Cartoon Sketching - Pt.1 | Bojan Djukic | Skillshare
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About This Class

This Course is about exploring drawing approach based on structural construction by using the essential drawing tools such as paper and pencils. You`ll see that drawing is fun and an exciting process! The online Course before you is about chracters and how to create them the cartoony way! I am privileged to share with you my vast experiences with cartooning from my own endeavors, along with working for Disney, Warner Bros. and Steven Spielberg`s AMBLIMATION, A Division of Universal Pictures, Ltd. among many others.





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Bojan Djukic

Graphite Fantasy - Soul Cartooning

Bojan (Bojan M. Djukic) has worked in animation, comics and illustrations, lecturing for children and grown ups alike on drawing cartoons, naturalistic images and stylized visuals.

He worked for Warner Bros.,Walt Disney Company and Steven Spielberg's AMBLIMATION - a Divison of Universal Pictures, Ltd. plus a stint with the London Cartoon Centre, as the Art Tutor.

Now he is active with producing visuals for illustrated picturebooks and comics, lecturing on drawing and writing blo...

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