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Capture the Personality in Pastels: Draw a portrait of a person

Jennifer Moorhead, Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

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11 Videos (46m)
    • Introduction

    • Drawing techniques with pastels

    • Color Theory (part one)

    • Color Theory (part two)

    • Drawing a portrait

    • Face basics

    • Shapes and layering

    • Volume (part one)

    • Volume (part two)

    • Check Points

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

Capture the personality in Pastels: Draw a portrait of a person

In this class you will learn to draw a portrait from 'real life' observation of a person in pastels. When drawing from life you truly understand how to draw! This is an exciting class that teaches you to not only explore the possibilities of layering with color and color mixing but learning about color theory. I will be sharing important drawing techniques and tips with you. Have fun capturing the likeness and personality of the person you're drawing with dynamic and expressive qualities. 

This class is for an intermediate drawing student that has the basic skills in drawing. It is important that you share your art projects along the way in the Skillshare Project Gallery. 

The skills you will be learning:

  1. Portrait drawing
  2. Basic color Theory
  3. Drawing techniques using pastels
  4. Mixing colors through layering
  5. Basic anatomy of the head
  6. Shapes 
  7. Volume
  8. Art vocabulary


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I've taken workshops and read books on color theory but never felt like I learned anything more than where the colors are on the color wheel. I now have a much better understanding of it.
Brenda Reeves

Artist and Writer

Very interesting class. Useful tips.
Chris Baldwin

eLearning consultant





Jennifer Moorhead

Artist, Art Professor, Entrepreneur

Hello, I'm Jennifer Moorhead. I am a Professional Artist, Fine Art Professor and Entrepreneur. I grew up in Michigan and lived in Texas, Colorado and now just moved to Kentucky this year. In December 2016, I retired from teaching college for over 35 years. My plans were to retire the same time my husband Jack, retired then move to a ranch and enjoy a relaxing farm life. For me it was difficult to stop teaching because I still had the yearning to share my art knowledge and skills with others. ...

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