Capture the Fall - Isolate Leaves from their background in Adobe Photoshop | Sebastiaan Destellirer | Skillshare

Capture the Fall - Isolate Leaves from their background in Adobe Photoshop

Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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9 Videos (18m)
    • 00 - Intro - Isolate Leaves in Adobe Photoshop

    • 01 - Searching For Images

    • 02 - Start Making the Selection from the Photo

    • 03 - Select and Mask Function

    • 04 - Rotate and Crop the Image

    • 05 - Adjusting the Resolution

    • 06 - Optimize Pixel Width Save as PNG

    • 07 - A Quick Example of What you can make with this Leaves - Next Class

    • 08 - Wrap up - Capture the Fall


About This Class

In this class, I will show you a quick way to Isolate Leaves from their background in Adobe Photoshop.
You can use these files in your Creative Digital Collage / Scrapbook projects.

  • Where you can find beautiful images of leaves.
  • What to look for to make a consistent collection of leaves.
  • How to easily Isolate the leaf from the background in Adobe Photoshop.
  • How to save the file with transparency.
  • Tips that will make using these images easy and consistent.

Both the original image as well as the final Isolated image are included in the project section.

So Enroll now and Start Building your collection of Isolated Leaves

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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher

I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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