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Carry On Travel: 7 Days, 1 Bag

teacher avatar Shawn Forno, Travel Writer and Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Carry On is Awesome

    • 2. What Exactly is a "Carry On Bag?" Rules, Sizes, & the TSA

    • 3. What You Need

    • 4. Toiletries & The TSA

    • 5. Electronics: Laptops, Camera, and Headphones OH MY

    • 6. Organizing, Tips & Packing

    • 7. Pack For You

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About This Class

Once you master carry on packing, you'll never check a bag again.

Learn how to navigate the TSA, maximize space in your bag, and make the most out of common travel items. Carry on packing doesn't just make travel cheaper—it makes you a better traveler.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shawn Forno

Travel Writer and Maker


I'm a Brooklyn-based travel writer at Tortuga Backpacks, and I blog, design, and make videos on my site Lefty Scissors. Come hang out.

I learned really early on that no one is good at something right away--especially if you're "super left-handed" like me. And that's ok--it takes time and practice to get things down.

So whatever you want to do--travel the world, write a novel, design a sweet logo, edit awesome videos, or create something I haven't even heard of--I'm here to tell you one simple thing:

Creativity is awkward, so let's get weird!

I hope you'll join the rest of us awkward creators and show us your next big idea.

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1. Carry On is Awesome: our guys. Welcome to the carry on packing skill share class where I teach you how to fit all of the things that you need into a carry on bag for a week long vacation. It could be longer than that. My name's Shawn for No, I am a travel writer for a bunch of different companies. Travel all over the world doing what I love to do, and I carry a carry on backpack while I do it. Jerry and backpacks have sort of exploded in the past five years or so. Probably the biggest reason is cost. I've done weeklong vacations that done six months around the world trips, and I've done them both carry on bags. Right after college, I went to Europe. I was gone for two months about an 80 leader back back, which is insanely large, the kind that you can't see who it is from behind. I had a great trip, but the backpack still sticks in my mind as being the worst thing ever. I don't want that to happen to you in this class. We're gonna go over TSA rules and guidelines. The 311 rule rules about liquid typical dimensions for what is the carry on backpack? We're also getting over some packing tips and tricks. Once you go carry on travel, you're never going to go back to checking a bag. It's just so much better. So in the next video we are going Teoh, gather the tools we need, so we'll talk about that in the next class and get started. 2. What Exactly is a "Carry On Bag?" Rules, Sizes, & the TSA: before we start packing, let's just quickly talk about what exactly is a carry on bag. There's no one set of guidelines for carry on. The TSA kind of monitors it, but it really kind of ends up Teoh. Which airline you fly. So while I'm going to give a few guidelines that work almost all the time, specific airlines have specific requirements for domestic flights versus international flights. Always check with your airline before you go. Carry on bags fit within four dimensions. Even the strictest ones. 22 inches long, 14 inches wide, nine inches deep. The 4th 1 is wait £22 is usually about the cut off. Some airlines have no weight restriction for carry on backpacks. Some are insane in this class. I am going to be using the 44 leader back back from Tortuga. Backpacks are always measured in leaders. That's the volume of space that you can fit. It's not Wait. Don't picked it confused. There's other backpacks on the market that are awesome. Obviously, I packed with the Spray 46 leader before the most common restriction that keeps a lot of people from using a carry on backpack is the 311 Rule three is the size of the containers that you can have liquid. Have as many as you want, as long as they fit into one quart size zip locked container. Get one quart size is a block container, her bag for a person. Don't be afraid of the 311 rule. Sounds a lot more restrictive than it is. We're gonna go over all of the toiletries in a separate video. 3. What You Need: 4. Toiletries & The TSA: - way to get to the end of the toothpaste, and then I just don't finish it. Now you have a travel toothpaste. This case is exactly 3.4 ounces, so it's perfect. You get these cases, hang onto them, They screw closed. They're amazing. They're not gonna open in transit. So when this is empty, I'm gonna fill this up with other stuff you should bring to champion body washes. That's 23.4 ounces last twice as long. There's a brand of cologne. If you want to get fancy and go out, it's called Alfred Lane Solid cologne. So TSA approved. 5. Electronics: Laptops, Camera, and Headphones OH MY: 6. Organizing, Tips & Packing: when you're gathering your stuff up, the most important part just going at it yourself, just literally take out anything you think you might want thrown on the bed. You can separate it later. There's just a few common items that I was bring their super useful in almost every bag. Electrical safe is amazing. It's a great Band Aid. It's just sort of fix it quick drying towels. They full so small. Always bring a bathing suit. Even if you're not going to the beach, it's great to sleep in. You're always gonna be bummed out if someone wants to swimming and you don't have to. I tried to just bring one pair of shoes. Do you bring an extra pair? Usually full down, Really flat or small super light. Gonna have to carry them now can do a lot of research, So if there's a blogger website type in your destination, take months that you're going magic. Seaweed is a fantastic weather after before you go and while you're there, getting around is also nice to know how long you're gonna be going from A to B. Rome two. Rio is a fantastic website. You can just type into cities. It shows you the price breakdown mode of transit. Now it's time to start sort of making decisions. This is usually where it's gonna be sort of destination specific. If you're going to Rio in the summer, you might get air pants for dancing, but you're not going to need 41st pants. So shorts or better than pants same goes for shirts. You always want something light jacket or a long sleeve shirt for chilly nights are long bus rides, But tank tops are amazing. They don't get sweating the armpits. I was packed or back them. Please share your sources. If you guys have good places that you get good weather travel or packing tips, bringing on left knows more. 7. Pack For You: super loud in here. Thank you so much for taking the skill share class. Guys really excited toc all your projects. Hopefully you saw that. It's not a scary if you thought it might be. It's not crazy that you can take everything you need in one bag. Bring electronic still bring electron ICS. Bring boots. Don't bring boots. Uh, you know, just make it yours. Once you start traveling, carry on. You'll never go back. Pack for you, but just packed less. Please post your projects below. Go ahead and take photos of all your finished list. Your your stacked up here. If you have any cool new acts, I'm all about it and tweet me. Photos of your trip. Maybe awesome. Thank you so much for taking the class. Have a great trip.