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Card Making - Cat Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Nancy Sealy, Designer-Maker|Leatherworker|Instructor

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10 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Card - Main Section

    • 4. Transferring the Pattern

    • 5. Cat's Back Legs

    • 6. Cat's Head

    • 7. Cat's Whiskers

    • 8. Front legs, body & stand

    • 9. Add front legs & body to the stand

    • 10. Completing the Card


About This Class

Are pop-up cards difficult to make?  No, they are quite easy – in this class I will show you all the steps you need to take.

Get creative and have fun learning how to make cat pop-up greetings card. Once you make one of these cards and learn the folding and cutting techniques which reveal how easy it is, you will want to make loads of them! 

They are great for giving to cat and animal lovers and anyone who appreciates a different type of greeting card.

If you enjoy card making, learning how to make a pop up card will add to your portfolio of card-making skills.  You can then incorporate other card making methods and transfer them into a wonderful pop-up card.


1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Nancy. Welcome to this class where I'm going to show you how to make these cat pop up cards. They look quite difficult to make that they're actually quite simple once, you know the cutting and folding techniques. So if you're looking to have some fun and get creative, see you in the class. 2. Supplies : 3. Card - Main Section: So now we're going to make the first section off the cards. What we need to do is get a plain piece off thin cardboard. Andi, I'm using regular 1/4 size sheet. Then we're going Teoh measure 4.5 inches across. All 11.5 centimeters across. I'm just gonna get my pencil, and I recommend taking it down. Teoh the middle, make another lock. And then again, one more monk and then just use the ruler. Teoh, join up those marks. If you have a craft knife, you can just cut all the way down. But if you don't have across Nice, then just use a sisters on cut this cut out on the line. So the next thing we're going to do is to fold the college in half, just like that. Meet the edges, just crease it down in the middle. I'm just going to use, um, my ruler Just Teoh Crease that bit down. Oh, you could just use, um, a pencil or something like that. If you've got a bone folder. That's perfect. Okay, so basically, this is going to be the inside of our card on This is where our cat is going to sit. Just like this cat here 4. Transferring the Pattern: Now I've provided you with the pattern for the cat card. The cut outs that you need. There are several ways that you can use this pattern. Teoh, transfer it onto your cards. Firstly, you can print it directly onto thin card, so I'm actually going to be use in black card. So obviously, if you if you print it off, they're going to need to use a lighter colored card so that you can see the lines. The other thing you could do is if you have it, used some carbon paper on tracing paper and then use that Teoh, transfer it onto the card that you're going to use. Another thing you could do if you wanted to put it on to, um, like paper or a different colored paper is that you could use a pencil to G O over the patent like this. I can show that you get in quiet off the pence, so on the pattern and then just to demonstrate. So let's just through this terrible section here, just go over it as carefully as you can. Then you can get another piece of paper on, get your pencil, and then just rub over the lines, and then those should transfer onto the paper again. It depends on what color card you're using as to how easy it is for you to then see these lines. They go, we have the lines. So that is another way to transfer this'll pattern. And then once it's transferred, he would go ahead and cut you out. So what I'm going to do is our I'm going. Teoh, put it onto a bill black card. This is going to be shape off the tail in the back, legs on also the face. Also, this section is the front legs, so this section will be cut separately. Okay. So, as I said, I'm used in some black card. He just wants to see if I can actually trace it onto here. A swell? Yes. On the black card, you can thin you can see the lines. Um, so that is also a good technique if you don't have any carbon paper. So for me, what I'm gonna dio actually, I'm going to use carbon paper, but it doesn't really matter how you transfer pattern so long as you can get see cutting. Okay, so I'm just testing to see. I've got carbon paper they done correctly. It's now I'm just gonna place that they're going todo care for the around cats. - So it's good to check occasionally to make sure that your line is being transferred to the card on that has been transferred now. So that's good. So now what I'm going to do or what you need to do is to cut the card out with a small pair of scissors so you can get in between these little sections here and they were going Teoh, move on, Teoh Preparing it, Teoh, put it into the main con section. So I like to cut around it quite loosely first, and then we're going to come in on take my time and cut this bits out nicely. Okay, so that is the back of a cat cut out. The next thing to Dio is Teoh. Touch it to the back of the card. Here, live some good. Some P v a on. So using a paintbrush, Pinson PP a at the back little cocktail stick. If you don't have a paintbrush, whatever you have on, put it away at the back so that we can thin stick it there and the next going to be sitting right on the fold off the cards 5. Cat's Back Legs: So the next thing to do is Teoh. Get the back legs on and put glue on. I don't need that much glue, just enough. So that is going toe stick now. Once you've got the glue on the back, it's time Teoh. Glue it down on your card. So just with the legs on the fold and then press it down, it will just leave that to dry on, going to the next section. 6. Cat's Head : now, the next thing to do is Teoh. Trace the cat's head onto the paper again. I'm using carbon paper that you can use whatever methods you have decided to go for. You can use this pattern again and again to make lots of different cats. You can also make the pattern bigger or smaller by using your computer. To do that. If you can use your computer to make the cat bigger or smaller, these eyes I'm just drawing in for reference. But these are going to be actually made out of a different bit off paper cod. So I'm not going to do the eyes in a green. So I'm just joined it for reference. And then we're going to draw the nose. And that's also for reference. Andi, that's going to be out of black card as well on the whiskers. Mm, those we can just leave just out right. So now it's time to cut out the head. So again, take your time cutting out the head. OK, so that's the outline off the cat's head. Next thing we're going to do is we're going to make the eyes. I'm gonna get my paper, huh? I'm going to shade over the eyes onto the green paper. Okay, now we can just caught these out. Just go over them a little bit. Just go over these a little bit with the pencil, and then we're going to cut these out, - getting inside a little bit. Be a bit tricky. That's why it's good to have small scissors. Uh, who we're gonna do is just place it and make sure that we're happy with the placement off the I sections This one get use a pencil just to move it around and then just put it on the outline off. And they had put the I before. Just play around with how the I is shaped and that's going to give a different personality to your cat. Okay, so we can see now we have our cat eyes, and now it's time, Teoh. Glue them down. So doesn't matter. Whatever card color cards you have, you can use dark green use whatever you have. You can even use red. It's now I'm just going to use this long, skew a stick and put a bit of glue on the back off the eyes and stick these down. I think it's a fiddly Well, with PGA that's going to drive this. Don't worry about that. Uh, yeah, you're just take your time on and move the eyes as to how you want them to be. You should take access. Okay? I just want to gather cardboard. If you get too much, just get rid of card and then just move away. Some of the excess good. There's too much. I think that's how I'd like cats eyes to be Okay, So our eyes, now it's time for the nose on. I think this is going to be very simple. It's just going to be a little circle. So I think we can just jewels that freehand. Well, maybe a little circle with a point. That's kind of a cat's nose. Cut out the news tidy up. This knows a little bit. Take your time when you're happy with it. It's not the best knows, but it's not really going to be seen for the news. And the next thing is to make the risk is I think I'm going to use a green card again to make the whiskers 7. Cat's Whiskers: So now that we've put the eyes on our cat and we have a cat's knows, it's time to make the whiskers just going to use a piece of this card. I think all of this risk us to be about this length so you can decide how long you want your whiskers to bay. So it's going to make a little mark here. And then what we need to do is to Jewell like a thin triangle doesn't have to be accurate at a lot like that. Then using with scissors to cut out and then just draw around this one again so we can have the whiskers for the other side. Right? So what we're going to do is just use all scissors and cut up to about here very thin slices off the card. Okay, just go. Taking a time on Heather was thin as you can to make them really realistic, like Riel cat's whiskers. And as you caught, you'll find that the paper I may just go, which is great, because that gives it even more ready. Stick, Look to the whiskers. Okay. Can also decide on the length of the risk of that. You want. I think that's quite enough. Whiskers. Got one, Teoh 345 Okay, before I finished that, let's just cut this as well. So again, soon as you can. So again since you can. They don't have to Totally much, because hats, whiskers. Quite random. Anyway, I'm just gonna cut this section off just in the end. That's I think that's enough whiskers. Now. She's quite long whiskers. I think these are a little bit long, so I'm just going Teoh, shorten them just a little bit. Just gonna match the lot and then just caught a little bill. Come on. Cut on an angle. Actually, Just take a bit of time on these whiskers out, however you want them to pay. So gonna put back there that one kind of much, you know, like that. And I'm going to stick this down, then in the middle, we're gonna put the cats. No. So time to put PV a tons of with Peavy A on the whiskers. What? Well, the PBS just at the edge here and then on the other Section two. - And then just make the whiskers kind of over that gorgeous that we know whiskers, then We're gonna get nose, scoop it up, Eva, just there, then stick linens down. It's all we'll do. We'll just leave that to dry Andi. Then we'll come back on. We will curl up those whiskers as we'd like them to be. Now that we've given our cat's whiskers some time to dry and the knows it's time to just turn it up, the way will cut it down the way that you would like it to be. So you can just take a bit of time, Andi. Funny out, and usually the whiskers go down. So just take a little time just on those whiskers down. Okay, I think I'm quite happy with that. 8. Front legs, body & stand: Okay, Now that we've done cat's whiskers, it's time to do the front legs on the body. So again, I'm using my black card on, uh, carbon paper just to trace this section out. Now, time to cut it out. Okay. If you forget to put fold line, don't worry. So just much it up. So the original pattern and then put that forward line draw that Ford like in, like I had forgotten to put line. And then what we do is just get the ruler on, then just much. That lineup on fold increase. Okay, that's right. Okay, so those are our front legs off cat. Next thing is Teoh, cut out the stand. So for the support, we're going to use theme, same color as the card so that it blends in much better. So again, whatever method you will use in transfer the pattern on Seal Cod's and again just cut around this stand. So what I like to do is just get my ruler on, then just lift up the section here you again, and then another crease just on the phone. Okay? 9. Add front legs & body to the stand: So you got your front legs and you've got your stand and they sit on top of each other like that on, and the little tab will fold down so that it will sit on the card on the bottom of the card and then the back will look like this, or the body is a little shorter than this stand section here. When you come to cut tackle pattern, this will be the body. This will be the front legs and you will cut that section out around here. And then when it comes to the stand, you come from here down to allow the outside just the outside. So the next thing we need to do is to get our glue on, glue the legs and the body onto the stand. I get open. So again, a little PBS again and the whole TB a a little bit of a protection for my cutting mat. So a little p v a Oh, that's That should definitely be enough. Maybe a little too much. So then we're just going to match the full. It's up on. Make sure that those legs Now, if you find that there's a little bit of card showing by the legs. Then just coming with your scissors on Snip that. So that is nice and level and flush and that we don't see any of stand behind the legs. Okay, so we'll leave that to dry, and then we'll come back and do the next section now that our front legs and stand our dry it's time Teoh get the main section off the card and then we're going Teoh glue this back onto the back legs. So again, we're going to need a little bit of grew on the tabs. So just a little bit of goo on the back tab and then kind of position it just around this section. It just so there's a little bit of white showing just lying to stand up like that. Hold it for a little while. She really get Teoh. Go. Might have to leave it for a few minutes as well for it to blue. Well, okay, now, once you're happy that that has been stuck down, the next thing to do is to put some glue on the section here. But before we do that, it's a good idea just to full Mitchell this bits folded over and it's sitting like that. I want to just close the card just to make sure that there is no restriction when it comes to, um, opening a card up again. So okay, we're gonna coast cards and then kind of open it up here just to see where and then So just going to close that card have been open it up sideways just to see with Tab is sitting nicely on Everything in the middle is nicely laid down, so just kind of hold it like that and you might want to just make a little pencil mark. And then this is where the glue needs to go. It's just a pencil mark head and then just one there. And then let's put some more this bottom tab and then lining up with those marks that you just made firmly press that down and then just leave that to try for a little bit. I just want to make sure that there's enough glue on there, so it's going to stay firmly if you find that it doesn't stay. What you could do is put a little bit off Ah, sticky tape at the back just there in the middle just to hold it down, but with the glue. Hopefully everything should just stay stuck. So we leave again back to drive for a little bit, and then we'll come and do the finishing touches to our card. 10. Completing the Card: So our Canada's had a bit of time to dry to. Now it's time to get the cat head on, blue it onto the front, off the cards. So just position it, uh well, you're happy with it where your cat looks like it's happy on, um and then we get a little bit of glued on. Then do that can on now with my colleague. I couldn't see that my cat head is a little bit smaller than these legs sections here. So I'm just going Teoh, get my sisters on, cut that a little bit just to match the head a little bit more. And you might want to do that also. So I think just of the card that I'm using is quite thick. Andi is overlapping a little bit. And you might find that that happens to you again. You as well. Okay. Yeah. So, yes, I think that's better. Gonna do my cat head on there, Put the goo on the actual body. That should be enough. Get a head decision. It I just Yep, Just a little bit too much. Good. So when you have a little accident like this which is often going to happen. Just make sure the dick that blew off. He's going to be a bit of a message. Cat, This one. Okay, so now it's time. Teoh that cat head. Dr. Make sure your position position exactly how you want it to be. So basically, that is our can't dumb. Okay, so now we've left the card to drive for a little bit on The head is in place. It should be safe now. Teoh, Photo card down on. Yes, it is folding. Just make sure that manages it down a little bit on this. Just make sure it's working, which it is. Perfect. So now your card really is ready to go? Um, there's a space here where you can write a message to whoever you're going to send this card to. And then on the front, you could write their name, but that is the end of our card. You know, I hope you enjoyed making it on. And I would really like to see any cards cards that you have made on. So if you do make cat Kurds, be sure to take a picture on well, it in the gallery below, So everyone can see anyway, hope you enjoyed this class on. Look forward to seeing you in the next class