Capture the personality of your amazing pet: Painterly style in acrylic paints

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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17 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Welcome, an introduction

    • 2. Choosing your pet's photographs

    • 3. Choosing a background

    • 4. Color and composition

    • 5. Tallulah - drawing directly on canvas

    • 6. Layering paints

    • 7. Painting your pet's amazing eyes

    • 8. Texture 1: Your pet's coat

    • 9. Texture 2

    • 10. Texture 3

    • 11. Painting the background

    • 12. Painting details

    • 13. Final painting details

    • 14. Final thoughts

    • 15. BONUS 1: Drawing your pet

    • 16. BONUS 2: Detail of painting the eyes

    • 17. BONUS3:Texture: Bella - Pets with short hair


Project Description

The project is to paint your own customized pet portrait in a background setting using a painterly style. You will be selecting your own images and incorporating your own creative artistic flair.

  1. Each segment of the class is learning a step-by-step process of painting a portrait of your pet.
  2. You will begin with choosing your photos to paint from.
  3. You will be drawing thumbnails sketches to learn the best compositions to use for your painting.
  4. You will learn how do build up a form to the likeness of your amazing pet.
  5. We will concentrate on the “eyes” which really reflects the spirit of your pet.They are special and unique.
  6. We will begin painting by layering paint strokes. What a fun process!
  7. I will be showing you many tips and techniques for pet portraiture throughout the class.
  8. This project shall be self-fulfilling to your artistic intentions. Really exploring the different nuances of styles and techniques that you can incorporate into your art piece.
  9. Going through the steps in class you will accomplish a finished memorable image of your pet to treasure.
  10. This project is an enjoyable process of creating art. It's an incredible journey!
  11. I encourage you to upload the image of your pet portrait to the Project Gallery. What a great way to be a part of the class and hear great feedback. Remember, I am here to help you make this journey successful! Enjoy.

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