Career Planning: Creative ways to Increase your Chances of being Hired | Filipa Canelas | Skillshare

Career Planning: Creative ways to Increase your Chances of being Hired

Filipa Canelas, Productivity Addict & Knowledge Seeker

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9 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The First Step!

    • 3. Idea #1

    • 4. Idea #2

    • 5. Idea #3

    • 6. Idea #4

    • 7. Idea #5

    • 8. Facebook Group

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class

Have you ever wondered how to get your dream job? 

Delivering a CV is something everyone else does, and it won’t be enough to get the position you want!

You need to think outside the box and go a few steps further. If you’re willing to put a little bit more work into the process of getting a job, the chances of being hired will be way higher.

In this class, I’ll be showing you creative ways to differentiate yourself in the recruitment process. I’ll be presenting creative ideas and examples that you can put into practice right now. 

Just to clarify, this class is not about creating your CV, nor preparing yourself for the questions of the interview. The videos cover strategies you can implement to get your feet on the door as soon as possible because you’ll be the star of the recruitment process.  

You’ll benefit a lot from this course. But I’ll tell you that this is extra work. This goes way beyond sending a CV. I’m assuming you’re willing to work towards getting your dream job or to get higher position in the company you’re currently working for.


I hope you’re as excited as I am!

See you inside!


1. Introduction: Have you ever wondered how to get your dream job? What should you do to be their first choice? How can you present yourself? Creating a Stevie is something everyone else does, and it won't be enough to get the position you want. You need to think outside the box and go a few steps further. If you're willing to put a little bit more work into the process of getting a job, the chances of being hired will be way higher if 30 people are applying for a job and they have the required skills and experience, but only two of them do something different to get the job. These two will be the highlights, and we'll have higher chances of getting the job well in this class. I'll be showing you creative ways to differentiate yourself in. The recruitment process will be presenting creative ideas and examples that you can put into practice. Right now, I have a bunch of different strategies you can implement to land your dream job effectively . Just to clarify this class is not about creating your CV nor preparing yourself for the questions off the interview. The videos cover strategies you can implement to get your feet on the door as soon as possible because you'll be the start of the recruitment process. I really believe you will benefit a lot from this class, but I'll tell you that disease extra work. This goes way beyond sending a C V. I'm assuming you're willing toe work towards getting her dream job or to be promoted. As Jimmie Johnson said, The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra See you inside. 2. The First Step! : I really hope you learn something from this course and most importantly, that you do apply this information in your own life before I share any idea. It's crucial you look into the job description. The skills required the company itself and the work they are producing. Basically, you have to study these factors to show exactly what they want and need. You might have three past experiences that you want to highlight in your CV or interview. But the way you present those experiences totally depends on what the company is looking for. You might have the skills and experience they need, but if you don't know how to present them, you won't get the job. Here's an example. Let's say you have been a part of the marketing department in the company, and you're now applying for a position in the marketing department off Coca Cola. Depending on the job description, you should present your previous experience in totally different ways. If Coca Cola highlights mainly the importance of hard skills like developing AF campaigns, establishing the budget and studying the competition, you have to highlight your previous experience by keeping the hard skills in mind. Otherwise, if Kaka Cola focuses more in intra and inter personal skills as they need someone to lead the team. You have to show those skills to that, you might say and show the projects you created in the past, but always making the connection with the way you let those projects, what you did to communicate with others, what you did when things didn't go as planned and other things. Your experience is exactly the same, but the way you presented is completely different. But you will only be able to adopt your speech if you know exactly the specificities off the job itself. So read the job description. A lot of times, take notes and brainstorm ways to present yourself as the perfect fit for the company. Another way to find relevant information about the position your plumbing for is to talk with people who already work there. By talking to their employees. You can ask questions that will help you to present yourself the right way. Use link them to find the employees in the company you're trying to get into and send a few of them a message asking for advice. It's really simple, but you have to be cautious with the way you do it. You should start by introducing yourself and saying you always wanted to work on that company and become a part of the marketing department. Then make some conversation by asking or commenting something about the person. Check their social media profiles to see if something sparks your curiosity and from there , ask a few questions about the job and the company, or ask for some of that advice for getting the job. You should not send a message for more than five people. More than five people will look like you're desperate, and people will comment with each other. Make sure you write different messages for all the five people. That's why it is so important to check their profiles and find more about them. The reason why you're doing this is to learn more about the job and to find out if it's a great fit for you. Don't ask them directly to recommend you to the Harding team. Most them are willing to help you, and the advice you will get will be precious as it comes directly from someone who works where you want to work. Use the information you got wisely to craft your approach on getting the job 3. Idea #1: As for the first creative idea, I'm talking about Stevie's not a traditional CV, but a video TV, as the goal is to be remarkable and creative. Everyone sends or submits Basi V, and you should, too. But you can also create a video CV. Do highlight the most important aspect of your career in personal life and specified projects you created that gave you the necessary skills for the position. A video CV is also a way of showing your communication skills to create a connection with the person responsible for hiring and to set you aside from most people. Start by planning which skills and experiences you are going to cover it in the video, use your phone or a camera to film, find a good location with good lighting conditions, hit record and then edit the video. It's that simple, but if you want to learn exactly how to create a video CV from the planning to the filming to the editing process, you can check my class where I teach how to create a video CV from start to finish. I give you valuable tips on how to make your video CV even greater to impress any recruiter during the video. You should start by presenting yourself, referring your education degree in experience in the fields. Next, you can highlight some of the projects you were apart off and connect them to the requirements off the job. In the end, you can even refer one or two personal things about yourself, like hobbies, a personal experience or a short story. All this information should be conveyed in a two minute video. CV. More than two minutes is a bit too much and a little bit boring. That's why it is so important to plan beforehand. A video CV will be a great way to call attention to yourself and your work as it will show you are really interested in getting the job and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. And you don't need to be a professional filmmaker to create one. Really anyone can do it. Your life is the combination of 1000 puzzle pieces. You Onley want to highlight a few with those pieces in the video CV in order to convey a logical but interesting part, focusing mostly in your career 4. Idea #2: The second idea is a bit controversial, but I do think it is useful Wen done right. Basically, you can offer your services for free. What I mean is not working for the rest of your life for free that's called slavery. But instead to offer your work for free for a few weeks. It will be the necessary timeto understand that you are indeed a great fit for the role and for the company. This tip is particularly valuable for people who don't have much experience in a certain field. By offering your services, you show your humility, your willingness to learn and add value to the company. It's not only good for them, but also for you. You will have a chance to learn new things and to understand if the job is, after all, what you always want it. It's an incredible way to learn new skills and gain more experience. Even if you don't get the job, at least you got something out of it. It's an opportunity to get your hands into the job and your foot into the door. This is exactly why some people want to get internships in the first place. It becomes easier to get any job because you already showed your value and interest in working for the company. If you're just starting, you can always do something for free. Just get more projects in your portfolio. For example, writing a block post for a company or a client is a tool to show your writing skills in expand your portfolio or offering to photograph a few events in your city is also agreed to help or redesigning a websites company. All of these services can be done for free or not, and they all contribute to show your expertise and work ethic. 5. Idea #3: Nowadays, it's really easy to create a block. You can literally have your domain name for less than $10 a year and have it hosted on WordPress or Squarespace, then that are hundreds of designs and templates ready for you to use. This makes the process of creating a blawg take last in a day or two. The reason why you should create a block with your name is to show your work in passions. You can use it to present yourself through your riding, your curriculum, your photos. Your portfolio in the list goes on. Your blogger is your little place on the Internet, where you choose how to present yourself to the world, and you can use it to share more about yourself, which is something companies love to take a look on. If the recruiter searches your name on Google, he or she will have to find what they're looking for. But if you courageous your own blawg, you are the one deciding exactly what you want to share and show to the company. It's a great practice because your website will be another way to distance yourself from other candidates. Creating a blogger is really easy, and even though a lot of people have a block, most people don't. It's another opportunity to share more about yourself to share your knowledge experience in some of the projects you were apart off. And like I said before, your website does not have to be about your area of expertise. You can block about your favorite hobby and still impress the company. Even if you don't get the job, the website will still be there for you to use and take advantage off. It might offer you all the opportunities suggest connecting with people in your fields to get more projects as a freelancer or even monetize it through partnerships, you might have social media profile, suggests Facebook instagram or linked in where you choose which things to post. But it's not the same thing as having your own space on the Internet that you can fully customize. Having a website shows another level of interest and commitment. Make sure you include the link of your website in your linked in profile in your CV and then the signature of your e mails 6. Idea #4: The reason why a company is hiring is because they need someone to provide them value. But before hiring, they're not 100% sure for going to be able to do the job. It's always a very risky decision in hiring. The wrong person costs thousands of dollars to companies, so they're always really interested in finding if the candidate is the perfect fit for the role before hiring. If you put yourself in their shoes, you'll see they're seeking experiences, skills and projects from candidates that confirmed their ability to F value to the company . To get a position in the marketing department, you can't just name the skills you think you have. What have you done related with marketing? Have you created or planned any acts? What about the results? How can you help Coca Cola reach their next level? These are important questions to go through when you're applying for a job and your next question should be. How can I show I'm the right person for the role and the answer is quite simple. By providing value before being hired, it takes a little bit of actual work, but I do believe it's not a waste of time. Even if you don't get the position, you still took the time to develop her skills and create things you can later show to all their companies. As an example, you really want to be a part of the marketing department off Coca Cola. How can you provide value first? Well, you can design and plan, and you campaign for them and show your ideas in the interview or by email. Or you can start a Coca Cola's competitors and see what they are doing and come up with ideas of how Coca Cola could do better than them. These are just a couple of ideas to show you there are no limits or restrictions. You're just seeking a way of providing value even before being hired. This shows an incredible commitment to the company that want to go and notice. Remember, you can always use these projects to show your skills to all the companies, so the extra work is never a waste of time or energy. This idea is particularly valuable when you don't have much or any experience in the fields . If you can't use your past experience to prove your skills, you have to do something else right now to prove you're a good fit for the company. In fact, if you don't have any experience, you have to start creating. Why would a company hired you when they can see what you are able to do? You can even ask the person dealing with the applications which things the company really needs right now, or tweet the CEO or simply find for yourself things that could be improved and then do them from two candidates with the same degree one has experienced and the other doesn't well, all things equal, they usually prefer the 1st 1 But even if you don't have much experience, if you do something that provides valley for the company, they will consider you for sure. 7. Idea #5: If you want to get a job as a Web developer, it's no secret you'll have to be really good at HTML. CSS JavaScript PHOTO shopping Many more. As you might imagine, the company will hire someone with a lot of skills and experience in the area because they want to get the job done. But those are not the only valuable skills you should present when applying for a new job that had a lot of other skills that can be transferred from one field to another. And these skills are a chance of making yourself standout. Imagine that from 30 applications. A company decides to interview 10 candidates. I'm almost sure that all the 10 candidates showed they are a good fit for the company. But what can you do more to get your food on the door? I can't tell you exactly which skills might be relevant. As it depends on the position you are applying for. Ask yourself what might be a great help for the company that is not related with my area of expertise. Well, if you will have to work in projects with all their colleagues all the time, perhaps it's important to highlight past experiences where you have to work with other people, such as a volunteering experience, a team, you lad in your previous job or the bend you want a partof. Writing well is also a valuable skill, as it can be used in a variety of situations. No matter the field you're working on, make sure you highlight your experience as a writer and shows some examples of your skills in your personal block. When applying for a position as a writer, make sure you create a piece of content for the company and let them publish it in their website, even if they don't hire you. And if you do know how to create video animations, create one toe, illustrate the post and send it to the company, then watch the magic happens. This is a way of providing value to the company by sending them a post Daikin use and also to show all their skills you have that might be relevant for the company. A good exercise to help you on this task is to list all the valuable experiences you had in your life and the skills you develop throughout the years. Soft skills such as leadership, relationship, storytelling, emotionally intelligent adaptability, hard work, air communication, managing oneself well. These are all valuable skills in any position, but just saying you have all of these skills won't provide any value. You actually have to prove you have all of those skills, but how can you prove it? Well, if you've been the leader of a team, it's a sign you have leadership skills. Communication skills can easily be shown within the video TV and in the way you interact with the interviewer. You might say you're in excellent communicator, but if that's not visible, it won't serve you much. You don't have to say you are very adaptable person. If you actually took a gap year to travel and work, the experience already shows you are adaptable. Don't make the mistake of listing all the good looking soft skills that you can't even prove or show or worse. Don't list soft skills you don't have. As you can see, a 10 of skills are transferable from one field to another. You just have to think clearly of how to make the connection with the job you want to get. There's a model called the T shaped knowledge. It defines a person in terms off their skill. The lack of the T shows your expertise in one fields or the depth of the knowledge. Usually the fielder applying for the top of the tea or the with shows your knowledge in all the areas or the number of different skills you can play around being grating. One thing is necessary to perform the job, but having other complementary skills is a must. If you want to differentiate yourself from all their candidates, I do believe that being a T shaped the knowledge person is way better than just being great . In one thing, the problem that might arise with this model is that knowledge is not enough. Nowadays you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and to put the knowledge into practice. That is why I have been putting a lot of emphasis throughout the course on creating projects to show you actually have the skills you listed in your CV. It's great that you do know a lot about communication in the psychology of dealing with an individual, but are you applying that knowledge in your everyday interactions? This is exactly what you have to show during the recruitment process. If you want to get the job 8. Facebook Group: Hi. Just a quick video to tell that I recently created a Facebook group that you can now join to be part of a community of people who are interested in personal development in constant growth. See you there. 9. Conclusion: I do believe if you have the main skills for the job and you're willing to do some extra work to show you value, you will get the job. Most candidates are not willing to do more than just standing there. Cvb a email. Don't fall into this trap. Always make sure you give your personal best. If you give more than others, you will get more than others. In this case, you will get the position you desire. All the ideas I shared can be implemented regardless of the position or job you're trying to get. But of course you should consider and give more attention to the ones that have high your chances of making you succeed. You can always adapt certain ideas to your own needs and through the specificities off the job. As for the class project, I would love to know which of these ideas sounded the most interesting to you and how our planning to apply them in your application process. The biggest reward I could get out of creating this course was to receive a message from you saying you got the job so share with me and the other students. Your process as I'm sure it will be an inspiration for all of us if you want to learn how to create a video TV, which is something you definitely should do, You can check my class on it when I go through each step of the process. Thank you very much for watching these class. Please leave a review so I can know which things to improve. I do hope you get the job you always wanted. Thank you. And I see you in other classes.