About the Instructor

    • 2. Class Intro

    • 3. How to Make Cashew Cream

    • 4. Recipe #1: Creamy Taco Sauce

    • 5. Recipe #2: Creamy Wasabi Sauce

    • 6. Recipe #3: Creamy Dill Sauce

    • 7. Recipe #4: Creamy Chive Sauce

    • 8. Recipe #5: Creamy Basil Sauce


About This Class

Learn how to whip up savory dairy-free sauces, dressings, and spreads in just minutes! In this class, you'll first see how to make a base cashew cream recipe. Then you'll get five sauce and/or spread recipes just by stirring a few simple ingredients into the cashew cream. And for each sauce recipe, you'll get three easy meal ideas for making use of that sauce. 






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Mackenzie Schieck

Writer & Food Blogger

Hi, there! My name is Mackenzie Schieck, and I’m a writer, food blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer—not to mention, latte addict, Friends expert, and pop culture junkie—and have been creating digital (and some print) content since 2004. As an editor at for seven years, I wrote everything from marketing and UI/UX copy, to social media posts and editorial features that included a monthly column.

I made the jump to freelanc...

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