Capture the personality of your amazing pet: Painterly style in acrylic paints! | Jennifer Moorhead | Skillshare

Capture the personality of your amazing pet: Painterly style in acrylic paints!

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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17 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Welcome, an introduction

    • 2. Choosing your pet's photographs

    • 3. Choosing a background

    • 4. Color and composition

    • 5. Tallulah - drawing directly on canvas

    • 6. Layering paints

    • 7. Painting your pet's amazing eyes

    • 8. Texture 1: Your pet's coat

    • 9. Texture 2

    • 10. Texture 3

    • 11. Painting the background

    • 12. Painting details

    • 13. Final painting details

    • 14. Final thoughts

    • 15. BONUS 1: Drawing your pet

    • 16. BONUS 2: Detail of painting the eyes

    • 17. BONUS3:Texture: Bella - Pets with short hair


About This Class

As a professional artist, I have taught this class in workshops, art centers and private classes for many years. I have taught hundreds of students in my fun and easy technique of painting pet portraits. Now you get the chance to learn my unique techniques of painting a pet.....without having to wait for another opening in one of my classes. This is a beginner class in painting with acrylics while creating an amazing portrait of your pet.  Wow...and it's easy and simple! 

I will take you through every step of painting your pet's portrait by teaching you how to photograph your pet, compose your portrait, mix paints, and paint in acrylics with easy strokes. You will have fun learning all the great tips and techniques I will share with you in this class. Your portrait will become a lifetime treasure for you to enjoy! 

Art skills you will learn:

  • intro techniques in acrylic painting
  • pet portrait painting
  • selecting good pet photographs for the portrait
  • composition
  • shapes and proportions of your pet
  • value, volume, and texture
  • color schemes
  • color tone mixtures
  • layering with acrylic paints

Art Materials List  

Canvas (at least 16" X 20")

Photograph(s) of your special pet

Acrylic paints (at least a basic set)*

*Here's an example of a basic set from Blick Art Materials:  Color Set of 6 — This classic six-pack includes Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Mars Black, Naphthol Crimson, Phthalocyanine Green (Blue Shade), Titanium White, and Ultramarine Blue (Green Shade) in 0.75 oz tubes.

Acrylic brushes (#8 Filbert - #6 Flat - #4 Round)

Gloss medium varnish

Water container

Paper towels

Palette ( I use paper plates)

1 Black magic marker

3 Sheets of copy paper (or a sketchbook)

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Jennifer Moorhead

Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

My Unique Art Teaching Method:

I incorporate the same art concepts that I taught in college for over 34 years but modified exercises that are fast-paced, easy to understand and simple to make. The exercises are all hands-on. This allows you to really explore and experiment with the art concepts...while having fun!

My most recent review in 2019:

This review really exhibits why I teach art...just to help others to understand that art is...

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