Carry On Travel: 7 Days, 1 Bag | Shawn Forno | Skillshare

Carry On Travel: 7 Days, 1 Bag

Shawn Forno, Travel Writer and Maker

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Carry On is Awesome

    • 2. What Exactly is a "Carry On Bag?" Rules, Sizes, & the TSA

    • 3. What You Need

    • 4. Toiletries & The TSA

    • 5. Electronics: Laptops, Camera, and Headphones OH MY

    • 6. Organizing, Tips & Packing

    • 7. Pack For You


About This Class

Once you master carry on packing, you'll never check a bag again.

Learn how to navigate the TSA, maximize space in your bag, and make the most out of common travel items. Carry on packing doesn't just make travel cheaper—it makes you a better traveler.






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Shawn Forno

Travel Writer and Maker

I'm a Brooklyn-based travel writer at Tortuga Backpacks, and I blog, design, and make videos on my site Lefty Scissors. Come hang out.

I learned really early on that no one is good at something right away--especially if you're "super left-handed" like me. And that's ok--it takes time and practice to get things down.

So whatever you want to do--travel the world, write a novel, design a sweet logo, edit awesome videos, or create something I haven't even heard of--I'm here to tell ...

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