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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Cartooning • Design Intro

    • 2. Cartooning • Design part I

    • 3. Cartooning • Design part II

    • 4. Cartooning • Design part III

    • 5. Cartooning • Design Outro

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About This Class

I can help you design your own cartoon characters. Create cartoon version(s) of yourself, your pet or any animals, people or creatures you can imagine. Make characters inspired by real life and mix in fantasy for fun storytelling. Design characters, expressions, backgrounds, short stories and more. Recommended for people ages 8 to 88. :)

Supplies recommended for the class include Strathmore drawing paper / pad for pencil and ink & an acid free Strathmore paper sketch book, Strathmore bristol paper (smooth surface), #2 (HB) art pencil(s) such as Straedtler, a Paper Mate white pearl eraser, a non photo blue pencil such as Prismacolor, broad tip black art marker(s) such as Prismacolor and medium / fine tip black art marker(s) such as Micron 8 & 5.


Cartooning • Designing Characters Intro

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brian Cattapan

Cartoonist, Illustrator, Writer, Voice Actor, etc.


Brian Cattapan is a Cartoonist, Creator of Comics, Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Painter, Writer, Voice Actor, Director, Producer, Publisher, Instructor, Animator, Editor, Motivator and he is somewhat Renowned for inspiring fellow aspiring creative people of all ages.

Education includes; Cartooning, The Arts, Creative Writing, Acting, Animation, Production, and more at Columbia College o Chicago, IL & NW Film Center School o Portland, OR.

Employment includes; Freelance Cartooning and Illustrating since 1991 for Businesses, Networks and Individuals.

Creator of Comics & Comic series since 1998, published in Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Newspapers, Magazines & Online. Including the popular series, 'ZEEK... The Martian Geek' ... 'VAMPIRES Need Love, Too!', 'CERTAIN Conf... See full profile

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1. Cartooning • Design Intro: This is cartoonist Brian Caravan here to remind you that cartoon characters aren't real. Comic book characters aren't real either. But don't fret. It doesn't mean they can't have a life of their own. That's right. I can help you learn. Are designed characters, whether it be a cartoon of yourself, one of your pets. Anything you could think of. I can help you to use not just one guy, but use your imagination. It's called the inner Eye. Yeah, that's right. You want to design characters, learn how to tell stories about them. We have to make different expressions. I can help with that. So come on in joining. Get your inner eye, Freddie. You could tell stories about girls, dogs, turtles, rabbits, all having a life of their own, making up characters about nerds falling in love. Anything you want, ready to learn 2. Cartooning • Design part I: but 3. Cartooning • Design part II: deal. 4. Cartooning • Design part III: 5. Cartooning • Design Outro: everybody hope you enjoyed cartoon design. Now you doom or characters and stories. That's right. Get ready to use your imagination. That's it. Create different animals. Pencil in different characters and backgrounds. Eight things around you people, you know, people they motivate you, inspire you or make up stories where you have anything happening you want. In addition, I want you to make three additional scenes for each of these four stories. Zombie, you be fun. Tell a story. We're different creatures. You can interact like the zombie story with monsters. Explore you. Do you be like an adventurer going on? Different, uh, quests. Waken explore story with artifact regular You could be something like a holiday story where there's good or bad presence. And, again, a story with presence fantasy. You could be anything you want were wild creatures come or strange animals or even a superhero story. Anything you want. Have fun cartooning