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Cartoon Character Rigging and Animation in Adobe Animate CC

teacher avatar Mehmet Emin Aykurt, Industrial and Graphic Designer, Design Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      01 Introduction


    • 2.

      02 Drawing Head


    • 3.

      03 Drawing Neck and Body


    • 4.

      04 Drawing Arms and Hands


    • 5.

      05 Drawing Pelvis Legs and Shoes


    • 6.

      06 Rigging Part 1: Adding Bones with Bone Tool


    • 7.

      07 Rigging Part 2: Positioning Body Parts


    • 8.

      08 Rigging Part3 Arranging Bone Constraints


    • 9.

      09 Animating Character


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About This Class


Learn character drawing, rigging and animation in Adobe Animate CC from scratch!

In this course you will learn how to draw, rig (add bones) and animate a cartoon character in Adobe Animate CC. With powerful vector drawing and animation abilities, Adobe Animate is one of the industry standard animation software. You will first learn how to draw a cartoon character step-by-step with animation ready technique. Then you will learn how to add bones and rig a character professionally, add constraints to joints and position body parts. Then you will see how to add pose to your character, move pose,  copy pose and paste pose for animation. With these abilities you will be ready to create a cartoon.

Meet Your Teacher

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Mehmet Emin Aykurt

Industrial and Graphic Designer, Design Educator


Join me at discord:

I have graduated from METU (the best university of Turkey) (ODTÜ) Industrial Design Department and get my masters degree from ITU Industrial Design Department. Now I am doing my PhD studies. I have been teaching at Erciyes University since 2008. I have a digital agency in which I build websites, corporate identities, business strategy, and visual communication designs. I have 16 years of experience in the graphic design field. I have created more than 500 published graphic design and more than 200 web design. I share my experiences on Skillshare.

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1. 01 Introduction: in this class. We've learned how to design a character and drove its done at bones on at animation from scratch. You will start by drawing head on neck, body arms, hands and police legs and shoes. Then we'll add bones are characters and make animation like that. As you can see, we will do this animation. Yeah, Then you'll see how to make an armature. Animation regards bond character animation, and you can do whatever you want. Then maybe you will create a YouTube Siri's that's up to your let's do it. 2. 02 Drawing Head: Hi. Welcome In this lesson. We will start by drawing our characters. Hat first we need to create any file is the welcome screen and we will choose HD file here . And platform type is action Script three and we will create it. This is our stage and we will choose brush tool and start drawing our character. We will choose at skin color. Here, here you. As you see there is the orange color and the tone After your skin color is here, Andi Okay, we will draw our character. And the breast size will be the fire. I think on you'll start throwing our character's head. There is a round shape here on this year's Yeah, we will feel this area. We did pain back. It'll here few it on Choose rush and throw ice on nose and mouth with the black. Those are the eyes on just the nose on. This is the mouth. No. Yeah, that's OK. Those I bro's, but yeah, Okay. We door our character's head on. We will get some hairs here. Choose a hair color. I'll choose orange and throw it here writing This is code. Yeah, and choose paint bucket again and feel empty areas. Yeah, I let some Hey, if make it more, Smith recalled on I the like, more natural. And Smith recalled, And I'll that here or something? Yeah, that's OK. I chill brush on, choose black and drop the breast size to and at some details toe years. Yeah, that's OK I am having with that. Now we will convert. This had into a graphic symbol. Select it with this selection tool on right click denture choose commerce symbol and you a name? That and a graphic symbol. Yeah, it's OK. We'll continue by droving neck on body. 3. 03 Drawing Neck and Body: Now we will draw the neck and the body. Yeah, I will choose brush. Yeah, And choose the skin color. Throw the necked on breast size making file. Draw a simple next shape story. Yeah, make it round it on the start. And And because when we animate it, this will rotate on. We don't want to see edges on. Feel a tweet this color. Okay? And sorry. I will choose brush on dro a body. Choose a color for the clots. Yeah, I'll choose. Right. Okay. I drove here on make shoulders on this body and choose razor and erase unnecessary parts. Sorry, because the razor selected fields, but he didn't raise. Make it to raise normal. Don't. Yeah, You can't race. Why eat? Feel this sweet paint back? It's to call her hair. Yeah, we will come about them And symbols choose the neck. We also selectees it Shift holding shift click It's and on selected right click the neck symbol given name its graphical So neck okay on this body. So down right click commerce symbol on on a Okay. We will continue next lesson with throwing arms and hence 4. 04 Drawing Arms and Hands: Hi. Well, now drove the arms on hand. You start by choosing brush tool besides five and choose a color. The scheme called it actually and throw a basic shape again. It feel it. Brand it on the edges. Story control Z undo changes on Try to draw. Thiel. It's OK for you. Yeah, this is the upper arm. Sorry. This is the lower arm on this Feel with the hand? Yeah. Drove that fingers. Yeah, that's OK. Ford's character and feel them with, uh, back to. And I will add that color here. Choose that color on. That's still mean here and draw this. Actually, I want to make it longer. Yeah, as you can. Draw brush tool like you draw in for the shop or other pixel based graphic programs and choose skin color. Make some arrangement Here, Choose again. Red. So you've drop the breast size by three? Yeah. Choose the razor again and raise some partiers. Yeah, it's okay. I think we can convert them into symbols again, but I think I have to make some changes here. Make more smooth. Yeah. Here also. Yeah, it's okay. So, like, razor and drop the breast size to and some party year made fingers. Yeah, and chills. Brush some fine tuning to choose skin color and Bryce. Size three. Yeah. Take your racer again. Makes one at arranged doors. He's here. Make this Ingemar thinners. Rondo's here. Truth again. Brush and paint. Three. Sorry, Contras E. Yeah, that's OK for now. We can come. Atonement symbols, select. Sorry. All right. He's like only hand and right Click command symbol. Score Rafiq on. Given name. It's the hand on select eight with one click and commerce symbol. Lower arm. Those right click comet symbol on pop Her? Uh, well, placed them that may ah, wreak the character. Choose them and add it. Copy, control. See? And that it pays in place Contra shift B. Yeah, It tasted until this object and well, damn. Sorry. Returned scene. If you're accidentally and then some boy in a symbol, you can click here on return. Seeing them, he'd shoot on, Select it on here. Type negatively. 100. Yeah, we flipped it relaxed. Essen rules continue by drawing the ah Palace. Aunt Lex 5. 05 Drawing Pelvis Legs and Shoes: Hi. In this lesson, we will drop pelvis and legs and feet. But first I want to drink. It's character size, because when we draw the food and legs, it will be out of the stage, Choose everything and choose the free transform toe pull shift read used to size. Okay, that's doing a beat. Yeah, on for driving pelvis. Choose a color for the trousers or short. And I chose this, but you and that's drove it. Sorry. You try to draw every two more symmetrical on this. Okay, Feel this pain back to done again. Choose brush through of that upper leg. Yeah, as you see, stranded in the edges on throw lower leg. But I think it should be a bit more. It's all there and choose skin color. Drove the lower leg. Maybe, you know, but not here. Tended arms. Yeah. Feel with paint buckets? Yeah. It's the the shoe, I'm sure. Choose on orange color. Yeah, I feel a tweet back to choose razor and so Sorry. First feel this area. Yeah. Chills, razor. So I'm a little bit and throw honest their parts. You, uh okay, Aunt, Choose your low colorant. Make the brush sorry. It's one on Throw some. Yeah, this is the throbs and you can't make uh, maybe we color the bottom part of shoe on Feel this That color since I like razor these on sir parts. Maybe you can raise your more It should be able to carry here and choose Sculler on again Opened the color picker Dan True's the color for some ornaments here. I think it's not a little Maybe this. Yeah, that's what Something in here. Just paint it. You can arrange your characters design as you want. This is just the basic ringing tool and you can do whatever we want. Yeah, okay, but that should be a skin parts here. I will choose brush, take the skin color. Yeah, paint here, you hear? Choose brush again. Take this color, Make it a bit wider. Sorry. Under changes. Yeah, it's OK. It's okay here also, you can't something Quiroz So maybe you can't throw Yeah, different color here. Changed breast size three and yeah, maybe twice. Okay, let's zoom out. It's good, but I think for reading purposes this partial baby Toller choose that color on you. No. Here. Yeah, uh okay. And choose this part. Click here and it Holding shift. Click here on sex, part and right click Commerce symbol, upper leg. It's name on chills here. And common symbol. Right click, comrade symbol. Lower leg on its shoe. I already said I never think. Yeah, right. Click symbol and Sure. Okay. And chose them. Right? Click copy or big controversy? Yeah, and And it passed in place. Can't a shift week. Well done. On and here and transform panel make horizontal transformation Negative. 100 on May. Clipped. Sorry again. Accidentally. I entered Seymour. Click scene. Name and return Seeing. Yeah, that's to get our character. Yeah, that's is it. Our basic character is finished. Now we will start rigging it. 6. 06 Rigging Part 1: Adding Bones with Bone Tool: There is a good technique for rigging character to using to use dummy shapes. I will draw on circle on com ERT coming toe symbol. I say Domine helper on hold off And she key drug it. Choose bought off them. Rug it on holding all key. I'll drag and copy. Object. I put doors. One for this hand. One for this aunt. Sorry. One for this food for his foot and one for Dallas. One for so all right. And for neck and for hat. Thank Yeah, it's here. It's here. Try to make them in center and double click that, uh, Dom you object onto reads. I will change to call if use green to see it. Okay. I forgot to convert this into symbol constable. And you do pelvis name. Yeah, that's like everything. And see everything. He's a symbol. Now, choose born to and we will at bones. You'll start by this object and click and rock here. Click and drag here and choose for a transform tool. And put this object here. Yeah, and you want to click and drag here, click and drag here, here and again. We can drop here, conduct head on a rock here. Yeah, look at its other plants and click this object on drug here. Click and drag can drag and we can direct or this are on do the same. And for this, like clicking Brack Has he? I am drawing with this atomic tools. Dummy symbol. Sorry. Yeah, you can drag can drag and we can drive. Are bonds is ready. We will arrange the political positions off the body parts. 7. 07 Rigging Part 2: Positioning Body Parts: Hi. In this lesson, we will position or body parts here. And to do this you have to choose three Transform tool. And first I want make those circles transparent and enter the symbol on Select it. And here changed. I've health if you color. Yeah, gone away. But it's still here and choose for a transformed tool and placed the body parts. There's a done here. Put this upper arm Yeah, at lower arm and the hands and just tell me here Polish in the this part here. Stormy, actually. Yeah, I would give it stroke. Choose in a bottle tool on clicked edge. And you and stroke. I made a stroke here on. Sorry, we have to choose free transform, too. Placed neck here. Right. Click a range where they are sent back. And take this here. Stomach should be here. Just tallies. Here. Uh, just time should be here on. We have to arranged his posts. Uh, born Michael still Just click this little white circle here on the born rearranged to here on Take the slack here. A baby doctor? Yeah. Uh, they slack shoe. Thanks, Tommy. They slag. Yeah, Yeah, I am selecting. Bought. I'm perplexed to see they based last. It's OK now, Andi. Those maybe baby lover. Yeah. Yeah, and selective shoe. Place it. Check the baselines. Okay. And put this down here. Okay. Should be in center that check it. Bean center. Okay. This part of this born connection should be censored. Okay, now? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. To see our characters ready for animation. I think I should move. Eat here. Yeah, right. Click and select stroke and believe it. And to see our character is ready. And as we're seeing in the time land armature object has appeared. This means that this is an immature now. And I can click a bone or out of pink and move it. Yeah, I can animate, but I have to make some arrangements and I will do eat in the next lesson. 8. 08 Rigging Part3 Arranging Bone Constraints: Hi again In this lesson, I will do some arrangement at the bones when I click apart and move it and see everything that's connected to eat. Most but other See, I can't take this shoulder this arm part here or here. I don't want it. And to do that, I will make some call trains. I have to add some constraints to the bones. Like this bone or these, uh, joint or dishpan. Yeah. And here in the properties panel, you'll see the bones properties. And this is the rotation it's named. I will disable it on chicken able and is See when I click here. Now, our upper arm doesn't change its position here. Also, when I can make a constraints spawn, it affected all connected parts here. Yeah, he's this part. Also this part again. Not enabled. Yeah, this is enabled because he's born belongs to here. And we want response. Rotation. Actually, I don't Yeah, here as c. I can move it. You're and year round here when you take you to you. There's an unnatural movement here because, as you know, normally our shoulders can rotates here and not to you. I have had some constant. And also this arm recalled rotate like that, but couldn't rotate like that. I hope to make some constraints here. Can't also and cannot be like that. Yeah. Here, select it and choose rotation constraint and the left off sick. You can see there is that little, uh, angle representation here. Watch here. When I changed rotation, angle change, it shows Well, it can rotate and it can rotate Just here and at the bottom can rotate toe here. Yeah. No, I got to 90 degrees at trying to do Greece, actually, Yeah, I have the cost, friend. And now I cannot move beyond this. Partners now I will make it constraint here. Cross train and make it 15 degrees on. Should be a retire like bet. Yeah, he's okay and hand on his hand. I make you constraint also really at the dummy helper, because off this constraint and this position yeah, maybe can go. Here are This is good. Yeah. I will do what I will do the same for this arm. Also about I will do for myself. Let's look at legs here. Legs also shouldn't rotate and click this and disabled rotation on and see this born doesn't rotate on the position off leg, he's saying, and I have to add the constraint here. Now, it's like, because here, on here. But click this bone and sorry. It should be okay here. Left off states. Should be Nike here in the 2 50 Yeah, and constraint. Spawn on left offsets. Should be. I got five meat, maybe zero. Yeah, we can't move beyond this for this young. This should be something. Yeah, we will change it like that. Yeah. And this is also because rains No, you can read here, but I don't want it. Click spoon and changed. Constrained here on this. Here. Yeah. See, actually, it should be smaller, because I don't want, uh, uh, like, go outside off the shoe. She like, It's no sure, uh, constraint here. Select in rotated. Okay. On a constraint here for tuition constrain and should get you 15 on 15. Yeah, check. It's okay. At little rotation on a trip that also has a constrain. Check this 45 degrees. Yeah, it's okay. It looks natural. Yeah, And see if you can delete. Yeah, I will do the same for other parts. And in the next lesson, we will do some positions 9. 09 Animating Character: Hi. I edit all constraints to all bonds. Ah, at this similar consequence here on the similar constants off this leg toe dislike and I added a constraint. Here I can take it just by nine degrees to nine degrees and that is it. Are character is now ready for posing. And this is the amateur object. And click here. Right Click and insert frame and extent amateur, uh, duration and click your and right Click and insert Pause. Those are pause is this is the basic pose. This is another pause. As you see, it animates automatically and you can't move this pauses toe. Make it more, uh, quicker. Yeah, you can right click and copy. Oppose and paste it right. We can paste, pose as you see, arrange to pause positions. Yeah, just very fast. I want it, takes its leg and stops it, Then lowers its legs and click and copy. Dispose and paste it, see if he's supposed now up. Stop on, Duh up. Stop on down and see Kim pose your character and sort pose child for this. Like also, huh? Insert pause. Same pose and you sort of pause down. Actually copy, Dispose paste it here. Yeah, yeah. Dispose here. Yeah. Are you hear? Click answer on a plate. Ah, I want to make it's character seat. Certain posts here. Down! Take this. Sorry. I think I need ground. I just throw a rectangle double click. It's it's feel And I fight these fields I for 100 no apply here. Yeah, and it's sort frame here. It also last still for second. And he if yeah, we will arrange pauses. Yeah. See, it's Kratz now, but you have to change its my position to do that Select free transform tool like whole object on we achieved. Move here, Andi. I had to add another pose here. Pose on here to make it more natural movement, uh, scratch on jumps cause on which transformed toe make year. And it's selection tool like that on when he's cuts lower ses arms crabs take this arm. Take spot on and Yeah, then jumps. He asked here and read a second or great for a while. Jim Cantor plate. Yeah, Okay. I can't John, on this pause based here, actually copy disposal. So case here to make it more natural on here throbs He make this? Yeah, Cancer group have to see we animated our character