Career Planning: Learn how to Make a Creative Video-CV | Filipa Canelas | Skillshare

Career Planning: Learn how to Make a Creative Video-CV

Filipa Canelas, Productivity Addict & Knowledge Seeker

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11 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Plan your Speech

    • 3. Craft your Speech

    • 4. Speech Case-Study

    • 5. Filming the Video-CV

    • 6. Add the Extra ;)

    • 7. Editing the Video-CV

    • 8. Video Cv Example

    • 9. Publishing the Video-CV

    • 10. Facebook Group

    • 11. Conclusion


About This Class

The market is becoming very competitive as more people improve their skills in order to get better jobs. Did you know the average recruiter spends 6 seconds reading a resume?

How can you differentiate yourself from dozens of other candidates? How can you develop your career?

In this class, you're going to learn how to Create a Video-CV to standout in the recruitment process! 

I’ll show you the whole process to get the result you desire, as you'll see how I create a video-cv, from beginning to end. 

Starting from the planning phase, where you’ll learn which things are relevant to cover in your video, to the filming and editing process.

I will give you a lot of tips, the do’s and the don’ts, as well as a few tricks to improve the quality of your video and make it look more professional.

And you’ll have access to a free pdf that will help you along the course. Last but not least, I’ll show you where to post your video-cv.

Don't forget to download the free PDF with all the steps!  

Class Project: 

The class project of this class consists of sharing your own video-cv! I'm really excited to see you thrive in your new job!