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Career Planning for Busy Professionals

teacher avatar Jasmine Briggs, Career Coach & Resume Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Career Planning for Busy Professionals Introduction

    • 2. Why Care About Career Planning

    • 3. Career Self-Discovery

    • 4. Craft Your Mission

    • 5. Setting Career Goals

    • 6. Quarterly Career Check-In

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About This Class


Create a motivating career plan that helps you stay on track and pushes you to achieve career success. This class walks you through creating a career plan that helps you analyze where you are in your career and make a plan for where you would like to be in the future. 

You will:

  • Complete career related self-discovery work aimed at helping you make career decisions
  • Create a mission and vision statement for your career
  • Set long and short term career goals
  • Learn how to ensure that you career goals align with your personal and professional values.

This is a fun and easy class for anyone looking to make changes or gain more satisfaction from their career 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jasmine Briggs

Career Coach & Resume Writer


As a Career Coach at Creatively Inspired Coaching, I work with professionals on manifesting their dream careers. I support my clients in career exploration, setting career goals, employment search techniques, and resume writing. I have coached individuals regarding the current job market, their personal brand, and their search for employment. I have supported individuals in transitioning into new careers, strengthening their interview skills and creating winning resumes and cover letters. I have a dynamic background in recruiting, workforce development, and the arts. Currently I am a Career Counselor at a business college in NYC, assisting students and alumni with setting career goals, developing career management strategies, and finding employment. I also develop and facilitate wo... See full profile

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1. Career Planning for Busy Professionals Introduction : Hi, I'm Jasmine Briggs, career coach and resume writer for creatively inspired coaching. So excited to go through this course 15 today on career planning for visiting professionals who were planning is something that is near and dear to my heart. As I myself, I'm a career to conditioner and height. At one point, we adjust my own career plan to incorporate changes that I was going through with in my life. I went to undergrad Theater and then decided after a few years that there was no longer wait for me and then had to go back to school and figure out what was that I wanted to be next. The process of career plan allowed me career planning allowed me to go with then and see what I was really passionate about. What my strengths were and use those tools in order to create a plan that pushed me forward and motivated who were planning for busy professionals is going to do the same for you. I'll be walking you through easy steps that you could take all on your own to create a solid career plan that will push you forward in your career. Let's get started 2. Why Care About Career Planning : during the first module of career planning for busy professionals. We will explore deeper what career planning is and how to use it to support a professional career. Planning is the ongoing process of going within and exploring your passions, interests, strength as well as looking at the things that you have accomplished in your professional career. Now, although this sounds easy and it definitely is, a lot of us are so busy that we never really take the time to take stock of where we are now. Career. Every day we're learning skills and leading new projects. But when do we ever sit down and really document these things? Career planning will ensure that you have this information and centralized location, and then you can use this information to decide where you would like to take your rear and create a strategic plan for moving forward. So why is career planning worth fitting into your busy schedule? Well, a successful career plan insures that you were not moving through your career blindly. You have a plan strategy for advancement and growth over transitioning into a new field or area. Let me tell you, having a per plan for your career, a lot of stress that comes job surging or making career decisions. This course will also incorporate a creative exercise, which will help you use your creative intelligence to give you insight into where you would like to take your career. This will support you and making smart career decisions as Wow, you are the CEO of your career. It is time to take control of your professional growth and development. So career planning support your marketability. Do use of self salary becoming clear on your personal brand will then improve your marketability to employers. And since you know the talent brings a table otherwise known as your personal genius, you will be able to sell those traits in person and in your marketing materials such as your resume and limped in. Most of all, career planning will include your long term just satisfaction through career plan. I have an idea on where you would like to go in your career, and most people find that when they align their strengths and passions, they have enhanced top security and higher salary. So think about it. We are often better at the things we enjoy. Thats course will walk you through three major stages of career planning South Discovery, crafting your mission and setting career goals. Since career planning is an ongoing process, we will also still discuss how to create a portal check in system regarding your let's get started. 3. Career Self-Discovery : the first step of career planning, and Bob's going with things and doing professional discovery work. My suggestion is to have a journal or file that you dedicate to your career. You will want you easily come back to this information making career decisions, having a solid career plan started knowing who you are and where you're area personal. Once you are clear on the talents and results ization, you will be able to naturally sell yourself in the way that is. Start by doing. Start by thinking about some of the things you love to do. Where do you find a natural slow in your day? What have been some of the projects that have been most exciting? Take stock of where you are right now in your career. Do you enjoy your car? If you could redesign it, what would it include? What types of projects would you be working on? Are you in a leadership role where you are in your career or your feelings towards your current career? Hot. We'll decide how deep you take your questions. There will also be time to fill your in need of a change of direction, and it pays to take a deeper look at whether you want to continue on the same road. Spend at least 10 minutes journaling about these topics. Let it sit with you for a few more days and jack down What comes to mind. What does your ideal day look like? What are the topics that you enjoy Researching and discussion? Pay attention to the times in your day when you feel in the flow and you get lost in a task or projects and the process of taking stock of what you enjoy. Also start to think about your reputation in the organization and within your professional network. This is a great time to get feedback from the people in your life. Ask them just to describe the cop five personal attributes, and they give examples of how they have seen used skills. For example, if the attribute is that your analytical than the example might be that you could have an eye for detail and are always spotting when the data on numbers don't make sense, or if you are are personable than the example could be how comfortable people feel, bringing a problem or situation to your attention. First ask co workers, supervisors, friends and family. There are a number of assessments that you could find online. If you want to get deeper feedback from their circle, try to find out what complex meant your coworkers associate with you. Use this time to also write down your own professional accomplishments. Think of some of the attributes you have identified the ones that were told to you, which attributes most contribute to your success. Did you take a leadership role? What skills or strength that you have to employ to manage the team project? Make sure to know everything you've identified or learned in your journal or career planning file. Now that you have a handle on the strength and accomplishment to bring to the table, it is always good to take the temperature of your industry or the industry you would like to transition into. What are the current trends in your industry on line of work, any new positions or technology that is currently changing the industry? The roles we play at work are constantly changing, new jobs are being created and others are being eliminated to technology or even location. Take into consideration your current location when thinking about your industry. Is this an industry that is thriving where you live? If not, are you willing to move to where the jobs are? Some great resource is Teoh. Do this type of research are Oh, not online dot org's and the borough of labor statistics BLS dot on o net. See if the job has a bright outlook, which means that hiring is expected to increase. Start doing a search of job openings not to apply, but just to see if there is anything out there on the market. Lincoln is another great place to do research. You can follow companies and get updates regarding how they're doing. You can also do a search of people in your field. Where has their career trajectory bed? Do you find that all the people in your area live in a certain plates? What are some of the industries that are driving where you live? Knowing as much as you can will help you to better planning looking to make a move or change job. Just knowing how you work fast will also ensure that you are picking the right industry and field. Your work values are the things that are important to you when it comes to your career there, the conditions that you are most likely to thrive it knowing what they are a product will support you in analyzing a company's culture and main functions of a role. If your personal value, security and stability come, perhaps a commission baseball in sales is not for you. If you like to build personal, meaningful relationships and have a social network, then the job will you stood alone in front of a monitor all day might not be the best option. Global. The work values on the slide and put a one through five next. Each one with five being super important and one being not important. Now take your fours and fives and put them in order from most important to least important unknown that online, each job title has worked values Assoc that check out the work values for your current role . Do they align? Could underlined work values because of you. Dissatisfaction in your career. Spend some time journaling about how your preferred work value show up or don't show up in your current career. What are some thoughts and how you can make an adjustment so that you are more alive outside of your day to day job. What are some of the issues or social conscience that you care about? What could you spend all day researching? What are those must open e mails for me there anything from interest regarding Rex abuse or when certain groups having network meetings or brunches? Perhaps you are already working in an area that truly excite you. This is great. Have your feelings changed As you've been in the industry is that they're an area that you feel now needs more attention. For those of us who are not working in that area that excites us, this is your chance to dream big. It could be it could or could not result in your changing your industry. If you're passionate animals and you work in I t. Maybe a switch isn't the best isn't in the best interest of your career right now. That does not mean you cannot find ways to incorporate your patching or interest into your professional life. Perhaps you organize an adoption, fear or volunteer regarding upgrading the computer systems at your local animal shelter. Knowing what you care about it excites you will ensure that you respond to the right opportunities. During this time, you will have completed a deep dive into your interest. Passion. Strengthen accomplishment. If you're just starting out in your career or you are looking to make a major change, you may want to do some extra work and looking to popular personality and clear. So no assessment knows you better than you. So look at the result of information to support even doing additional research. Most of these tests can be found online for free, such as my next move, which could be found on Oh, not on lined out or or some require small fee such a strength finders to pulling. Oh, now that you've gathered all of your research and a completed your self discovery work, it's time to write your strengths. Profile. This can look a number of different ways and is really just a chance to write a glowing report on your stock. Make sure to include all of the strings and personal attributes that you identify and the ones that came from your network. Try to add your accomplishments in the form of a story describing the problem with situation. Your plan to correct it how the plan with and the final result also, what were the personal attributes and strength that supported you in completing this project? This will be very helpful when preparing for interviews or updating your resume. 4. Craft Your Mission: this brings us to our next section. Crack your mission. During this section, you will create your mission and vision statements for your career. Having a clear mission and vision statement for your career will serve as a guiding map When making decisions and analyzing a new role. Companies use mission and vision statements to define their services and the impact they want to make way. Have CEOs of our career must do the same. Mission statement described your present goals and objectives. Usually my cell phones an example. My current mission is to support professionals in advancing and feel enjoyed within their career. I utilize creative expression, coaching and strategy to support people in doing career related self discovery. My vision statement speaks to the future I want to create and where I would like to take my career. My current vision is to empower young women to see that the world is filled with endless possibilities. I don't currently work with an organization that has a focus on young women, but knowing that it is, my vision has me pay extra attention to the steps about working in this space before you write your mission and vision statements think about the impact we want to make on the world around you. Every day we make an impact on our organization and network. A lot of times without much thought put into it is now time to think about the delivery impact we would like to make in our career and how that affects the world around us. What would you like to see? Change in your organisation or industry? The community where you reside or where you come from? How well the work you do affect the world. Your friends, your family spend some time thinking about the ways in which you have already enacted change. Were you the person I introduced a new system into your organization? How did that change? Productivity was in your department. Is this change? Where is this change were to be adopted in other areas. How would it impact the organization or a specific industry? Go through each category on the slide right down the impact you've had now, right? Your mission and vision statement remember, Your mission statement is what you were doing now. Such as I am helped us specialist that supports organizations with implementing and trading companies. A new and emerging technologies. And your vision statement is the future of your careers, such as I will manage an I T consulting firm where coaching training, organisations on how to seamlessly organize and manage an in house I T department. Now what if you are not currently aligned with your mission or on track to accomplish your vision for your career? Or perhaps you are living your current mission, but you feel unsatisfied and, like you have more to offer. This usually happens from not dreaming big enough. Go back and read your mission. Does it energize you? Does your vision statement make you feel excited for the future? Do you feel like you get to be your authentic South when living this mission? Let's take a minute to do some visualization and body. Let's take a minute to do some visualization and body work. Closer Rock. Imagine yourself sitting in your ideal workstation. It could be your current desk in the field. Or imagine a new work space. Now as you're sitting there, it's the beginning of your should day or shift. Ask yourself. How do I want to see what kinds of projects and tasks do I want to work on today are their long term projects or short term tax? Um, I interacting with other people, or am I mainly working solo? Most importantly, hone in on your feelings. How does it feel to have your ideal work death? What are the feelings that you want to embody while working along with visualization? We're going to continue to creative exercise to start thinking about the future. We're going to create what I call us. There are two ways you can complete this exercise. What is the old fashioned way? Cutting out pictures work on the magazine and the other is to create a digital vision. Since we're busy professionals, I am implementing a few parameters to ensure that this project takes about 30 minutes. Before you start your Vision Board journal about the following. How do you want to feel in your career? What would you like to impact and how are you spending your day? If you are doing the non digital version, choose to magazines and cut out 20 pictures. Just cut out whatever calls to you. Don't worry about whether it makes sense or aligns with what you think he wants for you. For the digital version. I recommend using Google draw, going to images and searching the Web for photos. Look back at the words you used to describe how you want to feel and the impact you want to make. Andy Research. Choose the images that quality. Now. Spend time meditating and journaling about your vision board. Write down what comes up. Anything surprising. If you need some prompts, try finishing the symptoms I feel I want and I am doing. Creative exercises allows us to approach an issue from a different part of our brain. We can let go of inhibitions and thoughts regarding how we're going to make something happen. Focus on. 5. Setting Career Goals: the most important process when considering any plan. Things is also cream. Setting. Career goals involves more than just stating that you want a new job. Career goal should be in place even when you are happy with your current role. This is perhaps the best time to set goals because you really focus on what you appreciate about your current role and where you would like to take your goals, hold you accountable and bring vibrancy and energy to your career. I love what I do, but I don't want to spend the next 20 years doing the exact same thing. I want to learn new skills, introduced new methods, grow my coaching practice. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked. My coaching practice completely different 20 years time, Just like all of the work we've done so far. Having career goals, support you and career decision making, which is the backbone of good career management, it will ensure that you are focused on the long term goals. Wow, thinking about how to navigate your career. You will also be able to clearly see when the options you are considering, don't line up with your goals and watch. This is the time to set long term and short term goals for your career. Long term goals are 5 to 10 years in the future. So think about that big goal. Could be running your own company, moving into a senior management role or even retiring and traveling the world. Now consider what needs to take place in the next year to get you closer to those boats. These are your short term goals, and they generally are things you want to accomplish. In the next six months to a year, however, there could be a longer or shorter timeframe, depending on when setting goals. It is important to include things. A lot of times when I talk to people about setting a whole day looking for a new job, they become uncomfortable. Something often see the job searches out of our control, and setting dates can be nerve wracking. This is your chance to take control back. So if one of your goals is to find a new job, make sure to include a date month, day and be as specific as possible. So your goal is not just to be a manager, but to be a manager that has a three people reported to them as responsible for budget. Short term goals can also include professional development, such as completed training, a new certification. So also consider the skeleton want to gain and how they relate to your long term goals. Having developmental goals will certainly help. You are feeling like you cannot reach a goal. This'll feeling comes down to our mindset. We will never accomplish goals that we feel are out of our reach. Start paying attention to the negative self talk that takes place when you consider your Whose voice is it a parent teacher yourself? Turn the volume down yourself, Tom. The place that was positive messaging. Take some time to really absorb your vision for what you believe you will accomplish. You are in the driver's seat of your career. Your path does not have to look like everyone else way are all taking a different road on this journey. This is your plan. If something seems to fit, are unreachable, Break it down into smaller chunks. You can always come back and revise it. A plan is nothing without action steps and tasks that move you closer to your goal. Pick your top career goal to stop. You will be making a plan for each. Let's start with the one that is most motivated. Start thinking about the steps you need to accomplish this goal. So much to transition into a new area. Ask yourself what steps need to happen first, Perhaps it's to rewrite resume builder networking this sector or learning new program that is used in this area break down what needs to get down into action for mayor. I think about how to break it down further into daily act. Some of these goals will not require daily action, but she should be accomplishing something every day that will move closer to your take a look back at your mission and vision State. Does your plan online By enacting this plan, do you feel a stall? You are living your mission and on track to accomplish your vision in the future. How you feel about your plan to determine what you stick with your plan to excite. Put it up somewhere that you would see it. Dale. It's when you glance at it. You are not Children excited for the future. Then revive 6. Quarterly Career Check-In : revisiting and revising your career plan should be an ongoing process, just like companies have quarterly goes. So should we, as the CEOs of our Korean, so every four months or so, go back to your career plan and make adjustments and updates. Start by taking the overall temperature of where you are in your career. Ask yourself how you feel about your cooler currently and the progress suit me. Write down. What do you currently enjoy most and least about your career? Things is also a chance to check in with your short and long term goals. Do you need to revise your action plan to accommodate goals or not? Both. So you have already accomplished. It is quite likely that you will look back at your career planning and find that you have not. You may even have realized that the gold you certainly longer resident. As we develop professionally, so will our goal. You may even accomplish some of your balls and then realize it is not what you expected, or even like when analyzing goals that are not accomplished. Three. How much you care about Maybe that you are care immensely, giving your life circumstances of time commitment, you have been unable to focus on it. Perhaps you decide to recreate it, or you may decide to hold off on that whole. If you decide to recommit, go through your action steps again and make changes. Think about your daily action. What was the self talk that took place when you decided not to? It could be that you will come, completed all the tasks but were still unable to transition into a role or get a promotion . That's OK as well. Set a new game and try adding some different tasks in your plan. It could just need a new Your career plan is a living document and changes will be made. You may choose to go back a few steps and do some self discovery. See if your interests are saying, or perhaps your values. Every time you come back to your plan, you will be in a different place in your career allowed and breaks those changes in Thank you for joining me for this course. I'm Jasmine Briggs of creatively inspired coaching. If you have any further questions, please feel free to shoot. You nailed jasmine at Jasmine breaks