Cartooning Made Easy: Creating with Public Domain Comics

Angela Veals, Public Domain Specialist

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6 Videos (24m)
    • Cartooning Made Easy Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Method 1

    • Method 2

    • In Conclusion

    • Bonus: Goofnutz Bubble Gum Idea


About This Class


As part of the Cartooning Made Easy Course Series: This class focuses on Images specifically from public domain comic books. Creating derivative works from public domain resources is always the project focus.

In This class you will learn how to:

  • Recognize and locate public domain comics (Research comics, choose image for purpose)
  • Process the comic book image (digitally clean it up, modify it to suit your purpose)
  • Finalize the image by an easy vectoring process, 

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I created a quick what's possible video with public domain comics but your imagination is the only limit you have
Angela Veals

Public Domain Specialist





Angela Veals

Public Domain Specialist


Welcome to the learning space of copyright free and open source community. I began learning about the copyright laws back in 2008 as my hobby focusing specifically on the expired copyright works commonly referred to as the public domain. 

Understanding copyright laws, what is and isn't "free and legal". Watching the "landmines" of copyright laws and their applications for creative works, patents, and trademarks. While I'm not an attorney nor do I play one on the internet I have valuable knowledge of researching to avoid copyright infringement. 

Nothing could be more frustrating than to be heavily involved in a project, only to find out that your are receiving letters from attorneys stating "cease and desist". My classes revolve on applying works in the public domain and mixing it with imagination to form a creative derivative work that is copyright-able. 

A common misconception is that everything on the internet is free and can be used for whatever reason. I strongly advise against this. The truth is learning copyright laws isn't particularly difficult just a small time investment but once learned and mastered. You "know" what you can and can't use.

So join me, as we journey through expired copyrights. Using the works for our own knowledge and profit.