Career Planning for Busy Professionals | Jasmine Briggs | Skillshare

Career Planning for Busy Professionals

Jasmine Briggs, Career Coach & Resume Writer

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6 Videos (27m)
    • Career Planning for Busy Professionals Introduction

    • Why Care About Career Planning

    • Career Self-Discovery

    • Craft Your Mission

    • Setting Career Goals

    • Quarterly Career Check-In


About This Class


Create a motivating career plan that helps you stay on track and pushes you to achieve career success. This class walks you through creating a career plan that helps you analyze where you are in your career and make a plan for where you would like to be in the future. 

You will:

  • Complete career related self-discovery work aimed at helping you make career decisions
  • Create a mission and vision statement for your career
  • Set long and short term career goals
  • Learn how to ensure that you career goals align with your personal and professional values.

This is a fun and easy class for anyone looking to make changes or gain more satisfaction from their career 





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Jasmine Briggs

Career Coach & Resume Writer

As a Career Coach at Creatively Inspired Coaching, I work with professionals on manifesting their dream careers. I support my clients in career exploration, setting career goals, employment search techniques, and resume writing. I have coached individuals regarding the current job market, their personal brand, and their search for employment. I have supported individuals in transitioning into new careers, strengthening their interview skills and creating winning resumes and cover letters...

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