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Card Making 101 : Heat Embossing Magic

teacher avatar Bayista Khan, Lover and teacher of art!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies to begin

    • 3. Tips and tricks

    • 4. Acetate and other surfaces

    • 5. Birthday card

    • 6. Mother's day card

    • 7. Thank you card

    • 8. Finishing touches

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to my first skillshare class about Heat embossing magic from the perspective of a Card maker. I've been card making ever since I was 3 years old but incorporate advanced skills including heat embossing 5 years ago. It's the magical technique that brought me back into art world after taking a break from it for a couple of years. I'll teach you how to achieve that mess free heat embossed look that can be a bit tricky to achieve. By the end of it you'll be a pro at it. So let's get started

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Bayista Khan

Lover and teacher of art!


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1. Intro: Hey, guys And vice the human will be from BMO Ghani on Instagram. I am an artist Paper crafter Delight is had led I don't being different things. So for my first concert class, I wanted to bring you something which is very dear to my heart, which is hidden bossing It's the magical technique that brought me back into the art making world, So it's very special to me. So in this class, I wanted to teach you hating, bossing from the perspective off a guard maker. Uh, we don't do focus on the mess free in bossing Look for the most part. So I wanted to teach you how to achieve that mess free straight powder free card Look. Uh, so by the end of this class, you'll be a pro acted And, uh, you will making three guards whose templates are put in the past project when it's a Mother's Day card. Happy. But they got Andi. Thank you, God, This had that Messi. Look, if you want is even Messi, look, you get a t that too, on a customized envelope. So let's get started 2. Supplies to begin: Hey, guys, let's start with the supplies. You need to begin the he did bossing mr For you need and in bossing bed, uh, to cover the bossing powder. For this, you can use force of markets. It has dual tips so that it wanted off it. It has a brush tip as well as a bulleted on the other end. So that is it's only portage, but it dries really quickly, so I don't like to use that a lot. Ah, another uh, that is the major. And they have a common both here and black. So, uh, butts beneficial. And you can also use pig knitting. Um are from the hydrated to heating. Boss, if you're stamping, you can use Burson Mark. Another person pay big mind. Is this delicate? I think because it's golden on it gets a very nice, shimmery effect. So yeah, and lately, quickly group in has been a favorite of mine. You can also use any other group in, like six here. Lupin. As long as it has a tacky glue. Um, and off course you need in Boston, Parker, just the star official. So many companies making Boston powders. I have several companies. Really? My stash one is well, motherless Ranger while makes really beautiful little Boston powder so you can be a little crossing without the mess. Um, then there are white heat embossing powders. Well, fine as well. That services stab makes a really good gold meters more on a couple side. Who? Red gold style. I have their sort sorties so I can show you bad made it on So people like really don't effects. So they used the extra kick in Boston and I didn't Do not use back much off course you and is your hand lettering with the point of you could use the Rangers here in for a bet. It's you left. The most expensive door, in my opinion, would be the in Boston done the heat events. And people like to use the hair dryer, but, uh, things that will get a riveted but did marika powder You need a tool that it's weak a lot. I Before you use the you did Ben from Major that people like to use the muzzle kind, which, but in my opinion before this would better because it hits a little less, and it's very quiet. Makes no noise at all. My kids are sleeping in the next room to work with, and you can easily use it. Audie the especially to people's without the fear of being. Then it will be a city. That bed it's harder for you develop people's and, uh, wall the magic tour in this session for the best reload. Is that powder, too? I like to use this one, but you get success. You could also use Boston body just basically baby powder in a pouch. You know, you can call corn star. They all Basically, they move the oil and static from your paper. So that too I've had mine for a couple of years now and use just a little bit that have been created. So I think it will last me forever. Move Hubble. Whoa! Well, you could use is the coffee there's before the powder? Uh, probably your workspace a little less messy. We've been also use different cloth. Do you have everything room? The's teases are really important. If you born stupid, worst tweezers so be you. Just hold your people. But then while you're here in Boston on your cigarettes you cross me cried I learned a lot , so I know I still use it. So your scissors dating how that war it's really more tipped. So the state that saw sheet all the blue team bossing powders that I have glitter and gold and silver so open I didn't put this in the father section If you want to. Just that isn't that speak to snap a person with this section? Oh, giving a super slow Oh, you are here so that people see on the side with your life Better as you can see is that while that is, he said, I love Saab really nice and they are good for you McAuliffe proper from guys 52 00 not sparkle powder and black powder. I don't like to use black powder a lot because even in this powder toe still is messy. Instead, I use the most fine life, too. I understand, fitted and then put in Boston powder on top. So it gives the same effect as a black in Boston, Bader. But about the 3. Tips and tricks: So, first of all, for that mess field, look, I'm going to use the powder, too, to remove any static and oils from the paper. Now I'm using the cookie group in to trace the pedals alone. The lines are provided to the template in the project section. We'll redo, downloaded and praise it over. So after Chris ing it and letting it drive for a few seconds, I'm going to use bossing powder on for keeping it mess re. I'm also going to use coffee filter that helps to keep the powder contained, and it's very easy to funnel back, and it keeps your workspace quite Miss Frias, though, for the most by. And as you can see, there is no straight powder on sides because I used the power tools. So that's the basic crypto. Always use the powder tool before you start heating, bossing and any left our powder. I trained with this with her clock. Now I'm getting the heat gun really nice and heart before putting into the paper. That way, people has less time to call and it in bosses quickly, and the powder does not bubble love because sometimes you see that bubbled up blood. That's because the heat gun wasn't nice and heart before someone put it to the paper. And then later on, it got over heated to melt it so that overheating causes the bubbles in the imposing powder . And we don't have those bubbles here nice and smooth. And if there's any street power left, we're supposed to clean it before you put the heat gun to the paper. Because after it said, it's really difficult to take it off. You can use an Exacto knife. I've tried it, but most of the time I toss it. If I am not going for that, look, I'm going for a Messi. Look, I'm fine with that. So that's too, um, another one. This time I'm using the Ranger black pen. It's been bossing thin, and I'm just scribbling some lines in the paper, and I'm purposely leaving a blank spot. So that is where the trouble shoot are that if you leave a certain spot, we're just not in Boston. I'm going to show you how to remedy that. So, Waas, I'm going to do the usual thing and boss it as if I did not see that I have left that and, um, after X and boss. I like to use the heat going back and forth, and here I was, burning my fingers. So I reminded myself to use the tool users. And now I'm moving the gun back and forth just so that I get, uh, smooth impression. And now I realized that that spot is missing. So what I'm going to do, I'm just going to fill it up with the ink pen. You can use the world's marker as well if you have a light colored in bossy partner because it's transparent and you can use even the Ranger care thing as well. But over here, it didn't matter as much, so I recorded it again with the powder. After using the pen on, it's going to melt and into the previous in Boston powder and give that smooth look. And if you want to smooth it even more this time, I'm going to use the worsen marker and for these, uh, finishing touches I like to use. Where's the marker? A lot because it's here and it dries faster. So same story who did it with the ink pen and now using the Boston powder. The Simon says Stamp one. And this time I'm hating it from the bag because I already did it from the front two times , so I don't want the powder to bubble up. So for that smooth look without the bubbling by, use the heat gun from the back got visits. 4. Acetate and other surfaces: So let's move on toe acid ate and other specialities surfaces for resident, I would highly recommend using a heat resistant ass. It'd that is because it's meant for heating bossing. I'm using one from heart off the best, and you can search for other ones as well. So this as it it will not become concave or, you know, not have those dents When you he didn't boss because it's meant to heat resist, you can try other as it it's that you have if you want. I'm using again the Ranger Ben. I try not to use as it ate much for heating bossing because I find even with the powder tow , it still has a lot of straight powder around that I have to keep on messing with just to get a clean look so you can see I have used the powder do here, but still, there will be a lot of ST powder left all around. So I mean on acid it it does not look bad the street powder, But, um, it just annoys me a lot. That's why my sheets have not been used that much. I used them for shaker carts, mostly and here I am just trying to clean up the acid ate and getting frustrated. But I wanted to show this to you guys so that you know which ass it'd use If you want to heat in, boss, because he'd resistant as it it will be your game changer. That's my point. A few. Um, I've tried it on other and got really frustrated because they started melting as they will not meant for in bossing they were not heat resistant. So in rest. And I would regret to invest in the hatreds system as it it and half patients to pain up the mess because there will be straight in Boston powder all over. Now let's move on. Do another surface that I like to use a lot participle. Um, it gives really special effect to your card. It gives it that elegance that special field, and I think so in Belem is very easy to hit him, boss, and it's mostly mess free because it does not have a lot of static, and I use the static, and I started powder too. Now I'm going to just write it on with the Ranger. The Black Ranger print I really don't use black on it because it's semi transparent, but for the sake of the video, so that you guys can see it, I'm using the black here. I usually use the clear on as the unveil, Um, or the good and placing. I like to use that to. After that, I'm going to cover it with He didn't Boston Quarter, and as you can see, it's perfectly clean. There are no street harder left. Any of your for Belem. You should try to eat it from the back as much as you can, because it's of very pin surface. So it's the called from the front, so from the back, it's it's better to good from the back. That's what I have I found out from my ears, trying to get them to world. It did not work for me initially, but now I use it on almost every project that I do eso For the sake of the video, I thought, Why not try the glitter now paper that I have? This one does not have straight litter. It's it's a very different letter. So I used the pen on top and handle it like I would to a delicate paper because it's, uh I handle it like I would took a vellum paper on it. We'll just find I quoted with with Silver in Boston Powder in this instance. I think this one is from danger, and I covered it up in the same filter paper, and now I'm going to hit it with the heat. Do and move the gun quickly with delicate people. It's important to use the heat gun quick, please, and not do neighborhood in one spot because it will burn the paper you went. If it's, you know, um, less intense heat gun people circle or burn the people on it works just fine for this purpose. So I would encourage you to try a different papers and see what you come up. 5. Birthday card: Let's start with the birthday card for this. I've provided attempted the project section off, both with the bunch of balloons on separate balloons. I over here. I used one of the balloons from the template and colored it with co pick marker and in posted with a litter in bossing powder, a clear leader in Boston powder from Heat Arts. And that is also one of my favorite in Boston powders. So this means you can use any color. You can use color pencils. You can use water colors. We're basically that so that you don't need a lot of colors up in bossing bother. You can just get away with gold, silver and do are their specialty voters. And just use your colors as a base layer or thinks you have thinks so. Here I am, using oh lilac cope with Marker, and now I've speeded up the doing convert all of them so that you don't wait here and see me cutting all of them. Now I'm going to use a powder, too. That's always the much and then use the Ranger clear in passing Ben to court the to cover their dive. Oh yeah, so physically trying to make sure you cover it, also, that I get a smooth impression over here. And then I used the coffee filter to contain the Boston Porter because this one is a glitter when it's from here. Art and it's clear sparkle in Boston borders or contains glitter and bossy combined to one . You can combine them yourself. It's well, and after that I'm going to hit it with the heat. Do now of good drink to use the lettering. Bossing powder is too. Keep on hating from the back as much as you can. I have a digits, um, click over here as well. But if you heated from the back, the letter will be going back and forth and especially back the place. The letter will it here, more rather than I'm blowing all over the please because it is find little. So when it melts, then was in part of Bell's, it stays there for good, but before that you need to contain it. So I've already done all of these balloons beforehand and classical them with others. Now I'm using to stay liquid blue to tear it the whole world one. The center, more basement and now I'm going to try to arrange the basement that I make the best. There are five millions on this card because I'm making it custom for my daughter's friends , Marty, who is turning five. And she likes these colors. So that's why I use those colors on her, Um, request when I have covered all of these with that clear sparkling bossing powder. And if I'm feeling more adventurous, I use due to reports of bad, I have more time gives it a really cool, actual balloon like effect on. You can also use glossy accents. That's a clear glue that gives a very cool effect. Now I'm using the form squares. You can also use find form if you have from your kids Kraft being or your their own capping days that moves the scene. So this will give it a better Griest effect to make it more interesting and to make it more diamond snow. I like to use form squares or form tape a lot on the projects, especially if I am handed to bring the car. If I am mailing it, I tried to use it as little as possible. I use one form for that more so that it does not get squished in the meal. And now I'm using the anti static water to. After that, I'm going to use the quickie group in to make the strengths of the wounds. I want them to be shiny. So I'm making then with the boss, the group in so that I hadn't lost them and make the car more special. It's those like that. I think at least I do and my daughter do as well. So now I'm going to use the office it again. And Boston Powder from Simon's Stand, the anti coal. I seem to be using better lot year. That means it is my current favorite beast is. So now I'm carefully for it over. Try to use Experian Lee so that it does not get into the crevices off the balloons because I have already had heard them. I should have done it before, so I'm doing a doctor. But because of the and I said it wanted to, there is very little street Father, uh, left, and that is only because of the the one that was my daughter's hand. She was trying to take some stuff for my double. She won't leave me. So the I'm not going to be bothered about a little bit left on the balloon, because when it gets mended, it also gives a really cool effect, like the coal with the shimmery in Boston powder. But I'm going to clean up all around with the water bridge that I have. And now I'm going to heat boss it with the heat done, and, uh, here, I dropped it. And, um so I continue in bossing it. Let's completely melt it. And I try to move my chicken away from the already boss balloon so that that in Boston border, that's not a problem. Because if you heat embossing powder more than its acquired, it starts to bubble up on. It does not remain smooth. So I'm trying to avoid the balloons that have already then, boss, in this instant, I would like to have used the non scented heat then, but it seems this one seems to work fine. 6. Mother's day card: Let's move 1 to 1 of my favorite. The mother's a car. Cuban. Use it as a thank you God or but they got as well. So most of all, I did the same thing. Use the anti static powder to and now increasing along the lines of the pet does and believes with my cookie group in, you can find the template in the project section and you can do one more thing with it that I've been done here. I have given you, uh, this bunch of this entire book a asthma, less separate flowers as well. So you can actually physical those flowers on pop it up to make it three dimensional the way I did to the balloons on it. Look, really, I would like that, too. And you can even pop the banner up as well. I When I would make it again, I would definitely do that in this video to keep it short. I didn't do that, So here I am, placing it along. I've speeded up to toys for three times, I guess so that you guys don't get bored seeing me just trace, but it takes a bit of time. But I find it ready Therapeutic to trace or were And, um just patients, um, gives you good results. So I like doing that and taking my time. So I am leaving the banner and the there flowers stands because I am going to do a different technique over here. I'm going to use two different type of Boston powder. So for us, I'm going to use the antique gold. And I just raised over where I would like to use the 20 gold, and after covering it with that No, I'm looking at those sparks I missed, and I'm doing those over before heading it in my tool. Now I'm going to useful my heat tool on. I remember to get the tweezer so I'm hitting it, but that he due to my the embossing powder, and you can see that I have not covered the stems or the banner because I want to use another in Boston powder on that. So, after it's melted and shiny, I waited for it to cool off so that it does not rub off or mere. And now I'm going to use the cookie Cuban again to trace the stance on the banner and I've used the anti static water again as a tool again as well, because I'm sure I had some boys from my fingers on the people and I did not want it to mess than bossing so increasing the banner over here and, uh, just trying to take my time to do that. It's the middle special touches that makes the card even more special. In my opinion, the handmade car we have aiming to bring back the and Mitt guard Oh, world again and I think it's gaining momentum now it is. So now I'm using the full scored glitter in Boston powder from Wow, This is also one of my favorite bossing powders, like glitter in General. And this gives me that little look without the little mess. Um, so I tend to use this a lot as well. Now I'm just cleaning up the later that you off with the super duster and it transit right of you. Now I'm hitting its on the back and from the front just to contain that letter. I do that back and forth, back and forth, so bad Glitter IHS melted without blowing all over because once it's made it, it's there. But before that you have to make sure you I meant it in the right direction. So after and little takes a while to mend because it's sport glitter on Boston powder working together and especially with pretty blue pen, I find it takes a little longer to boss compared to the injured. 7. Thank you card: Now, let's make a thank you card, which is, in my opinion, needed the most. I use that the most, and I printed off the attempted that I've given you guys on a four and 1/4 by foreign. 1/4 piece. I mean, it was a regular car stop paper, but I cut it down to that. And now I'm tracing a tow with the cookie group, and you can even do the folks think calligraphy. Look, if you want. I tried doing that, but I'm not good at it. I then to use the freshman, Um, I'm not good with the full kind. So I did bad and that I defeated that video because I didn't like the look. So here this This is my second attempt at doing this. So basically, I'm pressing it over the thank you that I wrote on, uh, the REIT around it. I didn't do that, but you can definitely trace that to if you have the time. Uh, Mike, it's We're getting really excited, so I stopped at that. But you can definitely do that after casing it and covering it with the silences stamp antique cold in Boston Powder and a little bit of straight powder was left, so I'm using the water, rushed to remove it from the paper before I meant it so that there is no street powder left because of its left. It mild done would be appearing to remove that. So after during that, I am going to use my to do melting bossing powder again the same thing back and forth. It avoids the cooling off. The paper keeps it flat so that you don't have to flatten later on well and moving quickly . Do that doesn't bubble up, especially because it's an intricate play. So if it bubbles, it will be nearly obvious. Now I'm using how little again and using that dedicada pigment in two get that medicine does on the side. I like doing that. I think it gives it an elegant touch. And, as you can see, a foot, uh, later in Boston, powder in a bigger Tupperware container. I do that, but I started doing that some off my favorite Boston powders. It is very famous in the car breaking world, but then I realized I don't have a lot of space, so I poured some of them back in their continues. But this had to of them, so I kept it in the box. This is from the danger. Is not that well won the world One is a bit red gold. This is more of a yellow wood. I wanted that. Yeah, record over here. So I used this one. And it's easier to do the disc Roma container as well. Now I'm cleaning up my surface. The bossy powder doesn't matter here. It had happened before, so I would recommend to clean it up before you heard it too. So now it is a little difficult to do because if you use that tweezer, you will a little bit off it. Martine Boss. So you have to use your fingers for the most part. Uh, you can keep it on car stops trip is there? Mr Forgot to do it here. So here I was just trying to not burn my fingers. And I did it on the half mad, but I would not recommend to do unless you have a hate resistant craft. Mad mind wasn't so it bubble trains a little and that it hadn't so no harm was done. But I would recommend to use us crosstalk strip in well, use that as Ah, placeholder for that. Now, I'm just using the double sided tape runner and, uh, who did it on the car still so 8. Finishing touches: so here and back. So I thought to do all the finishing touch is off the cards in one, my dear, so that those videos toe don't get long over here. I have returned. Love you, mom in pencil. And now increasing it with my Corp in you can write Thank you or happy, but whatever you like, if you want. Um, after doing that, going to use ah, shimmer water. Ben, this is Trump's spectrum are you don't need to have it. But I had on hand, so I used it just as a mother special touch to the card. Yeah, in my world is never enough. Glitter over Schumer's gonna card. You can never go wrong with that. But if you want a simple one, you can have a simple And before that, I have collided with Tom bull markers. Uh, I don't know if I have the footage for that, and not, but I have sculpted them to a Tom Boom pink and yellow and green. And now I'm doing the happy birthday card for the happy birthday card. I penciled in happy, particularly because that's the name off my daughter's friend and I'm using. We'll pick my my content again to place over that I spent of the video so that you don't get bored, but basically, I'm writing happy. But they really over here so that it's a custom card for her. Um uh, you can do that. However many billions. You like to make it more custom. And I have not used any sort of calligraphy over here. Just curse ifs so that you guys know that you don't have to use you know how they bring a calligraphy to make a card special. You can do it without that too. So by simple heat in Boston now we're going to move to the thank you guys with the thank you God, I I had I started covering the leaves with the mambo dual 10 and after covering the leaves , I in doing the stents so that they don't have that star black that you get there when you plant it off from the printer. No, I'm just doing it slowly. Mm, Yeah. So after the thank you, God will move. Want to estimize ing the envelope, which I find is a lot of fun. I use a lot of stamps for that, but I'm not going to use that in the video so that you don't have to go out and buy special stamps just for that. But it's a lot of fun, and you can see the medal finishing touches make all the difference. I you can also use the weapon or the start to spend if you happen. Thank you. Got to. Now, I have just been sent in. Happy meal. Just impulsive on the edge of the envelope. In my I think, um, good and lock mix. No slur. Good cut, too. Hi, Gaby. By my envelopes from paper source there are other homeland retailers who have really good and looks at the time of this stamp out of them. Um, they're stamping up. There's little arts, a lot of good animal of makers. And now I'm just racing that cursive quickly move in, have used the anti static orderto before and after he'd been bossing it. I haven't seen the this powder that you could see here with the super cough and feet. Not right to be my I'm using the same sentence instead. Antique gold bossing powder. Um, and I'm going to hit it with the heat now. with the envelope. You have to be treated like a creek developed because it's very thin. So for car shock you have more wriggle room but with and look, you have to be more careful. Someone they do. They do this. It's the same day. Come back and friends back in food. And it meant pretty quickly because it's a 10. People moved. It looks really good against the dowel. Castro looks even better on white. So I could I highly recommend personalizing your envelopes as well. You could like anything you want today. You enjoyed the cars and, um, flying these products to use will. I would love to see them move them. See you soon. 9. Final thoughts: So how was it? Hopefully you enjoyed the class and learn something new. I would love to see your work or to create in the project section as well as on the Instagram. You can tax culture and you can type me on Instagram and I would love to see you there as well. If you have any questions, you can always write them in the discussion. I would try toe answer them to the best of my knowledge. So I hope you enjoy it and let's see your projects.